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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  May 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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a motel fire kills one in bucks county and investigators say the flames were deliberately set. big day for graduates of rutger's university, marking an important milestone, we'll hear from local students on their way to this historic event. it is 9:00 on this sunday, let's start with our sunday weather, karen thomas is tracking the
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changing in our neighborhood forecast, and we're talking about the cooler weather. >> absolutely, a little may chill. i came in overnight in a par ka. so happy sunday morning. we have a decent forecast on tap, but it does feel a little more like fall than spring out there. temperatures in the lower 50s with the exception of the suburbs. look at new jersey, we have beautiful blue skies, it is a great morning to get outside, exercise, and take a stroll. beautiful sunshine, blue, clear skies, 52 degrees there. we will be clearing out, sunshine waking up early tomorrow morning. we will stay on the chilly side of things as we move on through.
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look out for partly cloudy skies, strong winds later on this afternoon. we could have isolated wind gusts of about 40 miles per hour, and there is an isolated chance of a spritzer or sprinkle later on in the afternoon. >> we'll see you then, thanks, karen. >> one person is dead after a fire. it was was an active scene. monique has more on the active investigation. let me show you what is going on
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just over my shoulder. the forensic unit is here along with ben salem police and fire investigators. it started about 2:30 this morning. we talked to guests that were in the motel when the flames broke out. >> we were sleeping, and when the fire occurred, all i heard was a smoke alarm going off. i woke up, grabbed my stuff and went downstairs. >> the american red cross has been helping those victims and ores. police tell us the fire at the motel was deliberately set. we will be reaching out to see if they have snn custody. >>. >> thank you for that.
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police are calling for reinforcements after a series of shootings this week. police have been called to four separate shootings. police say someone shot at three men in the parking lot there, the bullets flying from this moving car were caught con surveillance. >> you know, we all have kids. it wasn't that long ago that one of my kids was eight years old, so it certainly hits home. >> the police chief also says he is doubling the manpower on city streets in marked and unmarked weeks. >> this morning a pregnant woman is under arrest in connection of the shooting of another woman in ken sington. it happened yesterday afternoon in a house on east willard
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street. police say the two weem got into an argument and they were involved with the same man. so far no charges have been filed. >> today, investigators are expected to arrive in texas to look at a deadly bus crash. it is not far from the border as you can see from the video, it was raining at the time of the accident. it's unclear if that contributed to the accident. >> it is graduation day at rutgers university in new brunswick. they're making the trip because president obama is making the
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address. we spoke with them just before they boarded a train. >> what would you like to hear him say or have him say? >> just to congratulate all of us. it took me five years to get through, and i know a lot of people took longer than that. so just to congratulate us and be proud of us. >> that there is hope in the future, and jobs available, and to be upbeat and hospitoptimist. >> about 300 graduating camden students will attend the commencement in new jersey. >> and biden will watch his granddaughter. she will receive her degree. security will be tight, penn is urging parents and students to arrive early for tonight's
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ceremony at franklin field. >> up, up and away, a air show wows the crowds in new jersey. we'll show you where you can watch later on.
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good sunday morning, i'm karen thomas looking at our nabz forecast. if you're going out early this morning, you will need a light jacket. it is a little chilly out there and the winds are picking up as we move through our sunday. current temperature right now is 48 degrees in the suburbs. we see clouds moving in in the
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lehigh valley. delaware is looking clear, all sun, but temperatures are about 10 to degrees below where we should be for this time of year. here is what we're looking at temperature wise in philadelphia, close to 60 degrees. 56 with sunshine in new jersey. the lehigh valley is the cold spot there. we're looking to get to 60 degrees in delaware. let's see if question get our winds back. the wind will really be picking up. we have a west, northwesterly flow that will intensify throughout the afternoon. breezy conditions, we're going into windy conditions this afternoon with peak wind gusts at 30 to 35 miles per hour. direction right now out of the west, changing to the northwest
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bringing in cooler air for overnight tonight. >> thank you for that, karen. a fire destroying dozens of home in brazil. the count down is on and we're now just under three months away from the rio olympics. some athletes participated in test events yesterday. the competition is held every two years between the u.s. and the spanish and portuguese. mayor jim kenny gets a chance to mark one off on the bucket list and goes back to high school to fulfill a lifelong dream. the story is straight ahead.
