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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  May 14, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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a look at my windshield. my whole windshield is cracked. >> right now on "nbc10 news today," a man faces charges thi morning after police say someone threw railroad spikes from an overpass onto the traffic below. one person was hurt, several cars damaged. details ahead. the final day of the regatta starts in a couple of hours. thousands of rowers are in philadelphia for this annual event. we'll let you know what organizers are doing with today's schedules to get in the action before the rain arrives. speaking of the rain, let's talk about our weather. live look outside right now over center city. a little bit of a breeze this morning. we are expecting sunshine early
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on, but we are tracking showers and possible thunderstorms later. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 5:00 on this saturday. let's get right to the weekend forecast with meteorologist karen thomas. >> good morning, rosemary and everyone. a little chilly out there. temperatures mainly in the 50s. 55 in philadelphia right now, and we have mainly clear skies in philadelphia. as we move through out to the burbs, we have clouds out there. clear skies in new jersey at this hour. a little bit of fog in the lehigh valley and delaware. 53 with a few clouds around. we are dry right now. radar not showing any precip, but as we pull out we can see the cold front. we have an upper-level low. look at all of this rain and some unsettled weather here. we call it convection because we have a lot of deep ridging and energy embedded in this system.
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it's a quick-moving front but is expected to be through our area later on this afternoon. right now we're going to be enjoying dry conditions. but later on today we expect the system to push on through, bringing us the potential for rain, some light showers, some heavy rain, possibly even some thunderstorm activity as we get closer to the evening hours with that system. so we'll start out dry, but then you see across the board here we do have the shower activity later on, just about everywhere, and the potential for some embedded thunderstorms. temperatures getting up to mainly lower to mid 70s for high temps. rosemary. thank you, karen. new information on breaking news we first told you about last night at 11:00. a man is charged this morning in connection with throwing railroad spikes off a philadelphia overpass. the spikes hit some cars, causing damage and some injuries. take a look at this photo. it shows one of the railroad spikes lodged in a windshield.
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we learned the spikes damaged four cars on university avenue last night. a man who had glass in his eye refused medical treatment. police described what they found at the scene. >> approximately eight railroad spikes found on the street here as a result of the investigation. one inside the car that it was impaled in, they were about eight inches in length and they are iron, so they're very heavy. looking at it coming from about four stories up. >> police arrested a man in his 20s. he is charged with aggravated salt and other related crimes. new from overnight. philadelphia police are investigating a stabbing. a man attacked another man at west erie avenue. the attacker ran away. the victim is in stable condition with a stab wound to the neck. we're told the injury is not life-threatening. in nicetown three men being
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questioned after a shooting outside a bar. the shooting left one person in critical condition. the gunfire erupted on erie avenue around 2:00 this morning. police tell us the victim was an innocent bystander. the car at the scene was riddled about bullet holes. police are searching for a man who tried to sexually assault a student at rutgers university. michael knight hit the victim in the face and tried to sexually assault her last week at the college avenue campus in new brunswick. people nearby heard the victim scream and ran to help and the suspect ran off. the good samaritans tried to follow but knight allegedly tried to shoot them. privacy advocates are asking for answers from philadelphia police after one of the department's vehicles was spotted with a fake logo. nbc10's drew smith reports.
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>> reporter: these are automatic license plate readers, a technology some police reports have shown off for us in the past. they instantly photograph your tag and record an exact location and time you were there. this photo taken this week shows an unmarked police suv with the alpr mounted on the top. on the back rear window a logo for google maps. >> there should be no reason to pretend to be something if what you're doing is not shady. molly says the department is jeopardizing police-community relations. >> reporter: the people who posted the photos say the car was posted here on 13th street underneath the convention center. we called police headquarters but public affairs did not respond to questions on the phone, instead sending a
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statement to nbc10 saying in part placing a decal on the vehicle was not approved by any chain of command. the department has ordered the removal of the logos. >> there shouldn't be such a disconnect between what the officers are doing on the street and what the commissioner knows about what is going on. >> reporter: alprs have gotten results but now people are tweeting about a terrible disguise. opponents want to know if other things are being hidden when it comes to this technology. in center city, drew smith. nbc10 news. big events are happening in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. let's start on the schuylkill river. thousands of athletes from as far away as california and canada are in philadelphia for the event, the largest college rowing competition in north
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america. the schedule has been compressed to get the action in before the stormy weather moves in later today. race weekend at dover international speedway today. yesterday fans watched practice at the kent county oval. they got an up-close look in the garage area and noticed the jet dry trucks that helped to sop up rain water from the tracks. fans are hoping the trucks won't be needed today or tomorrow. >> it's never been rained out in 12 years. it's been -- we have had rain, but we've never been rained out. >> here with friends, family, everybody. so you're always going to come regardless of the weather. you don't change your plans. you just come. >> the highlight of race weekend at dover comes tomorrow with the nascar aaa 400. you can set your sights this weekend on the power in the pines air show at joint base mcguire-disk-lake hurst. the army's premier parachute
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team will perform stunts and acrobatics. the gates open at 9:00 in the morning today and tomorrow. it was a bigger shock when we learned we were the only ticket holder. >> you'll meet the trenton family that's sharing the powerball jackpot and you'll hear what they plan to do with all that money. and later -- if your hair feels somehow like it's not good, you don't feel very confident. >> diseases and disorders that lead to hair loss can be devastating. but new 3d printing technology has led to a better solution for patients like the woman you just heard from. her story is still ahead.
