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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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and right now at 11:00, lots of clouds hanging around today. and there's a chance of showers as well in some parts of our area as we take a live look at center city, philadelphia. and take a look at the live radar. you can see which areas are dealing with rain right now. just giving you a glimpse of that. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your forecast to break it down. >> well, some folks started the day off with some sunshine. but that is over with. the lehigh valley had more sunshine for a longer time, so they're the warmest place. 65 degrees. while it's only 60 in
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philadelphia. and into the upper 50s in other parts of the area. so the clouds are going to keep the temperatures down once again, although 60 degrees is as far as we got yesterday. you can see these clouds advancing toward the allentown area, thickening up in atlantic city and in philadelphia. and there is some rain back to the west, but not a whole lot. there's a little bit around baltimore. you can see over the last couple hours, it's been moving in our direction. so we do have a chance of some showers in the next couple hours. the computer models have been suggesting that this really increases as we go into the early afternoon, especially for delaware and south jersey. the lower chances of rain are in lehigh valley, as we'll see in the forecast as well. but this afternoon, middle of the afternoon especially, we'll see some of those showers. philadelphia, temperatures getting into the 60s, but not
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quite up to 70. best chance of showers earlier in the afternoon. pennsylvania suburbs as well. you can see, not only not getting much above 65, the average high is 72. so another cool day, not quite as cool as yesterday. 62 in the lehigh valley, and a chance of a shower up there, but again, lower chance than other places in new jersey, and the jersey shore, we do expect a lot of clouds. jersey shore may see those showers coming in a little later during the afternoon. we'll see when the sun returns, and the temperatures go back up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then, glenn. >> police in trenton are investigating a suspicious det inside a home. sky force 10 was over the scene along south clinton avenue near hudson street this morning. working to find out the circumstances in this case. when we do, we'll bring it to you. >> today, hillary clinton will bring her campaign to our area. the democratic presidential candidate will speak at camden county college in blackwood.
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this afternoon's appearance comes less than a month before the new jersey primary, which is on june 7th. and here you see clinton at a rally last night in kentucky. she needs 17% of the delegates at stake in the remaining contest to win the democratic nomination. her husband, former president bill clinton, will campaign for her in mercer county on friday. last night, hillary clinton lost the democratic primary in west virginia to bernie sanders. whoever wins the nomination will most likely face donald trump, the only one left in the race on the republican side. he won in west virginia and in nebraska yesterday. trump says he has narrowed his list of potential running mates down to five or perhaps six people. the presumptive republican nominee says he's giving special weight to political experience. he says he has not ruled out chris christie as a possible running mate. trump will meet with house speaker paul ryan and other republican leaders on capitol hill tomorrow in an effort to try to unify the republican
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party. >> and for the latest on all of the fwtwists and turns in decisn 2016, go to the website or click on the nbc10 app. >> happening now, philadelphia city council is preparing to hold a hearing on the proposed soda tax. pamela osborne is live for us at city hall. you talked to a group opposed to the tax. what are they telling you? >> good morning, vai. i certainly did. they say the tax itself is regressive, and they worry that it's going to hurt small businesses and families just alike. in council chambers, the kinney administration is preparing to defend that proposed tax. there's been a lot of pushback on the 3 cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks, but the mayor says it's necessary and could generate $400 million. it's money he wants to use to fund universal pre-k, other programs, and to make improvements to parks and rec. the coalition opposing says it isn't against the programs, but
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they do have concerns that the tax itself would be able to support them. >> we don't think that the money is going to be there. we think the mayor's economic projections are way off, and we think that consumption is going to sort of plummet because this tax is so high. we also think there's going to be a big black market in these products. >> and three council members have already come out against the tax. the remaining 14 have yet to decide or come out on the record about which way they're going to vote. that vote, by the way, could come as early as june. we'll be checking back in, and as soon as that meeting gets started, we'll bring you more details. sueio back here at 11:30, i'm pame pamela osborne, nbc10. >> thank you. see you in a half hour. a teenage girl facing a homicide charge in connection with the death of a classmate is free on jail. she beat amy joyner-francis in howard high school last month.
