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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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is tracking the conditions, but, of course, everyone is worried about the weekend. >> absolutely. let's get to our first alert meteorologist. fill us in on the latest. >> the rain is moving out now, seeing improving conditions going into the weekend, though, another story, but only for part of the weekend. right now, though, here's what it looks like currently. heaviest rain is now offshore, and that's going to continue to move out of the area, and so what we're looking at now is just light rain, mostly lingering along the shore. zoom in here along atlantic city. that's where we are tracking the heaviest of the rain, but that has moved offshorement it's really just north of atlantic city, up closer to shift bottom and ocean county we still see the rain, so as you notice, a lot of the rain staying offshore now continuesñiñr to move overs and we watch, though, for light showers to be redeveloping behind this, but i really think it's not much, sprinkles in parts of montgomery and bucks
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county, but nothing heavy this evening. there's improving conditions, future weather moving rain out, and at 8:00 p.m. in the clear, and tomorrow morning, wake up to a lot of sunshine in the forecast. neighbor temperatures right now, mostly in the 60s. sun is trying to peek through, and 67 now in philadelphia. if you're headed out, conditions improve tonight and continue to dry out, but we are in the mitt mid-60s. chestnut hill 66 degrees, 68 in bustleton and summerton at 66. the clouds stay here a while longer. tomorrow, though, more sunshine before the next round of thunderstorms. i'll show you the timing on saturday stovrms coming up. >> thank you. a tap on the shoulder turns into a night of terror for a family in northeast philly. >> a group of men broke into the home and tied thec'ññr homeowne
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at gun point. >> randy gyllenhaal spoke with the victims. they think the robbers broke into the wrong home? >> reporter: the couple says they were fast asleep upstairs and open their eyes and saw three men in bandannas over the faces asking questions about a strange hidden stash of cash. >> whole time guy stood there with his hand right at my face. >> reporter: a gun in the face woke up this family in northeast philly, three masked suspects snuck in the back door as the husband and wife were asleep upstairs. >> tied our hands. >> reporter: zip ties on the wrist, and now speaking to us, we agreed not to show the faces, and they say the armed intruders also tied up their adult son. >> they brought my son in, i really thought they were going to kill us, and they brought him in, i thought, oh, this is just end of it >> reporter: police say the robbers demanded a pile of cash
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they thought hidden somewhere in the house. >> i said, we don't have no cash. that's when they figured out they were in the wrong house. one told the other, this was the wrong house. this ain't the house, man. >> reporter: the homes here are strikingly similar, and police spent the afternoon searching the house right next door where a u-haul truck was spotted moving out. police are working to determine if this was the intend the/vto target. maybe neighbors are worried the men might come back. >> i have no money anyway. >> i feel safe because the poli street has a lot of police officers on it. >> police have a rough description of the three suspects, working at getting video from the church, but at this point, the three men are on the run tonight. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. >> a rare sighting in a philadelphia park, someone spotted a bear strolling through the park. >> that's right. what's being done to capture the bear and what people should do if they see it themselves.
