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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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because this dog did not deserve this. >> reporter: tlv c animal rescu is hoping to ghetto nations to help pay the veterinarian bills. i'm told the dog will be put up for adoption once he's in better shape. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now to breaking news in montgomery county. a man wanted in connection a rash of burglaries has been caught. it's a story we reported first on nbc 10 news yesterday. this is video from one of three homes burglarized. police say after this video aired, they got a flood of tip calls. the suspect is expected to appear before the judge in the next hour. happening now, family of a girl killed in a fight at her school is now battling back against bullying. a news conference is under way in wilmington new castle county and the family of amy joiner
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flap s tr francis is speaking about social media are wars going on. three other students with are charged yesterday and tim fur long is at the news conference and will have a live report coming up at 5:00. now to our weather. parts of the area are seeing showers this afternoon. here is a live look at cape may where rain clouds have moved through today. other areas are staying dry. here is a look from presidential city camera. so depending where you are, you can be seeing a different picture. >> and precisely why the new neighborhood weather system is so hopeful. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has a look. p. >> this is a great example of how the weather varies across different neighborhoods. the farther north you get, more sunshine, warmer. and the farther south, it's cooler and it's raining. now, we don't have any rain from
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wilmington northward. just cloudy skies. we'll zoom in on the radar and you can see there is pretty heavy showers right in the area of cape may and fortunately it's on the move. it's just doing it right now, there is cape may point right here and that will be moving offshore just within the next half hour really. you can see the heavier thunderstorms are actually south of delaware and out into the ocean now. so the heaviest rain has moved out. the temperature is the highest in the lehigh valley, actually seeing some blue in that sky. and will lower farther to the south. 66 and cloudy in philadelphia where we've seen the clouds pretty much all day. and we'll be seeing them tonight, as well. and the temperatures really vary. low 60s in parts of the lehigh valley, but well into the 70s in north hampton county. that's the kind of differences
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that you can see and we'll get more detail on that and what will happen with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. new information right now about the road rage shooting on the blue route that brought traffic to a standstill during rush hour last week. police arrested the alleged g n gunman and he was led away in handcuffs. monique braxton is live with how officers tracked him down. >> reporter: state police tell us they got a tip that anthony richardson, their suspect, resembled in composite sketch. he was arrested at his home this morning in overbrook without incident. any comment on the allegations against you? >> he was taken in on custody along with the vehicle and transported back to the pennsylvania state police philadelphia barracks. >> reporter: state police say a confidential tipster led them to richardson's home here in the 1300 block of pennington road.
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he matched a sketch. his lincoln town car with tinted windows matched the car involved in the road rage incident. >> the sketch artist cdid an a excellent job. >> reporter: the male victim told investigators he was run off the road near the knit and a shot was fired in to his car. >> the bullet penetrated the lower front passenger door. >> reporter: the state police also say they recovered handgun that was licensed to the 50-year-old suspect. we knocked on richardson's door, but no one answered. his neighbor says he's shocked. >> that's not the type of guy that i know. he's out playing with the kids, helping them out. so extremely surprised. >> reporter: and state police
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also tell us this isn't the first time that they have learned richardson has been involved in a road rage incident. we're working on that for you at 5:00. live for now outside state police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a brooks county school employee's gun ended up in a student's hand, the employee at the technology center left it in his car. but then he arranged for a student to work on the car and that's when the gun disappeared. police recovered it about section hours later and the student was suspended. the employee has resigned. a sexting scandal involved at fred s. engel middle school. an image got shared with three other students. now to decision 2016 and the
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push for new jersey. hillary clinton campaigned at camden county college today after a tough loss to bernie sanders in the west virginia primary. lauren make was in the crowd and is live this afternoon. >> reporter: she would actually like to move past the primaries and right on into the general election. she talked a lot about donald trump today. but make no mistake, first new jersey voters have to go to the polls and choose between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. hillary clinton took to the stage with challenge for new jersey. >> i don't want to put any pressure on anybody, but we did really well if in pennsylvania and delaware. >> reporter: looking for a victory here on june 7, clinton rallied the crowd with more than three weeks to go before the primary, but it's the general election match-up clinton focused on. >> it's a difference rooted in
