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tv   Today  NBC  May 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ i thank god every day that i woke up feeling this way ♪ >> try day friday. kathie lee is off. can we go back to that video one more time? ♪ if i was you i'd wanna be me too ♪ >> that is meghan trainor, grammy winner. i thought she was going to be hosting with me. i know she was just quickly getting dressed. but i heard a rumor that she might be -- oh, wait.
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oh! >> hello! what's up, girl? hey! >> you got your onesie on! >> where's your onesie? >> i'm going to get mine. >> this is ridiculous. >> put that down, miss co-host. >> i'm ready for that. >> hi! >> hi! >> this is meghan trainor, as you guys know. she has a new cd out that just dropped. >> today. >> today. >> happy release day. >> i have to tell you one thing about this crazy cd. it's called "thank you." i downloaded it this morning at 5:00. >> you did? >> i got on the stair master not knowing what songs were on there, except one. i put my headphones in. by the time i was done with my workout, i was singing the words to so many of your songs. >> really? >> this is such a great cd, you guys. you're going to love every song. >> thank you. >> remember "no"? >> i remember your clip. of you teaching people are. >> let's watch it. >> oh, we don't have it. look it up on youtube!
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>> it's a really great one. >> i love it. >> this song "me too" is such a blast. ♪ if i was you i'd wanna be me too ♪ >> same writer and producer as "no." >> i'd wanna be me, too. >> there it is. >> i like this part. >> you are such a crazy good songwriter. >> thank you. >> hi! >> hi! >> okay, you guys know meghan from "all about that bass." but what you don't know about meghan is way before, you were writing songs. you've been writing since you were how old? >> 11. a baby. i was young. i thought all the pop stars were doing it. i was like, if i'm going to be a pop star, i've got to start writing now. >> how did you even know how to write? i know that you loved music. >> yeah, i loved music. i remember sitting with my dad discussing formula.
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like verse, pre-chorus, chorus. i knew that structure is important. >> okay. so you yoet sowrote songs. do you remember the first song you wrote as a kid? >> yeah. my aunty and my uncle, i hope they're writing. lisa and tony back in nantucket. i was excited they were getting married. lisa was like my idol, my life. i loved her so much. i still do. i wrote them a wedding song. it was like heart and soul on the piano. that's all i knew how to play. i was like, walking down the aisle, my auntie and him. >> how does it go? walking down the aisle, my au auntie and him. >> and my first recorded song was at 13, "give me a chance." that was to my brother's best friend. i loved him. and i was just like, give me a chance, i'm young. >> yeah, it was my first crush. >> cute. you know what's fun? you wrote for "rascal flatts." >> i did.
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>> there's a song called "i like the sound of that." >> went number one. >> can we crank this? >> you know dame and shea? i wrote it with shea. i was 18 years old. and jesse frazier in nashville. >> okay, tell me this, meghan. first time you turn up the radio and you hear rascal flatts singing the songs that you wrote? >> i balled my eyes out. i cried so hard. i went to the a&r. i just crossed the street with my publisher. and we went to their publisher's office and she played us the songs. and i just broke down in the chair. i was like, i've got to cry. i'm sorry. >> do people always ask you, do they say meghan, will you write a song for me? >> i get that a lot. jennifer lopez is like, write with me! i'm like, okay. >> okay, tell me about that. because i love that j-lo song, "ain't your mama." >> this is a gem. i love this song so much. when it didn't make my album, i
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was so sad, because i was like, i know many my heart, this is a smash. and i need it to be heard. the day i recorded my "no" music video, i texted it to her. she's been asking me for songs so long. i said hey, would you like this? she's like, i love this. when can i cut it. i was like, right away. >> now they're saying it's a huge hit. do you ever have buyer's remorse? when you give away a gold one like that? >> no. and i wondered if i would feel like that. i would ask other song writers. like is it weird giving your stuff away? but this was actually a dream come true. i told her, i have your whole concert, your first concert ever at home on like a videotape and i would watch it every day and be like i want to be a superstar like j-lo. it was a dream. >> i think to most people, you became a superstar when the song "all about that bass" came out. you wrote that, and didn't you offer it to beyonce? >> we offered it everywhere. anyone, will you cut it, please? >> and then what happened?
