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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  May 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the coast guard is deciding when and if they'll resume the search for a missing jet skier on the delaware river. we'll explain what happened coming up. now a live look outside over center city. you can see city hall and the comcast building there and cloudy skies after clouds and showers this morning. we should see just bate of sunshine later on today. but the rain will return this week. we'll have details in just a moment in the first alert forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just about 6:00 on this sunday. happy mother's day. meteorologist karen thomas is tracking the improving conditions in our neighborhood weather. karen, we really started to see a little bit of break in that wet weather yesterday afternoon. >> yes, indeed. we do have some scattered showers, isolated showers moving through the area this morning. again, we're expecting a nice sunny break later on this afternoon. so we just have to deal with the pesky clouds and scattered isolated showers this morning. and then for a great mother's day later on, we'll bring some
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sunshine in for mom. right now, temperatures mainly in the 50s. a little cooler out here in the suburb as the 48 degrees. we put cloudy in here simply because we do still have clouds. we have isolated showers happening. 53 with peeks of sunshine. there for a high today though, we're looking to get to about 70 degrees in philadelphia. 66 out in the suburbs. close to 70 in new jersey. we're looking for about 67 at the jersey shore. looking good on the boardwalk. lehigh valley, of 66. cool tler because there is a cloud cover the longest. scattered isolated showers moving through the lehigh valley at this hour. 70 degrees in delaware. again with, the sun and the cloud. so all in all, it's really going to be looking like a half and a half. showers in the morning, sunshine later on today. once this cold front sweeps right on through. got news is it's a quick moving front. once it gets out of here, breezy
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conditions. ple plenty of sunshine for just about everybody in the viewing area. enjoy this happy mother's day for a few good reasons indeed. >> thank you for. that happy mother's day to you, by the way. if you haven't done it yet, it is time to check those powerball tickets. i should say just a moment ago when i said you should check them because you may have won a smaller prize, you may be that winning ticket. it was sold in mercer county. someone in our area is more than $429 million richer. here are the winning numbers. either you won the one ticket or you did get a smaller prize. 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, powerball number is 9. name of the winning store hasn't been released yet. the new jersey lottery director is going to expect the winner will take home run her time to come forward in order to talk to financial planners and professionals. that winner is going to have to handle almost half a billion dollars. that's the prize. everybody who played had high hopes of matching all six of the
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numbers correctly. you could feel the powerball fever at this sunoco in winward county. take a listen to the plans. >> i don't know. i don't know. i'm going to take a trip and take my friends and charity. >> try to make other people's lives happy area again out of here. >> the $429.6 million jackpot is the seventh largest in powerball history. now to news from our trenton bureau, it's unclear if the coast guard plans to resume the search for a missing jet skier this morning. according to authorities, jesus melendez an a friend ran aground on their jet ski near the trenton boat ramp. you're looking at video from the scene. the crew from a nearby ship rescued the friend. the coast guard was then called in their boat and helicopter
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crews searched for melendez until 10:00 last night. >> six people are dead and several others injured after a series of house fires in our area between friday night and yesterday morning. and in two of the fires, smoke detectors either weren't working or we thrnt thethey weren't the. firefighters battled three separate deadly fires in norris town. two adults and a child were killed. in south philadelphia, two adults died. in west philadelphia, a man who tried to put out the fire himself died after getting caught in heavy smoke. witnesses tell us they saw people jumping from the burning row home. >> a guy hanging on the second floor landing. he jumped. and we seen him -- the whole first floor go up in flames. >> he had an excontinuing wisher and trying to put it out. >> philadelphia fire commissioner derrick sawyer says if can you not afford a smoke
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detector, call 311. firefighters will come to your home to install one for you. a little later on today, pro marijuana activists will rally in certainty city, philadelphia. it will begin at 3:30 with a march from eighth and market street. to city hall. participants plan to celebrate pennsylvania's recent legalization of medical marijuana. they'll also renew the call for laws permitting recreational use of the drug. demonstrators were out last night. hundreds of people protested a plan to expand the fossil fuel trade in philadelphia. demonstrators rallied outside the energy solutions refinery. they're against the refinery's plan to become a hub for trading crude oil. protesters claim the proposal could increase pollution or could lead to environmental disaster. 6. 06789 aright now on this sunday morning. we're just about two hours away from the start of the 26th annual komen philadelphia race for the cure.
