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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. this morning, we're tracking rain. here's a live look at radar and the system moving across our area. we'll have the timing for your neighborhood. right now, a coastal flood warning is in effect. here's a look at cape may. we're live at the shore with updates on the threat. plus, a new claim joe paterno knew about the jerry sandusky sexual abuse 40 years ago. we'll hear how the paterno family is responding to the allegations. good friday morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. a look at communities across pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware. you have the timing. >> we have rain in delaware and
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south jersey. it's moving into the philadelphia suburbs right now headed toward the lehigh valley, already a few showers near allentown. it's all streaming in off tze coast. that's a motion that will continue right on through this morning and into this afternoon. grab your rain gear if you don't already have it handy. light rainfall in philadelphia. that's light rainfall in south jersey as well. electric are a couple spots in delaware where we're seeing moderate showers. those moderate showers will be on and off this morning. we could see downpours but a large area of light rain will keep us cool once again today. we're back in the 50s. 52 in philadelphia. the jersey shore is at 47. 49 and south jersey and delaware is in the low 50s along with the lehigh valley. interior new jersey, 52 degrees in mullica hill. a little bit cooler for washington township. a cool start and a rainy one, too. if you look at the seven day at the bottom of the screen, sunshine is on tap for the weekend, just in time for mother's day.
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take a look at the rain, when it willi willing be moving into your area. jessica boyington has traffic. we're still dealing with construction as we have all week. one lane getting by on the north ramp. they should be moving this around 5:00 this morning. there's also an accident, watch for the clearing of this accident in norristown, arch street and east basin avenue. there's construction over in new jersey. if you're headed down the shore, the atlantic city brigantine connector, north and southbound just between the expressway and the white horse pike is closed right now. that's scheduled until about may 12th. speaking of the shore, the rain could cause some problems today. a coastal flood warning is in place. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live
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in ventnor. what can you tell us, pamela? >> good morning. i can tell you it's raining right now. we haven't seen too many problems on the roadway just yet. you can see some of the rain is beginning to pool and pond here. keep that in mind. high tide is going to occur on the ocean front which is just behind me in the distance there between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning. some predictions i've seen have tide at 4.8 feet. expect moderate flooding. because of that as you mention tracy, there is a coastal flooding warning in place for local street flooding and then later tonight, that warning extends to the back bays. these warnings are in place until 1:00 a.m. saturday morning here at the jersey shore. at the delaware bay and beaches. and keep in mind, all it takes is two feet of water to take your car away from you and a foot of water to float your vehicle. very important if you're heading out on the road this morning, or
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later tonight between 7:30, 9:30 when it's expected to be its worse, if you see pooling water in the roadway, turn around. reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, police shot and killed a dog that chased and attack a woman in north philadelphia. when officers responded to a 911 call about the attack, the womanup ed on to the hood of the police car to try to get away from the animal. officers fired several shots, hitting the dog and ending the attack. the woman is recovering at the hop. internal affairs is investigating. new allegations have surfaced involving former penn state head coach joe paterno. court documents from an insurance case show the late pa attorney know may have known about sexual abuse allegations against sandusky in the '70s. the documents say in 1976 a child allegedly told paterno
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sandusky molested him. then in the late '80s. a child molestation was referred to the athletic document at penn state. there is no evidence that the reports went up the chain of command. paterno's family says, the evidence clearly shows he shared information with his superiors as appropriate. sandusky is serve a 30 to 60-year term for molestation. sandusky has a hearing two weeks from today to try to prove he was denied a fair trail. a motions hearing is scheduled in the chaka fattah federal corruption trial in philadelphia. lawyers in the case are expected to make requests to the judge before testimony begins. congressman fattah is accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds and federal grants opening statements are on
