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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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us are stuck in the 50s today. cloudy, cool, and tamp outside right now as we take a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. a little dip in the temperatures. >> quite a dip in parts of the area. looking and feeling a little more like last week. but this is only a temporary thing. not going to be day after day like last week. 54 degrees with light rain in philadelphia. the rest of the area is reporting cloudy c ay skies. 50 degrees in some of the northern and western suburbs. 56 in new jersey, 53, lehigh
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valley and delaware. we do have temperatures in the 50s throughout the area, including at the jersey shore. 55 degrees in atlantic city and holigate, that northeast wind is in and it's going to keep the temperature in the 50s at the shore. that is for sure. now, take a look at the radar. and you can see that there are a lot of places just reporting clouds and not rain. a lot of this is not reaching the ground because the lower level of the atmosphere is so dry, but when it does reach the ground, it's just on the dry side, and that's the way it's going to be looking this afternoon, too. as we look art to the west, there are more substantial showers, and that could be coming as early as tomorrow. as we go through the afternoon, it's cloudy. it's cool, damp once in a while, but it's not a steady rain throughout the area. the suburbs, 55 degrees through much of the afternoon. and in the lehigh valley, we have a little bit of light rain,
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and maybe even some breaks of sunshine later in the day in the lehigh valley. the rest of the area, still cloudy. delaware, temperatures not going anywhere, either, at the shore, of course, it stays pretty chilly, even down to 53 by 6:00. we'll see how much it's going to warm up, and it will, and also dry out with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. >> philadelphia police hope surveillance cameras is provide clues to help them track down the driver who hit a bicyclist in west philadelphia and kept on going. pamela osborne is live with more on the investigation. have police gotten any closer to finding the hit-and-run driver? >> they're in the process of looking at some surveillance images of that suspected hit-and-run driver's vehicle. it was around 2:30 this morning when the victim was hit. he was taken to presbyterian hospital and i'm told he's in stable condition now. police say the vehicle that hit the man is a white or silver
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vehicle. it was traveling northbound on 52nd street. anyone with information asked to give police a call. of course, we're going to be checking back in with them as soon as they have the surveillance images of the vehicle ready for release, we'll pass them along to you. reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> thank you. authorities have taken a third person into custody in connection with the assault of two philadelphia school police officers. police arrested 23-year-old edwin burgos yesterday. he's charged with aggravated assault and other offenses. his arrest stems from this brawl which happened may 2nd outside of northeast high school. investigators say it started after the officers stepped in to stop two men from beating up a student. and that's when a third man got involved in the fight. one officer suffered a broken jaw. the other had a sprained ankle and some bruises. and today, in harrisburg, an aide to former pennsylvania governor ed rendell planned to
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plead guilty to wire fraud charges. authorities say john esty will admit he arranged to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a fake company. court documents show he told agents that lawmakers would help the bogus firm in exchange for the money. he faces up to 20 years in prison. >> time now for a check on the roads with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. what are you seeing? >> first, i want to draw your attention behind me to, there's my graphic, great. so let's start with the positives. 476 and 95, free and clear of any problems. all in the green light because your speeds are at or exceed what they should be. unfortunately, 76 eastbound, watching some road work. just west of belmont avenue. you can see, look at this, eastbound, if you head between 476 to the vine street expressway, you're stacked. you can see the construction signs on the shoulder. aunt mile and half of road work,
