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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  May 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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r right now, someone's powerball dreams realized in our reeblg region. the only winning ticket in the $429 million drawing was sold in new jersey. we'll tell where you and go over the winning numbers in ajust a moment. it's a mother's day tradition. the susan g.komen case for the re in philadelphia. we'll be there live for ocpenin ceremonies. we could see some spotty showers for the race and for your mother's day plans this morning. here's a live look at the center city skyline. a little cloudy out there. we can look for the showers to clear out later on.
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thank goodness. this is nbc 10 news today. it's 5:30 on this sunday. we have our new neighborhood forecast. >> happy mother's okay to everyone out there. if you're up early with us this morning, excellent. you may need your umbrellas early but then we can put them away forrest of the afternoon. once we get past the noon time hour. numbers are not doing too badly. we do have cloudy skies. we have a cold front to our west. it is getting closer to our area. it's bringing spotty isolated showers. we we can see the showers north of lancaster moving into partsst lee. lehigh valley. montgomery county and burks county. this front sweeps from west to east. and then after that, high pressure building in and so we are expecting breezy conditions later ton day.
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but sunshine for all the happy mom out there later on this afternoon. you can see some clearing back here in the ohio valley. and that high pressure is building in behind the front. the showers get through. it will take the clouds with it. we'll have breezy conditions late attorney day. but sunshine and that is very welcomed, especially in and around the area with everything that's going on today for mother's day. close to 70 degrees in philadelphia. out in the suburbs in pennsylvania, 70 degrees. we'll have the sun with some clouds. go ahead and look to tomorrow. more improvement for our monday. temperatures in the upper of 60s. close to 70. >> someone in our area is more than $429 million richer this morning. the only winning ticket for last night's massive powerball jackpot was sold in new jersey. the name of the store has not
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yet been released. here are the winning numbers. 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, and the powerball is 9. the jackpot is worth $429.6 million. it's the seventh largest powerball jackpot in history. the new jersey lottery director says she expects the winner will take his or her time before coming forward in order to talk to financial planners about how to handle the almost half a billion dollar winnings. congratulations. new from overnight, police say wilmington are investigating a double shooting near 27th and market street. medics took the victims to the hospital. right now we're working to find out their condition. as soon as we have more details, we'll pass them along. philadelphia police are investigating a possible homicide in kensington. a woman was discovered dead inside a vacant home just before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. police found out about the body after they stopped a person on the street. that person told them to check the home.
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police say the victim had been beaten in the head. now to news from our trenton bureau sh it's unclear if the coast card blanz to resume a search for a missing jet skier this morning. according to authorities, a man and his friend ran aground on the jet ski near the trenton boat ramp in the delaware river. you're looking at video from the scene. the crew from the nearby ship rescued menendez and his friend. coast guard was kold in. their boat and helicopter crew searched for menendez until 11:00 last night. six people are dead and several others injured after a series of house fires throughout our area between friday night and yesterday morning. in a span of 12 hours, fire fighters in montgomery county and philadelphia battled three separate fires. norris town, two adults and a child were killed. in south philadelphia, two adults died. and in west philadelphia, a man who tried to put out the fire
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himself died after getting caught in heavy smoke. in two of the deadly fires, smoke detectors were either not working or not there. >> seven fighting. we need everyone to have a working smoke alarm, have a home escape plan. make sure can you get out safely. again if, there's a fire, get out first, dial 911. if you try to fight the fire, you may not be successful. >> the philadelphia fire commissioner says if you cannot afford a smoke detector, call 311 and firefighters will come and install one for you. it's been a difficult weekend for wildfire crews in alberta, canada. this one could continue burning for months. flames that broke out one week ago today are still raging out of control. the cell phone video shows blocks of destroyed buildings and burned out cars in a city of ft. mcmurray. police police envoys are moving people
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to safety. on this mother's day, thousands of people will come together in philadelphia to help fight breast cancer and support survivors of the disease. nbc 10s reporter is live at the philadelphia museum of art where the race for the cure starts in a few hours and we'll see a sea of pink out there. >> we've been here for an hour now. we've been watching the walkers and the runners arrive here near the philadelphia museum of art. take a look at some video we collected over the years of covering this race. in one hours, activities for the susan g. 1 komen race for the cure kick off. it's year 26. the breakfast gets under way just the other side of the steps at 6:00. those participatinging must have raised $250. if you still want to come, there is still time. opening ceremonies begin at 7:00. this is the parade of pink
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launches at 7:15. and i hear there isn't a dry eye on the parkway when everyone cheers for those survivors. there also have going to be a one of a kind warmup at 8:00. when we come back, we're working to tell you how much money they hope to raise today and where that money goes and we're also reaching out to a survivor who can tell us ahead of time what to expect when they parade down the art museum steps. live for now along ben franklin parkway at the art museum. monique braxton. nbc 10 news. a break in the rain gives families a chance to get out and enjoy some of the spring festivals going on in our region. we'll give you a quick tour along with a look ahead to today's first look forecast for mother's day. that's next.