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>> reporter: ryan was about to go for a rainy jog. >> attack anybody? >> reporter: had not heart about the small black bear wandering the woods, swimming, and feasting on a fish this afternoon. >> we say confidently there are no bears anywhere here, so this is considered a unique event. >> reporter: the land here became parkland in the 1860s, and since, no documented bear sighting, that is, until today. >> a bear? amazing. >> reporter: as the news spread, so did the excitement. >> everyone else is, like, oh, a black bear, scared, and i'm -- i like to -- i don't know, i'm excited. >> reporter: a member of the friends was fishing when he saw the bear. he says it went after his own fish, and he then snapped these pictures and the friends came out to see the bear for themselves, but they missed him. >> wildlife officials came out, and they tracked the bear to a wooded area, but they say the woods are so thick, they lost sight of it. they do want to move the bear to a less populated area and they
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are warning people, if you see thebear, do not approach it. in chestnut hill, nbc 10 news. this next story, i have been waiting for all week long. i'm sure a lot of people have been as well. >> yes. >> seven siblings got together to put $6 in their mother's hands and trusted her to purchase two power ball tickets. >> what they call devine interventi intervention, the smith family claimed the $429 million jackpot. we are live in the digital operations center for the amazing story. >> they were in shock when they won and more surprised they were the only winners, only ticket. >> they put it in mom and god's hands. the smith family says they are not avid players, but play like everyone else when the jackpot goes up, and, boy, it paid off for them this time. the seven smith sisters and brother, steven, and mother, pearly are splitting the $429
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million jackpot. she spent $6 on two tickets in trenton. the sister says they plan to use the money to give back to charities like their church and women's mentoring program that one of the sisters run. the family is pinching themselves over their luck. >> they have called or texted every day, it is real, is it real? i can't believe it. >> you give and you receive. you give a lot, you receive a lot. obviously, we've given a lot. anything can happen in new jersey. >> a blessed family, right? that family also says they are looking forward to paying off the mortgages and student loan debt. for the family members who were not retired before the big win, they went back to work after hitting the jackpot. >> wow. >> oh we would too, of course, we would. they say time will tell if they will keep their job. it will remain to be seen. keith and rosemary, back to you. what a great story, right?
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>> really great. i understand they were the ones who picked the numbers themselves? >> yeah, how about that. that's really nice when that happens. special meaning to the numbers, i guess. >> absolutely. thank you so much. >> we would all return to work. >> we would. >> of course. >> yeah. >> yeah. oh, my goodness, here the next day. all right, jackie. if you want to win it big, the next drawing is tomorrow night, and the jackpot is now at a measly $50 million. >> oh, why that when you could have $429 million? a fire that burned through a state forest in south jersey is 90% contained, but the flames, as you can see, ripped through more than 400 acres in the pine barrens. skyforce10 has this video of the fire last night, and the forest fire service says it rained today and tomorrow will help put out some of the flames. >> reporter: local volunteers in canada helping victims of the
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massive and stating fire. members of the red cross southeast pa chapter will be there for another week. more than 88,000 people in alberta province forced to evacuate because of the fire burning for nearly two weeks. today, a psychologist testified in allentown courtroom that a former professional wrestler is mentally incompetent to stand in trial in the death of his girlfriend. he's accused of killing his girlfriend in 1983. police found thecñrçó body in al room she shared with the wrestler. he was arrested in september. he pled not guilty. his defense attorney has argued that the wrestler has early on set dementia and post-concussion syndrome. they made it. a group of south jersey police officers pedaling from galloway township to washington, d.c. reached their goal today. the group took part in the police unity, a way to honor fallen officers and raise money for the national police memorial. once in washington, the local
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officers joined close to 2,000 police officers from all around the country, ands from our area started out on tuesday, and they made the ride in memory of three new jersey police officers who lost lives in the line of duty this past year. the rides will take part in the candle light vigil tonight in front of the police memorial. rain or shine, a philadelphia tradition is underway on the river. 300 rowers along with an estimated 25,000 fans are all here this weekend taking part in the dad vail regatta, largest rowing competition in north ameri america. >> kids are eating, sleeping, and dreaming about winning a decade vail gold medal. they cross off days from the calendar like christmas p. >> a reminder for this weekend if you are going down there or driving in the area, kelly drive is shut down between fountain green and strawberry mansion until tomorrow night. you got to see this. at 5:00, a close call for a
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jersey shore police officer, and it was caught on the body camera. >> woah! >> that was a local police officer nearly run over on the side of the road. what happened next coming up at 5:00. , a debate over bathrooms, how local schools are reacting to the government's new rule for transgender students. plus this -- >> john miller. >> what's your position? >> handling pr because he gets so far of it. >> he said john miller. a new report says that voice belongs to don trump. how the presidential candidate is responding to claims he posed as another person. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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today federal officials advise public schools they must allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity. they sent lerts to schools across the country warning them to comply with rules. the schools must recognize a student's chosen identity after the school's notified by a parent or gartdian that the child is transgender. reaction is mixed. >> it's going to confuse them.