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may 16th. it's graduation day at telle university. today's commencement will feature the largest class in the school's history. the university will confirm 9,000 degrees to undergrads, graduate students and professionals. the grads come from 49 states and 76 countries. rachel hall will be called at the afternoon liberal arts ceremony. the 23-year-old former lacrosse player was critically injured when a car hit her bike near campus. it's 4:06. an inmate who broke out of a new jersey prison remain on the run this morning. officials say they believe arthur buckle is no longer in the barnegat township area. the 38-year-old escaped from a prison facility in winslow township tuesday morning. he once served time for manslaughter for killing a
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10-month-old baby, his girlfriend's baby. authorities aren't saying where they're looking for him now. new information in the case of a wilmington teenager who died after a fight at school. state prosecutors will decide if they'll file charges in the death of 16-year-old amy joyner-francis. police hoped to announce charges by the end of last week, however they say it took longer than expected to sift through thousands of pages of evidence. they have now turned over the results of their investigation to delaware's attorney çgenera. amy died following a fight in a bathroom at howard high school of technology last month. the school suspended the three students involved. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> seven minutes now after 4:00. 52 degrees and it is a rainy morning. yesterday at this time, the boardwalk at wildwood was completely dry. the rain is coming onshore. it's reaching well inland. it is going to be a rainy day today. that coastal flood watch, that
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threat will exist until 1:00 saturday morning. minor flooding this morning is a possibility. the rain is streaming into the area. there are heavier downpours. moderate rain is moving onshore along the coast. those showers will be stretching into the lehigh valley and the philadelphia suburbs during the day today. late this afternoon, we'll start to see some improvement. that steady rainfall will take a break and we will still see plenty of clouds. no sign of any sunshine today. we will get a break later on. this is the futurecast which shows at 7:30 this morning, look at the rain, especially across new jersey and delaware, reaching into the suburbs. the rain starts to dry up a little bit. lightning of the rain by noontime. that's still a steady light rain in philadelphia and wilmington. the heavier showers have moved to the west. the onshore flow will keep pushing that rain further inland by 5:00 this afternoon, you can see a few scattered light showers for the evening commute. things will be improving later
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today. during the day you'll need your rain gear. this is the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood. philadelphia, 51 degrees and barely moving as we go into the afternoon. steady rainfall this morning and into the early afternoon hours. for the suburbs, 47 degrees at 7:00. just 50 degrees at 11:00. and in the lehigh valley, the temperatures in the 40s for most of the day. later this afternoon, as that rain starts to taper off after 3:00, 50 degrees might go a little bit higher than that but not by much. delaware, the rain steady through the morning and into the afternoon. by late in the afternoon, that's when it will be tapering off. 50s in new jersey after starting off in the 40s. interior new jersey and at the shore, those you winds will be stronger, keeping things cool. 11:0052 degrees and then the shares start to taper off at 3:00 this afternoon. that's the seven-day forecast. at the bottom of the screen, the
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ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. >> let's check your ride to work with jessica boyington, starting with the atlantic city expressway. >> the right and center lanes are closed headed eastbound between exit 33 over in winslow and exit 28 over in hammonton. yesterday morning this cleared around 5:00 this morning. within the next 45 minutes or so we should have another update for you. there's also construction over in new jersey where the left lane is closed on the 42 freeway headed southbound, just between 295 and creek road. so just watch for lane restrictions there. popped up in winpane and dekalb pike. 4:10 right now. state police have a warning for a man wanted in connection with a road rage shooting on the blue route. >> it's only a matter of time
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before we find you. just turn yourself in. >> we'll have an update on the search for the shooter. how an animal activist who is in the fight for his life wants his life's work to continue.
