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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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what ted did is really a very brave thing to do and a great thing to do. because we want to bring unity to the republican party. >> and that means joining together to take on the democrats. hillary clinton also has a message to share following the indiana primary. and reaching out from behind bars. jerry sandusky is hoping to get a new trial and says he wants to talk about the case that sent him to jail. more showers ahead, not just this morning. here's a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. make sure you keep the rain gear and umbrella with you. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get you details about the rain, find out when it's moving in, when it's moving out. meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. >> it's moving through the area. a few scattered showers in new jersey. steadier rainfall coming down in cape may. you can see this steadier and somewhat heavier rainfall moving through the lehigh valley at this hour. that rain extends into
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philadelphia but those moderate showers, those are going to be exiting the lehigh valley in just a few -- the next few minutes. the temperatures, they've been stuck in the cool zone lately. that's not going to change today. chillier this morning, south jersey at 49 degrees. 52 in philadelphia. low 50s in delaware and the pennsylvania suburbs in the 40s. with that rain in the lehigh valley, the numbers have dropped into the upper 40s and low 50s. reading right now in berks county is 51 and 51 in while hall. a rainy, drizzly take with temperatures stuck in the 50s for philadelphia, the pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley. it's not going to be much warmer for delaware and south jersey. at the shore, still see the northeasterly winds keeping showers and clouds around. i promised you another look at that ten-day forecast which keeps dreary weather here through the end of the week. saturday, we'll see sunshine and we'll get sunshine, though there's still a chance of a shower on mother's day. look at this, we clear out and summer-like temperatures as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday.
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could come with summer storms on thursday and aç chance of shows friday. even though we're stuck in the murkiness right now, there are light at the end of the week and into next week, too. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. jessie? >> we're watching a few problems out there. one is on the schuylkill expressway though it's coming from the schuylkill expressway headed westbound towards the vine street expressway eastbound off ramp. right now, it looks like that ramp is completely closed with an accident. we're dealing with slippery conditions and this on and off ramps are proving to be slippery spots as well. it looks like a tow truck and police activity on this scene with this accident. right now from the schuylkill, no access to the vine street expressway headed eastbound. if you're heading towards 95, that may affect you this morning. you might have to jump on the vine local that will take you around the scene. out in monroe township, new jersey, there still is a downed pole situation on route 322. that's closed in both directions around high street. take cross keys road to get by or delsea drive.
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that will take you right by the scene. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. 4:33 and now to decision 2016. ted cruz vowed to keep donald trump from winning the nomination but he lost last night's indiana primary and then suspended his campaign. nbc 10's pamela osborne joins us to explain. tell us more. >> reporter: good morning, republican donald trump took indiana with 53% of the vote. reince priebus tweeted that trump will be the presumptive gop nominee and said we need to unite and focus on defeating hillary clinton. fogging his loss, cruz said the math leaves him no path to victory. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. we are suspending our campaign. >> meantime, trump praised cruz
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for taking that step. >> what ted did is really a very brave thing to do and a great thing to do. buzz we want to bring unity to >> as trump celebrated his win, democrat bernie sanders acknowledged his upset victory in indiana. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. >> sanders acknowledged his path to victory is narrow but says the win in indiana gives hem a burst of momentum. overnight sanders told the associated press there will be more victories in the weeks to come. hillary clinton used the indiana results to appeal to donors. she tweeted donald trump is the presumptive gop nominee, chip in now if we agree we can let him become president. trump and clinton are zeroing in on their party's nominations. both candidates have commanding
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delegate leeds. sanders win added to his delegate total but the vermont senator is still close to 800 behind clinton. trump's victory in indiana catapulted his delegate count north of 1,000 and has him less than 200 delegates away from the nomination. check this out from last night in indiana. ted cruz accidentally hit his wife in the head. here it is again in slow motion. it happened after cruz told supporters he was dropping out of the race, adding insult to injury. candidates on both sides will compete next in the west virginia primary next tuesday and contests in oregon the following tuesday. five more states will have their say june 7th including the delegate rich states of california and new jersey. i'm pamela os beborneosborne, n. there's much more decision 2016 coverage on our nbc 10 app.
