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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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now, your nbc10 first alert weather. >> right now at 11:00, another cool and dreary day across our area. we're starting to sound like a broken record. still stuck in the wet weather pattern, and here's a live look at the skyline of center city, philadelphia. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our neighborhood forecast. hey, glenn. >> hey, vai. yeah, we're not getting utof this mess anytime soon. as you can see on the satellite, we have clouds everywhere across the area. there's just no way to change that. a live doppler radar showing a few showers around. we're also seeing the first thunderstorm of the day in
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southern delaware. not a huge storm right now, and it's about to go into delaware bay, perhaps going into cape may county. but back to the west, we see more and more, more showers in west virginia and then in other batches, heavy stuff in indiana. going into ohio, that's going to be affecting us over the next couple days, too. the futurecast shows some of the showers and storms especially by early afternoon, could be pretty heavy. but it's not going to last all afternoon. you see by the afternoon rush, any showers would be very much scattered across the area. but the white, that's the cloud cover. and it's staying with us. no doubt about it. tomorrow morning, clouds, maybe some fog, and even drizzle. and so we're not seeing a lot of improvement here. that's keeping the temperatures down. it's only 50 in coatsville, 52 in allentown and trenton. 50 degrees in atlantic city.
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those temperatures are really not going to be going up over the next couple days. we're 59 yesterday, about 57 today. and we may not break 60 degrees for the rest of the week. we have the threat of some showers through the afternoon, so take the umbrellas with you. 56 at 2:00 in philadelphia. 53 in pennsylvania suburbs. only going into the mid-50s. lehigh valley maybe not even getting to the mid-50s. and then in south jersey, 53 degrees at 6:00, jersey shore, temperatures actually going down with the increased threat of showers. we'll see if there's any improvement for the weekend coming up with the forecast in a few minutes. >> all right, see you then. this morning, philadelphia police are looking into a pair of officer-involved shootings. the first incident happened along grays avenue in southwest philadelphia where police exchanged shots with a man. a short time later, officers then shot another man in
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overbrook. pamela osborne is live for us at the second scene. sort this all out for us. >> vai, talk about a chaotic night. all of the damage you see here is a direct result of that confrontation between the suspect and police. many of the cars that you see here belong to students who go to st. joe's. i spent the morning talking to them. they say this is the last thing they needed to deal with during finals week. >> i heard a screeching sound. i heard a loud boom. so i got up and i heard freeze, stop! >> the confrontation was brief. once over, one suspect lay dead. >> all i heard was, freeze, stop. pop pop pop. >> police had been called to the 6,000 block of overbrook avenue after they say they received more than one call about a suspicious maroon dodge caravan. neighbors feared the driver may have been casing out homes. >> police arrived and saw the male doing just exactly what the
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caller indicated. >> police say plain clothes officers in the area attempted to corner the man. >> he attempts to leave from them, trapping one of the officers between the car and some other area where he didn't feel like he could escape, and he discharged his weapon. >> the suspect was killed but not before wrecking his minivan into several parked cars. >> one person could have as much impact. >> odd raw is the owner of one of the vehicles. she heard about the damage overnight. she returned this morning for a second look and an additional thought on what led up to all of this. >> my mind it's like why wouldn't you just stop? why cause all of this? >> and police say there were at least four officers on scene when all of this went down. two plain clothes, two uniformed officers. they're going to be checking surveillance cameras in the area to see if it leads them to clues about exactly what else happened here. in the next half hour, you'll hear from students who are
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trying to shift their focus to final exams this week and dealing with all of this at the same time. i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> pamela, thank you. earlier, different officers in philadelphia were shot at on grays avenue. police who were patrolling that area heard gunshots and followed the sound. an unarmed man fired at the officers from the back porch of a home. missed. one of the officers returned fire twice, wounding the suspect. the man is in the hospital listed in stable condition. and this morning, calling donald trump the likely nominee for the republicans. this after a big win in indiana. and the announcement from senator ted cruz he's suspending his campaign. edward lawrence is following the latest developments from washington. >> likely nominee donald trump called the "today" show saying he can unify most of the republican party. >> i am confident that i can
