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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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commorative membership to the bucks bike club. he's going strong. >> looks good. >> the news comets now with nightly news with lester holt. tonight, blown away. tornadoes turned deadly in the heartland, and new twisters forming right now. how one boy survived as his house was ripped away all around him. trump's short list. trump has narrowed down his picks for vice president. who made the cut, and the current vp raising eyebrows about comments about hillary clinton. facebook under fire. the bombshell allegation that has a powerful u.s. senator demanding answers. prince's doctor identified. police get a search warrant. breaking news about a physician who wrote the singer's prescription. new details about the day he died. and firing the tsa? nightmare lines and passengers losing patience. major airports now threatening to get rid
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of the government security we've had since 9/11. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. round two. the nation's midsection taking another wicked weather punch as we come on the air tonight. these pictures in to us just minutes ago from kentucky. take a look at this. a tornado on the ground there. part of the second severe weather outbreak in as many nights. in oklahoma this evening, residents are still assessing the damage after two dozen tornadoes churned across the region just about this time last evening, killing two people. right now, this map shows in realtime the locations of storm chasers, several of them as you can see clustered in kentucky and indiana, where things are heating up. gabe gutierrez reports now from the storm zone. >> reporter: late today, this tornado slicing through mayfield, kentucky, as
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millions in the midwest and north texas -- >> please don't hit that farm. >> reporter: -- brace for another round of severe weather. in oklahoma, recovering from this twister, almost a mile wide captured up close on camera, smothering everything in its way, cutting a three-mile path and leaving a trail of destruction. >> it just blew off its foundation. >> reporter: at least nine reported twisters. more through oklahoma, killing two people. lisa buckner lived next to one of them. she barely survived riding out the storm in her storm shelter. >> i started crying. i was in disbelief. >> reporter: teenager daniel park home alone, when his dad called to tell him to take cover in the middle of the house. >> i was in the bathroom on the ground. >> reporter: the outbreak spanning six states within hours, 22 reported tornadoes. the threat far from over. >> tonight the threat of severe weather
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shifts back to texas. but tomorrow it expands from texas to illinois with the biggest threat of supercells in missouri, oklahoma, and parts of northern texas. >> electric lines down, fire flashes. >> reporter: in oklahoma, a firefighter captured this video. even seasoned first responders said these are heart-wrenching. >> when you hear of the loss of lives, it's not easy. >> reporter: a frantic new search for jamie ramirez's pets trapped in her crumpled home. >> they're our family. >> reporter: in a region where so much was lost, finally something found. today the national weather service said this damage was caused by at least an ef-3 tornado with winds topping 136 miles per hour. now this region is bracing for the possibility of more severe storms tomorrow. but tonight, there are already reports of multiple injuries and multiple buildings damaged from the new
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tornado in western kentucky. lester? >> some of those pictures so close to those tornadoes, gabe, thank you very much. turning to the race for president. and donald trump saying in an interview today he has narrowed his list of running mates down to five or six candidates. congress returned in full from recess today to face the new reality of trump as the presumptive republican nominee. we get the details from nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: ted cruz mobbed late today, making his return to washington. but making it clear, again, he's not ready to endorse donald trump yet. >> there will be plenty of time for voters to make the determination who they're going to support. >> reporter: cruz cracking the door a bit to get back in the race. >> if circumstances change, we will always assess changed circumstances. >> reporter: for his colleagues in congress, the first day back at work since trump be game the presumptive nominee. speaker paul ryan downplaying expectations for thursday's meeting
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with the candidate. >> we can't fake it, we can't pretend. we have to unify and do it. >> reporter: the real concern of some republicans, marco rubio focusing more on key reelection races to help the senate keep its gop majority. >> i think the best thing i can do to do that, i think, is to support those who are out there running for the conservative cause. >> reporter: our nbc news analysis shows just 12 of 21 republican senators on the ballot in november support trump. trump campaign sources acknowledging those concerns, tell us trump will do whatever he can to assure party leaders he's there to help. much of the talk revolving around not just what trump says, on trade, on immigration, but on how he says it. is that something you're worried about? >> what i see happening is a developing and fleshing out of issues, and a change in tone. >> reporter: senator bob corker dismissing talk he could be a vp pick as trump tells the amplt p. chris
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christie is still in the mix. narrowing down to five or six possible running mates. experienced politicians who can do what trump hasn't proven he can yet. work with washington. ahead of those meetings here on the hill, new controversy for donald trump tonight after his campaign included a prominent nationalist on his possible delegates in california. trump's campaign calling it a database error on someone who was rejected and removed from that list two months ago. lester? >> hallie jackson tonight, thank you. the democrats are facing off tonight in west virginia. the primary there. while hillary clinton has shifted her line of attack to donald trump, she continues to struggle to put away bernie sanders. but as nbc's kristen welker tells us, she got a big vote of confidence today from vice president joe biden. >> reporter: it's the strongest sign of support yet from the white house. vice president joe biden predicting hillary clinton will win in november. >> i feel confident hillary will be the