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the nbc 10 app is a free download. 4:35 and 52 degrees outside. jerry sandusky is trying to tell his side of the story by second letters with a pittsburgh reporter. a reporter at the nbc of it stationç received three letter. in the first letter, sandusky wrote i would welcome the opportunity to meet with you if you have a genuine purpose to feature the other side of what happened. i'm interested. he has not done any interviews since being convicted. happening today, an annual event. philadelphia will honor fallen police officers and fire personnel. city leaders will lay wreaths at franklin square. this video from last year. uniformed officers will also per phenomenon a rifle salute to remember service members who died in the line of duty. caught on tape, ahead, hear what led to this incident where one of the officers walked away with a broken jaw.
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also, this -- recall expanding. ahead, the government has its eye on more takata air bags. find out how many more cars are involved.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if you have an umbrella you're getting your money's worth out of it this week. you'll need it again today. clouds over center city. not the low clouds that we had yesterday, only a few spots of light fog. that's your seven day at the bottom of the screen. the next few hours, rainy and drizzly to start with. cloudy skies at 6:00, 51 degrees and 53 degrees at 9:00 this afternoon. we won't see a big warmup, just like yesterday, we'll be stuck in the 50s. south jersey at 49 degrees. the jersey shore is in the 40s and the pennsylvania suburbs at
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48 degrees. and still cooling down at this hour. 50 degrees right now for ukeland township, along with west chester, doylestown at 50 degrees and ft. washington in montgomery county is just shy of the 50 degree mark. fairly uniform temperatures thanks to the clouds and the rain. we've been tracking some moderate showers moving through the pennsylvania suburbsç and into the lehigh valley. these showers are moving to the northeast about 30 miles an hour. they're not going to last much longer. see breaks in the rainfall in the south jersey and delaware, too. it's going to be one of those days where it is occasional wet weather. not a lot to the south just yet but our futurecast shows the temporary situation. as we go into the afternoon, more showers and possibility of showers will continue into tomorrow. today, grab the umbrella. occasional showers for university city, somerton, 56 degrees this afternoon. and the pennsylvania suburbs may see a couple spots of fog.
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it won't last. the clouds will. occasional showers, 54 in malvern, 50s for the lehigh valley with the rain, too. there's a slight chance we'll see a thunderstorm this afternoon into south jersey and delaware. at the shore it's a steady breeze coming off the ocean. 54 in atlantic city with cloudy, drizzly conditions and showers in delaware as well. that's today. seven day at the bottom of the screen. another look at that ten-day forecast with summer-like conditions next week, tracy, when i come back in ten minutes. >> we've been waiting for that! thanks, bill. let's check in with jessica boyington. >> if you access the vine street expressway at all in the morning, you may have a problem, especially if you're coming from the schuylkill expressway westbound. this is the traffic heading westbound on the schuylkill trying to get to the vine street expressway eastbound. headed towards 95 on the vine. that exit ramp is blocked with this accident scene here. with the slippery road conditions in the morning, right now what we're dealing with is
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the slippery on and off ramp. be careful for the most part. all lanes are blocked. you can see we have several vehicles on scene right now and all of the lanes are blocked headed to the vine street expressway eastbound right now. no big delays behind it, of course. if you're out on 95 we're also watching construction there. 95 in between naamans road and the blue route, we are seeing construction and lane restrictions there and specifically 95 northbound, the ramp to the blue route northbound. that is closed with that construction so far for this morning. it's not affecting the drive times yet. out inç new jersey and monroe township, there is a downed pole that's closing 322 in this stretch right in here. both directions around high street, cross keys road or delsea drive will get you by also. tracy? 4:42. 52 degrees outside. a philadelphia police officer survived an ambush and managed to shoot his alleged attacker despite being wounded. hear where hero officer jesse hartnett is heading today for an out-of-state honor.
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and then there's this. >> it was scary. >> next, spring storms spark fires at the jersey shore. hear from people who escaped after lightning hit several houses on fire.
