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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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is. >> reporter: they are aware of multiple break ins, and this video could be key to solving tony's home break in and others. >> i just can't believe it happened and somebody was in there going through our personal belongings and taking stuff. i was not raised that way. >> reporter: in tony's case, most of what was stolen was more sentiment tan thal valuable, a suitcase was stolen from the house filled with stuff, and tony's neighborhood is only one of several areas that were hit yesterday afternoon. at 6:00 tonight, we'll go to the other nakeighborhoods and polic are stunned this guy took so long to break into the houses and how he's cleaning up after himself. we are live, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it was a dreary drive today. this was the scene along providence road in media.
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let's go out to the live look at the ben franklin bridge. a cool and cloud country one. we had this last weekday after day after day. >> it's back. >> first alert chief meteorologist is here with the first alert forecast. >> what can we expect, glen? >> it's going to stay cloudy. we've seen a lot of the clouds around. 59 degrees, light rain off and on all day, light all day. other places are cloudy, pennsylvania suburbs, jersey, and lehigh valley and in delaware reporting temperatures in the 50s. we have light rain in and around the philadelphia area, and not all has been reaching the ground today. there's low levels of the at fos fear that are dry, but this it is heavier rain, weakening a little bit, but headed towards dover and central durchz and some of that may be beyond the light stage. as we go through the future cast this evening. we're not going to find a lot of
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rain, but later tonight, we have some coming in from the west, and especially in delaware and south jersey, you're going to be affected by that later tonight and during the day tomorrow. so philadelphia, you can see the temperature not dropping a whole lot overnight, but we have a chance of rain and some showers for the morning rush, and a little bit on the cooler side, again, further to the north and west. more on what to expect the rest of the week coming up in minutes. philadelphia police hope video can help them track down the driver who hit a man on his bike and took off. nbc 10 got to the scene at 52nd and spruce in west philadelphia at 2:30 this morning and found the victim's mangled bike in the street. he's in stable condition with head and rib injuries. police are working to get a description of the suspect's vehicle. investigation into a deadly house fire killing four people including two children. code enforcers looking to see if the people living there were
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breaking any rules. we have the latest, monique? >> reporter: hi, jim, we learn this is now a two-fold investigation. the district attorney is leading the cause now, finding out what exactly caused this home to become a raging inferno, and also, the city's code end forcer says this property was illegally used as a rental property. >> it's very unfortunate. it's a disaster in every way. >> reporter: michael simonson, norristown code enforcer, says this brick structure was being illegally rented. >> we can't determine how the building was broke p up, if multiple apartments or it was one big living space. >> reporter: records show it's a single family home, young kim of north wales listed as the owner
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as well as his wife, purchasing the home ten years ago. >> since 2006, it's been listed add owner occupied, no rental. >> reporter: we found three doorbells, and the mailbox marked apartment. >> reporter: do you know how many utility accounts were operated from there? >> we don't at this time. >> reporter: we learned young owns the neighboring supermarket and laundry mat, and asked to speak to him, we were told he was out. the blaze that gutted young's property claimed lives of two sisters, an elderly man, and another man we learned in his mid-oos. today, we shot this exclusive video of the fire marshall and insurance investigators back at the scene, again, concentrating efforts inside the side porch or sun room. it's where investigators believe the fire began. you've got no complaints in the property in the past? >> we have not. >> reporter: and back out here live, now, neighbors are still coming by to drop out of
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momentos and light candles. we ask, what type of property punishment fines are there when people who own properties illegally represent them? we also look at the job of the code enforcer and where they get their information. live for now from norristown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. in the past 90 minutes, we flew over the scene of a shooting in philadelphia's brewery town neighborhood. it's not yet clear how the man is doing or if police made arrests here. we'll stay on top of the situation bringing you updates as we get them. nbc 10 with new information about the man police say strangled his girlfriend and called 911 to confess. he is charged with murder, rape, sexual assault, and abuse of a corpse. invegs gaiters say he called emergency dispatchers early yesterday morning saying he
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killed veronica rodriguez inside their home in kensington. he texted his girlfriend's mother to apologize. police tracked his cell phone where they arrested him. police in new jersey who captured an escape prisoner say he was exhausted, making it easier to arrest him. they captured buckel on the garden state parkway yesterday morning. today, the department of correction said buckel could face additional charges for his actions while a fugitive. the convicted killer escaped from the psych with the trick hospital and on the run for a week. today, we are learning new information about the high school girls charged in connection to the death of one of their class mates. tim furlong has been following the story since lance month. live in wilmington with more on the punishments for the girls, fill? >> reporter: talk radio and social immediate delaware buzz about this.