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the accused 16-year-old was ordered to have no contact with social media and is due back in court on may 31st. two other girls are charged in planning that attack. >> time for a check of the roads with jessica. >> a few problems. we're going to start in new jersey right now, and maurice river township, there's an overturned truck. a few hours now. it's on route 47. tying things up there, but they are alternating lanes right around port elizabeth cumberland road. also some construction over in south jersey as well. that at some point tomorrow, hopefully. southbound and northbound is closed between the expressway and the white horse pike. seeing more construction as well, that slow moving maintenance vehicle we saw a little while ago, about an hour or so ago on the vine street expressway has cleared out, but
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between cardinal avenue and the right lane is closed. >> thank you. happening now, 1200 neighbors are under a boil water advisory in avondale chester county. the problem stems from a water main break on third street. crews have fixed the break and the water is back on, but for the next couple days, homeowners have to boil it before using it to drink, cook, or clean. leaders are worried the water may be contaminated. chemists collected samples and are now testing it for bacterib. >> today, you can get a look inside a philadelphia landmark to see how it's shaping up. we got a look inside the hotel on north broad street before today's open house. that landmark is being transformed after years of neglect. it will feature 101 apartments,
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24 hotel rooms and a restaurant when it reopens in november. the hotel has a lot of history. >> there is a secret hatch right at the corner, and that was the speak easy entrance. i mean, a real speak easy. so this was during prohibition. >> that old speak easy will become a new restaurant. you can check it out between 3:30 and 8:00 p.m. this evening. meanwhile, we're following new developments in this morning in the case of a former south carolina police officer charged with murder. the new charges filed against the south jersey native this morning. we'll tell you about that. plus, in the path of the storms, mms of people are bracing for more severe weather, and we get a closer look at the damage from several tornadoes that tore through parts of the south. glenn. >> yeah, and all we have are clouds and showers. get ready to see the sun, sunshine and warmer temperatures
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are on the way, just not today. are they going to last through the weekend? that first alert neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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police are trying to figure out the motive for a man who they say carried out stabbing attacks in massachusetts. the suspect and two other people are dead. the attacks happened alt two locations. first at home, at a home, then at a shopping mall in taunton. that's about 40 miles just south of boston. police say arthur derosa first
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st stabbed two women inside a home. he kill one and injured the other, then he drove to a mall, crashed her car through the front of a macy's store and assaulted several people, next he walked into a restaurant and stabbed four more people. one died. it ended when an off-duty officer shot him inside the mall. >> a former south carolina police officer now faces federal charges in the death of an unarmed african-american driver. an indictment unsealed this morning shows michael slager is scharjed with violating the rights of walter scott. he faces state murder charges in the april 2015 shooting of scott following a traffic stop. slager has tied to our area. he graduated from high school in medford and worked in vorhe's. >> a search warrant revealed a minnesota doctor saw the legendary musician twice in the month before he passed away.
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he treated prince the day before he died and prescribed him medications. investigators interviewed the doctor and searched the hospital where he used to work. prince died april 21st at his minnesota home. autopsy results are still pending. >> and two grandparents are being questioned by police in detroit after their 5-year-old granddaughter shot and killed herself. officials say the little girl found the gun hidden under a pillow in the grandparents home around midnight. the grandparents were baby sitting the little girl along with two other children. the grandmother had gone downstairs to cook when the shooting happened. today, part of the midwest and the south are bracing for yet another round of severe storms. gabe gutierrez following the weather and shows us the damage left behind tornadoes in kentucky. >> this morning, western kentucky is cleaning up after two tornadoes touched down. one of them sending residents in mayfield running for cover. >> we heard a lot of noises and
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the glass crashing. we dove into the washroom and stopped. >> homes leveled. trees toppled. lives shattered. >> you could hear it, it sounded like it was right over the building. >> today, seven states are on high alert for more potential severe weather. after this week's string of ferocious tornadoes. oklahoma's governor declaring a state of emergency in 15 counties. two people were killed. >> please don't hit that farm. oh, my god. >> the national weather service saying this twister was at least an ef-3 with howling winds topping 136 miles per hour. for jamie ramirez, the search for her lost pets was frantic. now the harsh realization that her home is gone. >> devastating. >> that devastation extending this morning to kentucky, where melinda driscoll rushed to her friend's house only to find it
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in pieces. >> when i walked up, i started crying. it's pretty heartbreaking. >> pretty amazing. that was gabe gutierrez reporting. none of that severe weather headed this way. we've had lots of clouds, though. start off with some sunshine in the lehigh valley. it got up to 65 degrees right now, but cloudier p.a. suburbs, delaware, south jersey. still only in the 50s. the warmest area, the closer you are to new york, there was more sunshine early, so bethlehem and easton, 66. nazareth and bath, walnut port also 66 degrees. then you get farther into burks county and reading is only 57. you can see the effect of just a little sunshine on the area. we're not seeing much on the live radar except down near