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today in south jersey, the power in the pines wraps up. the air force thunder birds will show off their flying skills, the gates are now open. time to check in on this week's wednesday child. she a sweet and loving 13-year-old boy. we are introduced to angel. >> hi, angel. how are you? >> what you first notice about angel is the obvious.
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he is confined to a wheelchair and develop mentally challenged. if you only focus on the wheelchair and the challenges, you miss how warm, tweet, and innocent and loving this little boy is. we spent part of the afternoon together in his south jersey care. >> you can see he has significant develop mental delays, but he is one of those kids that is just like everybody else. it takes a little while to warm up, and once he does, his smile melts your heart. you can see what his smile does to everyone else in the room. that's how he communicates with people. >> and what he communicates is crystal clear. pure joy, just look at that smile. angel is so gentle and perfectly
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named what this young man dreams of is what any child longs for, a forever family. >> if you work in this field, you truly believe there is a family here for every kid. you know, it's -- the ideal family that doesn't have a specific make up, it is just someone with the calling in their heart to care for a kid with special needs. just being around him, he communicates with you, obviously, in non-verbal ways. but he reacts and communicates with you. >> he is this week's wednesday's child. if you would like to make angel's dream come true, or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to our website,
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you can also call the national adoption center. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i know we have so many outdoor events today. graduations, baseball games, maybe you're just traveling, going to visit grandmom today, you'll want the forecast for sure. so far, so good. sun and clouds this morning. we are looking for heavier cloud cover building in later this afternoon. cool conditions all day. windy conditions as well. and the cool and windy elements will stay with us as we start out our next workweek. dry tomorrow, we won't need our umbrellas, but we will be cool and windy again. we have a westerly flow, and you can see by the wind test here that 17 miles per hour in millville is a pretty good breeze blowing out there. but before it does, we could get
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peak wind gusts at 40 miles per hour. this is carr bonn and monroe county. but just to give you an indication of that cold northester will i hair going into place, a freed watch for early tomorrow morning. so in jeopardy there. the pets will need to come in for sure as we check radar, we are dry. right now, we will be dry for the next couple hours. as we go wide, you see precipitation off of the great lakes if is bringing around whipping counter clock wise. cold enough in areas north of pittsburgh and lake erie for
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snow to fall. we're expecting just an isolated shower. delaware should be dry, but it is just stretching across the southeastern part of the state today. so don't be surprise first degree you see an isolated pocket or a spritzer moving through. clouds coming in as we get to tuesday overnight. early tuesday morning the cloud shield comes in and a system with a cold front that we have been experiencing. that pattern will continue. this particular model has heavier rain moving in. look at this. this would be by 4:30. the drive home on tuesday could
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be a wet one. >> thank you for that, karen. mayor jim kenny checked off an item on his bucket list, he performed in a play at his a ma matter. he showed off his acting chops yesterday. he had a cam you in the school's production of "curtain." the school's drama director made it happen. >> if you call in a pothole repair in philadelphia, the city is supposed to take care of it in three days, the nbc 10 investigators found it could take more than 200 days to fill the potholes. just ahead, the big error that the streets department is rushing to fix.
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9:23 on this sunday, the jaimeson pour house is doing a sunday raiser today. with the emergence of isis,
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many people in the muslim community believe their vk relin is on attack. there is a town hall on muslims in the media. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> tell us about the town hall and how it came to be. >> yeah, it is part of an effort to educate the media community on the islamic and muslim communities. the coverage is not always the best, and we want our media professionals to be there to help them understand how to
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cover the islamic community. >> what will we be learning? >> i hope journalists will questions about our perspective of how we're portrayed in the media. phrases like islamic terrorists are being used and they take exception to that. islam is a peaceful religion. they may call themselves islamic this and that, but what they do is contrary to our teachings. >> and this is open to the public? >> yes, we encourage media professionals and journalists to be in the room. we want media professionals, we
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will be featuring several speakers and we want to make sure they're in the room as well as community members. >> beyond this town hall that sounds like it will be educational and informative, what is next in terms of keeping the communities and members of their community. >> yeah, we have historically been involved with members of the other faiths. we had a walk recently that was with jews and christians, and we will continue along the lines and have the opportunity to
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share with the public and anyone else that is interested. we want to establish a speaker's bureau that maybe wants to find out more about islam and the islamic position on various matters. everyone is welcome to come visit us as well. >> we really appreciate both of you coming in this morning to tell us about the event. and to speak with us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. when we come back on nbc 10 news today, we have more information about the deadly motel fire in bucks county. that is next.