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a girl dies after a fight she did not start, three girls in big trouble, but some argue they should be in deeper trouble and spend more time in prison if convicted. today, i rang a lot of doorbells, all over the grid to track down girls involved and charged in the death of the howard tech high school student. i met a neighbor of one of the girls accused of planning the confrontation and surprised to hear she was involved. >> she got tied up with the wrong crowd, and i guess the peers got to her. >> reporter: i spoke today with the attorney, asking about the many voices saying the girls should have been hit with more serious charges. >> under delaware law, difference between manslaughter and criminal negligent homicide is significant. >> reporter: one 16-year-old here charged with homicide. she beat amy repeatedly with a closed fist, now out on $13,000 bail and could face eight years in prison. i asked if the prosecutors went enough enough. prosecutors say amy died from a
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heart condition, but she wouldn't have died if not assaulted. some say the charge should have been more serious and shouldn't have taken prosecutors so long to charge her. >> had to be that way, a lot to be reviewed,mented to get it right. i'm not always a fan of the attorney general's office, but seems in this case, they probably did the right thing. >> reporter: and the three girls are still suspended from school pending investigations. they are getting schoolwork sent home to them, and we will not identify them because they are juveniles, although, prosecutors are going to try one of of the girls, the girl charged with assaulting amy, as an adult. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. candle light vigil held for one of the victims killed in a crash last week in bethlehem. that for ashley takes place at 6:30 at riverside park in easton. police say a driver crashed into three parked cars on willow street early friday morning and cars burst into flames killing
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three people inside. one person survived. crews work to clean up a spill at a creek in montgomery county. skyforce10 over the creek in glenside this afternoon. this was a day after a hollywood star visited the same creek to talk about water quality. people began noticing paint in the creek near the park last night. workers were painting a pool nearby. authorities believe that is responsible for the spill. nbc 10 viewer sent us photos from the scene. the pool painting project stopped, and a cleanup crew is now cleaning the creek. yesterday, actor visited a different section of the creek. the academy of natural sciences tweeted this picture. ruffalo learned techniques from academy researchers and students. today brings another attempt to stop a proposed gas pipeline running through our area, new jersey officials and environmentalists were at the state house in trenton to deliver a pe fissitition opposi
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pipe la pipeline that stretches more than 100 miles. the petition delivered today contains nearly 9,000 signatures. environmentalists are suing the penn east pipeline company saying the project destroys the beauty along the river and create a safety hazard to nearby homes. this video from the company shows how the pipeline project would work. the company says safety is priority number one, and that the project will provide low cost natural gas while creating thousands of jobs. the start of hurricane season is next month, and first responders in delaware don't want you to get caught in the storm. nbc 10 in newark, the utility company partner with local emergency managers and businesses to educate people with disabilities and care givers about electrical and generator safety. experts say it's not just potential storms to prepare for, but potential schemes as well. lawmakers looking to crack
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down on anyone convicted in a home invasion. today, they are discussing a bill that would change the state's burglarly laws. that bill would create a new charge called home invasion burglary for the case of violent break-ins and convictions carry a stiffer sentence than traditional penalties. there is a multimillion dollar settlement in the case of app engineer who plunged through a glass floor at philadelphia's museum. nbc 10 obtained video of the fall, and we do have to warn you, it is graphic. if you want to watch, it's there at the top of the screen, he fell four stories. this is back in november of 2012. the engineers lawyers announced today he's been awarded $7.25 million. he was inspecting light fixtures at the museum when e he dropped through what they say was an unsecured glass floor. the engineer was left with extensive injuries. the museum is administered by the philadelphia museum of art and confirms there was a settlement.
