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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the planner, keeping it cloudy, 10:00 p.m. cloudy, and lingering showers, coming up, a closer look at new jersey and delaware and what to expect for the weekend. >> okay. check out these rising waters at jersey shore. roads are rivers, and as sheena said, there's a threat for more flooding tonight. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau report is live. >> ted, you showed us video this morning of the coastal flooding. what's conditions now out there? >> reporter: well, jackie and jim, rain stopped, but water from the back bays are still expected to surge into these streets again in just a few hours from now with worse flooding than what we saw this, especially for folks here in west wildwood. that high water brings high anxiety. >> we have to take out two feet up. >> reporter: vince's house in
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west wildwood is a work in progress after january's devastating nor'easter. now he and other homeowners here are faced with more flooding. >> worrying about going out and then getting back into your house tonight. hopefully it's not that high. >> reporter: after minor flooding sent water spilling into shore communities this morning, more serious, moderate coastal flooding is expecting in the evening high tide. >> stressful. it's hard to deal with. >> this is feeled by the new moon and water in the back bays. >> there is new bulk heads in, but it's not alleviating the problem. >> reporter: he's still repairing from the january's storm and it's not ready for memorial day weekend, three weeks away. >> my wife is ready to pull the pin. >> reporter: a lot of people frustrated here. more flooding possible in
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tomorrow's high tides, but only at minor levels. live in west wildwood, nbc 10 news. and looking at the weekend forecast on your smart phone with the nbc 10 app, download for free to plan ahead opinion. breaking news from maryland where in the last hour police arrested a suspect after deadly shootings outside a mall, grocery store, and high school. this morning, three people were shot in a parking lot outside the westfield montgomery mall. one person died there, and about 30 minutes later a woman was shot and killed in a nearby shopping center. brandoned hudson is monitoring the latest developments joining us live. brandon, part of the story appears to be domestic in nature? >> reporter: jim, police say the suspect, 62-year-old shot his wife at the high school yesterday. here's what we learned. police say he followed his estranged wife to the children's school and shot and killed her
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yesterday. he also shot and wounded a man who tried to intervene. they are looking into whether yesterday and today's murder at the mall and grocery store are connected. >> we are looking at whether last night's shooting and prince georges county and these shootings were committed by the same suspect. >> reporter: there was a protective order against her husband and put on leave in march after the order was issued. as of today's victim, they did not know the gunman, but they are investigating. we'll follow the story and bring you updates here on nbc 10 news. >> thank you. from the lehigh valley bureau, three people dead following a firy crash in bethlehem before 1:15 this morning. a car crashed into three parked
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cars, and it burst in flames killing three people inside, and one was able to escape from the burning car, and there were reports of a car speeding in the area before the crash happened. we spoke to a neighbor who heard it. >> and then i looked out the window upstairs, and i saw over the rooftop, i saw a big orange glow and the flames. >> reporter: investigators are trying to identify the victims. no word yet on what caused this crash in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood just after 2:00. the police car took the brunt of the car. the police officer, partner, and driver of the car, though, are all okay. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the search for a man who opened fire on the busy blue route. >> police detectives are combing through video from businesses and following leads from the public. this is the sketch that police want you to see. take a look.