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that's what's creating all this backup. as you head westbound out of the city, about a 13-minute drive between the vine street expressway and the blue route. no problems westbound. eastbound, tapping the brakes a lot. moving into new jersey. this is route 70 at kings highway. we have been following a closure on route 70 between haddonfield road and cooper landing road. that's been out there all morning, downed poles, downed wi wires. so this is really what i'm seeing from the camera is that traffic is spinning around that area, but there are delays because of what's going on in new jersey. >> thank you. >> today, delaware lawmakers will decide if being gay should no longer being considered grounds for divorce. the legislature will vote on a bill that would strike both homosexuality and lesbianism from the definition of marital misconduct. that includes adultery, criminal convictions and drug use. today, gloucester county will go
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fishing for mosquito larva that could grow up to spread the zika virus. take a look at this, rather. officials plan to release thousands of mosquito eating fish like this one into retention ponds around the county. one of those ponds is at the west depferred library. >> we checked the cdc website. as of now, the zika virus has not been spread by mosquitoes inside the u.s., but it has turned up in people who traveled to places where outbreaks are common. the zika virus is linked to severe birth defects. >> also today, a career fair for veterans looking for work. aramark has 400 positions that are available. but inside of heading out to the job fair, you can connect with recruiters in real time from your computer, virtual career fair is today from 1:00 to 3:00. go to for the link to register. democrats versus donald
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trump, who really has the edge? hillary clinton may be the front-runner, but how does she stack up against bernie sanders when it comes to a matchup against donald trump? the results of a brand-new poll. and the white house announces a historic trip for president obama. find out the place he'll visit and the reason for the trip. >> glenn. >> the gloomy weather is back, but sunshine is in our future. i'll let you know when this latest round of cool, cloudy, and damp weather is going to move out. that's just ahead.
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and we're following a developing story out of germany where authorities arrested a man after a stabbing spree in a train station in munich. police now say there's no evidence the suspect had accomplices or was part of an islamic extremist network. he used a four-inch knife and allegedly stabbed his first victim on a train. that victim died. a second victim was targeted on the platform. and two other men on bicycles were stabbed at the entrance to the station. their injuries are described as serious. a spokesman for the munich prosecutor's office said the attacker made politically motivated comments during the assault. he said his office was investigating witness reports. the suspect yelled god is great in arabic. >> meanwhile, decision 2016 news this morning, voters in two more
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states head to the polls in prilsh primaries today. nebraska republicans head to the polls for a primary. voters will cast ballots in west virginia. donald trump is the only remaining candidate on the gop side. on the democrat, side, the new nbc news survey monkey weekly tracking poll shows former secretary of state hillary clinton maintaining her lead over bernie sanders. she leads sanders 53% to 41%. in a head to head general election matchup, the polls show clinton leads trump 49% to 44%, but sanders has a much bigger lead. he beats trump by 13 points, 53% to 40%. nbc10 national correspondent tracie potts has the latest on the race for the white house. >> we're going to fight for every vote until june 14th. >> when sacramento, bernie sanders told a late night crowd
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of 15,000 he expects to win today's primary in west virginia. then california, plus five other states. >> donald trump is not going to become president of the united states. >> trump's already tapped former rival chris christie to head his transition team, and he's courting top republicans in washington in separate meetings on thursday. speaker paul ryan now says he's willing to step down as convention chair. he's the nominee, i'll do whatever he wants, ryan says. but trump's looking past the convention, bringing up bill clinton to cnn. >> he was impeached. he was impeached. then he lied about it. >> i have nothing to say about him and how he's running his campaign. >> clinton calls trump's ideas reckless and dangerous. she's courting female voters. >> i have been on the equal pay bandwagon for a long time. >> but bracing for a loss in west virginia today. but she does plan to be competitive in kentucky.