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issued a statement that says the lawyers for the engineer made inaccurate statements saying, quote, most notably the incorrect assertion that the museum had not provided appropriate signage and other safety precautions in the attic spaces of the rodin museum. the mayor takes a stand against laws he says are discriminatory against the lgbt community by extending the travel ban now. employees ban to going to tennessee and the city of oxford, alabama for business, already banned north carolina last month. he says he would reconsider the ban if those states repealed their legislation. delaware state university today announced its joining a national scholarship program to increase college opportunities for immigrants. programs called the dream u.s. will offer 500 scholarships of up to $20 thour,000 a year for immigrant students. decision 2016, coverage now, the first time voters are headed to the polls since trump became
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the presumptive republican nominee. nebraska is holding gop presidential primary today. while voters in both parties head to the polls in west virginia. trump is the last man standing for the republicans, but today, ted cr uruz said he's not rule a return to the race. for now, trump needs 141,000 votes to make him the candidate with the most votes won in the history of republican presidential nomination contests. overall, 25 million people voted in this year's gop primaries and caucuses this year, that's 7 million more than in 2012. the democratic side, front runner, hillary clinton's campaign is looking ahead to the general election. here's a live look from louisville, kentucky telling young families about her plans to cut child care costs. a new nbc news survey monkey poll shows clinton's democratic challenger does better at
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beating trump in a hypothetical matchup. sanders favored over trump by 13 points. clinton also beats trump. the race is decidedly closer by just five points. clinton will be in our area tomorrow ahead of new jersey's june 7 primary speaking at camden county college at 1:00 p.m. nbc 10 will be there. for complete 2016 coverage including the latest delegate counts and information for new jersey voters ahead of next month's primary, tap the nbc 10 app. just a little bit more than two months to go until the democratic national convention comes here to philadelphia, and today, the host committee says it's ready with more than expected volunteers and planned security upgrades. more than 16,000 people signed up to help out the committee's goal was to recruit 10,000. the city plans to upgrade emergency radio system and purchase new helmets for police motorcycle unite. the office will use federal grant money for upgrades.
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president obama will be the first sitting president to visit the site where the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb. the president makes history at hiroshima in a previously scheduled trip to japan later this month and expected to reenforce call for denuclearization and honor the 140,000 victims of the 1945 bombing. kerry visited the memorial last month. less than a year after colorado theater shooter james holmes was sentenced to life in prison, the case returned to court today, this time, the owner's of the theater defending themselves. 28 victims and family sue the theater saying the theater should have had silent alarms and armed guards at the packed premier of a "batman" film where holmes launched the attack. he killed 12, woundsing 70 others in july of 202. this trial is the first from several suits stemming from that shooting. well, if you feel like you had a rough day, probably not as bad as the one these guys had.
