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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  May 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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most of that has lifted. 76 eastbound as you make your way between the blue route and the vine street expressway, that's 13 minutes. 95 southbound is a quick ride of just 13 minutes as you go between woodhaven and the vine street expressway. the vine i should say has been re-opened since 5:00 a.m. it was closed for overnight construction. the blue route southbound between the schuylkill and 95, that's a quick 15-minute drive. again, everything in the green. speeds are at or where they should be. springfield township, montgomery county, there's a road obstruction i've been following. it hasn't been lifted yet. it at arlingham road and sunnybrook road. be aware of that if that's part of your morning commute. for drivers on 95 northbound, this is part of a long-term construction project. this does not lift at 5:00 a.m. as you make your way to 95 northbound from girard, that entrance ramp to the expressway is closed as part of a long-term construction project. vai and tracy? >>. >> thank you, katy.
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more traffic news. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the driver who hit a bicycle rider and took off. you can see the mangled bike at 52nd and spruce in west philadelphia. the man riding the bike was taken to the hospital and he's listed in critical condition. police are checking surveillance cameras for any images of the driver and the car. 5:31 and 55 degrees outside. happening today, officials will begin fighting the zika virus locally using fish. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in west deptford, gloucester county to explain how this works. fish, pam, explain. >> reporter: good morning. here's what we know right now, tracy. the mosquitos capable of carrying the zika virus has made it up to our area. officials here in the county, they'll be releasing some fish eating mosquitos next week. now, the fish will be stocked in retention basins all throughout the county where they will feed on mosquito larvae. the centers for disease control
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and prevention has been tracking the mosquitos that can transmit on the zika virus. based on the monitoring system, they found those mosquitos in new jersey, delaware and throughout pennsylvania as well. health officials say this doesn't mean the mosquitos can cause or will cause disease. these mosquitos would have to bite someone who is already infected in order to spread that disease along. i checkeded in with the cdc. as of may 4th, there have been 472 cases of zika virus in the u.s. all of those can be related back to travel. reporting live this morning, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. thank you, pam. today in harrisburg, an aide to former pennsylvania governor ed rendell plans to plead guilty in federal wire fraud charges. john esty will admit he arranged to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a fake company that was set up in an fbi corruption sting. court documents show esty told
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agent agents he would set up the bogus firm in exchange for the money. investigators say a male student attacked a girl at sayer high school last friday. police have not filed charges. we're working to find out more details for you. a judge ordered a south jersey man held on $1 million bail in connection with the shooting death of his cousin outside of a camden funeral home. victor rodriguez is charged with being an accomplice in the murder of jonathan vazquez. police are still searching for the person who pulled the trigger. vazquez died after being shot several times last thursday night during a viewing ining f grandmother. governor tom wolf says he plans to veto a bill to change layoffs at schools. the bill would change the seniority based system that is currently in place. the governor says the issue should be settled by individual districts through negotiations
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with teachers' unions. well, we do know where that winning powerball ticket was sold but we still don't know who bought the ticket worth $429.6 million. >> lottery officials say the winner spent just 6 bucks on two cash tickets and picked his or her own numbers at this isn'ten is in trenton. the husband and wife who run that store are thrilled. >> we get about 900 people a day. of those 900 -- >> like 80% is probably repeat customers. >> 80% are repeat customers. >> there's a good chance you know this person? >> yes, there's a good chance we would know them. >> the store gets a $30,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. the winner has a year to come forward. now to decision 2016. new jersey governor chris christie is the chairman of donald trump's transition team to the white house. experts tell nbc 10 essentially it will be christie's job to ensure trump's campaign promises become reality if he's elected. we spoke to the man who led the