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in fact, the clinton campaign has new ads lined up for kentucky later this week. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> make sure you have the free nbc10 app. we'll send out push alerts about the winners and other news from the campaign trail. president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to visit the site where america dropped an atomic bomb in world war ii. he'll travel to hiroshima later this month. he was scheduled to be in japan to attend an economic summit. the white house says president obama will not apologize for the bombing of hiroshima. >> two people were killed after tornadoes touched down in oklahoma, and one of the massive twisters was caught on camera. >> look at the motion. holy mackerel. >> this is video of one of the towering funnels just south of oklahoma city yesterday. twisters flattened, ripped apart, or tossed everything in their path. forecasters say several of the
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tornadoes had wind speeds over 100 miles per hour. oklahoma's bracing for more severe weather one day after several tornadoes were reported across the state. one twister was caught on camera about 60 miles just south of oklahoma city. officials warn residents in the area to take shelter as the storm ripped through the countryside. tornadoes across the state have been blamed for two deaths so far. severe weather rolled through the little rock, arkansas, area late last night. sending trees toppling cars as well as homes. the storm also knocked out power to many homes. fortunately, no one suffered any injuries. >> a canadian official says the oil producing city of ft. mcmurray has been saved from a raging wildfire. fire chi says 85% of the city remains intact. a break in the weather has made officials optimistic that they could soon get the upper hand on the massive fire that has scorched an area bigger than los angeles.
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>> incredible video from the tornadoes to the results of those fires. and all we have are cloudy skies, cool temperatures, and a little light rain or drizzle. by comparison, not bad at all. temperatures in the 50s throughout the area. cloudy skies throughout the area. philadelphia international reporting a little light rain. other places just reporting the cloudy skies. in delaware, the temperatures are down. newark is 53. as is claymont, odessa, 53. middletown, 54. farther to the south, you can see the wind is coming in off the ocean, and so obviously, it's going to stay a little cooler. lewis, rehoboth beach, bethany beach, and temperatures not going anywhere there. and it's cool and damp, but just for one day. this is not a repeat of last week. we're going to see the
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temperatures, well, keeps flipping back and forth for me. go down one day, and then back up tomorrow. back into the 70s. the live radar shows mainly light rain across the area. looks a lot worse than it really is. because you saw many of those reporting stations just giving cloudy skies. what's happening here is the rain is falling into very dry air. near the ground. and it's evaporating before it reaches the ground. the radar beam is shooting out and detecting the raindrops, but the radar beam can't tell you if it's actually hitting the ground. that's what you need observers for. as you can see, it's mostly on the light side. you see green, no yellows or reds indicating heavier rain. we don't have heavier rain in the seven-day. you can see that right below me, and just scrolling across the screen. constantly during the weather cast for multiple areas, and again, you don't have to wait until the end of the weather to see it.
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everything is going west to east. on the light side, as you can see. and back to the west, it's a different story. we have some heavier showers around cincinnati, east of st. louis. nothing like what has been happening in oklahoma. but we have a chance of getting at least some thunderstorms by friday. here's the futurecast. we go through the afternoon. the radar still expected to show some of that rain, and even some of it reaching the ground, eventually, the ground could saturate if it rains long enough. by this afternoon's rush, not much rain in the area. but still a lot of clouds. any place that starts breaking out into a little bit of sunshine could get perhaps to 60 degrees. we do clear out a little bit overnight tonight, and there's more rain coming in from the west. you can see that, that's mostly in the middle of the night, and by the morning rush tomorrow, it's mostly just cloudy.
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and that's it. more showers coming in during the day, so again, we can't rule out showers tomorrow. but at least we should get some sunshine. in philadelphia today, only 58 with the clouds, and a little light rain or drizzle. tomorrow, we have a chance of showers but also some sunshine and temperatures getting to 70. that's quite a difference in a day. 75 degrees on thursday. in the north and western suburbs. getting up to 56 degrees this afternoon with the clouds. tomorrow, 72 with a little bit of sunshine and the lack of significant east wind to make a big difference around here. lehigh valley, 58. we may not see any rain during the day today because the lower levels of the atmosphere even drier in the lehigh valley than elsewhere, but places like the jersey shore and delaware, a little better chance of the rain reaching the ground because it's a little bit more humid. and then tomorrow, not a whole lot warmer at the jersey shore, but plenty warmer in delaware.
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we'll see what lies ahead for the weekend with the rest of the ten-day coming up later. >> all right, see you then, glenn. >> still ahead, natural versus organic. when it comes to food shopping, do you know the difference? a new study that shows how many people admit they're misled by food labels. plus, the insect that takes center stage in the cirque du soleil newest reception, but we guarantee this won't make your skin crawl. i'll talk to two of the performers here for the philadelphia debut.
