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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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sandusky 40 years ago. no allegations that he knew about the abuse as early as 1976. this sketch of a man wanted in a road rage shooting. new details about the violence. if you think the rain's been bad so far, just wait. we're about to get another round that's so heavy flooding is in the forecast. it's going to be a messy morning commute and depending on where you live you might see high water on the roads. we have your first alert neighborhood weather for the morning. the coast line is going to see the biggest problems in the morning, a combination of heavy rain plus the high tides and you'll have coastal flooding even without the rain. temperatures now low 50s. 52 in new jersey and 56 in delaware. we have cloudy skies everywhere. the biggest problems are going to be at the shore. we've had winds coming in from the northeast day after day
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after day and it's chilly. it's 49 degrees in summers point. the day after day of that onshore wind plus the new mo mooning in, that's going to create a coastal flood warning up to moderate flooding. there will be minor flooding in the morning high tide and the evening high tide tomorrow is where we expect the moderate flooding and that's significant flooding in many parts of the shore. not much on radar now, but it's building up off the east coast and coming up in our direction and there's no doubt it's going to come in. no rain until we get toward the morning rush. the temperature about 50 degrees, a little bit cooler in places like the lee high valley. 49 degrees there. cloudy skies overnight and temperatures down into the 40s as the rain begins during the morning rush.
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wait until you see how heavy it gets. we'll see when it will occur and when we'll clear out. a bombshell in the penn state scandal. allegations that joe pa tern know knew jerry sandusky was abusing children and he knew it 40 years ago. brandon you've been pouring through new court documents don't. >> reporter: this new stunning allegation involving former head coach joe pa tern know emerged in the dispute of who should pay the claims. a court document in that case claims a boy told pa tern know he had been molested by sandusky in 1976 and the assist coach witnessed inappropriate behavior. a new bombshell contained in court documents in a little known insurance case connected to the jerry sandusky child sex
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abuse case. a court order in the case indicates decembered former head coach was aware of sexual abuse allegations against sandusky as far back as the 70s. a court document reads in 1976 a child allegedly reported the head football coach that the child was sexually molested by sandusky. at that time sandusky was still an assistant coach with penn state. it was first reported by the pat rot news. the order by a philadelphia judge also cites incidents in which unnamed assistant coaches allegedly witnessed inappropriate contact between sandusky and children. also in '88 a child's report of molestation by sandusky was referred to the athletic director, but there is no evidence that reports of these
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incidents ever went further up the chain of command at psu. fast forward to 2011 when police first arrest in had sandusky after a grand jury investigation. the former defensive coordinator was convicted a year later and sentenced to prison. this week sandusky made claims he didn't get a fair trial and wants to go back before a judge. in the last ten minutes we received a statement from the pa tern know family. it reads in part because of a single sentence in a court record of an insurance case joe's reputation has been smeared with unsubstantiated 40-year-old allegations. we also learned tonight a judge has granted sandusky an evidentiary hearing to prove he was denied a fair trial. that will happen may 20th. tonight we have new information about a case of road rage that ended in gun fire on the blue route just an hour ago.
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police released this sketch of the suspected shooter. >> police say he fired at another car. he didn't hit anyone inside, but he did hit the vehicle. police want him off the streets. >> reporter: it was a close call for the 26-year-old that bullet ended up being stopped by the car's console. police say the car was configured any other way, that victim could have been injured or worse yet dead. state police just released this sketch of the 40 to 50-year-old man they're looking for in a road rage incident on the blue route that turned violent. >> turn yourself in. it's only a matter of time before we find you. >> reporter: police say the man pulled up alongside this vehicle and unloaded one round from his pistol in a fit of rage just before 3:00 in this afternoon. if you look closely you can see the bullet hole that pierced the
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car's passenger door. >> fortunately for the victim the way his vehicle is configured the center console stopped that round. >> reporter: he took off towards exit 16. his car is a lincoln towne car with tinted windows. >> the lincoln symbol on that vehicle is in the front of that vehicle and it has a red back drop. >> reporter: the victim is not injured and is helping to give police information. traffic in the area was slowed into rush hour. meanwhile officers are reviewing surveillance video and hoping to talk to witnesses to help track down the shooter. police say that the shooter and the victim did not previously know each other. if you have any information, they're asking you to give them a call. reporting live from the belmont baracks. flying over a murder scene
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outside a cam don funeral home tonight. someone was shot dead as a funeral was under way. it's not clear if the victim was attending the service. there are reports of a fuel spill tonight. this is the same area where hazmat crews were investigating an oil sheen in the water monday afternoon. it stretched a fourth of a mile. authorities still aren't sure about the source of that oil. to a developing story now. a pennsylvania bridge will remain closed throughout the night after a near by building caved in. ground gave way in harrisburg. about four stories of a retaining wall and a good chunk of a parking garage came crashing down. >> witnessed a car cascading down off of the parking lot.