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good saturday morning. i am meteorologist karen thomas. checking your neighborhood forecast this morning. if you're just waking up and joining us, excellent. we are looking for sunshine to
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start our saturday. we do have some chilly temperatures out there right now, but we will be warming up. 55 in philadelphia right now. we have a few clouds around out in the p.a. burbs. 52 in new jersey. we have some foggy conditions. you can see in the live picture here in the lehigh valley. delaware not doing too badly. a few clouds around. 53 degrees. we're looking for temperatures to bump up into the lower 70s to mid 70s in and around the delaware valley. radar has us dry right now. as we pull back, you can see a pretty large area of precipitation, and this is a cold front that will be heading west to east through our area later on today. after 1:00. so we're going to start out on a dry note. we're going to have bright sunshine this morning, and it's really going to look pretty nice. but then, with the approach of this front later on today, we expect clouds to be rolling in midday, clouds will thicken, and then we want to have the umbrellas handy later on this afternoon as this system gets closer because we do expect rain
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and possibly some embedded thunderstorms rolling through the area later on today. so that's why, when you look at the board, you see just about every neighborhood expecting the potential for some storms moving through later on today. and some of that rain could be heavy depending on just where you are. out in the burbs, malvern looking for a high temperature of 72. lehigh valley, 72. lower 70s for the most part. a little cooler in wildwood. 70 degrees with clouds. as i said, it's the tale of two weather systems. dry this morning with rain later on today. >> thanks, karen. imagine if a co-worker of yours turned into an instant multimillionaire. karen, i'm talking about you, right? >> i would like that! it's the case for employees at a mercer county company. you are looking at steve smith,
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a member of the family who will take a lump sum of this week's $430 million lottery prize. the insignia is from universal display corporation in trenton. we tracked down his now former boss who told us smith smiled at him the other day and said he had to resign. >> we love steve. we offered, he could stay. we told him he could stay but he is moving on to greener pastures. >> abramson tells us steve smith and his family winning the lottery is proof that good things can happen to good people. he has three other girlfriends. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> is it trump or not? that's the question, after that recording was made public. next, more on the donald. reporting that he once posed as his own publicist.
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supporters of brazil's president are protesting her impeachment. thousands of people attended a rally last night in rio de janeiro. they're upset that lawmakers have suspended president dilma rousseff as part of a corruption scandal. many in the crowd called the interim government illegitimate and promised more protests. to our decision 2016 contest. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump is denying he once posed as his own publicist. the republican candidate responded after audio recordings from 1991 were made public this week. take a listen for yourself. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> what is your position? >> i am sort of handling p.r. >> the "washington post" released that audio. in it a voice which some believe sounds like trump told an interviewer about the real estate magnate's dating life. the reporter from "people" magazine who conducted the interview said it's no doubt in her mind that trump was posing
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as his own publicist. yesterday trump denied it on the "today" show. >> is it you? >> no, i don't think -- i don't know anything about it. i have many, many people that are trying to imitate my voice. and you can imagine that. this sounds like one of the many scams. it doesn't sound like me. >> we also know that in a 1990 court case trump testified under oath that he did use a fake name on occasion. former president bill clinton campaigned for his wife in new jersey yesterday. he spoke at a rally and talked about hillary clinton's plans to make college affordable and cut student debt. the former president also made a stop in mercer county. busy day in the garden state. new jersey voters will head to the polls for their primary on june 7th. meantime, bernie sanders was on the stump in bismarck, north dakota. that state holds a presidential caucus also on june 7th. sanders told supporters that he
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wants to arrive at the democratic national convention here in philadelphia with more pledge delegates than hillary clinton. sanders only has a slim chance to do that. at the white house last night president obama hosted a state dinner for the leaders of sweden, iceland, finland, denmark and norway. the dinner capped off a summit on security and economic issues. the president called the nordic nations one of the america's most valuable partners. president obama also plans to honor a fallen philadelphia police officer monday at the white house. the president will posthumously award sergeant robert wilson iii the public safety officer medal of valor. wilson was shot and killed during a robbery at a north philadelphia gamestop store last year. the sergeant's family is expected to attend the ceremony in washington. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> we'll go ahead and bring you your neighborhood forecast this saturday morning. temperatures not doing too badly. we are looking at mainly clear
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skies. 55 in philadelphia right now. we have a few clouds out in the suburbs at 50 degrees. 52 right now in new jersey. a little cooler up in the lehigh valley, and 53 with mainly clear skies in delaware. we are talking about our weather story today, and we are looking for thunderstorm potential later on this afternoon. as for the dadvale regatta. they're expecting plenty of sunshine this morning. 73 by noontime. and 5:00 we get cloudy, potential for some rain and possibly even some thunderstorms. here is the cold front way out here. just pushing through the ohio valley. you can see all of the rain and how far-reaching this front is. so this precipitation will be moving west to east as we push on through our saturday afternoon. so we're going to start out dry with plenty of sunshine this morning, but then this system