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approach, in vision, in understanding, in tolerance and respect. >> reporter: while clinton did not mention her primary opponent by name, her supporters are talking about him. >> i'm annoyed. >> reporter: there is frustration their candidate is depending off two candidates. >> unfortunately, she's taking a little bit from both sides with bernie on one side and donald trump on the other. >> reporter: they're ready for the primary to be over and for the party to put all it energy in to defeating donald trump. this 18-year-old skipped school today, he came to see the woman who became first lady before he was born. p. >> i feel like her ideas are more realistic. >> reporter: and his support is behind hillary clinton. >> to your friends disagree with you? >> absolutely. >> do you think that you will be able to convince them? >> i keep on trying every day. >> reporter: we'll see about
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that. but the frustration from hillary clinton supporters about bernie sanders supporters, about how long the primaries are going on is a thing i heard from a number of people. but when i asked one of the supporters the person who was the very first person in line to see her today whether he would support bernie sanders if he won the nomination, he hesitated, and then said he said if it was sanders over donald trump. live in black wood, i'm lauren make, nbc 10 news. let's talk more about bernie sanders. he picked up that momentum with a win in west virginia, but he still trails the democratic front runner delegates. he rallied in missoula, montana. bernie sanders is behind hillary clinton by 283 delegates. donald trump now has 92% of the delegates he would need for the gop nomination. he captured nearly all of them in yesterday's west virginia and nebraska contests. political experts say trump's biggest job now is to help unify
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the republican party. he will meet with paul ryan tomorrow on capitol hill. ryan admitted today that he and trump have their difference, but he just wants to get to know the par party's presumptive thom kne nominee. >> i met him once in person. we had a good conversation on the phone. we just need to get to know each other and we're enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him. >> helping ryan get to know trump better, ben carson, the former presidential candidate turned trump supporter called the house speaker last night to discuss trump's proposed policies. for complete decision 2016 coverage including the latest delegate counts and also up to the minute headlines from the campaign trail, all you have to do is tap the nbc 10 app. now to philadelphia's soda tax fight. right now city council members wanted answers about the proposal and its impact. and they're trying to get those answers. and it all comes ahead of next month's vote on the controversial plan to raise
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money for pre-k program. rosemary connors just stepped out of that hearing. so what kinds of gequestions we they asking? contract council president asked the finance director whether the city's low income neighborhoods would be affected most by this tax. that questioning set off a testy exchange. here is a clip of it. you can see our cameras trained on the city's finance director and in the background you can hear president clark asking the question. >> is this a tax that -- >> i'm not asking you about people's choices. i'm asking you a simple question. basically your health commissioner came here and answered, for some reason you won't won't answer that question. i'm just trying to understand why is that such a difficult question to answer. >> well, again it gepd depend what choices people make. >> reporter: earlier i spoke
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with garl cla darrel clark and he told me the proposed tax is in his words troubling. when i asked him if that meant that he's against tax, he would only say that he believed three cents is excessive. the city guy hastcity finance d testified that the tax will generate $95 million a year just on universal pre-k community schools and parks and rec buildings in philadelphia. now, we did spend time tracking town other city council members to try to find out where they stand on this issue, what tore they still need to make a decision. we'll have that part of the story coming up during our 6:00 news cast. rosemary connors, nbc 10. we may get answers as to what called the deadly track derailment. the ntsb plans to hold a hearing in washington, d.c. next tuesday. they say they will reveal the probable cause of the derailment. one year ago tomorrow, amtrak train 188 ran off the tracks
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after sepeeding through a sharp curve. eight died, hundreds were injured. and you can count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest developments from tuesday's hearing. a late start to the school day, a morning traffic mess and a power outage for thousands. all because of a transformer explosion. sky force 10 in burlington county where the blast brought down power lines forcing police to detour traffic. as many as 2600 customers were without power. it has been restored, though. right now home own ners chester county need to boil their water before using to drink, cook or clean. a water main break still has 1200 of a von dale residents under that boil water advisory. even though crews fixed the break, they're concerned the water hey be contaminated. demolition is under way to get rid of one of three long time eyesores from the city's