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baltimore and chesapeake bay. some of that moisture is moving in our direction. but it's going to take a while. as you can see, we don't have much in the way of sunshine. that has disappeared and headed to new york. and the showers are headed up i-95. the first batch is very light. the heavier stuff is west of washington. so we'll have to watch that for this afternoon. so we have showers for some neighborhoods coming up this afternoon. here's the futurecast. the heaviest stuff is likely to be in the delaware and extreme south jersey. but there could be other showers moving in later during the afternoon. computer models not all agreeing on this. not a strong storm or strong front or anything like that. but there is the threat as we go through the afternoon and much of the area. i would say the lowest chance is in the lehigh valley. and elsewhere, you ought to take the umbrella with you because
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there certainly is that potential for some showers. you can see the potential in the seven-day forecast below me. constantly scrolling. not just philadelphia anymore, and you don't have to wait until the end of the worth. this is lovely again. we have cloudy skies across just about the entire area. some showers coming in, university city, 67 degrees. west chester, also 67 with chances of showers. farther to the north, i just had the cloudy symbol. temperature again about 66 degrees in allentown. but we have temperatures barely getting into the 60s in parts of new jersey, the jersey shore and delaware. dover, only 65 degrees. rehoboth, 62 degrees. so not a beautiful day, not as nasty as last week. 67 degrees is way below average. the average, 72. but yesterday, we only got to
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60. then, look what happens tomorrow. sunshine, all day probably. 75 degrees. there's a cold front that comes through on friday with some afternoon thunderstorms likely. but there should be at least some sunshine there. and the pennsylvania suburbs. we have, again, those showers this afternoon. sunshine tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms friday. lehigh valley, just cloudy skies for the most part. as we go through the afternoon. and in new jersey, big difference from today to tomorrow. friday is just about as warm. those temperatures a little above average. the jersey shore, it doesn't warm up as much. look at that. ten-degree drop because the wind should still be coming in off the ocean. i'll be back with the ten-day and see how the weekend is shaping up in just a few minutes. >> see you then. 3-d printers have been around for a little while, making models, devices, and now a new head of hair. see how people are replacing
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their lost locks with a 3-d printer. that's just ahead.
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well, it's a group that celebrates friendship and helps improve the lives of people with intell intellectual and developmental disabilities. best buddies is a fantastic organization with a big
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fund-raiser coming up this weekend. we have two students at lower merion high school and they're here to tell us more about the best buddies friendship walk that's happening this sunday. thank you both for being here. let me start with you. you guys both go to lower merion, right? >> yeah. >> cool school. it's kobe bryant's school, the aces and all that. my guess is that part of what best buddies does is it helps the kids who have the disabilities, helps them become the cool kids. am i right with that? >> yes. >> tell me how you're involved. >> our school sponsor was my lacrosse coach for the past four years, and mary was the lacrosse manager, so he just encouraged me to get involved. and this past year and this year was my first year being a one to one friendship with mary, but otherwise, there are associate members who are also involved in just hanging out at the different group meetings we have each month and whatever other activities we plan. >> nice. what do you like best about --
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what do you like about best buddies? >> i like that it helps me make friends. and i also like that -- >> does it help you be friends with someone like emma, yeah? emma, tell me what this does for you? >> for me, i think it really helped me understand how other kids are in school and everything. it's not even that they don't have friends or anything. it just shows you what other kids at school are like, especially how hard it can be for some kids with developmental disabilities to be integrated into a school scomunt. but we have such a big club at school that we really get involved. >> emma, a lot of people think kids your age are sort of don't
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empathize or don't easily empathize with young people like marlaina, do you see it not only help you empathize with people with disabilities but also your peers. are a lot of your peers involved? >> yes. >> tell me how those of you involved, if that indeed does help you guys empathize as you were saying. >> i think it does because we also see they have -- they go out in the work force and everything, so they can be everyday members of the community. it shows you how good friends they can be if you take the time to know them. >> i was telling you during the break i was involved with best buddies, probably 15, 20 years. used to take a young man we had to dances. in my memory, the dances were just off the hook, so much fun. they would go out and dance, have no inhibitions. what are some of the activities you're involved with with your best buddies. >> we do group activities every month. we have gone to the villa in the fall and we usually have a movie
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night at school, and we go to events where we go to our basketball games at school and individual activities. we have seen a couple movies this year, right? and we usually have lunch every day at school, like every week. we plan to have lunch together. >> for your friends who are involved in best buddies, what's their impression of your relationship? >> they think it's awesome, and i've gotten them to come to some of the things we have done before. so mary has met them, too. we had lunch together. i try to get them involved in it, too. >> wow. are there a lot of kids at lower merion high school that are involved in best buddies? if so, how many would you say? >> i don't know how many exactly, but it's the second biggest club at our school. >> really? quite popular among the kids. that's fantastic. look at the dancing. these guys here are all over the place. tell me about the friendship walk this weekend. >> you want to talk about it a