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the magic of cirque du soleil is known throughout the world. performances include high flying acrobatics with brilliant costumes and heart-stopping music, and we're excited for the first ever philadelphia engagement of cirque du soleil's ovo, a new touring production with an insect theme. james johnson and michelle matlock are two of the performers in ovo, which is in philadelphia starting tomorrow. before we ask you or talk about this specific production, i want to ask you guys how you got started with cirque du soleil. how did it happen for both of you? >> for me, i was an actress in new york, and circcasting came to one of my shows and they asked me to audition, and then a
11:23 am
few years later, they asked me to be a part of ovo. >> how about you, james? >> i started in the sport of trampoline and sent in videos and got offered a temporary contract and it turned into a permanent contract for the show. >> tell us about this specific production, about insects. nothing creepy here, right? >> no, a very colorful, in all of the families of insects, we have flies and beetles and crickets. ladybugs. >> you're a ladybug. >> tell me what the experience has been like for you guys as you travel all over the country. >> it's been extraordinary. we see all parts of the world. perform for huge audiences. it's really a lot of fun. >> james. >> it's amazing. i can't think of a better way to spend my time whenever we're traveling around the world, it's the best to perform and make other people happy and especially yourself. >> michelle, i'm guessing when you started your acting career, probably the last thing you thought of doing was --
11:24 am
>> running away with the circus. that was a bit of a surprise, yeah, but a nice surprise. a great, great show. great people to work with. and lovely to create, help create this spectacular. >> we're looking at you right here as a ladybug. is it amazing to work with such a diverse group of international perform performers? >> oh, yeah, like a mini united nations. it's great. i love it. >> what's the response like when you guys perform? >> it's always different. you sometimes you'll hear, oh, like what's going to happen next? sometimes it's laughter, and it's always great. great response normally. you just, it fills you up inside. >> i imagine night after night, day after day, you know where to expect the laughs and the ohs and the oohs and ahs, right, but does it ever get old? >> no, not for me. it never gets old.
11:25 am
every audience is different. where you do have the normal laughs and the oohs and ahs, but sometimes the audience will surprise you and laugh at a different time. it make s it new each time. >> how long can you do this? >> as long as you can. for me, i would love to, yeah. it's so much fun. it's not like it's work for us. >> i used to play football and the word was always you do it until they kick you out. >> that's a little bit how it is for some of us. >> you can catch performances of ovo tomorrow through sunday at temple university's campus on 1776 north broad street, or to perch tickets, head to our website at or check out the nbc10 app. james and michelle, thank you so much for coming in. appreciate it. philadelphia police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who ran over a bicyclist. we're live with details on the
11:26 am
investigation and an update on the biker's condition. and what's not trending on facebook? the new accusation s that have set off a firestorm against the social media giant.
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fellow homeowner and fellow citizen. cloudy and cool and damp out there. most of the area. here's a live look outside at the jersey shore from the marquis de lafayette hotel. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. hey, glenn. >> hey, vai. yeah, we have cloudy skies out there. you can see across the entire area, the only one of these areas that is reporting rain actually hitting the ground, in philadelphia. keep that in mind as we take a look at the radar in just a minute. now, obviously, the clouds and the east wind keeping the
11:30 am
temperatures down. only 49 in west cowen township. that's really chilly, 53 in exton and malvern. 52 in st. david's and chester heights. it is cool. warrington is 52 as well. perk asy, 52. collegeville, 54 degrees. so today, it's just the exception. we were 71 the last two days. 58 degrees today. but back up tomorrow. the average high temperature is 72 for this time of the year. a look at the radar, considering all these places just reporting cloudy skies, because the low levels of the atmosphere are so dry, a lot of that rain is not reaching the ground. we have a little more back to the west. then there's a break and then there's some more. so this is not going to be a continuous thing as we go thru the day and the night and into tomorrow. but the clouds are going to help keep the temperature down, and kind of level throughout the afternoon and even into tonight.
