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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  May 8, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now, jackpot. this morning, someone is $429 million richer after buying the one and only winning powerball nikt new jersey. the race for the cure right now opening ceremonies are just getting under way at the philadelphia art museum where runners and walkers will step off to make a difference. a live report is straight ahead. and search on the water, what we're learning from the coast card about a missing jet skier on the delaware river. good morning. happy's day. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. 7:00 on this sunday. the sun managed to peek out just a bit yesterday. this morning, the clouds are back. and so are some showers. here is a live look at the center city skyline. meteorologist karen thomas has the mother's day forecast where you live. karen, all things considered, especially when you look at yesterday and friday, it could be worse. >> oh, my goodness, you're not kidding on that one.
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yes. because we've had such an unsettled weather pattern, it could be worsest we did sunshine in late yesterday. we got about 63 degrees in philadelphia for a high temperature that is below average this time of. we are looking to stay on that track again today. we've got showers and clouds to start. but then we arine looking for sunshine. a happy mother's day forecast, i think. just have the umbrellas around this morning. 53 in philadelphia with very isolated showers. it may not be raining where you are right now. however, we do have some rain, even heavy rain up in the lehigh valley. 51 degrees with plenty of cloud cover swrechlt right now out in the western pa suburbs as well as to the north. just north offed in. those showers moving on the area. we are watching radar right now. is a quick moving front. so it's been moving west to east over the last couple hours. so the stretch of rain contained mainly to the north here. you see north of philadelphia
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but some shower activity moving right on through the city. so we've got runners and walkers out there for the susan g. komen walk this morning. and then we're looking for high pressure to build in bringing us dry conditions and clear skies for the latter part of the day. but as this system right here exits right off the coast and pushes to the north-northeast, we're expecting wins to pick up behind it. and don't be surprised if you get a rumble of thunder out of this system, especially if you're north of philadelphia. i'll be back with more in just a bit. >> we'll see you then. thanks, karen. happening right now at the philadelphia museum of art, runners and walkers are getting ready for the race for the cure to help fight cancer. monique braxton is live this morning. tell us how the weather is there and what is happening at this
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moment. >> hi, rosemary. the opening ceremonies should be getting under way in a few minutes here am you can crowd over shoulder resembles a sea of pink and white. we just had a deluge of rain about 20 minutes ago. as a matter of fact, it's rained twice in the 20 minutes. the down pour hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of families who have come out for the race for the cure. now the breast cancer survivors breakfast wrapped up. this is the 26th year for the race. if you still want to come, you have about an hour now. the emotional survivor's parade of pink launches at 7:15. then i'm hearing there is a one of a kind warmup at about 8:00. now we're hoping that fess tifdz will get under way as soon as possible and we'll bring it you to when it happens. live for now along ben franklin parkway at the steps of the art
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museum. monique braxton. >> thank you. we'll see you shortly. >> if you bought your powerball ticket in mercer county, you could be a big winner this morning. one ticket, just one, that's it, not winners all over the country, number just one. in new jersey. one ticket worth more than $429 million was sold at a store in mercer county. we're still waiting to hear the name of the store. the new jersey lottery says that they're not going to put it out there until proper security measures are in place. also, we're learning that from a the new jersey lottery director that when it comes to the winning ticket holder, she expects that person will take his or her time before to talk to financial planners and professionals about hand willing the almost half a billion dollar winnings. here are the winning snubs. if you didn't win it big, you may have won a smaller prize. 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, and the powerball number is 9. actually thshg morning when i woke up in the darkness was searching for my husband's