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to me, i think it's going to confuse them. >> if it's truly america, living in the home of the brave and land of the free, this should be no issue. >> they should also be able to participate in an!z>ef7e sex segregated activities. we are getting school's responses, and a spokesman says they will likely be used as guidance for the staff. the district also says administrators are willing to work with students who desire gender$xñr neutral bathrooms. the city has one law, requiring restaurants in philadelphia to make their single occupy restrooms gender neutral. viewers have started to chime in on this bathroom debate. you can join the conversation right now. look for the stories on our facebook and twitter pages. >> to the decision 2016
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coverage, was don trump caught on tape using an assumed name selling supporters back in the 1990s? trump says no. you can decide for yourself. nbc 10 brian moore has the story. >> reporter: back when trump was a mere millionaire, was he doing his pr under an assumed name? the washington post says it happened offering this phone call with "people" as proof. >> what's your name? >> john miller. >> your position? >> handling pr because he gets so much of it. >> reporter: he was not shy of talking up success in business and love life. >> living with marla and he's got three other girlfriends. >> most editors were in on the joke, and some of them found it disturbing and some thought it was playful. >> reporter: though trump reportedly told "people" then it was a joke, today on "today" he denied it too. >> it was not me on the phone, and it doesn't sound like me on the phone. i will tell you that.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton has a new pr headache. bill clinton says the attacks are nothing new. >> i went through the same thing what they're doing today. heck, some of the right wingers sent videos out accusing me of murder. >> reporter: the global initial charity at the urging of the former president made a commitment that helped a for-profit business with ties to the clintons. they dismiss the story saying no laws were broken. they said they are committed to social good and money in question did exactly that. brian mooar, nbc news washington. bill clinton campaigned weeks ahead of the primary, the former president rallied for hilary and made a stop in mercer county. new jersey voterings head to the polls june 7th. after the gop side, trump says his tax rate is, quote, none of
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your business. that's what the presumptive republican nominee told "good morning america" in a phone interview today and doesn't think the public has a right to see tax return before the election, but he'll release them if an irs audit is done by then. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we are seeing much bigger improvements in the area right now. cloudy skies, clearing out, and here's a live look out looking down at liberty one and two from the comcast center in philadelphia. we're seeing clouds, but the rain is very much offshore, especially the heaviest part of it. here is a look at radar, as you see, moving west to east. if we stop the radar, now you see where exactly the rain is. the heaviest is offshore. we have ale showers, though, in new jersey. wouldn't be surprised if we get some light showers on the backside of this developing, but overall, what we had early this afternoon and late this afternoon is really moved
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offshore now, so now we're just zooming into parts of cumberland county and south of that and across 49 here in parts of south jersey. that's where we still see light to moderate rainfall. that'll continue sliding towards the shore here and then we'll see bigger improvements overnight tonight. the temperatures in your neighborhood weather, ever 7 in philadelphia, south jersey, though, in the mid-60s. not too bad. headed out tonight, you don't need the umbrella as we clear up. temperatures, though, comfortable, especially at the moment, 66 in mount laurel, 65 in washington township, and through parts of mercer and burlington county, mid-60s here. 64 princeton, and hopewell township at 65 degreesment don't forget with the neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecasts scroll at the bottom of the screen for you. now here's a look at future weather. as we go through the next several hours, this rain continues to move out.