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this just in, hours after a dead lly motel fire, police in bucks county have a person of interest in custody. a drive turning post prom celebrations takes a deadly turn. today it will be a little cooler, but sunnier than yesterday. and more changes on the way this afternoon. that is all coming up ahead in your neighborhood forecast.
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good morning, i'm rosemary connors. let's get a check of the forecast with karen thomas. >> plenty of sunshine out there, clouds filtering into the weather picture, but numbers are bumping up a little bit, a little slowly. 52 degrees the temperature right now. high clouds are moving in, but still sunshine, plenty of it. there is the cold spot right now, look at thursday, folks looking pretty terrific. blue skies, the lehigh valley, fair clouds around, 50 degrees and in delaware, the delaware beaches. 52 degrees not looking too badly at all. there is the ballpark, getting ready right now. 52 by tonight. 49, dipping down into the 40s
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tomorrow. winds are increasing as you move through our sunday, you want to hold on to your hat, we have a westerly wind right now. a west northwesterly flow helping to usher in the cooler temperatures, the cold pocket of air, 18 miles per hour right now in hiwilmington. 17 in millville. so we'll stay with the sunshine for now, i'll talk to you about what we can expect for rain in the forecast in just a bit. >> thank you for that, karen. we have just learned that police are talking to a bern of interest about a fire that killed one in bucks county. we're live on the scene. monique, we understand that investigators are -- >> we can tell you that we just learned there is one person in custody. he is being questioned over at police headquarters, but they're not releasing any further details about him. right now he is just a person of
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interest. sources say one female was killed. we're learning the suspect and the female victim knew each other, three others are also injured. guests shared the francis experience they had. >> we were sleeping, and i just heard the smoke alarm going off. i woen up, got my stuff, and went down stairs. >> once the guy opened the door, you could see the flames coming out of the room. >> we also learned that the american red john cross is helping those victims, at the hotel, who probably lost everything according to what we're hearing. police tell us they do believe the fire was deliberately set. they believe the person who set the fire knew the female who has since passed away and their
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investigation continues. definitely an investigation we will be following. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> a woman is in critical condition after being shot in a car in huntington park. 13th and butler streets around 1:00 this morning. detectives say the woman was in the car with her mother, sister, and a 2-year-old child when the bullets started flying. they crashed into another car with two men inside. the men also went to the hospital and they were treated and released. he had a gun not wound to the back. it happened here at franklin street. no arrests in either of the cases. >> tomorrow, grief counsellor wills be at a high school to help students cope with the death of two classmates.
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a 17-year-old and a 15-year-old attended the prom on friday night. the girls were in a car with two of their friends when the car crashed into a tree in mill vil. the students went to prom and thent headed to ocean city for more fun. the new jersey state police are investigating what happened. >> she died with no family being around her. i just know that we will never see her smile again. >> i lost both of my best friends on the same day. the two passengers were 16 and 17 years old and they remain in the hospital this morning.
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>> the fight against prescription drug addiction getting a new face. president obama calls on a grammy award winning artist for help combatting this epidemic.
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change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. and we have plenty of sunshine this sunday morning, a great day to get outside. we also have breezy conditions and westerly winds that right now are tracking at 10 to 20 miles per hour. somewhere in there depending on where you are. we are looking for fairly strong wind gusts later on this afternoon. a few clouds moving into the weather picture as we speak and we expect the clouds to be thickening across the area later on today. cool and windy for this afternoon and the possibility for an isolated shower moving through the area as well. thank you for that. now to our decision 2016
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coverage, republicans are working to unify behind their potential nominee, donald trump. cruz addressed delegates. he did not endorse trump, but he called for republicans to unite. house speaker paul ryan was also not in a rush to support trump. >> i'll glad the republicans are where we are right now because we're on our way to unifying and the democrats are still ripping each other apart. >> speaking of, hillary clinton has released a new ad mocking donald trump's refusal to release his tax returns. take a look at this message. a vote sere printing his feelings like there is no tomorrow. he posted the message first on facebook. it immediately went viral and
9:40 am
lead to requests for products carrying the words. here is what set him off in the first place. >> it was marco rubio making fun of the size of trump's hands. i guarantee there is no problem. >> at that point i was like "everybody sucks." >> his antipolitical slogan is catching on. he and his wife are filling thousands of orders for yard signs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts. president obama is joining forces with rap artist macklemore. >> i have used prescription drugs and battled adestruction. if i didn't get the help i needed when i needed it, i would not be here today. >> he opened up about his own experience, his life in recovery, and the loss of a friend who overdosed on prescription drugs. president obama called on congress to invest in improved
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treatment. our digital team here spent months investigating the heroin and opioid addictions here in our area. it is called "generation addicted." this morning, the red hot chilly peppers front man anthony kiedis is in the hospital. they were supposed to perform in california last night, and the other members of the band took to the stage and said the show would be canceled because kiedis was on his way to the hospital. the ending of this game was more like football than baseball. well show you the high impact ending coming up in sports.