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two of them here stuck dangling from broken scaffolding 17 stories up while washing windows in new york this morning. that is one of my worst nightmares there. took 40 minutes, but they were able to pull workers back in through a window. the winds just roared as massive tornados like this one killed at least two people and destroyed everything in their path in oklahoma. take a look at this funnel cloud almost a mile wide crossed a busy road causing lines to spark and crackle. the national weather service says at least one of the 23 tornados reported was an ef3 twister with winds up to 165 miles per hour. >> those images are staggering. nothing like that headed our way, right? >> that is right. in that part of the country,
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they are familiar with this, and they have storm cellars, and that's why the death toll in the horrible tornados is so low. we have just cloudy skies across the area from the lehigh valley to delaware, south jersey, jersey shore, and temperatures generally in the upper 50s, but we have a few 60 degree temperatures. wilmington at 60 degrees. further south, there's a little sunshine, and georgetown at 62 degrees, millsboro at 60, and with the east wind, no way the places at the beaches can be at 60 degrees. may so far, i don't have to tell you, it's cool, cloudy, and damp. actually, this started in late april, but so far in may, every one of these green areas is a day with measurable rain. the gray, cloudy, and we actually have some days of sunshine in the seven-day forecast. you'll see that right below me
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as it contrscrolls on the scree different areas, not just philadelphia anymore. and you don't have to wait until the end of the forecast. you know, you don't have to wait until the end of the weekend to find a sunny day either, but it's going to be the end of the weekend, unfortunately. there's light rain in philadelphia, but a little bit heavier in northern maryland, and that is moving in general direction of central delaware, middletown, down to dover. it's weakening right now. may not hold together and be moderate to heavy, but at least it's going to be rainier there than in northern and western areas of the suburbs and up through the lehigh valley. there's more event west, and that will be affecting part of the area tomorrow. let's go to the future, and we'll see things fairly quiet as we go through the evening, but later tonight, there's that area coming in from the west,
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especially in central and southern delaware and extreme south jersey getting showers and thunderstorms. as we go through the rest of the day wednesday, there might be another round of showers, again, especially to the south, and then look what happens, as we go into new jersey, i don't see gray. there may be sunshine coming out. not necessarily a completely sunny day, but parts of the area should have some sunshine on thursday. then on friday, there's a cold front coming through with thunderstorms, but anyway, it's 64 tomorrow. with clouds. thursday, peeks of sun friday too, but thunderstorms are likely in the afternoon. pa suburbs, cloudy skies, chance of a shower, further north you go, lower the chance of showers are.
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into tomorrow, i don't have showers for the lehigh valley. i have it partly cloudy thursday. the showers and thunderstorms on friday. there's your neighborhood differences, further north, a different story than to the south. you can see jersey shore and in delaware, much more rain tomorrow than we're going to get in other parts of the area. see how things improve with the ten-day later. okay, glen. there's a new warning for hikers and hunters in pennsylvania to tell you about. next, the dangerous threat found hidden on a trail. plus, a story that makes you question what your child is wearing. what family says ig nienited a in the suv. >> stadium on steroids, where voters approve the nation's most expensive high school statewide yum and how much it's going to cost. and this -- >> reporter: a sneak peek inside philly's new upscale living, going inside the new apartments at the devine hotel the day before they open to the public.
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and first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street, an up day.
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live over breaking news on the roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. crews on scene of the accident that involves more than what you see there, but involved five vehicles in al. in the southbound lanes near woodward street. pulling out wider, traffic is getting by, but slowing down. we're still working to find out if anyone here is hurt.
4:25 pm
again, five vehicles involved in this crash in northeast philadelphia on the roosevelt boulevard. now to texas where a little bit boy's sneakers are in the spotlight. >> the boy's family believes the shoes are actually responsible for setting their suv on fire. now, there's not much left of the sneakers today. look, just charred. they are the sneakers that light up when you walk. 2-year-old warren left them in the family's suv overnight this weekend, and the parents found the shoes in the backseat of the car burnt to a crisp the next morning. >> there was nothing in the car that could have -- as far as we knew, that could start a fire. the shoe was laying on the grown with the wires sticking up, and a lightbulb, i knew immediately that's what it was. >> wow, scary. there is a battery, but investigators are trying to see if that's what started the fire. if there was ever a doubt that high school football was big in texas, realm, a town there just confirmed that.
4:26 pm
>> it's building a stadium that's going to cost nearly $63 million. >> yeah. >> you heard that right. 63 mil. voters voted in favor of the plan to allow the district to begin construction, this is what the stadium is expected to look like, 12,000 seats. 62.8 million price tag makes it thee most expensive high school football stadium in the country. >> wow. high school football is big, but that's really big. >> big in texas. like a college stadium or more. a dinner time call costed a man nearly a thousand dollars. >> drawn into a battle with the credit card company over it. that's when he called nbc 10 responds for help. what the team found and how this helps you protect your savings next. and this -- >> reporter: one of the coast guard's newest, high-tech cutters stopping right here in philadelphia next, its mission to stop the drug trade. and have you been driving
4:27 pm
over that same pothole over and over and over again? how annoying is that? the investigators dug for answers about road repair, what we found left us baffled. see how leaders in philadelphia responded to our questions. that's next at 5:00.
