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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  May 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc10 breaking news. that breaking news is in montgomery county where minutes ago crews got control of this house fire, but we are learning at least eight people are hurt. we're live on the scene with an update. this house fire turned deadly in
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south philadelphia. we'll explain what firefighters found in the house that put the people inside in danger. plus, a new twist in the jerry sandusky sex scandal. we'll break down the report that says joe paterna and others on the staff may have known what was going on years before the abuse became public. good morning. this is nbc10 news "today." thanks for being with us on this saturday. i'm rosemary connors. for the past, i don't know, week, week and a half, we have seen really nothing but rain, overcast skies. guess what. we have got it this morning. a live look outside at center city. the fog is hovering over the area. and the wet weather will stay with us. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the conditions where you live. michelle. >> we cannot get out of this pattern. we're stuck but improving this weekend. we're finally getting out of this. we'll see sunshine for two days in a row. but we still have showers today
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and starting out your mother's day with showers. more showers today, scattered. not as wet as yesterday. waking up to some light rain. don't be surprised by that. you need the umbrella early this morning. we're not going to add a whole lot to the amounts. maybe .1 inches throughout the day. we've been raining for the past five days. it's been gloomy and chilly. we'll add about 10 degrees compared to yesterday. we're starting out with temperatures mainly in the upper 40s, low 50s. improving conditions on mother's day. sunshine finally by the afternoon. you can see tomorrow 72 degrees. even warmer, closer to normal too. for the p.a. suburbs mother's day, 71 with mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. we'll a start out with showers and end up with sunshine. lehigh valley 70 tomorrow as well. right now we're tracking showers but waking up to wet weather in spots. radar showing us where the rain is falling. we are seeing some light stuff. not heavy stuff like what we saw
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from time to time yesterday, but still enough to keep us a little down as we head throughout the early part of today. right now we're looking at temperatures in the upper 40s. 50 in new jersey, lehigh valley, 49. delaware, 50 degrees and philadelphia 51 with some showers falling. showers today, but we are improving for your mother's day. we have more sunshine in your extended ten-day. we'll look at that in a few minutes. back to the breaking news in norris town, montgomery county. monique braxton is live at the scene with new information. fill us in, monique. >> reporter: for the past hour we have watched firefighters huddled outside discussing the situation. what we know is that at least eight people have been injured. something that's interesting is, you can see in the far distance to the back of that ladder truck, you notice that the montgomery county coroner has also arrived. he is taking pictures.
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we have not been told if anyone has passed away. we're still waiting for information. the fire chief has told us he will speak to us momentarily. but an hour has passed since we first learned that. the firefighters were called here about an hour and a half ago to a two-alarm blaze. one person suffering from cardiac arrest. as many as seven others injured. and right now we're trying to find the extent of everyone's injuries. we did speak to someone here on the scene who said a man he described as his friend was frantically trying to escape the blaze along with two daughters. we understand that the fire began on the third floor. we've been told there are as many as four units in this brick structure, but we are not sure if everyone made it out safely. so right now we're in a holding pattern, but we can tell you that the fire chief just on the other side of this crowd is standing next to the coroner, and they're discussing the extent of what has happened here
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very early on a rainy morning in norristown. we'll continue to talk to fire investigators and hopefully have more information for you as soon as it becomes available. live from norristown, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thank you for the update. another overnight house fire has claimed two lives in south philadelphia. crews found a man and a woman dead inside this row home on moor street near south douglas. the fire commissioner tells us there were six smoke detectors in the house but none of them worked. he also says the home was littered with debris from apparent hoarding. there have been seven fires deaths in south philadelphia so far this year. to news from the south jersey bureau. a man accused of murdering a teenager is under arrest. the suspect is kevin fentress of burlington city.