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unite much of it. some of it i don't want. i mean, there were statements made about me that those people can go away. >> indiana stood as the defining moment in the primary race so far, and finally defeat. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. >> 53% of gop voters in indiana wanted trump. cruz's 37% of the vote ended his bid to be president. >> just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he's one hell of a competitor. >> senator bernie sanders eked out a win over hillary clinton by five points, with 53% of the vote. >> without being dependent on powerful and wealthy special interests. >> because of delegates sharing, the win mathematically eliminated sanders from getting the nomination, unless he can convince superdelegates to change their mind. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in
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the history of the united states. >> clinton did not talk about her hoosier state loss last night. instead, she used trump's win as a campaign fund-raiser. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> for the latest on all of the twists and turns in decision 2016, go to or click on the nbc10 app. an inmate is on the run this morning after he escaped a prison in atlantic county just 19 days before he was scheduled to be paroled. arthur buckel was missing at bed check yesterday morning at the psychiatric hospital at bayside state prison in hammonton. he has a goatee and a small tattoo under his left eye. corrections officers and police in three communities canvassed wooded areas, camps, and rural neighborhoods near the prison yesterday. but found no sign of buckel. the second time an inmate escaped the same psychiatric unit in the past six months. with a jury selected,
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congressman chaka fattah remains confident as his corruption trial moves forward. >> how do you feel about your chances? >> great day. >> several famous names were mentioned in court yesterday. on that list, president obama, vice president biden, and locals including ed rendell. it's unclear which side will bring those names into the case and who will actually testify. fattah and four others are accused of misusing grant and campaign funds. his trial is scheduled to begin on may 16th. philadelphia police and the fbi hope you can lead them to this man who they say robbed a citizens bank in old city. authorities say the man handed a demand note to a teller at the branch on chestnut street just before noon yesterday. the robber got away with unknown amount of cash. time for a check on the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. what do you see? >> things are calming down a little bit from the earlier
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mornimorn morning rush. we're watching route 73 around the new jersey turnpike. a few moments ago with the accident scene, headed southbound, we had police officers on the scene. they just moved out of the way. no big delays by the scene now. maybe a little slow go with the vehicle left over. here's the schuylkill expressway around gerard. we're still a little slow headed westbound, we just had construction crews move out of the way, headed westbound working on some of the lanes. the drive time is just a tad slow and speeds in the high 40s. an accident on lower merion might tie you up if you're near lancaster avenue. and 95 looking a bit better. the southbound drive time still maybe two or three minutes of an increase, but still no problem into center city. >> jessica, thank you. new this morning in philadelphia, parents and educators are rallying to reclaim their schools. >> you believe that children
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deserve everything they need. >> yes. >> nbc10 and munoz marin elmmenterally this morning, they protested what they say a lack of resources and support for children in philly's public schools. they claim the schools are underfunded and overtested. they have identified this as a turn around school due to low academic performance, next school year, the district plans to invest money and new strategies at the school to help improve that performance. less than three months to go until the democratic national convention in philadelphia, organizers realize you might have questions so they want you to have the questions answered. convention officials are holding a community forum this evening at 5:30 at philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts on south broad street. they'll answer questions about businesses like how you can make sure your business gets found on google. organizers also want to tell you about the meetings they have
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been having with cell phone companies to make sure your phone works when 50,000 people converge on the city for the convention. also happening today, philadelphia will honor fallen police officers and fire personnel. they'll lay wreaths during the annual service at the living flame memorial in franklin square. this is video from previous years. uniformed officers will also perform a riefrl salute to remember the service members who died in the line of duty. >> the national police defense foundation will honor officer jesse hartnett this evening. they'll present the philadelphia police officer with its man of the year award. during a dinner in new york tonight. nbc10 will be there. officer hartnett was ambushed in january. he was shot in the arm several times. edward archer faces charges including attempted murder in the shooting. we're following breaking news in texas this morning where there's a work place shooting. the latest developments on the
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incident that forced schools in the area to be on lockdown. just ahead. >> plus, forced to flee. an entire city in canada is ordered to evacuate as fierce wildfires destroy entire neighborhoods. and why officials there are warning it could get worse. >> glenn. >> well, we're still stuck with this cool and dreary weather pattern. we're going to see some sunshine this weekend? we'll lettia know what's in store for mother's day, that's just ahead.
