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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  May 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a breaking news in bucks county. lye on the scene of a deadly fire at ben salem and investigators tell us it is considered suspicious. >> the commander and chief and commence met. the president will speak at rutgers graduation today. the rain has come and gone, but left with some cooler weather today. good morning this is nbc 10 today. thank you for being with us. let's get to karen thomas, a
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little chilly throughout this morning, right? >> i had my winter parka on this morning. i leave nothing to chance with a low of 47 degrees. i'm extreme that way, but it is cooler this morning for sure. and we're watching temperatures right now, mainly in the mid to upper 40s, even colder north and west of the city of philadelphia. 49 in philly right now. waiting for the sunrise officially in 20 minutes or so. we see the beautiful sky out here in the burbs. 47 with clouds and clear skies in delaware. temperatures on the chilly side and that's why we can expect partly cloudy skies through our sunday. and winds ladder on today. if you're feting outside, hang on to your hat.
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gusting winds up to about 30 miles per hour. a very slight possibility of an isolated scattered shower. here is why, the doppler radar has a dry at the moment. it is kicking the moisture off of the great lakes and bringing snow action off of the great lakes. it would will a scattered shower out of that. breaking news in bucks county. one person has died in a motel fire in ben salem dotownship. here is the lincoln motel on route 1. there is the glass broken out of the first floor window. also in the live picture you see
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investigators are still gathering information and evidence. it took crews about a half hour to get everything under control. they consider the fire to be suspicious. once we have more information we'll pass it along. a woman is in critical condition after being shot in a car in huntington park. detectives say the woman was in the car with her mother, sister, and a 2-year-old child when the bullets started flying. they crashed into another car with two men inside. the men also went to the hospital and were treated and released. a few blocks away a shooting shot a 26-year-old to the hospital. it happened around midnight. >> grief counsellor wills be at a cumberland county high school
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tomorrow to help students coping with two students who died. the friends were in a car that crashed into a tree. nbc 10 learned the students went to the prom and then headed to ocean city for more fun, but on their way home the car veered across the yellow line and crashed into the tree. the victim's loved ones are mourning the loss. >> we will never see her smile again. >> i lost two of my best friends in the same day. >> two of the passengers in the car that were 16 and 17 years
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old remain in the hospital. >> a pregnant woman is in custody for a shooting of another woman. the two women got into an argument. they also tell us the women were involved with the same man. so far no charges have been filed. from our jersey shore bureau, increased violence has police calling in extra resources this morning. investigators have been trying to figure out who is firing into crowded areas. some of the bullets hit a car that a young girl was riding in. mike rowe was out walking when it happened. he says someone shot at three men in the parking lot. >> people know who have the
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guns. here in the northern part of the city, there was a drive by shooting where the bullets came close to an 8-year-old girl outside of this mexican market. >> we all have kids. it wasn't that long ago that i had an 8-year-old. it really hits home. >> the maroon suv is also believed to be connected in another shooting. they are now doubling police presence. >> we're calling in everyone we can get on the street right now. it's unclear if this is a gang argument or a drug situation. an urgent plea for tips before another innocent person is caught in the cross fire.
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president obama will deliver today's commencement address in middlesex county. the gates at high point solution stadium will open at 8:00 this morning for guests to go through increases security. hundreds of students will be traveling from rutgers camden to be part of the historic day. >> hay, rosemary. we have been watching as many as 400 students arriving here to help set up tables and things. there are boxes here and people just showed up with donuts and coffee. 2600 members of rutgers will be arriving. they will board a dedicated
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train that will be joined by additional classmates to board another dedicated new jersey transit train. you know it will have that crimson r on it. that are l carry everyone to new brunswick. in total about 350 graduating rutger's university camden students will be attending the commencement. the key speaker will be barack obama. live for now from cam den, mo'nique braxton. >> the storms that rolled through yesterday may be to blame for scenes like this but fortunately it is all behind us. when we return we'll have a
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cooler forecast. an air display today. the thunder birds will be among the stars of the air show.
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le. good sunday morning. we had a cold front move through late yesterday. we had rain, rumbles of thunder, strong gusty winds. behind it was cold air. walking up this morning, temperatures are on the chilly side. we will bump up a little bit. we are dry here in the philadelphia area, but as we go to the north western part of the state, an upper level low way to the north of canada. it is just churning a little
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moisture off of the lake. we're getting lake effect temperatures cold enough. like the upper lehigh valley. mainly sunny for a isolated scattered shower coming through the area. here are the temperatures. highs for today close to 60 in philadelphia. clouds, the lehigh valley. clouds in the mid to upper 40s. >> thanks, karen. the storms that came through yesterday, the ones that karen just mentioned are likely to blame this tree crashing on a car in winnfield.
