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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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it brought rain and gusty winds and in its wake we are left with a cooler and breezy night. people were dealing with the cooler temperatures but it's going to get much cooler tomorrow. a nearly 20 degree drop and gusty winds will make it feel colder than it actually is. i'm denise nakano. let's time out the chill where you live with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast. >> we had a warm day today. temperatures climbed into the 70s before the storms rolled in and the temperatures are starting to drop. a windy day on sunday. another windy day on monday. this is the radar right now. no storms right now. they're all off the coast. that's going to be the case overnight. the skies are starting to clear and it will drop the temperatures into the 40s overnight. we are in the 50s already. 58 in atlantic city, 57 right now in trenton. 54 in allentown and these temperatures are about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than this time
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yesterday. so even in allentown around 7 degrees cooler compared to 24 hours ago. 6 degrees cooler in philadelphia. but tomorrow we are going to be about 20 degrees cooler than today and much cooler than where we are supposed to be this time of year. the wind is shifting out of the west. winds right now from 5 to 14 miles an hour. 14 miles an hour in atlantic city right now. a cool night tonight and temperatures in the 40s and tomorrow some temperatures not even out of the 50s. we will talk about that and we are tracking warm air and showers in the extended ten-day. and the afternoon storm is likely to blame for sending this tree crashing into a car. it happened just as the wind and rain rolled in. no one was hurt. just before the storm came through, this tree fell into the expressway on the westbound lanes between the route 1 and
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lincoln drive exits. the tree blocked several lanes. the road is now back to normal. within the past 45 minutes we learned a pregnant woman is in custody for shooting another woman in kensington this afternoon. it appears the two women were in relationships with the same man. the 24-year-old victim was shot multiple times and is in critical condition. the shooting happened just after 4:00 in a house on east willard street. the suspect had been caring for the victim's children. no charges have been filed. a series of daylight shootings in one jersey shore town has police calling in extra resources tonight. investigators are trying to figure out who was firing into crowded area in pleasantville atlantic county. some of the bullets hit a car that a young girl was riding in. >> reporter: mike rowe was walking when he passed this convenience store. >> when i got here there was
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crime scene tape up. >> reporter: it was the latest scene of escalating gun violence. someone shot at three men in the parking lot, the bullets flying from this moving car caught on surveillance. >> here in the northern part of the city there was a drive by shooting where the bullets came close to an 8-year-old girl outside this mexican market. >> we all have kids. it wasn't long ago that one of my kids was 8 years old. >> that marine suv is connected to yet another shooting where a man was shot before driving off. they are doubling the police presence and calling other agencies for help. >> we are pulling in everybody that we can get that is on the street right now. >> reporter: it is unclear if this is a gang argument or a
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drug-driven situation and urge police for tips before another incident person is caught in the cross fire. tonight police in south jersey are looking far woman who robbed three banks in the past two days. these are surveillance pictures of the woman wearing a scarf over her head and carrying a bright green purse. police say she demanded money from tellers friday night and again this morning. and detectives report the same thing friday morning. in decision 2016, the republicans are trying to unify behind donald trump the presumptive gop nominee. daniel cruz made a speech today. he called for republicans to unite. and house speaker paul ryan is in no rush to endorse trump. ryan said that party unity will
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take time. >> i'm glad the republicans are where we are right now. we're on the way to unifying and the democrats are on their way to ripping each other apart. >> reporter: hillary clinton released an ad mock trump's refusal to release his tax returns. authorities identified a man charged with hurling items off an overpass last night. police say at least four cars were damaged. an 18-year-old is now charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and related offensives. it was an emotional day in montgomery county as two children killed in a fire last weekend were laid to rest. we were there as mourners streamed out of st. patrick's church in northtown some carrying the girl's caskets. there were lots of tears and hugs as family and friends said good-bye. the 11-year-old and her 6-year-old sister died after
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fire swept through their home early last saturday morning. two adults were also killed. investigators say the fire does not appear suspicious. immigrants who uprooted their lives to live in the united states told their stories today in north philadelphia. a special panel of immigrants talked of their experiences of settling down in the philadelphia area. pennsylvania's latino and asian populations have more than tripled in the past two decades. the aberdeen regatta wrapped up today. crews from more than 100 schools gathered on the river banks. the competitors came from as far away as california and canada to compete in the largest collegiate rowing competition in the nation. they all got in the events before the rain arrived. up next, philadelphia's mayor crosses something off his
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bucket list by heading back to high school. we'll show the performance he put on today that he has been dreaming of since he was a teenager. the phillies are one-run wonders. but wait until you see how this ends. and the new birds are getting used to the new playbook. hear what they have to say.
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philadelphia mayor jim kenny checked off an item on his bucket list today. he performed in a play at his high school alma mater. >> thanks for joining us, detective? >> kenny. >> that's mayor kenny showing off his acting chops today at st. joe's prep.
