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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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6:00 a.m., 54 degrees outside. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. sunrise is about maybe 10, 15 minutes ago. let's check in with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley and his neighborhood forecast. bill? >> we get a few glimpses of it this morning, especially in the lehigh valley. 45 degrees right now. eastonç seeing some clouds mov in and they're illuminated nicely by the rising sun. the temperature will be climbing, too. clouds will be here. there is even a chance of a shower less likely in the lehigh valley, than it is in philadelphia and some of the suburbs. 48 degrees. new tripoli seeing the clouds increase with sunshine this morning. 63 degrees at lunch time. even though we're in the 40s and 50s right now, there will be clouds around during the day,
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afternoon temperatures will be warming into the 70s. at the shore, cooler with a chance of showers, already seeing rain drops in delaware and south jersey. those showers are on the move. they won't be around all day. you can see them to the south. they're already thinning out. a sprinkle or two in the philadelphia area moving into chester county but most of the morning looks like it's going to be dry. there's the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it does have more chances for rainfall later this week. i'll take a look at the shower chance for today with the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. let's see how the traffic is moving. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we were watching 422 right now. this is right around trooper road. no problems in either direction so far. eastbound right here, that's typically where we see delay and backup first. no problems here, eight minutes from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. so speeds are into the 60s and moving along nicely. dennis township, a different story. over in new jersey, there's a utility pole down on route 47.
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it's blocking both directions. they have detours around the scene, right around beaver dam road. that might be something that will cause you small problems. 295 around 644 in west deptford, new jersey. no problems in either direction. just a few moments ago i was looking at sun glare. it looks like it seems to have cleared just a little bit. no problems with visibility there, either direction. no backups. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. happening now, speaking of the streets, things are moving on the vine street expressway. >> construction crews are replacing deteriorating bridges over the vine street expressway. it's a project that won't be finished for another three years. katy zachry is live in center city. katy, 6:00 hour, this is the time of day when more cars are on the road. how's it looking there for you? >> 0 a wednesday morning it's looking pretty good so far. i'm not sure what the reason is for that. but as traffic picks up later
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this morning, we will see slow going around the detours here around logan square and the ben franklin parkway. the new traffic patterns that are in place in this area, it's all part of what's happening along the vine street expressway. overnight, we got a close-up look at the progress. the work end around 5:00 this morning. it will restart again tonight at 11:00 p.m. those six hours overnight. it's the only time legally the construction crew can close the road. this kind of closure will take place next week and throughout the year, i'm toll. this project will not be complete until 2019. in the end, there will be half a dozen new bridges crossing the vine street expressway. the current ones date back to the 1950s. >> it was a type of construction method that was popular at that period of time. but now it's outdated. the new bridges will certainly provide decades of safep+el above the expressway.
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>> so federal dollars are paying for this entire project. in addition to the improvements that you will see along the vine street expressway, up here where i'm standing in the logan square section of the city and the ben franklin parkway, you'll see improvements like new sidewalks, new pedestrians bridges and an expanded park in front of the free library of philadelphia. new lights and trees. a lot to look at. we just have to wait a few years for it. reporting live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. meantime, another project impacting drivers on i-95 bridge over spring garden street, resurfacing will continue until may 23rd. nbc 10's jessica boyington tweets out road alerts every day. keep up with the problems affecting your drive by following her on twitter. today hillary clinton will bring her campaign to our area. the democratic presidential candidate will speak at camden county college in blackwood. this afternoon's appearance comes less than a month after
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the new jersey primary june 7th. last night she lost the democratic primary in west virginia to bernie sanders. whoever wins the nomination will most likely face donald trump. the only one left in the race on the republican side, he won in west virginia and nebraska yesterday. sanders victory in west virginia isn't improving. the tough delegate math stacked against him. he needs to claim 66% of the remaining primary and caucus delegates to win the nomination. clinton needs just 144 more delegates. coming up at 6:30, we'll hear from the ceo of the democratic national convention on the possibility of a contested convention. 6:05. police are trying to figure out a motive for the man they say carried out stabbing attacks in massachusetts. the suspect and two other people are dead. the attacks happened at a home then a shopping mall. arthur derosa first stabbed two women in a home, killing one and injuring the other.
