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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 is hearing this fire has already burned nearly 500 acres of land near the garden state parkway. the fire service says they've deployed 15 fire engines so far to fight these huge flames. the fire is 50% contained. if you at that point the nbc 10 app we'll be working to keep you updated on the progress throughout the night. the amtrack derailment one year later. tonight a candlelight vigil at the site where 18 people lost their lives. 200 people were injured when that train went off the tracks and we're days away from learning what caused the crash. >> brendon, emotions are still so raw. >> reporter: some of those people these emotions are still
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very raw and they remember that day vividly. they remember rushing to help those people when that train crashed on the other side of this fence. although it's been a year the memory of that train crash keeps replaying over and over every day. >> it's hard to father yom it's been a year. to some of you i'm sure it's been a lifetime. >> reporter: in the shadow of where the train derailed and crashed on its way to new york one year ago today, dozens of people joined together to mark an unforgettable anniversary. today this day this woman says she gets chills every time she hears a train. >> i plant flowers and i hear a train horn and i stop and pray. >> reporter: parents and city leaders placed wreaths to remember the eight people who died including this young woman. her dad spoke about the report which is expected to reveal why the train crashed. >> i hope it's a thorough
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examination of all of the issues, not the issue of the conductor. >> reporter: as the sun set natural light gave way to candlelight. this ceremony was also a time to recognize police, firefighters, red cross volunteers and dispatchers who still carry these memories. >> it's still rough because it's been with me since. >> it's critical this this community be acknowledged for what they did. it's an amazing show of faith and humanity. >> reporter: when asked about today's events her dad said it helps ease the pain of losing his daughter for a moment. he would like to see more of these events happen. the people here said they plan to do one next year. live in port richmond nbc 10 news. >> as you know, the images from that night are still unforgettable. look at the damage to that first car. it's hard to believe anyone could survive, but robert hewitt
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did. >> he was injured in the crash so he spent several weeks in a coma. doctors initially told his family they weren't sure he would make it. first responders rushed him to the hospital the night of the crash. this image shows him being carried on a stretcher. he spoke today and he said he remembers his body hitting another man just before the cars came to a rest. >> i wonder did he live or die, did me hitting him kill him, hurt him? was he dead when he hit me? i don't know, but it bothers me. >> hewitt is among dozens of passengers now suing amtrack. a lot has changed in the past year. on the left port richmond one year ago and on the right that same stretch of track tonight.
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the incident had a lasting impact on rail road safety. they have installed positive train control on all of rails. the train safety system automatically slows a speeding train and can help avoid a collision, yet in april a train crashed into this backhoe killing two maintenance workers and that raised questions about how effective the technology actually is. >> they're on the northeast corridor. we know that amtrack is using it and when we know when used correctly and when used the right way we can prevent accidents like this. >> they are also using the technology. officials with the rail authority say they have installed ptc on one line and they're on schedule to have it on every line by the end of july. the nbc 10 app has a closer look at the crash one year later. you'll find details on the crash
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investigation and survivor stories from the victims and first responders. a look at some people taking in the sights and smells of the night market. it looks like everyone enjoyed today's beautiful weather. change is in the air. we are tracking storms that are moving in and meteorologist is here with your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> hopefully you were able to enjoy today. tomorrow is still going to be warm, but we're watching this area right off to our west moving through ohio, all those showers and storms are approaching slowlily so they're really not going to be here until tomorrow mostly in the afternoon. here's a look at your planner tomorrow for the philadelphia area. 7:00 a.m. mid of 60s so we'll be mild in the morning. we'll see showers and storms by lunch time and more in the afternoon. by 4:00 p.m. 69 degrees. if your in the pennsylvania
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suburbs mostly by noon you'll see showers and storms moving in. lingering rain in the afternoon. early in the morning you could see showers and lunch time rain with thunderstorms possible by the afternoon you'll start to see it taper off by 4:00 p.m. if you're in new jersey or delaware the morning hours should be mild and in the afternoon we expect the thunderstorms. if you're along the shoor you're going to see those. coming up we'll look at more rain as we go into your week and we'll show you which part of your time off you can expect that. we're following some breaking news out of north philadelphia where police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. authorities say a man in his 20s was shot in the head just steps from a church. it happened about an hour ago on summerset street near park avenue. no suspects are in custody at this time. this video of a fire in delaware county. the flame started at this storage facility around 7:00.
