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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and drug me over here. >> reporter: they bound this an thesologist with duct tape and ransacked the house and made off with other electronics an the car keys, taking him hours to free himself from the tape to go to the neighbors for house. >> i'm tearing up a little bit now. all things will pass. i will get past it. >> looks like there are marks over here. >> reporter: police looked for additional clues near the scene on new hampshire avenue. they only have a vague description of the intruders, a woman and one or two men, but investigators say they may have been traveling in this dark four-door car, possibly a cadillac. the cameras captured the car in the neighborhood before the robbery near the victim's home. >> went past this home several times, these are dead end streets, and they made several loops in the area.
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>> reporter: ever seen these people before? >> no. would be nice if they caught them, but i don't know if the odds of that are all good. >> he did not go to the hospital after the attack. police want to hear from neighbors who might have additional surveillance video or anyone who recognized the car seen in that footage. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. and happening now, the woman accused of kidnapping a baby from the king of prussia mall is in court to learn more about her past and alleged abduction. authorities say she took a seven week old from the food court back in march. she met the boy's mother at the mall and took the infant while the woman was distracted by her other child. police found the baby several hours later at an apartment in chester coupe. nbc 10 is inside the courtroom for today's hearing. she says it's delayed while they
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look for a court reporter. she'll bring us updates as soon as the hearing ends. >> meantime, new information about the inmate on the run in new jersey that has several communities on alerpt. he was in prison for killing his own baby. he broke out of prison in winslow township tuesday and spotted on pharmacy surveillance video yesterday, but he has not been seen since. he could be headed north towards cliffton where he's originally from. we are following the search this afternoon. we are live with new information on his dark past. >> reporter: that's right. before serving time in the satellite unit, a minimum security facility, we learned that he served half of a 25-year sentence for beating a baby girl to death. that was back in 1995. he was just 18 years old at the
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time, but begs to question, why was he held in a minimum security prison. >> i look around, thinks, did they catch him yet? >> reporter: not resting easy until he's behind bars. they are confident he won't outsmart authorities much longer. >> picked her up earlier, police were standing at the door. >> reporter: k-9 units and police are escorting district students home following buss to ensure everyone's safety. there are police everywhere, i feel safe, things are under control, and if there was danger, they'd tell us. >> the big question is why would a normal thinking person do t s this. >> reporter: we asked, is he dangerous now? >> that's the question. you don't know if he has access to a third party to a weapon. without knowing those thing, you
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have to assume he is dangerous. >> reporter: why the seriousness of a manslaughter conviction didn't keep him in a maximum security prison. >> they may have felt he was fully rehabilitated after committing the crime. he was only 18 years old. >> that's what i don't understand, why he was out to do other burglary and aggravated assault, why he was not in. he was supposed to be in for 25 years, i think. >> reporter: now, the police here initially told us earlier today that they would not have any other briefings, but we just found out they will hold another news conference just a half hour from now at 4:30. there's been some development. we don't know what it is just yet. also, the judge said he has a prediction on how quickly he will be caught and why he fled so close to his parole eligibility hearing. all those answers, inside listening, and we'll bring that
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to you coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. for now, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> have you been looking for the sun? just stop. there's no sign of the sun on this cinco de mayo. another cool and dreary day looking at the ben franklin bridge. looks like the weather is going to get worse before it's better for us. >> we are just full of good news. >> i know, sorry. >> glen "hurricane" schwartz is here for a look at tonight, glen? >> yeah. remember when it was nice in april? ten days in a row? >> oh, yeah. >> okay. don't take this, cloudy, chilly, and warm spots at 58 degrees in the lehigh valley. we have other issues going on at the shore. first of all, it's chilly. we got a north wind, 51 in
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atlantic city, 52 in may landing. the wind comes in from the ocean. there's a new moon coming. we have a storm approaching. now there's a coastal flood warning, not advisory. this is up from yesterday. tomorrow night, in the evening, and back bays flood hours later. there will be water in the streets tomorrow night. we have more activity in the west. moisture headed this way. this off the ocean is headed our way. through the evening, not way in the moisture until tomorrow morning. that rush is nasty. temperatures in the 40s, and heavy rain in some spots. more on when it improves later. >> okay, glen. 20 minutes continues with a car broadsided by the river line