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winning lottery ticket hoping it was a winning lottery ticket. i couldn't find it. i didn't want to wake him up. anyway, if a winner decides to take a lum sum, they will walk away with $284 million. half of that will go to taxes. >> people overnight police in wilmington are investigating a double shooting. this happened near 27th and market streets. few details on this. what we do know is that medics did take the victims to the hospital. no word yet on their conditions. as soon as we have more information, we'll pass it along. from our trenton bureau, it is still unclear if the coast guard plans to resume the search for a missing jet skier this morning. according to authorities, jesus melendez and a friend ran aground on their jet ski. it happened laugh night near the trenton boat ramp in the delaware river. this is video from the scene last night. a crew from a nearby ship ended up rescuing melendez's friends. the coast guard was then called n their boat and helicopter
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crews searched for melendez until 10:00 night. we'll keep you posted on this one as well. six people are dead and several others are injured after a series of house fires in our area between friday night and yesterday morning. and in two of the deadly fires, smoke detectors were either not working or not there at all. the span of 12 hours, fire fighters in montgomery county and philadelphia battled three separate deadly fires. in norristown, two adults and a child were killed. in south philadelphia, two adults died n west philadelphia, a man who tried to put out the fire himself died after getting caught in heavy smoke. witnesses tell us they saw people jumping from the burning row home. >> the guy hanging on the second floor landing, he jumped. and we seen a whole first floor engulfed in flames. >> he had a fire extinguisher and trying to get people out of the building. >> philadelphia fire commissioner says that if you
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cannot afford a smoke detector, you need help installing it, call 311. city firefighters will come to help you out. 7:07 on this sunday. a local professor says doing math on a flight stirred up some unnecessary concerns. >> we have a very great fear which overwhelms their ability to think. >> next, suspicious equations, we'll explain how a flight became delayed for two hours because of a math problem. literally. plus, wildfire on the move. flames are still ripping across canada. now officials are calculating the time it could continue to burn. it could be months. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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a good sunday morning. this is your first alert forecast. we're checking our neighborhood temperatures. 53 degrees in philadelphia. not doing too badly. new jersey at 52. suburbs at 48. we have isolated of rain and light shower activity moving through the area. if you're in delaware, may not be raining there. the lee high valley, we're get something shower activity. for high temperatures today, we're looking for that sunshine to warm things up later on today. 70 degrees. sun and clouds in delaware. 66 in the lehigh valley. in new jersey, 68 degrees with
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sun and clouds. here along the jersey shore, 67 degrees with cloudy conditions. but sunshiner on this afternoon and that will be key getting us to 70 degrees in philadelphia. so 69, 70 degrees with sun. i think we'll take it. right now we're watching the cold front sweep through the area. moving at 40 miles per hour. we're seeing heavier rainfall as it pushed through north of philadelphia. you can see there that philadelphia stilling just a few showers right there. monique braxton was reporting that heavy downpours moved right on through. rumbles of thunder to the north of. that then look down here in delaware. and chester county and parts of delaware county as well as south jersey, dry at the moment. although we do see some shower activity right now popping into parts of cam den county and gloucester county. so that will be the ticket for this morning. we're look forg clearing skies
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later on today. >> it's morning, a rescue operation is under way in china after a dead devastating landslide. take a look. next, we'll have an update on the search for dozens of people still missing. and later, a party divided, donald trump and the establishment remain at odds. we'll go live to washington to check in with chuck todd for more on the battle within the gop.
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7:14. we had new information that destructive wildfire in alberta, canada. officials now say the flames could continue burning for months. the fire broke out one week ago today. it's still raging out of
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control. take a look at this damage. you can see blocks of destroyed buildings, burned out cars, this is all in the city of ft. mcmurray. take a look at this new video. this flaemz engulfing a building in ft. mcmurray. police were moving evacuees to safety this week. officials say firefighters are not giving up. they are having some success against the fire. it's tough dry conditions, high winds and warm weather are fanning the flame. new this morning, overseas, rescuers are looking for more victims of this landslide in china. so far, eight people have been pulled out alive. another 33 remain missing. rocks and mud buried an office building and a worker's living area at the site of a hydropower project. heavy rain has triggered the recent landslides and floods in southern china. a notorious mechl drug lord is in a new prison this morning.