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hain ga main gateway. they're taking down an abandoned exxon gas station and two other defunct gas stations are in the same area. mayor jim kenny fears what he says are similarities between religious intolerance and the u.s. today and holocaust. he spoke about his concerns at the ground breaking for holocaust memorial plaza? center city. it will be a park located at the monument to the 6 million jewish martyrs along the ben franklin parkway. the mayor says we need people orrials as a reminder of the evil acts people are capable of. >> i'm fearful for our country because some of the things i hear in allege aed diplomacy speeches, international relations speeches, i haven't heard or read since 1930s. >> the memorial plaza also will
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feature education at events and programming for visitors. happening now, a spring job fair for seasonal and permanent work. the drought door shopping center is looking to fill more than 50 positions for guest services and stores like new york and company, 9 west and the gap outlet. if you're interested, you have a few hours. the event runs until 7:00. officials now say a deadly explosion at a texas fertilizer plant two years ago was sabotage. cellphone video captured the moment the fire caused chemicals at the plant to explode killing 15 feel. officials initially blamed improper storage, but now they call it a criminal act. severe storms have moved through parts of tennessee and left some areas underwater. today first responders rescued
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people trapped by these high waters caused by the heavy rain. more thunderstorms are possible later today and tomorrow, as well. and in kentucky, officials say it is a miracle nobody was seriously hurt or killed during severe storms yesterday. today the destruction clearly visible here. now law enforcement agencies say they will begin patrolling to prevent looting. family members of the massachusetts man who went on a deadly stabbing spree say he was mentally disturbed. arthur derosa was released from a hospital hurs before he assaulted and stabbed several people at house and shopping mall killing two of them before police shot and killed him. his father and sister say he had battled depression for years and claimed the devil was trying to make him do things. police are trying to find out if he had any connection to those victims. pribsnt' prince's final day
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coming into focus. a physician treated him twice in april including the day before he died. the doctor prescribed medications although the search warrant doesn't say cwhat drugs or whether prince actually took them. toxicology results are pending. we have a huge difference in weather conditions across the area. farther north you are, the more pleasant the day. the farther south, the heavier the rain is. this is the live radar and you see no rain from wilmington northwa northward, but in delaware at the beaches, look how heavy the rain is. we showed you the camera at cape may a while ago and now some of the heaviest rain just to the north of cape may, right along route 9 and garden state parkway near north wildwood.
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it's not quite to the beaches yet, but it looks just to the east of the garden state parkway right now and that will be moving out to the beaches within a matter of minutes. and as you can see in delaware down to mills borrow oig, heavy rain is here. this is again moving pretty fast, so it's not going to cause any substantial flooding. many just localized flooding. you see the back edge of it right here. and it is like i said moving to the east pretty quickly. what is interesting, it hooks like there is some kind of low pressure center away washington helping to trigger this.hooks like there is some kind of low pressure center away washington helping to trigger this. it's also preventing other parts of the area from getting any rain. so just showers for some neighborhoods as we go into the evening. here is wednesday at 7:00. more showers coming across delaware and south jersey, but
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not much if anything in the philadelphia area and certainly nothing up toward allentown and trenton. you can see even later on this evening, south jersey getting hit, but it weakens, starts for fall apart and we may actually get a dry day tomorrow. i don't know how much sunshine we're going to get, but it's going to be more than today in some parts of the area.difference in the temperatures, farther north you are in central new jersey and medford at 71, florence at 70. pretty nice afternoon. farther to the south, piles grove 62, the clouds are thicker there. and thin her clouds to the north in princeton and florence. again, you can see the "7-day forecast" for quarter area right proce your area right below me constantly on the screen. tomorrow a little sunshine in
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the philadelphia area. in the mid-70s. that's all fwheewe need, a litt sunshine. and more clouds as you head farther to the south. so in galloway, only 65 and cloudy skies. and this delaware, cloudy skies. dover at 67. we'll see if things improve for the weekend coming up a little bit later. north carolina school is taking student safety to a whole new level. >> what kids could soon carry in their backpacks. plus a nun credited with saving her neighbor from a fire. why she says it was devine intervention that caused her to look outside. and an out of this world science experiment. local middle schoolers show us their cool views from the edge of automatouter space. first a look at closing bell on wall street.
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dow closing down more than 200 points on a down day across the board.
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he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price.
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e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. a police chase that looked like it was out of wild, wild west. officers in stephenville texas trying to corral a loose calf.