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train in burlington county. the couple inside the smashed up car survived. the collision happened at 10:15 this morning. we are live now where she spoke with passengers on board when that train crashed, and, lauren, the rescue was traumatic to say the least. >> reporter: it was, jim. the two people have been admitted to the hospital, although, their injuries are not considered life threatening. we'll show you what happened here from the air, from skyforce10. it is a stunning view. you just couldn't see from the ground. >> emergency responders surrounding the car. the goal? get the driver safely out of here. you can see it took help from workers and equipment to top off the top of the station wagon. >> saw the car coming, sitting down, and boom. yeah. >> reporter: greg rice on the train when the collision happened. scary? >> i never seen anything like
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it. >> reporter: the car rested on the track ending up against the train. a new jersey transit official says the train headed south with 35 passengers on board when the impact happened. across the street at the orange blossom restaurant, it shocked customers too. >> we saw the train drag the car. >> reporter: she heard the impact and saw what happened next. >> everybody run across the street, and they called the 911 right way. >> reporter: passenger greg rice believes the arms blocking the intersection here at main and broad were down. new jersey transit is still investigating what happened. the passengers we talked to were okay. two people on the train were injured. a man and woman in that car taken to a hospital, but expected to be okay. train service is up and running here along this line. now, we checked with new jersey transit to see when the last time was that there was an incident between a train and vehicle at this crossing here. we were told it was back in
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2010. at that incident, the driver was cited for violating the crossing and not complying with the red lights here. live in riverton, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. skyforce10 over a water treatment facility that was behind a scare in bucks county today. things are back to normal now after a chemical spilled here around 8:30 this morning. authorities told people nearby to keep windows and doors closed until they could contain it. skyforce10 over a watery mess in southwest philadelphia. a water main broke here at 63rd street in east lake around 7:00 this morning. everyone has water back now, but crews are making repairs, so the intersection is still shut down. a high school teacher and baseball coach arrested accused of taking a female student back to his apartment to have sex. it is the latest in the string of teacher-student relationships that surfaced at potsgrove high
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school, four cases in 11 years here. randy gyllenhaal is live from pottstown. randy, you found out the school board is taking action. >> reporter: yeah. the school board showed me this brand new policy implemented over the next few days, intended to train teachers and try to avoid yet another scandal at this school. baseball coach and business teacher, steven, is accused of texting an 18-year-old student, bringing her to his apartment to have section one night last near. it happened in may while his feon say was out of town at her bachelorette party. he is facing felony charges, marking the fourth time a case like this has made headlines here. >> and to have something like this happen just is very disheartening. >> reporter: the school board president showed nbc 10 the brand new policy to prevent inappropriate relationships. >> the policy will be adopted at
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the next school board meeting tuesday. >> reporter: strictly prohibiting staff from having personal conversations with students over text or social media. >> prohibits "friending" on social media sites for example. electronic communications adds to the challenge. >> reporter: since 2005, four different adults here have been arrested including the cheer mom, iris, accused of having sex with a soccer player. this is yet another case that officials call a distraction from the hard work most teacher do here daily. >> we all like the teacher and all, but unfortunately he got caught doing something inappropriate. any teacher shouldn't be caught doing anything wrong. >> reporter: now, he was suspended, but his allegations first surfaced back in january. the school tells me they are moving to fire him now. he told detectives this relationship happened after the student graduated from high school, but police used gps records to determine he visited
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with her while she was still a student. live in pottstown, nbc 10 news. now to the crisis in atlantic city. new jersey governor chris christie holds a press conference in minutes now to address new chaos in the effort to save atlantic city from going broke. impasse on a potential plan has grown deeper. state senate president sweeney denies there's a meeting tomorrow to seek a compromised deal. meanwhile, the assembly has not yet voted on the aid bill. cash starved city could be broke within weeks if a package is not enacted. we'll listen into the conference and leapt you know what he says. breaking news in the decision 016 coverage. republican house speaker paul ryan says he is not ready to support trump as the gop nominee. also, a majority of republicans in new jersey believe trump would be making a mistake if he
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chose christie as the running mate. 41% of gop voters in the garden state say christie would hurt trump, and 15% he helps, and 37% said there's no impact either way. democratic candidate, hillary clinton, is forced to defend herself against both senator sanders and donald trump because of sanders' decision to stay in the race. clinton's campaign says their strategy's focused on beating trump in november. she needs less than 200 delegates for the nomination, but experts say in order to do that, she'll need sanders supporters. for complete coverage, tap the nbc 10 app. teens have a harder time getting their hands on e-cigarette brands thanks to new regulations today from the fda.