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then police say he drove to a mall, crashed his car through the front of a macy's store, assaulted several people there and then he walked into a restaurant and stabbed four more people, one of them died. it ended when an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot him at the restaurant inside the mall. the public has another chance today to weigh in on philadelphia's proposed tax on soda and other sugary drinks. the city council is holding a public hearing this morning on next year's budget. including the mayor's plan to add a 3 center with ounce tax on sugary drinks. a city council vote on the tax could come as early as june. three council members have come out against the tax the remaining 14 have not said which way they'll vote. today get a look inside a philadelphia landmark to see how it's shaping up in the middle of a major makeover. we got a peek inside the divine lorraine hotel on north broad street before today's open house. the landmark is being transformed after years of neglect. it will feature 101 apartments, 24 hotel rooms and a restaurant
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when it opens in november. speaking of divine -- >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> thank you. i picked out this tie myself, vai. very nice of you to notice. the weather not so divine. the sun is up. there it comes. some sunshine, it's not going to be complete cloud cover but we're not going toç clear out completely either. we will warm up in spite of the clouds. just a few scattered showers in the area. we've seen rain drops falling in wildwood this morning. you can see the clouds over wildwood, a cloudy start. the the rain is tapering off in wildwood. there is goes. lewes, delaware, a few light scattered showers there. and we've seen a few sprinkles in the philadelphia area moving in from the western suburbs. there's more wet weather to the southwest. this is the area i'm watching for later this morning and this
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afternoon. the futurecast shows those showers will be on the move. by noontime we could see rain in the area, south jersey and delaware while it stays dry into allentown and trenton. it's not going to be an all-day rainfall but it won't be bright, brilliant sunshine either. it's a mostly cloudy one. the lehigh valley, this is where you're more likely to see bracks of sunshine. the clouds will be staying to the south. which means a better chance of some scattered showers in glassboro, haddonfield with mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy in trenton, 74 degrees this afternoon. at the shore, clouds and a chance of showers. wilmington and dover could see scattered showers. 70 degrees in wilmington and dewey beach, 61 degrees. that's what's going on today. there's your seven day. when i come back, the ten-day outlook. tracy, vai? thank you, bill. 6:08 on this wednesday morning. time to get another look at traffic. >> let's start with 309.
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nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that for your ride to work. >> route 309 still looks okay. we're not seeing volume on any of our majors yet. we'll look at route 309 on the pa turnpike which pretty much looks the same. you can see no problems on either roadway right here. we have a disabled vehicle. it's not causing a lot of delays yet. it's on 76 coming over the walt whitman bridge. right around the midspan of the bridge, the right lane is blocked. no big delays into new jersey right now. if you're on the schuylkill expressway, once you get over into philadelphia, no big problems yet around the conshohocken curve. and a 13-minute drive time. it hasn't moved yet. speeds are still into the 60s. here's route 38 over in cherry hill, new jersey right around cuthbert boulevard. delaware still quiet this morning. more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes. this is really disturbing but police in montgomery county
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have released surveillance video showing a burglar busting into a home using rather unusual tools. >> a mickey mouse ornament and then a shovel. police don't think this is the only house he's broken into. plus, high-tech hair. how people are replacing their lost hair with a 3-d printer. we'll show you how it works.
