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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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still unforgettable. skyforce10 over the scene. just look at the damage to the first car, barely looks like a first car. hard to believe anyone survived, but robert hewitt did. >> reporter: spent weeks in a coma, and doctors were not sure he would make it. first responders rushed him to the hospital the night of the crash. you see them carrying him here. he spoke today, saying he remembers his body hitting another man just before the cars came to a rest. >> i wonder, did he live or die? did me hitting him kill him, hurt him? was he dead when he hit me? i don't know. it bothers me. >> hewitt among dozens of passengers suing amtrak. >> people on the train did lose their lives. they were fathers and sisters,
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businesswomen and men, a mid shipman, and a college dean. hundred more injured. first responders rushed to the scene to find chaos all around them and one year later, the memories of the night are still sered on their minds. >> nbc 10 spoke with some of the first responders today. i imagine this first anniversary is very emotional. what did they tell you about that night? >> well, first responders tell me that their training immediately just kicked in, as for firefighters, they had training on a similar incident just the day before, but when they got here, everyone went to work, and for some, took days to full grasp the magnitude of what happened. >> i don't care if you say 500, you think about the one you didn't get to or couldn't save. >> reporter: eight lives lost in the amtrak train derailment is never far from the mind of those who first responded that devastating night. >> refleblgting back, it was what i call controlled
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confusion. >> reporter: still everybody went to work as the magnitude of the incident unfolded, images that stay with them a year later. >> a lot of thing happened that night nottured on video or photographs. it was really a brilliant effort by first responders. >> american red cross emergency services this is liz. >> reporter: first major incident she was a part of. >> u you prepare and train for things, but you never really know what to do. you just do it. >> reporter: she was there as a red cross provided blankets and water and listening ear to tense family members waiting for word about the passengers. >> i think it was close to midnight, and i didn't get home until 10:00 a.m. the next day. it was really hard to process. >> reporter: a year later, they are able to reflect. >> i learned that when god puts you in a calling, right, noer what happens, no matter how bad,
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you can rise to the occasion. >> reporter: after the crash, agencies reviewed their response. i'm told some tweaks were made, but overall, agencies seemed to be pleased with their response, especially how so many different groups were able to work together. reporting live in, nbc 10 news. thank you. it is one year later, and for many, the most important question of all remains unanswered. how did this happen? just yesterday, the ntsb announced they'll meet next week to determine the probable cause of the derailment. we know the train was going 106 miles per hour hitting the curve in frankfurt junction, more than twice the speed limit. investigators did not find drugs or alcohol in the train engineer's system and do not believe he was distracted by the phone, but he says he does not remember the derailment at all, placed on leaving and has not returned to work. he's also facing several lawsuits along with amtrak. today, we spoke with the ceo of amtrak. he told us today's about paying
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respect to the victims' families. >> i think that amtrak and its men and women had a great dealing of understanding what happened here in terms of emotion, but we still yet need to understand what did really happen? >> investigators have said that technology known as positive train control or ptc, could have prevented the derailment. it can stop a train in danger. they installed ptc in the entire northeast corridor. septa is still working to put the technology on all its tracks. coming up, mitch blac hher aske when it will be in place and got a look how ptc keeps passengers safe. that's new at 6:00. >> right now at 5:00, the driver
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of an suv is conscious and talking after crashing head-on into a septa trolly. we were over the mangled mess at ninth street in north philadelphia as crews worked to rescue that driver, and this is new cell phone video just into the news room of crews pulling the victim to safety. a trolly passenger we spoke to says the driver was trying to pass in prompt of the trolly to make a turn on ninth street. >> there was a little jostling and everything, but i was really horrified at the mayhem up front, the car crushed knowing someone was in there was scary. >> two people on the trolly also were hurt. police are investigating the crash. now to a story only on bc 10. we obtained exclusive video of this police chase through burlington county. officers say the driver they were chasing was only 15 years old and in a stolen car.
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now, it ened up crashes into a k-9 police cruiser. >> south jersey bureau reporter joining us live in burlington city, and police are worried this is just part of a dangerous trend. tell us about it. >> reporter: rosemary, they are. that's because this crime is one of nearly a dozen stolen cars by juveniles just in the last couple of months, and two teenagers involved in tuesday's joyride, still on the run, and police say the inexperience of an underage driver could prove to be deadly. in broad daylight tuesday, burlington city police spot a stolen suv within minutes of the owner dialing 911. police knew there were three teenagers inside, giving chase, the driver takes off, speeding and blowing by signals and stop signs with no regard. >> last thing a police officers wants to do is have a vehicle not stop on them and kill somebody incident or kill the person inside the vehicle.