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we have breaking news to tell you about this morning in texas. two people are dead after a shooting at a transportation building in the city of katy, a suburb of houston. the gunman was a worker who had been fired and returned with weapons. authorities say that worker killed one person and injured another. the gunman then took his own life. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates on nbc10 and the nbc10 app as we get the information. the largest auto safety recall in u.s. history is about to get bigger. toccata is expected as soon as today to announce that it's recalling an additional 35,000 to 40 million air bag inflaters. the expanded list would be more than double what's already recalled. they have recalled 24 million vehicles due to the risk of inflaters could explode with too much force, splaying metal shards inside the vehicles.
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a newspaper reports prince's representatives arranged for him to meet a california doctor to help him kick an addiction to pain killers shortly before his death. according to the minneapolis star tribune, the representatives called a doctor the day before prince died to seek emergency help. he couldn't immediately meet with prince, but the report says his son flew to minneapolis to discuss treatments the following day. a lawyer for the cornfelt family said andrew was the one who called 911 when prince's unresponsive body was found in an elevator nearly two weeks ago. nbc news has not verified this report. prince's former attorney had denied the musician used drugs. >> the apollo theater will add prince to its walk of fame. the late singer will officially be inducted during the apollo's spring gala next month. he'll get a plaque beneath the famous marquee in new york city. he'll be besiend areeltha
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franklin and michael jackson. >> an entire city in alberta, canada, has been evacuated because of a wildfire. flames made their way into ft. mcmurray yesterday. unseasonably hot temperatures combined with dry conditions fueled this fire. ft. mcmurray is the capital of alberta's oil sands region which is the firthird largest reserve oil in the world. it destroyed 80% of homes in one neighborhood but no injuries have been reported. yeah, and talking about that area in canada, 91 degrees yesterday. 40 degrees above normal. somebody's getting hot weather. not us. 53 and cloudy in philadelphia. we have 52 degrees and some light rain in the lehigh valley. and cool spot, pennsylvania suburbs, chester, montgomery, bucks, delaware. see if the temperatures are
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going anywhere this afternoon. not really. it may actually drop a little bit as some rain comes in. philadelphia and then it doesn't really do much tonight either. temperatures stay around 50. in trenton, similar story. if anything, the temperature drops a little during the afternoon. reading, temperature fairly steady all the way up to 8:00. wilmington, fairly steady. again, into this evening, then we only drop to about 50 degrees. so whatever temperature you see now in your area, it's not going to be much different all the way into tonight. let's check out the shore. we still have the northeast wind. it's only 49 degrees in atlantic city and litting lake harbor, summer's appointment. the ocean's temperature, 53 degrees. it becomes more and more critical at this time of the year. satellite pictures show clouds all over the place. and speaking of all over the place, we've got a seven-day forecast down here scrolling all the time. for all over the place.
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we have several different seven-day forecasts for your area, not just philadelphia anymore. and you don't have to wait until the end of the weather to see it. and we close in here, and we're trying to find a little peek of sunshine somewhere, when we're really not seeing much of that. and on the live radar, we see a few little showers up toward the lehigh valley. some in southern delaware. and in south jersey, just some isolated showers right now. and one or two rumbles of thunder. we have more activity back to the west, so this is a wet pattern and even more back in indiana. so it's going to be a while before we're out of this. it's cloudy, it's damp, and it's going to stay that way as we go through the afternoon and into the evening, we're going to see some scattered showers, but then later today and into the night, just mostly cloudy. this is just the white is the cloud cover. the green would indicate rain.
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and we're not seeing much of that as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow morning, maybe a little bit of drizzle, but no real significant rain during much of the day tomorrow. that's going to wait until friday. as moisture from the ocean now look at the rain coming in from the ocean. that's always bad news if you want nice weather. there's thursday night and into friday, look how widespread that rain is. that's the morning rush on friday. what a mess. and more coming in from east to west. could be some coastal flooding at that time. and so friday is going to be probably the nastiest day of all. this isn't so pretty anyway. today, university city, 57 degrees with a few showers. west chester, 56. lehigh valley, 55. we don't see much of a temperature contrast with all the cloud cover in the east wind. princeton, 53. atlantic city, 53.
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and in dover, 56 degrees. we're not seeing any of that warmer weather in delaware that we have seen a couple days ago. and over the next few days, it's not changing very much. more fog than anything else tomorrow. and then the rain returns on friday, as you saw, and we're also seeing temperatures not going above 60 degrees in most of the area for most of the next few days. we'll see if it's going to change significantly over the weekend, with ten-day a little later. >> see you in a few mnltsz. still ahead, an industry that's really taking off, as the buzz continues to swirl around drone technology, we'll take a look at the latest and greatest in drone development and when regulations might actually be in place.
