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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that actually shows right through the entire well of the buildings. >> to a restaurant, apartments, and possibly a symbol of change for the neighborhood. >> basically, every inch of the building is cool. >> the top of the ceiling is part of the character of the penthouse. >> that was the speak easy entrance. i mean, a real speak easy. >> reporter: residents, a modern day speak easy and two story restaurant, places where the building intersects with a neighborhood in transition. >> seeing the energy come on this. >> we walked with the executive director of the nonprofit north broad renaissance. >> reporter: you grew up not too far from here. what's your memories of the area? not good. >> reporter: new lights here, new businesses. >> it was pretty vacant, and with vacancy and vacant buildings comes crime and just things that are not productive to the community, so when you -- it's to see that it's changing,
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changing for the better. >> reporter: the restaurant opened a decade ago. >> when we came here, we were trend setters. >> reporter: the area evolved, grown, and change has happened a little slower than expected. >> we're a destination. people are driving in, taking cabs, or the train in. we. to see people walking in. >> reporter: having people move into the loraine two blocks down could help, bringing new life, eliminating a vacant building. >> i think now is just our time. it's north broad's time. >> reporter: and now there will be 101 apartments, 24 hotel rooms, and the developer tells me this is the kind of place you want to live if you like noise, if you like activity. it is meant to be a gathering place, and there is an open house tomorrow if you want to check it out. live on north broad, nbc 10 news. >> and the devine loraine dates back to the late 1890s. father devine, the leader and
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head of the devine piece mission movement bought it in 1948 renaming it. and it was abandon for the past 15 years. that was until these new apartments come back to life again, the open house starts tomorrow at 3:00. a septa bus driver hit and killed a bicyclist in the frankfurt section of philadelphia today. police say a man cut in front of the bus at lunchtime. no passengers were on board that bus. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, the weather includes damp and chilly temperatures, there's a little rain on the radar. we could see more rain again tomorrow. >> glen "hurricane" schwartz has the first alert forecast. >> we are seeing a little bit of improvement in parts of the area, other places are seeing a little of rain for the first time in philadelphia, we have partly sunny skies, a little sun getting through those clouds. we're seeing a couple little streaks of blue in the lehigh
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valley. the clouds, of course, kept the temperature down at or below sixty in most areas. radar shows rain in southern chester county, newcastle county, to atlantic city, all on the light side, and not all of it is reaching the ground. that's been the case all day, low levels of the atmosphere have been very dry. as we go through the evening, the temperature not dropping a whole lot, but we do have a chance of more showers coming in by daybreak for philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs, and lehigh valley further to the north, it's less likely for you to see any rain. tomorrow morning or any time during the day tomorrow, and the further south you are, the better chance we have of showers in parts of new jersey and the jersey shore tomorrow. that's just the beginning of more shower threats. we'll time those out for you with our rest of the neighborhood forecast in a few minutes. a west philadelphia high school student is suspended this
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evening while police investigate claims he sexually assaulted a classmate in the building. a 14-year-old girl says a classmate sexual assaulted her inside williams high school friday amp after school let out. the school spokesperson says they turned over video to the police of the two studentins walking in the hallway and leeing the school. detectives are investigating. no charges have been filed. tonight, new details about the case of teenagers accused in the death of a classmate. delaware bureau reporter joining us live now from wilmington with more. tim? >> reporter: good evening. a lot of people in delaware talk about this. the three girls charged in the death of amy joiner frances inside the restroom. three girls in trouble, but here's the thing, people think they should face more serious charges and more serious potential punishments. >> it actually saddens me to see
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these young girls in the situation. >> the teenager charged with beating amy back in april, prosecutor say amy technically died from a heart problem, but the death triggered by the beating she took from the girl who lives here. out on bail, now, if convicted, could spend eight years from prison. some say it's not enough, but one defense attorney says he believes negligent homicide is an appropriate charge. >> with a manslaughter charge, a higher charge, the person has to be aware that they their actions can cause death, and them recklessly disregard that, obviously, the assailant was not aware the child had a heart condition. that's the difference. >> reporter: i went to the home of the other girls charged, nobody answered. i met a neighbor. >> that doesn't seem like the same girl that lives her. >> reporter: john can't believe the neighbor is one of two charged with planning assault on amay tried as a juvenile, and they could be locked up for a year if convicted.
