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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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. breaking news. >> in minutes, donald trump could be last republican standing in the presidential race. right now, we're waiting for john kasich to step up to the podium here. kasich is expected to announce he's dropping out. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you some of kasich's comments once they begin. first, jersey shore is soaked. >> nbc 10 captured this downpour in atlanta county. not everyone saw rain today but the damp weather is not over yet. >> meteorologist sheena parveen looking at how the rain is affecting each neighborhood differently. >> along the shore, we had the heavy rain. that is pretty much leaving. but in philadelphia, we haven't seen that. we've just seen basically overcast skies. a few sprinkles here and there. overcast skies, cool temperatures still today. 53 degrees. still stuck in the cloudy, damp, cool pattern. also, with your new neighborhood
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forecast, seven-day forecast, always scrolling at bottom of the screen for you. here's a look at radar. shore points are fairly dry right now. we have a few light showers to moderate showers developing and moving through parts of kent county, suspect county, approaching parts of cape may through the delaware bay but that's mostly lighter rain. all of the heavy stuff moved out. but the other area that we're watching, we go into the end of the week, we're still stuck in the pattern that you see on the radar. clouds, rain, cool temperatures, what we're watching as we go into friday, that is this area of low pressure. that's going to track towards us. and as we go into the morning hours friday, it's going to strengthen offshore and that's going to give us heavier rain. so, for tonight, 10:00 p.m., 51 philadelphia, cloudy. by the early morning hours temperatures mid to upper 40s. that's when you wake up, cool, cloudy, damp. if you are along the shore, temperatures staying around 50. that's also where we have a
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coastal flood threat. coastal flood advisory for high tide, between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. we could see localized street flooding. >> take a look at this wet scene in atlanta county. nbc 10 found flooding. >> with more rain on the way, coastal flooding, we could see more problems like this in coming days. ted greenberg live with more. >> reporter: you can see, we are along winchester avenue, and we still have water in the streets. a couple of hours after rain came pouring down on the jersey shore earlier today. the water is starting to recede. it is gone from some streets but you can see winchester and huntington avenues, we still have water across the lanes. rain has stopped, but as you heard sheena say, threat of high water remains.
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with thunder, lightning and lots of rain, the jersey shore got soaked this afternoon. drivers made their own waves on flooded street when storm drains couldn't keep up with the amount of water falling from the sky. >> it's dreary all week but today a deluge. incredible how hard it was raining. came down so fast, coming straight down, backyard flooded, streets flooded, garbage cans filled up. >> reporter: folks tried to take cover as quickly as possible. the weather team says two inches of rain fell on coastal atlantic county in a span of a couple of hours. minor tidal flooding could cause other roads to fill with water. maure maureen shea is looking forward to brighter days. >> i would love to see sun. it's been a while. all of the kids' activities keep getting cancelled and they have to be made up at some point.
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>> reporter: beyond the evening, we could continue to see that minor tidal flooding threat persist over high tide over the next couple of days. possibly into saturday as well. live in margate, ten greenberg. >> remember, track the latest weather conditions in your neighborhood anytime on the nbc 10 app. saying no to the soda tax. skyforce 10 over a crowd of protester outside city hall. they spoke out against the proposed taxes of parade of soda trucks showed their support. rosemary connors is live outside city hall. many protesters have gone inside to make their voices heard. >> reporter: that's right. those in opposition to the soda and sugary drink tax have wrapped up their rally. they're cleaning up at the moment, anybody outside and not inside that meeting. they made sure earlier today that every council member inside city hall could hear them loud
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and clear. members of the philadelphians against the grocery tax coalition organized the protest, it comes as city councils holding its last hearing, allowing public comment on mayor kenney's budget. the 3 cent per ounce tax stirred up strong emotions and opinions on both sides of the issue, from restaurant owners and managers to earlied aer y ed ied aey edi advocates. >> we feel we have to put it on customers and stop offering free refills. the customer's going to have be responsible for some cost. >> reporter: you are helping two generations here. the children who are going to get an important start in their education, but also their families who need to get back in the workforce, need to invest in their own education.
