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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  May 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we continue to follow breaking news in bucks county after a fire at this motel. police say it was no accident. president obama will be in new jersey today driving the commencement speech at rutgers university in middlesex county. we're live with students from camden to who plan to be part of this cool day. >> let's look at center city, philadelphia. the sun is coming up, the clouds have cleared out of here, and we expect the winds to be kicking up here as well this afternoon. >> thank you for getting up with
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his. i'm rosemary con nors. this morning i thought i would need the heat. >> i did, i turned the seat warmers on and the parka. but i'm extreme that way. waking up this morning, it is chilly outside. if you are going outside, you will want a coat on. we have science and the sun is officially up in the sky. we saw beautiful shots all across philadelphia. clear skies right now, across the area, we have sunshine, so it is lovely working and waking up this morning. partly cloudy skies and we move through our sunday morning and
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the winds will be increasing. we are looking for stronger winds. an isolated shower, possibly, mainly knot and west, that could stretch down into parts of northern delaware and south jersey. we are watching how shom lake effect it is bringing moisture across the great lakes, and that snow in western pennsylvania. if we get some of this moisture stretching in, we could get an isolated shower in the area. >> now back to the breaking news. we have a live look at the scene at the lincoln motel.
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police are telling they are investigating this as ar sop. it broke out just before 2:30 this morning. you can see firefighters are still there on the scene. we will continue to follow once we get any details we will pass them along. >> new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the person that stabbed a man to death. the victim was stabbed in the chest on the street. no word on a motive in this case. >> certainly a big day at rutgers university. students will hear from the commander and chief. it is all part of the cool's 250th anniversary celebration. today's ceremony beginning at 12:30. the gates will open at 8:00 this
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morning so the guests have plenty of time to go through increased security. >> right now, students from rutgers cam den are getting ready to travel to that ceremony. >> we have been watching the students arrive since about 5:00 this morning getting special rail passes and being given breakfast. we have two seniors here with us. jasmine still, what is your major? >> i'm a biology major at rutgers cam den. >> how excited are you today? >> i'm very excited. >> what would you like to hear him say? >> just to congratulate us. it took me five years to get through. >> daniel, you're out here
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bright and early. it is blustery. tell me what you're feeling? >> just excitement. the spth a great speaker. >> is there anything specifically you would like to hear the president say for us? >> that there is hope for us in the future, and jobs available, and to be optimistic and confidence. >> thank you so much. daniel and jazz men, thank you so much to you. >> the train will make a stop in trenton, and it will make that final stop for the 12:30 commencement address. >> thank you for that, monique. also joe biden and donald trump are expected to attend
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penn's commencement. biden will be there to watch his daughter. tlu trump will also be there to watch the second daughter he had with marla maples. grief counsellor wills be at a high school in cumberland county tomorrow. 15-year-old and 17-year-old girls were the victims of the crash. nbc 10 learned the students went to ocean city for more fun after the prom, but on the way home, the car veered across the yellow lines and hit a tree. new jersey state police are
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investigating what happened. after a series of shootings, since wednesday, police in pleasantville have been called to four shootings. the latest incident happened yesterday morning. three men shot at in a parking lot yesterday. on friday, an 8-year-old girl informs a car hit by bullets fired at an suv. >> we all have kids and it certainly hits home. >> the police chief says he is doubling the man hour. he also contacted multiple law enforcement agencies.
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help. >> here is what we know. these are surveillance pictures, detectives say she demanded money on friday morning, and then police in hamilton say she did the same thing friday night and saturday morning there. 6:08 this sunday. a casino trip turns into a tragedy when a bus turns over. >> plus, pothole headaches. big delays between when a pothole is reported and when it gets repaired. all of that coming up in just a few minutes.
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it is chilly outside. we have beautiful sunshine though. skies remain clear. the forecast is looking pretty nice especially considering what we had late yesterday afternoon when the cold front pushes the rain and gusty wind and rumbles of thunder through the area. overcast and windy but lovely. clear skies across the board. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. delaware looking really nice there. moving up, temperature wise, and we will have mainly sunny skies. colloids in and around the afternoon. temperatures really not bumping up too, too much. 55 degrees, we'll get to 16 in
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delaware for w partly cloudy skies. temperatures are way below where we should be for this time of year. right now 14 miles per hour. but don't look for a lot of warmth today, but you will need the sunglasses. >> it is graduation day. the commencement ceremony begins at 11:00 this morning in aviator park. 100 students will receive their bachelor of fine arts degrees.