11:26 am
little? >> it is starting to be a -- >> why don't you jump in and help her out? >> there's food trucks, music, right? >> oh, yeah, food trucks. >> and dj'ing there. >> one of our friends, anderson -- >> anderson is in the program, too. and he's dj'ing for us. our school gets to kick off the walk, bit there's going to be the dj and food and other activities. face painting is one of them. >> that's awesome. the best buddies friendship walk is happening this saturday, may 15th at lower merion high school. that's on montgomery avenue and ardmore. registration is at 11:00 a.m. and the walk starts at noon.
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let's see, this saturday or sunday? >> sunday. that's what i figured. may 15th is sunday. for more information, head to our website, we'll have a link at or check out the nbc10 app. emma and marlaina, thank you for coming in. we're so proud of the relationship you guys have and what it's doing for both of you. >> thank you. >> keep it up. well,i isish it's something have been getting used to, and once again, plenty of cloud cover across the area. here's a live look at the jersey shore. we'll let you know when we'll see sun again just ahead. and enough to make your blood boil. we'll reveal the angriest time and month to be on the road and how social media helps uncover these findings.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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plenty of clouds out there right now. but, hey, at least it's a little
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warmer than it was this time yesterday. here's a live look at center city, philadelphia. market street there. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with your neighborhood forecast. stretching a little bit to say it's a little warmer? >> it is a little warmer. and it's going to continue to go up. but not quite to the average for this time of year. 60, the current temperature. that's as warm as we've got all day yesterday. so we have a real good chance of getting above that. lehigh valley is the warmest area because we had sunshine there earlier in the day. it's cloudy now. we've got winds coming in off the ocean. generally a light wind because you can see the arrows going every which direction. that gives you the clue. but that's still cooling off atlantic city, only 58 degrees. the temperature in philadelphia, 71 on monday. 60 yesterday, up to 67 today. 75 degrees tomorrow. we have some light showers coming in to the baltimore area.
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that's going to stretch into southern delaware within the next hour. that's pretty light stuff. as we go through the planner, during the night tonight, we have mostly cloudy skies. by tomorrow morning, the sun is out. there's some clouds, p.a. suburbs. sun tomorrow morning. lehigh valley, some sun late in the day today perhaps. but certainly tomorrow morning. and then in delaware, clouds around. but not tomorrow morning. just wanted to give you an idea of how much things might change. now, we do have showers friday. we have some showers in the forecast for saturday, as we look at the weekend. that's not an all-day thing, not steady rain. most of the day is dry. temperatures get to near 70 degrees. lehigh valley to 70. philadelphia, 72. delaware, 72, and then a lot more sunshine on sunday. we'll see if that lasts into
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next week with the ten day in a few minutes. see you then. today, hillary clinton will try to win over new jersey voters before they head to the polls next month. clinton has a commanding lead in the delegate count, but last night, she lost in the west virginia primary to bernie sanders. lauren is live for us at camden county college in blackwood where clinton will take the stage in about an hour and a half. now, lauren, it looks like there's a big group already forming. >> good morning, vai. the crowd is starting to fill in here. new jersey primary is actually more than three weeks away, but to give you an idea of the focus on new jersey right now, this is actually one of three clinton stops in new jersey this week. hillary clinton today, and then bill clinton and chelsea clinton later this week. let me show you what's happening behind me right here. you can see the clouds starting to fill in. some of them arrived before 8:00 this morning. so they have been here waiting for hours. and as we have been waiting, i
11:34 am
have been chatting with some of them about how this race is going. you know, several of them expressed some frustration with clinton's opponent, bernie sanders, and his supporters. they're ready for this primary to be over. now, of course, hillary clinton herself has said sanders should stay in as long as he wants. that's what she did back in 2008. but her supporters are seeing her attacked by both donald trump and bernie sanders. they are anxious to get on with things. and you know, here in new jersey, they are also getting a bit of a thrill from actually mattering this late in the process. even though they have a very late primary, they're really getting a lot of focus, both from hillary clinton and from bernie sanders, who we saw here earlier this week. 142 delegates at stake here in new jersey. that's actually just a little bit less than the total that hillary clinton would need to clinch the nomination, if you include her superdelegates. live in blackwood, i'm lauren,
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nbc10 news. >> just a little more than two months to go until the democratic national convention comes to philadelphia. the host committee says it's ready with more than expected numbers of volunteers and planned security up grades. more than 60,000 people have signed up to help out. the committee's goal was to recruit at least 10,000 people. also, the city plans to upgrade its emergency radio system and purchase new helmets for its police motorcycle unit. the mayor's office says it will use federal grant money for those upgrades. and make sure you have the free nbc10 app to follow the latest news from the campaign trail. and decision 2016. it's a free download. you can get it right now on our website at happening now, lawmakers in philadelphia are hearing testimony about next year's budget, including the proposed tax on sodas and other sugary drinks. pamela osborne is live for us at city hall. good morning, pam.