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he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
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breaking news concerning don trump. trump says he has narrowed his potential vice president choices to five or six experienced politicians, and he's not ruled out new jersey governor chris christie. trump made the statement in an interview with the associated press, and yesterday, donald trump named christie the chairman of the transition team. a grandfather tries to work with his credit card company
4:31 pm
after getting duped into paying to fix computer problems that he never really had. >> after months of back and forth with no resolution, nbc 10 responds stepped into help. harry hairston has more on that. harry? >> well, you know, it is easy for any of us to fall victim to schemes. as we are going to show you, cleaning up the damage to the finances may be tougher than you think. it was a call before dinner that got ed worried about his computer. the callers claimed provide tech support his computer critically needed. >> not knowing any better, i got concerned. >> reporter: if he didn't agree to the service; the caller said -- >> i won't be able to use the computer anymore. >> reporter: he gave them credit card information hoping they fixed the problem, but the calls kept coming. >> two weeks later, again, and a third time, and it just didn't stop. >> reporter: it was not until his son noticed what was going on.
4:32 pm
he realized he was being taken, charges popped up on the citi card, totaling more than $900. he called the police, which told him to call his credit card company and report the fraudulent charges. city initially removed the charges, but put them back on the card. >> the explanation was, well, you willing gave him the credit card numbers. well, that's the scam. >> reporter: that's when he called nbc 10 responds. >> i wanted to get help. i wanted to get out from underneath this burden. it's a thousand dollars. i don't work. >> reporter: we reached out to citi who reached out to him. >> fortunately, nbc 10 got involved. and now everything's changing. >> reporter: a full refund of the charges back to his account. when he started getting calls from another tech support company -- >> i just tell them to get lost and hang up on them. >> reporter: yeah. that sounds like good advice. get lost, hang up on them. citi credited all $967 back to
4:33 pm
his account. in a statement, citi tells us that it advices card members to take precautions against scams including treated unsolicited calls with skepticism and if a card member is dissatisfied, he or she can contact citi to launch a thorough investigation. and listen to this, guys. we are going to add his money back to our grand total. that brings us to $8406 since we've debuted nbc 10 responds less than two weeks ago. >> well on your way there, harry, to helping a lot of people, and he learned a tough lesson. >> a tough lesson he did learn. >> if you have a complaint for us, head to, click on the responds page, fill out a complaint form or call 610-668-resp. we'll reach out to you. tomorrow, a couple calls, harry, after months of back and forth with the contractor.
4:34 pm
how we stepped in to resolve this one tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. breaking news now, chester county, water is the concern. crews are repairing a water pipe on third street, and in the meantime, everyone in avondale is urged to boil water before using it. they take samples tomorrow and thursday and notify residents when water is safe again. a warning for hunters and hikers in pennsylvania this afternoon. authorities found a strip of spikes on a state game lands trail. those spikes hidden on the trail. the game commission says it appears they were placed there intentionally. apparently so they would puncture tires or feet of anyone walking along the trail. >> facebook is under fire this afternoon over allegations of censorship. >> up next, the political stories the social media giant's accused of pushing lower on your feed. plus, the marketing that's misleading shopping at the grocery store, and using fish to
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fight zika? a county east approach to stop the virus. that's new at 5:00. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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they sacrificed for their country. now they are asking for some help in return for the sake of their families. wounded veterans and their spouses were on capitol hill today urging lawmakers to pass legislation on benefits for reproductive services. they say ivf coverage is critical for veterans with combat injuries that left them unable to conceive naturally. right now, the va does not cover the costly procedures. marijuana tests for drivers are flawed. six states including pennsylvania allow marijuana use have tests to determine if a driver's impaired by the drug, but aaa's study says it's impossible to set a reliable
4:39 pm
limit for thc, the chemical in marijuana making people high. medical marijuana became legal in pennsylvania last month. how do you define "healthy"? that's what the fda's debating, and the definition could change marketing for foods. the agency currently allowed the word "healthy" on packaging, but only with certain criteria. what do you think? they plan to solicit public comments soon. misleading marketing shows why shoppers should read the fine print at the grocery store. a survey from consumer reports found majority of shoppers seek out products labeled as natural, but believe the label means more than it does. unlike organic foods, natural products are not regulated by any government agency, and they may cop tape artificial or genetically modified ingredients. facebook denies the claim they are censoring conservative news on its site.