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6:13. a live look at the coast guard cutter hamilton. count of hard to miss. might see it along the delaware river today. the brand new ship is docked in philadelphia until friday. the cutter will be used to track down drug smugglers and human traffickers in the crib yn and eastern pacific. new this morning, a new treatment to help people who have issues with their hair. >> whether you're losing your
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hair because of a genetic condition from cancer treatments or psychological disorders, technology is helping. nbc 10's matt delucia is here to talk about how 3d printing is giving people hope. >> 3d printers have been around making models, devices and now a newç head of hair. louise has trichotillomania. it's a disorder where louise can't resist the urge to pull out her own hair. the damage left behind only creates more perrons, both fi physically and emotionally. danielle has been trying to fix this problem fob her patients for years. she sends away measurements to italy and a lab creates a replica of a scalp that comes after a 3d printer. >> maybe somebody else that suffers with this can realize
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there's another way. there is a way through it. and you can feel better. >> i don't know how it could get better but i'm sure there's advancements in technology. i look forward to all of them. >> pretty cool stuff. danielle says her hair replacement business out of monmouth county, she's treated more than 60 people with this kind of prosthetic. it's not fixed permanently. there is upkeep but giving people a new alternative. details on >> fascinating, matt, thanks. 6:15. i don't want to jinx it but it's been a relatively smooth ride this morning midweek. >> could do without the bad hair day like matt's story and fewer people on the road, it would also be nice. let's check with jessica to see how the boulevard is looking. >> most of our majors still doing okay. seeing a slowdown on 95. this is the boulevard around fox street. no problems in either direction. all traffic moving along nicely.
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no big disturbs for drivers on the boulevard. there is a disabled vehicle. this is on 76. not really the schuylkill because it's in the middle of the walt whitman bridge. over into the right lane, that's blocked there. there may be delays into philadelphia. for right now we're doing okay on the walt and the rest of the area bridges. here's cherry hill, new jersey around route 70 and king's highway. everything looks great. no big problems in the intersection. that utility pole blocking route 47 around beaver dam road. they'll detour you around the scene. give yourself extra time if you're going through the detour on route 47. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's check the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. a forecast that you won't get anywhere else. >> bill henley is customizing the forecast specific to your neighborhood. bill? >> there are differences this morning. you can see it in philadelphia.
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there are mostly cloudy skies. we've seen a few breaks in the clouds for a little bit of sunshine. so far, most of the showers have avoided philadelphia. as the day goes on, there's a chance for some more showers. we've seen rain drops at the shore right now, dry and 51 degrees. south jersey is at 52 degrees. delaware this morning, 54. the numbers have dropped to 53 degrees in odessa, wilmington is at 55. claymont 52 degrees. that's the starting point. we've seen rain showers move through delaware, central and southern delaware, just some spotty light showers into lewes and rehoboth beach getting some of that rainfall. for philadelphia, it's an isolated shower here and there in southern berks county, a few raié drops are falling. it will be moving right on through those spotty showers possible as we go into the late morning hours. most of day it's just going to be dry and warming up. the lehigh valley will see a pretty good warmup today with partly sunny skies, easton and bethlehem into the middle 70s
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for the suburbs. philadelphia, mostly cloudy skies. low 70s this afternoon. morning temperatures in the 40s and low 70s for fairmont. byberry up to 70 degrees, and showers across portions of south jersey. mainly temperatures in the 70s this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. trenton, breaks of sunshine. scattered showers into atlantic city, galloway and avalon could see a few of those showers. not an all-day rainfall. 68 degrees for galloway. delaware, a few spotty showers later this morning. mainly cloudy, 70 degrees in wilmington. rehoboth beach will be cooler and 63 degrees. there are some better chances of showers besides today on the way later in the week. those showers and possibly some thunderstorms will come through on friday. the futurecast for today shows a spotty shower into this afternoon and the evening hours. those showers will not reach
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into the lehigh valley. then they're offshore, tomorrow we'll get a break. there's the next round of wet weather. that's tomorrow morning at 6:00. the showers are way to the west. but that's our possibility for friday. for today, partly to mostly cloudy skies. a chance of a shower during the day today. dry tomorrow, 75 degrees. the high temperature on friday, showers, thunderstorms move through the area and saturday, there's a chance of a shower. certainly not an all-day rainfall. we'll be in the 70s on saturday. cools down a bit but clears out for sunday and monday will be nice and clear, too. showers again on tuesday. by wednesday, thursday and friday, though, we are drying out. tracy? >> bill, thanks. 19 minutes past 6:00 right now. an engineer who was hurt when he fell four stories at a philadelphia museum has won a settlement of $7.25 million. nbc 10 obtained surveillance video of the fall. we do have to warn you, it's grachk. watch at the top of your screen. you can see the man fall through the floor of the museum in
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november of 2012. he was inspecting light fixtures in the attic when he plunged through what his lawyers called an unsecured glass floor. he suffered broken limbs and brain injuries. his attorneys claim there were no warning signs. the museum insists there were appropriate signs and other safety precautions. now to surveillance video, what police say is a burglar in action in montgomery county. vai and i were just talking about this on facebook live. look at this guy. he tried using a mickey mouse ornament to get into the house, eventually succeeds with a shovel. this is one of three homes burglarized in whitpain township on monday. all she wants was a shaded area to enjoy outside of her new castle county home. after she got this awning installed, she realized something was meting the siding off of her home. when contractor didn't respond,
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nbc 10 responds did. a teenage girl faces charges in deadly delaware high school brawl is out on bail. we'll tell you what she's been ordered not to do.