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>> reporter: patrolman and k-9 handler and others got this dash cam of the car stopping before hitting the cruiser. >> we saw speeds up to 50. >> reporter: watch the right of the screen, another cruiser two of the three teen suspects taking off down the sidewalk. mercury hit the woods to chase the men. >> 14 years old to 16 and 17 years old going in car dealerships or finding running vehicles at stores or outside a residence, stealing cars to go joyriding. >> reporter: ultimately, only the 15-year-old driver was caught. >> seeing five to ten stolen vehicles in the last couple months. >> reporter: police are fed up, a releasing the video to alert the public not to leave cars idling. >> this is a crime in the second degree. >> reporter: stolen suv's owner to have it back did not show his face but considers the teens' crimes repulsive. >> the car hit a cop car and k-9
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car, and being an adult, how's that dog? you know, foundous everybody was safe. >> reporter: public is at risk and it's a bad scenario for the police officer trying to make a motor vehicle stop. >> reporter: the police said this afternoon they are doing intervention in the community. recently, the police officers have been playing basketball with the teenagers to build relationships and trust, but tonight, they hope parents are listening as well. live in burlington city, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. a right turn here to talk about the first aneighborhood weather, finally, a nice day. >> i woke up this morning and couldn't believe the sun was shining. >> beautiful. >> feels like it's been a long time. runners took advantage of the sunny skies out there on kelly drive, doing their exercise outdoors, no need for the gym. sheena, unfortunately, the sun not going to stick around forever. >> you know, it's really not. it'll come back. at least for much of your weekend, not the entire weekend.
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we have storms in the forecast. for now, yes, warm temperatures, finally, the sun, what everyone is talking about today. a live look out philadelphia, thin clouds, hazy sun in the city at the moment. also with the neighborhood weatherings don't forget seven day at the bottom of the screen for you, so you always are able to see your weekend forecast. in philadelphia right now, though, 74 degrees, 16 miles per hour, a west wind, a warm wind direction, and that's why we're so warm across the area right now. look at south jersey, though, we have some pretty warm temperatures through parts of south jersey when you get away from the shore. so look 78 degrees, clayton 75, further north, sun and warmer temperatures, 80 medford, and now we look at parts of mercer county, 81 degrees. 79 in hopewell township, and 79 in florence. we are dry. the area of rain to the west, that's not going to make it here, but further off to the
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west, this section we watch for tomorrow, so coming up, the timing on thunderstorms for your friday and for part of your weekends. >> all right. thanks for that. right now at 5:00, new developments on a controversial police shooting in wilmington. this video shows officers confronting the shooting victim who was in a wheelchair. late this afternoon, the state announced no charges are filed against the officers. our bureau reporter, tim furlong, followed the story from the beginning, joining us with more on the decision. >> reporter: i was in skyforce10 back in that september day, and the have been called to the scene for report of a man in a wheelchair firing a gun. the office says they will not charge officers who decided the right move was to shoot and kill him. it was all caught on cell phone video, police telling jeremy to put his hands up when he reached into the waistband. four officers shot and killed him in the wheelchair.
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his family held marches demanding justice, arguing he was not armed when killed. a police investigation said he had a revolver and evidence he fired it. the family filed a federal lawsuit against the city and police department, but today, the attorney general announced they will not seek criminal charges against the officers, and they wanted to understand the handling of the situation, but decided against it, when advised he would not be convicted. while not prosecuted, they believe the police department's continuing of force policy is ineffective and believe he performed poor police work and should not have a position in which he carry a firearm. as we are live, a lot of statements around right now and calls made. bear with me. i have asked the attorney general's office to go on camera about this matter. they will not do it. i'm, and i reached out to jeremy's family and threw a statement, they said they call for peace and believe the officers should have been charge and could have used nonlethal
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tactics. the mayor, just put out a statement a short while ago saying he agrees with the general that the officer should not be charged, but disagrees completely about the ineffectiveness of the police department's policy. before going on air, there was a call from his sister, she says come on over to the house, we'll talk to you. stay with us. we'll see what she has to say. stay with nbc 10. live outside wilmington police headquarters. >> covering the bases, looking forward to seeing you later, tim. meanwhile, exposing theft of the american dream. potential citizens victimized by people claiming to help. how it can all hinge on a single word. that's coming up all new at 5:00. plus, a burkes' county judge on the other side of the law, accused of ripping off tax plpas and firefighters. what did he allegedly do with the money? why investigators say it's anyone's guess. later, secrets to a long
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life from a 100-year-old hospital volunteer who swears by a particular kind of beer. that's right. beer. that's ahead at 5:00.