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u.s. marshals captured him in georgia. two people were hit when he fired a gun. one of them died. according to investigators the violence broke out after a fight at a party. today philadelphia will say good-bye to the city's first african-american police commissioner. a final viewing and funeral for willie williams will be held in north philadelphia. this is video of yesterday's viewing. police commissioner richard ross, you saw him to the left of your screen, and other city officials, were there to pay their respects. willie williams died last week after a long illness. he was 72 years old. a viewing, a final viewing, at zion baptist church is scheduled for this morning from 8:00 until 11:00. then it will be followed by the funeral service. this morning a bomb shell in the penn state child sex abuse scandal. nbc10 has learned as many as six coaches at penn state allegedly
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say sandusky engage in inappropriate behavior with children dating back to the 1970s. according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the legal proceedings. it's unclear if any of the six assistant coaches reported what they saw to higher-ups at penn state before the sex abuse scandal broke in 2011. earlier this week we learned that a child allegedly told former penn state head coach joe paterno that he was molested by sandusky in 1976. sandusky is currently serving 30 to 60 years in prison. in the meantime sue paterno is defending her husband's legacy saying that the family had no knowledge of these new claims. 6:07 right now on this saturday. tonight's powerball prize has rolled over to become one of the largest jack pots in the game's history. now the ticket frenzy is on for folks looking to strike it rich. we'll break down your chances of becoming a multi-millionaire next. plus, it's derby day. we'll tell you who the experts
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give the best odds to win the run for the roses. what your nbc 10 investigator started asking questions, we found something different. >> we don't know if they're accurate. >> clearly not. we didn't do that volume of potholes in one day. >> an nbc10 investigation tuesday at 11:00. count on it.
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now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> hi, welcome back on this saturday morning. we are tracking some showers once again this morning. if you're not seeing the showers, you're seeing the clouds. also a little dreary in some spots once again. the good news is we're going to be improving this weekend. we have the chance for scattered showers today and the chance for scattered showers early on your mother's day and then a big improvement on mother's day. this weekend. today we have a chance for scattered showers. on future cast, we watch it as we go by. by this afternoon still the chance for scattered showers. this evening we're going to clear it out. at least by the time you get home from the saturday night plans. front comes through early on sunday bringing the chance of more showers. then we bring back the sunshine later on sunday, as early as lunchtime. mostly sunny skies but the winds pick up with temperatures into the 70s.
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southwesterly winds getting us into the 70s. a live look outside from the adventure aquarium camera. looking at low clouds and low visibility once again. wet roadways so be careful as you head out this morning. your someday even-day is runnine bottom. then as we look at radar, some showers falling. this looks better than yesterday, doesn't it? still some green on radar. light stuff. not a lot out there but we still have the moisture in the air so it feels damp. 58 by 1:00 today. the chance for scattered showers and by 5:00, 63. 64 in the suburbs. 57 by 5:00. 60. lehigh valley, temperatures a little cooler, 50 by 9:00. by 1:00, 57. 61 degrees. then as we head to the south looking at temperatures in the low 60s by 5:00 in delaware and
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new jersey. 1:00, showers falling, 59. 61 by 5:00. the jersey shore we're looking at 50 degrees, upper 50s, same story, by 5:00. warmer today. temperatures into the mid 60s. better than the 50s of yesterday. then 70s on mother's day and, yes, a return to sunshine. we'll talk about that coming up. 6:12 right now on this saturday. after shootings at a mall, a gross grocery store and a high school. police say they have the man responsible. >> this happened close to my house. it's dangerous. >> we'll show you how the arrest played out following two days of violence and what may have set the suspect off. a growing danger. officials say the wildfire ripping across canada could double in size just today. an update on the fight to get control, when we come back.
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take a look at this surveillance video. it captures the arrest of the suspect wanted in a deadly shooting spree that happened just outside of washington, d.c. eulalio tordil faces a first degree murder charge in the shooting death of his estranged wife. they had this individual under surveillance, and when the individual walked back to his car, the plainclothes officers were able to take him into custody without incident. tordil was placed on leave from his job in march after his wife filed a restraining order against him. authorities say there is no immediate connection between
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tordil and yesterday's shooting victims. let's head up north to canada. officials there fear that this massive wildfire could actually double in size just today. by the end of the day. the flames have already forced nearly 100,000 people from their homes in northern alberta this week, and another 4,000 are expected to be evacuated today. the fire is being fueled by dry conditions and strong winds. it's expected to burn until the area sees significant rainfall. today, first saturday in may, you know what that means. it's the kentucky derby. you are looking at the favorite, nyquist. the kentucky-bred colt is undefeated in seven races. analysts say nyquist could duplicate american pharoah's triple crown of last year. here are the favorites according to kentucky nyquist is going off at two to one odds followed by exaggerator.