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a search warrant reveals a minnesota doctor saw prince twice in the month before he passed away. says the doctor treated prince the day before he died and prescribed him medications. investigators interviewed the doctor and searched the hospital where he used to work. prince died april 21st at his minnesota çhome. autopsy results are still pending. and passengers have complained for months about long lines at security check points and now three major airports are threatening to fire the tsa. just last month, the tsa said philadelphia international airport was one of the worst places for the delays. and administration planned to hire workers through decreased security check-in time.
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but across the country, passengers still say they have to wait in line for hours. the port authority that runs newark, jfk and laguardia airports has sent a letter to the tsa saying it could use private security screeners if wait times don't improve. >> take a look into consideration before they make decisions like this. this is huge. this will have ripples across our industry. >> even with more hiring, the tsa says wait times will be long this summer. it advises arriving two hours before your flight and signing up for precheck is another option to avoid missing your flight. >> good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with a check on first alert traffic. we're watching pottstown right now. this is route 100. no problems in either direction. this is what the majors look like right now. we do have small delays just behind a disabled vehicle. going over the walt whitman bridge into philadelphia, you may see that blocking the right lane there midspan of the
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bridge. otherwise no big or major problems out there. we will touch on things going on in new jersey when i'm back at 6:30. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're seeing a little bit of sunshine. the sun is up. 54 grows at 6:26. the clouds, they're not going to leave us today. there's a chance we'll be seeing a few more showers. we've already seen a few sprinkles in the philadelphia area. steadier rain at delaware and south jersey, that's starting to move out to sea. >> thank you, bill. 54 degrees in bala cynwyd in our studios at 6:26. hillary clinton is coming to gloucester township today. live at the camden county college ahead of her event plus what her loss in last night's west virginia primary means. and a school bus caught on camera running a red light and driving on the wrong side of the road. we'll tell you where this happened.
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nbc 10 news starts now. fresh off a loss in last night's west virginia primary, hillary clinton turns her sights to new jersey. we are live in camden county. >> out on bail. a teenage girl facing a homicide charge in connection with a fight that killed her classmate is home with her parents. and dashcam video showing a school bus blowing through a red light and cross is into an oncoming traffic lane. now police are investigating. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast, important this morning because it's different depending on where you live. >> we've been tracking showers in south jersey and delaware. southern berks county seeing rain drops, into montgomery county, pottstown seeing rain
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heading its way, south coventry, you'll see a few of those showers in northern chester county. as far as the shore is concerned, that first round of showers that moved through dover is heading to the east. there are a few more sprinkles to the west. mainly the rest of the morning commute should be dry. later this morning we could see more showers. where we're seeing sunshine, it's actually counterintuitive. it's the coolest area, the lehigh valley at 45 degrees. it's cool because the clouds were out of there overnight. that allowed the temperatures to get lower to start with. the numbersç will climb in spi of mostly cloudy skies at lunch time, 61 degrees. philadelphia, we'll see a good warmup, too. mostly cloudy day. just a chance of a shower during the day today. 62 degrees by 11:00 this morning. we are on our way through the 60s into the low 70s this afternoon. there is a chance of showers, most likely in delaware and parts of new jersey. we'll have just a chance of scattered showers for philadelphia up to 72 degrees. that's today. the seven-day forecast, the