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good sunday morning. taking a look at our neighborhood forecast right now, temperatures not doing too badly. we have clouds out. there 51 degrees in philadelphia right now. 48 in the suburbs. 49 in new jersey. 52 in lehigh, delaware, 52 down at the jersey shore. we do have clouds around. the live pictures sort of tell a story in term of where the clouds are. you see the cold front getting closer in delaware. you see that cloud shield getting a little bit closer. and so we are getting spotty showers in and around the area. radar showing us just where the rain is at this hour. we're still drying in south jersey and still dry in philadelphia. we do have some rain that is moving in. it's a quick moving cold front. once it gets through our area and we're looking for the spotty showers over the next hour or so, it's going to continue to push in. there's really nothing behind it and once it moves through, we're expecting the high pressure to build in, to clear our skies
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later today for mother's day. it's going to be quite lovely. and how about this? we get a little sunshine. we have not seen sunshine, full blue skies in quite some time. so we're looking forward to that along with all of this happy weather for all the moms out there later on today. your seven day forecast is always, of course, at the bottom of your screen. i'll be back with your full forecast and we'll take a look at the seven day as well as the ten day in just a bit. >> you know what? we finally saw just a little bit of sunshine yesterday and the rain stopped. the sun peeked out. it was just in time for the weekend festival that's were beginning. i love it. take a look at this video. we're calling this sunshine. live music and good food brought out clouds at mt. airy day in university city.
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start out a little cold and a little dreary. the sun claim through the clouds and we warmed up. the sky could have opened up to day. it's nice to walk around. >> we all needed it. spruce street harper park opened for first day of the summer season with new hammocks and food vendors. passenger removed. travelers sound off after a flight out of philadelphia returned to the gate when a passenger became suspicious about what a professor onboard was writing in his notebook. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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my school reunion's comi♪ fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. book now at democrats and republicans in tuesday tuesday vote in the west virginia prime airy. bernie sanders will kick off a two day campaign swing in new jersey later on today. senator sanders will hold a rally on rutgers university.