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>> the hearing asking for public comment started inside city hall here at the top of the hour. we do have a crew inside, monitoring it. this hearing will give council members an opportunity to hear directly from their constituents before they have to vote on the budget in the coming weeks. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. right now at 5:00, a look at newly enhance the images three men wanting attacking a pair of school officers. police gave us these today. images come from video they released yesterday. you might have seen it, tape shows three men attacking two officers during a fight outside northeast high school. one officer broke his jaw. call philadelphia police if you recognize any three guys. >> a chaotic night for philadelphia police officers shot two suspects in two separate incidents that left one suspect dead. police say they received self-calls from st. joseph's university students concerned about the driver of a minivan
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casing their neighbor htd near overbrook and 63rd. the driver would not pull over, and tried to take off, putting one of the officers in danger. and that's when police fired shots. >> one of my neighbors told me that he was driving around looking suspicious, and he took off and the police took off after him. >> the driver crashed his minivan, damaging several students' parked cars. police, internal affairs and homicide detectives are investigating. new information on the second shooting involving police overnight in southwest philadelphia. suspect is in stable condition now. officers shot him in the leg after he allegedly refused to drop his gun and fired first. >> breaking news. we talked about john kasich stepping to the mike to make an announcement about his presidential campaign. here he is now. >> people fall in love with her, you know, when she appeared on "anderson cooper," john weaver
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commented, and beth hanson commented, if we'd only run karen, we would have been a lot more successful. i happen to agree with that. emmitt reese showed up. i mean, they're unbelievable. they're so beautiful. and they've been so supportive. [ applause ] they've traveled with me around the country, as well. it was always such a delight to have the family on the road, and as their principal said, don't let education get in the way of earning. and i think that they learned a great deal. and of course, i want to thank the worthington christian staff, particularly buzz, for their patience and willingness to look after our family. it was terrific. our staff, nobody has ever done
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more with less in the history of politics than what the staff has done. i mean, it's kind of always been this way. it's been a mystery to me, other than to say that i like to think that they think that they've been part of something bigger than themselves. we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. and i think we do it with honesty, integrity and as a result, i think i know, and i sure hope and pray, that they -- that they feel that this experience, that they have had in this campaign, has improved and in some way changed that your lives for the better. so i'm looking forward to being able to spend more time with them. the volunteers, just amazing. i don't know how many, 800 people we had, is it 800 people
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that went to new hampshire? people who went to in michigan. people in south carolina. i would show up places and there were like people i knew. i'm like, why are you here? but they were believers. and a could never thank them enough for the long car rides and the snows of new hampshire, they knocked on doors and in the rain of south carolina they knocked on doors. really gave of themselves. my mother used to always say, never forgot the volunteers, johnny. they were always the ones that have given me the octane, the fuel, to be able to carry out my purpose. and i want to thank the people who gave the money, financial resources. we never had all of the money we wanted. we were probably outspent 50-1,
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but we were everybodier daunted in that. we got up every day and did the best we can. a big thank you to beth hanson, campaign manager. did everything that she could possibly do. [ applause ] oh, and my dear, dear friends, doug price -- [ applause ] well, we start getting into these names. as i mentioned, i think emma said, mr. doug, didn't you travel with my daddy for, like a year and a half? and reese looked at him and said, how did you ever do that? but we had a great time. we're going to have a lot more fun in the future. of course, kitchen cabinet, i look at joanne davidson and bob and tim, who the only guy i know carried more luggage than an
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entire circus crew. unbelievable. so, i know i'm leaving some people out but i want to thank every one of you. you know, i visited these beautiful, beautiful towns in new hampshire and people really counted me out in new hampshire, but when we hit our 100th town hall, it was remarkable. those beautiful towns. i will never forget the people of new hampshire. we moved from new hampshire, you know, in the far east, all the way to the excitement of california. even being able to sit in traffic in los angeles. it was a big part of -- i just love california and what it means to our country and excitement that it breeds. i remember we were in the upper peninsula of michigan. never knew where it was. heard about it all my lifetime.