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preview of what's to come at the bottom of the screen. i'll have the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes to show you, when you may see umbrellas going up in our area during the day today. let's check in with jessica boyington who has first alert traffic. >> we're watching the 42 freeway right now. this is in runnemede, new jersey around creek road. no problems really in either direction. heading into philadelphia right now, we don't see any big backups yet. you can see that on the drive time northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. still a five-minute trip. average speeds into the 50s. high 50s moving along nicely. there are power lines down around 100 pemberton brown mills road. there's several closures in the area because of this power outage. no big backups or delays. follow those detours around the scene there. we will see some roads closed in the area because of that. out in den vnis township, we're
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still watching the utility poles. route 47 is closed in both directions around beaver dam road. vai? >> happening now, traffic is moving again on the vine street expressway in center city. here's a live look at the detours at logan square. 676 is closed overnight from the broad street exit to the schuylkill expressway interchange. penndot is working on a bridge repair project that won't be completed until 2019. another project impacting drivers is on the i-95 bridge on spring garden street. resurfacing will continue until may 23rd. stay up to the minute on traffic problems by following nbc 10's jessica boyington on twitter. she tweets problems when they happen and sometimes just tweets out her lunch. hillary clinton will try to win over new jersey voters before they head to the polls next month. >> last night she bloft the west virginia primary to bernie sanders. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in blackwood where hillary
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clinton will be this afternoon. >> good morning. hillary clinton still has a lot of fight left in her. today she'll have the opportunity to tell voters here in new jersey why she deserves their vote ahead of the june 7th primary. she's got her sights set on new jersey, kentucky and the general election in november. clinton was campaigning in kentucky yesterday where she had a bit of a more intimate engamement with moms. there she focused on her plan to make child care affordable for working families. then at a rally in louisville, senator bernie sanders name hardly came up. she saved most of her criticism for presumptive republican nominee donald trump. >> really important when you go to vote on tuesday to remember you're voting not just for a president but a commander in chief. the highest obligation of aç president is to protect america.
6:35 am
i take that as a solemn obligation and it's why i've been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. >> reporter: weighing in on that, vice president joe biden he went on the record tuesday predicting that clinton would not only become the democratic nominee but that he was confident she would be the next president of the united states. doors open here at 11:00. clinton takes the stage at 1:00 this afternoon. reporting live in blackwood, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. all right, thank you, pamela. sanders' victory in west virginia isn't really improving the tough delegate map stacked against him. the vermont senator is vowing to fight on. last night he rallied voters in oregon ahead of their primary next tuesday. some experts question whether democrats could be headed for a contested convention. >> the convention begins july 25th at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. we talked to the ceo of the dnc
6:36 am
about that possible scenario. >> my job is to prepare for every eventuality. we're preparing for a contested convention although i don't think there will be one, we'll see. we'll let the voters have their say. we still have several contests. >> she made those comments after attending a meeting of the philadelphia association of black journalists here at our nbc 10 studios last night. on the republican side, donald trump won in west virginia and nebraska. he says he's narrowed his list of potential running mates down to five or six people. the presumptive republican nominee says he's giving special weight to political experience and he says he has not ruled out new jersey governor chris christie as a possible running mate. we'll keep you updated leading up to the democratic national convention and throughout the election. right now, check the latest delegate count on our nbc 10 app. and happening now, 1,200