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nbc 10s monique braxton is live at the art museum where runners and walkers will begin the race shortly. great event, monique. >> absolutely. the finishing touches are going up as those walkers and runners arrive here at the philadelphia museum of art. i'll get out of the way so you can see how the crowd is starting to take shape. a lot of people showing up. a lot of local radio stations promoting the event. on the other side of the trucks that are lined up here, you see people standing in line picking up their registration packets, et cetera. breast cancer survivors are gathering for a breakfast on the other side of the white tent. it's the 26th year for the susan g. komen race for the cure. each participant must have raised $250. 75% of the money raised in the community, 25% is for research. just a short time ago, we spoke to a breast cancer survivor about the significance of this
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day. >> so inspirational and so moving. 17 year survivor. and when i come down the steps every year, it doesn't matter the first year, the fifth year, i know i'm going to cry. >> if you still want to come, there is still time. opening ceremonies begin at 7:00. the survivors' parade of pink that diane was talking about was part of a launching ceremony at 7:15. i hear there isn't a dry eye on the parkway when everyone cheers for those survivors as they come upon the art museum steps. then at 8:00, there's going to be a one of a kind warmup. we're going to be here to bring it all to you live and have much more of the excitement on this mother's day, a unique way that philadelphia celebrates. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. we'll check back with you shortly. coming up, the 142nd
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kentucky derby is in the books at churchill downs. we'll show you how our area celebrated first jewel of the triple crown after the break. later, the nbc 10 investigators delve deep near unlicensed funeral homes uncovering more questions for regulators.
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good sunday morning. happy mother's day. we're looking at radar in morning because we're track something shower activity. it's a cold front, quick moving. moving from west to east. it is bringing isolated showers to our area at this hour. we see some convection in the system right here up near allentown. some showers, some heavier self embedded there, even rumbles of thunder moving through to the north of. that light sprinkle activity moving into the philadelphia area, parts of chester county just moving into western delaware county. very isolated. you see delaware mainly dry with
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the exception of down here in southern delaware. so shower activity moving through and off the coast. it's dry right now in south jersey. but that's front moves on through the area, we can expect some isolated pockets of rain, just pushing very quickly through the area. and then behind it, we take the larger, wider view, we can see high pressure here. so some clearing expected for later on today. so after the noon time hour, dpenlding depending on where y are, we're expecting clearing from west to east as the front continues to push off the coast. as it moves out, we're looking for breezy conditions later on this afternoon. but the good news for mother's day, we're looking for sunshine later on. clouds will hang around but then clearing out of here and that is really good news. warming up to day with the little bit of sunshine. close to p 70 degrees in philadelphia. >> thank you for that, karen. >> still unbeaten. he has won the kentucky derby!
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>> it's known as the fastest two minutes in sports and nyquist won the 142nd kentucky derby with a time just over that. last year's kentucky derby winner was, of course, american pharoah. he went on to win the triple crown. all eyes towards ni quest to see if he can replicate that feat. of course, coming up next is the preakness in baltimore. along with the derby came the party. you know what we're talking about. ♪ we're talking about live music, hats, the whole thing to help kick off this kentucky derby block party yesterday. guests dressed to the nines complete with traditional derby hats and bow ties and i'm sure mint juleps were served. el chapo on the move. the victimed drug king ping is transferred to another prison. the question is why? that's next.
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media reports that officers were doing a security check when four men in a pickup truck started shooting. there's no word on any arrests or if the gunmen were with a terrorist group. history was made in lon this weekend. the city's firstlíqr muslim ma was sworn in yesterday. khan said he was truly humbled to be lekted. he is 45 years old and son of immigrants from pakistan. some are calling this lon's obama moment, first nonwhite mayor in a city known for diversity. let's head to poland now. tens thousands of people marched in central warsaw yesterday. they were protesting the policies of the conservative government.