11:31 am
so by tomorrow morning, temperatures are about where they are right now. we do have perhaps a little bit of a break coming toward the end of the day today. maybe a sign of things to come. lehigh valley, perhaps a little sun late in the day. in delaware, though, we expect some more rain coming in later tonight and into tomorrow morning. jersey shore also potentially getting that 4:00 a.m. and even 8:00 a.m., getting a little rain. we'll talk more about when this wet pattern will reverse itself and when it's really going to get warmer with the ten-day in a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. a string of tornadoes rafvaged parts of the midwest and plains overnight. at least a half dozen in oklahoma alone. gabe gutear reports from oklahoma. >> it's a rare, intense glimpse
11:32 am
at nature's fury. a deadly monster tornado almost a mile wide captured up close on camera, chewing through everything in its path. this morning, oklahoma is assessing the damage. no structure spared. brick homes, mobile homes, wood frame barns ripped apart. >> it just blew off its foundation there and pretty much parked in the driveway. >> at least half a dozen twisters hammered the state all evening. >> hit another barn, another structure. it's a mean tornado. >> across the country, at least 19 reported tornadoes. >> ripping the town apart. >> but today, it is the small things that loom large. >> anniversary card. we're okay. >> lisa survived by racing to her emergency underground shelter. >> it was scary. very scary. especially by yourself. >> her home is shredded. but her will is not.
11:33 am
>> never in my life. i don't want to do it ever again. it was horrifying. >> her home, obliterated, ripped from its foundation. today, drier weather is expected, and that should help the cleanup effort, but here they're bracing for another potential round of severe weather tomorrow. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, oklahoma. >> philadelphia police hope surveillance cameras can provide clues to help them track down the driver who hit a bicyclist in west philadelphia and then just kept on going. pamela osborne is live for us at the scene of the crash with more on the investigation. pam, what's the latest? >> vai, what we know is that police are in the process of looking at surveillance pictures of that vehicle involved in this hit-and-run crash. want to take you to the scene this morning. this is video we shaw around 2:30 when the victim was hit. he was on a bicycle when he was hit by a vehicle. he was taken to presbyterian hospital.
11:34 am
i'm told he is in stable condition. police say the vehicle that hit the man is white or silver. it's traveling northbound on 52nd street. if you have any information, you're going to want to give police a call. we'll check in with them throughout the day to see if they do release pictures of that vehicle. maybe you have seen it, maybe you know where it is. if you do, give police a call. i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. 28 victims and their families the lawsuit says cinemark should have had silent alarms and armed guards in place at the packed midnight premiere of a batman movie. james holmes was sentenced to life in prison last year for that attack. >> an 11-year-old boy is facing hate crime charges in brooklyn
11:35 am
after police said he set a school bus on fire. the crime was caught on surveillance cameras. police say the bus driver left the door unlocked in front of a jewish school. a group of children jumped onboard sunday with what appeared to be cardboard. the bus then erupts in flames. one boy stayed to watch the bus burn. this had the jewish community on edge. >> there is a certain fear within the community, a fear of safety, a concern of safety. a concern of my children who travel that bus to and from school. >> police are still looking for up to five other children. and we're following a developing story in germany where police now say there's no evidence the suspect in a deadly train stabbing spree was part of any islamic extremist network. the attack happened in graphing, germany, near munich. keir simmons has the latest on that investigation. >> europe has been on edge since
11:36 am
the attacks in paris and brussels. security services on alert. now they have an assailant who as he stabbed passengers, according to witnesses. the attack leaving bloody footprints on the platform. a 56-year-old man killed in a train car. another attack outside the train has life-threatening injuries. forensic officers finding discarded a cell phone and pen. these were commuters onboard the first train of the day. two more men were knifed outside the station. the attacker now arrested, striking a suburb of munich. a 27-year-old german national, reports say he had a four-inch knife. train personnel are praised for being so courageous in stepping in and stopping further attacks. back to you. facebook is responding to accusations of political bias. a former facebook news curator is accusing the site of intentionally leaving conservative topics out of the
11:37 am
trending news section. facebook denies the allegations saying it has rigorous guidelines to insure neutrality. >> monarch butterflies are in danger, but bucks county community college and pekoe are doing something to help. students will restore three habitats in newtown to help protect the endangered butterflies in their annual migration from the northern parts of the u.s. to mexico. and today, pekoe is giving the community college $10,000 for the conservation project. they're the only insect that migrates 2500 miles a year for a warmer climate for hibernation. >> a panel of sports wrielters and broadcasters have chosen the nba mvp for the 2015-2016 season and it's no surprising, according to the associated press, warriors guard steph curry will take home the honors for a second straight year.