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neighbors are under a boil water advisory in avondale, chester county. the problem stems from a water main break on 3rd street. crews have fixed the break and the water is back on but for the next couple of days, home owners willville to boil it before using it to drink, to cook or to clean. borough leaders with worried the water may be contaminated. chemists collected samples and are testing for bacteria. now from our delaware bureau, a teenage girl facing a homicide charge in connection with the death of a classmate is free on bail. prosecutors say she beat amy joyner-francis repeatedly in a bathroom at howard high school of technology last month. the accused 16-year-old was ordered to have no contact with social media and is scheduled back in court may 31st. two other girls are charged for their roles in planning that attack. there are a lot of questions about a school bus caught on camera in north jersey breaking the law. >> check this out. this is dashcam video from
6:38 am
jersey city. it shows the school bus blowing through a red light. it stopped briefly in the middle of the intersection with let pedestrians cross and then it pulls into the opposite lane, goes around some cars and across railroad tracks. our sister station in new york did reach out to the company that appears to own the bus and did not eightgy response yet. they also contacted the school systems in iedson county. none of them use this bus company. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 54 degrees in philadelphia. cool, too, at the shore and cloudy. we saw some steady light showers to start with in wildwood. those have tapered off and moved offshore. there they go, clearing cape may right now. those move through delaware, first thing this morning when we went on the air it was a steady light rainfall for dover and into southern delaware. you can still see a few scattered light showers and more moving through eastern maryland. that's a possibility this morning as we go into the morning hours, we could see a few scattered showers in
6:39 am
philadelphia. a sprinkle or two, mainly just cloudy and those clouds will be with us for most of the day. 54 degrees in philadelphia. and the temperatures will climb in spite of the clouds. there will be some breaks of sunshine by lunch time, 64 degrees in philadelphia. seeing a few more breaks of sunshine in the suburbs to start with but it's going to be a mainly cloudy one. low 60s at lunch time and then into the upper 60s later this afternoon. a slight chance of a shower in the suburbs. the lehigh valley, more likely you'll see sunshine like right now. live view from easton this morning where it's 45 degrees. look at that, by 10:00 this morning, 60 degrees. on the way to the low 70s in the lehigh valley. nicest weather will be in the lehigh valley today. south jersey won't be bad. it will be warmer this afternoon. we've seen a few sprinkles and light rain showers this morning. there's a chance of more of those later this morning. mainly cloudy skies, 60s by lunch time, upper 60s by 2:00
6:40 am
this afternoon. at the shore, that's where we saw the steadier rain. that's moved offshore. there's still a possibility of a shower later this morning and into the afternoon hours. you can see breaks of sunshine, too, just into the low 60s at the shore. for delaware, 54 degrees right now. cloudy view. that's a live view from frawley stadium. the clouds are parked overhead. a mainly cloudy day, though it will be mostly cloudy, you might want to carry umbrellas to play it safe. that's the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. the ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. 20 minutes before 7:00. we're getting word of delays at 422 and route 23. >> let's find out what that's all about. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> vai and tracy, starting to see delays on 422 around route 23. looks like we have a disabled vehicle right here on the eastbound side. you can see them right there with his flashers on and cars headed eastbound. two lanes right behind him, everybody kind of starting to
6:41 am
stop behind him since he's blocking the left-hand lane completely. now we're at a 34-minute drive time because of this scene, eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway is typically about a seven to eight-minute trip. this is starting to back things up a little bit with this guy disabled here. hopefully he can get over into the shoulder or just before the off ramp and over into the shoulder there in the next couple of minutes. we'll keep you updated for sure. already big delays, at least 20, 25 minutes behind that scene. in sellersville, a house fire, main street north and southbound between temple avenue and west church street is closed because of that now. route 202, 11 minutes from the schuylkill to route 30. when a contractor wouldn't fix a potential hazard outside her new castle county home, she called nbc 10 responds. >> can you tell us why it took three months to get out here and what are you going to do now to
6:42 am
resolve the situation? >> we'll show you what happens when harry hairston tracks down her contractor.