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the suspect is considered dangerous and he could be armed. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live. what are detectives telling you. >> reporter: police say he was likely saved by the center console saying the bullet hit here, lodging here, saving his life. he was not injured, but police say the suspect then took off from the scene and now he's nowhere to be found. 2 h 24 hours later, still on the loose, police searching for this suspect who got in a drive-by argument. >> they drove side by side, suspect leaned out with the right arm firing a single shot into the passenger side door of the vehicle. >> reporter: police say the suspect fled passing near this gas station. >> people i crazy, i guess. >> reporter: drivers now on the lookout. some say road rage is too common on 476. >> i've seen plenty of stuff on
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the shoulders and back and forth. i can't believe someone shot somebody, though. >> reporter: detectives out on the street right now following multiple leads, but they need help from the public to identify the shooter, 40-50 years old driving a dark blue lincoln town car with tinted windows. >> a mix of leads from the public and businesses in the area. we are checking local surveillance cameras. >> reporter: police say never engage with an enraged driver. instead, pull over, and call 911. >> a few years ago, i would have got out and punched somebody, but now just keep to yourself. people are too quick to kill each other anymore. it's horrible. a last look at the suspect, people hope to capture him today and tell us they could use tips from the public to identify him. live tonight, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. happening now, members of the philadelphia police community are remembering one of their own, former police
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commissioner willie williams. current commissioner and leaders are set to march down broad street in north philadelphia. this is a live picture here of officers gathers outside in the rain. there will be a vying for williams at 5:00. he's the first african-american police commissioner who died last week after a long illness. he was 72 years old. now, another viewing will be held tomorrow beginning at 8:00 a.m. at zion baptist church on north broad street followed by funeral services at 11:00 a.m. new information on the search for three men accused of beating to security school officers. they need help finding this man, edward wurgos. arrested two other suspects. this is a group of men attacking two officers outside northeast high school monday officer. one had a broken jaw. we spoke to his partner who said
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they were trying to break up a fight. when did penn state coaching legend joe paterno one of the assistants might be sexually abusing young boys? >> that's the question. his wife, sue, said it's time to end the character assassination that new allegations are creating. new court ruling in philadelphia this week alleges that he was alerted about this in 1976, two decades earlier than previously thought, raising the question whether he could have done more to stop sandusky. in a meeting moments ago, a statement was read from paterno's wife, calling for transparency from the board. >> in the spirit of the love for penn state and duty to the victims, let's stop fighting about process and start fighting for the truth. sincerely, sue paterno. >> joe died in 2012, and
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sandusky clintoned on 45 counts of sexual abuse that year. >> we comet with a scare in a delaware county high school. an empty bullet casing in the boys' locker room prompted the high school in lockdown this morning, according to the school superintendent. they found no threat after searching the building. decision 2016, president obama had a message for the media today. >> he told reporters at the white house they need to take donald trump seriously. >> i just want to emphasize the degree to which we're in serious time, and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. >> president's kmecomments come after whether republicans will back the nominee. graham says he will not vote for trump, and ryan is meeting with trump next week after saying yesterday he was not ready to
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support the republican nominee. in california, police want to know who tagged a high school with pro-trump grafetti here wednesday night painting messages like "make america great," and "build a wall," and a derogatory statement about ted cruz. sanders says he will not allow supporters to be silenced at the democratic national convention this summer. >> writing a letter to the chair of the dnc, threatening a floor fight if the nomination process is stacked in hillary clinton's favor. right now, clinton is 90% of the way to clench the democratic nomination. she's campaigning in california tonight, but sanders has no plan to drop out. in fact, he's set to kick off a two-day campaign swing through new jersey. sanders hosts rallies at rutgers and atlantic city sunday and
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monday. a month away from the primary, and voters head to the polls june 7. for complete decision 2016 coverage including information on upcoming primaries and caucuses along with the latest counts, tap the nbc 10 app. prison time for a retired philadelphia police officer convicted of molesting a tajs girl. walter sasse was convicted to 11-23 months in prison followed by ten years probation. he was convicted of molesting the underage girl and spent 20 years on the philadelphia police force. today is day four in the tseng f search for an inmate who escaped a minimum security prison. they have been looking since spotted on wednesday. the 38-year-old escaped from a prison facility in winslow township tuesday morning. he once served time for manslaughter for killing a ten month old. they are not saying where they