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by 8:30 tonight, more clearing with the cloud cover, and more clearing further west of philadelphia by then. then we keep clearing as we go overnight. by saturday morning, you'll wake up to quite a bit of sunshine. a nice start to your saturday. now looking at about lunchtime saturday. tomorrow, nice and dry. then we have another round of storms moving in, so we'll see more storms later in the afternoon, saturday is 4:30, showers and thunderstorms, some of which are strong, especially in the evenings, so now look at you have 30 tomorrow if you have the late afternoon plans, just keep in mind we do expect showers and storms, and we could see gusty winds, lightin, and it does clear out for saturday night. by 10 p.m., rain clears and a better day as we go into sunday. temperatures tomorrow, though, with the afternoon showers rolling in, 70 degrees, bethlehem 71 in reading, and pennsylvania suburbs, 71, and 71 in newtown, philadelphia tomorrow at the mid to low 70s, 73 in bybury, and the dad vail
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regatta going on in the morning and middle of the day, looking good. sunny, temperatures in the 70s by noon, but by 5:00 p.m., we do expect thunderstorms to move in, and anyone who sees a thunderstorm, it drops the temperaturings quickly. new jersey tomorrow, haddonfield, 72 degrees, and closer to the shore, 67 in atlantic city, and 69 in galloway township. lay day thunderstorms, delaware later in the afternoon too, and 72 for a high in dover, 73 in wilmington. sunday looks better. look at that. compared to saturday. storms late day saturday, sunday, nice and dry, entire day will be dry. temperatures at 60 degrees, cooler and we'll be windy as we go into your sunday. now, take a look at the ten-day forecast. going into next week, we stay in the mid-60s and see the sunshine too, and then we go through the
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middle of next week, temperatures in the up 60s and we'll see the rain chances come back. a closer look at neighborhood weather for tonight coming up. >> see you then, thanks. still ahead, a mother's mission -- >> and it's ruining their lives, ruining their futures, and it's destroying families like ours. >> this bucks county mom say concussions killed her son, and she's fighting for other young athletes. message to families everywhere. we've heard about so many scammers posing as agents from the irs, but you won't believe what one said when a police officer got him on the phone. you'll hear it next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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look at this video from a woman torching a pair of cars in north philadelphia. you can see the cars go up ins along north 11th street early yesterday morning. police want you to get a good look. she tossed something into one of the cars starting the fire. call philadelphia police if you recognize her. a lot of strange things on craig's list, right? but this one might top them all. >> that's right. a tekds woman posted an ad to sell her pet bison. i saw one in colorado. they are very intimidating.
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>> look at this. >> here's the deal, the owner wants a new place for the 8-year-old buffalo named bullet to roam. she says the animal is tame and housebroken, but if you want to buy the 1,000 pound pet, it costs you nearly $6,000. >> okay. this is another good one. you have to hear this. a scammer pretending to be with the internal revenue service, irs, makes a surprising admission to a tim, a county shall have from wisconsin. >> caught on tape as he outrightedly admits on the phone. >> i had a complaint about this number, and i'm trying to confirm this is, in fact, the irs. is there a way you can confirm that? >> no, sir. this is not the irs. this is a scam. >> this is a scam? >> yes. >> the scammer tells the sheriff he's from afghanistan, and even gives his name. >> it gets better. listen to what he tells the sheriff about why he's doing it. >> why are you scamming our
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citizens? >> this is our job, sir. >> you're stealing money from people. >> yes. >> police say these kinds of cases are difficult to investigate since many of the calls do come from outside the u.s. >> but if you get a call like this from a member, the irs will never call you demanding money. next at 5:00, an officer makes a split second decision that saves his life. >> woah! >> reporter: a jersey shore police officer almost run down on the side of a road by a hit-and-run driver. >> this is extremely reckless. >> i'm ted greenberg with the search for the car the in this very close call. plus, the future of the eagles' franchise joins his new teammates. what he told us about the upcoming season and what he plans to do with the money from his new contract. coming up at 6:00, an 82-year-old man talks exclusively to nbc 10 about how he tried to fight off a man armed with a knife. how the crime sparked a high
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speed chase over six south jersey towns.