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the demonstrators saz the policies are arm harmful to poland's position in the european union. the ruling party said they made changes to build a stronger nation and that poland needs to defend its interests in the eu. a notorious mexican drug lord is in a new prison this morning. we're talking about el chapo. he's been moved to a prison in northern mexico near the texas border. he is locked up a short distance from el paso. guzman was transferred yesterday morning. officials say the move was due to construction at the prison in central mexico where he had been held. and they know all the moms out there want a nice forecast. once we get through the clouds this morning, a little bit of shower activity moving through the area, we will have plenty of sunshine. so shaping up to be' very happy
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mother's day forecast for everybody down there on the parkway for the susan g. komen race for the cure. we open up for sunshine later today. temperatures bumping just a bit the we have rain right now in the lehigh valley. temperatures out in the pennsylvania suburbs, cool for sure. if you'ring out oorly this morning, you'll need a jacket. 52 degrees right now in chads ford. 51 in chester heights. everybody at au50 or lower. 49 degrees at lincoln university. 51 degrees in oxford as we move through the morning hours, temperature will bump just a bit. we're looking for sunshine later on. but it is chilly out there. as i said, you're going to definitely need a jacket if you're heading out oorly this morning. so early showers this morning. very isolated. and thn we are looking for mother's day sunshine today. here's what we can expect. so it's looking really pretty good, especially after the noon time hour. once the front clears through,
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we're looking for the skies to clear out. blue skies, beautiful. it will clear from west to east. 70 degrees in philadelphia. you see 71 in kenneth square. we're looking for windy conditions as well to pick up. it will feel warmer out there. and so that is really good news. happy mother's day to everybody. radar showing wrus the wet stuff s we do have some rain with some heavier showers embedded up here in allentown and parts of the lee high valley. further north, we have a cell right here. just coming in just east of lancaster county, moving squarely in montgomery county, parts of burks county as well. philadelphia expecting isolated showers the next hour or. so it's moving quickly through wilmington as well. there is a dense fog advisory along the jersey shore at this hour. so thick cloud cover there right along the shoreline. this high pressure is going to build in later today.
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we're expecting to say good-bye, finally, for a little while anyway, to the clouds and showers. future cast, we'll put night motion. we start out with sunshine tomorrow. bring umbrellas just in case. monday night into tuesday morning. so fur f. you're heading out tomorrow evening, could get a sprinkle or two as another cold front makes its way through. look at the clouds hanging around through tuesday and a chance of shower activity once again. really going an unsettled weather pattern as we move on through the next ten days. that you can see. frankly, today, later in the day, tomorrow and tuesday, not looking too bad. >> thank you for that. 6:19 right now. next, an nbc 10 investigation into unlicensed funeral homes leads to even more questions for regulators and a new revelation about a member of the state funeral board.
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nbc 10 investigators found bodies inside annen licensed funeral home. it led our investigative reporter to questions that regulators didn't want to answer. and a revelation about the leader of the state board of funeral directors. >> no one knew no one was supposed to be preparing for funerals because the building isn't a licensed funeral home. yet in main room, we saw his former business partner standing over a casket with a body inside. hunt took us into the back room where we found another casket and a corpse inside.
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minutes after we walked in, the chester police showed up and asked everyone to step outside. deputy commissioner gave us this confirmation. >> there are two bodies in the proservice being prepared for a viewing. >> are you a licensed funeral director? are you? >> i'm calling my attorney. >> he is not a licensed funeral director. he's a licensed funeral trainee, meaning he has to work under the supervision of a licensed funeral director. >> for months now i've been trying to let the board know that there's been unlicensed activity going on in the building. >> mr. johns, how are you doing? i'm with the nbc 10 investigators. when we went back to ask johns about his business, he again told us to call his lawyer but wouldn't give us a number or tell us who his lawyer is. >> you are working as a funeral director? >> i'm not doing funerals? you're not preparing bodies for burr yl? >> it's not the first time we've
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seen inlunsed activity in a pennsylvania funeral home. last summer we saw it twice in one week in philadelphia. first police discovered decomposing bodies in blare hawkins unlicensed funeral home. days later, they found three deexposing in an unrefrigerated philadelphia garage. state records shows janet powell daily ran an unlicensed funeral home for three years. they were both charged with abuse of a corpse and are awaiting trial. hawkins said he wouldn't talk to us until his trial ends. this lady and her lawyer have not returned our calls. >> how does a situation like that happen? >> you know what? i don't know. i -- i don't know. i mean, this is a tough industry. >> gregory burell is a member of the state funeral board for six years. as chairman, he was in charge of overseeing the industry but when we went to harrisburg to see how the weeds out unlicensed activity, we watched them weed out burell. >> all those in favor say aye.