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focus the search now. the late superstar, prince, remembered add a public memorial service tonight in los angeles. the musical tribute is expected to draw thousands of fans. singers, faith evans, benet, and bla black are expected to perform at the free event. he died last month at 57. a tribute scheduled in 90 minutes in north philadelphia taking place at 5:30 in front of the moarquee and a candle ligh ceremony at 9:00. bring purple candles to light. learning more about a house fire leaving six dead, four victims children, two men were also killed. the fire broke out before 4:00 this morning at this home. one woman was able to escape and is being treated at the hospital. new information on a deadly shooting out a funeral home. a man was shot and killed while
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a viewing was underway for his grandmother. skyforce10 above the may funeral home last night. family members identified the man as 22-year-old john vasquez, no arrests made. one for the record books, the largest class in school history graduated this morning. [ cheers and applause ] nbc 10, new graduates give themselves a round of applause. university handed out more than 9,000 degrees to undergrads, graduate studentins 9,000 degrees to undergrads, graduate studentintudents, and professionals. rachel was among those graduated, a car hit the 23-year-old as she rode her bicycle near campus last year leaving her critically injured. she graduated with honors last year, but she was not able to attend the ceremony because of her injuries. vice president biden will be back in his home state this weekend for delaware state
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university's commencement ceremony. he's the keynote speaker tomorrow morning. he last delivered the speech in 2003 when he was the senior u.s. senator. nbc 10 today at city hall where dozens of students got a taste of the law. it's part of law week 2016 and the mayor spoke to the kids about importance of the legal system and how trials work. they took part in scripted mock trials with fairy tale characters from jack and the bean stock." >> there's clouds and drearine s dreariness. we are used to it. unfortunately. this is the top of the adventure aquarium. >> can't see the tops of the buildings. >> look behind us there. >> gray, welt, and dreary. >> good thing is the heavy rain from this morning is there is
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potential, though, for hide tide flooding in the area. that in a second. don't forget the zefb day forecast is scrolling at the bottom of the screen so never miss that. the rain continues, though, a live look at center city, overnight, i think you'll see patchy fog and have the scattered showers. here's a look at the radar. you see that spin just to the south of delaware, and that is that area of low pressure. it was originally offshore this morning, and that's really what swung as the heaviest rain, but it's now moving in western pa, so it's continuing to move inland, which is ultimately clearing us out. locally, though, most of the area is just cloudy and misty with some very light rain, but we're starting to get a little area of some heavier rain trying to develop in the delaware bay. this will be moving into parts of southern south jersey and northern delaware, so we'll be watching that closely, but it looks like it's getting a little bit heavier, and as we go through tonight, most of the showers we have around should be
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fairly on the lighter side. coastal flood threat, though, continues through 1:00 in the morning for the jersey shore and delaware beaches, a coastal flood warning, high tide at 9:30 tonight, later in the back bays though, and we expect widespread moderate street flooding in the areas. further inland with high tide, once that high tide makes its way inland along the delaware river, 2:22 time around philadelphia is expected to potentially affect this area. minor tidal flooding expected. you could see street flooding. watching that closely. as far as neighborhood temperatures are concerned, though, it's cool, 59 degrees, but the neighborhoods in philadelphia are a little bit cooler than that. 50 west mt. arie. the airport at 53. society hill 51, and if you are going out tonight, you want the jacket, umbrellas, and you won't need it all weekend. the big weather story,
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improvements through the weekend. finally, we'll start to see nicer weather, especially for mother's day. this is future weather as we go through the next several hour, notice how the wet pattern is here. mostly scattered showers for the rest of tonight, 11:00 p.m., and into saturday morning, i think we'll see scatterings showers around, possibly by the middle of the day, clearing and dry by saturday afternoon and evening, finally, more breaks of sun. overnight and early sunday, another one sweep through, just light rain, and that's early sunday, though, because by noon, we start to clear out of that, and then we see a nice sunny day sunday, mother's day, with warmer temperature, and sunday night, we're still nice and dry. i think you'll really like the weekend, sunday, though, looks to be the best day so far. your weekend forecast, saturday, 64 degrees for philadelphia, scattered showers. in the lehigh valley, 63 on the shore, and sunday, looking at temperatures in the low 70s and becoming mostly sunny.