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transition for the first president bush and was ready to do it again for mitt romney. >> that position needs to be a strong position. it's a complicated position, that chairman role. >> experts say this new role will take up a lot of governor christie and time. she's back. mary lee, the great white shark has returned to the waters off atlantic city. she t she was tagged in cape cod in 2012. she's made several trips to the jersey shore over the past year. she hadn't been seen in the last six months until she surfaced last friday less than 40 miles off the coast of ac. mary lee has her own twitter account so the public can follow her travels on social media. how about that? now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a cloudy morning and a bit rainy, too. this is a live view from wilmington which has already
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seen lots of clouds and a few showers, the wilmington area drying out. pennsville, new jersey getting light rain drops. more impressive is the line of showers that's moving east at 30 miles an hour through chester county, delaware county, into philadelphia and cherry hill getting some of that rain, those showers are on the move. they'll be with us to start with. i'm not expecting an all-day rainfall. the chance of showers, enough to bring the umbrella along during the day. even into this afternoon. see some clouds and some showers to the south. mostly cloudy this afternoon. might even see late-day breaks of sunshine. we're seeing a hint of sunshine. mainly it will be cloudy and a much cooler day today than it was yesterday. upper 50s, haddonfield 57. the jersey shore will drop down, a little bit more with the rain. up to 57 degrees for atlantic city. and for wilmington, getting some scattered light showers right now, dover 57 degrees. dewey beach warms up to 57 degrees this afternoon. and the ten-day outlook, here's
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a bit of a preview. a dreary day today. 58 degrees. cooler temperatures today but a nice warmup for tomorrow, up to 73. that's after a morning low of 49 degrees. there's a chance of a late-day shower tomorrow. then it dries out for thursday and friday. that's the best chance for seeing wet weather in the area. high of 68 degrees. drying out for the weekend and warming up on saturday, just to see the temperatures come down a little bit on sunday. breezy on sun, too. back to 70 degrees on monday. back to umbrellas on tuesday. and then dry for wednesday and thursday. tracy, vai? >> thank you, bill. 5:37 on this tuesday morning. time to check the drive times. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry can get you to work, looking at 95 right now. >> so many people waking up, wondering what does 95 look like? i have good news to impart, 95 is looking good if you make your way southbound between woodhaven and the vine, everything in the green, average speeds in the low 60s in both directions, both
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south and northbound. that drive will take you 13 minutes as you make your way between woodhaven and the vine. 95, further north in bucks county, this is where it meets up with 413. we are seeing light volume. no issues to report up in the bucks county, newtown area. if you're making your way on to 95 from there. chester county, route 202, headed northbound between route 30 and 76, that will take you ten minutes, southbound 11 minutes. no issues to report there. however, in montgomery county, springfield township there's a road obstruction reported at arlingham road and sunnybrook road. be aware of that. it's not been removed yet at least from what we're being told. you might have to tap the brakes and go around that a little bit. it's mostly in a residential area. moving into new jersey, two of our majors, 295 and 4 freeway, everything is free and clear of any issues. average speeds in the 60s. no stretches, these two stretches are typically can get pretty backlog as we make our
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way into the 7:00 hour. right now it's looking good. vai and tracy? >> thanks. monarch butterflies are in danger. bucks county community college and peco are doing something to help. students at the community college will restore three habitats in newtown to help protect the endangered butterflies during their annual migration from the northern parts of the u.s. to mexico. today, poke ceco is giving the community college $10,000 for the conservation project at tyler state park. monarch butterflies are the only insects that migrate 2,500 miles a year to a warmer climate for hibernation. today the university of connecticut women's basketball team will make their seemingly annual trip to the white çhous. the huskies won their fourth straight ncaa title after defeating syracuse. during last year's visit, the president joked the huskies are certified to provide white house tours because of their frequent visits. 5:39. in the mid-50s right now. bradford is back. the eagles quarterback returned
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to the team for the first time since demanding a trade. we'll tell you how some of his teammates feel about having him back. plus, caught on camera. take a look at this video of tornadoes sweeping through parts of oklahoma. we'll update you on the damage and deaths caused by this storm.