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it's 4:13. a look at the wet roads in cape may. we'll get an update from meteorologist bill henley coming us. police in camden are looking for a gunman who struck during a funeral. skyforce 10 was over 4th street last night where someone shot and killed a man outside the may
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funeral home while the service was under way. it's unclear if the victim was attending the service. police continue to search for a gunman they say opened fire on the blue route in an apparent case of road rage. take a look. pennsylvania state police released this sketch of the suspected shooter, described as a man between 40 and 50 years old, skyforce 10 was over the scene yesterday. it happened on northbound 476 in west conshohocken. police say that's where the shooter fired at a blue mitsubishi sedan. he didn't hit anyone inside. but the bullet pierced the passenger's side door. >> fortunately for the victim the way his vehicle is configured the center console stopped that rounded from striking him. >> state police are looking for a dark blue lincoln town car with a tinted window and special red emblem on the front. they're reviewing surveillance video and hoping to talk to witnesses. >> the man at the head of the pennsylvania spca is in a fight for his life. george bangle is hoping to leave
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behind a legacy that will continue to fight against animal cruelty. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city about speaking with george about his lasting wish. >> it's one word, that's support. george bangle tells me he hopes people will support the pennsylvania spca located here in philadelphia. thursday was an emotional day for bangle and his more than 100 colleagues at the erie avenue location. earlier this year, bangle was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive terminal cancer. he's been in the hospital nearly every day this last month. and this was the first time he's been able to visit work in weeks. the organization runs solely on donations and his biggest fear is public support for their work against animal cruelty will stop. >> when i'm gone out of the
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department, this department has got to go on. the work has got to go on. and that's what i'm passionate about, that people will continue to support the work. >> reporter: as you can imagine, george bangle cares so deeply for the thousands of animals he helped or saved over the last few decades. and similarly, his co-workers feel so deeply about him. coming up in the next hour, i sit down with some of his co-workers and explain what makes george so different and so effective in his fight against animal cruelty. reporting live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a rainy morning. this is the view from center city. the rain is coming down. a steady, light rain for most of the area. yes, another chilly day today. yesterday we barely saw any rainfall. today will be the total opposite. it's goinwç to be mainly rain, through the morning and much of the afternoon.
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52 degrees right now in philadelphia. the suburbs seeing some spots, some breaks in the rainfall. not everybody is getting that break. the temperatures will be climbing into the low 50s but there are 40s to be found this morning. very cool within kind of where we were yesterday within a degree or two of yesterday morning. 50 degrees in warrenton, perkasie at 52. 50 degrees at doylestown and 50 degrees right now. we'll stay within a five degree zone because of this. the onshore flow, the rain that's streaming into the area. that's light rain but a steady rain in delaware, new jersey and into philadelphia. and the showers that continue to the south, in fact, the center of the system is just to our south. that's why we're seeing the winds coming in off the ocean. that's going to continue as the day goes on. we'll see the rainfall totals increase, more than half an inch of rain on the ground. that's by lunch time today. that's in swedesboro, new jersey. west chester, wilmington, just over half an inch and a little bit more than that in
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doylestown, closing in on two-thirds of an inch. the rain will continue into the afternoon. though it will become more spotty later today. 55 degrees today. tomorrow, clouds, some breaks of sunshine possible late in the day and a chance of showers, though light showers, not the steady rain that we're going to get today. 64 degrees. look at the warmup. it continues for mother's day. some showers, first thing in the morning. not the rest of the day. they're out in the afternoon, mainly sunny skies on sunday. we'll see a clearing out nicely and lots of sunshine, a few scattered clouds on monday with a high of 76. that warming trend continues tuesday into the low 80s and potentially into the low 80s again on wednesday. then we're looking at sunshine with a few clouds an a chance of some showers as we head into the end of the week. 76 degrees for thursday. by friday, saturday and sunday we're into the low to mid-70s. tracy? >> i love ten-day outlooks that
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have two weekends. it's just this thing i enjoy. we are at friday, 4:18. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads. >> we're watching a problem on the vine street expressway right now where we have the ramp blocked headed westbound off of the vine street expressway to the schuylkill expressway headed eastbound. that ramp is blocked right now. we just had police activity here. i just watched them move this way. they may have actually just re-opened the ramp as we came live to this shot. it looks like cars are moving that way right now. we had an accident scene just a few moments ago. seems like they have cleared. headed westbound on the vine street expressway, residual delays there. another accident scene over an off ramp. definitely something to watch out for being careful on the on and off ramps. they prove to be slippery in the past few days with the rain in the morning time. willow grove, there's a vehicle fire headed eastbound between 343 and 351 around bensalem.