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this week's wednesday's child is a loving and giving teen who enjoys helping others. her dream is to find a forever family to support and guide her no matter what. meet yolanda. >> yolanda is a sweet and kind-hearted young lady. she has such a warm and bright personality, and when you first meet her, it really shines through. she has a passion for helping others, so we went to the cathedral kitchen in camden, new jersey, to lend a helping hand. >> it's fun. >> she was right in her element, helping the staff get ready for tonight's dinner. she has a level of compassion at
11:25 am
16 that most people will never achieve. >> i like to help people. everybody needs a chance to, you know, express themselves. we need to help them. >> she's headed to the tenth grade and does really well in her special needs school. she also lends her guidance to her classmates. >> yolanda is one of the most popular children, and the reason she's popular is she's so accepting of all the other children. some of the children in her school have autism, she reaches out to them. >> the ideal family will be loving and provide structure. they should also share in her passion of giving back. >> they would like to help, not only be supportive and help, they like to help people. >> yolanda has an enormous heart that she's ready to share. >> you have a good heart.
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>> i get that a lot. >> do you? >> yeah. >> yolanda is this week's wednesday's child. >> what a sweet girl she is. she does have a good heart. if you would like to make yolanda's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to our website at and search wednesday's child or call the adoption center directly. >> all right, enough already. another cool and dreary wet day across our area. and we take a live look right now outside in wilmingtowilming. glenn will let us know when the sun will be shining again, and when it will finally dry out. we'll have that just ahead. >> plus, an attempted traffic stop turns deadly. learning new information about two police-involved shootings overnight in the city of philadelphia and the impact on some local college students. ♪
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rainy, cool, and damp weather pattern continues today. here's a live look outside at center city, philadelphia. at the air mark building there. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with the neighborhood forecast. glenn, when is this thing ending? >> it's going to take a while. we're in a blocking pattern, specifically, known as mega block in the world of mete meteorology and the weather pattern doesn't change for quite a while. we were stuck in the good part of the block in april when we had ten straight days of sunshine and no rain. now, we're in the not so nice part of the omega block. it's only 50 in coatesville, 50 in atlantic city. not much warmer in between.
11:31 am
51 in mt. holly, 51 in vineland, 52 in allentown. in delaware, where we had a tremendous temperature contrast a couple days uz go, some places close to 80 degrees, we're not seeing that anymore. 53 in wilmington, 53 in newark, 54 in odessa, 52 in middletown. you see fairly uniform temperatures. you can see the wind is coming across from the ocean, the delaware bay, so lewis, rehoboth beach, dewey beach, all just 51 degrees. and we also have some showers in delaware and extreme south jersey. another patch of showers up in the allentown area, and more to come back from west virginia and coming into ohio, so we're not getting out of this pattern at least through friday, and we may not even see tremendous improvement on saturday. some improvement. here's the futurecast for this afternoon. this new model just in, showing
11:32 am
some showers and even thunderstorms developing and moving near the jersey shore. we'll keep an eye on that through the afternoon. but later on during the afternoon, things will quiet down. as far as rain is concerned. this white is the cloud cover. it stays cloudy all the way through tonight and into tomorrow and into friday. so the forecast from philadelphia, 54 degrees at 6:00. we don't really cool down much at night, but this is a pretty cold temperature for this time of the year. the p.a. suburbs and lehigh valley only up to 52 degrees by 6:00. we will have warmer weather and we'll show you that when it's coming in just a few minutes. thank you, glenn. this morning, one man is dead, another in the hospital after two separate police-involved shootings. the first incident happened along grays avenue in southwest philadelphia. police exchanged shots with a man there. a short time later, officers