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ç5:42. 55 degrees outside. we continue to follow breaking news out of germany. investigators are looking at weather a deadly attack at a train station near munich is tied to terrorism. one man died at the station after the suspect started stabbing passengers with a 4 inch long knife. at least three other people are being treated for their injuries. witnesses say the suspect was shouting god is great in arabic. the man who we've just learned is a 27-year-old german national was quickly arrested. so far, authorities have not called this a terror attack but are on alert for lone wolf attacks. we'll keep you updated on this breaking news all morning long. also track is anytime with the nbc 10 app. a former philadelphia city employee is facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to making and selling counterfeit septa passes. mark cooper who worked for philly 311, prosecutors say he and his co-workers sold more
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than 2,000 forged transpasses. eagles quarterback sam bradford is back on field two weeks after he asked the birds to trade him. you're looking at bradford at the novacare complex for voluntary workouts yesterday. john got an earful about bradford's return from football analyst and former eagles quarterback ron jaworski. take a listen. >> i can't imagine he'd be welcomed back with open arms. when a player walks out on a team, he has apologizing to do. i'm sure he's done that. he's a standup guy. >> bradford and his agent tried to force a trade during the week eagles drafted carson wentz. some texas parents are blaming sneakers for a car fire. they say their 2 1/2-year-old
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son kicked off his shoes. >> i saw the shoe laying on the ground with the wires sticking up. it was just a lightbulb. i knew immediately that's what it was. >> the parents believe a lithium ion battery inside the shoe may be to blame. an official cause has not been declared by the fire marshall. the oil producing city of fort mcmurray has been saved from the raging wildfire. >> that fire continues to burn. the premiere of the alberta province says about 2400 homes and buildings in fort mcmurray were destroyed. but the fire chief there says 85% of the city remains intact. a break in the weather has made officials optimistic they can soon get the upper hand on this massive fire that's now scorched an area bigger than los angeles. however, it could be a couple weeks before more than 80,000 evacuated residents are able to return home. >> it will be hard when we first go back just to see it is going
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to be hard. >> alberta's premier says firefighters saved the hospital, municipal buildings and every functioning school. she'll meet with the energy industry today to discuss the fire's impact on their operations. and tornadoes touched down in oklahoma, killing two people. one of the massive twister was caught on camera. take a look. >> this is an f4 tornado. look atç the motion. holy mackerel. >> this was south of oklahoma city yesterday. twisters flattened, ripped apart or tossed everything in their path. forecasters say several of the tornadoes are wind speeds more than 100 miles an hour. and this is the damage that same storm caused over the weekend in wyoming. rising waters rushed out -- washed out roads and flooded several homes. no one was hurt. the massive storm system will continue moving east, leaving millions of people in several states at risk for severe weather. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracking some light rainfall this morning. very light showers in the area. won't be an all-day rainfall. some of it is reaching philadelphia. the temperatures they'll stay cool through the day. 55 degrees at 10:00 this morning after a few scattered showers, first thing this morning. the clouds, the showers, keel be keeping our cool today. quite a bit cooler than yesterday. the last couple days have warmed into the low 70s. look at that, 50s for today. back to the 70s for tomorrow. stand by to grab the jacket and the umbrella. the light rain showers have arrived in philadelphia, delaware and into south jersey. there's more to come. later in the week, we'll get showers and thunderstorms. most likely for friday. we could eanother round of showers for tomorrow. some rainy weather ahead, look at these temperatures going into month today. lehigh valley, bethlehem, 58 degrees, easton up to 58. occasional showers in reading and berks county. sunshine on hold for
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phoenixville, west chester and newtown. umbrellas going up and temperatures barely moving this afternoon. only in the 50s today for philadelphia, we're going to see occasional showers and 50s for high temperatures and in south jersey, too, not much warmup. we've seen breaks in the clouds this morning. limited sunshine but mainly cloudy with some light rain. and in the jersey shore, the temperatures will hold in the 50s. same story for delaware. 57 degrees in wilmington, dover 57 degrees and one degree warmer in rehoboth beach with a chance of some rain showers. that's today. futurecast shows that chance of showers pretty much disappearing later this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies, though. we'll get breaks in the clouds overnight tonight. this time tomorrow morning, we'll see partly cloudy skies, maybe a sprinkle just to the southwest. it's tomorrow afternoon that could see showers, possibly even some thunderstorms moving through a brief downpour is possible late tomorrow afternoon. that's tomorrow. for today, it's going to be
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light rainfall and cool conditions. 50s today, back into the 70s for tomorrow and for thursday. by friday, though, that's when we'll get that next round of rain, possibly some thunderstorms, too, high of 68 degrees. then drying out this weekend. 70 on saturday. 65 on sunday and back up to 70 degrees monday afternoon. another round of showers possible on tuesday. but by wednesday and thursday, we are drying out. >> bill, thanks. just about ten minutes before 6:00 right now. let's get you to work. we just got word of an accident on route 1 north. >> katy zachry has the details for us. tell us what you know. >> this is route 1 northbound at 76 westbound. so two very busy stretches of road. our camera, you can çsee, thers some emergency vehicles moving up to the scene. the accident is in the right-hand lane but there's no shoulder on this stretch along route 1 where it meets up with 76 westbound. the car and the tow truck are in the right-hand lane. police vehicles have blocked the inner lane.