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gun runner and mor spirit. nbc10 is your home for the 142nd kentucky derby, exclusive live coverage begins this afternoon at 4:00 right here on nbc10. some fans could soon be buying booze at penn state sporting facilities. yesterday the school's board of trustees approved limited alcohol sales at beaver stadium and the bryce jordan center. drinks would only be available in private and controlled areas such as suites and club seats. the university still needs to obtain a state liquor license to make it happen. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> all right. it's a busy weekend. we are looking at more rain to kick off our weekend. a gloomy start to our saturday. we'll see the clouds in place at least most of the day. looking at the chance for scattered showers most of saturday before we really start to improve things later on sunday. weather headlines on your
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saturday morning. more showers today. we won't be as wet as yesterday. still can't rule out the chance of a few showers here and there. light rain falling in spots. an improvement on mother's day. we'll kick mother's day off with some showers. the front moves out and then sunshine moves in behind it. the winds will pick up bringing in warmer air. by monday, more sunshine. monday looking really nice. sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70s monday. still lots of clouds in wildwood, new jersey. also wet in some spots. reduced visibilities with fog in other spots. as you head out this morning, be aware of that. 50 with showers in the lehigh valley. pa suburbs 57. 50 in south jersey, 50 at the jersey shore and 50 with showers in delaware. the coolest spot being the pa suburbs, temperatures mainly in the mid 40s. south jersey.
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upper 40s, low 50s. clayton 49. and same story as we swing a little bit to the north. robbinsville, 49. lumberton, 49. and princeton coming in at 48 degrees. you need some layers as you head out this morning. at least a jacket maybe with a hood with the drizzle falling in spots. we still have the wind off the east that's bringing the moisture off the atlantic. we'll keep it kind of gloomy today before we see the low take off. a front moves through early on sunday, and then we start to dry things out. 52 in ocean city. 50 in upper township. cape may courthouse coming in at 50 as well. radar showing us showers. it's been green pretty much all week long. still tracking light showers across the area. at least we're not seeing heavy, steady rain like we saw yesterday. still kind of annoying. we have a front swinging through overnight that will bring
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another round of showers before we dry out later sunday. we have a chance for scattered showers by lunchtime. if you have soccer games, lacrosse, baseball, you might get wet weather. slight scattered showers this evening depending on where you are. prepare yourself if you have outdoor activities. as you wrap up your saturday evening plans, looking much better. we're going to be dry at that point and may be seeing clearing skies in spots. a front swings through overnight. lots of clouds and the rain coming through by 7:00. then we get much, much better. then we can look forward to sunshine later on monday. the winds will pick up. we'll see temperatures into the low 70s and the same story on monday with mostly sunny skies. so we will be improving this weekend. it's just going to take a while to get there. your 10-day forecast. 64 degrees. shattered showers. kicking off mother's day with a few showers as the front comes through. then 72 with mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. monday, mostly sunny, 70s.
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we haven't had a day like that in a long time. tuesday the chance for showers and maybe a thunderstorm. 78 wednesday. 74 degrees. we'll keep the temperature up into the mid to upper 70s. thursday, chance for showers. we have that pattern where we're stuck in the chance for showers and thunderstorms towards the later part of the work week. saturday, 75. wrapping up the weekend next weekend, 73 before we bring back sunshine next monday, 73. we want to take you back to this breaking news in norristown, montgomery county. earlier monique braxton told us she watched the coroner come to the scene to take photos and to speak to the fire captains out there. we have just learned that this is a deadly house fire. three people have died, two adults and one child. this is on dekalb street in norristown, montgomery county. we also know that firefighters
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have gotten control of this blaze. now the investigation continues. we update here. three people are dead this morning. two adults and one child. we also know that a few others went to the hospital to be treated for injuries. we'll continue to check in on this and have another update coming up in just about eight minutes. we'll be right back. connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow.