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71 degrees, pennsylvania suburbs at 72, south jersey, not looking too bad. going into monday, a little bit warmer than that. talking about the mid-70s and more in the way of sunshine. the forecast looks great for the weekend and into the start of next week, but we're going to have more rain chances. looking outside right now, we are still watching the light showers around, this is 95 and south philadelphia. traffic seems to be moving fine now that we're down with the heavier rain, but rain is in the forecast later on this evening. that's what we are watching with cooler temperature, and it's going to stay cloudy. we'll be, again, tracking those showers for you, and, yeah, watching the nicer weekend forecast and looking forward to that. >> it was so messy today, not only was it a steady rain, but it was cold out there, and it was windy so the umbrella was flipping inside out. >> and wind as well. >> me too. >> a nightmare. >> wind is here sunday, windy again, but sunny and windy, not rain and wind. the weekend's going to really
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make a lot of people very happy compared to the week we've had. >> a warmup coming too? >> temperatures warming tomorrow, warmer sunday, and even warmer into next week. >> i can't wait. >> finally, sunshine, 80s, finally. thanks. the 142nd run for the roses gets juunderway tomorrow. >> the horses and jockeys got in last minute training before the kentucky derby. it's not just the race, of course, attracting attention, but there's celebrities, the hats that all the women ware, a lot of fanfare that goes with it, and you can watch the running of the kentucky derby here on nbc 10 tomorrow at 4:00, and post time is 6:34. to super hers to the rescue. >> a third grade class comes together for a boy battling a brain tumor. how they pulled it off when he needed it the most. precious payday, the last check they get for a while?
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we found out how ac workers make ends meet. and just in time for mother's day, we'll reveal the top ten baby names of 2015. here's a hint, it's a three-peat for the number one boys' name. >> a look at closing bell. stocks closed higher on this friday.
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mother's day came a few days
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early at thomas jefferson university hospital in center city. the phillie fanatic in scrubs as you see there, surprising everyone at jefferson's mother and baby unit, congratulating new moms and welcomed them with gifts like a rookie of the year bib. >> cute. mother's day early for a group of ladies, they teamed up to serve a brumpnch to low income seniors. happy mother's day to all. >> bringing your baby to work sounds like a crazy idea, but for new mothers in north dakota, it's a real advantage. women are usually allowed to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave after a baby, but many women can't afford to take that much time off work, so the department of commerce in north dakota put a program in place called infant at work. allowing new moms to bring little ones to the office. >> parents are torn between
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feeling guilty because they can't give 100% to both work and their new child, and, you know, with this program, you don't have to choose. >> baby ks stay in the workplace up until they are six months old. that would be fun in the news room. >> yes. >> they would learn interesting language early, though. >> oh, no. >> parents, if you have children named emma or noah, you're in good company. >> the social security administration released the most popular names in 2015, and emma is the number one name for girls, and for the second year in a row followed by olivia, sof sofia, ava, and isabell. noah is the most popular boys' name, holding that spot since 201 p 3, followed by liam, mason, jacob, and william. by the way, james came in at number seven you'd be happy to know, james. >> thank you. >> i read, recently, that my
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name is extinct. becoming extinct. no one is named that, so in 50 years, you'll never hear the name again. >> it's a beautiful name. it's going to come back. >> nbc 10 responds already has put thousands of dollars back in your pockets. >> up next, answering your questions live on the air. stretched thin, atlantic city's 800-plus employees cash paychecks today after four weeks without one. we're talking the workers who barely got by and they are nervous this could be the last. and we have more showers in the forecast if you're headed out this evening. nice improvements for mother's day week. how nice it'll get coming up. plus, protect the past or imagine the future. a development dilemma is brewing, a piece of history at stake. coming up all new at 5:00.