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how many hits did that song get? >> you mean views? >> like over a billion now? that's it. >> you think about that one song. it launched you. and now look what's going on. you have cards? require found this in my lap. >> how does it feel to be sitting in a hosting chair? a little weird? >> thnah, it's chill. besides the three big fat cameras in my face. >> are you a red wine drinker? >> yeah, this is nice and frosty. i like it. >> so i was a little worried about you when you came in today. >> okay. >> so, fallon last night. >> oh, my god. >> you were on fallon singing that rocking song "me too." which is going to be a huge hit. let's watch what happened. >> get it girl. >> turn the bass up. i was so into it. i was like oh, i just killed that!
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>> oh, my god. >> i was like, i'm just going to lay here. and then he came down. i was like, oh, great. i just told him, i was this close! >> what happened? you got tangled up? >> i was so excited. that was the first time ever performing that. like, live. that was the first time. so when i got to the end, i was like, give it to me! i was like, i killed it! and i turned around too quickly. and you could see my ankles. >> are you all right? you walked in this morning -- >> yeah, i was fine. >> you're all right? >> yeah, a little tender toe, but i'm good. >> by the way, i see your dad -- are they both there? >> yeah, they're always here. they love the "today" show. >> dad and mom are always here. >> d.t.! >> i've got a question. is your dad in your music video, in "me too"? >> and jojo, that girl. >>. jo is in too? >> that's my assistant/best friend of all time.
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>> how sweet is that? they're in the car, and they're riding, and i was looking, and i said i want to be on that car ride with you guys. >> and my brother ryan and my little puppy. we had a few days to figure out this video. and i wrote this treatment because i was like, let's just do a day in the life of me. i put on my onesie, go to work, get some glam done. all the glam people you see in the wardrobe, they're my real team. i was like, they're going to be in my video. >> hold on. i could watch this. >> i put on my onesie, and i'm like, wow, life is great. there's my family. >> everybody in the car. go. >> who's in the back behind jojo? >> that's ryan, my brother. look at him. i made them dance. >> the director, i love her so much. hannah was way in the back seat. and fans caught a clip of her hand in the video at one point. >> she must have been sweating.
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it was so hot. >> by the way, you play how many instruments? seven? >> a bunch. i played ukulele and bongos and piano. >> is that hard to play? >> i could, if you want. sorry, thank you for my beautiful nails. i ripped them off. i'm sorry. oh, good morning, everyone! >> are these press-ones? >> yeah, i have to. because people will be like, play something! you know? there we go. she worked so hard on those nails, now i'm going to tune this. are we going to do this right now? >> yeah. >> not good? >> we just bought it. it just came out of a package. . >> there it is. >> is that it? did you really have to play "all about that bass" to l.a. reid on
10:10 am
a ukulele? >> after the commercial, i will play you a full song. >> you want to wait for a break? >> yeah. i'm going to tune it. >> okay, she's going to tune it. by the way, just so you guys know, when she was pushing "all about that bass", she walked in to see l.a. reid who's a big music producer. walked in with a ukulele. he said play "all about that bass." >> they said audition. i said i only know how to play it on my uke. i was like, hi, i'm meghan trainor, and this is my song. ♪ all about that bass no treble ♪ ♪ i'm all about that bass no treble ♪ ♪ i'm all about that bass about that bass ♪ >> yes! you're unbelievable. weaver going to take a little break. but before we do, let's have a little snack. right under here. reese's has come out with something new. >> cute. >> are you a reese's fan? >> always, yes. >> these are peanut butter cups. >> it's like christmas.
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>> they're peanut butter cups. and in the cup, supposedly there is -- do you want a bite? can you? >> what do you mean, can i? >> what's in there? there little tiny reese's pieces inside. >> so much peanut butter! i can't stand it! >> is that delicious? >> that's pretty great. >> we are going to come back after the break. we're going to dance with meghan. we're going to sing with meghan. we'll be right back. ♪ i feel better when i'm dancing ♪ but the more love it gets... the more odor it gets. introducing new snuggle plus super fresh. the snuggly softness you love plus new odor eliminating technology. it doesn't just mask tough odor, it helps eliminate it, and releases snuggly freshness. keep your favorites fresh.