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but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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now to our decision 2016 coverage. republican donald trump has a new presidential endorsement to crow about. former gop nominee and senator bob dole threw his support behind trump yesterday. dole says it's important to honor the votes of the millions of people who have supported trump during this nomination process. trump will not be getting support, though, from south carolina senator lindsey graham, the former white house candidate says he does not think trump is a reliable conservative. graham also says he plans to skip the gop convention this summer. there is a new twitter war involving donald trump and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. earlier this week, warren blasted trump, referring to him as a racist. trump tweeted last night, i hope corrupt hillary clinton chooses goofy elizabeth warren as her running mate, i will defeat them both. warren responded with this
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tweet. goofy, for a guy with the best words that's a pretty limb nickname. weak! it looks like donald trump and house speaker paul ryan will meet in washington on thursday. many republicans are hoping that the two can close the rift between them. on thursday you may remember that ryan said he is not ready to support trump's presidential nomination. trump was back on the campaign trail in eugene, oregon, last night. he rallied voters ahead of that state's primary on may 17th. >> nobody gets the crowds that trump gets, and nobody has more fun than we do. and the subject is no good because our country is going to hell but the good news is we're going to make america greater, greater, greater than ever before. some more trump news. we have learned that he will headline a rally that will help to raise some money for new jersey governor chris christie. chris christie is trying to pay off his campaign debt of about
6:27 am
$250,000. christie, of course, is a trump supporter. hillary clinton will be in south jersey on wednesday. the democratic presidential frontrunner will host a public event in the camden area. the new jersey primary is coming up next month on june 7th. last night clinton was in oakland, california. take a listen. >> when i think about what's at stake, even if i weren't running for president, i would be doing everything i could to make sure that the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> clinton took aim at the likely republican nominee at a get out the vote rally. voters in california will head to the polls the same day as folks in new jersey on june 7th. >> bernie sanders is threatening to floor fight at the democratic national convention in philadelphia this summer. sanders wrote a letter to party officials this week accusing them of favoring supporters of hillary clinton. the former secretary of state has more than 90% of the delegates needed to clinch the
6:28 am
nomination. 6:27 right now on this saturday morning. we are following some breaking news out of montgomery county. we now know that three people have died in this house fire in norristown. we're live on the scene, and we'll check in with monique braxton who has been talking to fire officials. we'll get details after the break.
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we have been following this breaking news all morning long. we have just learned that there are now three people dead in this fire in norristown, montgomery county. one of the victims is a child. nbc10's monique braxton is live on dekalb street. monique. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. moments ago the fire chief told us about the three victims of this fire. the deadly fire now, as you mentioned. they also tell us they don't know if there is a relationship between those three people, but we can also tell you that six people have been taken to local
6:31 am
hospitals. one of them is also a child who was taken down to children's hospital of philadelphia. let's hear what the fire chief had to say. >> we are not quite sure if there were any working smoke detectors in the building. first arriving crews did not hear any working smoke detectors but that will be part of the final investigation. >> reporter: firefighters tell us they were called here to the 800-block of dekalb just before 4:00 this morning. you can see that fire folks are now wrapping up their apparatus. they say the fire quickly grew to two alarms. most of the damage on the first floor on the side of the building. the cause of the blaze still under investigation. as you just heard from the fire chief. he also told us that the state police, norristown firefighters and the d.a.'s office will participate in this investigation. and as you just heard as well, they will determine if smoke alarms, working smoke alarms,
6:32 am
were inside. back out here live now, you can see that firefighters are still going in and out of the building that was like an inferno when firefighters arrived according to the chief. we'll a stay here and remain on top of this investigation. for now, at least three people have died in this early-morning blaze, one of them a child. another child taken to the hospital in critical condition. live from norristown, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks, monique. another overnight house fire has claimed two lives, this one in south philadelphia. crews found a man and a woman dead inside this row home on moore street near south douglas. the fire commissioner was on the scene and tells us there were six smoke detectors in the house but none of them worked. he also says the home was
6:33 am