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we're talk el chapo guzman. he has been moved to a prison in northern mexico that's near the texas border. this is the guy that kept digging out and get out of his cell. he's now locked up in war ez, a short distance from el paso. guzman was transferred early yesterday not because tried to escape again, no. officials say the move was due to construction at the prison in central mexico where he had been held. the north korean leader says his president will not use the nuclear weapons unless they're invaded by a nation with nuclear weapons. kim outlined that policy yesterday during a meeting with ruling party delegates. he told them north korea will keep working to reduce nuclear tensions until the world is free of them. kim called for more talks with south korea and urged the u.s. to stay away from korean issues. an economist and professor from the university of pennsylvania finds himself the target of terrorist profiling after he was doing some math
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equations on a flight. here's the story. a passenger became suspicious after what professor mendio was writing in his notebook as they sat next to each other. the american airlines flight from silly to syracuse went back to the gate. in a statement, american airlines confirmed that a passenger expressed concerns about another customer's behavior. >> i think they should have asked him what he was doing first. >> he was removed from the plane, questioned, and then eventually cleared. the internationally recognized economic professor was preparing for a speech and was working on math equations that were part of his presideentation. all right. it is mother's day. this is a at the breakfast preparations that are happening right now at the christ like pleasant green faith baptist church in north philadelphia. looks like they're getting some
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eggs together, beating up eggs, there bacon ready. that's right. the men of the church here are making their annual mother's day breakfast. they're trying to give the mom a break. they want to honor all of the mothers in their church for the hard work that they do every day. >> yeah, come to think of it, i didn't get my mother's day breakfast in bed. hopefully you are. hopefully you're watching us baen to enjoy a nice's day forecast. we just have to get through this morning cloud cover and this quick moving front we have coming through the area. then we arine looking for sunshine. 53 degrees in philadelphia right now. we do have the shower activity around. quick moving system though is going to get out of here very quickly. we're looking at temperature right now down along the shore. not doing too badly in ocean city. right now the warm spot, 54 degrees. 49 degrees if may's landing. so the weather story really sort of has early showers with
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clouds. but then we are looking for mother's day sunshine later on today. and i don't think you'll like this -- you won't like this forecast -- you won't mind it too much is what i'm trying to sachlt we're looking for more sunshine later today. a little windy conditions. warmer. we're still going to be below average this time of year. it's 70 degrees. hey, we'll take it. we topped out at 63 in philadelphia yesterday. but we're looking for more sunshine to. so there is the good news. we're checking doppler radar. checking where the rain is right now. we can see some scattered shower activity happening in philadelphia. the heavier stuff moved into new jersey. it is raining in trenton. in and that part of new jersey, heavier cells right here. just crossing over 295. but like i said sh it's a quick mog front. so if you're getting rain right now, just hold to the umbrellas. simply because the system will be out of here before you can blink much it's moving about 40, 45 miles per hour. some showers, isolated pockets of showers moving through parts of south jersey right now.
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but as we go wider, you can see that there really isn't much behind the front. and so that's the high pressure that we'll wait on. we're expecting that to clear our skies later on this afternoon and bring us some much needed sunshine. all right. but we stay with an active pattern future cast showing us that for tomorrow we'll start out dry. we'll get some sunshine. but then look at the clouds moving in from the south. there is a possibility we get shower activity. but nonetheless, the clouds are expected to stay with us. so really machled bag. we get started for our next work week according to our future cast and then rain coming back into the forecast for the possibility of tuesday andbly even on wednesday. we'll take your ten guy forecast out and shou you just what we
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can expect. 70 degrees today. mother's day, happy mother's day to all the mops with tms with t sunshine today. tomorrow, not look took bad, tuesday and wednesday, brelas handy. >> thank you. coming up, a commencement to remember. we'll hear what advice vice president joe bide hen to give to local college graduates this weekend. plus, bernie sand serz going back to school in new jersey for his latest campaign stop where he is kicking off two day trip in the garden state.