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the new jersey primary is june 7 rnlg. sanders picked up seven delegates in yesterday's caucus in guam when was won by hillary clinton. a little bit later on, likely republican nominee donald trump will sit down with chuck todd for a one-on-one ind view on nbc's "meet the press" here on nbc 10. new jersey republicans renominated governor pat mccorey at their state convention yesterday. mccorey blasted his democratic rival for opposing a new controversial bathroom law for tra transgender people. north carolina has until tomorrow to respond to the justice department which said the law violates the civil rights act. a university of pennsylvania professor finds himself the target of terrorist profiling. after he was doing some math on a flight. here's the story. a passenger became suspicious of
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what the professor was writing in his notebook and said the american airlines flight he was taking was delayed for two hours. the professor was cleared after some simple questions. it's a story that has a lot of you talking. nbc 10 has some reaction. >> travelers are sounding off after an american airlines flight from philadelphia's international airport to syracuse was ready to take off thursday evening when it went back to the gate. it was first thought to be a passenger's illness was a suspicious about a university of pennsylvania professor she allegedly thought posed a threat. >> i think it's a sad state of commentary on how suspicious we are of one another. >> the professor is an internationally recognized economist. he was on his way to a speaking engagement in ontario, can dashgs and working on math ee wags that's were part of the presentation. the woman thought he was a terrorist because he was writing
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strange thing onz a pad of paper. >> obviously, people have a very great fear which overwhelms their ability to think. >> he was removed from the plane, questioned, and eventually cleared by authorities. it delayed the flight for two hours. >> i think she should have asked him what he was doing first. >> that statement american airlines confirmed that a passenger expressed concerns about another customer's behavior and apologized for the delay. >> it's pretty unfortunate. i think you have to stick to the rules that are going on around the world. >> andrea flynn thomas, nbc 10 news. all right. taking a look at our neighborhood forecast. happy forecast for a happy mother's day. checking numbers right now in your neighborhood. lehigh valley and lower 50s. colder in the suburbs. 51 in philadelphia. 49 degrees in and around south jersey. we go ahead and check a little
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closer in, pick out your neighborhood in the lehigh valley. up here, 49 degrees right now. it's 50 degrees out there in easton. 51 in bethlehem. so pretty much in the upper 40s in some locations. mainly in the 50s or better. we're looking at cloud cover right now. cold front getting closer just sort of whipping right through from west to east bringing rain right now up here in allentown and just north of allentown. you can see the oranges and yellows. that is from heavier rainfall embedded. it's a quick moving front. it is very spotty in nature. this is just scattered here. it's dry in philadelphia right now. it's still dry in south jersey. so as this system comes through, you can't anticipate some scattered shower activity weflt just have scattered isolated pockets of rain moving into parts of lancaster county and western chester county at this hour. north wilmington getting a few
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showers and spritzers as this system gets through. we are expecting high pressure to move in, clearing our skies. can you believe it? for the afternoon, so exciting, right? maybe you're planning a mother's day barbecue later on today. i think you'll like it. we'll have breezy conditions. the good news is we'll have plenty of sunshine. we don't have any rain behind this system. so once the front moves through, we are in the sun. it's going to be quite nice later on today. as far as our future cast, we're tracking our next rain maker. monday, 1:30. i just want to stop it. there tomorrow afternoon, we'll be dry for our rush hour in the morning. but then you see this cloud shelf coming in from the southwest am you can see how the clouds are just pushing into our area. this will be tomorrow afternoon. another front moving into our area tomorrow afternoon could bring pockets of showers, isolatic isolated scattered showers. look at the clouds harnging around in pennsylvania, northern
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delaware. so the clouds stay with us into tuesday morning. and, again, we have a threat of some isolated showers moving through the area for tuesday. so early showers today and then mother's day sunshine. so that is good news. how about the ten day outlook? we'll take you through. tomorrow looking like even a little bit more improvement especially in the temperature department. we'll bump up to 70 degrees in philadelphia with the sunshine. and 72, i should say. 70 today. 72 tomorrow. and the overnight lows not doing too bad lily. tuesday we'll stay dry, possibly a chance of shower activity wednesday might be our next rain maker, possibly with a thunderstorm come midweek. rosemary? >> thank you for. that. a super bowl champion quarterback is calling out the eagles sam bradford. and after dropping three straight games, find out if the phillies can outlast the marlins next in sports.