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nominee, and i feel confident she will be the next president. >> reporter: the vice president stopping short of an all out endorsement, in an interview he gave last month. >> there's no problem. we can elect a woman in this country. >> reporter: hillary clinton leads donald trump nationally by five points in our online poll. but new polls in swing states show statistical dead heats, clinton narrowingly leading in florida and pennsylvania. trump with a slight lead in ohio. but first, clinton has to officially lock up her own nomination. campaigning today in kentucky. and releasing new ads on radio and television. >> that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. >> reporter: a shift in strategy for clinton who had stopped spending on television to save resources for her likely battle against trump. but with bernie sanders poised to win a number of states in may, she's trying to limit her losses and head into the convention on solid ground. today sanders stumping in california stressed the race isn't over
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yet in an interview with nbc's chris jensen. >> we'll fight for every last vote. if things go well in the next nine states, we've got a shot to win a majority of the pledged votes. >> reporter: as clinton campaigns here in kentucky, sanders is poised to win west virginia tonight, a state that clinton won by nearly 40 points in 2008. but it will largely be a moral victory as this race is nearly mathematically out of sanders' reach. a powerful u.s. senator is demanding answers from facebook over allegations that the social networking giant is biased against reporting conservative oriented news items. it's a story that has a lot of people talking. the company is now responding. nbc's blake mccoy tells us more. >> reporter: 163 million americans use facebook. many probably turn to the trending feature for their news. a running list of stories selected the website said by popularity. but tonight a top
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senate republican is demanding to know how that list is compiled. >> if the news is coming through there, which is represented to be objective and it's not, then i think the people deserve the right to know that. >> reporter: in an article posted monday, one anonymous former employee who helped compile the trending list said stories are picked by editors, not by algorithms, they said, quote, it was absolutely biased. we were doing it subjectively. according to the source described as politically conservative, trending topics about mitt romney among others were removed. in a statement facebook vice president said in part, there are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality. these guidelines do not permit the suppression of political perspectives. users from across the political spectrum rely on facebook to promote their message. >> they have the ability to dictate what's popular, what's
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going to show up higher in their algorithm versus lower. as a result, it shapes the way that publishers are compiling their news and also sharing it. >> reporter: today facebook said they have found no evidence of stories being dropped. late afternoon, one of those stories was tough to miss. facebook trending. is trending. blake mccoy, nbc news. if you've been to the airport lately or you're a regular viewer of "nightly news," you know about the long lines swelling at security lines, and passengers increasingly losing patience. it's gotten so frustrating a group representing airlines are asking passengers to share their photos of the long lines, using the #i hate the wait. while some major airports are now threatening to fire the tsa. nbc's joe fryer now with the details. >> reporter: at chicago o'hare today, an hour-long wait to get through security. >> it's really long. not looking forward to it. >> reporter: now travelers are sharing photos of those long lines using the #i
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hate the wait. images are popping up across the country, chicago midway, st. louis, washington, and orlando, described by one traveler as cattle call insanity. carolyn hizer recently snapped this picture at jfk. >> i got to the airport three hours early. and i still barely made my flight. >> reporter: in some places, time spent waiting in line may rival time spent flying in the air. the problem is so bad, the port authority that runs newark, jfk and laguardia airports sent a letter to the tsa warning it could use private security screeners if wait times don't improve. we can no longer tolerate the inadequacy of the screening services. >> they take a lot into consideration before they make decisions like this. this is huge. this will have ripples across our industry. >> reporter: 22 airports across the u.s. currently use private security. most of them are small, but two are not. san francisco and kansas city, and others like seattle
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and atlanta are considering the switch. the tsa admits it is understaffed. >> we're hiring and targeting the hairing for the airports with highest volume. >> reporter: despite the long waits, some travelers are packing patience. >> it's frustrating. but we'd rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: even with more hiring, security lines will still be long this summer. that's because the number of passengers is only expected to grow. airlines recommend showing up two hours before domestic flights. another option, signing up for tsa precheck. lester? >> joe fryer, thank you. late word in the investigation into the death of prince. one of his doctors who wrote him prescriptions has been identified. and police have gotten a search warrant. we're also learning new details about what happened the morning prince was found dead. nbc's stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: among many of the unanswered questions about prince's untimely death, did a local
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doctor in minnesota treat him in his final days. a search warrant obtained by akre said a doctor seep in this video made for a local university examined prince twice, one on april 7th before his plane made an emergency landing in moline, illinois, and then again on april 20th, the day before prince died. the warrant which was issued to obtain prince's health records, said the doctor was dropping off records. during questioning by police, he said he prescribed medications for prince, and the unspecified prescriptions were filled at a walgreens. he's a family physician. he told investigators he worked for north memorial clinic. tonight that hospital tells nbc news that he is no longer an employee there. we reached out to the doctor at his private office but he is not responding. this comes after an attorney for dr. howard kornfeld in