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i never knew it was located above wisconsin. we landed. i remember everybody was look at their phones and i said, would you please put down your phone because there is is a winter wonderland. this is magical, what we're seeing here, what the good lord has given us. to the energy of miami beach, florida, for one of the last debates, you know, it was interesting. they didn't think i could make any debate and a made all 13. in fact, won a couple of them. as for my beloved ohio, the people here i cannot tell you how much i appreciate the opportunity that you've given me to be a leader in this state. the people of ohio have given me the greatest professional experience of my lifetime. i've tried to pay them back.
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and last night in cleveland a woman, african-american woman said, you made promises and you kept them, and that's why i'm here tonight, because i believe in you, that you brought our people together. well, it only happened because the people gave me a chance. and everywhere i went in america, everywhere i went in america, i told the people about our beautiful beloved state and held ohio high. and i think gave people an impression from one end of america to the other that ohio is a special place. and i expect we're going to have more visits as a result. i marvelled at my colleagues who held public office. they knocked on doors, made phone calls. these were people who came from the legislature. when you're an executive and you have to deal with the legislature, it's not always -- it's not always peaches and
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cream. but yet, these legislators, leaders, speaker of the house, president of the senate, some of my statewide colleagues, like attorney general, just incredible that they would have come out and honored me. frankly, i was so um 4abled by the fact that they came and they loved me. they encouraged me. the people of our country changed me. they changed me with the stories of their lives. we all remember that hug in south carolina from that young man who had found despair, and then found hope somehow, and he
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just wanted to give me a hug. and the country marvelled. but you know, that was one of a series of these things that had happened gentleman that showed up in new hampshire, he said, i don't think i warned my son enough about the dangers of a certain type of cancer and now he has it, and i'm blaming myself, and he put his arm around me and cried. and i said, sir, it's not your fault, you didn't do anything wrong, you're a great father, you've come all the way from new york to tell me about this. take the load off of your shoulders. he wrote us a letter saying that that little conversation made a difference with him and when we went to new york, months later, standing at the rope line was that man. he said, i want you to know, my
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son's doing much better. and i wanted to be here to thank you for taking the time with me. >> governor john kasich, now speaking from columbus, thanked his family and supporters and he's expected to make the announcement that he is dropping out of the race for president. we'll bring that to you as it comes. he's fell humbled by the experience in this campaign and this falls on the heels of ted cruz suspending his campaign last night following the inland regional center primary. >> with john kasich out, donald trump is the last republican standing. but can he get reluctant voters to get behind his campaign. for more on trump, about that and what he's looking for in a vice presidential candidate, that's coming up next at 5:00. washed out, all of the rain canceled a lot of activities for kids. how parent are struggling to find alternatives and save their money next.
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right now, waiting to hear if john kasich will officially suspend his bid for the republican presidential nomination. >> with both kasich and cruz potentially out of the picture, donald trump the last candidate standing. first order of business, finding a running mate. trump's campaign will be deliberating and vetting potential candidates. trump says he'll go the
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political route, adding, he wants someone that can help get legislation passed. so with the nomination all but locked up, is everyone in the gop party on board with the trump train? >> i'm confident that i can unite much of. some of it i don't want. there were statements made about me that those people can go away maybe come back in eight years after we serve two terms. but honestly, some people i really don't want. i don't think it's necessary. people would be votingi for me, they're not et voing for the party. >> stay tuned for nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. the latest on the race for the republican nomination. now, your first alert weather with sheena parveen. >> the clouds are still locked in. temperatures are still cool. take a look outside, overcast skies across the area. the only spot of rain along the jersey shore. but that's cleared out. what we are watching now is well
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off to our west, big area of low pressure spinning around chicago. that will eventually move towards our area and then, give us potential for coastal flooding as we go into friday. right now, though, temperatures mostly in the mid to low 50s. philadelphia neighborhood temperatures and with new neighborhood forecast, seven day scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. it 52 degrees, society hill. 51 west mt. airy. 53 in park side. still a cool day. not everyone saw the rain. we expect everyone to see the rain again. tomorrow on future weather, just about mostly cloudy. not so much in the way of rain but we can't rule out a couple of sprinkles. area of low pressure. by thursday to our south. will move offshore, strengthen and swing at heavy rain. that's 4:30 friday. morning commute friday, more heavy rain moving in, by friday,
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lunchtime, more bans of heavy rain. friday looks like a rainy day some heavy rain with wind. potential for coastal flooding. watching that, of course, as we get closer. tomorrow, though, for redding, 58 for a high temperature. overcast skies, easton 56. can't rule out sprinkles. phoenixville 56. west chester 57. philadelphia area mostly mid-50s. 56 for fairmount with overcast skies. new jersey, 55, hatten field, 57. and glassboro. if you're along the shore tomorrow, temperatures in the mid to low 50s. and the threat for coastal flooding, that will exist now through friday with high tide times. tonight between 6:00 and 17, later in the back bays. we'll be watching this into friday. more details on neighborhood weather. >> thank you. they call it reclaiming our schools. >> we're not fooled. don't destroy our public schools. >> parents and teachers join
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forces to fight for change in philadelphia. hear their demands coming up.