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>> fortunately no one was hurt. pendot plans to bring in engineers. until then it remains closed. traffic is moving on the ben franklin bridge. crews got the truck back on its wheels. it stayed on its side about four hours. no juries were reported. new information tonight in the case of a wilmington girl who died after a fight inside her school. wilmington police have turned over the results of their investigation to the delaware attorney general. state prosecutors will now decide whether to file any charges in the death of amy francis. she died after a fight inside a bathroom last month. three students have been suspended. a chester county woman will
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stand trial on charges she kidnapped a 7 week old baby and today we learn new details about the crime. video shown in court showed her approach the infant's mother outside the store and walk to the food court with the family and later she's seen picking up the fussy baby walking away with the boy in her hands. prosecutors denied our request to show you the video. the baby was found safe five hours later. officials say the inmate who escaped from a minimum security prison in new jersey has likely left the area. he was spotted in the ocean county community yesterday. the 38-year-old escaped from bayside state prison tuesday morning. today we learn he once served time for mans slaughter for killing a 10-month-old. authorities are not saying where they're searching for him now. public viewing will be held tomorrow for former police commissioner willie williams. he was 72.
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tomorrow's viewing will be held at baker funeral home in north philadelphia from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. another viewing will be held saturday morning with the funeral service to follow. donald trump returned to the campaign trail for his first rally as the republican party's presumptive nominee. he told the crowd he would revive the state's coal industry while taking aim at hillary clinton. >> we can't take any more of the clinton stuff which is another four years of barack obama, you can't take it folks. you want to have your mines closed 100%. >> trump's promise to bring back coal jobs and role back regulations was met with cheers. to drive home the point he even wore a hard hat and pretended to shovel coal after being endoshsed on stage by the west virginia coal association. hillary clinton urged
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democrats to unite around her candidacy as a way of fending off trump. tonight clinton warned a largely hispanic audience in california about the presumptive republican nominee. >> we also not only have to work for comprehensive immigration reform, we have to recognize that the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful and we need to repud ate it. >> clinton pushed for a show of force in california's primary saying winning big in california will put us on the path to winning big in november. clinton's rival bernie sanders will kickoff a two day swing through new jersey this weekend. he will visit sunday. then stop in atlantic city for a rally at boardwalk hall monday morning. a rescue on the delaware
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river, how good samaritans came together to save a woman who jumped in. new at 11:00, bringing the dead back to life. the local company with a new technique that sounds straight from a sifi movie. i'm tracking heavy rain and the potential for coastal flooding. i'll show you which neighborhoods are going to be hit hard.
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good job, good job. >> rescue on the river. a pair of good samaritans saved a woman who jumped in the delaware yesterday. they pulled the woman by her arms. the rescues were total strangers. one of the men spotted the woman and waved the other man down for help. two people are recovering after the car they were riding in was hit pieby a train. this shows the crash. crews had to cut off the top of
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the station wagon to rescue the driver who was issued a summons for careless driving. two people on the train were also injured. three people leading philadelphia's fight against child sex abuse were honored for their work tonight. the awards were handed out tonight. the pca oversees a collaborative response. same people are getting a taste of what it's like to protect and serve. 22 people graduated from the academy. it's a nine week program of intense police education. it's meant to raise awareness of police practices and drum up support for law enforcement. they want to be the bridge between police and the community. bringing the dead back to life, a philadelphia company says it now has approval to research that idea. the trial will focus on patients who still in a vej taketive
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state, but still on life support. >> reporter: it's something you may have seen in horror movies like this film last year. >> you're talking about bringing someone back from the dead. this isn't a live experiment. >> reporter: bioquark wants to make it a reality. >> imagine your body came with the ability to reset itself. >> reporter: ceo says the project is called reani ma and it has approval for a clinical trial on 20 brain dead but on life support patients. >> brain death may not be an absolute. >> reporter: the trial will use a combination of therapies and technologies including injecting
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stem cells into the brain and using tools like lasers to stimulate neurological activity. >> it's a first step to moving it back in directional since 1968 that has been defined as ir versable. >> reporter: this is facing controversy online with people worried about the unknown even bringing up comparisons to zombie tv shows. >> no, the zombie future is not something that we foresee. >> reporter: in all seriousness this is the first of its kind study won't likely have the patients up and walking around right away, but he does expect to learn a lot about brain regeneration. in philadelphia, nbc 10 news. we've had some nasty chilly weather this week, but that's
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nothing compared to what's coming tomorrow. mid 50s in some of the warmer spots by morning it's 48 degrees in delaware with heavy rain, also heavy rain in new jersey and the jersey shore and the rain is beginning in philadelphia area at 50 degrees. our biggest problems are going to be at the coast line before this is all over with. a coastal flood warning with moderate coastal flooding specially with the evening high tide tomorrow. whatever flooding occurs in the morning, it's going to be worse in the evening. probably a foot higher in the evening. now where are we going to see the flooding? let's go over to the neighborhoods and see that. these colors indicate the amount of flooding up to one foot, one to two feet across the jersey shore. you can see a lot of the area getting at least some flooding.