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right now at 5:00, a different look from what we showed you at the top of the hour. if you joined us, the clouds were low over the liberty one building 30 minutes ago. now you can see the skies clearing up. thankness. the nbc 10 radar is clearing up.
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areas saw heavy downpours, but now the rain is moving out. >> we are following the first alert forecast closely because we know everybody's concerned about the weekend as you should be. >> that's right. we have your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. hey, sheena. >> the rain moved through this morning for everybody, but now it's quickly moving offshore. what we see now are still the clouds around, but there is a pretty good edge cloud cover moving now into lancaster county edging into burkes county. we have a few showers in south jersey, so if we zoom in parts of cumberland county, we have showers here, mostly light to moderate. now, the yellow shows you where you see moderate rains, zooming in more, this is around millville, and it's moving across the exprezway here soon. we'll watch that area of rain. heaviest, though, offshore, and throughout the evening, we keep drying out, mid-60s in philadelphia, sun tomorrow
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morning, and pennsylvania sushs will be clearing out tonight, and sunshine for your morning and, in fact, heading out this evening, you're not going to need the umbrella, social security ending, but we could see leftover sprinkles, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, lehigh valley, and sunny for delaware. expect lingering showers by 6:00 p.m. light, though. we keep drying overnight. sunny tomorrow morning, mid-50s, and in new jersey, mostly cloudy tonight, and then clearing overnight, sunny tomorrow. and along the shore, temperatures by tomorrow morning mid-50s, plenty of sun, and quite the difference going into saturday. it's going to be really nice the first half of the day, but by saturday afternoon, we have more thunderstorms that'll be moving in, so coming up, the timing on that for your weekend, and when you can expect them, and a cooler half of your weekend, too. those numbers coming pup. >> thank you. >> at 5:00, a very close call for a jersey shore police officer. >> it was all caught on the body camera. take a look. >> woah!
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>> woah is right. what you saw was a lynnwood police officer nearly run over on the side of the road. now the department wants to track down the driver who didn't even stop. >> and jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has the story. woah! >> reporter: if his training had not kicked in in a fraction of a second, lynnwood police say officer coops could have been killed. >> his reflexes were amazing. i believe they saved his life. >> reporter: his body camera catches the close call around 9:00 wednesday night, pulled over seaview avenue to help the driver of a disabled car. the driver seen in the vehicle slams into the patrol car as he got out. able to turn himself and jump up in the doorway, both feet in the car, and pulling himself into the vehicle with the light bar. the driver of the car did not
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stop. >> he's headed northbound. >> reporter: near miss, a reminder of the danger police officers face on area roadways even with new jersey's move over law aim at protecting first responders. a hit-and-run driver clipped a car pulled over in 2014 and just two months ago, trooper cullen was struck and killed while walking on 295. >> people don't know how critical it is when there's an officer pulled over, slow down, get out of the way. >> reporter: you see the door is now stuck in the open position. authorities are not sure exactly how fast that driver was going, but they tell me it was at least the 40 miles per hour speed limit. if you know who was behind the wheel of the ver or gray four-door sedan, linwood police want to hear for you. the officer is okay, but still
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shaken. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. sad news now, former temple university president has die. university officials say he passed away last night following a long illness. he was temple's president from 1982-2000. when he retired, the university's main arena was renamed in his honor. he was 85 years old. a bucks' county native has become the first female athletics director at the university of delaware. she was introduced this afternoon and will officially take over the job on june 5. she spent more than an decade in athletics in the university of michigan, but she does have ties to the area. she grew up in newtown, and she graduated from germantown academy. all right. eagle fans, look at this, the first time we're seeing the future of the franchise practicing with his new team.