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president obama proving flint, michigan's filtered water is safe to drink. he met with michigan's governor, and received an update on the federal response. the president says the city's water problems were a symptom of a broader issue. >> our goal here is to use this motel in which everybody's attention is focused to see if we can start rebuilding and moving flint in a better direction. >> flint's water crisis prompted the president to declare state
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of emergency earlier this year. still ahead, what's wrong with this picture? these fields and many others have been empty for days and that's costing parents and money. how they're trying to recover from the rain.
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right now at 5:00, soaked at jersey shore. nbc 10 in atlantic county, heavy rain caused flooding. that rain has moved out. the damp and dreary pattern is not over yet. >> turn to meteorologist sheena parveen. how long are we in this for? >> for the rest of the week. in fact, heavier rain moves our way as we go into friday. we're locked into this same weather pattern. and it's not allowing our temperatures to climb too much either. another cool day, 53 degrees in philadelphia, also allentown. 52 vineland, atlantic city 51. coatesville, 50. it's cloudy and cool. we don't have so much rain around now but what we are watching is a big area of low pressure spinning to the effort of chicago, that will be moving in friday. but locally, heavy rain along the shore, that has moved offshore. not looking at heavy rain, thunderstorms anymore. few light showers across the
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delaware bay into cape may. but not looking at any lightning, just light rain. so for tonight through tomorrow, cool, cloudy, and damp. we're going to stay like this for the next 24 to 48 hours. but then as we go into friday, heavy rain coming and it will get windy. so in fact, conditions will be deteriorating towards the end of the week. coastal flood threat for the high tide times, now through friday, and friday we could see a bigger threat for moderate flooding. so, coastal flood threat for all of our shore communities and delaware beaches, coastal flood advisory with minor coastal flooding for this evening, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with high tide, that's high tide time within that hour. later, potential flooding on the back bay. local street flooding as well. we'll watch this for the high tide times. then we go into friday, threat may be increasing with heavy rain moving in.
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i'll show you the timing coming up. >> you might wonder what happened to the sun? >> a lot of parents want to know, what happens to money? all of the rain forced afterschool programs to cancel activities. >> more from frustrated families. >> reporter: we talked to the parks and recreation director, it's unheard of to see the fields so empty. but, it's empty today. blame it on the rain. it's an indoor tea party at st. thomas'. good thing, outside, the playground is soggy. >> you like the rain? >> no, i like snow. >> reporter: thankfully, that's not in the forecast, we hope. the playground may be too wet. days of rain forcing another day of cancellations.