11:38 am
he returned from a sprained knee to score 40 points, including 17 in overtime as the warriors took a 3-1 lead in their western conference semifinal series against the portland trail blazers. today, the university of connecticut women's basketball team will make their seemingly annual trip to the white house. the huskies won their fourth straight title after defeating syracuse. during last year's visit, the president said the huskies were satisfied to provide white house tours because of their frequent visits. up next, you could call it the old school movement. millennials are now the largest living generation, but they're also interested in celebrating the past. a look at the vintage items the younger generation really wants to get their hands on. >> a lot of us just like to see some more sunshine. and it is coming, but we're going to have to get through the cloudy, cool, and damp phase first. let you know when the warmer weather is coming just ahead. pet moments are beautiful,
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new research has found a link between pesticides and an increased risk of als. university of michigan researchers found a.l.s. patients were more likely to have been regularly exposed to pesticides and had higher levels in their blood. a.l.s. also known as lou gehr gehrig's disease is a near fatal
11:42 am
disease. a new survey shows natural labels on products are misleading many shoppers. together to researchers at consumer reports, most believe the natural label means more than it really does. the survey found three quarters of shoppers seek out natural foods, but unlike organic foods, products with a natural label are not regulated by any government agency and may contain artificial ingredients or genetically modified ingredients. consumer reports has petitioned the fda to either ban the word natural or require higher standards for these products. >> millennials now make up the largest segment of the american population, but as bob hansen shows us, the young generation is showing affection for the past. >> bad madge and company fills a uniche. >> most of my items are midcentury. >> not like the 1800s. no, tanya is selling items from the 1950s and '60s.
11:43 am
the heart of the baby boom generation. >> when i have a baby boomer walk in here, they always say, oh, my god. i had this in my room, or my mom had this, or my great aunt had that. >> it's not the baby boomers who are buying. oddly enough, it's the children and grandchildren born in the early 1980s to 2000. the millennian generation is finding value in their parents' lifestyle. >> this is fun, has a playful energy, but barware, i sell a lot of this, glassware. >> items that have been taken for granted for years by baby boomers are sought after by the millennials. >> everything was higher quality and handmade and more attention to detail. >> millennials want things that are last, furniture, jewelry, pottery, glassware, and handbags. and as time goes by, there's more boomer merchandise available. >> a lot of baby boomers are
11:44 am
either downsizing or maybe the older ones are passing away. so that merchandise is entering the market in some way or another. >> i don't dig that style. no. >> and while not everyone feels the same way, tanya supports this millennial move to the past. >> that aesthetic is reintroduced to a new generation. i think that's really important. >> that was bob hansen reporting for nbc. we're told millennials are not looking for '50s collectibles. they have their eyes on well made furniture, and even vintage typewriters. >> more than one million people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the united states. while patients are undergoing life-saving treatments, it's important they get the emotional support they need to keep them going. a local man has stepped up to help those diagnosed with cancer. awl harris is the founder and president of team overtime, and they have a big event coming up. al, thank you for being here.