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home owners are repairing damage from a lightning strike that sparked a fire at the jersey shore. >> it was scary. >> lightning hit a chimney on st. james place around 1:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the fire quickly spread side to side, burning through two adjoining townhouses. one was vacant. a woman in the other got out safely. >> the biggest boom i've ever heard. it felt like a bomb had gone off in our yard. >> firefighters had the fire until control in about two hours. authorities say the two houses that burned will likely have to be rebuilt. a brawl in the middle of the street outside a philadelphia
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high school involves three men and two school police officers. take a look at the video. police tell us the school officers were attacked monday right after school let out when they tried to stop two men beating up a northeast high school student. a third joined in the fight. we spoke to a witness who says it was upsetting to watch. >> it shouldn't happen that way. the police are pillars of the community. that's what i believe. >> one officer was hospitalized with a broken jaw. philadelphia police want you to call them if you recognize the men in this video. well, now with the jury selected congressman chaka fattah remains confident as his corruption trial moves forward.ç >> how do you feel about your chances here? >> it's a great day. >> several famous names were mentioned in court yesterday. on the list, president obama, vice president biden and locals including ed rendell. it is unclear which side will
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bring those names into the case and who will actually testify. congressman fattah and four others are accuse of misusing grant and campaign funds. 4:47. happening today, president obama will travel to flint, michigan, to learn about the response to that city's water crisis. the president will speak directly with community members as well as city and state leaders. a little girl recently wrote the president about her efforts to draw attention to the public health crisis. the president responded saying he would visit the area today. flint's tap water was contaminated with lead after the source was switched to the flint river two years ago. a florida community is trying to clean up and rebuild after a plane makes a crash landing. and this is what the backyard of this pompano beach looked like before the single engine plane crash one week ago. here's what it looks like now. cell phone video shows how fierce the flames were after the crash. >> we are so lucky it didn't hit our house.
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our neighbor's house got hit and there's a lot of damage over there. that's really tough. because it's really inconvenient for them. >> since the crash, contractors have been working nonstop to clean up the mess. the faa and ntsb are still trying to figure out what brought the plane down. no one was hurt on the ground. three survivors on the plane suffered burns. we have new information on the takata air bag recall. the manufacturer is expected to announce as early as today that it is doubling the recall. sources tell nbc news takata will add another 35 to 40 million air bag inflaters to the list. several automakers have already recalled 24 million vehicles due to a risk the air bags could explode during a crash and spray metal shards atç passengers. pennsylvania's governor is asking state regulators to lower a record-setting fine against uber. the public utility commission fined uber more than $11 million
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for operating without approval. governor tom wolf and pittsburgh area officials are asking that that amount of the fine be lowered considerably. they say they're concerned other companies won't be interested in investing in pennsylvania if the state is seen as opposing innovation. the poc says it's considering the request. let's check your drive to work. ten minutes before 5:00. check the conditions along the schuylkill expressway. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has a look at that. >> we had an earlier accident scene on the exit ramp from the schuylkill expressway headed westbound to the vine street expressway. headed eastbound. just within the last 20 seconds this has cleared out of the way completely. now back open to traffic. if you do take the schuylkill to the vine and you're trying to access 95 or move through center city, you'll be fine because that exit ramp is cleared out of the way. watch out for the slippery spots, though. i have a feeling that's why that last accident scene was caused.
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we have a downed pole in monroe township, new jersey. for alternates around there, follow the detours they have posted through the back roads there. you can also take cross keys bit. there's construction on kelly directio directions between brewery hill drive and sedgely drive. here's route 73 over in new jersey. right around the new jersey turnpike. off ramp exit. as you can see, no problems. the roadways are shiny there. watch for slippery spots. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes before 5:00. another rainy, drizzly one. this is wilmington, frawley stadium. they'll try to get a ball game
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in this evening. right now, delaware misty and 51 degrees. philadelphia and south jersey are seeing some rain and some showers in the lehigh valley. right now, glasgow is 50 years, marshalton, 51 degrees. very low 50s across southern delaware, too. this is where we're seeing some showers exit into cape may. they're moving across delaware bay exiting lewes right now. we'll see more showers during the day today. right now, the steadiest rainfall is for the pennsylvania suburbs extending into philadelphia. scattered light showers in new jersey. these showers will take a break for much of the day. this afternoon, another round of wet weather and potential for thunderstorms. this is the futurecast at 11:00 this morning. you can see sprinkles, scattered light showers. cloudy skies and a little bit misty, too. that steadier rain just off to the northwest during the afternoon. as we head into the commute, that's 3:00 in the afternoon.