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>> he was removed as chairman because state records show he allowed his funeral home's license to lapse for four days in february. >> i think it's a it can nick alt because we were not -- i mean the license were going for three days. and i mean the check and the applications were in the mail to get there on time so we would not be late. >> according to the department of state, he ran west philly's perry funeral home without a license from february 1st to february 5 rnlg according to the perry funeral website, they performed two funerals during that time. he thought his license is active. it is just baffling to me because i know we wrote the checks way in advance, way in advance. >> the funeral board can issue fines and revoke licenses but whether it's the board chairman or someone such as johns, our investigation found the state powerless to stop the unlicensed from performing funerals. >> we do not have the stat forry
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authority to actually stop a person from practicing. >> peter spieth is the deputy secretary in charge of pennsylvania's professional licensing. court records show the state regulator tried to shut down powell's funeral home last fall in philadelphia but couldn't. state law requires proof of immediate and irrepairable harm of the living. >> how good can you be at that job in you can't stop them from practices? >> we can be infeeffective to t extent that we are bringing attention to the fact that they are practicing without a license. >> now we all know planning a funeral can be a stressful time. this is the website that you need to out so you make sure you're dealing with someone reputable. search pennsylvania's professional licensed lookup by name to see if a person is licensed. the funeral board home page has a home that listed unlicensed funeral homes that inspectors b we have links on our website so
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you can search for yourself. for the investigators, mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. 6:27 right now on this sunday. it is mother's day. and in philadelphia, many moms will be among the thousands taking part in the annual race for the cure. nbc 10s monique braxton is live at the art museum with a preview. >> it's the 26th annual year and for some people, a bittersweet moment is about to get under way. we'll have that for you after the break. we're working on a decent forecast for all our moms out there today. sort of a half and half. we have scattered clouds and isolated showers this morning. we are looking for clearing and plenty of sunshine later on. this live shot in cape mae giving us a little taste of those clearing skies that we can experience late oern this afternoon. i'll be back with your full forecast after the break. [ soft music ]
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this morning, someone's powerball dreams are coming true. right here in region. the only winning ticket in last night $429 million drawing was sold in new jersey. we'll tell where you and run down the winning numbers even if you didn't hit it big, you still may have won a smaerl prize. it's a mother's day tradition. take a live look at the philadelphia museum of art where the susan g komen race for the cure kicks off this morning. opening ceremonies begin in a half hour. we'll have a live preview in moments. the runners will see clouds and some spotty showers. anybody who is also going to be doing some exercise this morning along kelly drive boat house road, you may want to have that rain jacket handy just in case. it should be clearing out later today making way for the sun to make an appearance for our mother ace day. what a gift.
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good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm rosemary connors much it's 6:30. karen as has our neighborhood weather. karen, the sun isn't really out yet. it's already start warm up a bit. >> yeah. it is feeling pretty good out there. we don't have any real winds to speak of. we do anticipate conditions to get breezy later ton day. but we'll take that. we are expect something sunshine later on to go along with those breezy conditions. we'll take it. 51 degrees right now in philadelphia. we do have cloudy skies. we have a cold front that is moving quickly through the area. bringing some shower activity. it is raining right now in the lehigh valley and parts. there light scattered shower activity and heavy rain further north. 53 right now in delaware. we can see peeks of sunshine there. but as we move on through our morning hours, we're looking for the cloudy skies even along the jersey shore which has dense fog down there. temperatures not doing too badly right now. lower to mid 50s with exception
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of the suburbs with 48 degrees. so the winds we talk about not doing too badly along the shoreline right now. we have winds out of the southeast and that will continue until front passes through and then we'll get a wind shift and increase with that pressure gradient as that system moves off the coast. so breezy conditions. here is the front. we see some of the showers, very spotty. look at. this delaware dry at this hour. south jersey, not doing tooly. we have rain moving through parts of easterner county right now, parts of delaware county. heavy rain here to the north. just moving in through trenton. and parts of gloucester county, cam county. just set to get showers moving through the area. it clears, we're looking for some blue skies and sunshine later on. rosemary? >> we'll look for that. someone in our area is more than $429 million richer. the only winning ticket for last night's massive powerball jackpot was sold in mercer
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county. the name of the store that sold the lucky ticket hasn't been released. i'm sure we may see that later on today, tomorrow at the latest. here with the winning numbers. 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, and 9. jackpot, worth $429.6 million. it's the seventh largest powerball jackpot in history. the new jersey lottery director says she expects the winner will take his or her time before coming forward in order talk to financial planners and professionals about hand willing the almost half a bill winnings. police in wilmington are investigating a double shooting. it happened near 27th and market streets. here's what we know. medics took the victims to the hospital but there is no word yet on their conditions. as soon as we have more details, we'll pass them along. also new from overnight -- a man is in critical condition after being shot three times in north philadelphia. this happened at front and west moreland street.