littered with debris from praer apparent hoarding. there have been seven fire deaths in philadelphia so far this year. i'm sure the damp, wet weather helped the firefighters who were very busy this morning. let's check on the conditions with michelle grossman. >> we'll see scattered showers. not quite as wet as on friday. temperatures getting into the mid 60s. not quite the typical 71 but we're getting there. we are tracking the chance for more showers today. seeing showers right now. looking at not a whole lot as we go throughout the day here. we're looking at maybe .1 inches more than what we saw yesterday. still enough to keep us in that pattern and keep us a little bit down with the dreary weather. we have clouds in place and we'll see the clouds throughout most of the day. we also have some fog. we do have improving conditions. showers to start out your mother's day and sunshine to finish it out. finally a front will come through early on monday, and
6:34 am
then we're going to see some sunshine behind the front. so tomorrow temperatures into the low 70s with sunshine. p.a. suburbs same story. south jersey. pretty good conditions tomorrow. scattered showers there today too. the jersey shore tomorrow 66. chillier there. nicer than today which is in the upper 50s. otherwise we are waking up to rain across the area in some spots. it's not the consistent rain of yesterday. still seeing some rain as we wake up this morning. pretty close to philadelphia. also fog across the area. reduced visibilities down to two and a half miles. visibility in blue bell down to .75 mile and at toms river. same story to the south. looking a little better here but four-mile visibility in wilmington. wet roadways and fog and gloomy conditions. hopefully you can linger in bed this morning. showers falling in the lehigh
6:35 am
valley, 50 degrees. coolest spot, the p.a. suburbs, upper 40s. same story for the lehigh valley. temperatures mainly in the '40s. we'll track the weather today. scattered showers with temperatures into the 60s. warmer on mother's day and then some sunshine. this morning we are finding out new information about the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. nbc news learned as many as six coaches at penn state allegedly saw sandusky engage in inappropriate behavior with children dating back to the '70s. new revelations stemming from a lawsuit on penn state on the university's insurance company. a court order this week says there was an abuse or molestation exclusion in the 1992-1999 insurance company. the company would be exempt from paying settlements related to
6:36 am
sex abuse claims involving university employees. penn state would be responsible. we spoke to a legal expert who says the timing of the investigation to penn state's insurance policy raises questions. >> what's interesting and what the court notes is that, in 1999 forward, this exclusion didn't exist within these policies for penn state. it also coincides with mr. sandusky leaving the employ of penn state university. >> sandusky retired in 1999. i reached out to the insurance company covering penn state. they did not want to comment. if this lawsuit proceeds to trial, we may learn more about whether that kind of insurance exemption for sex abuse claims is common and why in this case it ended right after sandusky retired. all right. now to the south jersey bureau. today marks day five in the search for an inmate who escaped from a minimum security prison. he is still on the loose. officials no longer believe that arthur buckle is in the varn gut
6:37 am
township area. that's where they've been looking for him since wednesday. the 38-year-old escaped from a prison facility in winslow township on tuesday morning. we have learned that he once served time as manslaughter for killing a 10-month-old child. authorities are not saying where they are now focusing their search. vice president joe biden will deliver the commencement address today at delaware state university. about 700 students will receive diplomas. the ceremony will help to kick off the school's celebration of its 125th anniversary. 6:37 right now on this saturday. just about 52 degrees outside the nbc10 studios. coming up in sports, moon shots in miami. highlights from the phils-marlins game that featured a pair of no-doubt homers.
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now, your nbc10 first alert weather. >> in case you haven't peeked out your window yet and you're lucky enough to be in bed, it's gloomy once again today. starting out with clouds and drizzle and light rain in spots and even some reduced visibilities in others. a look outdoors from wilmington, delaware. a little gray to start out our saturday. not as wet today. neighborhood forecast, 50 in lehigh valley, 51 in philadelphia. 50 at the jersey shore. some spots seeing some rain. parts of delaware seeing rain also. 50 in marshalton. rudy point at 51. lewis, delaware, around 50. 51 in row hoeb ott beach. a chilly start to the day but warmer this afternoon. rain falling also, not quite as much as yesterday, not quite as
6:41 am
steady. light stuff this morning with some drizzle closer to the coast with moisture coming off the atlantic. be aware of that as you head out. temperatures right now 50 in new jersey. lehigh valley, 50 with showers falling. 50 in delaware. same story in philadelphia. 51. we'll end up around 64, closer to the 71 that's normal for this time of year and warmer than the 50s of the past few days. pa suburbs the coolest spots at 47 and reaching a high of 62 later this afternoon. we'll talk more about today's forecast and a better forecast for your mother's day and more sunshine on monday all coming up. today is free comic book day. if you are looking for something to do with the kids. publishers print special editions of the books and stores hand them out to their customers. it's a great way to introduce kids to comics and help them learn to read. comic book shops in philadelphia and south jerse y are
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participating in the event. powerball jackpot the largest in history. >> feeling was, hey, man, you know, we're all here, and we expect you to be the starting quarterback. coming up in sports, quarterback questions. hear what connor barwin has to say about sam bradford and the birds. my school reunion's coming fast.