11:45 am
tell us why you formed team overtime. >> about three years ago, i had a few family members going through cancer, starting with my older cousin. she had stage four breaster. my younger cousin had brain cancer, and my wife's step-father had colon cancer. >> that's a lot of people. it takes a village, but it also takes a village to really provide the support network for somebody going through cancer, right? >> exactly. that's one of the reasons, that's basically the main reason why i created team overtime, because i wanted the families to have their support as well as also the person going through cancer. so basically, we come in, we support the families and we support the person going through cancer. >> tell me what it's like being at the side of someone going through one of the worst experiences of their life. what's that like? >> well, from what we have been doing, it's pretty tough. it takes a toll on the person.
11:46 am
it takes a toll on the family. that's where we come in. we come in to make sure we can help take your mind off cancer, and just put smiles on their faces. >> it's -- that toll is really emotional. >> it definitely is heavy. >> it affects not just that person but the entire family unit. >> yeah, exactly. >> siblings, kids. you know, even to the extended family. >> it definitely does. so what we try to come and do, what we try to do is we try to come in and just have a good vibe. you know, overall happy vibe. come in with smiles, create laughter. just try to help them take their minds off what they're going through. while we're there. and try to every day, i try to stay consistently check on them, you know, make sure everything is fine. i'm at every chemo appointment, radiation, doctor's visits, home
11:47 am
visits, i try to be there as much as i can. >> what's the response from those suffering from cancer? how do you think it makes them feel as they're going through this tragic time in their lives and to see that kind of support network in place for them? >> well hopefully great. since i have been doing it, i have been doing it for about three years now, and we have had great responses. everyone we supported, they're fully supportive of us. as we are of them. and it's just been -- it's just been great. the response has been great, support has been great. and everything -- >> you're doing great work. tell me about the event you have coming up this weekend. >> this weekend, we're have the first annual cancer who weekend, starting friday, may 13th, going to may 15th. and i created this weekend, so you know, people can come out, not just people with cancer, but everyone can come out, have a great time. people with cancer can take their minds off cancer, kick it around on saturday.
11:48 am
>> the first annual. >> first annual. >> so you want to be sure to get this continued, and perpetual. >> yes. >> ongoing. cancer who weekend is this weekend, from the 13th to 15th. for more information on the events taking place, head to our website at or the nbc10 app. al harris, thank you very much for coming in and sharing what you're doing. >> thanks for having me, vai. cloudy skies across the entire area, but philadelphia international reporting a little light rain. other areas just reporting cloudy skies. you can see, the clouds are not all that thick. generally pretty high up in the atmosphere. and even though there's stuff on radar, there's not a lot of places reporting rain right now. but they're all reporting pretty chilly conditions because of the clouds and the wind. it's only 53 in washington
11:49 am
township. but it's 55 in medford. 56 in lumberton. 57 in hamilton. in new jersey. princeton, 54 grees. and with the clouds in, the temperature really isn't going to be going up a whole lot during the day. you'll see warmer temperatures in the seven-day forecast that's you're seeing below me. that's constantly on the screen. for multiple areas, not just philadelphia anymore, and of course, you don't have to wait until the end of the weather cast to see that seven-day. well, the cloudy skies are there, but they're not low clouds. they're not thick clouds, and they're not producing a whole lot of rain on the radar. it looks fairly impressive, but you saw most places are just report cloudy skies. maybe a couple drizzle drops in some places. sometimes the radar can be a little disceeceptivedeceptive. the relative humidity is around
11:50 am
40%, 45%, right at the ground right now, and that's why a lot of that rain evaporating before it hits. now, the live radar, as we zoom in, shows just very light rain or sprinkles falling. maybe back in delaware county, chester county, a touch heavier. it's not heavy enough to totally saturate the ground levels of the atmosphere. as we look a little wider, we find a little drier air in ohio, west virginia, but more sill knt showers near cincinnati and anothery batch east of st. louis. some of that could be affecting us in the future, but that's not a steady rain, of course. so here's the futurecast. go through the afternoon, most places are still cloudy. could be a couple breaks in those clouds that would allow temperatures to get near 60 degrees. but most places not raining. during the afternoon rush. most places not raining this evening. a couple breaks in the clouds.