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firefighters battling heavy smoke and flames. no one was hurt and we don't know the cause of this fire. new at 11:00 the white house says transgender students must be able to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. the obama administration is sending that message to public school districts. this is no the a new legal requirement, but the white house calls it clarification. right now the federal government is in a legal battle with north carolina over the state's law on bathrooms for transgender people. a teenager accused of murdering a 13-year-old boy earlier this year will be tried as an adult. she had her case waved from juvenile court to adult court today. she's charged with gunning down a boy on january 7th. he died at the hospital. she is also facing attempted murder charges for a separate shooting back in october of
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2015. the driver of an suv is recovering after crashing head on into a trolly. we were over this mangled mess at 9th street in north philadelphia. emergency crews worked to rescue that driver. cell phone video of the crews pulling the victim to safety. a passenger we spoke to says the driver was trying to pass in front of trolly to make a turn on to 9th street. >> it was really kind of horrified to see the mayhem up front. the car was crushed. and knowing that someone was in there was pretty scarey. >> two people on the trolly were also hurt. police are investigating the crash. only on nbc 10 tonight we have the story of a 15-year-old accused of leading police on a dangerous car chase. here's the video of that ride. police spotted this white suv blowing through red lights and stop signs and they say the
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driver and two other teens stole the car. police tracked it down minutes after the owner called 911. the passengers jumped out of the car. they made a run for it down the sidewalk. police only caught up with the 15-year-old driver. no charges for four wilmington police officers who shot and killed a man in a wheelchair last year. this is cell phone video taken prior to the shooting. police repeatedly telling the man to put his hands up. he was armed with a gun and when he reached into his waistband four officers shot and killed him. today the attorney general announced they will not seek criminal charges against the officers. his family is at a loss for words. >> the evidence is right there clear in the video. so he didn't pose a threat. he didn't have a gun so why did you murder my brother. >> the family is suing the city. the mayor's office sent out a statement agreeing the officers
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should not be charged. melissa rivers has settled a lawsuit against the doctors who operated on her mother, joan rivers. she says the settlement will ensure those to blame for her mother's death have accepted responsibility for their actions. the terms are confidential. joan joan rivers died in 2014 at the age of 81. the medical examiner found she died of brain damage. in decision 2016 donald trump goes to washington today. the republican nominee met with amanpour. trump h paul ryan. trump says he's committed to working with trump to unify the party. >> i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified to bridge the gaps and so from here we're going deeper in the policy areas
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to see where that common ground is and how we can make sure we're operating off the same core principals. >> ryan also said trump did express interest in having him remain chairman of the republican national convention in cleveland. turning to the democrats and the push for new jersey, tomorrow former president bill clinton will campaign at the college of new jersey yesterday hillary clinton was in camden county. third-party interest has spiked during the election. the libertarian party will elect the presidential nominee later this month. celebrating isreal's 68th birthday where they marked isreal's independence day. soldiers were honored. they celebrated with music, food
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and wine. it looks like a scene from an action movie. real life heros pull a man from a burning car, the dramatic rescue that unfolded on camera. george zimmerman igniting another controversy auctioning the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. the football fundamentals are changing. news of a big difference in the rules for young players and why some people hope it will make the sport safer. grab the umbrella for tomorrow. showers and storms proefapproac for your friday as we go into the weekend. i'll show you the timing on it coming up.