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rosemary connors is live. >> reporter: the long awaited rules from the fda bring the e-cigarette industry under federal oversight. here's the deal. anyone under 18 would be banned from buying e-cigarettes because the percentage of high school students using them skyrocketed in recent years. the regulations also apply to purple water pipes and cigars. those are popular with teens. also, cigars and e-cigs carry prom innocent warning labels. >> millions of kids are being introduced to nicotine every year. a new generation hooked on a highly addictive chemical. >> reporter: the rules do not address flavors which critics say increase teens. the ban on sales to minors takes effect in august. cigarette makers say they are less harmful and help people quit smoking and also prevent
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using traditional tobacco products all together. new video from the raging wildfire in canada. you see drivers trying to escape the flames bufferining yards away. the fire forced three communities to evacuate today, causing more than 80,000 people to leave. >> it's very stressful. you don't know what's burned and what's not burned. when you can go back, and now you're here and see red flames. it's scary. >> the fire scorched an area larger than new york city taking 1600 buildings and homes with it. there's another survival story from the scene of a building collapse in kenya. what you're seeing here are crews rescuing a woman who was trapped in that rubble for six days. the 7-story building crumbled
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last friday killing at least 33 people, 80 are missing. on tuesday, rescuers found a six month old baby raising hopes other survivors could be discovered. good and bad news on power ball front. bad news first? >> go for it. >> okay. no one won last night's $348 million. >> good news, though? of course, that jackpot edges even higher. we know the drill by now. at least $415 million up for grabs for saturday's drawing so says the sign in center city. it's a far cry from january's record of $1.6 billion. remember that? while you department do it last night, you have to check the numbers. there are big winners in pennsylvania and new jersey. wednesday's numbers were 30, 47, 57, 66, 69, and the power ball was 3. 150,000 ticket sold in pennsylvania and four tickets for $50,000 each in new jersey.
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cinco de mayo inspires people to celebrate all things mexican. ♪ this was a street party in center city, and holiday commemorates the mexican army's unlikely victory over france in 1862. a delaware tradition kicked off today under cloudy skies. the wilmington flour market opened in rockford park with flowers, foods, and fun for the kids. proceeds go to help children's charities in the first state. this is the 96th year of the flower market and runs through saturday. >> the flowers are getting rain. >> should be blooming like crazy. glen, enough already. >> it's a test how much rain plants can take.
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temperatures are in the 50s. 58 degrees in allentown, and 52 in dover. it's been unseasonably chilly. 70 degrees average, 54 yesterday. 56 so far today. 56 tomorrow too. you can check the future temperatures on your seven-day forecast here for your area throughout the weather cast. you don't have to wait until the end anymore. just not philadelphia anymore. the clouds all over the place. once again, and even more moisture out of the lant tick getting ready to spin back in here, and that's what's going to make friday so nasty. just some isolated, very light showers on the radar, and you can see the general movement moving east to west. that's not a good sign because you need everything to move west to east to clear up, so until there's a change in that,
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there's moisture down to the south that's coming up at us, and so if you think it's been thnasty so far, wait until you e this forecast. tonight, showers increase in the area, and later tonight, just cloudy, but, it's coming in, and there's the morning rush, and that is heavy rain covering all of new jersey basically, 9:00 a.m., comes through the morning, and when you see any in the afternoon, but it's damp. heaviest rain shifts west by the afternoon rush. there's more moisture spinning here. it's just going to keep spinning. that means it's going to take some time to get out of here. that includes saturday. in new jersey, heaviest rain is
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in the morning tomorrow, okay, so temperatures are still cold. 55 degrees in haddonfield for the high. at the high, only 53 atlantic city, and the biggest issue with the shore is coastal flooding, so that is going to be a case tonight and tomorrow night. vulnerable to flooding at the shore, look for that. here's the next two days, tomorrow, terrible. saturday, clouds linger, a little sun, temperatures over 60. sunday, mother's day, there's the nicest day of the weekend. pa suburbs, just barely over 60 saturday, a little sun late in the day, lehigh valley, barely at 67, 68 sunday, and new jersey, 63. look at the jersey shore.
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it's chilly and damp saturday as well. sunday improves a bit. how much more improvement next week in the ten-day a little bit later. all right. in delaware, a father of three turned to his union brothers for his help saving his life. >> when they heard his reason, they said yes immediately. >> never knew this sign would take off like it did. >> still ahead, the battle asking the public to help to spend less time in the doctor's office and more time with his kids. plus, a family's fight to put their father to rest while they say it didn't happen the way they wanted for more than a year after he died. see what happens when nbc 10 responds to their consumer complaint. and this -- ♪ let it go ♪ let it go >> all the little girls at home rushed to the tv." frozen" fans trying to shape the
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future of queen elsa of the sequel, proving love is an open door. first, a look at closing bell on wall street. no one's want to see those numbers today. we'll be right back.