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the right lane and shoulder. and accident at çwhitpain. watching construction in tredyffrin township on route 252 closed between springs road and valley forge road. good samaritans are credited with saving a woman's life after she jumped into the delaware river. >> good job, good job. >> we'll show you how this rescue on the river played out. plus, oil and water for the second time in week. the schuylkill is the center of an investigation. we'll tell you why hazmat crews were called to the river again. don't just watch the news although we appreciate that. be part of the conversation. you can follow "nbc 10 news today" on twitter. our addresses are right there on the screen. we love when you tweet us during the morning, ask us questions about stories, comment on the weather, our stories when he'll talk to you right back. the addresses are right there on your screen.
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4:23. about 51 degrees in philadelphia. we're looking at rain this morning and into the afternoon. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is back with your neighborhood forecast in just a few minutes. good job, good job! >> you're looking at dramatic video of good samaritans saving a woman who jumped into the delaware river in old city yesterday. and you can see the two men pulling the woman by her arms. medics took her to the hospital. the rescuers were total strangers. one of the men spotted the woman and waved down the other man for help. skyforce 10 flew over the water near chestnut street last night in the schuylkill river. this is the same area of the
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river where hazmat crews investigated an oil sheen on monday. authorities are trying to find the source of the oil. later today, uptown entertainment will hold a tribute to prince in philadelphia. it starts at 5:30 outside the uptown theater on north broad street. the event features a candle light ceremony and music. he'll be remembered in los angeles today as well at a public memorial. the event will likely feature the color purple as many tributes have done. several celebrities who collaborated with prince over the years are scheduled to perform. and from our delaware bureau, the 83 railroad annual dover day festival kicks off in kent county. some of the events happen at legislative mall in dover. the festival runs through sunday and features more than 100 fun and educational events including live musing and fireworks tonight. admission is free.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a dreary one this morning. we're tracking rain. a steady rain this morning but there are changes later today. and even more changes for the weekend. right now, 52 degrees at 5:25. jessica boyington is watching the damp roads from the first alert traffic center. jessie? >> that's right, bill. we'll having a hard time seeing in a lot of our cameras right now. covered in rain on the camera lenses. this is the schuylkill and passyunk avenue. headed to trial. new evidence against a woman accused of kidnap a baby at the king of prussia mall. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now, a coastal flood warning is in place. we'll take you live to the shore with what people there could be up against today. a live look at radar shows the rain we are tracking this morning. we'll tell you what it means for all the areas where you live in the neighborhood forecast. new evidence in the case against a woman accused of stealing a baby from king of prussia mall. we'll explain what's next for her legal trouble. 4:28. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. another rainy morning, bill. >> it sure is. it will be a rainy day till late this afternoon. we'll see the rain taper off. the rain is coming into philadelphia right now. that's a light rain that's falling, nice live view. you can see clearly across the delaware. no sign of fog and no low clouds either. the last few days, low clouds obscuring the tops of the building.
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the clouds with rain, that's a different story. 52 degrees right now, holding in the low 50s at 6:00. at 9:00, not much of a warmup is in store for us today. you'll see umbrellas going up now. in delaware, south jersey and into philadelphia, that's a steady, light rain. if you look closely, there are a few spot where it's coming down heavier. not much. interior atlantic county, a moderate shower is one shower that is on the move, going past mullica township at this hour. this system will provide us rain today. there's still a chance going into the it will be tapering off later today. i'll go through the futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. first, let's check in with jessica boyington with first alert traffic. >> we're watching a vehicle fire out in willow grove on the pa turnpike. right now, the right lane and shoulder are blocked.
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traffic is still getting through the area. here's 95 around the blue route actually. we're also dealing with construction here as well. you can see we do have lane restrictions here. the off ramp is also blocked with construction. so between headed northbound between carlin street and the blue route, we are seeing delays because of that. also with the added rain we're dealing with problems. construction, the left lane is closed on the 42 freeway headed southbound between 295 and creek road. again, only the left lane closed there. 5:00. connector headed northbound and southbound is closed between the expressway and the white horse pike. that's scheduled until the 12th. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. a live look at cape may. a coastal flood warning is in effect for people down the shore. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live on the boardwalk in atlantic city. what are you seeing and what do you know about the threat there right now? >> good morning. it is raining, very windy and cold. that is the least of the


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