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not too long right around 5:00 this morning, the victim was found a half block away with wounds to his face, back, and arms. there are no arrests yet in this case. now to news from our trenton bureau. it's unclear if the coast card plans to resume the search for a missing jet skier this morning. according to authorities, geez melendez and a friend ran aground on their jet ski in the delaware river. you're looking at video from the scene. a crew from a nearby ship rescued melendez's friend. their boat and helicopters searched for melendez until 10:00 last night. six people are dead, several others are injured after a series of house fires throughout our area between friday night and yesterday morning. in a span of just 12 hours, firefighters many montgomery county and philadelphia battled three separate deadly fires.
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in norristown, two adults and a child were killed. in south philadelphia, two adults died. and in west philadelphia, a man who tried to put out the fire himself died after getting caught in heavy smoke. in two of these deadly fires, smoke detectors were either not working or not there altogether. >> we need everyone to have a working smoke alarm. have a home escape plan. make sure you can get out safely. again, if there's a fire, get out first and dial 911. if you try to fight the fire, you may not be successful. the philadelphia fier commission also had some good advice. if you can't afford a smoke detector, call 311. city firefighters will come and help you out. it's been a tough weekend for wildfire crews in alberta, canada. this one here could continue burning for months. flames that broke out one week ago today are still raging out of control. this cell phone video shows
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blocks of destroyed buildings and burned out cars in the mcmurray. pleats c police convoys about v. been moving people to safety. giving up and they've had some success in quenching the flames. on this mother's day, thousands of people are coming together in philadelphia to help fight breast cancer and to support survivors of the disease. monique braxton is live where the race for the cure starts in just a short while from now. i see dressed for the occasion. hi, rosemary. for the past two hours we've been watching walkers and run areas rife here. we've been watching some of the finishing touches go up. you can see there are balloon har muches in the distance there. everyone gathering for the philadelphia museum of art. breast cancer survivors are also gathering for fast right now. it is the 26th year for the susan g.komen race for the cure.
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each participant must raise $250 and we've been told 75% of the money raised stays in the community. 25% goes to research. a short time ago we spoke to a two-time breast cancer survivor, a man. he shared how he knew something was wrong. >> i detected it, just a slight tickle in my nipple, no more than a little scratch from your arm or your leg. i really didn't think much of it. i had a regularly scheduled appointment with my doctor for a checkup. we went through it. he talked about all the of things to lose weight, et cetera. and he was walking out the door, we were done. and i don't know why, but something maud me say, oh, by the way, i have this funny little tickle. he turned around and came back in and checked and that was the start of that. >> he told me his wife is also a
6:38 am
two-time breast cancer survivor. if you still want to participate, there is still time to do so. opening ceremonies begin in about a half hour. and then a bittersweet moment when i understand there won't be a dry eye on the parkway. and that is when the survivors do their parade of pink. that launches batat about 7:15. then a one of a kind warmup happens at 8:00. we'll be here to have it for you live along the parkway as you see the participants coming in droves. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> of course, wearing pink. thank you for that. 6:38 on this sunday. fortunately for those walkers and runners out there for the race for the cure at the moment it is dry and as meteorologist karen thomas tells us, we're going to look for a clearing but the rain is going to return. she's got your full neighborhood
6:39 am
forecast. we'll take a quick break and see you in a few.