11:33 am
then shot another man in overbrook. pamela osborne is live for us in overbrook. pam, walk us through this. >> vai, it was a chaotic night for sure. several vehicles damaged. i spent the morning talking to st. joe's students, many own the vehicles you see here that were completely destroyed during that crash. they tell us this is the last thing they needed during finals. >> i know a couple of the girls whose cars are here, and it's just -- i mean, crazy to see, and so sorry for them. >> audra had her jeep spit. >> why wouldn't you stop? >> several of her classmates had their cars smashed after a police involved shooting overnight. >> i heard a screeching sound, a loud boom. i got up, and i heard freeze, stop! >> the confrontation was brief. once over, one suspect lay dead. >> all i heard was freeze, stop,
11:34 am
pop pop pop. >> police had been called to the 6,000 block of overbrook avenue after they say they received more than one call about a suspicious maroon dodge caravan. neighbors feared the driver may have been casing homes. >> police arrived and saw the male doing exactly what the caller indicated. >> police say plain clothes officers in the area attempted to corner the man. >> he attempted to plflee from them, trapping one of the officers between a car and another area where he didn't feel like he could escape and he discharged his weapon. >> i live at the first floor, and my room was filled with blue and red lights. >> the suspect was killed. his vehicle towed away. as police and everyone else worked to figure out what's next. and police have not released a name of that suspect. they're in the process of checking surveillance cameras in the area to see if that paints a better picture of exactly what went on this morning. as for those students, i heard
11:35 am
several people on the phone with insurance companies, with parents today, trying to figure out exactly what happens next for them. and the damage to their cars. reporting live in overbrook, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> thank you. meanwhile, earlier, different officers in philadelphia were shot at on grays ferry. police who were patrolling that area heard gunshots. they followed the sun and an armed man fired at the officers from a porch and missed. one of the officers returned fire twice, wounding the suspekd. the man is in the hospital in stable condition. >> following breaking news out of texas. two people are dead after a shooting at a transportation building in katy. that's about 20 miles just west of houston. the sheriff says the gunman was a worker who was fired this morning and then returned with weapons. authorities say that worker killed one person and injured another. the gunman then took his own life. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates on nbc10 and the nbc10
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app as we get them. the american soldier killed during an attack by isis fighters in iraq has been identified. nbc's keir simmons tells us about the serviceman and the risk still faced by serviceman. >> 31-year-old charlie keating pictured here with his fiancee killed in an isis attack in northern iraq. his vehicle hit by an isis rocket in what pentagon officials are calling a coordinated and complex attack. >> wedding invitation is on my refrigerator, and i started working with him when he was in sixth grade. i knew him since he was 13 years old. >> his high school cross country coach said charlie joined the military after 9/11. he had been at practice when the twin towers were hit. >> the boys on that team, charlie included, were so impacted by that. a lot of those boys decided to serve their country after that.
11:37 am
>> keating was also a grandson of notorious banker charles keating jr. who came to symbolize america's savings and loan crisis in the '80s. the battle against isis has called for more troops. the president increasing the number in iraq to just over 4,000. there have been victories, but the death of a navy s.e.a.l., a bitter reminder that isis is a determined enemy. charlie keating was killed 17 miles from mosul, which kurdish and iraqi forces must take back if isis is to be defeated. truth is that will be a tough task without the help they're currently getting from the u.s. military. back to you. >> keir simmons reporting out of london. >> meanwhile, happening today, president obama is on his way to flint, michigan, to learn about the response to the city's water crisis. the president will speak directly with community members as well as city and state leaders. flint's tapwater was contaminated with lead after the source was switched to the flint river two years ago.