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it was supposed to provide a delaware family relief from hot summer sun but an awning on the back deck caused more concern than comfort. >> when their contractor wouldn't help them, they turned to nbc 10 responds. harry hairston went to their backyard to see the problems firsthand. >> this family paid 2,500 bucks to have this awning installed at their middletown, delaware home two years ago. >> we had always wanted to have shade out there. we get a lot of sun in the afternoon. >> reporter: then this past january, they noticed a
6:46 am
potentially dangerous issue with their little slice of paradise. >> my husband goes outback and he sees charring around the fireplace vent. >> they placed a metal cover to deflect the heat. >> reporter: that part of the wall was too hot to touch. >> the sidle h siding melted. >> reporter: they said they e-mailed the installer in january. he called three times claiming he was going to be away for a couple weeks. but those weeks turned into months. >> i don't think he intends on doing anything about this. i really don't. >> reporter: the family contacted nbc 10 responds. >> get me some answers. i want answers and i want this thing fixed. >> reporter: we went to work calling an e-mailing brzezinski. a few days later he showed up at the house. he did make the fix but agreed to come back. can you tell us why it took three months to come out here
6:47 am
and what are you going to do now to resolve the situation? any explanation whatsoever, sir >> if you step in front of me i'll run you over. >> reporter: a few weeks later, brzezinski came back and completed the work. the family says nbc 10 responds involvement paid off. >> harry hairston, channel 10 news team, thank you very much. i swear -- >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> that's the best thank you ever when you get a hug. the family says they thought they would have to spend 5,000 today's replace their siding but brzezinski is handling it at no cost to them. if you have a consumer complaint, head to, click on the nbc 10 responds page, fill out a complaint form or call 610-668-7377 and we will spended to you. let's go to new york for a look ahead to the "today" show this morning.
6:48 am
>> for that we go to savannah guthrie, matt lauer. good to see you together. >> good to be together. we have overnight developments on the frightening stabbing rampage in massachusetts. what we're learning about the suspect. we have charla nash. al is live in san francisco on day three of our celebration of 100 years of the national park service. he'll take indiana side alcatraz and share his father/daughter trip to nearby sequoia national park.ç that park, seriously, so so enlight enlightening. it's great for us to see our national parks. thank you, guys. >> all right, guys. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's check your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather which is a forecast you won't get
6:49 am
anywhere else. very specific. >> the focus is on where you live and what you need to know. >> showers first thing this morning. they are on the move. there they go, clearing cape may and most of the delaware is now dry. a few sprinkles now in the western suburbs, northern chester county seeing very light rain. just a sprinkle or two moving towards west vincent, just shy of pottstown this morning. a spotty share but mainly cloudy skies. the best chance of seeing sunshine is to the north. the lehigh valley, partly sunny for bethlehem and easton, 74 degrees in both locations. it's going to be mostly cloudy in the suburbs. some breaks of sunshine, enough to warm us into the low 70s this afternoon. there's a chance of a shower in philadelphia, but mainly cloudy morning and afternoon, too. 72 degrees, the high temperature for fairmont today. in new jersey, a scattered shower is possible. trenton, you've got breaks of sunshine this morning. you'll see those on and off during the day today.
6:50 am
a mainly cloudy day with low 70s, glassboro and haddon feel. at the shore, galloway, avalon will warm into the 60s. a chance of scattered showers in atlantic city. we've seen some during the day. dover could see a few more light rain showers, 67 degrees and maybe into wilmington, 70 degrees this afternoon. the futurecast showing the showers at 1:00 this afternoon, moving through baltimore, maryland and into south jersey and possibly into wilmington and philadelphia. that's very light rainfall. much of that won't even reach the ground. there's a chance we'll see showers during the day today. ten-day outlook shows a few more chances. after that chance of showers with mostly cloudy skies will be dry tomorrow and warmer, too, 75 degrees in the afternoon. by friday, a chance of some showers and thunderstorms that will continue into saturday. it won't be a tenuous rainfall but they'll see the shower threat on saturday. by sunday, we are clearing out. sunny skies and 67 degrees.