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>> i don't think there's makeups. i think you pay it, yeah, it's gone. >> reporter: another thing washed away by the rain. >> we've had a lot of canceled. lacrosse, t-ball, soccer. it's been long, long couple of weeks. >> for some, no refunds. down the road, kids snapped up jackets and slipped on rain slickers for a small chance to get outside. both preschools say it's best to get out even if play time is cut short. and if the kids get a little mud -- you like the rain? >> no, thank you. >> reporter: you don't like the rain? >> no. because it's slippery. >> reporter: coming home dirty, they say, is better than not going outside at all. a break in the wet weather would be great depending upon who you ask. >> it's good for flowers. >> jump in the puddles. you can play outside in the
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rain. >> reporter: well, not everyone can. depending upon where you have booked your recreation programs you may be getting makeup days, refund or credits towards your next sports program. they tell me here, some of the softball games, already they've had to reschedule makeup days. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> to get the latest updates on your neighborhood weather, check out the nbc 10 app. collect the radar or seven-day forecast. following breaking news in trenton, two women have been shot. this video just into our newsroom in the past few minutes. it's happening along conrad street. officers found two women shot in their home here. they were both rushed to the hospital. we're working to find out how serious injuries are. one man is in police custody. this comes the same day trenton announced a new plan to fight
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crime. nbc 10's cydney long will bring us that story in ten minutes. the search for an escaped inmate from camden county is shifting. self-schools went into lockdown as the search for arthur buckle expanded. he disappeared from the prison in hammondton but today police found a car they think he stole. buckle locked up on assaulted drug charges. scheduled to be paroled later this month. a solemn ceremony today in old city honored police officers and firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty. today at living flame memorial, franklin square park, officers remembered officer walter dewitt iii. dewitt's name added to the memorial. he died last year to an injury
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suffered while on patrol in 1995. >> telling my dad's in icu, i said, bye, dad, love you, it's torn me apart. >> family, members of other fallen first responders placed flowers honoring loved ones. also tonight, honoring an officer who survived this violent am burbushambush. we've watched the officer fight back. tonight, he's honored for heroism. nbc 10 live at ceremony at 5:00. parents and teachers who say they're frustrated by what's happening in city schools rallied in north philadelphia this morning. >> 440, we're not fooled. don't destroy our public schools. >> the group protesting outside the school says they're focused on three issues they want changed, chronic underfunding overtesting, privatization of public schools.
5:37 pm
the school district identified it as one of the lowest performing schools. >> it's faced with another attack from the district, telling us to transfer, not a time line. people don't know today where they're going to be next year. it's messed up. >> a similar protest preclaim our schools happened across the country this morning. parents and students in new jersey weighed in on the plan to push school start times back, giving students more sleep. school officials heard from the community at a meeting in monroe. you still have till may 20th to mail in comments about 8:30 a.m. or later start. tap nbc 10 app for the link. right now at 5:00, big honor for local high school seniors today. they were recognized as u.s. presidential scholars. katharine hung and senior hersh
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sesodia, along with a delaware student from archmere academy and janelennon. based on academics, artistic and civic achievements. congratulations. more details coming to light about the death of prince and how a problem with pills may have played a role. plus, investigators say it's never happened before. the unusual cause for this deadly plane crash. and new information before your next visit to the doctor. what you need to know about antibiotics and why it may be better to leave without them. that's next at 5:00.
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we know what caused this deadly plane crash in alaska last month. a bald eagle. investigators say april 20th, the plane hit the eagle mid flight, then went down near a
5:41 pm
small airport outsite anchorage, the pilot, co-pilot, two passengers died in the crash. this is the nation's first deadly civilian plane crash after hitting a bald eagle. there are new developent in in the investigation into the death of prince. the musician arranged to meet with a california addiction doctor the day before he died than word from the doctor's lawyers. he confirms a newspaper report that actually stated, representatives for prince reached out to the doctor and that the doctor's son flew no minnesota the next morning to help the singer with a painkiller addiction. it was that son who called 911 after finding prince's body in a elevator at the star's home. federal health officials have a warning for doctors, cut back on prescribing antibiotics way back. a new study finds many antibiotics prescribed in the u.s. may be unnecessary, especially for ear, sinus and throat infections. now, officials want doctors to cut unnecessary prescriptions in
5:42 pm
half. researchers blame the expes drudru drudru excess drugs on the rise of superbugs. >> could be life or death. that's the situation we don't want to find ourselves in. >> researchers want doctors to save antibiotics when a sinus infection lasts ten days. >> not out of the cloudy, cool rainy pattern yet. heavier rain coming as we go into friday. nice changes for the weekend. i'll show you that forecast straight ahead. taking a bike ride is about to get easier. new details on the bike sharing program in montgomery county.