11:51 am
so we could actually see a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. now, here's the latest. tonight, rain back to the west. and so we're not really hoping for that, but some of that could come in, especially delaware and south jersey later on tonight, first thing in the morning. but we're expecting at least some sunshine tomorrow, pushing temperatures to 70 or a little bit above. then, no rain is predicted for thursday. finally, a day without rain. by the way, washington has set a record, 13 days in a row with measurable rain. friday, though, there's a cold front coming through. and showers and some thunderstorms, although it's not an all-day rain. that sets us up for a fairly nice weekend. 70 degrees on saturday. a little cooler on sunday with a northwest wind kind of gusty, so it's not really warm on sunday, but it does look like it's going to be dry. then as we head into next week, tuesday, another pretty good
tv-commercial tv-commercial
11:52 am
chance of rain before we warm back up on wednesday or thursday. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
11:53 am
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, an all new ellen degeneres show with russell crowe and fifth harmony, and then the nbc10 news at 4:00.
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a man reaches out to the nbc10 responds team after nearly $1,000 in charges draws him into a battle with his credit card company. how the story can help you protect your money this afternoon on nbc10 news at 4:00. and now to an up tate on the top story. philadelphia police hope surveillance video can track down the driver who hit a bicyclist in west philadelphia and kept going. the driver struck the bicyclist around 2:30 this morning when he was hit near 52nd and spruce streets. he's listed in stable condition. the vehicle is either white or silver. he was traveling northbound on 52nd street when it hit the victim. we're expecting investigators to resurveillance images to the public. we'll share them with you as soon as we get them. >> let's turn to glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a look at the afternoon weather. >> and look. overcast. yeah, we have seen that before, have we? >> all last week. >> right. the clouds were lower, we
11:56 am
couldn't see the tops of the buildings, so it was definitely nastier last week. there isn't a whole lot of rain around the area. but just enough cloud cover and east wind to keep the temperatures down. 58 degrees in philadelphia. only 56 at the jersey shore. but tomorrow, at least a little sunshine. still a chance of some showers. the inland temperatures jump to near 70 or above. but right at the shore with the wind coming in off the ocean, it's still on the cool side. we don't warm up at the shore until thursday and friday. even then, we're not talking about temperatures into the 70s. friday would be the next chance of some significant rain. but that's just what a cold front, so that would not be an all-day thing or a real cold rain. very, very strange situation today because we see all that stuff on radar and so little of it is reaching the ground. >> this is good sleeping weather. good sleeping weather. >> okay. >> wet, cool, rainy.
11:57 am
>> thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
. >> john: i just talked to dr. chung. paul's getting worse and worse. and the... his fever's spiking. he's got muscle spasms-- hell, they couldn't even get his head off the pillow. he didn't even know who i was. >> marlena: john, i'm so sorry. is dr. chung sure that it's the flu? >> john: well, you know, he's waiting for the results to come back from the tests, but--but in the meantime, he's put all the other patients and paul on iv fluids. >> marlena: other patients? >> john: oh, yeah. yeah. he's not the only one who's got this--whatever it is. >> gabi: where's ari? where's my baby? >> adriana: i was just with her, but wanted to be here when the doctor examined you. >> chung: our best pediatrician is looking after her right now. >> gabi: she needs me. i need to go. >> jj: gabi, she's gonna be fine, but you need to rest. >> mm-mm. no. >> adriana: i'm gonna go see her right now and make sure that she's okay. >> gabi: thank you, mami. thank you.


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