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>> i want to make sure that we really, truly understand each other. >> what republican leaders are saying about how to bring the party together. spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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today race weekend at cover international speedway shifts into high gear with the nascar sprint cup 400. eric jones won the xfinity 200 mile race. the gates open today at 7:00. and the power in the pines aeroshow wraps up today. the thunder birds will show off their skills. gates open there at 9:00 this morning. now to our decision 2016 coverage, republicans are
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working to unify behind their presumptivive presidential nominee, donald trump. ted cruz made his first speech since suspending his campaign. the texas senator did not endorse trump, but did call for republicans to unite. house speaker paul ryan was also in no rush to endorse donald trump. >> our party -- i'm glad the republicans are where we are right now, we're on our way to unifying, the democrats are ripping each other apart. >> and hillary clinton released a new ad mocking donald trump's refew sus -- refusing to release
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his taxes. and one fed up man printed these, everybody sucks 2016. here is what set him off in the first place. >> it was marco rubio making fun of the side of trumps hands. >> he referred to their hands, if they're small, something else must be small, there is no problems. he and his wife are filling orders for bumper stickers, t-shirts, and yard signs. waking up early this morning on sunday, i'm karen thomas. after yesterday's rumbles and windy system that moved through with the rain, and catching a rainbow yesterday out of that
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system. we're in for a calmer forecast waking up this sunday morning. there is the point. we're looking for sunshine. mid 40s, suburbs, 44 and 47 in delaware right now. temperatures will be moving upward, but not quickly, and not very much. we are not looking for a very warm day. typical of spreng this time of year would be about 71 or 72 degrees. we'll be happy if we make it to 60 in philadelphia. here are the temperatures we have right now in interior south jersey. 49 degrees out there. 45 in lum berton out there. it is chilly outside. we have a frost advisory way north now. we wanted to show you a clear feeling parts of monroe coupty.
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even sub freezing temperatures tonight and into tomorrow north of philadelphia. our headlines, sun to start for the day, cool and windy, a noticeable change with the winds, and for tomorrow, cool and windy again. we stay with this pattern. we are dry right now. the radar showing us no rain around to speak of. we have lake effect action happening here, an upper level low way to the north is giving us a counter clockwise flow. we're getting lake effect if snow here in erie. for some of us, it is possibly an isolated scattered shower later on today. just as the system continues to churn and bring moisture our way. future cast showing us a closer
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look at what i'm talking about. little pockets of sprinkles pushing into western philadelphia. parts of allentown, parts of the lehigh valley and scattered showers throughout the afternoon. we're looking for a dry day for our monday, but on the chilly side. and then we're looking for rain to come back into the picture on tuesday. >> thank you for that, karen. today anglers young and old will have a fishing competition. no rain but maybe just a little cool out there. getting the longest fish wins the governor's award. fishing equipment will also be awarded to winners in a number of categories. the eagles are just getting
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familiar with their first nfl play book. why that is not an easy process. wait until you see how this philly's win ended. it's all ahead, next, in sports.
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5:53 right now on this sunday. about 48 degrees outside of the nbc 10 studios. pretty clear out there. the sun is starting to come up. that is good news with all of the rain that came through yesterday. so today, going to be chillier than yesterday. karen thomas will be back with more details and the first alert forecast. good morning to you. the phillys entered saturday's games six games over 500 for the
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first time in the 2011 season when they won 100 games. only the cubs have a better record in the national league. middle of the second and third, needs a strikeout here. seven strong innings for him. one of the league's most consistent players. herrera getting up and out. 4-2 phillies, they would need an insurance run. 4-3, tyler camps out underneath of it. book at the catch. the tag, and catches it all at the same time. that are 14-3 this season. >> we knew it was coming. we knew there would be a play, and we got them.
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>>. >> yeah, tyler got behind the ball and made a great throw and gave me a chance to do whatever just happened. >> whatever just happened is right. the phillys with a big victory. the flooiiers season ended three weeks ago and it was revealed by claude giroux may have struggled so much. he will undergo surgery on the hips. he has been dealing with injuries since the beginning of the season. and the first taste of nfl live for draft picks and all eyes are on carson wentz.
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he said one big difference is the nfl play book size. >> there is a lot in there. you have to just take one step at a time and build on what you learn. and i think i did that pretty effectively. >> i thought it was just like we're going to do these, and this will be it, but when i came in they said you have to know all of these, and i had to just sit down and start looking at it. >> union and the raeigning montreal. back in the box. puts it home, easy breezy. that would tie the game and that is how it would end. it goes airborne. leaps over the catcher and touches the dish.
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army winsle game 3-2. he performed at a play in his high school alma mader. the mayor had a cameo in the cool's production of curtains. the cool's drama director made it happen. 5:57 right now. president obama will be speaking at rutgers university today, and some students will be boarding trains pretty soap to head up there. monique braxton is live there with the details. you see see as many as three dozen students lining up.
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what they're doing and the next step in their historic trip after the break. yes, and we're seeing those students with their hands in their pockets and jackets on. plenty of sunshine starting out our sunday morning. a beautiful sky but chilly conditions out there. if you're heading out early you will need a jacket for sure. when things will be warming up and our next round of rain that is in the forecast. i'll be back with the details after the break.
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we continue to follow breaking news in bucks county after a fire at this motel. police say it was no accident. president obama will be in new jersey today driving the commencement speech at rutgers university in middlesex county. we're live with students from camden to who plan to be part of this cool day. >> let's look at center city, philadelphia. the sun is coming up, the clouds have cleared out of here, and we expect the winds to be kicking up here as well this afternoon. >> thank you for getting up with


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