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still away, a small but important way to remember fallen heros.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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this morning, investigators are expected to arrive in texas to take a look at a deadly bus crash. this is not far from the mexico border. they were heading to a casino when the bus rolled over. it is unclear yet if that played a roll in the accident. one person died in the hospital. a pilot's plane crashed at
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an air show. the pilot was flying in tandem with another plane. no one else was hurt. investigators are looking into what went wrong. >> back here in our area, an eagle south it tapping into his creative side. nbc 10 was at a memorial ceremony yesterday for a army veteran that recently passed away. he was now laid to rest there. there was no easy way to put an american flag at the moselium.
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>> he name it'd and has made more than two dozen so far. he hopes they will be used across the country. good sunday morning, i'm karen thomas taking a look at our neighborhood forecast. we have mainly sunny skies. clouds around gil. delaware about 47. and the temperatures will be moving upward, but not too much, it is chilly out there. colder air came in from canada. 42 in chester heights right now if is 43 degrees.
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so temperatures mainly in the mid 40s. a little colder up here in milford township. but we have sunshine this morning. mostly sunny for now. what we can expect in the afternoon, cool and windy cons. cool and winny tomorrow. we'll start out the week on a dry note, cool and windy. we are dry for right now. there is good news, right? don't need the umbrellas this morning. maybe the shades, a visor or hat early. interestingly watching this system here. an upper level low way to the north, but it is cranking out moisture across the great lakes. it could stretch into our area later on today. member looking to the sky for an
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isolated shower. otherwise, we will be dry b, partly cloudy skies out there. you can see how the future cast put into motion -- see how some of the presip areas, just isolated pockets of rain stretch into the area here. but to the south, we're going to stay clear. cloud cover will not even be a problem here this afternoon. then we dry out completely. still areas where it is cold. we will be dry and clear for the most part as we go into monday. the next system rainmaker coming in tuesday into enz. that is tuesday at 1:30. have the umbrellas handy. rain showers moving through
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tuesday into wednesday. >> thank you were karen. coming up, potholes on city streets. philadelphia says if you report them they will be fixed in 3 days. but that is not always the case. that is next.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment this morning, nbc 10 investigators look at potholes going unrepaired in the city. they looked at every request for road repairs submitted by drivers. there are big errors that the
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street's department is now rushing to fix. >> from her front porch, victoria has watched four decades of traffic rumble past. but that is nothing compared to the jolt of a truck hitting a pothole. she says she heard it for months and months. the city's record show the pothole on her block of richmond street took longer than any other to prepare. reporting in january 22nd of last year, it was not closed until january 12th of this year, 354 days later. >> they think there is no big hole that it is not a problem, but it is a problem. >> the street's department promises that the potholes
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reported by 311 system will be repaired in 3 business days. when we checked, we found the pothole on her block is not the exception. the department was often missing that dead lean. many were closed out after five days and more than 1,000 taking more than 2000 days. they have scheduled a hearing about using more efficient technology. >> we're going to keep doing it the inefficient way. >> so you think we need a new way? >> i do. the department's own records looked even stranger. a handful of dates like january 12th, 2016, coming up again and again.
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that's the day her pothole was reportedly closed out, but crews listed 298 other potholes from the northeast so south filly as closed that very same day. sometimes as many as nine different potholes in the same minute. when we showed michael car roll, he had not noticed the discrepancy in the team's reports. >> we don't even no if they're accurate. >> apparently not, we didn't do that may in one day. >> they are supposed to clear out the requests the day the work is done. the best guess, crews waited months. and then marked hundreds as closed at the same time. it leaves the city with no
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accurate record. >> there is no tracking of how long it took to repair a pothole. >> those are the one that's are 311 requests. that is only one part of what we have fixed. >> it is like -- >> the frustration of pothole aeroringing she can't recall when her pothole was -- >> you know, you don't see anyone coming these days. they have emphasized city rules and their responsibility to track road repairs every day and at the end of every shift.
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they say it is their responsibility to the stain all of us who drive philly's street's. george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> 6:27 right now on this sunday, president obama comes to new jersey to speak at rutger's commencement. some students from our area is on their way to see him. in camden some students are leaving right now. >> if you're just waking up this morning and joining us, you're in for a chilly start to our forecast. but plenty of sunshine out there right now. the sun is up and the skies are clear right now. i'll be back with all of your weather details after the break.
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that breaking news is in bucks county. a deadly overnight fire at this
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hotel, and police are investigating it as arson, details, next. the commander and chief at commencement. president obama will speak at rutger's university today, and students in camden are on their way to be part of this tradition. cooler and windy this afternoon. when the warmth will return. this is nbc 10 news today. thank you for being with us. it is 6:30 on this sunday. let's get right to karen thomas who has the first alert forecast. we're seeing the wind turbines spinning out there. >> we have a westerly wind right now. but we expect the gusts to be increasing through the sunday afternoon. a little time for the sun to stay with us, and mixing going on. winds will be picking up later
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on today. a seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we stay in this active pattern, and it is unusually chilly out the there. temperatures mainly in the mid 40s. 47 degrees. it is chilly, a beautiful sky this morning. if you're one of those people you like to get up early, get outside, take a walk or jog, you might need a jacket or sweater. it's not feeling like we're heading into mid may. but none the less, here we are, dry on radar right now. pres precip to the west and northwest. we have lake effect moisture. a possibility that some of it could stretch our way bringing us possibly an isolated shower later on this afternoon.