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a real life rescue caught on camera. two men were pulled from this
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burning vehicle after the driver crashed the car into a wall. this was in california. deputies had to break the windows and drag a man out of the car. the driver was taken to the hospital and was in serious but stable condition. no word on what caused the crash. george zimmerman is in another controversy tonight. he's auctioning the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. >> martin's family is outraged tonight. >> reporter: trayvon benjamin martin. he is playing the role in the ballot of trayvon martin. the actor was only 12 when he was shot and killed. >> i see how it's a problem that happens every day with african-american kids and it needs to stop. >> reporter: playing opposite him is christopher who is
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playing george zimmerman. >> today would be the day that we go as the same night. >> reporter: one website pulled down the auction but it reappeared elsewhere. this play's creator says it's disgusting. >> to be able to in a way profit from a child's death. >> reporter: the post calls the gun a piece of american history. he in a way agrees, but it says it should be in a museum, not sold for profit. >> it's a caution area tale. >> it's like a net. it's a mess. >> reporter: the show runs through may 22nd. they're planning work shops and discussions on this topic. in north philadelphia nbc 10
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news. >> other artists had the stage today in philadelphia. >> the philadelphia school district kicked off the exhibition. it showcases art from 150 schools. this is the 50th of its kind. it lasts until october 14th. the street newspaper and charity program called one step away knocked out the homeless event tonight. proceeds went to the charity. it gives people the chance to overcome difficult circumstances including poverty and homelessness. look at a weather. today was gorgeous. >> absolutely. we loved the sun. it was back, but not for long. not for long especially uone you see tomorrow afternoon. we have showers and thunderstorms moving in. we are dry and what we're keeping our eye on it's back off
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to our west. showers and storms heading in your direction so tomorrow afternoon have the umbrella. with your new neighborhood weather don't forget your seven day forecast always there at the bottom of the screen for you. tomorrow showers and thunderstorms. look at the morning we could have some showers around, but here's 12:30. west of philadelphia we should start to see some showers and storms and moving into the philadelphia by early afternoon, now we're looking at 2:30 we expect some brief heavy rain and lightening. 4:30 now the storms have moved into new jersey and delaware and the good news we expect clearing in time for friday evening. have the umbrella tomorrow. by saturday we have more showers moving in but sunday not looking too bad. for tomorrow temperatures will be warm. similar to today, but there you see the afternoon showers and
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storms. lee high valley 70, 69 degrees in newtown. fa fa fairmount 72. by 5:00 p.m. we could see some thunderstorms in the philadelphia area. sunday looks really -- saturday looks good in the morning hours. 7:00 a.m. to noon, but then it's saturday afternoon that we're going to be watching because we do expect another round of storms by saturday afternoon. i'll show you the timing in a second. for new jersey tomorrow 71 degrees, trenton 70 with showers and storms in the afternoon and along the shore 68 for galaway township. dover 70 for a high in wilmington. now we're looking at saturday. clear in the morning. that's 8:30. watch that line of storms move in. by 5:00 p.m. we expect a steady
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line of storms through the philadelphia area and by 9:00 p.m. a lot of those start to move out. here's a look at the entire area. saturday the afternoon storms for everybody temperatures right around the mid to low 70s. mid 60s along the shore. sunday we have big improvements. it will be windy so at least you get one good day out of the weekend. warner is getting ready of kick yofrs. the new rule goes in effect this fall. it's a move to reduce the amount of full speed head on impact plays in games. it's the first organization to eliminate those kickoffs. the police athletic league held its annual award dinner tonight. the awards dinner is the organization's top fundraising event. we'll be right back with sports.
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> . i'm john clark. the phillies are coming home and they win another series tonight in atlanta. fr freddie gal vis providing some shots. it has the phils dancing. the phillies blow a 4-0 lead. we're going extra innings. in the tenth hara leading off. hes ha the second best on base percentage on baseball. he's fired up about it up about it. this is going to be bring in three runs.
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the phillies win 7-4. they have won four of five. they are fun to watch. >> we don't ever quit. we had a four run lead and had a scuffle there in the seventh inning and we came back and got them. it was a tough one but i'm glad we stuck it out. the eagles begin rookie camp tomorrow. wentz has a $17 million signing bonus. he tweeted so blessed. finally get to compete tomorrow. he will speak tomorrow at 12:30. roseman says he's happy to have his starting quarterback back. >> we have him back on the field. for him we said all along he was was our starter and when he came back we were excited. this period is voluntary and
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seeing these guys it's an exciting time of year. >> the sixers are in chicago, but the drafts top two prospects are not working out. josh heart is but he's not decided whether he'll stay or go into the draft. >> i can go back next year and not be in the same position i am now so it's something to think about. >> the sixers will work out am bra. this is a showing for him in chicago hoping to turn some heads. >> try to show my talent and ended defensively but i'm trying to make two more shots so people can see that i can shoot and my jump shot is not broke. >> we're talking about shoes. rebok making special sneakers inspired by the press conference. some of the quotes are printed
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inside shoes. talk about shoes now and we're talking about a break. we're right back.
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you might thinking turning 100 years old would slow up down. not this woman. she volunteers at the hospital every week and she walks there no matter the weather. her coworkers surprised her with some birthday treats today, including a six pack of beer. she says she has no plans for her actual birthday. >> i have none. i'll have to call my children and ask what we're doing. >> what do you want to do? >> stay home. >> she deserves a break and kicking her feet up doesn't she. when it comes to voluntarily volunteering she says she will
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do it until she cannot get out of bed. >> she does not look 100. >> she's so pleasant. >> enjoy it. >> happy birthday. good night.
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