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later ton day, pro marijuana activists will rally in center city, philadelphia. it will begin at 3:30 afternoon. participants plan to celebrate pennsylvania's recent
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legalization of medical marijuana and renew the call for laws permitting recreational use of the drug. finally a little sunshine. let's talk about the weather now. the rain stopped yesterday. the sun managed to peek out just in time for some weekend festivals. live music and good food brought out the crowds at mt. airy day in university city. craft ands spring plants were on sale at may fair and on south street. huge crowds. thousands of people turned out to dance, drink and be merry south street spring festival. >> started out a little cold and dreary. the sun came throughout clouds. we warmed up. the opened up to day. it was so nice to just walk around. >> i know, right. the sun. where has that been? spruce street harbor park also opened foifrt dthe first day of
7:26 am
summer season. >> all right. we are looking at a mother's day that i think you're going to like. we just have to and showers around this morning. but we're taking a live look at philadelphia and right now we can see the clouds hang on though. i've got a full forecast for you like i said, sunshine is included. you mooi might like. that. >> runners and walkers are hoping for some decent weather at the race for the cure this morning. we'll take you live to the philadelphia museum of art for the annual event to help fight breast cancer. that is coming up in a few moments.
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a sole winner has the powerball jackpot all to
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themselves. only one ticket matched all the numbers and it was sold in our region. details next. within the hour, runners and walkers at the race for the cure will be on their way. we're live with more on the annual event that focuses on fighting breast cancer and honoring the survivors of the disease. we're tracking some showers though on this mother's day. just for now. here's a live look outside at the center city line. we'll tell when you things are expected to clear up in the neighborhood forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. happy mother's day to all the moms out there. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 7:30 on this sunday. i should say happy mother's day to my mother, of course, and to karen thomas who is also celebrating. karen, it's not best mother's day, you know, we certainly had sunnier ones. but at least it's a few spots of sunshine. >> we're always very hopeful. we're hopeful we'll get sunshine later today. our weather models showing the system is moving out.
7:30 am
it will take the clouds it with. we're looking for sunshine later on. soy mother's day. happy mother's day forecast. sort of a au50/50 split. shower activity moving throughout suburbs. staying cool. there 52 and cloudy inth in. down along the shore though, we're getting peeks of sunshine. 52 degrees. there 52 in the lechlthigh valley with pockets of scattered isolated showers n delaware, woehr dry at 52 degrees. we do have the cloud cover. high temperatures today, we're going to be warming up just a bit. 0 in delaware. 66 in the lehigh valley. 68 in new jersey. 68 in the suburbs. close to 70 degrees in philadelphia. again, we're looking for that sunshine later ton day. so we just have to be patient and hang on. radar showing us just where the rain is right now. the quick moving cold front has been -- we've been tracking it all morning now. it's moving west to east. you see it bringing showers just east of philadelphia and parts of new jersey.
7:31 am
just crossing over i-95 right now. we have high pressure in place here. you can see really not much behind the quick cold front. that's where we can anticipate clearing skies later ton day. as this system exits, we expect the winds to pick up just a bit. we'll have breezy conditions later on today as well. but sunshine, i think, will take it even if we have to deal with the wind picking up just a bit. rosemary? >> thank you. happening now, runners and walkers are getting ready for the race for the cure. it's become a mother's day tradition and organizers along with participants are doing their part to help fight breast cancer. nbc 10s monique braxton is live at the steps of the art museum
7:32 am
where the event is just about to get under way. monique, it looks like the weather there has cleared up just for the moment. >> you know, it did rain twice in a 15, 20 minute period but all is not lost. this is considered a rain or shine event. and the down pour has not dampened the enthusiasm of the families that have come out for the race for the cure. you see pink in all directions. it's the 26th annual year for race for the cure. you know, we just met one first timer who gave all of us a message of hope. >> to give hope to someone that may be going through this journey right now and to let them know that there is an end in sight and you can make it.