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witnesses say even a man on horse back tried to lasso the run away animal. the chase lasted for nearly two miles before police cornered the calf and returned to its owner. a man smoking an ecigarette says the device suddenly exploded in his face causing him to lose his left eye. joe says it felt like getting slammed by a hockey stick. he says the battery in the cigarette caused the explosion which september tod sent which sent debris into his face. a nun in washington state discovered her neighbor eye house on fire after hearing what she called a whisper from god to look outside. >> sister madonna jumped in to action when she saw the blaze. first she called 911 and then she herself ran inside the building to wake the home on owner. she's known as the iron n chlt n because she competes in triathlons. >> something said, you know,
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pull the curtains. and when i pulled those curtains, oh, my gosh. >> even after her brave rescue, she called the deposit patch is firefighters the real heros in that case. a local man's to can-go order at dunkin donuts was very different. p. >> next, what he walked out with in his bag. florida plus t plus the home up proochlt that was anything but. a local couple calls nbc 10 responds after their contractors created a costly problem. and dad accused of getting his toddler drunk. how police say he set up the sippy cup for perfect access to control. and then coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00, he's 124 years old. and well overdue for a checkup. what is about to happen to william penn.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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it was supposed to provide a family relief from the hot summer sun, but an awning caused more concern than comfort. >> and when their contractor wouldn't help them, they turned to nbc 10 responds. harry, what did you find? >> it would be a nice spot to sit and enjoy a summer day if the family wasn't concerned their house could go up in flames. they paid 2500 bucks to have this awning installed at their home two years ago. >> we had always wanted to have some shade out there. we get a lot of sun in the afternoon.
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>> reporter: then this past january, they noticed that a potentially dangerous issue with their little slice of paradise. >> he sees this around the fireplace. >> reporter: mack tells us this piece of metal was the problem. >> they had placed a metal cover over to deflect the heat. >> reporter: and that part of the wall was too hot to touch. >> the sides had melted. >> reporter: they called and e-mailed the installer back in january. they tell us he called three times claiming he was going to be away for a couple of weeks. but those weeks turned into months. >> i don't think he intends on doing anything about that. i really don't. >> reporter: so the family contacted nbc 10 responds. >> i want answers and i want this thing fixed. >> reporter: so we went to work calling and e-mailing him. just a few days later, he showed up at the house. he didn't make the fix, but agreed to cokcome back.
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>> you can tell us why it took three months out here and what will you do to resolve the situation? any explanation whatsoever? >> if you step in front of me, i'll run you over. >> reporter: a few weeks late, he came back and completed the work. and the family says nbc 10 responds involvement paid off. >> channel 10 news team, thank you very much. i swear -- >> really nice for them. they thought they were going to have to spend $5,000 to replace their siding. but the contractor handled it at no cost to them. we'll add that to our $5,000 fix to our grand total of money recovered for you our viewers, so far our total is $13,406. and we are happy they are satisfied. and if you have a consumer
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complaint for nbc 10 respond, head to, click on the nbc 10 responds page and fill out the complaint form or call 610-668-7377. and we will respond to you. >> and maybe you'll get a harry hug, too. that was a nice hug. >> a lot of grateful families. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a storm knocked down her tree taking out power lines and damaging her fence. the power was restored, but not her backyard. find out what pico can it after she contacted harry. that's tomorrow at 4:00. so as for the weather probably overcast outside your window right now. there is a live look at conditions 76 and spring fwar dep garden. a lot of traffic and clouds, too. so now for a personalized forecast, your first alert neighborhood forecast with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. how is it out there?