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carson wentz at the field today at the complex in south filly, and spoke about his new contract. >> john clark joining us now from comcast sports net. fill us in, john. >> reporter: quite a day, a lot of eyes on wentz making throws with the eagles, his first rookie camp. he's studying the playbook in north dakota, and today, he started to be able to use it on the feel. this is the first time in the practice bubble for him at the nova care complex, just the rookies. there's carson fresh off signing the four-year $26 million rookie deal. he heard from some of the teammates, but has not heard from sam bradford, but carson says he doesn't think there will be any tension with sam. they will all compete and make each other better. he wants to earn his teammates' respect. >> hopefully i can lead the guys and show what i can do a little bit out there and hoping to just mentally grow and grow and get reps and opportunities, excited to compete on the field.
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all i care about is winning. if the team's winning, you know, i'll do what i can to help the team whether it's from a third stringer or starter, doesn't matter, i'll prepare. you really just help the team. we'll see how that plays out. >> he's doing and saying all the right things, and carson was asked what he'll do after signing the $26 contract, what's the first purchase? he says he has to pay back his dad for the pickup he bought. he's humble. he has honor. we'll see if he dries that truck when the season comes around. see you at 6:00 with more. >> he has his head in the right place. that's good. >> yep. >> he's grounded. >> thank you so much, john. >> next at 5:00 the sound of thunder. >> that's the sound of thunder we're talking about. all eyes on the sky when the air force f-16 thunder birds appear in a local air show this weekend, and nbc 10 gives you a
5:37 pm
preview from the cockpit. plus this. don't go down my road down my path. i miss him every day. >> a mother's message like many student athletes, her son played football, but now she wants to make sure other families know the risks of the sport as well. her story is next at fvg.
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. coaches and medical experts gathered on capitol hill today to discuss ways to protect young athletes from traumatic brain injury. >> one mom believes her son's suicide was linked to football injuries. he took his life at 32 after playing football from a young age up through college. an autopsy revealed he suffered from cte, a degenerative brain
5:40 pm
disease brought on from repeated hits to the head she says small hits over time were just as damaging to her son as one big concussion. >> we're learning the brain is a lot more fragile than we ever dreamed. it doesn't heel like a knee or like skin heels. researchers reported at today's hearing that even kids who appear fine can be suffering from brain injuries. a project at dupont high school in greensville, delaware's hoping to prevent student athletes to have damaging blows to the head. they are taking part in a study funded by the department of defense. students will be followed for simple years. a ceremony today in university city united people who suffered life threatening trauma with nose who saved them. former patients of doctors and nurses at presbyterian medical center showed their thankfulness
5:41 pm
after saving lives after traumatic events. >> it was very gratifying to see people who have survived and able to come back and join and celebrate life with us. >> many in attendance were so-called unexpected survivors, people with critical injuries they were not expected to make it. it is the last thing you're expected to see when you show up at the airport. the last thing you want to see, even the long lines at the tsa. now the agency's warning passengers it could be worse. well, the rain is clearing, so conditions are really improving for friday evening, but going into the weekend, another round of storms approaches the area. the timing of when it'll move in coming up. come iing up at 6:00, an nb0 exclusive. the 82-year-old victim of a carjacking that sparked this high speed police chase. she tells us how she tried to fight off the suspect and did not stop even after getting slashed with a knife.
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if you are planning on flying anywhere in the u.s. this summer, maybe vacation, be prepared. you may spend some time waiting. the tsa is coping with fewer agents on the job and more passengers in the sky. officials say a plan is in place to improve the situation. they're increasing overtime hours using more bomb sniffing dogs, and adding hundreds of new tsa agents next month. despite this, they want passengers to arrive and be prepared to wait. >> hours is not ideal. we want to reduce thats after as possible without compromising
5:45 pm
the safety of the american public. >> the homeland security secretary urges passengers to sign up for the pre-check program to speed things along. in phoenix, it was not passengers delayed, but luggage. a computer problem grounded 3,000 checked bags at phoenix sky harbor international airport. thousands of bags ended up being stored in an airport parking lot in 90 degree heat. hopefully nobody bought any chocolates in the gift shop. until, timely, they were driven to the airports. fortunately, the problem has been fixed with the screenings. these cars move faster than the lines at the airport. race weekend at dover international speedway meaning fans are flocking to dover, just hoping mother nature cooperates. nbc 10 ted fur long has our story. these are sounds you want to hear on race weekend in dover.