7:33 am
i think that's really important. i know this time last year i was struggling with chemotherapy treatment and i was watching on television and it was given me hope. i thoep do that with someone that is going through treatment right now. >> i tell you, that brought tears to my eyes. now as you can hear the prayer in the distance, you also know that no philadelphia event is complete without the mumers. they have arrived. they're awe standing still now awaiting the ending of the prayer. i just heard the minister say amen. so we're going to hear the mummers strut their stuff, see them strut their stuff as well in a couple of minutes. now another point of a poignant moment is going to be the survivor's parade. the survivors are going to descend from the steps of the art mu to just make everyone feel welcome and then also send
7:34 am
more messages of love and hope for those who may be undergoing chemotherapy and fighting breast cancer right now. and then as we approach 8:00, we're being told there is a one of a kind warmup, like a big dance party, to get everyone warmed up. they're expecting upwards of 30,000 people to participate. many young children are here with their parents and grandparents. we're going to have all of it for you as the day progresses. and i'm being told stop talking so i will. what a magnificent event. you know, it puts philadelphia on the map and yet another way. happy mother's day. back to you. >> thank you for that, monique. yeah, i think fred, our producer, he was in a little bit of time in this slot. that's all right. an important event. good information from monique. all right. new from overnight, in other news this, a man is in critical condition after being shot at
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least three times in north philly. this happened at front and west moreland street too long ago, right around 5:00 this morning. this is what we're told. the victim was shot in the face, back, the arm and there are no arrests yet. philadelphia police are busy investigating a possible homicide in ken sington. a woman was found dead inside a vacancy home on rose hill street just before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. police found out about the body after talking to a person they stopped on the street. that person gave them a tip to check the home. police tell us that it appears the victim suffered head trauma. from our trenlton bureau, it's unclear if the coast guard plans to resume their search for a jet skier who went missing last night here the trenton boat ramp in the delaware river. according to authorities, jesus melendez and a friend ran aground on their jet ski. this is video from the scene last night. the crew from a nearby ship ended up rescuing melendez's
7:36 am
friend. coast guard was then called in. their boat and helicopter crew searched for melendez but no luck. they were there until 10:00 last night. somebody in our area is more than $429 million richer. the only winning ticket for last night's massive powerball jackpot was sold in mers ers county. the name of the store that sold the ticket hasn't been released. the winning numbers are 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, and the powerball is 9. if you didn't buy your ticket in mercer county, you may have won a smaerl prize. it's a twister in colorado. we'll tell what you happened after this tornado touched down. a double play around the horn! a strike to chris johnson and he just dropped it. >> a late inning rally with a
7:37 am
little help from an error as the phillies try to snap a three game losing streak. we'll have highlights coming up.
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ncht the future of awe strustra could hinge on a national election set for july 2 nld.
7:40 am
mishgal turn ball's read on the media of a debate with a official, the win by the opposition party would stop the country from achieving economic growth. back here in our area, it's good to be home. that's what vice president joe biden told the crowd at delaware state university's commencement yesterday. he served as the school's keynote speaker and shared this advice with the class of 2016. >> i urge you to resist the temptation to rationalize what other views as the right choices for you. instead of what you feel in your gut is the right choice. >> biden -- >> that should be your north star. >> biden's other advice, be happy, personally as well as professionally. now to our decision 2016 coverage. the next contest on the presidential calendar come up on tuesday. that's when democrats and
7:41 am
republicans will vote in the west virginia primary. er ton day, bernie sanders will kick off a two-day campaign swing in new jersey. senator sanders will hold a rally on the main campus of rutgers university. the new jersey primary is set for june 7th. sanders picked up several delegates in yesterday's caucus in guam. it was won by hillary clinton. sanders trails clinton by several hundred delegates in the race for the nomination. this weekend, north carolina republicans renominated governor pat mccorey at their state convention. yesterday mccorey blasted his democratic rival for opposing a controversial bathroom law for transgenders. north carolina has until tomorrow to respond to the justice department which has said that law violates the civil rights act. >> he was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler. >> make sure that presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house.
7:42 am
>> the war of words roared on the campaign trail this week. straight ahead, we'll check in with chuck todd for a preview of this morning's "meet the press" and what's next for the republican party now that donald trump is the presumptive nominee. i cannot believe what sam bradford is doing with the philadelphia eagles. >> plus, in sports, harsh words from a former nfl quarterback on sam bradford's trade request. we'll hear why joe theismann thinks bradford doesn't want to compete. and we have isolated showers and clouds in the area this morning. but our mother's day forecast is not a loss. we do have some good news for our mother's out there today. so stay tuned. have your full forecast after the break.