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as for why it took so long to file charges? >> had to be that way. a lot to be reviewed. wanted to get it right. i'm not always a fan of the attorney general's office, but seems to me, in this case, they probably did the right thing. >> reporter: and now the three girls are suspended from school pending investigation. they are getting work sent home to them, ordered to stay away from amy's family and social media as well. we will not identify the girls because they are juveniles. one girl accused of punching amy they are trying to charge as an adult. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016, voters in west virginia and nebraska have a few more hours to vote in the presidential primaries. this is the first time they head to the pools since trump became the republican nominee, and a short time ago, trump said he narrowed the running mate candidates to five or six experienced politicians, and
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trump said he's not ruled out new jersey governor chris christie as a potential vp pick. yesterday, trump picked christy to be chairman of the team if he wins the white house, and trump among the republican candidates definitely bringing republican voters. nbc 10 news reports about 25.7 million people voted in the 2016 republican primaries and caucuses. that's about 7 million more than in the entire 2012 presidential primary. still, millions of votes out there in the remaining primaries including california and new jersey coming up on june 7. today, trump tweeted about numerous topics. in one, quote, i look very much forward to meeting with paul ryan and the gop party leadership on thursday in d.c. together. we will beat the dems at all levels. hillary clinton is headed to south jersey tomorrow for a stop at camden county college. she spent time today in kentucky. that primary is next week foc focusing on child care, and says
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some states, it costs just as much as college. >> so i -- it just doesn't make sense. it's the most important job that any of us can do, and we make it really expensive and very difficult. >> tonight, clinton plans to reveal plans to make sure families don't spend more than 10% of the income on child care. philadelphia already knows what it's going to do with the 43 million dollars it gets from hosting the democratic national convention in july. the city plans to upgrade its emergency radio system and also wants to buy new helmets for the motorcycle unit. the convention runs july 25-28 and expected to draw 50,000 people. former top aide to ed rendell pled guilty to wire fraud after getting caught up in an fbi sting. agents approached john estey in 2009 after leaving rendell's administration and now faces 20 years behind bars. a 418 feet long, hard to
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miss, and you might have seen it sails down the delaware river this morning. the u.s. coast guard's new cutter, alexander hamilton, stopped in philadelphia. the ship will be used to track down drug smugglers and human traffickers in the eastern pacific and atlantic. some of the crew members grew up in the area. >> alongside, sneak up on them, tell them to stop. when they don't, there's processes to go through to get the authority to stop them. >> it's also the network of criminal activity we infiltrate. >> the ship's captain from delaware county and graduated from cardinal high school. the creek all cleaned up now. they spent the day cleaning up a spill. skyforce10 was over glenside this afternoon. the workers were painting a pool
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nearby, and they believe that's responsible for the spill. no fish were killed because of the buildup. a curfew is enacted for children 16 and younger. in harrington, out and about 10:00 unless with a parent. it expires in july so the council can make changes if it me wants to. >> we have a top floor of a local museum, the fall, dramatic video released on the day the victim collects a large settlement. >> a shovel and disney characteristic, a burglar uses whatever he can grab to break into a home. one man's crime spree next. >> it's chilly across the region again, and some places didn't even break 60 degrees. how about 70? look at when it's finally going to happen.
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breaking news, federal authorities indicted pennsylvania state senator on bribery and fraud charges. these charges stem from his run to be the democratic ward leader
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for philadelphia's eighth ward back in 2011. ellen chapman is also charged, and says he paid for her daughter to study abroad in exchange the feds allege chapman used her position on the democratic committee to support him in the election. we just received a sometime from his attorney reading in part, larry is 100% innocent of these novel charges and expects to be fully exonerated. there have a multimillion dollar settlement in the case of an engineer who plunged through a glass floor at the rodin museum. we have video of the fall. the man survived the 38 foot drop. watch the top of the screen, you see the engineer falling four stories. this happened back in involve of 2012. the engineers' lawyers announced today he's been awarded. .25 million, inspecting light fixtures at the museum when he dropped through an unsecured
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glass floor. the engineer had extensive injuries. the museum is administered by the museum of art and confirms a settlement, issuing a statement say they made inaccurate statements the incorrect assertion that the museum had not provided appropriate signage and other safety precautions in the attic spaces of the rodin museum. a one-man crime spree, a suspect caught on video using a shovel to break into a home. police say the same man broke in three homes in one day. he may be responsible for burglaries in other montgomery towns as well. nbc 10 is joining us now live from bluebell with more. >> this video, very important to investigators. they say if a homeowner here in the blue bell section of woodpaintownship didn't have the camera, they would have no idea who to look for tonight. >> you work so hard in your life, and someone in your home
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not invited, that hurts. >> reporter: this is the guy not invited. >> someone knows who the person is. >> reporter:s to the video, they hope that someone is you. he takes no steps to hide his face, and police say he took time breaking into the house. first using his body to get the door open, becausing a lawn ornament, mickey breaks, but the door didn't budge, then a shovel to smash glass and pry open the door. he took stuff to fill a suitcase, one he also store. >> it hurts. >> reporter: the homeowner brought to tears, and items he says he may never get back. a short time after the break-in, three more homes were reported burglariz burglarized, and in all cases, police say this white car was spotted. >> he was determined to get in, and he spent a lot of time in the house. >> without the video, police have no idea what the suspect looks leek or amount of time he spent trying to get into the house. >> i just can't believe that
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happened and somebody was going through our personal belongings and taking stuff. i have not raised that way. >> reporter: the homeowner in this case who had those cameras asked we not identify him, not show his face, and told us he believes that the man tried to clean up after himself, wipe down fripts, and some cleaning supplies were used. tonight, the police for a good look at the video, the car, and call them if you know who the guy is. reporting live in bluebell, nbc 10 news. >> children were honored for work in their. >> the fourth graders received special recognition today. the action network gave students a plaque and pizza for the work in protecting the river and its drinking water. students studied environmental science and streams and marked storm drains with messages keep it clean. good job. now your first alert weather.