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happy mother's day to all the moms out. there we're working on a forecast for you for sure. 51 degrees in philadelphia. we have clouds and spotty showers. but we're looking for better news later this afternoon in the way of sunshine, clearing skies. right now we're getting peeks of sunshine in new jersey. 50 degrees. along the shoreline, we have fog there. the heavier cloud cover you see there on the boardwalk, 54 degrees. 52 in the lee high valley. and that's where we have the rain. 53 degrees in delaware right now
6:42 am
with some peeks of sunshine. we do look for that sun to be getting a little stronger after this quick moving cold front gets through for the morning hours. so clouds, spotty showers around right now we have some rain falling just north of philadelphia and moving up through northern new jersey. this system will continue moving west to east. it brought showers just about an hour ago right on through southern delaware, parts of interior south jersey. that will continue through the morning hours. but then we are looking for clearing and drying and so that's looking really pretty good. now we have an active weather pattern for the next seven days or so. you can see the seven day forecast here at the bottom of the screen. i'll be back with more details on the seven day in just a bit. >> still ahead, a super bowl champion quarterback is calling out the eagles bradford. and after broping three straight, find out if the phillies can outlast the marlins. it's awe coming your way in sports.
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democrats and republicans vote in the west virginia primary. a little later ton day sh bernie sanders kicks off a campaign swing in new jersey. senator sanders will hold a rally in rutgers university. sanders picked up several delegates in yesterday's caucus in guam. he trailed by several hundred delegates in the race for the nomination. later on this morning, donald trump will sit down with chuck todd for a one-on-one ind view on nbc's "meet the press."
6:46 am
that at 10:30 on nbc 10. this weekend, north carolina republicans renominated governor pat mccorey at their state convention. yesterday mccorey blasted his democratic rival for opposing a controversial bathroom law for transgender people. north carolina has until tomorrow to respond to the justice department which has said that the law violates the civil rights act. talking about the weather now, finally, just a little bit of sunshine. the rain stopped yesterday. the sun peeked out. it was just in time for the weekend festivals that we've been waiting for. ♪ live music and food brought out the crowds. crafts and spring plants were on sale at may fair. and on south street, a huge crowd turned out to dance, drink, and be merry at the spring festival on south street.
6:47 am
>> we did mention we have dry conditions for a lot of the area yesterday. but cool conditions. we topped out 63 degrees for a high temperature yesterday. we're looking to bump up to the upper 6 o's or 7 o degrees in philadelphia today. so we're getting. there still below average this time of year. but slowly but surely, we have rain falling in the lehigh valley right now. 52 degrees. peeks of sunshine and drier conditions in south jersey. 50 degrees. we'll look at the numbers in philadelphia. pick your neighborhood. 51 degrees right now in society hill. up in chestnut hill, low 50s n summerton, 50 degrees. so we have a tale of two store. we have early showers and clouds for the start of our mother's day. but hang on. have the umbrellas if you're heading out early this morning because we're very scattered and isolated. but then later today, mother's sunshine will prevail. so 70 degrees for high temperature in the city. with that sunshine later on this
6:48 am
afternoon. and then kenneth square, 71 degrees with sun. allentown, 67. cooler in ocean city. greenville, delaware, 68 degrees. the breeze will pick up later ton day as well as that cold front exits out of here. shower activity right now with heavier cells you see in the orange. we veen some pinks in here just north of philadelphia. so parts of montgomery county, burks county, just moving out into new jersey. you see the heavier rain way up there to north. but shower activity happening just near wilmington and parts of delaware county. so that's why i say hang on to the umbrellas if you're heading out early this morning. it's very isolated and scattered. but then we have drying and clearing back here in the central part of the state. that's going to filter in and kick those clouds out for us. and we're looking for brighter skies for the second half of our mother's day. future cast put night motion. the clouds come back into the picture.
6:49 am
we get shower activity moving through. future cast tells us overnight to early tuesday morning we do have a possibility of a stretch of rain moving through the area for tuesday morning. but look at. this the clouds are expected to stay with us. so it's really going to be a mixed bag for monday, tuesday, wednesday looking like a better chance of rain maybe even a thunderstorm moving through midweek. right now, our wind shifts is -- the winds coming in from the south, southeast. we have seven miles per hour here in lantic city. three in mt. holly. so not doing too badly. as for the ten day outlook, today, tomorrow, tuesday, looking really pretty good. so we're going to squeak out with sunshine for the second half of our mother's day. we wand to have the umbrellas handy for wednesday and thursday. rosemary?