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take a look at this new video of the tornado in colorado. this is incredible. think about the people that had to capture that and chase that storm. this is one of the series of twisters that hit yesterday in the northeastern part of the state. they said storm chasers followed this one as it traveled for about ten miles on the ground. at least five people were reported minor injuries.
7:46 am
buildings and motor home were damaged. kansas and oklahoma are now bracing for more storms today. we'll go ahead and take a look at your neighborhood forecast. happy mother's day to everybody today. i know if quur watching some rain falling out your window, you're going to hang on. we're looking for sunshine later on today. right now, scatter isolated showers moving through philadelphia. 52 degrees. 49 in the suburbs. 52 right here in south jersey. 53 in delaware. we'll go ahead closer into delaware and check some of the neighborhood temperatures. just pick where you are. and that's your reading. 54 in odesa. same in middle. and 55 in reedy point. all the way down here in southern delaware, we have a southerly flow and we're looking for a little bit of warmer air mass right here. so close to 60 degrees along the shoreline here. look at that.
7:47 am
57 in rehoboth. 58 in dewey and 59 in bethany beach. so our weather story really has us starting out with clouds and isolated showersst but then our mother's day sunshine forecast is a winner. this is later ton day. so we just have to be patient. philadelphia, 70 degrees with sunshine. upper 60s just about everywhere else. even down here in ocean city, close to 70 degrees. so more sunshine, a little windy and warmer conditions as we get on through our sunday afternoon. we're bringing rain to parts of new jersey. scattered isolated showers back in philadelphia. but as we go wide, we see that will is really no pesky rain showers behind it. this is high pressure. it's going to build into our area pretty quickly later on today. and we are anticipating breaks
7:48 am
of sunshine to start and then all sunshine about it time we get to the evening hours. and then, of course, the sun will go down about 8:00 tonight. we have another rain maker back here in the central part of the country. that is a low pressure system trying to develop but we are looking for an active weather pattern as we start our next work week and get things rolling. future cast will show us that we'll start out dry tomorrow morning for our work week. clouds moving in to our area, possibly even a shower monday late into early tuesday morning. we should wake up early tuesday dry. but plenty of cloud cover and then we got this sort of dicey weather pattern through tuesday and even wednesday. so tuesday night, look at this model we're setting up with some rain moving into the area tuesday night into wednesday. and we can't rule out the rumble of thunder possibly with a thunderstorm coming in tuesday night into wednesday. we'll keep a close eye on it for you. winds now, not doing too badly. we show you that southerly flow
7:49 am
right up through the delmarva. that is picking up the wind that we are looking for breezy conditions as that front gets off the coast. so right now winds are fairly stable but looking for that to increase as we move through our sunday afternoon. so happy mother's day to everybody. 70 with peeks of sunshine later on. we'll get more sunshine tomorrow. br the clouds really thicken later on in the day. we should reach 72 tomorrow. rosemary? >> thank you for that, karen. 7:49. sunday today with willie geist starts in a now minutes at 8:00. we check in now with willie. he joins us live from new york for a preview. got to tell you, willie, love the new show. >> thanks, rosemary. i appreciate it. i think we have a good one dialed up for you to day. we're having blaoody mary's to start off. we'll get into chelsea handler and why she's comfortable putting her personal life out there to see. and comic books no longer just for the guys. you'll meet the women having a impact on this industry right now. and prince harry bringing
7:50 am
woundwound ed warriors together for the invictus games. that's all coming up on a very special mother's day edition today. >> all right. we'll see you at 8:00. thank you so much. >> thanks, rosemary. >> now we're going to check in with one of willie's colleagues, republican and chief donald trump is his party now so why are many in the gop scattering from sight and turning the back on the party's likely nominees. that's what they're talking about on "meet the press." we check in with chuck todd. good morning. >> good morning. >> all right. so pretty big week. donald trump wins indiana. his last two republican rivals quit. trump dismisses the gop establishment. then he pivots to attack hillary clinton. he is cruising in the comfort zone right now? >> i think he's in his comfort zone. the republican party is not. and in the conversation i had with him yesterday, it's clear that he's pretty defiant when it
7:51 am
come to dealing with paul ryan. you know, paul ryan said wasn't ready to support them. they'll have a big meeting later this week to see if they can somehow reconcile this split. but it doesn't appear so. it doesn't appear that donald trump's ready to fayne humbleness and go hat in hand to ryan. he believes ryan should be coming hat in hand to him because the voters picked donald trump to lead this party not the republican establishment. so i don't know where this goes. but it does seem we're getting closer to seeing having it be irreckonable. >> chuck, we know how speaker paul rye is going to be meeting with donald trump this week. is this going to do the trick? terms of mend fences? what needs to happen during the meeting? trump didn't ask for this meeting. it already tells you, i don't think it's going to be a make nice. i think that's the attempt.