11:38 am
>> in detroit, teachers are back at work after a two-day sickout and students are back in class. the teachers called out sick monday and tuesday to protest the possibility of working without pay. the teachers now have a signed temporary contract with the school district guaranteeing their paychecks into the summer. an increase in air travelers and security has caused long delays at airport check points. today, homeland security announced a plan to speed up screenings at america's busiest airports. the agency plans to increase the number of security officers. they also want to increase the number of travelers enrolled in the prescreening program. the department also plans to ask congress to pay overtime to existing tsa officers. well, there's a company seeking chamenter 11 bankruptcy production. aeropostal, the clothing company will close 113 of its stores in
11:39 am
the u.s. it plans to close all 41 stores in canada. going out of business sales will begin at those stores this weekend. it hopes to emerge from bankruptcy within six months as a smaller company. the largest drone convention of its kind is under way today in new orleans. as the industry explodes like never before. one company is predicted drone delivery technology could be ready as early as next year. gabe gutierrez has that story. >> the images have always been stunning, but now with the industry taking off, the results are striking. one company pioneering the use of drones to save lives. finding missing people in remote areas, including children and alzheimer's patients. >> there have been 1600, all 1600 were found with an average time of less than 30 minutes. >> mapping disaster zones like the recent earthquake in ecuador. >> drones are tools, not just toys. >> more than 425,000 people have
11:40 am
registered their personal drones with the faa, and had number of companies with permission for commercial drone use has skyrocketed from just 500 a year ago to more than 5,000 today. and this year, there's more buzz about aerial delivery. you probably heard about amazon and google's plans, but now, a company called uviannecks is showing off a drone that would deliver your morning cup of coffee. >> i can find you on the app and you'll transport the cup of coffee to me at my office. >> exactly. takes literally minutes. >> and remarkably, he says, the technology will be ready by the middle of next year. but don't expect a swarm of delivery drones that fast. the regulatory hurdles are sky high. >> is the faa moving quickly enough? >> well, not yet. i mean, the technology is moving very, very fast. we have to move faster otherwise we're going to miss out on opportunities. >> well, today for the next few
11:41 am
days, it's all about suds in philadelphia. the city is welcoming thousands of beer brewing professionals to the craft brewer's conference. the expo at the pennsylvania convention center is not open to the public. this is for those in the beer brewing industry. we checked to see how much business craft beer brings to our area. the brewers association tells us about 4400 jobs in pennsylvania are directly from breweries. a lot are in philadelphia. the founder said ten years ago, they were just trying to survive. now, they're on track to expand. >> it's amazing. when we started, we were like one of two. and then everybody started building breweries and coming in to the fold, and it was absolutely awesome to see people who just have passion for making products. it's just growing. it's really awesome. >> the brewers association says 75% of adults live within ten
11:42 am
miles of a brewery, so this is really big business. the local breweries have been giving tours to brewers from across the country. they're all here to from one another. up next, the third leading cause of death in the u.s. might just surprise you. the results of a brand-new study and why doctors may not be to blame for this outcome. we'll have that just ahead. >> glenn. >> you're going to need the umbrellas again today. especially in parts of jersey and delaware. how much longer are we going to be stuck with this damp and dreary weather pattern? i'll let you know if we'll get a break in time for mother's day just ahead.
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medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the united states. researchers estimate nearly 10% of deaths each year are due to medical errors. a study by johns hopkins university says only heart disease and cancer cause more deaths. experts say most medical errors aren't caused by bad doctors. instead, they're usually linked to poorly coordinated care, problems with insurance, and differing health care protocols. the new study shows infants who have recurrent respiratory infections may have a higher risk for type one diabetes. they looked at babies diagnosed with codes, flu, and pneumonia by six months. they found they were more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes by 8 years old.
11:46 am
this supports evidence the first half year of life is crucial for the development of the immune system and autoimmunity. >> this sunday, thousands of people will once again carry on a mother's day tradition right here in the philadelphia area. it's the annual coleman philadelphia race for the cure. the money raised goes to cancer research. >> jody is a breast cancer survivor who lives in montgomery county and volunteers in the komen program, and she's here with carlos fernandez who has a personal connection to the disease and we'll hear more about that. thank you both for being here. take us back to your 49th birthday and the news that changed your life. >> in june 2010, i was going for my regular mammography, and they found something on it, and they asked me to come back. and after a second mammography
11:47 am
and ultrasound, they found the mass. which time, i went directly down to penn, pennsylvania hospital, and it came cancer. the mass. and i immediately went through additional testing, the mri, and the p.e.t. scan, and three weeks later, i was having surgery. >> wow, what's the message that you want people to get out from breast cancer treatment and the importance of raising money for this cancer? >> well, what's very important is that men and women need to get tested. they need to have the mammographies, they need to do it annual. i know that it can be very scary, but we need to educate women and men that it's not just, you know, not just about being scared. you have to take that nervousness and go through it, get through it so that you can get the test. because early detection is key.