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good morning. the phillies have come back to earth, for sure. losing 3 of 5. second game of the series last night. caesar hernandez, 3-2 ball game. banks one. that goes into right field and we're tied at 3. franco grounds into what should be a 6-4-3 but, no johnson drops the ball. the winning run touches the ball and they win 4-3. to the gridiron, sam bradford's desire to be traded because they selected carson wentz in the draft isn't going over well. joe thigeismann went to radio. >> i can't believe what sam bradford is doing with the philadelphia eagles. the impression that i get is that this guy here doesn't want to compete. he's not interested in playing quarterback. he's not interested in competing at the quarterback position. he wants it handed to him on a
6:51 am
silver platter. well that's not the way life is. if you think you're that good, you should be able to beat out a rookie that has no earthly idea what the nfl looks like. >> last year at the kentucky derby, we introduced you to american pharoah who won the derby and was the first triple crown winner since 1978. the most likely horse to follow in the footsteps is nyquist. the winner of all seven of the previous races. here is the stretch call. >> gunrunner, second at the rail. five lengths back to destine in third. nyquist with a 16th to go. runner, exaggerator on the outside. nyquist and exaggerator. they're coming line together. and nyquist is unbeeten. he has won the kentucky derby! >> nyquist rumbles into the
6:52 am
winner's circle by one and a quarter lengths as the fourth consecutive favorite to win the race. gunrunner finished third. to the nhl, the washington capitals won the president's trophy for the most points in the season. they were facing elimination against the penguins yesterday. less than five minutes in, the great number eight alex ovechkin all a. buries one on the power play. gives washington the lead. second period, 1-1. another caps power play. captain america, c.j. oechy slips in t oshie. the penguins lead the series 3-2. blues and stars, tied at two games apiece. second period. ashkin slips in his own rebound. his first career postseason goal. it was a timely one. momentum justins to carry. corey brower in front. forget about it. they win the series at home on
6:53 am
monday. nba playoffs, steph curry playing two on two before the game but that was it. knee injury kept him out of the warriors series against the blazers. damon lillard was a one man wrecking crew. this triple part of his game high 40 points. blazers win 120-108 but trail the series 2-1. nice pass to dwyane wade going back door. finishes with a one handed flush. he had 38 turning back the clock. tied at 28. the villanova product kyle lourry, a deep three. trying to find the shooting touch after some very subpar games. the raptors win 95-91 taking a 2-1 series lead. that is your look at sports. i'm from comcast sports net.
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happy moernlther's day. here is a look at the breakfast separations at the first baptist church in north philadelphia. the men of the church are making their annual mother's day breakfast today. they want to honor all the mothers and their church for the work they do every day. looks beautiful. and should be a good time there this morning. to date awards will be handed out to the winners of the classic car show in wild wood.
6:57 am
hundreds of classic cars with all makes and models have been tooling up and down the boardwalk this weekend as part of the show. if you're looking for something to do with mom, the vent goes from 9:00 to 11:00 this morning. the awards event is happening inside the wildwood convention center. former fauxes turned bike riding partners. yesterday the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia teamed up with the "philadelphia daily news" for the first bike safe bike ride. the coalition had fought for years over biking in the city. the two sides came to a truce resulting in this 11-mile ride for charity. good for them. somebody in new jersey is a whole lotter this morning. yep. you bet. there is one winning powerball ticket worth $429 million. we'll tell wau we learned about where that ticket was sold coming up. and we may all be lottery winners of sorts because we're waiting on sunshine later on today. just in time for a happy
6:58 am
mother's day. a lot of moms out there, get ready to put your shades on. we're looking for later on this afternoon. i'll be back with your full forecast after the break.
6:59 am
7:00 am
right now, jackpot. this morning, someone is $429 million richer after buying the one and only winning powerball nikt new jersey. the race for the cure right now opening ceremonies are just getting under way at the philadelphia art museum where runners and walkers will step off to make a difference. a live report is straight ahead. and search on the water, what we're learning from the coast card about a missing jet skier on the delaware river. good morning. happy's day. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. 7:00 on this sunday. the sun managed to peek out just a bit yesterday. this morning, the clouds are back. and so are some showers. here is a live look at the center city skyline. meteorologist karen thomas has the mother's day forecast where you live. karen, all things considered, especially when you look at yesterday and friday, it could be worse. >> oh, my goodness, you're not kidding on that


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