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itexpect long lines where ty sell lottery tickets today. $415 million up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing. here is the deal. it's the seventh largest jack pot in the game's history. in case you're wondering, if you
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do opt for the lump-sum payout you'll end up with about $270 million before taxes. you have a one in 292 million chance of hitting that ja jackpot. good luck if you're playing. anybody hoping to see president obama deliver the commencement address at rutgers university next weekend will have to win the lottery. a ticket lottery is what we're talking about. each student is allowed three tickets. on monday the university will give out three tickets through a random drawing. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> all right. it's dreary start to the day. looking at the gloomy skies this morning. gray skies with clouds as we head throughout the day. we're also looking at the chance for scattered showers. don't put the umbrella away quite yet. we're not going to be as wet as we were yesterday. don't be worried about that.
6:46 am
we are looking at the chance for scattered showers if you have some saturday plans. i know it's communion time, graduation time. a lot going on. mother's day looking better. showers early on your mother's day and then we have sunshine later on. looking to be pretty nice. monday looks perfect. finally a light at the end of the tunnel. a live look outside. looking at gray conditions right now, low clouds, a little fog this morning. another dreary day and another reason to stay in bed a little longer. this is what you can be prepared for if you step out early this morning. wet roadways as well. temperatures are tool in the upper 40s, low 50s. showers falling and 50 in south jersey. cooler to the north and west. 47 right now in the pa suburbs and 50 with showers in the lehigh valley. temperatures in the upper 40s, 47 in west bradford. 49 in chadsford. unionville, 48 degrees.
6:47 am
48 in avendale. to the east. upper 40s. chilly start. you need the layers along with the hood with the drizzle falling. 48 in warrenton. you have to wear some layers this morning. rain is falling in some parts of the area. not quite as steady as last night and not quite as -- we're not covering the entire area. it's a smaller area and it is light but still kind of a annoying. we were talking about it last sunday for the broad street run. a front comes through later on tonight that will bring us another round of showers early on sunday morning for mother's day and then we clear it out nicely. a little gift for mom as we bring back some sunshine later in the afternoon. future cast, by 1:00 this afternoon, scattered showers falling across the area. i want to show you this. i know there are a lot of outdoor plans. we're not going to see all-day rain but we're looking at the
6:48 am
potential for all of us seeing rain throughout the day. by 6:00, very scattered and light but the potential is still there. as you round up the saturday evening plans, looking pretty good. clearing skies before the front swings through overnight into the early part of sunday. that will bring us a chance of showers early on sunday. a time stamp of 7:00. then we clear it out. sunshine comes back and the winds come back on your mother's day and it turns out to be a pretty nice end of your mother's day before we bring back more sunshine on continued. today, 64 degrees, closer to normal. 71 is typical for this time of year. scattered showers. tomorrow, mother's day, 72 with showers. monday looking really nice. mostly sunny, 76. shower chances return tuesday and wednesday. temperatures in the upper 70s on tuesday. mid 70s by wednesday. thursday and friday. still another chance for showers, in the 70s. saturday, a shower chance once again. sunday, 73.