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>> some neighborhoods are getting rained on, others are just cloudy. and the temperature of course varies depending on where you are. you can see this rain here, it's pretty much south of the mason dixon line. everything in pennsylvania is pretty much dry. this area in delaware, that is moving straight to the east. and so it will be moving out. it's not moving up toward the philadelphia area, it is moving straight west to east. and you can see here on the radar where the heaviest rain is. it's still near cape may and lewis delaware. there is cape may point right there. lewis right here. and the last of the rain is getting close to moving offshore. and behind that, things get lighter and eventually they will end. the temperatures are warmer to the north. lehigh valley, 69. but 59 in south jersey. and look at some of these
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temperatures 62 this dennis township, 64 in wood vine. as we go through the afternoon, you can see the area of rain moving to the east and not up toward the philadelphia area. so we believe that it will be basically dry in pennsylvania, central and northern new jersey and showers in southern sections will move out. we'll see what to expect for tomorrow and the weekend with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. a robbery suspect took his order to go but it wasn't the coffee and doughnuts he was after apparently. the man kept a gun stashed in his hoodie while he held up the do dunkin donuts. the cashier threw cash into the takeout bag before the success p pekt took off. new information just in, a guilty plea from a chester county mother accused of injecting her teenage daughter with heroin. today she was sentenced to four
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to ten years in prison. riffey pleaded guilty to child endangerme endangerment. she helped her 14-year-old daughter and 16-year-old trend get heroin and helped them inject the drug several times last fall. police in georgia arrested a young father after he and his toddler were both found truck. family members found marcus allen passed out with his drink and his 3-year-old son nearby. police say a large cup labeled juice form had a straw giving a child easy access.boy's blood alcohol kept was twice the legal limit for an adult, nearly fatal for a 3-year-old. school officials at a north carolina high school gave the okay for students to carry pepper spray. the school board voted to change the definition of a weapon clearing the way for pepper spray and mace at high schools in the district. also razors so students can
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shave. the board says they will revisit the issue at a future meeting. essential oils are great for massages or making your homes smell good, but they can also be dangerous. coming up next, a warn to go parents who use them around children. plus new fallout after a texas family says their toddler's complete up shoes sparked a fire inside their suv. what the company is doing to keep other families safe. and then all new tonight at 5:00, royal controversy. listen to what queen elizabeth was caught saying that is the subject of headlines now.
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a warning about essential oils. health experts say the oils used to promote spiritual and emotional well, can be kapg edas
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to which i think children. if you dripping drink it, it can lead to problems. payless is pulling boys shoes off shelves after the texas boy's shoe that ignited and burned out when it was left inside his family's suv. the terrifying incident prompted payless to pull the jake lighted runner shoes. investigators are to figure out the cause of the fire, but the family blames the shoe's lithium battery. so the deal to merge staples and office depot is off. yesterday a federal judge blocked the merger over concerns it would hurt competition. representatives for the company say they're disappointed with the decision but plan it move on. both stores have been hurt by online shopping. a poplar philadelphia based chef is opening in the casino.
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the iron chef will create a menu with multiple seafood focused concepts locate right off the casino floor. tiners will be able to dig in by the end of this year. she beat out every mom in america. >> next meet the local mother named mother of the year. plus, a new day trip option you may haven't heard about. the new place to explore. and i'm still tracking some showers in the area. at least parts of the area. i'll show you what neighborhoods could be seeing and when it will all clear out. next in my first alert forecast. and what one swing will make any beer lover envious. that coming up at 5:00.
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one of delaware's most spectacular pieces of property is now much easier for the public to see and enjoy. the estate has more than 200 acres of garden, fountains, mansions and even antique cars. if years you had to sign up in advance for tours and stay with your group. now you can just show up, by day or season passes and explore the grounds on your own. >> dupont in leaving this place said he wanted it it open for the pleasure and benefit of the public and we take him at his word. >> families at the hospital receive free passes to come over to get fresh air and quiet time. officials broke ground to a pavilion that promises to
4:46 pm
motherize tmothe modernize main line health hospital. and her kids think she's a top mom, but now a delaware woman had the reward to prove it. michelle ward was named mother of the year. >> they called to say at the ceremony may i have the envelope please and the mother of the year is michelle wall from delaware. >> this gives national recognition and also just recognizes the great work going on in our community. >> the mother of two and school board member says there is no such thing as a perfect mom little but hundreds of ways to be a good one. the picture of philadelphia skyline olooks the same as it's done for the last couple of weeks. cloudy. it's wetter to the south, milder to the north. and of course the radar will prove that from will mimington
4:47 pm