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a local judge is accused of stealing more than $100,000 from his own county, and investigators say he doesn't know what happened to it. today, the judge, timothy, was
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charged with saling more than $15,000 from the office and $95,000 from the fire department. he served as the department's treasurerer. they say he couldn't explain what he did with the money. according to the report, he said that he wished he could tell the agents that something, quote, exciting happened with the money like drugs or prostitutes, however, he stated it was just life. he was to surrender this morning, but he was taken to the hospital with an unknown condition. decision 2016 coverage now, paul ryan says he's very encouraged after his meeting with trump despite all of their differences. trump waved, gave a thumb's up arriving at the rnc headquarters. speaker ryan stopped short of endorsing the gop nominee after the tack, but he says he's totally committed to working with trump to unify the
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republican party. >> i do believe we are nowing the seeds to get ourselves unified to bridge gaps and difference, and from here, we go deeper into the policy. >> reporter: ryan said trump expressed interest having him remain chairman of the republican national convention in cleveland. today, governor chris christie visited the new building that will house thomas ed ed edison's state university nursing school. they received a bond and demolished a vacant building to construct a new one. governor kristie says investments like this help trenton. >> the symbols of thomas edison state college right here, right on the main street where our state capitol is, transforming not only the landscape, but the lives of the people who enter into this building. >> and that nursing building is almost complete. it's set to open later this year. people looking for jobs
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flooded temple university this morning. the tenth annual neighborhood job fair held there today, one of the largest and longest running job fairs in the city, draws adults professionals, grads, and veterans looking for work. the mayor was there to support the program. now your first alert weather. well, it is warm out and sun is out, which people have been wanting to see for quite a while now. we are looking at partly cloudy skies, mostly cloudy in some areas, but the clouds are thin, and you're seeing the filtered sun. temperatures warm. 74 in philadelphia, and in the suburbs north and west, lehigh valley with warm spots, too. look at the neighborhood temperature. leesport at 78 degrees. 74 reading, and cookstown 74 degree, and allentown 77.
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and 78 degrees is the reading right now in bethlehem. so it is still very warm outside if you want to take advantage of it. also with your new neighborhood weather, your zen-day forecast on your screen. center city, looking at liberty one and two from the comcast center in philadelphia. we see hazy sun, thin clouds there, but we have rain on the way. it's not going to move in tonight. tonight, we're dry, further west, zooming out here, showers and storms to the west, and now this is going to be moving in as we go into tomorrow, so all this rain that you see off to the west is eventually going to organize and move through. we could see a couple lines of thunderstorms moving through throughout the afternoon hours. this is what future weather shows. tonight, fairly dry for the morning commute tomorrow morning, though, depending where you live, especially west of philadelphia, you could be seeing early morning showers, 9:30 in the morning, thunderstorms in the middle of
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the day, 1:00 p.m. friday, red shows where the heavy rain is, thunderstorms from wilmington through philadelphia up to trenton up the i-95 section, we could see organized storms develops there. by 5:00 p.m., a lot is winding down, but if you're in nurmgew jersey and delaware you'll see end of the rain for friday night plans. friday evening, in the clear, should be dry tomorrow night. waking up saturday, so your weekend starts off good, and then look what happens saturday afternoon, another round of storms moving in. that's 3:30 in the afternoon and expect that to last throughout the afternoon saturday. some storms are strong. tomorrow, though, looking at storms around for bethlehem, 68 degrees, reading, 70 tomorrow, and warm with the temperatures, but you'll need umbrellas, in the philadelphia area, 72, fairmount, 72, and, by the way, the dad vail regatta starts
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tomorrow too. thunderstorms likely for the philadelphia area in the middle of the day. we could see rain lingering by 5:00 p.m. and saturday, the first half of the day looking good, but it's the afternoon you have to watch for on saturday with more thunderstorms moving in. tomorrow, new jersey, 70 degrees. along the shore tomorrow, 65 avlon, showers and storms moving through, 68 degrees in galloway township. delaware 70 degrees, and the weekend doesn't look too bad especially into sunday except for the second half of saturday. that's when we expect those storms around. some of the storm , again, strong, watching them closely. temperatures in the 70s. sunday will be drying out, sunny to end out the weekend, it will be windy too, and temperatures a little cooler just about the low zig 60s and 50s.