11:48 am
and fund-raising is important because we need to find a cure. we need to stop the cancer. i constantly am out there fund-raising with so many different avenues. and it's harder and harder each year, but it's so important. and it's the passion to get it done. >> carlos, tell us about your mother. >> my mom was diagnosed with breaster, dcis, which for all intents and purposes should be a very treatable cancer, but she was diagnosed at a later stage, at stage 3b. she fought it off successfully for a few years, but unfortunately, it came back a few years later. but she got to see me graduate from my undergrad, which was one of her big goals in her life. and -- >> beautiful picture. >> yeah, pure happiness, i like to say, in that picture. she was home to me. and unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago. so this komen mission, the work i do with komen, really hits
11:49 am
home for me. >> it's to honor your mother. >> yes. >> what's the message you have for men, specifically men? sons, husbands, you know, and those who are dealing with seeing a loved one going through cancer? >> this problem is a problem that we share with women, with our mothers, with our daughters, and men don't really realize this, but men can get breast cancer, too. about 1% of all cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in men. again, we share that responsibility to take this disease seriously, to support our loved ones in seeking the care and screening services that they need. >> i like that you say it's a shared responsibility. that's really apropos. there's still time to register for the race for the cure. it's happening this sunday, mother's day, at the philadelphia museum of art. openingmony begins at 7:00 a.m. the 5k run begins at 8:15, and the walk and run begins at 8:25
11:50 am
a.m. go to our website at or check out our nbc10 app. thank you very much. we wish you luck in your fund-raising and search for a cure. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in. and the way it looks now, cold front will be coming through sunday morning, and there is a chance of a shower. but it's not anything that would last for a long time. 53 and cloudy in philadelphia. we've got only 49 in some of the pennsylvania suburbs. lehigh valley, 52 degrees. some reports of a little bit of light rain, especially in allentown. let's see what the temperatures are like. there are actually some places in the 40s. may. middle of the day. fleetwood, 48 degrees. burks town, 49 degrees, and it's only 50 in bethlehem, easton, allentown itself.
11:51 am
walnut, 48 to 50 degrees in several places. as we take a look at the live radar, nothing around the philadelphia area, trenton down to wilmington. a couple showers up by allentown. obviously, the heavy stuff is southern delaware and into south jersey. it's moving to the northeast. and so it's going to stay wet in some of these areas, and that is including cumberland county, parts of cape may county, atlantic county getting it. the timing, galloway, 12:33, little egg harbor right around 1:00. that's some heavy rain and even some lightning. we have other areas of showers back to the west, so there are more threats for tomorrow. but especially on friday, and that's a pretty significant area, too. and what's going to be happen? some of these showers developing as we go into the early
11:52 am
afternoon. and lots of clouds. that area of white, that's just cloud cover. everywhere, across the area. tonight and into tomorrow, clouds, fog, maybe a little bit of drizzle. don't expect a whole lot of rain tomorrow, but could be a little bit of drizzle. then with the east wind intensifying, look at the rain moving in from the atlantic. east to west. that is not a good sign. if you want nice weather. late thursday night and into friday, that's when the worst weather is coming. the strongest winds. some coastal flooding at times of high tide, and it's going to be slow to move out of here for saturday even. there's friday at 11:00 a.m., raining all over the place, and maybe even cooler than it has been over the last couple of days. yeah, unseasonably. no doubt about that. the temperature not even getting to 60 degrees yesterday or today
11:53 am
or maybe the rest of the week in philadelphia. and you can see that on the seven-day forecast for your area coming up. and it's not looking great. now, for saturday, i now have at least some sunshine, chance of lingering showers. temperature warmer than next couple of days, but then also we're talking about a little below normal. that's for philly to lehigh valley, only 66. jersey shore, 60. on sunday, mother's day, look at the difference in atlantic city at the shore. 74 degrees. big jump there. and a smaller jump elsewhere. so generally speaking, the weather is nicer on sunday than on saturday. but even saturday is going to be a whole lot better than friday. friday is going to be miserable. and then there's saturday. partly sunny skies, chance of some showers. chance of that morning shower on
11:54 am
sunday. but most of the day should be dry. monday, we really start to dry out. look at these temperatures. getting into the 80s tuesday, wednesday, and possibly into thursday. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
well, thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00.
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>> fynn: he's dying to go home. says he feels great. >> kayla: well, who wouldn't feel great on that much painkiller? >> fynn: well, let's cut it back a bit and see if he changes his mind. >> kayla: it's your call. >> fynn: okay. >> steve: okay, kayla, this has gone too far. >> kayla: what are you talking about? >> steve: you don't know what i'm talking about? you couldn't bother to tell me that our son was arrested? jade: so we have food for the next couple days, every dime in both of our savings accounts. so we're good to go, right? >> joey: guess so. >> jade: can you believe it? by this time next week we're gonna be in la. >> joey: we hope. >> jade: [chuckles] come on, joey. it's gonna be great. [gentle music] ♪


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