northward, not seeing any rain, but significant rain farther to the south. heaviest stuff is just about to move offshore. it's in cape may and dover getting a little bit of light rain. there is more back to the west that will be moving in, but we're not expecting enough rain to cause any kind of flooding. you can see as we go through the night tonight, that rain area does not spread to the north. so i don't have rain in the forecast from philadelphia northward. as a matter of fact skies hey cle may clear. if anything, this whole area shrinks and then the weather conditions improve. look at the temperature contrast. it's kind of a reverse thing. 69 the warmer spot in allentown, but dover 57 degrees. that is cool. things of course will reverse eventually. you can see that in the "7-day forecast" down here there dover all the way out to the lehigh
4:48 pm
valley. and everywhere in between. temperature 66 in philadelphia right now. well, it's only 56 degrees at cape may point. 56. but 65 degrees at mays landing and the radar shows why. we have the heaviest rain for cape may point up to north wildwood, lighter rain up to ocean city and then no rain up to may's landing. and of course that has an impact on the temperatures. here is the forecast for tomorrow. i'm not predicting any rain in the lehigh valley and predicting the most sunshine there. and warmest temperatures again just like today. reading 77, bethlehem 77. watch as we head south, the temperatures are not quite as high. westchester 76, newtown 75. back in philadelphia, the mid-70s. mt. airy at 75. a little bit of sunshine, and then farther to the south,
4:49 pm
haddonfield only 72. glass borrow 70. and jersey shore, cloudy skies and cloudy couldskies in delawa7 in dover. so we can show you those differences right across different neighborhoods with this weather system that we have here. now, tomorrow is basically try and warmer. friday showers and some thunderstorms, but not an all day thing. it will be relatively warm. saturday we have another cold front coming through. some sunshine, then afternoon showers. so it's not too bad a day. sunday is dry. it's definitely drys but also definitely cooler. and then monday dry with some sunshine. so as you can see, we're trading off the showers for the cooler weather. and then as we go into next week, tuesday night and into wednesday, we have some showers that may last into thursday, as
4:50 pm
well. but up in of this really chilly stuff that we've been seeing. local middle school students are looking way up for answers to their scientific question. >> next tim furlong takes us inside the class project that uses technology to get them on the edge of outer space. and at 5:00, we take a live look at the commute in center city. never a really fun time. but at 5:00, we'll tell you the time this summer you may want for stay off the roads.
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safe to say middle school science projects have evolved leaps and bounds since you and i were doing them. >> one local class launched into
4:54 pm
the stratosphere to better understand earth. p tim furlong has the story. >> reporter: the super cool hands on middle school science teacher, so when classes need to learn about the upper atmosphere, he helps them basically send this box up there. he helped the students build a case for their weather gear. the team's meteorologist watched the wind speeds for days and factored in all the details. >> the weight, rates why we wanted it to be. >> reporter: and saturday the kids gathered at school. and off it went with a gopro camera aboard, it went 1006 feet up. you can see the view. it was super windy and very cold. the team on the ground had to monitor the balloon's location. cory was all over it. >> every ten minutes, we get a
4:55 pm
ping. so it will track it through at mots feaatmosphere. >> reporter: just after into hours, it parachuted back down. >> we didn't want to land the water or a busy road. >> reporter: it landed this someone's yard 14 miles from school. the mission, big success. >> we kind of had the sense of relief that we did it. >> to see the kids actually to the project, launch the project and then get it back is -- i don't think rewarding is a good enough word. i don't think it covers it. >> reporter: in middletown, tim fur long, nbc 10 news. and speak of our atmosphere, nbc 10 is hoping local children learn all about the weather. >> the weather team will show thousands of students how it all works next week at citizens bank park our meteorologists will all
4:56 pm
show off weather sx peer hiexpe. and you can get more information at and no pressure on any of our meteorologists how that they have seen those experiments by these middle schoolers. >> and there should be really good weather for this. because they're this contrin co right? >> there you go. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. all new at 5:00, there is new fallout following the death of a high school student in delaware. plus bear trouble. the creature caught they're one local school and the concerns the neighborhood may not have seen the last of its kind. and we do have rain on the radar. i'll show you where it's heading and what you can expect for the rest of tonight as well as your neighborhood weather with thunderstorms before the week is over. and the makeover that is coming for one of the most famous men in all of philadelphia. that is next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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new fallout following the highly publicized death of a student who was attacked at this delaware high school, specifically the response on social media. >> within the past hour, members of the wilmington community addressed the death of amy joyner francis and the online after math that followed.
5:00 pm
three students are charged. tim furlong is live in wilmington. >> what messages is the family trying to get out? >> reporter: ever since she died, after that fate at howard technical high school last month, social media has taken a real big role in the story and not necessarily in a good way. take a look. here today at the church a few blocks from howard high school, community leaders gathered to talk with kids about social media and keep tabs on what they're doing and how they're communicating. a lot of the talk involving amy before and after that fight had been rumors and certainly after the feet there were videos and then fake videos and other places. social media hasn't helped calm the situation. and the leaders here today say it's time to use social media to heal and not provoke any retaliation. >> amy was about peace. she was about love. she was about unity. and to call f


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