4:40 pm
the facebook worker says facebook deliberately left stories of interest to conservatives off the trending topics section. facebook says there's no evidence of the allegation and there's guidelines in place to ensure consistency and neutrality. well, one of philadelphia's most run-down landmarks is getting a makeover. >> next, we go inside the historic devine loraine hotel as we look at soon how it will sparkle again. and, yeah, we have more dreary, wet weather ahead into tomorrow. possibly from the morning rush, but things will change. fracking what's ahead next in the neighborhood forecast.
4:41 pm
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a major transformation for
4:44 pm
phil's most historic crown jewels, once abandon, covered, and crumbling is getting a new life. >> lauren mayk got an exclusive look inside the renovations that will make this landmark livable again. >> reporter: if you're coming in here from north broad, this is what you're going to see. this is the original vestibule of the hotel. there's a lot of work being done here, but first of all, look up there. that is an original sky light, and that is going to be restored, so you will see light pouring down here. over here, that is going to be a restaurant. to your other side, there's a cafe. i'm told this is the kind of place that you want to live if you like noise and activity and having people around because that is the point of this building. we are headed now into the original lobby, and you're going
4:45 pm
to see a lot of the original things stick around in the area as well. look up there. that molding, that is going to be restored as well. and these pillars, these are also original from the building. now, if you do live here when if opens in november, you can, of course, take an elevator, but let's take the stairs. once you get upstairs, there's 101 apartment units here, and this is one of the things that is really unique about being in a historic building. things like this, not every unit's going to be the same. you'll have these little alcoves like this, and this one has a view of north broad street. i'm lauren mayk, n 10 news. yeah, but today, and lately, not a lot of sun through those potential skylights, as a matter of fact, cloudy in philadelphia. the suburbs. new jersey, lehigh valley, delaware, temperatures are uniform as well.
4:46 pm
and we actually do have temperatures that have made it to 60 degrees, even 62 in winchester park, and it's 59 at philadelphia international airport. there are the cloudy skies. we've been seeing that all day, but at least we can the buildings, so the clouds are not really all that thick. you can see the radar, not all of this has been reaching the ground. low levels of the atmosphere are dry today, but when you see a little yellow and orange there, that's definitely a significant shower that is on i-95 or approaching i-95 southwest of wilmington with more on the way. some places are going get it. the most likely to stay dry is up to the lehigh valley, and we have more back towards cincinnati, for example, and that's the activity that could be affecting us by tomorrow afternoon. let me she you what i'm talking
4:47 pm
about here as go through the futurecast. that area of showers moves offshore within a few hours. then a break. them there's another area coming in that could be affecting us, at least part of the area for tomorrow morning's rush. you can see, it's not widespread. it's not all that heavy. there are going to be some showers. now, we do have some big differences here. there's a reason we have the neighborhood forecast. for example, in the philadelphia area, university city tomorrow, 64, a lot of clouds. a couple rounds of showers. as we head to the north, little more sunshine. lower chances for rain than i have in reading, but in allentown, i don't have any rain for tomorrow. 68 degrees easton, i also have dry at 68 degrees. now, as we go further to the south, the chances of rain increase the amount of rain increases, the number of hours of rain increases. atlantic city has a rainy day,
4:48 pm
57, wilmington, 62, and dover with rain as is the beach. as we go into the ten-day, tomorrow is still on the cool side. not as chilly as today, with a chance of showers early in the day and also late in the day. most of the day is dry. for some of you, all of the day is dry. thursday, probably dry through the whole area, about 70 degrees. f friday, a cold front, showers, thunderstorms, and that is not an all-day thing. also a chance of showers on saturday. sorry about this. this is the way the pattern is. it's hard to get sunny days like sunday. 67 degrees. monday, 68 degrees. another round of rain on tuesday before we start quieting down once again. i want to remind you that every time you can see the seven-day
4:49 pm
foreca forecasts. at the end, we'll give you a bonus and go to the ten days. >> not a wash out tomorrow? for so long, wednesday and thursday are the beautiful days, but now only thursday. >> yes, by comparison, a beautiful day. looks good too, but tomorrow's not that bad, it's just a couple rounds of showers, further north you go, the lower the chance of any keep of rain, and a little sun. >> okay. glen. >> thanks. take a look at this. that right there is the dash board of a pickup truck, and you see what is there? an alligator foot from it. officers in florida snapped this unusual picture after pulling over a map in a wildlife area. the driver claimed the gator was old, but officers say the smell told them otherwise. they found other gator parts in the truck and cited the man for hunting without a permit. >> oh. gator parts.