6:49 am
next monday we finally bring back the drier conditions, 72. >> cannot wait. thanks, michelle. 6:48 on this saturday. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show at 7:00. let's check in with channel jones and craig melvin. >> coming up on saturday morning on "today," a war of words between donald trump and hillary clinton heating up. why trump is now accusing clinton of mistreating women. >> also ahead this morning, we're live on the front lines in canada where this massive wildfire that's already forced tens of thousands to flee could double in size today. >> checking in with last year's triple crown winner american pharoah about his life at stud. last-minute mother's day do-it-yourself projects that you can do with your kids to make the day extra special. >> rosemary, i hear you chuckling. >> i do. not that i am a procrastinator
6:50 am
or i know any, but i have a feeling that you'll have quite a few viewers tuning in. >> yes. the do-it-yourself gifts? yes. i'll be checking on those myself. >> see you at 7:00. thank you so much. >> see you, rosemary. ♪ a top security official in rio de janeiro says cuts to his budget pose a real risk to the summer olympics. the state security budget was slashed by $550 million. and now the department secretary says that police will not be able to silence the sounds of gun fire in rio slums where they have waged a battle against crime and gangs for generations. we're just 90 days from the start of the olympic games. hopefully that security issue will be resolved. remember, you can watch all of the events right here on nbc10. i'm john clark from comcast
6:51 am
sportsnet. the phillies came from st. louis dropping three of four. now they're in miami facing the hottest team of baseball. the marlins going into last night's game had won ten of 11. vince velasquez to christian yelich. upper-deck bomb. two-run shot. the marlins up 4-0 after the first two. phils come back in the fifth. michael franco in the lineup. struggling but gets his first homer in two weeks. in the 8th. 4-4, hector nares for the phils. giancarlo stanton crushes it onto the concourse. 490 feet they're estimating. that's a two-run shot so the phillies lose 6-4. they've lost three straight. the eagles. we may be seeing sam bradford sooner than we thought. his agent said he won't attend any of the voluntary camps but yesterday on sports talk connor barwin told me he had spoken to bradford and he believes sam
6:52 am
could be back for mini camp in a week and a half. >> my feeling from talking to him was that he'll be here sooner rather than later. obviously he'll be here when he has to be for mandatory camp. he never had somebody drafted behind him like a lot of us have. i have had a first-rounder drafted in my position every year. you get used to it. for him, i think it was the first time it happened and he was caught off guard. he didn't have the conversations with management. it took him time to realize this happens to all of us. my feeling was, hey, man, we're all here, and we expect you to be the starting quarterback, so you need to understand that from your teammates' perspective. he knew that. i wasn't telling him anything he didn't know. carli lloyd said yesterday that her knee has had plenty of time to heal before the summer olympics. she does expect to play. the delaware native and the u.s. team are trying to follow up the world cup win with a gold medal. that's never been done before. >> i think it's a challenge.
6:53 am
i love a challenge. i think it's great. i think that the media always brings that up to us and we're like, okay, cool, bring it, you know. it's something that hasn't been done, and we're up for the challenge. >> love to hear that! carli lloyd still killing it. i am john clark. enjoy your weekend.
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it's not going to be the best day for it, but you know what, there is so much happening, you should check it out. south street's spring festival is back today from 11:00 this morning until 8:00 this evening between front and 8th streets. it's the city's largest block party. 40 bands are scheduled to play. dozens of restaurants and bars will be serving outside and lots of shops will be open late for business. last year, by the way, 58,000 people showed up. unfortunately, last night's rain forced officials to cancel a concert and fireworks that were part of the dover days festival in kent county. today's events will happen rain or shine. one of the main attractions today, a parade down state street. fun and educational events will continue in the downtown historic district all weekend. yeah, not the best weekend. >> my gosh. are we stuck in this rain? >> you tell me, right? >> my daughter is like, where are we living?
6:57 am
we're improving. we have rain this morning. we drove in the rain. i'm sure you did too. you can see it on the camera lens. it's great and dreary. all the lucky people at home watching us at home in bed underneath the blanket. enjoy it. we are seeing improving conditions by tomorrow with sunshine. rain is falling on radar right now. not quite as widespread as yesterday. still seeing the annoying rainfall. ten-day forecast. scattered showers today. if you have outdoor plans, you'll have to dodge showers here and there. temperature of 64 degrees. better than the past few days. tomorrow, showers around breakfast time. 7:00, 8:00. then we clear it out to mostly sunny skies. monday will be sunny. >> monday the day to get outside if you can. we'll see you in 25 minutes for a local update. and then back for a full hour of news at 8:30. have a good one.
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> good morning. getting personal. donald trump slams hillary clinton accusing her of shaming the women who claimed to have sexual relations decades ago with her husband. >> she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler. and what she did to a lot of the women was disgraceful. >> clinton with fighting words of her own. >> and their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee. >> and overnight, a twitter battle with trump and democratic senator heats up. we're live on the campaign trail. and out of control. new warnings about a massive and still growing wildfire in


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