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the mayor had a cameo in the school's production of "curtains" he said he regretted never joining the drama club in high school. so the school's drama director made it all happen. the philadelphia police officer and district attorney spend the day strengthening ties with one of the communities they serve. >> break the silence. >> end the violence. >> reporter: nbc 10 in kobbs creek where there was a community walk against violence. they took time out to talk about some of the issues that young people are facing growing up in the city. williams urged people to speak up hen they see crime happening in their neighborhood. a local eagle scout finds a way to honor those who make the ultimate sacrifice. we'll show you his invention for the graves of fallen heroes.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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tonight, two south jersey families are grieving the loss of two high schoolers killed in the crash after their prom. they went to bridgeston high school's prom when they crashed into a tree. nbc 10's reporter joins us from the scene. >> reporter: a corsage was left here. the students headed to ocean city after prom but on the way home the car they were in veered
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across the yellow line and crashed into this tree. >> just let me know where my baby at. look, she died without no family, you know, being around her. >> reporter: the agony has intensified since receiving the devastating phone call. >> had i known we were never going to see her smile again or hear her voice again. >> reporter: the 15-year-old's family enjoyed helping her get ready for prom on friday night. >> it was fun but i never think i would lose my sister afterwards. >> reporter: they had fun at prom and went to ocean city with two teenaged friends afterwards. on their way home around 3:45 saturday morning they crashed into a tree in this front yard. >> there is not one brake mark. so they just drove literally right through here and into the tree. >> reporter: the crash killed the two girls. two other passengers remain in the hospital.
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meanwhile, new jersey state troopers continue to investigate what happened. >> two of my best friends, in the same day. >> reporter: today there was a funeral for another bridgeston high school student who died in a car accident two weeks ago. on monday grief counsellors will be at the school to help them process the tremendous loss. reporting live in millville, nbc 10 news. an eagle scout is using his creativity to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. a memorial ceremony was held for army veteran -- who recently passed away. every may local scouts would visit the cemetery along with the soldier who is now laid to rest here. when he learned there was no easy way to place an american flag at the mausoleum he
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invented a small plastic flag holder for granite memorials. >> it attaches by going in between the granite slabs. and so it squeezes in really tight and it's good. >> he has made more than two dozen so far and hopes they will be used at memorials across the country. it was a warm day today, temperatures in the 70s earlier today and the showers and storms came through. some were gusty and dropped the temperatures into the 50s. we are going to be in the 40s and tomorrow not out of the 50s. tonight, the skies will be clearing to partly cloudy skies. we will be waking up to a lot of sunshine before clouds roll in. much cooler and windy that is the story. winds gusting to 50 miles an hour at times. a lot of sunshine on monday.
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cool in the low 60s and windy once again. the temperatures in the upper 50s on monday and some spots feeling like the upper 40s. right now we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. the showers have moved out of here. 57 degrees right now. winds out of the west at 12 miles an hour. that is a drying and cooling wind as well. the temperatures around 57 in philadelphia. 54 degrees in lehigh valley. south jersey, 57 and the jersey shore at 58 degrees. the temperatures in the low 50s to mid-50s. 53 in westchester. same story as we scoot to the east here. bensalem, 57 degrees right now. the temperatures are not bad but they are going to drop overnight as you go out for your exercise or jog you will be jogging in 40 degrees. windy on sunday. winds from 5 to 15 miles an hour. atlantic city, 14 miles an hour. that is the trend over the next few days. the winds will gust near 35
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miles an hour at times. the showers are out of here and we're going to start the clearing processes to partly cloudy skies tonight. so as we look through temperatures by 12:00 tomorrow feeling like the upper 40s with the winds. then as we near the afternoon we'll top out around 59 degrees. 74 is normal for this time of year. today we topped out at 76. and tomorrow night we're going to see the temperatures dropping back into the 40s and in some spots into the 30s. one of the spots the pocono mountains could see freezing temperatures. you might want to bring spring plants indoors. they could be susceptible to the cold we will see sunday night into monday. but we will warm up. not tomorrow. clouds increasing throughout the afternoon. by monday looking good in terms of the skies. 65 degrees.
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tuesday, and wednesday showers. thursday back into the 70s with lots of sunshine. the phillies entered tonight's game six games over .500 for the first time since 2011. could they keep it up? this is the seventh inning, a 3-2 ball game. the phillies trouble. men on second and third gets the strikeout. bottom seven, the phillies most consistent player goes deep and just barely gone to right. this was reviewed and ruled a home run. a heap of trouble for hernandez. 4-3, phillies. fly ball to left. a couple steps toward the plate
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and throws it home and collision at the plate. that's your ball game. look at it again. the catch and tag happened all at the same time. the phillies win 4-3. now 14-3 this season in one-run games. >> knew it was coming. knew there was going to be a play. and, well, we got him. >> it wasn't exactly shallow left field. >> yeah, i mean, tyler got behind the ball and made a great throw and gave me a chance to do whatever just happened. the flyers season ended three weeks ago and today it was revealed why giroux may have struggled. they will undergo surgeries on their hips and should return in 10 to 12 weeks.
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eagles rookie camp continues this weekend as the first taste of nfl life for the draft picks and undrafted free agents. all eyes on carson wentz who took the team for the first time yesterday to practice with his new teammates. he said one big difference from college to the nfl is the size of the play book. >> you have to pace yourself. there is a lot of things going on in there, a lot of plays and details. you have to take it one step at a time and build off what you've learned. >> when i saw that i was just, like, it's no way they want me to know all these formations and all these plays. i thought it was like we are going to do these. but when i came in they were like you have to no all of these. i had to sit down and start looking at every single one. the union taking on the impact. the union down a goal. the cross falls. back in the box.
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he clips it home to tie. that's how it ends. army lehigh softball patriot league tournament. watch the plate. she goes up, up, and away over the catcher. touches home. army wins the game 3-1.
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final look at the forecast with michelle. it's going to be cooler tomorrow. >> going to feel lie tke the up 40s in some spots. winds near 35 miles an hour and it's going to feel like the upper 40s in some spots. sunday night into monday some spots will reach 32 degrees or lower than that. 65 on monday with sunshine, showers return tuesday and wednesday. >> thanks for joining us. an all new "snl" is next.
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