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good morning. phillies have come back to earth to be sure. losing four of five, including the series opener against the marlins, second game of the series. last night, hernandez in a 3-2 ball game. banks one. that goes into right field. tied at three. next batter, a grounder into what should be a of 6-4-3 play killing but johnson drops the ball. the winning run touches the dish. phillies steal one in miami. sam bradford's desire to be traded because they cook carson wentz in the draft hasn't gone well. joe thighsman was on sirius nfl radio. >> i can not believe what sam bradford is doing with the philadelphia eagles. the impression that i get is that this guy here doesn't want
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to compete. he's not interested in playing quarterback. he's not interested in competing at the quarterback position. he wants it handed to him on a silver platter. well that's not the way life is. the eagles owe him no explanation. faen you think you're that good, you should be able to beat ow a rookie who has no earthly idea what the nfl looks like. >> last year at the kentucky derby we introduced you to american pharoah who went on to become first triple crown winner since 1978. the most likely horse to follow in the food steps is nyquist. the winner of all seven of the previous races. here is the stretch call. >> nyquist has taken the lead on the outside. gunrunner second at the rail. five lengths back to destined in third. and they come to the final furlong. closing in, nyquist with a 16th to go. gunrunner on the outside.
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nyquist and exaggerator. they're coming to the line together. and nyquist is still unbeaten. he has won the kentucky derby! >> nyquist rumbles into the winner circle by one and a quarter lengths as the fourth consecutive favorite to win the race. exaggerator sec and gunrunner finished third. the washington capitals won the president's trophy for most points in the regular season. they were facing elimination in the playoffs last night against the penguins. less than five minutes in, the great number eight, alex ovechkin all alone. buries one on the power play. washington gets the 1-0 lead. second period, 1-o. oshie puts in the rebound. caps stay alive with a 3-1 win. the penguins lead the series 3-2. blues and stars tied at two games apiece. the blues go ahead and score
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2-1. this was a timely lull. momentum continues to carry from there. late in the period, brower in front. forget about it. blues win 4-1 to win the series at home on monday. nba playoffs, steph curry playing 2 on 2 before the game. that was it. knee injury kept him out of the warriors series again the blazers. third quarter, damon lillard was a one man wrecking crew. this triple part of his game high 40 points. the blazers trail the series 2-1. nice pass to dwyane wade. scoring back door. finishes with a one handed clutch. he had 38. the heat go on three. villanova product kyle lour lowry, a deep three. the raptors go ahead to win 95-91. they take a 2-1 series lead. that is your look at sports.
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today the awards will be handed out to the winners of the classic car show in wildwood. hundreds of classic cars of makes and models have been going up and down the boardwalk this weekend as part of the show. the event goes from 9:00 to 11:00 this morning inside the wildwood convention center. 5 5:57. someone in new jersey is a whole lot rich they are morning. and those winning numbers are worth $429 million. we'll tell what you we learned about where the winning powerball ticket was told coming up. i think a lot of us are going to feel like we won the lottery whether we see sunshine later on today. a lot of happy moms for a happy mother's day. we're looking live at cape mae. it is beautiful. will the sun hang around? i'll be back in just a bit.
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this morning, there's one winning ticket in last night's $429 million powerball jackpot. guess what? it was sold right here in our region. we'll tell where you that lucky customer bought it and we'll run through the winning numbers for you in case you may have won a
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smaller prize. the coast guard is deciding when and if they'll resume the search for a missing jet skier on the delaware river. we'll explain what happened coming up. now a live look outside over center city. you can see city hall and the comcast building there and cloudy skies after clouds and showers this morning. we should see just bate of sunshine later on today. but the rain will return this week. we'll have details in just a moment in the first alert forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just about 6:00 on this sunday. happy mother's day. meteorologist karen thomas is tracking the improving conditions in our neighborhood weather. karen, we really started to see a little bit of break in that wet weather yesterday afternoon. >> yes, indeed. we do have some scattered showers, isolated showers moving through the area this morning. again, we're expecting a nice sunny break later on this afternoon. so we just have to deal with the pesky clouds and scattered isolated showers this morning. and then for a great mother's day


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