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next week's forecast coming up with the ten-day. >> thank you. when he says he's fought for his fellow americans, he means it. coming up, introducing you to the iraq war veteran shot by a sniper and how he's trying to help other local veterans struggling after the war. can't find that emoji that remits you? google wants to change that when it comes to. we'll explain after the break. [ soft music ]
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you're honoring and congratulating jay wright and the villanova university men basketball team on winning the 2016 ncaa men's national basketball championship. applause here. [ applause ] >> that's right, applause here. more than a month after their historic march to victory, honors keep oncoming for the wildcats. they presented the coach and cats with a resolution congratulating them on the national championship and, rosemary, who could forget it? i had the honor of being court side to capture that shot vaulting nova to victory, taking 4 seconds to go from
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professional to fan boy. four days later, look at this. we know these images, philadelphia threw a parade with the champs marching to city hall. unforgettable stuff right there. >> and good to see them being honored within city council. sure one of the few moments where there's not a lot of controversy, not a lot of debate. >> exactly. transitioning to more good news. the fire company in chester county has a new chief. >> the person wearing the badge is making history. last night, members elected andrea testa to the job, she's the first female fire chief to be elected in the county's history. 25 years experience serving the last ten years as paoli's assistant fire chief. google thinks professional women are not represented in emoji form, and the tech giant wants to change that. this includes a student, a doctor, and a teacher. a group of google employees had
5:27 pm
submitted eted emojis with the to highlight diversity of women's careers and to empower girls. >> tonight, they just want a piece of the american dream. >> has the american justice system let down? the nbc 10 investigators confront a man accused of preying on people trying to become citizens. asking why he's still in business. >> and caught on video, bullets fly outside a philadelphia grocery store. what customers saw from inside all new at 5:00.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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of the united states of america. now at 5:00, the nbc 10 investigators expose a theft of the american dream. >> also that false hope. it's people that exploit people's hopes. >> would-be citizens victimized by the people who are supposed to help, and as our cameras roll, we asked what's covered up? >> you never saw the words? >> no, i didn't ever. >> immigration fraud in the region is getting worse. >> that's rights. just, the pennsylvania attorney general file documents related to a case in allentown, and nbc 10 investigator reporter, george spencer, looking into cases around the area, finding a judge's ruling is not always
5:31 pm
enough. >> reporter: preparing his family's friday night dinner, his chores are similar to those of many american fathers. for him, becoming an american citizen has been a decade-long goal. >> everything here, every year, tax, like i said, i got a house, i got everything. >> reporter: that dream has been damaged by the very person who claimed to be helping. this is a lot of money. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: for $9500 plus fees, he believed this man, app dra solomon, would file his immigration papers. he says solomon claimed to be a lawyer and promised to work closely to immigration and bring the necessary satisfaction. now two years later, solomon admitted to us he never even submitted the application. >> i did not. >> reporter: you did not? >> i didn't. >> he paid you more than $9,000. >> of course, yes. >> reporter: advocates say fraud
5:32 pm
spikes when the topic of immigration is in the news. the pennsylvania attorney general's office has worked 39 such complaints. the majority from our. there's no way to fully measure how much of the fraud occurs because so many victims never tell law enforcement. attorney vanessa stein says new victims arrive in her office every week. >> preying on people's fear and preying on people's hopes and dreams. >> reporter: sometimes the fraud is based onned heritage. other times like this case, it hinges on a single word. notario. that word signifies a specialized attorney and many spanish speaking countries, but in the u.s., it's a notary public with no authority to practice law. >> it is a very misleading name. >> reporter: michael, a philadelphia district director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services, tells us they may promise to fast track applications or offer legal
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services they are not qualified to provide. often, it damages an imgrant's chance at citizenship permanently. >> it's targeting people who are really not aware of what benefits they are eligible for, and potentially have a lot to lose. >> and potentially have a lot to lose, absolutely. >> reporter: the nbc 10 investigators discovered after the accused go to court, they do not always follow the rules. in february of last year after findi ining libel for $15 millin damages, he was not to advertise or offer imservices, and yet when we visited the offices last month, we found those words painted on the words of the waiting room. when we asked about it, he climbed up on a stool and began covering up the painted writing with paper as the cameras rolled. >> why were the words up there?