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not music to our ears, another day filled with rain. coming down so hard, you could hear it, this is south philadelphia, and, really, this is what it looks like everywhere for the most part. here a live look outside at blue rock stadium in wilmington what you can see of it. it's not raining right now, but it really is foggy out there and rain is still left over on the lens. the wet weather is not completely over yet across the viewing area. from scattered showers to coastal flooding tonight, we e know the weather forecast, it's really different depending on where you live. >> that's why our meteorologist is tracking changes in your neighborhood forecast. >> that's right. because with the weather system
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seen today, it was really throwing heavy rain onshore starting with the jersey shore moving into philadelphia and north and west. changing quickly earlier today, but now the early rain is far inland, away from us, but we, in fact, have heavier areas forming now. most of what we'll see for the rest of the evening, though, will be on the lighter side. we're looking at right now is delaware, south jersey, and right in the delaware bay, we're looking at heavier rain trying to develop, so that low is spinning right about here, the area of low pressure offshore today, but now we're just seeing it sit to the south. what's going to happen is through the next 12 hours, this thing's sitting inland, and starts to weaken, so we'll see less rain out of it. right now, we are watching this heavier area of rain, moving into newcastle counties here. you are seeing heavier rain continue to move north and west. don't forget while we track the rain, see your seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. if you are headed out tonight,
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though, take the umbrella. we will see some scattered showers around, and improvements for the weekend, though, that forecast coming up. all right. the rain won't wash out all weekend plans, but plan ahead with the app and get the forecast right on your smart phone. so for the last week, nbc 10 responds resolves your consumer problems. >> recovering more than $6,000 for our viewers so far. today, harry hairston is answering your consumer questions. what are people asking about? we wanted to know what was their big question. >> we got a lot of questions in, reached out to facebook, and i'll tell you, many of you wrote in with yeses. our first question is about those new chip credit cards. why some stores don't allow you to use that chip technology when you check out. well, we looked into it. there is not a federal mandate to use the technology, but if
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stores decide not to opt in, they'll be liable if there's a data breach, meaning they are on the hook for the money. it takes time to train employees how to use it and money to buy the new technology. while most big companies like walmart and target have made the switch, some smaller businesses are taking a little more time. next, jane and krista wrote it on facebook about a call received someone claiming to be from the ira. now, the irs says they never call you and demand immediate payment over the phone. also, it will never threaten to bring in police to have you immediately arrested. plus, there's a new scheme you need to know about where a caller requests for you to purchase an itunes gift card for the amount of money that you owe to the irs. don't fall for that either. last, how to avoid problems when you hire movers. this is a proper time of the year to consider moving, and the utility commission says three
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ways to make sure you don't get taken. first, make sure the company is licensed. next, get a written estimate before signing any agreement. and, finally, shop around. get more than one estimate since costs can vary between companies. now, great tips, you know? >> all good information. you have something to announce? >> yes. you're going to like this. pay attention to this, folks. we have a brand new way for consumers to get in touch with us. this is what you do. have a consumer complaint? head to, click on the nbc 10 responds button. collect submit tips on the right side of the page and fill out the form telling us about your consumer complaint. it is that easy, and we will respond. >> step by step there right on >> easy to do. >> all right. coming up monday on nbc 10 responds, a woman makes a dozen phone calls frying to solve a tax problem. how we stepped in to help and what you need to know about your
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tax information to protect yourself. that's monday at 4:00 on nbc 10 news. crisis in atlantic city as lawmakers bicker back and forth over a financial rescue plan, and the workers are caught in the middle. they got their first paycheck in four weeks. workers you spoke with fear this could be the last paycheck. >> reporter: really do. they were on pins and needles praying today's check would clear saying things will either drastically fall apart or magically come together before june 3rd, the next pay date after today's. >> we were really stressing these last 28 days have. difficult. >> reporter: we met public works supervisor on the job in march. he never imagined the financial crisis plaguing atlantic city would be going on seven weeks with no real rescue plan close to being resolved.
4:36 pm
he earns $22,000 a year. he says he and fellow colleagues have. holding their breath, nervous the nearly broke city wouldn't have the money to pay them. >> we were, you know, quietly joking about what if we just don't get paid, you know, and we were laughing, but inside, we were all concerned. >> reporter: he says the payroll was broken into two paychecks, and both cleared this morning. >> it was a joyful moment when we saw that my paycheck cleared, and i was able to make good on promises i made to utility companies. >> reporter: they skipped dinners out, school photos, and negotiated with creditors. >> i paid the car insurance, electric and mortgage bills. luckily, they have been willing to wait. >> reporter: some things fell apart. >> my cell phone was cancelled, my gym membership gone. >> reporter: with headlines and lawmakers promising the cash flow runs dry sometime between now and memorial day, there's no sigh of relief. employees here fear a june 3rd
4:37 pm
paycheck may not come. >> the fear has been there since april. anything could happen. so many conflicting reports that we're not sure who to believe. >> reporter: and the mayor was not available to take our questions today about the city's next move, but convention and visitors bureau officials say what's happening now could affect atlantic city for four to five years. i'll explain why when we see you at 5:15. nbc 10 news. looking at the blue skies and sun there in ac. looks great. >> not bad. >> we need more of that. the 76ers move across the river for practice. >> we go on a tour of the new training facility. how the complex will impact not only the sixers, but the entire c camden community.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise
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toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. gm and lyft are tests self-driving taxis on public roads within the year.