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♪ queen b taking formation in philly. if that was a pr stunt, it may have work. beyonce added seven shows to the latest tour because of recent demand from the lemonade album release. she'll hit the stage a second time september 29. tickets on sale a week from tomorrow. >> to another premier, "love is
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an open door" -- >> now fansment to give a main character a girlfriend. ♪ let to go >> the #giveelsaagirlfriend started with a tweet saying elsa should be a lesbian princess. the teenager who is also gay says that while growing up, a princess never fell in love with another princess. no comment from disney. a family in mourning says the company to make the loved one's headstone only made grief worse. >> they called nbc 10 responds for help. how harry gave the family closure, next. plus, an alleged robber returns to the scene of the crime moments after leaving. what the clerk did that may have saved her life. then on nbc 10 news, waiting for justice.
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hundreds of rape kits have gone untested for more than a year, and now victims are demanding answers.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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right now, a new responds success story. >> after more than a year of waiting to properly honor their loved one, a family sees their memorial for the first time, and harry hairston was there with them. how did you help, harry? >> this is why we do this, nothing seeing a wrong against a consumer made right. >> oh, i see it from here. oh, wow. >> reporter: it's been a long time coming for this family.
4:31 pm
>> look how nice. >> after richard died. they bought a headstone and paid in full, expecting delivery in about a month. they even paid a little extra to get the logo. >> a die hard fan his whole life. >> when it came time for delivery, they got the run around. delay after delay after delay. unless they called nbc 10 responds. >> we would go to him, and he would push it back. >> reporter: we told the story of trouble back in january. karen with honored memorials saw our report and stepped into help. >> sometimes you have to stand up and do the right thing. >> reporter: the company made a stone, and placed it at the grave. free of charge. >> he got your stone, baby. >> they credit nbc 10 responds with helping them get the marker celebrating their dad and husband. >> without you guys doing this
4:32 pm
for people, nobody would know. >> reporter: having a place to visit is enough for us. >> i love you, daddy. love you. >> reporter: so touching. at of initial report, the family reach out to the pennsylvania attorney general, and they are not alone. state filed complaint against lifestone demanding it make good on 50 customers' complaints. according to the state, some victims have got money back or stones delivered. now, we reached out to steven numerous times and never received a response back. the family, you know, well, they paid $890 for the original headstone. we'll add that to the total, our money recovered so far for the viewers, and in a week, that puts us at $6276. >> love to see that dollar amount grow. that's great. >> families deal with enough in moments when they're grieving that the last thing you want is something additional to add to the mourning and disappointment.
4:33 pm
>> it's tough, grieving and go through that. a good conclusion and closure there. >> with that logo. love that. >> it's great. >> yes, it is. harry, thanks. whether it's a service, product or refund, know that nbc 10 responds will help you with any consumer issue, and if you have a consumer problem for harry and nbc 10 responds, send an e-mail to put us to work for you. thousands of dollars back in your pockets. now harry's haanswering questio live on air. go to the facebook page to submit your question. >> your nbc 10 first alert weather. ain't no sun at the shore. sounds like a shore. this is live look at the scene at cape may. another really gray dreary day out there. hard to remember what the sumpb
4:34 pm
lo sun looks like. >> come august, we need to remember this, and not complain saying, gosh, so hot. i wish the sun would go down. we'll appreciate it because, boy, this continues, glen. >> oh, yeah, and tomorrow's going to be the nastyist of all. saturday's not going to be any real picnic. we have to wait until mother's day. there's not a lot on radar right now, and that is a good thing. there's sprinkles in westchester and reading, that, of course, is not a real problem. what we have is rain in the south coming up in our direction here. this moisture from the ocean is going to be moving in. why is all of this happening? well, we got to go way up in the atmosphere and this is an upper air storm that is stuck over the east. the air's coming from canada down to florida and up the
4:35 pm
coast. these things are very slow to move in and move out, so we have a storm along the coastline. we have a new moon making it worse. so we add to the coastal flooding across the area. temperatures now in the mid-50s, but we do have temperatures up to 80 in the ten-day forecast in a few minutes. >> can't wait for that, glen. well, new video of a persistent thief in north philadelphia. there he is in the red pants walking into a family dollar store on germmantown avenue. yesterday morning, steals $20 from a register after a worker refuses him to return items without a recreate and comes back later when the store is closed. lifting the shirt to show a gun, but he's not getting in, so he leaves for good. call philadelphia if you recognize that guy in the red pants. the so-called stadium stompers from north philadelphia took concerns to city hall
4:36 pm
today. the group was there to hear city council discuss temple university's plans to build a new football stadium in their neighborhood. they envision a new 35,000 seat sen view between broad and 16th streets and montgomery avenue and norris street. a recall on pass fiers. >> the baby staple that could be a choking hazard next. the school holding classes outside rain or shine and lesson teachers hope children learn. never lost -- remember going into the trauma laying on a table. >> survived being shot three times and he fired back. police officer hartnett talks about the recovery and what saved his life.