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>> those storm drains get a workout in the last couple weeks, but we have reports of at least partly sunny skies, is that a sign of things to come? well, maybe not completely because we've got an east wind again that keeps temperatures at the shore down, atlantic city, 53, cape may courthouse 53, but it's warmer inland. woodbien at 59. it's been pretty cool, cloudy, and damp so far this may, all those areas in green, those days in green had at least some rain gray days, cloudy, and we have yellow in there, sunny, in the forecast, not a total lost throughout the zemp day forecast. see your forecast at the bottom of the screen at any time. here's the live radar. not much up in the lehigh valleys, you notice in the forecast. we have some rain in chester county, newcastle county, and out towards the shore. it is pretty light for the most
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part. some of this is not even reaching the ground. that's more or less what we've seen today, just sprinkles. even the heavier stuff in maryland wraeken eakened as it approached. back to the west, there is certainly more significant activities and thunderstorms in when some of that could affect the area over the next couple days. as we go through the night tonight, things are relatively quiet, but there's more coming in from the west. possibly just in teem for the morning rush as you see, but this is mostly from philadelphia southward, delaware, south jersey the greatest threat of showers. as we go into thursday, look at this, it's not gray. that means sunshine for at least a good part of the day on thursday. that allows temperatures to get up into the 70s, but then look what's coming for friday. a cold front and showers and
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thunderstorms likely with that. tomorrow, some of the best weather of the lehigh valley, reading, bethlehem, easton, no rain, partly sunny skies. further south you go, the more likely we have rain. newtown getting rain too. every point to the south and delaware and south jersey with the greatest risk. there's that 64 tomorrow. chance of morning showers, and then late afternoon showers, most of the day is dry. 70 looks dry. partly sunny. friday, sunny, but the thunderstorms come in. saturday, most of the day is dry. a chance of showers. sunday, sunny day and so is monday. more rain tuesday. hurricane, thanks, i'm john clark, one says bradford needs to apologize for missing time and temple star trying to make it in the nfl. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things.
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i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. i'm john clark from comcast sports net, and eagles workout, only bird not there is cox, sitting out the voluntary sessions waiting for a new deal. bradford is back. former eagles quarterback joined us in studio saying this puts more pressure on sam if he does not play well. he says we'll see carson wentz or chase daniel. here's jaws sinking teeth into bradford missing the last two weeks. >> the fact that he did not show up at those -- although voluntary -- he didn't show up, i think it's insulting to the
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city. it's insulting to the eagles. it's insulting to teammates, but i can't imagine he would be welcomed back with open arms. i think when a player walks out on the team, he's got apologizing to do when he walks back in the locker room. i'm sure he has done that. he's a standup dpguy. peterson will give him a long leash, but i'm not sure the fans will. >> jaws knows. temple's defensive player of the year, and he had to wait until the seventh round to be drafted with the steelers. here he is at the rookie camp, most decorated player in owls' football history, turned around the program, and doubted in the nfl like he was at temple. >> just the way we changed the program. i don't think they knew we changed the program, and being a part of that, people don't think i can play at this level. it's the same thing i faced my whole life. just continue to do what i do. make plays. and that's it. you knowing i'm not the fastest guy, but, i mean, turn on the
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film, i'm all over the place. >> eagles play steelers this upcoming season. curry, first unanimous mvp league in history, nope, jordan never was, good timing after what steph did last night. 17 points in overtime, most ever in nba history, putting warriors up on portland. look at the owner, paul allen, look at that face. now, paul has had moments over the last few years, look back in the super, his seahawks lost to the patriots, he's worth $17 billion, not many things can put that expression on his face. money can't buy everything. i'm john clark from komcast sports next. we'll be right back. do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator
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toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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surprise! >> that's bill grund in from the daily bike ride, and he turns 96 today, and the enhanced retirement center helped him celebrate. he rides ten miles a day, and today, he was surprised with
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commorative membership to the bucks bike club. he's going strong. >> looks good. >> the news comets now with nightly news with lester holt. tonight, blown away. tornadoes turned deadly in the heartland, and new twisters forming right now. how one boy survived as his house was ripped away all around him. trump's short list. trump has narrowed down his picks for vice president. who made the cut, and the current vp raising eyebrows about comments about hillary clinton. facebook under fire. the bombshell allegation that has a powerful u.s. senator demanding answers. prince's doctor identified. police get a search warrant. breaking news about a physician who wrote the singer's prescription. new details about the day he died. and firing the tsa? nightmare lines and passengers losing patience. major airports now threatening to get


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