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really starts to crank up and move on through. so we do anticipate the system just to really be sitting over us later on in the day. but we could have some popup showers out front of a cold front which would be earlier afternoon. future cast has us at about 6:30. you can see the orange and yellow. those are heavy cells embedded there. we could have a thunderstorm with this system. it is quick-moving. there is the good news. any heavy downpours that come out of that system later on this evening shouldn't really hang around and cause flooding problems simply because the system is moving so quickly. by sunday morning colder air funneling in. yes, what is this white on the map here in western pennsylvania? could it be flurry activity? we'll see, but it will be very, very cold through the overnight hours, especially northwest -- northwestern pennsylvania. but some scattered showers up here to the north later on for
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sunday. so we should stay dry for sunday, but as we get closer to sunday evening there is potential there for the possibility of a scattered shower, north of philadelphia. everybody else should stay dry sunday through monday. all right. our ten-day outlook takes us through. we are looking for a high of 73 today in philadelphia. tomorrow, look at our temperature drop. that's a high temperature of only 61. we're in the 40s for an overnight low. we stay cool, but then begin to moderate upward temperature-wise as we move through monday, tuesday, wednesday. by the time we get to thursday we're above our average high temperature this time of year at 78 degrees. but you see that we are still in an unsettled weather pattern. so you want to hang onto the umbrellas through the next work week. the nbc10 first alert weather team will join the phillies for our second annual weather education day next week. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, bill henley, sheena
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parveen and violetahas this coming wednesday. we're learning that a memorial service for former temple university president peter liacoras will be held thursday. he passed away thursday night following a lengthy illness. he was temple's president from 1992 to 2 thousa000. he was 85 years old. services will be held on friday at 11:00 a.m. at the temple performing arts center. 5:22 right now on this saturday. still ahead, hair loss can be the result of cancer treatment and certain psychological disorders. now thanks to 3d printing technology there is a new way to treat the side effects. we'll explain next.
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you may think losing your hair only happens with age or
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disease, but some people are literally pulling their hair out. when therapy and medication don't work, there is another way that folks are coping with the help of a 3d printer. nbc10's matt delucia looked into how the high-tech method works. >> you just start to pull your hair out. >> reporter: it's more common than you might think, from something you probably never heard of. lou ez has tricka tillo mania. >> stress is the biggest trigger. anytime there was a stressful time. you do it primarily in isolation, it seems. >> reporter: pulling her hair out due to stress. it happens subconsciously, and it's destructive. >> i guess, for anyone, but for a woman especially, if your hair feels somehow like it's not good, you just don't feel very confident and comfortable. >> reporter: the hair you see on louise now is not real. she tried other methods in the past six years.
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medication, therapy, wigs. nothing worked. nothing felt permanent. >> you're no desperate for a solution, you're almost willing to try anything. >> reporter: stylist danielle mar zello was trying to find something for her patients too. >> more people have it than you know because people keep it a secret. we cant to let people know it's okay. other people out there have it. >> danielle introduced louise to this printed metric. >> it's a representative of her head. from there it's actually made. >> reporter: a mold of the head is sent to a lab in italy where the prosthesis is created and then returned with hair. >> it's made to go on top of your hair, whether you have a lot or a little. >> reporter: danielle has been ordering the prosthetics for they are patients for the past three years. a 2013 study found that the disease affects as much as 4% of the population with the highest
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rates in childhood and adolescence but these hair replacements also benefit burn victims and cancer patients. >> what we do is a medical adhesive goes around. >> reporter: to give them new hope with a head of hair. >> i wasn't surprised about the technology, but i was surprised about how they were using it. i didn't think that this was possible. >> reporter: danielle works as transitions hair solutions in monmouth county. she says this is the best thing she's come across in 21 years in the business, and now she travels around the world educating people about it. the main thing is to show the people who have this hai hair-pulling disorder that there is another way that can help. 5:27 right now on this saturday morning. a terrifying experience for some local drivers. railroad spikes hurled from an overpass, smashed through car wind shields, hurting one person and damaging several cars.
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this morning philadelphia police have charged a man in connection with the crime. we'll update the investigation. a cool start to our saturday morning. we are expecting sunshine to begin the day. but we do want to let you know the umbrellas might be handy towards the end of the afternoon simply because we do have a cold front poised to move through our area later on today. i'll be back with the full forecast in just a bit.
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right now on "nbc10 news today," a man is charged in connection with throwing railroad spikes off a philadelphia overpass. details on the damage and the investigation coming up. now to a live look outside at boat house row where the dad vail regatta gets going on the schuylkill in less than two hours. thousands of rowers from as far away as california and canada are in philadelphia for the annual event. question is, will the weather hold out for the races on the river? we do expect to see the sun this morning. it's coming up here in cape may but we're tracking showers and thunderstorms for later this afternoon. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist karen thomas has our neighborhood at


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