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more than 100,000 pass fiers
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being recalled because of a choking hazards. it includes latch clips, and sold as a set in five styles. you can contact munchkin for a refund. the weather not ideal for this, but there's a unique approach to outdoor education. >> oh, jack, it's too cold, warm it up in the oven. >> welcome to forest edge nursery school. toddlers spend 80% of the day outside. it's part of friends school, and administrators decided this year to teach kids outside most of the day, rain or shine, hot or cold. >> it's the outside that is the classroom. it's just such a sense of natural wonderment so we can count how many leaves, we can count how many acorns. >> they say there's a curriculum just like you'd find in a classroom, but it's geared to the outdoors. >> a great education. >> yeah, but raincoats this
4:41 pm
week. >> absolutely. it would be tough to be outside. >> a new exhibit at the zoo gives visitors a chance to see app malls like never before. >> the experience to enjoy with the family this spring. >> glen? >> yeah. you're not going to be enjoying tomorrow, probably. i'm tracking our next round of rain that's going to make for the worst day yet this week. next in the first alert neighborhood forecast. [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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skyforce10 live over breaking news in montgomery county. police investigating a case of road rage saying a man fired a gun at another driver here along the blue route, and the bullet hit the car. fortunately, no one was hurt. police are not sure what led up to this incident. there you see several cars stopped on the side of the road. they are still looking for the
4:45 pm
shooter in this case. officers say he was driving a dark blue lincoln sedan, possibly a town car with tinted windows and an emblem on the car that was red. police believe he may have been headed to conshahocken. stay with us as we continue to follow the breaking news, a case of road cage in montgomery county. now, the philadelphia zoo is giving you a chance to be the king or queen of the jungle. >> a 3-d illusion that lets you roam among the animals, but there's a charge for charity. if you visit the zoo and take a picture on the 360 shot spot, xfinity wants you to share on social media, and use t ththe #sen the #sendakid. >> they give a child a trip to the zoo, and uploading photos is easy. that's nearly 100 wifi spots throughout the zoo.
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comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. today is cinco demayo. there's a promotion called cinco de meowy. adoptions are 50% off today. it's open until 8:00 tonight. well, believe it or not, today is the nicest day of the rest of the week. nicer than the last couple. way nicer than tomorrow's going to be. 56 in philadelphia. 55 in some of the pa suburbs. chester, bucks, montgomery, delaware counties. jersey 52. lehigh valley, pennsylvan58, a sun, and delaware, it is chilly. remember a few days ago, up near 80 degrees. not today. greenville 54.
4:47 pm
odessa 55. middletown 55 degrees. over at the beaches, well, it's nasty and what an ugly day tomorrow. 50 in dewy beach. 52 in bethany beach. the wind joonshore and that win plus the new moon persistent winds causing a coastal flood warning. expected tomorrow night in the high tides. delaware and new jersey beaches, areas that are vulnerable, you're going to be affected by that. it's been up seasonably cool. everybody's been affected by that this week. certainly no improvement tomorrow. 54 yesterday, 56 so far today. 56 tomorrow. average high is 70. you can see if we're going to go above that by looking at the seven hch day scrolling to the bottom of the screen, various
4:48 pm
seven days for various parts of the area. friday is going to be the nastyist of all. so just a little patchy, well, couple tiny showers right now. nothing much going on here. it's going to be so different tomorrow. we got moisture coming up from the south. we got moisture in the east as we mentioned a little while ago. let's see what's going to happen here, hour by hour, we go into the late evening, cloudy skies continue. most of the showers to the west. by tomorrow morning, rain starting to come in from the ocean. it's not coming in west to east. look at that area of rain. we're talking about 9:00 a.m. on friday. there's the morning rush. especially late morning, midday hours, we're going to get crushed with heavy. that's a steady, heavy rain, plus wind, plus the chilly temperatures making it feel
4:49 pm
colder. there we are with heavy rain in chester county in the amp. we may see it taper off friday night, but there's more moisture spinning in, and until things move west to east, here's saturday, clouds continue, it's not like friday, but there are showers around and let's see how much rain is expected. we're talking about through sat. some places getting over an inch of, but it's not so much a flood threat as just nasty weather. we got the coastal flooding issues and localized street flooding, perhaps. saturday, cloudy, some showers, but not as bad as friday. mother's day, tremendous improvement. a nice. monday, we actually will be try, two days in a row. near 80 degrees. we may see another 80 wednesday.