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>> good morning. you know, i spoke with someone who is a part of the coalition that's representing small businesses, who are against that tax. they tell me that small businesses and families are going to be hurt by this. right now, in council chambers, the kinney administration is defending that proposed tax that would add a 3 cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks. the mayor says it's necessary and could generate $400 million. it's money he wants to use to fund universal pre-k and other programs. he also wants to make improved to parks and recs. it isn't against the programs inmayor is trying to support, but they do have concerns that the tax itself would be able to support those programs. they also do not think that the individual customers or consumers rather would be able to deal with that extra cost that they feel is going to get passed on to them. >> all of the supermarkets and
11:37 am
groceries that are members of our coalition say this tax is simply so high, it's going to have to be passed on. in addition, the way the law is written, it's required to be passed on because the distributor has to include the tax in its invoice to the grocery store. >> and three council members have already come out against the tax. the 14 others have yet to decide which way they're going to vote. the vote, by the way, is expected to take place some time in june. reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> pamela, thank you. meanwhile, a california man is recovering after he says an e-cigarette exploded in his face. a warning, some of the video you're about to see may be disturbing to some viewers. joe says he switched to e-cigarettes a few years ago because he thought they're healthier than regular cigarettes. he said he was in his home office last month when he set the e-cigarette down on his desk. the battery exploded. the explosion caused him to lose
11:38 am
his left eye. >> and then my hands were up and it went off. my god. i don't know. i mean, i feel grateful that it wasn't any worse. >> last week, the fda said it would regulate some of the batteries used in the devices. it would also oversee the amount of nicotine that goes into e-cigarettes. >> a nun in washington state is being hailed as a hero after rescuing her neighbor from a fire. she woke early monday morning and noticed smoke rising from her neighbor's home. she called 911 and then went into the home and woke up the homeowner. both were able to get out of the burning house safely. >> it god's whiskers, when you get an intuition. something said it's light out there, pull the curtains. when i pulled those curtains, oh, my gosh. i saw white smoke billowing behind here. >> the sister is known as the iron nun because she competes in
11:39 am
triathlons. she doesn't consider herself a hero, of course. she says the real heroes are the 911 dispatchers and the firefighters who helped out that day. well, a new study pinpoints the worst month and worst time of day for road rage. researchers from an auto insurance information site analyzed more than 65,000 instagram posts, hashtagged road rage. they found road rage is most extreme during the month of august. the angriest time of the day happens to be 6:00 p.m. and road rage posts peak on friday. >> well, losing our hair, you think it only happens with age or disease, but some people are literally pulling their hair out. when therapy and medication don't work, there's another way people are coping with the help of a 3-d printer. matt delucia explains this high-tech hair. >> start to pull your hair out. >> it's more common than you might think. from something you probably
11:40 am
never heard of. this woman of new jersey has trict otill amania. >> stress seemed to be the biggest trigger. anytime there was a stressful time, and you do it primarily in isolation. >> pulling her hair out due to stress. it happens subconsciously and it's destructive. >> i guess for anyone, but for women, if your hair feels somehow like it's not good, you just don't feel very confident and comfortable. >> the hair you see on louise now isn't real. she tried other methods in the past six years. medication, therapy, wigs. nothing really worked. nothing felt permanent. >> and you're so desperate for a solution. you're almost willing to try anything. >> stylist danielle was trying to find something better for her patients, too. >> there are more people than you think who have it because it's a secret. you know, and everyone thinks they have to keep it a secret. we just want to let people know that it's okay.