5:46 pm
this sound here, yeah, not so much. the jet dry trucks on the tracks were out before them. the weather here at the start of nascar weekend? not great. >> never been rained out in 12 years. it's been dr we've had rain, but we've never been rained out. >> reporter: a couple of the friday and saturday races have been washed out in years past, but they get the big sunday sprint cup race in, but this time of year in delaware, you know the weather goes either way. >> never know. a couple years ago, it was 100 degrees on saturday. we come regardless, whatever the weather. we love coming here. >> reporter: delaware had events postponed, cancelled, or ruined by weather, but there's a festival outside the track, and hopefully fans can enjoy it. sunday will be the best day to be here. >> love it down here. best three days of your life. >> reporter: it is a blast down here seeing nascar live even one times you a new appreciation for the power and speed of the cars, just bring the ear plugs.
5:47 pm
and just to be safe, a raincoat. hopefully you won't need it much. in dover, furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tim hit the nail on the head. we saw rain today, but your -- the entire weekend won't be a wash out? >> a mixed bag. let's check in with sheena parveen. >> starting off saturday, it's sunshine t nice, and then we have storms moving in, so i'll show you the timing of that in a sec. if you have the friday evening plan, good news for you, everything that we saw move through this afternoon, it's all offshore now, and what we're looking at is gradual clearing. we have a pretty good edge to the clouds here. you can see that moving into the lehigh valley at the moment, but we have showers around, mostly in south jersey. we'll continue to see it drying out, though, as we go through the rest of the evening. dell manner in atlantic county to the ace expressway, still
5:48 pm
seeing light to moderate rainfall, but this is all moving away soon. in the meantime, we have rain left over in parts of the area. now we're looking off by chicago. ? what we're talking about for your saturday. this is all part of a cold front, all these showers and storms you see. this moves in for tomorrow afternoon. we are tracking more storms coming for part of your saturday; not all day, not a washout, but in the afternoon, we could have strong storms temperatures right now, mostly in the sixtys, showers in new jersey, mostly sitting in the mid-60s here. lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey, delaware, philadelphia all cloudy skies, but we'll continue to see the clouds break up later on tonight, and 9:00 p.m., easton, 62 degrees, 7:00 tomorrow morning, 53 in easton and sunny. your weekend will be starting really nice, but we are looking at storms in the afternoon. the weather story, saturday, thunderstorms, keeping our eye on that, saturday, obviously, a big day out of the weekend.