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we could see heavier downpours. that's at 4:00 now. those moderate showers moving through philadelphia and into new castle county and delaware. those showers will be heading into the evening hours, getting a little bit stronger. that's at 5:00 this afternoon. then we'll see drying conditions during the early evening hours as those showers start to move out. the forecast is calling for more umbrellas. 57 degrees, occasional showers. a bit of fog to start with. showers are possible tomorrow. light showers on friday and -- on thursday rather. on friday is when we'll get the steadier rainfall at 57 degrees. come the weekend, though, we finally get sunshine. look at the temperature difference. 70s. that's the normal high temperature for this time of year. up to 70 for mother's day, too. though there is a chance of a shower, we'll also see sunshine on sunday. on monday, 74 degrees in the afternoon. tuesday, wednesday and thursday,
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the temperatures take off into the 80s. there's aç chance of a thunderstorm later on thursday. and a possibility of showers again on friday. >> all right, bill, thanks for that. the new jersey conservation foundation is expanding a project to preserve thousands of acres of pine barren. this is part of the third and final phase of the project which will ultimately preserve 2,400 acres of pine barren. next in a live report at 5:00, find out what we're learning about what led to the violence overnight. hero officer honored. also next philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett gets the star treatment but not from anyone in our area.
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good morning, everyone.
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jessica boyington with a quick check on your first alert traffic. we're watching a lot of construction out there this morning. right now what we're looking at live is 95 around the blue route. that exit ramp is blocked off with construction. so from 95 northbound to the blue route northbound. no access there right now. should open up within the next half an hour or so. of course we'll keep you updated and i'll have more of the update when i'm back in the 5:00 hour. from our jersey shore bureau, remembering the holocaust. an atlantic county community honors of millions of lives lost during the holocaust. this service was held in ventnor last night. local holocaust survivors were honored dirg th eed during that service. 150 young women in new castle have a better idea today about careers in technology. nbc 10 at wilmington university's new castle campus for the sixth annual digigirls day. 8th and 9th grade girls learned
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about video and app creation and marketing. one wilmington university professor tells us that not enough young women consider a career in technology. >> seeing theç light go on, th engagement, the excitement. we need it. w we need them. >> only 25% of i.t. jobs in the u.s. are held by women and just 5% of tech startups are owned by women. happening today, the national police defense foundation will honor officer jesse hartnett. the organization will present the philadelphia police officer with the man of the year award during a dinner in new york tonight. officer hartnett was ambushed in west philadelphia in january. he was shot in the arm several times. edward archer faces charges, including attempted murder in the shooting. also happening today, new housing development gives the homeless a place to call their own. >> project home is celebrating the grand opening of the francis
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house of peace in philadelphia's chinatown neighborhood. a brand new nine-story mixed use development. there are 94 apartments for the formerly homeless and low income men and women. it's named off pope francis who is committed to improving conditions for the poor. and one of the young people nbc 10 profiled in our digital exclusive, faces of homeless youth, will be part of today's event. he now has a home to call his own. come to for more on the struggle homeless youth face every day on the streets of philadelphia. >> i hope we do a follow-up with him, give hope for others. >> what a great project. they named it after pope francis. how appropriate. you're watching nbc 10 news% "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on "nbc 10 news today," one person is dead in philadelphia after a night of
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multiple police-involved shootings. we are live at the scene. >> beautiful thing to watch and behold. and we're going to make america great again. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. >> another one down. ted cruz is officially out of the presidential race after donald trump wins the inen primary. now trump will be the likely republican nominee for the oval office. >> and the search is still on this morning for a man who escaped from a prison in atlantic county, just weeks before his parole. good morning and welcomeç to "c 10 news today" on this wednesday morning, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. right now we're tracking rain showers across parts of our area and a possible thunderstorm this afternoon. kind of like a broken record, meteorologist bill henley, we keep saying it morning after morning. >> it is true. we are stuck in this pattern. we are seeing clouds and rain, no thunder and lightning just yet.
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that's a possibility later today. right now it's the pennsylvania suburbs and into philadelphia. seeing the rainfall. an a few scattered showers in new jersey as well. the showers moving off to the northeast. we can see the heavier spots where it's coming down in the lehigh valley, a little heavier. that will be exiting in the next few minutes. we'll see this on and off rainfall during the day today. dry to our southwest. we will get breaks during the day. a little bit of fog this morning. not too bad at this hour. coatesville, five-mile visibility. five miles an hour in the pottstown area. if you're headed into the poconos, you'll find dense fog to start with. temperatures that are in the 40s and low 50s, very narrow range. 48 degrees in the pennsylvania suburbs. 49 in south jersey and 51 right now in philadelphia. at bustleton, 51 degrees, society hill is 50 and about the same for chestnut hill in andorra. uniform, thanks to the clouds and that steady breeze out of the northeast. it will make for another


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