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getting a grip on violent crime. new jersey's capital city vowing to take back its streets. leaders in trenton unveiled a new initiative but say they cannot do it alone. >> cydney long live in trenton. as you work to put your story together, you were interrupted to respond to a shooting? >> reporter: that's right. we spoke to the mayor and to the police director about their new crackdown on gun violence in a neighborhood about four minutes from here. that was at 12:00 noon. by 4:30, responding to the scene to a double shooting. >> we cannot allow criminals to
5:46 pm
hijack our neighborhoods. >> reporter: the mayor says there's a major discorrect right now about the value of human life. >> young man who shot his peer was 17 years old. i said 17 years old. >> reporter: police, the mayor, educators and the faith-based community came together in the wilbur neighborhood to ask the community for help. >> i'm asking trenton's parents to join with me to do everything within their power to be involved in the lives of their children and family. >> i am begging you to be a part of our community policing initiative. >> reporter: trenton is working to rid itself of a no-snitch attitude. on paper, crime appears to be improving. trenton's homicide rate in 2014 was 36, falling to 23 murders in 2015, and this year to date, six. a surge in violent crime, including the murder of a 16-year-old girl, has business
5:47 pm
owners asking patrons to remove their hoods. >> they live in the streets. >> reporter: life-long resident and willie ellis aren't convinced community policing will make any difference. >> i don't see anything being done as far as with the police. >> reporter: while the recent fear has shaken the city's sanity. >> tested our faith but not our resolve. >> reporter: police and city leaders are promising to do their part. >> every individual officer within the trenton police department will be put out on the street and engaged in patrol activities. >> reporter: police tell me the man believed to be the shooter is right now in police custody. but they have no motive on this crime. and in the meantime, police are asking residents here in trenton to sign up on their website for a program called my block, it would allow residents in the communities to give police very important information but remain anonymous. live in trenton, cydney long,
5:48 pm
nbc 10 news. >> thank you. elsewhere, the phillies kicked off their home runs for trees program philadelphia's neighborhood. for every home run hit this season a tree will be planted in city parks, neighborhoods and water shed areas. children at f.j. meyers helped plant the first tree of the season. the program is in its fifth year. right now there are more than 550 trees tagged with phillies' players planned across the region. >> overcast skies over wilmington. nbc 10 in rodney square where we found a vegetable stand, flowers and plants for sale. some areas cloudy and gray. others saw torrential rain. >> nbc 10 gives you neighborhood forecasts so you know what's happening where you live. sheena parveen is standing by with more. >> yes, torrential rain earlier this afternoon along the jersey shore around two inches of rain fell there.
5:49 pm
but we're seeing conditions clearing out not with the cloud cover but rain. rain has moved out of our shore points. temperatures are cool. in pennsylvania suburbs, upper 40s. philadelphia area about the low 50s. take a look. this is our neighborhood weather showing you different township cities, and you can really see if you live in these areas, you see your neighborhood, too. exton 51, phoenixville, 52. kenneth square 51. 49 in bucks county, warrington, 49. doylestown, 50. collegeville, 52. milford township, 50. if is cloudy, cool. don't forget for your neighborhood weather, we have your seven-day forecast scrolling at bottom of the screen. you will never miss it. right now, live look, radar, satellite, cloud cover locked in. locally we don't have much in the way of rain anymore. that's really moved offshore.