5:49 pm
we'll see storms rolling in, and here's tonight, though, 8:00 p.m., clear, so for friday night plans, you don't need the umbrella tonight. as least not once these small showers in new jersey leave. now we're looking at sat morning. we're dry. the rain is just off to the west. middle of the day saturday, still dry, but looking at 2:30 in the afternoon. showers through the lehigh lee, could see thunderstorm, and then we start to see them get a little more intense by 6:00 p.m. possibly, and a line of showers and storms just west of philadelphia through the valley, and maybe some trying to move up from the south and parts of new jersey. could see lightning, strong winds, brief heavy rain, and by 730, is slides east. by that time, expect mostly in new jersey, and then leaving in time for saturday night. we go into sunday, and we see much more clearing in the forecast. tomorrow, though, temperatures, low 70s in new jersey, and 72 in millville, and late day thunderstorms, along the shore
5:50 pm
tomorrow, 67 wildwood, and it's almost the unofficial start of summer m going to the shore to prepare for that, we'll see mostly sunny skies in the morning for trenton and norristown, highs in the low 70s. 73 in philadelphia. 73 wilmington, and 72 in harrington tomorrow. late day thunderstorms around. pennsylvanias, 71 tomorrow, 72 in westchester, reading at 71 degrees with late day thunderstorms. sunday, looks a lot better. look at that, 61 degrees, sunny, start next week like that too, and the ten-forecast takes us through next week and next weekend. rain chances return by the middle of the week, but next week, it doesn't look too bad. >> thank you so much. thomas roberts joins us now from the nbc studio in new york. >> what's coming up on "nightly news"? >> great to see you, did donald trump pose as his own publicist
5:51 pm
to brag about himself? what he once revealed under oath about using an alias and what the feds are doing about those tsa lines stretching for hours at the airport and dreams come true for a mom and zempb kids. america's newest multimillionaires. that's next here tonight. back to you. >> thank you, thomas. see you at 6:30. okay. question for you. >> uh-oh. >> would you be brave enough to get in the dock of an f-16? >> oh, of course i would -- not. would you? >> no. >> listen, we didn't have to, but tonight, we are still taking you inside the cockpit whether you like it or not. >> coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, philadelphia police want to look like google? how officers were trying to disguise a vehicle and why the aclu is angry about it.
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5:54 pm
a show in the sky this weekend in south jersey, and today, military families got a sneak peek. they are hosting an open house, an air show called power in the pines this saturday and sunday. the army's premier parachute team, golden knights, perform stunts and air acrobats, but the star of the year's show could be the thunder birds. >> air forces famed f-16, and
5:55 pm
today, a special guest. >> gary watson shows us the view from the ground and from the air. >> morning. >> good morning. congratulations on getting to fly with the thunder. >> yeah, thank you very much. >> a rapid violent maneuver, but not a lot of g-forces on your body. >> looking forward to spending just time with you in your world, to walk in your shoes and gain perspective. >> tighten this down. all right. go ahead and let it out. deep breath hold it. that better? >> perfect, perfect.
5:56 pm
♪ fortunate to be part of incredible opportunities from being to the super bowl to just meeting incredibly special people who deal with challenges in their life, and this just ranks up there and just another one of the fortunate experiences in my role with the philadelphia eagles that i'll never forget. ♪ >> that was done by gary watson, a guy we call g around here in
5:57 pm
the news room, but don did a great job. >> he did, right. >> incredible. >> and enjoyed the opportunity, a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> yeah. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. thanks, rosemary and keith. up next at 6:00, an exclusive, an 82-year-old man tells us how he chased down the carjacker trying to steal his prized possession before that same suspect allegedly sparked a high speed police chase through six south jersey towns. and the rain is clearing out for your friday night plans, but we have more thunderstorms in the forecast for part of your weekends. when they'll move in with your neighborhood forecasting up. plus, philadelphia police disguise one of their cars to look like it's working for google. we'll explain next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now, an 82-year-old man tries to fight off a robber who slashed him with a knife. just before that robber led police on a 100 miles per hour chase, andñr the victim's stole car. >> he says, don't you lose your life for the car. >> we take you inside theñi pur mayhem this carjacking caused for police in six south jersey towns. we beginñr with this rainy frid.
6:00 pm
showers are timely moving out now as you can see on the radar your friday night plans won't be a washout as we look live at conditions in cape çómay. the good news, it's clearing out now. the bad news, that rain comes back tomorrow. good evening, we're pin pointing rain where you live with the nbc 10 first alert;çó neighborhood forecast. 'a parveen. >> you can enjoy most of the saturday and all of sunday, but another round of thunderstorm, that moves in tomorrow. here's a look at the current 3rto moveñi ñrovershore. there is one areaçó we are watching closely in atlantic county, but that's about to slide offshore. as we zoom in [g, you see the showers moving through egg har gor township to ocean city. these are moving out soon along with the rest of the rain you see, but what we're watching is we goñi into saturday afternoon and that's this area of rain approaching chicago. showers a


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