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>> i look at them if i was promotion going on. i didn't see this one. >> you didn't see that? >> i did not see it up there. >> you walk through here every day. >> when i walk every day, i walk through doesn't -- i knew the board was done already. >> reporter: showing us other spots where the words were hidden from view and insists he never told anyone he's an attorney or called himself a notorio. now submitting applications would have exposed him to depor pa ation, a tis traction from his own wrong doing. >> immigration does not work like this. >> you knew that. >> yes. >> he said the loss of $10,000 is overshadowed by his loss of confidence in the american system. solom solomon's business remains open. >> what happens with this guy? what happened to consequences? he did something huge in our life and nothing happened.
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>> reporter: the judge ordered him to pay $28,000 in restitution and damages. solomon made only his second payment just the day after we started asking him questions, but he still paid less than 10% of the total he owes. keith apple rosemary? >> we see notorio, that you described, and immigration signs in parts of the area. what can people look for? >> those terms, themselves, not necessarily a problem. the thing that people really want to pay attention to and where the problem arises, if someone passes themself off as an attorney without actually being an attorney, so if you're in the situation, you need immigration services, the thing that's critical is to make sure that you're dealing with a licensed attorney first and foremost. >> see where they are licensed, which state? >> exactly. >> thank you, george. >> if you have a tip for the investigators, something you want to reach out to them for, the address, the e-mail address,
5:36 pm >> turning to this now, right now at 5:00, police looking for two men seen shooting at several people outside a north philadelphia grocery store. look for yourself. police say one man jumped in front of a van and fired at people tuesday afternoon and the driver jumped out of the moving van and also started shooting. both got in the vehicle and took off. somehow, no one was hurt. right now at 5:00, a newark man is charged with raping two children while he worked as a ka karate instructor, and police think there's more victims out there. rapes happened while villa taught karate as recently as march 2011, because of the sensitive nature of the case, investigators are not releasing more than that, and anyone with additional information should call newcastle county police. news from the jersey shore bureau, a much needed boost for atlantic city. the resort surviving casinos saw
5:37 pm
an 8% increase in revenue this april compared to 2015. the casinos brought this $215 million last month. the state's casino control commission says it proves the industry is turning a corner after a tough 2014 when four casinos shut down. ac's financial future is in question. earlier this month, the cash-strapped city narrowly avoided historic default on its debt. the mayor told us ac is running on fumes. city leaders have been at odds with governor christie over a proposed state takeover of the resort's finances. and the river in philadelphia will be a lot busier in just a matter of hours, a live look at boathouse, competitors converge in the morning for the dad vail, the rating starts at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, but the regatta is affecting traffic this afternoon.
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kelly drive shut down completely. the road remains closed between strawberry mansion and fountain green until saturday night at 6:00. >> tomorrow, a philadelphia tradition the dad vail regatta. join us at 4:00 a.m. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, police say this man behind the wheel took his victim for a ride, and how he scammed an elderly woman out of thousands of dollars. how you can protect your family from this same kind of crime. i like volunteering because i meet a lot of people. >> spending 25 years helping others at a local hospital. today, though, it was all about violet. how the staff helped a special volunteer celebrate her 100th birthday.