7:52 am
that's the hope. i think the chairman of the republican party hoping that that happens. but when you look at the words ryan has used, it actually would be -- he would have to do rhetorical and ideological gymnastics to defend supporting trump going forward. so i have to say, i think that they're going to be polite but i don't know if this is going to ever maend mend. >> all right, chuk todd of "meet the press," thank you for. that. >> quick reminder, donald trump is sitting down with chuck for a one-on-one interview on nbc's "meet the press" coming your way at 10. 306789 on nbc 10. we'll be right back. [ soft music ]
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nyquist has won the kentucky derby. >> yep. there is your kentucky derby winner. nyquist was the favorite in the field of 20s. did he not disappoint. exaggerator came in second. gun runner in third place. chopper over to third. it's a fair ball the throw goes to second. over to first, it's dropped! the run scores! chris johnson dropped the ball! >> the phillies rallied in the eighth and got help from this marlins error to take the late lead and hold on to beat the fish. ies win 4-3. they snap a three-game losing streak to finish up the series with the marlins this afternoon. first pitch is at 1:10. former redskins quarterback and
7:56 am
broadcaster joe theismann is weighing in on sam bradford's desire to be traded. here's what he had to say on sirius nfl radio. >> i cannot believe what sam bradford is doing with the philadelphia eagles. the impression that i get is that this guy here doesn't want to compete. he's not interested in playing quarterback. he's not interested in competing at the quarterback position. he wants it handed to him on a silverer. >> eagles top brass said that right now sam bradford is the team's starting quarterback. bradford previously said he won't show up until mandatory mini camp next month. today you can some play-off hockey right here on nbc 10. the new york islanders are in tampa bay for game five of the second round series. coverage starts at 3:00 this afternoon. happening now in our area, hundreds of people if not thousand are warming up for the race for the cure. this is a live look.
7:57 am
a bird's-eye view of the philadelphia museum of art. the 5-k begins shortly after 8:00. they're raising money for breast cancer and survivors are there themselves. it's a really incredible day and emotional day. they have a good time doing it. >> and because they all have hope. the women out there and the men, it's incredible what they do. you know, happy mother's day to my mother-in-law who just finished her treatment and is doing a great job at battling breast cancer. wonderful to all the moms to day. hong on. we know we have cloud cover right now. but sun has propsed to come out for mother's day later this afternoon. so just hang on. we'll get somes of sunshine and then clearing skies later on. a little breezy conditions. 70 degrees in philadelphia. mainly upper 60s, low 7 o's all across the region. we'll look for it. >> we'll be excited to see it. >> oh, pi gosh, yes. >> all right. we're going to be back here for
7:58 am
a full hour and a half of news at 9:00. seen you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
one by one, they're gone. >> we can't have a loose canon in the oval office. >> we are suspending our campaign. nyquist has won the kentucky derby! good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. special welcome and big thank you to all the moms watching today, especially mine. this morning, we're sharing a mother's day bloody mary with chelsea handler. why not? she turned her back to the traditional comedy gigs. >> i


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