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they just invested $500 million in lyft. details are become work out, but a pilot program is expected to begin in a yet to be disclosed city. customers can opt in or out of the program when they hail a car. a child whose mother gains excess weight in pregnancy and has elevated blood sugar is at greater risk of being obese. they followed mothers and children born at a normal weight for more than ten years. they found childhood obesity was common among children whose mothers gained 40 pounds or more in pregnancy. elevated blood sugar also played a role in obesity. he wants you to have a a roll. how to have a part in the independent film.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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a taste of hollywood is headed to the lehigh valley. >> new independent movie shooting in bethlehem announced this afternoon where the movie "getting grace" is filmed telling the 16-year-old girl dying of cancer, and the actor brucing and making his director debut on the film fought to have it filmed here. >> we take it for granted because we live here, but this is, truly, the garden of eden, and i'm afraid we forget that because we've been living here for so long. and there's a chance you could make an appearance in the fil film. there's additiuditions locally the roles. practice is on schedule. we got a sneak peek of the progress made so far. nbc 10 was invited to see what
4:46 pm
will soon be the largest training complex in the nba. the sixers released this rendering of the state of art facility back in january. who needs a rendering when you see it right there. the complex includes full practice courts, sports medicine, and player recovery unites, a private restaurant, and innovation lab for creating sports-related consumer products. sets us apart and on the track to be the next phase and first step. hand in glove with revesting into the youth to make the city a healthy prosperous better place to be. >> the sixers' training complex is expected to be ready for players later this year. all right. now is the time to buy a power ball ticket. it's $415 million. while it's hard to pass up a chance at that kind of money,
4:47 pm
the odds of winning are slim. the drawing, though, is tomorrow. back to the weather. look at the dark clouds down the shore there. a live look from the camera, skies looking threatening out there. we have not seen the sun in days. i know. it's hiding. >> i asked sheena when does it come out again, and she said never. on twitter, anyway. >> no, no, i'm just kidding. it'll come out. it'll come out tomorrow a libel, and even more as we go into sunday. timely, this cloudy, rainy p pattern, it is ending. there is a nice light at the end of the tunnel. here's a look at the radar, though, we have this area of low pressure just kind of spinning down to the south, so this area was offshore earlier this morning, and all heavy rain moved offshore, now inland and to the west. going through tonight, all we expect is scattered later to maybe moderate rain showers, heading out, take the umbrella with you. zooming in here, you see the area, maybe seeing sprinkles around, we're not going to
4:48 pm
finish with the rain just yet, but most of what is developing now in delaware bay, at least, that is more rainfall. this one, this area we'll watch moving newcastle coupe so this is where we start to see heavier rain develop around newcastle county, watching this move up mainly to the north went west in the next hour or so. aside from that, we have rain in the forecast later tonight. also, flooding threat, coastal flood warning for the jersey shore, and the delaware baefs, high tide tonight. so all the counties here in the darker green, that's the coastal flood threat to 1:00 a.m. saturday. coast flood warning with the high tide occurring 7:30 to 9:30 tonight. in the back bays, you'll see flooding possibly and moderate street flooding could be expected in those areas. further inland, there's a coastal flood advisory in the delaware river, 222 philadelphia around the time there, so we are going to watch for the possibility of minor street flooding with that occurring
4:49 pm
for, again, that high tide cycle with a new moon. tonight, though, showers in the forecast. again, take umbrellas headed out. into the weekend, though, sunshine. better each day. tomorrow will be better than today, and sunday way better than any day we've had this week. here's futureweather. tonight, going through the time, and you see the showers kind of hang around. 11:30 tonight, scattered rain. tomorrow morning, by the middle of the day, you see scattered showers around. clearing tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow night. then we go into sunday, early in the morning, there's showers moving through, and then clearing out by noon sunday, and the afternoon looks really good for mother's day. we're going to be quite a bit warmer, but it is windy, too. now, for tomorrow, going into saturday, 6 for reading, 63 degrees in bet le ham, and newtown at 64 degrees, and scattered showers. philadelphia area 64 degrees, and new jersey, 64 haddon knead,