11:41 am
there are other people out there who have it. >> danielle introduced louise to a printed prosthetic. >> lit, from this measurement, it's an exact replica of her scalp, her head. then from there, it's actually made. >> a mold of the person's head is sent to a lab in italy where the prosthesis is created. and then returned with hair. >> it's made to go on top of your hair, whether you have a lot, a little. >> danielle has been ordering the prosthetics for her patients for the past three years. a 2013 study found trick atill amania effects as much as 4% of the population with the highest rates in childhood and adolescence, but these hair replacements also benefit burn victims and cancer patients. >> what we do is a medical adhesive. >> to give them new hope with a head of hair. >> it wasn't surprised about the technology, but i was surprised about how they were using it. i didn't think that this was
11:42 am
possible. >> danielle works at transitions hair solutions in monmouth county. she said this is the best thing she has come across in 21 years in the business. now she travels around the world educating people about it. and the main is to show the people who have this hair pulling disorder that they don't have to be ashamed, that there is another way that could help. matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> technology of 3-d printers is pretty amazing. up next, who says kids get to have all the fun? i'll tell you about a big event happening for a philadelphia gym that's been around for more than a century, and how you can get in on this playground fun. glenn. >> you mensed the sunshine and warm temperatures, they're going to make a comeback, but will it last for the weekend? i'll let you know what to expect where you live just ahead.
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that's the experience i had after meeting this week's wednesday's child. and i hope you will, too. i like to introduce you to a sweet and loving boy named angel. hi, angel. angel, how are you? what you first notice about angel is the obvious. he's confine to a wheelchair and developmentally challenged. but if you only focus on the wheelchair and the challenges, you'll miss just how warm and sweet and innocent and incredibly loving this little 13-year-old boy is.
11:46 am
we spent part of the afternoon together, and angel's south jersey pediatric home, where he receives wonderful care. should we try the other hand? angel is blind so his sense of hearing and touch are incredibly acute. >> he has significant developmental delays, but he's one of those kids, just like anybody else who takes a little while to warm up, but once he does, his smile melts your heart. and you can see what his smile does to everybody else in the room. that's how he communicates with people. >> and what angel communicates is crystal clear. pure joy. just look at that smile. angel is so gentle and so perfectly named. what this young man dreams of is what any cheeld longs for, a forever family. >> if you work in the field, you truly believe there's a family out there for every one of these kids. so there's a family that's going to bed to be angel's mom and
11:47 am
dad, and or mom or just dad. you know, the ideal family doesn't have a specific makeup, it's just going to be someone who has the calling in their heart to care for a kid with special needs. just being around him, he communicates with you, obviously, in nonverbal ways, but you can see genuine joy coming from him, and he int interacts with you and makes connections with you. >> angel is this week's wednesday's child. >> i'm telling you, be around him for a few hours just made my entire week. if you would like to open your mind and heart to angel or to any wednesday's child, go to our website at and search wednesday's child. while you're there, you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. >> it's truly a magical place for kids to be kids. to explore and move and play and learn. the playground and playhouse has
11:48 am
been a treasured destination for over 100 years in philadelphia. and next week, grown-ups will get a chance to celebrate all that this place has to offer. meg is the executive director of the smith memorial playground. meg, thank you so much for being here. for those who aren't particular with it, tell us about the playground and what makes it so unique. >> it's amazing. it's huge. there's a 16,000 square foot playhouse, a historic mansion full of toys, only for kids. there's a 6 1/2 acre playground where kids can run and swing and climb and play on all kinds of amazing play equipment. it's free. it's open every day of the year except monday and it's been around since 99. >> i have been there with wednesday's child children that we have taken there. what's amazing, i went to your website, in the late 1890s, people weren't playing, right? they were working on farms and milking cows and baling hay. the place this was designated for simply play for kids in that
11:49 am
era was revolutionary. >> richard and sarah smith had a fortune, they had no heirs so they decided to create a place for the kids of philadelphia. fairmount park at that time was a place apart from the city, sore healthy and green, fresh air, and they envisioned a place where kids would go and play together. we have been fulfilling that same mission now for over a century. >> you know, we were talking about during the break. i see there's a lot of advantages to organized sports, pop warner, little league, but there's also something to be said about just letting kids just go just, you know, organize your own games, right? figure stuff out. >> it's so important and it's true that today kids are overscheduled. they're busy, they have stress and tension just like adults do, and they have very little time to decide they want to do. maybe their school doesn't have recess or they're involved in a number of activities where adults set the rules and make the schedule. but for kids to interact together and make up their own games, use their imagination, be
11:50 am
creative, those are all the things they need to do when they're little so they be happy and healthy when they're grown up. >> tell me what's in store for next wednesday night. >> very exciting. next wednesday is the one day of the year for adults at smith. it's our party in the playground, an annual fund-raiser. we're honoring susan gaffee who was an amazing philadelphian. we'll have food trucks, some children performing music, lots of fun, silent auction. >> kids will get their play time. this is a time for the adults to of explore. learn how to play. party in the playground is happening next wednesday, may 18th, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at smith memorial playground in east fairmount park. more information or to purchase tickets, head to our website at or check out the nbc10 app. thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it so much. a great place you're representing.