5:50 pm
thunderstorms have moved offshore. watching a few very light showers moving into cape may county. also parts of cumberland. mainly light rain showers or sprinkles. but as we go towards end of the week, we'll see heavier rain move in. weather story, cloudy, cool, damp. we have been locked into this weather pattern. and we're going to keep the weather pattern through tomorrow. 2:30 tomorrow. not too much in the way of rain. can't rule out sprinkles but a day similar to today for most area. just overcast skies then thursday, area of low pressure to our south. that's going to bring us more rain by early friday morning. 4:30, heavy rain moving through philadelphia area. windy, too. by 9:00 a.m., more rain widespread. we could be seeing heavy rain. it's all going to move in from the atlantic. since that area of low pressure offshore and it's strengthening a bit. by noon friday, areas of heavy rain through the afternoon, still expecting some heavy rain
5:51 pm
and even into the evening. with that, we also have a coastal flood threat. aside from the coastal flood threat this will go into friday for the jersey shore and delaware beaches for high tide times. that's the time to watch. flood advisory for now and tomorrow, minor coastal flooding friday, minor to moderate coastal flooding. 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., high tide time later on the back bay. local street and creek flooding watching for along the shore. neighborhood temperatures tomorrow, high, if you're in university city, 56. easton coming in 57 degrees tomorrow. and if you're in new jersey, 54 princeton. 55 hatten field, 54 galloway township. dover, 57 tomorrow. going into the weekend, more sunshine in the forecast. so it looks better for mother's day. glenn will show you that. next at 5:00, honoring an
5:52 pm
officer who survived a violent ambush. >> we've watched officer jesse hartnett fight back. tonight, honored for heroism, next.
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5:54 pm
this video captured a doneman trying to assassinate a philadelphia police officer. we've followed officer jesse
5:55 pm
hartnett during his recovery. we even watched him get engaged. >> honor the for his heroism. aundrea cline-thomas live right now from howard beach, new york, where officer hartnett will receive a special award tonight. >> reporter: good evening. this is all for the national police defense foundation. take a look around. the tables have been set. they're expecting about 500 sworn officers from the tri-state area and as far away as italy and china. here to honor philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. they're recognizing him as the man of the year, and this is why. you remember, the video from january, officer hartnett ambushed sitting in his pa control car. despite being injured, officer hartnett called for backup, pursued the suspect, fired shots in return. the alleged shooter caught a few blocks away. last month, making national news, when he proposed to his fiancee after throwing out the
5:56 pm
first pitch at the phillies' game. of course, she said yes. now this foundation offers rewards for information leading to the arrest and incidents that an officer has been shot. they said the organizer tells me, they've seen a drastic increase in the number of those incidents. as for officer hartnett he hasn't said much since his shooting but tonight he will address this crowd. we'll bring you all of that information at 11:00. howard weecbeach, new york, aun cline-thomas. >> a true hero, for sure. looking forward to seeing what he says. >> much deserved honor. special honors for fallen new jersey state trooper shawn colin. >> the girls' lacrosse team played a game his honor this afternoon. the team dedicated the match to trooper cullen and his family. money made from the concession stand will be donated to that
5:57 pm
family. his fiancees a camden catholic graduate. she used to coach the lacrosse team as well. trooper sean cullen died in march responding to an dent. "nbc 10 news at 6:00" is next. >> here, jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> coming up next, "nbc 10 news at 6:00." >> fear of the zika virus, experts are setting up mosquito traps across the region. what happens once a pesky insect gets caught. >> all new at 6:00. how long is this wet and chilly weather going to stick around? is it going to rain on mother's day? first alert forecast straight ahead. plus, new developments in the bill cosby criminal case. why the actor wants the pennsylvania supreme court to step in next.
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right now at 6:00, flooding at the shore. another day of heavy rain. high water made its way to the front steps and the slor could get hit hard against later in the week. this was the scene around lunchtime atlantic county. a day you needed your umbrella there. >> rain just moved out a short time ago. this is a live look at the beach in cape may county. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london.
6:00 pm
will the sun come out tomorrow? not to sound like annie. chief metrologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the weather in your neighborhood. >> the answer, nah. not friday, either. so we have prospects for the weekend. not coming in i thyime soon. live radar not showing much rain, sprinkles in delaware bay. but things were different a couple of hours ago and we saw this area of showers and thunderstorms moving straight up the coast. that means the same places we're getting hit over and over again. this business a two, three-hour period and this is the radar estimated rainfall. the worst of it was just inland from the coastline for most part. and that light blue, up to two inches of rain. one place right at the shore, guess where that was? right where you saw the video, margate, two inches of rain in


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