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national center for missing and exploited children recognized late attorney attorney beau biden today part of the hope awards. the organization says biden paved the way for progress in the prosecution of child predators. changes on the table impacting the way delaware doctors prescribe pain med kags. the department of the state wants to reduce how often painkillers are prescribed. seven days worth of meds would be the limit doctors would be able to prescribe to parties recovering from an injury or procedure. those withic pain would have to sign a treatment agreement and they would have to have drug testing twiet a year. big honor today for nbc 10 as philadelphia city council praises our investigative reportering on heroin epidemic. they passed a resolution thanking us for our work on digital exclusive report "generation addicted," and the
5:42 pm
special investigation explored the tragic world of the heroin epidemic in the philadelphia area and troubles health officials and police have helping those suffering from addiction. nbc 10 reporters spent nearly six months working on this project, and the entire series is available right now on he calls it his alive day, a soldier talks about the moment he nearly lost his life in iraq. what's being done to help countless veterans dealing with the trauma of war next at 5:00. and i'm tracking thunderstorms for your friday and for part of your weekend. the timing and what day looks better to get outside coming up. a popular attraction at the jersey shore. flooded again. what triggered serious issues inside this visitor's center new at 6:00.
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the annual law enforcement memorial run step off with this ceremony at the navy yard in south philly this morning, and then it was time to pound the paisment. runners make a 150 mile journey to the nation's capital as a tribute to officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. they finish saturday at the national law enforcement memorial in d.c. they caught suspected murders, others performed cpr and save the lives. today, montgomery county police officers and good samaritans were recognized for a job well done. the district attorney presented awards to 29 officers and civilians for outstanding service. he was shot in the neck in
5:46 pm
ten years ago today. now a delaware man is running for congress to help his fellow vette raps. standing alongside marines who saved his life after a sniper shot him in fallujah, he says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and believes vets and families do not get the help and support. he says if elected, he'll fight to change that and wants to see the number of military suicides go down and wants healthcare providers to cover more services for veterans. he's running to fill ccongressm carney's seat who is running for governor in delaware. police say men entered a 78-year-old woman's home last month and told her she needed a roof replacement that cost $2,000. this is surveillance video. she drove the victim to the bank and withdrew the money, and when
5:47 pm
they asked for it back, they took off with it in the white ford pickup truck. this is so it doesn't happen to u why or your loved one. the better business bureau says only deal with licensed and ensured contractors. do not deal with a crew who asks you to pay for the job up front, don't pay in cash. be skeptical of any company that uses door-to-door sales. sesz to taccess to the inte essential for us, but the cost can cause a digital divide, especially for low income seniors. comcast launched a program for seniors in providing seniors who qualify with high speed internet at a low rate. there's training available so that they can become more familiar and comfortable with it. coming up next at 5:00, we're going to talk about a 100-year-old hospital volunteer who swears by a particular kind of beer. her story ahead at 5:00.
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more sun today, warmer temperatures today, so, hopefully, you end joyed it. delaware, 72 degrees, 77 in the
5:51 pm
lehigh valley. we have warm spots, 74 in pennsylvania sbuburbs. pennsylvania in the mid-70s right now. some spots in the 80. parkside 79 degrees. 79 in winchester park. bustleton at 78 degrees, and so it is certainly a warm day, and if you look at the cameras here in delaware, lehigh valley, new jersey, and the shore, pennsylvania suburbs, we have at least some sunshine to work with, which is another reason why we are warm today. locally, we're not seeing any rain around, however, we do have the rain just off to the west, and showers and thunderstorms through the central part of the country, that's what we watch as we go into tomorrow. this is all moving in our direction, mostly through much of the midwest currently. we go into friday, and it's going to look a little more like this. showers and thunderstorms for your friday, and we have the rain in the forecast tomorrow, and make sure you have the
5:52 pm
umbrella. future weather, by the middle of the day tomorrow, especially r that's when we see the thunderstorms kind of start to flair up. from wilmington to philadelphia, points north and west dealing with showers and thunderstorms, and then we go into the evening commute, and this shifts into new jersey and delaware. by 5:00 p.m., showers and storms still mostly east of philadelphia at that point, then clearing out just in time for your friday night. that's 9:00 p.m. friday and we are really a lot drying than we will be in the. looks good for friday night plans. we go into saturday, and we have another round of thunderstorms moving in, mostly later in the day, afternoon, and evening. by sunday, though, that's going to be the better day of the weekend to get outside. sunny, comer, windy. here's saturday, 7:30 in the morning, in the clear. by the middle of the day, still pretty much in the clear, but the rain is off to the west. there's a chance we could see strong storms saturday at noon, that's 5:00 p.m., and showers and thunderstorms moving through, and some of those carry into saturday evening.