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towe put them to the test in a towels can subway. any mess, only viva vantage has our stretchable, scrubby texture and cloth-like durability that give it the power to clean more than just spills. if it works here, imagine how well viva will unleash clean in your home. ordinary care if you're like me, you rock out to meghan trainor's songs in the gym, in the car, pretty much anywhere. by the way, i'm wearing a onesie in solidarity with meghan, because in her music video "me too" she wears one. meghan is also a very accomplished songwriter. >> your favorite songs were actually written by other
10:15 am
musicians. so we're going to play a game called surprising song writers. >> we're going to pick a clue out of a fish bowl and hum it.w. >> we're going to pick a clue out of a fish bowl and hum it. are you zina? >> i am. >> and in the middle, we have our friend jo levy. >> here i am. reach into the fish bowl of fun. you will look at the name of the song and pass the card to me. first up, meghan. >> of course. >> don't say it out loud. >> reach in the fish bowl. take one, not two. one at a time. there is the song you will be humming. and i will give you the clue. okay. for all the ladies out there awaiting to feel a certain way, this aretha franklin song was
10:16 am
actually written by carole king and jerry goffin. let her hum it. ♪ >> "you make me feel." >> we have a winner. the song is "natural woman." sung by aretha franklin. i've given you a point. there we go. reach into the fish bowl. into the fish bowl, people. >> here we go. >> one at a time. >> am i supposed to look at it? >> that's your song you'll be singing. there it is. oh, there we go. this is working out already. >> you can't help her! >> i need meghan. >> that's not fair! >> this anthem. this anthem performed by pop star miley cyrus was written by english songwriter -- >> boom!
10:17 am
>> wow. >> if this was a mic, i would drop it. >> don't read the clue. let's try it first without the clue. >> just hum it. >> we're going to try this one without the clue. i am going to tell you it's a beyonce song. >> oh! >> come on, you can do it. >> ready? >> get close. >> oh! >> there we go. >> "to the left." >> that is acceptable. the actual song name is "irreplaceable" written by ne-yo. >> the pressure. >> sure. okay. we're just going to go right with hoda humming. good luck. this song, performed by the
10:18 am
bangles. >> you ready? ♪ >> written by prince. performed by the bangles. and the title is an alliteration. i'll give you a chance to steal. okay, and the answer is "manic monday." >> oh! >> one more. >> oh, yes. this vacation-themed feel-good jam by the beach boys was written by john phillips of the mamas and the papas. everybody hum this one. >> here we go. ♪ >> and the answer is "kokomo." >> oh, she did it!
10:19 am
she got one. >> i'm giving everyone thousands and thousands of points. i'm declaring many winners. signed copies of meghan's cd. there it is. >> that was a great cd. coming up, do guys need to give a woman closure before they break things off? that's a question. are you worried about? we're going to talk to our guys tell-all panel right after this. fortifying the gravity-defying... friend-connecting... day-seizing... strong... you. new special k nourish. multi-grain flakes with quinoa, apples, almonds and raspberries. new special k nourish. fortify. you need to eat this special. ♪ ♪ i love it start your day with crunchy whole-grain flakes... and real strawberries. special k. eat special. feel special.
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♪ newere you surprised when your daughter enlisted? not at all. she's a born leader. i know i've been taking orders from her since she was five years old. so you don't worry about her? of course i worry about her. i fought in the war of 96. i know what those things are capable of. but i know what my daughter is capable of. and i know this planet is safer because she's defending it. meghan treanor is hosting with me. the album is called "thank you." >> thank you. >> we are here with our hunkie man panel, girl. this is something called guys tell all. meghan goes, who are these people? they look important. they're going to answer your
10:23 am
relationship questions. the single father and star of tlc's "seeking", that's john neal. next, we have comedian and actor, the married dad rick younger, who has been seen in "an american drum circle." >> yes, written by my wife. >> that's cute. >> that is cute. >> we have another married dad, kyle mar timartino, who will ho premier league matches on sunday. last but not least, the divorced, but engaged now dad of two, bob ginney. >> dad of what? do i have kids? >> he's a singer, too, by the way. >> yeah. >> he sings. >> we're going to start across the street with a question from our crowd. >> hi, my name is amy. i'm wondering if men prefer makeup or no makeup. >> i actually like a natural look. >> you do? >> i think my wife is most
10:24 am
beautiful when she is, you know, understated. >> it's confidence. >> situational. when you wake up in the morning, you don't want to wake up with a full mask on. but when you're going out for the big party night. >> what becomes weird is when you're both in tv and you have more makeup on than your wife. >> when you go out on a date, do you like to get all dolled up, or do you kind of go in between? >> the last date i was on, it was a day off, so i didn't have glam. i remember asking my girls that were at the hotel. i was like, hey, man, could you do a little bit? but i didn't do all this. i did a light glam. the natural pretty. >> how was the date? >> it was great. >> you don't want it to be so drastic that when she doesn't have on makeup, you don't recognize her. >> we're going to take a quick break. we'll have more. the crowd is waiting to talk to you guys with questions and stuff. >> i-like this. children playing ]