4:50 pm
and closer to the shore, 66 avlon for delaware, mostly around the mid-60s. then we go into your mother's day, sunday, looking really good, mostly sunny skies. early sunday morning, we'll see the showers move through and clouds throughout the afternoon. it's going to be windy and warmer, philadelphia, 72, and 68 degrees in ocean city. a look at the ten-day forecast and more about rain for tonight coming up. >> okay. super heros to the rescue for a boy battling a brain tumor. [ applause ] >> how this third grader's classmates pulled off a big surprise to lift his spirits. all new tonight at 5:00, the eagles sits down with nbc 10 and ask about the new mission off the football field and what he thinks about the team's quarterback controversy.
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a great story. super hero surprise for a 9-year-old south boy battling a brain tumor. >> keith jones explains how his third grade class came to the rescue when he needed it the most. [ applause ] >> through a crowd of fellows, third grader, aiden, walks with his family with a smile, but it's his heart that moves his friends. >> i feel pretty great about
4:55 pm
being with him because i also shaved my head for him too. >> reporter: because he is undergoing treatment from a brain tumor. his father remembers the diagnosis days after christmas. >> nobody expects for this to happen, especially with a kid, you know, you understand more if it's an adult, a parent, you know, even yourself, but, you know, a 9-year-old, it's hard to explain. >> reporter: the everharts never expected this. >> when i found out about his diagnosis, i was just so taken aback, and i wanted to see what i could do. >> reporter: a cancer survivor herself, so the school organized superheros day, the kids dressed up, raised money, and aiden keeps smiling. >> it's difficult with trying to keep things normal and keep the daily routine, and aiden getting back with the friends is a big deal. >> st. marys is a great school
4:56 pm
family. we really pulled together when people need it. >> boy, you can say that again. we spoke with the mom, and they say to and from the hospital, to the chemotreatments, the emotional toll of the day, the day here they had, the generous donations is beyond words, speechless. fantastic. >> i bet she was. what a great distraction from that, be with friends, and cheering him on. that's going to do wanders for him, i'm sure. >> buddies shaving their heads in solidarity. they get it. unbelievable. >> yeah. he had to be a little nervous, too, going into that school setting not knowing how he would be received, but received with open arms, wonderful. >> kids in costumes, very cool. >> wish him well. thanks, keith. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> if you are wondering where the sun went, it's almost here. it's almost coming back, but, first, we track a few more patches of rain. >> no sun yet, but it is in the forecast. first though, more rain for
4:57 pm
friday evening, the timing of that and your mother's day forecast. dangerous and still at large, how drivers take precautions as police in montgomery county search for the person behind a road rage shooting.
4:59 pm
right now, breaking news, new video of the suspect accused of gunning down three people in days, how a reign of terror ended. first, it's almost.
5:00 pm
the first alert weather team is tracking a bit more rain for the weekend. you see all that green on the screen, but we will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. your first alert neighborhood weather starts now at 5:00. good evening, i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm keith jones. that light there, it's the sun. in case you fort. we have not seen it in a while. >> we have more rainy patches to get through. if you forgot the umbrella today, you definitely got soaked. some people got drenched. shopping in suburban square, and it was a steady rain, falling here this afternoon. nbc 10 where it was pouring, and flowers soaked on main street. people in the neighborhood staying inside this afternoon, speak, our meteorologist is tracking the forecast for your neighborhood. sheena, you're tracking rain and coastal flooding? >> yes, another concern through the evening. coastal flad flooding and a new moon. seeing a high tide. so that's going to give


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