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we will feel the winds increasing as we move through our sunday. these are the numbers for high temperatures. looking to get close to 60 degrees for a high in philadelphia. >> thank you for that, karen. back to that breaking news out of bucks county. one person has died in a motel fire at n bensalem township. investigators are inside gathering more information and evidence. police say they are investigating this as a case of arson. crews did bring the flames under control pretty quickly. we're going to stay live and keep you posted once we learn new information. >> new from overnight, a woman in critical condition after being shot in a car. philadelphia police found shell casings all over the road and
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sidewalk around 1:00 this morning. detectives say the woman informs the car with her mother, sister, and a 2-year-old child. they crashed into a car with two men inside. the men also went to the hospital. they were treated and released. a few blocks away. another shooting sent a 26-year-old man to the hospital. the violence happened at franklin street. grief counsellors will be available for students at a school who lost two students. they fwhr a car with two other friends when it crashed into a tree along route 49 in
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millville. the students headed to prom and then went to ocean city for more fun. on the way home the car veered across the yellow lines and crashed into a tree. >> she died with no family being around her. >> we're never going to see her smile again. >> i lost two of my best friends in the same day. >> two other passengers in the car, they are 16 and 17 years old and they remain in the hospital. this morning, a pregnant woman has been arrested for the shooting of another woman. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon inside a house on east
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willard street. the women were involved with the same man. so far no charges have been filed. >> it is aggravated assault day at rutger's university. students will hear from the commander and chief. the graduation ceremony begins at 12:30. the gates at high point will open at 7:00. monique braxton spoke to some of the students this morning. >> the scarlett spirit is here this morning. but joining me now is rutger's sports person.
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>> this is an amazing day. . this is the first time in a long time we had a commencement given by a sitting president and the students are pumped. >> the students want today hear things about if jobs would be waiting for them. one student said i want to make sure that all children have health care. something else is that it is just them and the president today. >> yeah, as you might guess, they want to bring their families. rutgers camden students will be graduating here on wednesday and thursday. they be able to bring as many
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people as they want to that ceremony. >> so not a bad tradeoff. president on sunday, family during the week. >> as you can see over my shoulder there, cleaning up. passes and breakfast. they did wake up before they boarded the river looiline. get your engines revved for a big race today at cover international speedway, a i want to make sure we really, truly understand each other. later, a call for unity, but still no endorsement of the g.o.p.'s presumptive nominee. what they're now saying about bringing the party together.
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good sunday morning, i'm karen thomas, let look at your neighborhood forecast. a little chilly start, but plenty of sunshine. good news, blue skies across the board. the delaware beaches looking very beautiful, crisp, 47 degrees. winds, that is part of our weather story today. we have a tight pressure gradient as we say goodbye to that low pressure. we have another low to the top. so we have two districts of the
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wind. wind gusts to 35 and 40 miles per hour. hold on to your hat later on today. sunshine on tap. here is a look at the three-day. that is cool for this time of year. so we bump up a little bit in this department. our next storm or rain system if you will coming in on tuesday. bringing shower activity into wednesday. looking to top out at 56 degrees despite the sunshine. >> thank you for that, karen. >> if you're looking for something to do today, on this sunday, a couple things going on. race weekend at cover international speedway, we'll shift into high gear. looking at yesterday's action at
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the monster mile. today's big race starts at 1:00. the gates open at 7:00 this morning at dover. in south jersey, the power in the pines air show wraps up today. the thunder birds will show off their flying skills. also the golden nights will perform stunts. gates open there this morning at 9:00. just about 48 degrees outside of the nbc 10 studios. some new eagles are just getting used to their nfl play book. why it is not an easy process. and then the phillys get the wind, but it is not easy.
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reaching out to neighbors to help strengthen communities. that's how the police spent their saturday. nbc 10 was there when there was a community walk against violence yesterday. afterward they took the time to talk about some of the issues that young people face growing up in the city. he also urged neighbors to speak up when they see crime happening. immigrants told their stories this weekend with their experiences about traveling to the u.s. and settling in the philadelphia area. the latino and asian populations have more than tripled in the past two decades. 6:45 right now on this sunday.