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really traffic is just getting by very slowly around the left-hand lane. as you can see, emergency crews just got on scene. we don't know if there are injuries. if there are, that would prolong how long this is out here. i'll keep my eye on it. definitely be aware if you're headed that way for your morning commute. the pennsylvania turnpike, drive times are good between route 1 and the exit for valley forge. this just popped up construction is affecting things between virginia drive and route 1. this shoulder is affected. that is eastbound. just be aware of that if you're headed on the turnpike eastbound between virginia drive and route 1. your shoulder is affected because of some traffic there. moving into new jersey, 295 and the 4 freeway, things are looking free and clear of any issues along those two stretches. finally for drivers in delaware, in and around the wilmington area, if you're headed on 95 between 295 and 495 northbound, that will take you 10, 11
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minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you, katy. ten minutes before 6:00. 55 degrees in our studios bala cynwyd. never too late. we'll talk you about jerry palmer's commitment to learning even after several decades.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator.
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i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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tracy, look at that. >> that's going to bring us good luck all day long. >> we need an angelic choir right now. ♪ >> don't quit your day job. >> how nice is that? a live look at center city philadelphia right now. looks nice right now. we are tracking rain showers in our area. and good morning, i'm katy zachry with a look at your traffic. it's just a few minutes before 6:00 a.m. i wish these drivers on route 1 northbound could get a glimpse of that beautiful rainbow. they need good luck right now. there's an accident as you can see in the right-hand lane of route 1 northbound right where traffic from 76 westbound is merging. all of that traffic, you have route 1 northbound plus the traffic from 76 westbound all merging into this one extreme left-hand lane to get around
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this crash scene. in the last five minutes i did see emergency crews get to the scene. there's a tow truck there. i'll keep my eye on that and let you know when it clears. 55 degrees outside. when nascar speeds into dover this week, drivers will see a change. the monster mile has a new look. the safer barriers at dover international speedway are now complete. crews added almost 500 feet of the foam block barriers to the inside wall along the back stretch. they also expanded pit stalls by two feet each and laid down new concrete and asphalt to portions of the track. >> the franklin institute says it will explore all of its options after a judge ruled. the judge ruled the museum violated the rights by forcing them to pay an extra entrance fee for their caretakers. the court ordered the franklin institute to waive double entrance fees for disabled guest and caretakers.
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the franklin institute says it serves the disabled community in many ways and did i agrees with the court's ruling. >> >> a career fare will be held. 400 positions are available at aramark. you can connect right online with recruiters in real time from your computer. the virtual career fair is from 1:00 to 3:00. go to for a link toç register. ♪ >> the boss is coming back to town. bruce springsteen added eight new shows to his upcoming tour, including one in philadelphia in september. his september concert will be outdoors at citizens bank park. springsteen will play hear on wednesday, september 7th. tickets go on sale next friday morning at 10:00 a.m. we love this story here. midwest man finally fulfilled a
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life long dream. >> it took him six decades to achieve it. 84-year-old jerry pollard graduated yesterday from northeastern illinois university in chicago. he first enrolled at depaul decades ago, then he enlisted in the army, got married, got a job, had four kids. after retiring he decided it was time to go back to college and get the education he missed. he started in 2006 taking one class a semester. the best part about going to college at his age is interacting with the students. >> when you sit down with old people you hear about aches and pains. you sit down with young people and they have their lives in front of them. >> he's talking about a lot of different things. pollard is the oldest graduate to receive his bachelor's degree from northeastern illinois university in 55 years. >> fantastic. congratulations. all new at 6:00, a grandfather tries working with his credit card company after getting duped into paying callers claiming he had computer problems. >> wanted to get help. got out from underneath this burden. it's $1,000. i don't work.
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>> so after months of back and forthwith no resolution, nbc 10 responds stepped in to help. plus, the latest developments out of germany where at least one person is dead after a stabbing spree at a train station.
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nbc 10 news starts now. developing right now, at least one person is dead and three others hurt after a knife attack at a suburban train station near munich, germany. right now, three students are charged in the delaware high school brawl that led to a teenage girl's death and wilmington leaders are urging parents to talk to their children about bullying. plus -- >> howling winds, houses being ripped to shred and power lines popping and exploding as a towering tornado tears across parts of oklahoma. it's 6:00 a.m. good


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