6:51 am
looks like that nice weather will continue into monday. that is a little cool for this time of year. we should be in the low 70s. we'll be even chillier with the rain, coming through on tuesday. and by wednesday, thursday and friday, there you go. the temperatures climbing into the 70s and we will be drying out. >> all right, bill, thanks. nine minutes before 7:00 right now. let's get you out the door. continuing to focus on 422 near route 23. >> jessica boyington you have an update for us? >> we have an update and it's not getting any better right now. 422 right near route 23 starting to see really big delays here because of this disabled vehicle, we have this over into the left-hand lane, completely blocking that off. at least we have a penndot crew member on the scene, directing traffic to the right-hand side. there's not a lot of confusion as it was a few moments ago. now down to single file. one lane getting through around route 23 headed eastbound. look at this drive time here. almost at an hour now. 50 minutes added to your commute. this is typically a seven to
6:52 am
eight-minute trip headed eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. big delays headed eastbound on 422. you might see delays in ç sellersville due to a house fire. there are road closures around it, main street north and southbound in temple avenue and church street. also moving into new jersey, dennis township. utility pole is down. an accident investigation is under way on route 47, closed in both directions around beaver dam road. if you take the tacony palmyra typically, you might want to take the betsy ross. there's a scheduled opening happening about this time for the tacony palmyra, around 6:50 this morning. should be in the process of that now. take the betsy ross bridge. that will be your best bet. the ben and the walt are doing okay as well. >> a check of the day's headlines and the stories you need to know as you head out the door. >> we'll tell you where you can see democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton this afternoon in new jersey. do you have an opinion on the potential sugary drink tax
6:53 am
in philadelphia? we'll tell you where you can weigh in on that today.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
time now to get a check on the stories you need to know about as you start your morning. >> we just got new information about the wires down in burlington county. 2,600 customers lost power about an hour ago. about half are back on right now. crews are working to restore everyone within the next couple of hours. we'll keep you updated this morning. let's go to nbc 10's pamela osborne, live in camden county where hillary clinton will be campaigning today. >> hillary clinton is pushing toward. she'll be speaking to a crowd here at camden county college
6:57 am
today. she spent yesterday campaigning in kentucky at a rally there, she criticized trump for not being clear on key issues. today's campaign stop comes after a major show of support from vice president joe biden who predicted that she would be the next president. doors open here at 1:00 a.m. we'll have much more on her visit and plea for new jersey voters later today. reporting live in blackwood, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. today philadelphia city council is holding a public hearing on next year's budget, including the mayor's plan to add a 3 cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks. the hearing starts 10:00 a.m. at city hall. katy zachry, live in center city. if you take the vine street expressway or drive around logan square, the ben franklin parkway, there's big detours you should know about that will last a while. here's a look at some of the overnight work that was done just a few hours ago.
6:58 am
for the rest of this year, there will be intermittent overnight closures of the vine street expressway between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. that's to allow crews to replace seven bridges that span above the vine street expressway. those bridges are structurally outdated. along with the bridge construction, the vine will be repaved and they will also make major improvements to this area around logan square. live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last quick check on your first alert traffic. we're watching 422 around route 23 headed eastbound. that disabled vehicle, now there's a police officer on scene, a penndot crew member as well. now all traffic headed eastbound is forced to go down to one lane, a 66-minute drive time right now. we're at least adding an hour on to your morning commute. average speeds there eight miles an hour. already into single dighys.
6:59 am
we're also watching a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane just around the platt bridge eastbound right before the left turn lane. we are seeing some delays heading off of 95 this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> seeing plenty of clouds. a little bit of sunlight to begin with. it's going to be a mostly cloudy day. been tracking some light showers. they've just cleared most of new jersey. now just a few isolated showers in the philadelphia area. those showers are going to be on and off but mainly off. the next chance of showers coming in from the southwest. the temperatures, they will be climbing into the 70s this afternoon, but just barely in the 70s. bright sunshine is going to really hold off until tomorrow. the next round of showers, there it is, you can see it to the southwest. that will be moving in by later this morning. that's 10:00. mainly dry at 10:00 but as we go into the late morning and noontime hours, that's when we could see umbrellas going up, especially likely in delaware and south jersey.
7:00 am
less likely to see those showers to the north. >> got it. thanks, bill. >> download the nbc 10 app. breaking news throughout the day, weather and traffic. good morning. breaking overnight, chaos at a massachusetts mall as a man goes on a stabbing spree after crashing a car into a store. >> i didn't know what was going on. everybody started running. >> one person killed at the mall. another at a nearby home. the suspect shot dead by an off duty deputy. mr. nice guy. donald trump dishing nothing but compliments ahead of his all-important meeting with house speaker paul ryan. >> he is a very good man. >> will he be able to court an endorsement tomorrow? while marco rubio says he'll keep his promise to support the republican nominee. >> i don't want hillary clinton to win. >> will he vote for trump? we'll talk to senator rubio live. revealed. court documents identified this


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