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california said a representative of prince called his client the night before the pop star died for what he described as a life-saving mission. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. a massive march through north korea's capital today marked the end of the ruling party's first congress in 36 years. an event leader kim jong-un used to tout his nuclear capabilities. now someone very close to kim has won a powerful new role in his regime, his sister. nbc's bill neely got rare access inside north korea and has more. >> reporter: mass hysteria as tens of thousands shouted, live forever, to kim jong-un, the world's youngest dictator. now chairman kim, sworn enemy of america and nuclear arms. north korea leads the world in displays of mass loyalty, and state power. and this extraordinary show is also a message to the world, respect
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us. kim's leadership is a family affair. his sister taking the flowers, educated with him in switzerland, helped craft his propaganda and image. she's being promoted to the ruling committee. a risky business. kim had his uncle and many other generals executed for stepping out of line. no one does here. at the ruling congress, kim's plan for more nuclear arms was hailed as genius. they're saluting kim jong-un, this parade, this congress really is all about him showcasing his control, his power, his image. it ended in flames. and that's the great danger of kim's weapons buildup, which the whole world opposes. bill neely, nbc news, pyongyang, north korea. still ahead tonight, a growing danger on the roadway. what's behind the alarming rise of accidents of people
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live the regular life. phillips'. a new warning about the dangers of driving while high on marijuana. and how unreliable the tests are to determine whether a driver is actually impaired. nationwide, more than half the drivers rushed to trauma centers after traffic accidents have drugs in their system. usually pot. and fatal crashes are on the rise. here's nbc's tom
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costello. >> reporter: they're the faces of lives cut short by other drivers who were high. rosemary temple and brian wood, whose father is now the driving force behind duid for drugs. >> it turns out the most common drug we find is marijuana, usually in common with many other drugs. >> reporter: today 20 states allow medicinal marijuana, four states plus d.c. allow recreational pot. >> were you smoking in the car? >> yeah. >> reporter: in at least two states that have legalized marijuana, a disturbing trend. in colorado, pot makes up 19% of all duis. in washington state, that rate more than doubled according to aaa. among the victims, 23-year-old blake gaston. >> you are impaired. you are impaired. i have seen impairment. i have seen what impairment does. >> reporter: blake was hit and killed while riding his motorcycle
6:50 pm
by a driver now in prison, who admitted he was high. under pressure, six states have recently passed new tui laws for marijuana. similar to a blood alcohol level, it's a test for the marijuana chemical, that the thc level they say is meaningless. >> there's nothing to support setting a numerical concentration of cannabis in somebody's body that would allow us to predict they are impaired. >> reporter: aaa wants a new approach enforcement. >> you're saying i'm not going to find any weed in this car? >> reporter: training cops to better detect and document impaired behavior, on the road and at the scene of the crash. tom costello, nbc news, washington. up next, big change coming for one up next, big change coming for one of the folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you.
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finally tonight, a man on a mission to save lives who found his calling after his own life was nearly lost. almost a decade ago, he beat the odds with help from a dedicated doctor. as nbc's kevin tibbles tells us, that began his journey from being a patient to seeing patients of his own. >> kevin d. horton jr. >> reporter: a season of new beginnings for freshly minted doctor kevin morton. >> people call you doctor now? >> yeah, it's weird. >> reporter: his moment to celebrate and say thank you. >> it appears it was a
6:58 pm
robbery gone bad. >> reporter: nine years ago at 22, kevin morton was shot while closing up after the night shift at a detroit ar by's. >> one resident said i had a 10% chance of making it through the night. >> reporter: doctors found massive internal bleeding. >> call it intuition, experience or a miracle, we put extra sutures in and the bleeding stopped. >> reporter: after 50 days in the hospital, kevin set his sights on medicine. >> the compassion, in trying to save my life i just want to pay that forward. >> reporter: starting next month, dr. kevin morton begins part of his residency after the very hospital that treated him. this place saved your life. >> saved my life. >> reporter: and at graduation, his doctor was there with he and his family. >> we knew he wasn't
6:59 pm
going to give up. we weren't going to give up. we had to make it happen. >> reporter: even the miracles of medicine can still benefit from a human touch. kevin tibbles, nbc news, detroit. that's going to do it for us on a tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watc hi sharon osbourne's powerful first words about catching ozzy cheating. >> you kicked ozzy out. is that made up? >> no, it's true. no, it's true. >> now, on "extra."
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the audience of "the talk" on its feet to comfort a shattered sharon osbourne. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. ce about ozzy's silence with affair. has she shut the door on a reconciliation? new video, sofia vergara assaulted in a bar brawl? what triggered the scary nightclub melee and where was joe? blake and gwen's incredible love fest on "the voice." >> i was just trying to write her a song to get her excited about me. >> the story behind their passionate new love song and how gwen surprised blake after "the voice." breaking couples news. look out katy perry. orlando bloom's vegas hook-up with selena gomez? meghan trainor screaming mad over her new music video. >> i'm so sick of it and i'm over it. >> why she yanked it off the air for being too photoshopped. then, why jennifer lawrence refuses to starve her way into a


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