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that's the line we're watching. it's moving towards harrisburg. the first shower has yet to reach philadelphia, but they're moving into upper chester county, berks county, reading seeing a few light raindrops. heavier downpours this afternoon with showers and thunderstorms. temperatures have barely moved. 63 in new jersey. philadelphia at 64. we'll see the numbers climb to near 70 this afternoon. a little cooler at the shore as the storms will be late to move in. winds coming in off the ocean will keep things cooler. 66 degrees. vai. >> thank you. how about a check on the midmorning traffic. >> hi, vai. we're actually only seeing a little delay on the schuylkill expressway. everything else is cleared out of the way. you can see a slow go towards center city, but westbound doing okay as well. we have an accident in bucks county on county line road and gravel hill road. >> thank you. happening now, police are searching for three armed men after a home invasion in northeast philadelphia. the robbers tied up a family,
10:28 am
they took some money early this morning. the winners of saturday's 429 million powerball jackpot will be introduced this afternoon. lottery officials say eight people will share the winnings from the ticket bought at a trinitien store. we'll stream the news conference live on our nbc10 mobile app at 3:00. we'll have a full hour of news coming up at the top of the hour, and you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc10 app. send you back to the "today" show. see you in 30 minutes. pet moments are beautiful,
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it's try day friday. kathie lee is off, so guess who's here. grammy winning superstar meghan tr -- meghan trainor. she's got a new cd that dropped today called "thank you." we are ready for round two of our guys tell-all. how are you liking it so far? >> i'm so into this right now. we have our single dad john neal, our married fathers rick younger and kyle martino. i like that. and a single but soon-to-be married, with eight children, bob ginney. >> oh, gosh. >> he's growing children over the break. >> we're going to go across the street. >> it was a busy commercial break. >> hi, my name is mackenzie. we are recently engaged, getting married in august, and i was wondering, what is a man's
10:31 am
biggest fear about marriage? >> bob? >> how much time do we have for this segment? it not working. that's the biggest fear. >> oh, really? >> well, no, i don't worry about that anymore. >> i think it's also -- it's a big identity crisis. because you are such an individual, and getting married, i think that adaptation to being a partnership is the thing that you're scared about. is that going to change? where do i brush my teeth? >> i think my biggest fear is the fact that my family takes all my favorite food items. i want the biggest piece of chicken. i love pears. i buy eight pears, and i go to eat, there's four pears. i come back, and there's no pears. where did the pears go? >> i just wouldn't want to fail again. >> people will be like hey, i know. >> you just love wives. that's what it is. you love wives. >> is it like, three strikes i'm out or third time's a charm? >> how old are you? >> i'm 22.
10:32 am
but i learned from the best. my dad got married three times. my mom was winner winner. >> so when it works, it works. is it hard dating? >> absolutely. >> it is? what's the toughest part? >> still single. what's up, world? hello, gentlemen. the toughest part, it's just awkward. for me, and i don't know if i want to go out to a specific restaurant because there might be pops. i've had a date where i've had a line of people waiting for a picture. i have to be like, excuse me. i'm like, you like that? because that's the way it is. >> is it hard when people know you? when you're worried up front? >> like they date you because you're famous? >> i will date a fan. he better download my single. but i don't know. >> here's a question christie has, guys. do guys mind when you make fun of them at their expense in front of their fans? >> i mind. >> i'm sensitive.
10:33 am
>> i don't like getting talked about. >> i wouldn't have any friends. >> i think great relationships are the ones that are self-deprecating with each other. when my wife makes fun of me, it's kind of a turn-on. >> what if she said, watch this, watch him try to change a lightbulb. >> whatever my wife says isn't going to be any worse than what my friends say about me. >> i love ripping on me. the thing i loved about my fiancee when i first met her was she tore me to pieces. i was like okay, i can hang with her. >> my wife said on our first date, she told me, you were such a dork and so nervous on our first date. thank god it got better towards the end. but she's not afraid. >> john, what do you think? >> the first dates are the worst because you just show up as a dork. i don't mind being made fun of. >> it's been so many years. >> you've got to have a little bit going back and forth. >> sorry, don't like being talked about. >> there we go.