11:51 am
>> well, here we go again. cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. cloudy. cloudy, keeping the temperatures down below average. and the clouds are here, and some places are cooler than others because the clouds have been thicker, and earlier, you could see low 60s up in northern delaware, newark at 61 degrees. you go farther to the south, middletown is 60 degrees. georgetown is 63. but we've had some places in the 50s, as you can see, just a little bit of a southeast wind, dewey beach, rehoboth beach, bethany beach at 57 degrees. here comes some showers. these are very light. a little heavier back toward washington. and some of this will be moving in our direction later on this afternoon. best chance of any significant rain is in delaware, and extreme south jersey, as we go through
11:52 am
the late afternoon, most of the area stays dry for much of the afternoon. at least according to this latest computer model. this just in within the last few minutes. and you can see some of that rain, again, mainly delaware, south jersey. the farther north you go, the lower the chances of any kind of rain. it's been cloudy and wet. not just may, but even to april. and the calendar shows every one of these days in green has had measurable rain. in philadelphia, that goes back even to. so 12 out of the last 13 days had at least some. then we had some cloudy days, other than that, but we do have some sunny days in the forecast. that's on the way. we do have sunshine in the forecast. not every day. but at least some. tomorrow's going to be a good one. a lot sun. 75 degrees for the high. so the sunshine makes a big difference here.
11:53 am
friday, at least sunshine. probably in the morning and some showers or even thunderstorms in the afternoon. but that's not an all-day thing. then on saturday, we expect some showers in the afternoon. most of saturday is dry. and that's an average temperature for this time of year. sunday is dry and sunny, but on the cooler side once the front comes through that triggers those showers on saturday. and then on monday, we're dry again. so we're getting decent amounts of sunshine. tomorrow, over the weekend, and monday. but tuesday, another system comes in with some rain, and then the sun starts to come back out later on next week. that's a lot better forecast than what we saw last week, and we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all new ellen with wanda sykes and rock band journey from the '80s. nice. this afternoon on nbc10 news at 4:00, a pair of little kids' shoes pulled from store shelves. a warning to parents following a report that a toddler's light-up shoes ignited and burned out the family's suv. that will be today at 4:00. thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz,
11:57 am
our chief meteorologist and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
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>> kayla: what do you mean, you think joey ran away? >> steve: claire and ciara told me that joe and jade were talking about running away, but ciara thought that he wouldn't go through with it. >> kayla: listen, steve, please, you have to go find him. i can't leave the hospital. there's a viral outbreak, and a lot of people are coming in sick. >> fynn: 104, her fever is spiking. >> gabi: ari. where's ari? >> jj: gabi, she's okay. baby girl, save your strength. you haveo relax and calm down. >> gabi: she has a play date with josie. she's gonna--she's gonna be late. i need to get her dressed. >> fynn: when did she slip into delirium? >> jj: a few minutes ago. >> dario: she started talking about our childhood, wanting my mother to read her a bedtime story. >> adriana: mija, stay still, okay? >> gabi: mami. >> adriana: mami's here. >> gabi: mami, mami. >> adriana: she's burning up, dr. thompson. [dramatic music] ♪ >> gabi: [whimpering] >> kayla: we hbe


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