4:50 pm
we have shower and thunderstorm threats, but nothing like the steady rain tomorrow. >> local father in desperate need of a new kidney is taking an unconventional approach to solving the health struggle. >> next, how he got the message out in a big way and the response the move is getting. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine,
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from private struggle to public plea, a delaware father is asking for help as he fights to stay alive. >> as nbc 10 ted furlong reports, the man turned to billboard messages to try and win his battle. >> i just stay positive. you know what i mean?
4:54 pm
something's going to happen. >> reporter: he's can-do guy, and when the search was going too slowly, he had an idea, borrowed space on the hall sign along route 141 in newcastle. >> he's desperate, came to us, absolutely, no problem. >> reporter: a single father of three, in dialysis, in and out of the hospital, putting on a brave face for his teenage daughter and twin boys. they helped him with the sign. >> everything's going to be all right. just a minor setback, a moment, and once i get a transplant someday, then, you know, we move on and just keep ongoing. >> reporter: that's where you come in. he's 0 negative and takes 0 negative other 0 positive. if you can help, call or texas him. the sign got attention and hopes it leads to a new kidney soon. he'sing more desperate. >> i have to be around for the. i have -- it's going to happen. sooner or later, i'm going to get a trans. >> if you're watching this, please help him we want to keep
4:55 pm
him around, a great dude, you know, to be and work with. >> we don't do this, but dave says it's okay, so we're going to give you his television number, it's area code 302-757-3238. you can write it down. pause it on dvr and snap a picture, but don't use the number really unless you have a way that you can actually help dave. in newcastle, nbc 10 news. >> all right, here's rosemary connors. next at 5:00, information on your driver's license is a gold mine, and pennsylvania is cashing in. >> my name, address, phone number, and e-mail address do not belong to the governor, does not belong to whoever runs penn-dot. that information is mine. >> who is buying your vf information and why? the investigators uncovered new details what the state is doing with millionings of drivers'
4:56 pm
records and if your information is put at risk. plus, is justice being denied for rape victims? pennsylvania reveals how many kits have gone untested for more than a year. what's being done to fix the problem? we are following some breaks news. state police say someone opened fire while driving on the blue route a short time ago. skyforce10 over the scene, working to bring you new information about the case. details next at 5:00.
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nbc 10 news at 5:00 begins with breaking news in montgomery county. a short time ago, we were over the blue route where police are investigating what they call a case of road rage. they say a man fired a gun at another driver around 3:00 this afternoon. the bullet hit the driver's car. no one was hurt. police tell us they are not sure what led up to the incident. right now, they are still looking for the shooter in this case. officers say he was driving a dark blue lincoln sedan, possibly a town car with tinted windows and red emblem on the carment police believe he may have been headed into con jshockne. we have a crew there right now. stay with us as we continue to follow the breaking news. this just in, new information now about the escaped inmate that has several south jersey communities on
5:00 pm
alert. within the past 30 minutes, oeg county authorities announced they are scaling back the search for the man you see here. we learn he spent part of time in prison for killing his own baby. he was spotted wednesday on surveillance video here at a cvs in ocean county, and tuesday, he escaped from the bayside state prison in atlantic county. he was locked up on assault charges. he was scheduled to be paroled later this month, and he previously served 12 and a half years for slapping his baby girl to death. >> whenever you have violence and somebody causing somebody a death, no matter how much you rehabilitate that person, they have done that before, and that could happen again. >> every time i'm looking, i'm thinking, did they catch him yet? you know, we were nervous last night, alarm on early and lights on outside that we normally don't do. >> originally from


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