5:53 pm
sunday looks better, though, there's r here's a look at the weekend forecast for philadelphia tomorrow. 72 degrees, thunderstorms, suburbs, new jersey, the shore, and in delaware, temperatures mostly around 70 degrees, but thunderstorms. we go into saturday, and we're still warm, mid to low 70s with afternoon thunderstorms, sunday, though, looks better. temperatures around zigt degrees, sunny and dry, but cooler and windy as we go into sunday. now your ten-day outlook, a look at that, and we start in the sixtys, dry for monday. tuesday, rain moves back into the forecast, rain chances for wednesday, and look to the following weekend, looking to the following saturday, and so far it looks like it's on the warm side, possibly near 80 degrees. don't forget with the forecast scrolling right at the bottom of the screen for you.
5:54 pm
now, next week is a big deal for us, helping local children learn about weather in a fun way. the nbc 10 first alert weather team shows thousands of students about weather. this is video from last year. glen poured liquid nitrogen, we wildfire nervous, but we'll do it this year, and kids like it. you see them waving towels there, we'll do this next wednesday, and we'll be there, and we'll show the kids experiments, teach about weather and weather relates to baseball, and it's very big deal. wind, wind direction, and as far as humidity and dry air, warmer temperatures, and this year, we expect thousands of more children in the stands and they get to stay to watch the game. >> perfect. >> yeah. >> last year, you had great
5:55 pm
weather. >> cross our fingers it's a good forecast. >> as of now, we are excited about it. >> thanks. >> thank you. neither rain nor snow stops the mailman. that's the saying, right? apparently, it does not stop one determined volunteer. >> committed, walking every day to volunteer at the lehigh valley hospital, and this week, get this, she turns 100. >> you can't tell, though, when you look at her. >> there's the special birthday surprise. >> inside the volunteer wing of lehigh valley hospital, she delivers flowers to parties and their families, at it for 25 years. >> if i deliver mail, if i deliver whatever, i like volunteering because i meet a lot of people. >> my best friends. >> most of the time, she's
5:56 pm
entertaining sick children, but after decades, she does have strange stories to tell. >> i remember a patient that chased me. he says, get out of here. >> reporter: sometimes they do that. >> i remember him. >> reporter: if you have not gathered by now, she's quite the character. she credits her longevity to a few things. first, take it easy on the red meat. >> eat anything you want. don't over eat. >> reporter: second, don't be afraid to drink. coworkers surprised her with a six pack of her favorite beer. >> someone gave this to you for your birthday. >> i love, i love. >> reporter: 100s old, you expect her to take it easy, but she plans to volunteer until she can't get out of bed, and this weekend, she'll celebrate hermon knewmental birthday with her feet up, no plans. >> i have none. i have to call my children and ask us what we're doing. >> what do you want to do? >> stay home. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in allentown, randy
5:57 pm
gyllenhaal, nb 10 news. >> she has that pack now too. >> america's oldest brew for a woman 100 years younger, right? >> she's an inspiratioinspirati energy and passion. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> she's great. next at 6:00. >> a popular spot at the jersey shore, and now people deal with a flooded mess. all new at 6:00, deja vu frustrafor the attraction. a year later, looking into safety measures put in place since the deadly amtrak crash.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, reliving the horror. >> i remember him saying, this guy's got to go now, the whole back of his head's coming off. amtrak train 188 exactly a year ago, rail cars hurled off the tracks, passengers rescued from twist eed metal and debris. >> couldn't move or get away. i yelled for help. >> hard, too, for first responders. >> no matter what happens, no matter how bad, you can rise to the occasion. >> reporter: tonight, the nbc 10 investigators look into the question, is it safer to ride amtrak now one year later? >> good evening. this was the scene on may 12
6:00 pm
last year in port richmond. the amtrak train 188 derailed, eight died, more than 200 passengers injured. robert was sitting in the first car, and he was in a coma for weeks. today, he reflected on the frightful night as he continues to deal with pain every single day. >> almost my entire rib cage was shattered. it did heal properly. it's not where it's supposed to be. i have significantly less volume for my lungs to expand. >> he's among dozens of passengers suing amtrak. hewitt plans to meet up with the first responders who carried him out. he's expected to meet them tonight at the memorial. the crowd is expected to take their seats in the next 30 minutes for a tribute and candle light vigil near the scene of the crash. victims and first responders to attend the memorial. we'll have that


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