10:34 am
>> it's also your friends, too. >> just being honest. >> we have time for one more question across the street. >> hi, i'm toni from houston. i have a question for the guys. the ones with the kids, i guess. i want to know why when you guys go out after work, happy hour, whatever, you just go and tell your wife you'll be home later, when the wives want to go, why is it we have to check in to make sure you can babysit? >> oh! >> well, see, that's a different kind of guy than me. because i get up in the morning, take my son to the bus, i meet the bus, i spend several hours with him before my wife gets home from work. so i don't babysit my son. >> you have a different situation. >> i want to know what's happy hour, and what leaving a kid home with the wife is like. >> i haven't done happy hour in a while. but my wife and i actually got in a fight about this the other day. in modern times, the roles shouldn't be stereotypical. so the wife shouldn't be expected to stay home and be the babysitter. but if i'm left at home with
10:35 am
marlow, sometimes my wife comes back and there's milk everywhere and the hair is sticking up. >> this is the new happy hour. when you're married, you got a kid, the kid goes to sleep and y'all pull out the bottles of wine. >> that's how you have a happy hour. >> all right, guys. thank you so much. if you have questions for our man panel, head to our website and hit the connect button. if you don't have any time to exercise, don't worry. no more excuses. we're going to help you out, right after this. ♪ dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours.
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don't you just love this whole show is like themed meghan trainor. just one week left in our summer slimdown series, helping you drop those extra pounds you packed on in the winter before thong season. >> nbc news health and nutrition editor madeline fernstrom is here to help you curb your portions and cravings and keeping everyone moving. i can't read, but i got it. you like that? that's create. >> joey is here, the author of "365 health and fitness hacks that can save your life." we're ready for the big weigh-in.
10:40 am
we have bb and joanne. hi, ladies! >> hi! >> for the last five weeks, we've been weighing these young ladies, and they've been cutting their weight and learning how to exercise and eat right. so bb, i think you're up first? let's check out bb's starting weight and let's see how it went down. down 1.8 pounds. all right. >> and this is good. bb is a little disappointed because she said her progress is not what she expected. but it's also the time of the month. >> we know what that is. >> we also wanted to look at ways to avoid any diet sabotage. we went through bb's food log and figured out some things, like where could she tweak things? her first issue is she was a healthy eater, but sometimes her portions were way too big. so we made it easy, getting some single serving, either chicken or even if she gets one pound of ground up meat or chicken, she can divide it in fours, or buy things prepared, or even things like yogurt. this is a fancy brand, but you can get a little container and
10:41 am
just use single servings so it's automatic portion control. >> i think portions are the toughest thing. how about the sweet department? >> i'm so glad, she's so honest. we all have a sweet tooth and especially likes chocolate, but other things will work. >> same. >> chocolate dipped, real things like pineapple, or strawberries. or little bits of chocolate where you can have a serving is -- you can have four for 100 calories. or this awesome chocolate leather. you can take a taste if you want. >> chocolate leather? do you like it? >> let's see. >> take a taste. >> and some cocoa dusted almonds. >> oh, it's like a tootsie roll. >> oh. >> she's going to make those changes. so she can satisfy her sweet tooth. >> did you end up going to bb's workplace to see how her fridge was? >> bb is a nanny. i had help from a tiny little trainer named wyatt and we got her working out. >> let's check it out.
10:42 am
>> you ready for a workout? >> let's go outside. let's start with squats. right here. stop. backwards. come on. move it. move it. how we doing? so we'll work your abs. end up picking up all these toys and tossing them in the basket. let's go up. grab one of them. put it away. we're going to do some shoulder presses. a 25-pound wyatt shoulder press. let's go. bring him up. i don't even know why she needs me. i mean, she has wyatt. >> oh! >> he's so cute. >> that is so great! by the way, you're strong. >> it was a workout. >> so joanne, we want to check yours out. these are the before numbers.
10:43 am
let's see what happened. down 8.6 pounds. >> joanne is working really hard. but she's got a few sabotages she wanted to work on. first we went through her food records. she says i skip meals and i get overhungry because i'm on the run. an easy thing to get more protein is having something, either a shake that has a lot of protein. low in sugar. or a bar. sometimes convenient. if you pair that with a whole fruit, you're seat. that's a nice meal you can replace for breakfast or lunch. she also was not getting enough protein. lots of salads, but she wanted easy choices. frozen shrimp or two hard boiled eggs put on to her salads, along with a chicken like a rotisserie or something she can do herself. >> what happened in the workout department? >> i went to south philly, got a little tour, and we got her cleaning her floor with the towel. work that booty. >> let's do that. >> all right, here we are.