4:50 pm
>> strange story of the day. okay. coast guard has a new weapon to keep drugs from reaching the homeland. >> we got a tour. randy gyllenhaal is on board the country's most high-tech ships getting inside how it keeps drugs out of the region. a ride to remember. new jersey police officers pay tribute to a fallen trooper. that's coming up all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00 p
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4:53 pm
. a new plan to curbing drug use in the area, stop them before they get here. >> nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal goes
4:54 pm
to the delaware river to explain. >> reporter: we are headed out to meet the coast guard cutter, hamilton, making a pits stop here in philadelphia. this 418 foot vessel is named after the father of the coast guard, alexander hamilton, tracking drug smugglers and human traffickers up and down the east coast. >> reporter: inside the guts the newest ship is a team of engineers using new navy technology. >> keep engines running, keep power, and that nothing interferes with the mission. >> reporter: that mission is what 116 crew members training if, tracking smugglers in the vast waters of the caribbean. >> control coast guard. >> reporter: michael from allentown will be manning one of the chase boats to intercept armed and dangerous cartel smugglers. >> come alongside, sneak up on them, and temperature them to stop, and if that fails, then we
4:55 pm
shoot out their engines. >> reporter: cocaine and heroin are the major busts usually by the ton. >> it's just not the loads of narcotics and the people, but the network of criminal activity in the region that we're able to infiltrate. >> reporter: for captain scott, today is a homecoming, originally from delaware county, and before his ship heads south, he's bringing the hamilton down the delaware river. >> it's great to bring a ship to the city. >> reporter: docked at penn's landing until friday. aboard the hamilton, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. next at 5:00, questions about a deadly fire in norristown killing four people. we have an update on the investigation. and more rain on the radar today, even more as we go through part of the week. i'll show you how long to hold the umbrellas coming up.
4:56 pm
considering them mosquito, how the tiny fish keep expecting moms in south jersey safe this summer.
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right now at 5:00, new questions about a deadly fire in norristown. nbc 10 was back at the scene today as investigators tried to figure out how four people ended
4:59 pm
up dead. should the victims have been living there in the first plac.? >> the home was not a legal rental property. monique braxton is uncovering detail, and what else have you learned today? >> reporter: the code enforcement office has launched its own investigation, and they say this gutted property was being operated as a rental property, not as a single family home as is listed on the county property files. >> this points out the importance of making sure where people reside is safe. >> reporter: michael simonson, the code manager, calls the fire up fortunate and a disaster. the office is conducting an investigation because 825 dekalb street was being illegally rented. >> code end force want has no
5:00 pm
way of knowing how the rooms were broken up. >> reporter: property records show it's a single family home, young kim of north wales listed as owner along with his wife, purchasing the home ten years ago as a single family home, but outside, we found three doorbells and a mailbox marked apartment. do you know at this point how many ewe tulty accounts were operated out of there? >> no, we do not. not at this time. >> reporter: we learned young own the neighboring supermarket. when e we asked to speak to him, we were told he was out. the blaze that gutted young's property claimed the lives of two sisters, an elderly man, and another man learned in his mid-50s. we shot this exclusive video of the fire marshall and insurance investigators back at the scene. we asked simonson about the punishment young faces. >> from the code enforcement office, he'll face penalties for lack of rental license, inspections, and


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