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to our 2016 presidential coverage. republicans are working to unify behind their nominee, donald trump. ted cruz made his first speech yesterday since suspending his campaign. he did not endorse trump, but he called for republicans to unite. house speaker paul ryan was also in no hurry to endorse donald trump. he said that party unity will take some time. >> i'm glad the republicans are where we are right now, because we're on our way to unifying and democrats are still ripping each other apart. >> also, yesterday, hillary clinton released a new ad mocking donald trump's refusal to release his tax returns. a wisconsin voter fed up with the presidential race is printing his feelings like there is no tomorrow. you can see the message. he posted it on facebook and it
6:47 am
immediately went viral and led to requests for products with the message. sheer what set him off. >> it was marco rubio making fun of the side of trump's hands. >> i guarantee you there is no problem. >> at that point i was like everybody sucks. >> the antipolitical slow gag is catching on. he and his wife are now filling thousands of orders for yard signs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts. good sunday morning, i'm karen thomas. we'll check your neighborhood forecast. if you're going to the phillies game today, you're going to want a jacket. it is a little chilly out there. 45 degrees right now.
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really plenty of sunshine in philadelphia that is not necessarily helping to warm things up too, too much. looking at temperatures here on the colder side of things for sure. it is 51 at cape may courthouse. 47 right now, 44, 49 in atlantic city. colder the further north we go. check this out. a freeze watch later tonight. overnight tonight between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. the temperatures way north will be dropping to sub freezing. so planting up to the north maybe not a good idea. we'll have supny skies for a good portion of our day, but it will be cool and windy and we will stay with that same theme for tomorrow. dry tomorrow, but the winds will stay with us and it will be cool
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once again. dry for now, the entire area dry, but as go wider, we can see just where the moisture is. look at this lake effect know right here. we have more in parts of western new york. it is turning into frozen res precip. don't be surprised if you are especially north of philadelphia later on today, if you see a little bit of shower activity. we can't rule out the possibility of just isolated shower moving through later on today. future cast model showing us just a little bit of a better picture of these just isolated little pockets of light shower activity. you may not get anything. look at this in delaware or south jersey, you may stay dry. north and west, these little
6:50 am
streamers will be going through and you will get an isolated shower throughout that system. and into our monday morning waking up, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. cool again. so you will need a jacket for your early monday morning. then tuesday, as we get closer to tuesday, that is when the rain comes back into the forecast. i will be back with more in just a bit. good morning to you, i'm danny pommells. the phillys ended only the cub national league. needs a strikeout here. what does he get? seven strong innings for him, leads, philly's most consistent
6:51 am
player. getting up and out, just barely clearing the fence. big trouble. there there be a play at the plate. look at the throw, the catch, catches is all at the same time. they get the victory with a play at the dish. >> we knew it was coming, that there would be a play, and that we got him. >> yeah, i mean tyler got behind the ball and gave me a grace trance to do whatever just happened. >> the flyers revealed why
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claude giroux may have struggled so much. he will under go surgery on both hips. the gm says he has been dealing with yurs since the middle of the season. >> the first taste of nfl life for these draft picks. all eyes, of course, on carson wentz who signed his contract on thursday. he and his squad said one difference is the size of the play book. you to take it one step at a time and keep building on what
6:53 am
you have learned. they said you have to know this, and i just sat down and started looking at all of them. >> union down a goal, crosses back in the box to cj. puts it home, easy breezy nap is how the game would end. montreal in a tie. casey puts on her cape and goes airborn. what a play. that is your look at sports, i'm danny pommells.
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today in bucks county. people taking some off of the top to support cancer. the goal is to raise $30,000 for kids and research. today, anglers young and hold are at island beach state part for a fishing competition.
6:57 am
the fishing tournament started just within the last half hour. the person that catches the longest or largest finish. it also goes to a number of winners in a number of categoried. >> and a mayor checked off an item on his bucket list. performing in a high school play. >> he showed off his acting shops at st. joe's prep yesterday. the mayor was on "cur and its. in his election campaign, kenny said he regretted never joining the drama club in high school, so the drama director made it all happen. president obama will be in new jersey today to give a commencement speech. students from rutgers camden are
6:58 am
on their way now. >> we just spoke to some of the students and they could not be any more excited. you will hear from them shortly. >> a chilly start to our sunday forecast. plenty of sunshine. so many events and so many graduations and things going on today. you want to get out and enjoy it, but we will have windy conditions and chilly temperatures especially to start on sunday. a light jacket today. i'll be back with your full forecast after the break.
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i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. a deadly fire overnight in bucks county is now a case of arson. coming up, what we learned this morning about the investigation. and a woman shot while driving. we'll explain what happened next that sent more people to the hospital. today, graduates will hear a presidential commencement speech. today, we're talking with local students making a special trip to see the commander in


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