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atlantic city, longport going to see flooding in the back bay. and also in some inland areas, route 30 and route 9, pleasantville, summers point, the usual places will see some flooding too. further to the south ocean city, stone harbor, and then in delaware parts of dewey beach and bethny beach wherever these colors are there's going to be some flooding especially in the avenuing. we've had unseasonably cool weather just about all week. tomorrow it will be about 56 and that's a stretch of weather with the average high of 71. friday is the nastiest day of all. why are we saying that? look down to the south.
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look at this stuff. it's coming straight up the coast and more moisture every hour that we're seeing. as we go to the future cast by tomorrow morning's rush, the rain starting in philadelphia, it's already raining for hours at the shore and it just gets heavier as we go through the morning and into the early afternoon, may see a break late in the afternoon, but that does not mean the system is exiting. it's spinning around. so unfortunately for saturday we have clouds and some more showers. nothing like friday, but that's still not a pretty day and still not a warm day. we're going to have to wait until sunday to see significant improvement. how much rain? as we go through the day tomorrow, some of this new information actually suggests less rain than what we saw just a little while ago with the previous computer model. so that may be some good news. we could use some good news in
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the weather. tomorrow 55, saturday pretty cloudy. temperatures barely getting into the 60s if you get a little sunshine at the shore. everybody gets nicer weather on sunday. if there's rain it will be first thing in the morning. monday looks dry and 82 on tuesday and wednesday and then we're just back to normal summer thunderstorms. how about that? >> all right. a special movie screening tonight for a film chronicling former eagle's kevin's battle for als. this is what happens when a team of people chose to honor. turner died in march at the age of 46. sports is next. dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now".
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sam brad ford want to be traded. we haven't heard much from his teammates. tonight i caught up with jordan and he has spoken to sam and he won't guess whether sam is going to return to the eagles. >> we understand that sam, the way everybody does certain things may not be the way he does. sam's a private person and he's going to do things on his time and other people do things on other people's time. you have to understand he's not you and he's going to figure out what he wants to do and none of us can pull his arm and make him do something on his time and do what he wants to do. you have to respect that.
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sam is the guy for the job and he's the best quarterback we have on the roster. there's a lot of quarterbacks who are in situations that know they are going to sign back with teams. so we want him here. i believe in him. if he does decide to come back i'll be one of the first guys excited and ready to get to work with him. >> plenty of former eagles don't agree with what sam is doing. he refuse fd to be traded from the 49ers to the ravens he has a hot take on sam. >> that's the sign of a coward to be honest, but if you're not secure in your ability, it shouldn't matter who they're drafting or who is coming in. that's should motivate you and prepare you for the best season you could probably ever have. >> the phillies lost three of
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four to st. louis. cardinals wasted no time picking off where they left off last night. 1-0 cardinals. look at this pop fly. look at piscotti. great diving catch. phillies lose 4-0.
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daddy/daughter time in south philadelphia tonight. 100 girls danced with either their dad or with a male role model. very nice. they look beautiful tonight.
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too bad the weather is not so beautiful. >> no. >> if you think it's bad today, wait until tomorrow. it's going to be really rainy. a little bit wet saturday, nice sunday. >> have a good night. >> see you tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- robert downey jr. amy sedaris.


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