10:44 am
we're going to show you some exercises that you can do while in your house. so if you want to work your legs, we can grab a rag. we can bend in and come out. so we're working the legs. look how spotless that floor is. so it's great to work out during commercial breaks. we're going to knock out some push-ups. we're going to grab this, about shoulder width apart. bend through your elbows. drive up. we're going to work the legs while doing the laundry. so i don't know why you're standing here. move. let's go. last one. nice job. >> yes. >> you have a gym inside your house. >> i do. >> all right, that was awesome! good job. thanks, guys. good luck, and we'll see you again next week. coming up, the secrets to
10:45 am
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"ageless beauty" on today is sponsored by ole regenerist, now available at cvs. >> while i get some anti-aging tips, meghan trainor, guess where she is. she is in the orange room. she's meeting and greeting some
10:51 am
of her fans. they are diehard. they've been outside all day. while she's doing that, we're going to talk skin over here. there are so many factors, you guys, that could cause skin to age, including sun and pollution and lack of a good skin regimen. in our two-part series with our sponsor olay, we're exploring what you can do in your 20s, 30s, and 40s to become an ageless beauty. dr. elizabeth hale is an olay spokesperson and board certified dermatologist. >> hi, hoda, nice to see you. >> we decided to bring two lovely ladies with us. one in her 20s and one in her 30s. allie is the first lovely lady. first we want to talk about her daily routine and we'll talk about it. >> hi, i'm allie, i'm in my 20s. i work in consulting, which means a lot of long hours, late nights. when i wake up, i wash my face with some moisturizing cleanser. i pat my face with my towel.
10:52 am
and then i apply body lotion. then i'm all set to head to work. i think my biggest worry when it comes to skin is the dryness that i experience sitting in an office all day. also, how to get rid of blackheads. is there some type of quick fix or something i could do to avoid those popping up, that would be really great. >> all righty then. hi, allie. >> hi. >> so we got a sneak peek at allie's morning routine. if you had to change something about the routine, what would you change? >> so firstly, allie has beautiful skin. despite her sub-optimal skin routine. so importantly, she's already cleansing her face, which is an important first step. but since she mentioned that blackheads are a specific concern, there are some cleansers that actually contain salasylic acid, which is great to keep your pores clean. you're already putting a lotion on, but why are you using body lotion on your face? >> you're in trouble. >> so even though allie is young and beautiful, she definitely
10:53 am
needs to protect her skin from the sun every single day. so finding a moisturizing product with spf 30 year round, even though you work long hours, we get a lot of sun exposure, even through windows, so you have to put it on every day. i think those two steps would help you to optimize your beautiful face. >> do you have any other questions for the doc? >> so in terms of spf, i don't know where to begin. what would you recommend? >> so we recommend wearing an spf 30 or higher every single day. and we know as dermatologists, most people tend to underapply, so they're not using enough. the higher numbers like spf 30 are really beneficial. >> let's move on down. let's scoot on down to our 30-something. kelly, used to be a sun worshipper. but no more. we're going to take a look at your daily routine. we'll talk about it. >> hi, i'm kelly. i am in my 30s. my skin routine in the morning has to be very fast because i have two small children that like to get into all sorts of mischief. when i first wake up in the
10:54 am
morning, i use a vitamin c pad. i hear it's really great for aging and toning. i use an anti-aging moisturizer that also hydrates. then i put on a tinted moisturizer that has an spf just so that i know i'm protecting myself from the sun. my biggest worry when it comes to the skin are sun spots, age spots and wrinkles. so if i get rid of my spots and focus on my wrinkles, i'll be all set for when i turn 40. >> okay, she looks great. is she doing everything right? >> so now she is. i want to encourage you, kelly, that even though you used to use baby oil, it's not too late to really make a difference. daily moisturizer with spf 30. and it might be time to start thinking about a product with retinol. retinol is a very common ingredient that we recommend as dermatologists because it can help fight brown spots, wrinkles, acne, and even lighten some of the pigmentation. >> it's good to know you can unring the bell. thanks to both of you and thanks, doctor, for coming to see us. tune in on monday for tips on how to become an ageless beauty on your 40s.
10:55 am
what about your 50s? we're back with more meghan trainor. but first, this istoday" on "nb
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and right now at 11:00, lots of clouds as you can see. showers and thunderstorms are on the way. and give you a live look outside at the skyline of center city, philadelphia, from across the way in camden. you can see the system heading our way as we take a live look at it first alert radar. a line of storms already to our west, and they're moving here in our direction. first alert meteorologist bill henley is here now with our forecast. >> hey, vai. we have seen plenty of clouds. temperatures climbing a little bit as we're still dry in philadelphia. now 65 degrees. we have already seen a few light showers in the


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