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we'll go ahead with your neighborhood forecast, give you a last look at the temperatures right now. right now we have temperatures mainly in the upper 40s, lower 50s. 50 in reading right now. hopewell 49. so our temperatures are slowly but surely bumping a little bit today. a freeze watch going into effect tonight way up north here. that is because we are expecting sub freezing temperatures through the overnight tonight. the national weather service put this in, interesting considering we're going into mid may. a westerly flow right now at 18 miles per hour right now in wilmingt wilmington. wildwood at 15 miles per hour.
9:45 am
peak wind gusts, a pressure gradient. i have high pressure to our south. a wind funnel that is moving, it will stay with us through the overnight and pick up again for tomorrow afternoon. even though we'll start out dry tomorrow, we're looking for dry conditions. pennsylvania, delaware, south jersey, live with the radar picture, we could see lake effect snow. temperatures are cold enough in western and north western pa right now to have that precip turn into snow. we see that some of the moisture could be stretching into our area. it could be a chance of an isolated shower or sprinkle moving into the area later this afternoon. not a big chance. but see how broken apart it is.
9:46 am
there is a possibility as we're now sees the clouds moving into the area that we could get some of that moisture isolated, on and off, not a wash out, but moving into the area later on today. sunny and dry, cool and windy. this particular model showing us overnight into early tuesday, the clouds coming back into the picture. rain on tuesday by about 11:30. as you see by this yellow, even heavier rain for this tuesday, tuesday night, and the tuesday community could be a wet one. rosemary? good morning to you, i'm danny pommells. the phillys entered their game
9:47 am
over 500. since april 9th, only the cubs have a better record in the national league. seventh inning, on second and third, needs a strikeout here. boy did he hit it. seventh a strong inning for them. getting up and getting up. a home run, 4-it2 phillies. look at the flow, the catch, they catch it all at the same time. the fiphillys get the victory.
9:48 am
yeah, i mean, tyler got behind the ball and made a great throughout and gave me a chance to do whatever just happened. >> that's right, the phillys go seven games over 500. it was revealed why claude giroux may have been struggling at the end of the season. he was battling injuries with his hips since the middle of the season. and draft picks and undrafted free agents. carson wentz signed his contract on thursday and he took to the field to practice with some of his new teammates. he said one of the big differences is the nfl playbook.
9:49 am
>> a lot of plays, details, and you have to take each one one step at a time and build off of what you have learned. >> there is no way they want me to know all of this stuff, all of these formations and plays. when i came in, they said you have to know all of these. and i just had to sit down and start learning every single one. union down a goal. back in the box. it goes home, easy and breezy. that would tie the game. that is how it would end, montreal and union, tied, 1-1. check out this, putting on her cape and going airborne. a beautiful score. leaps over the catcher and comes
9:50 am
back to touch the dish. that is a look at sports.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment nbc 10 investigated all of the road repair requests submitted by residents last year. and they discovered inconsistencies. >> this resident has watched four decades of traffic rumble past, and that is nothing compared to the jolt every time a truck hit the potholes steps from her home. >> i don't care what time it is, one, two, 3:00 in the morning,
9:53 am
you could hear it. she says she heard it for months and months. the pothole on her block of richmond street took longer than any other to repair. it was not closed in january 12th of this year, 354 days later. >> they think because there is no big hole, that it is not a problem, but it is a problem. >> the streets department promises that potholes reported in the 311 system will be repaired within three business days. when we checked more than 8,000 requests. we found the pothole on her block is not the exception. the department often missing that deadline. more than half were not closed out for at least five days and more than 1,000 listed as taking
9:54 am
more than 200 days. david o has scheduled a meeting to talk about the pothole repair status quo must end. >> the department's records looked even stranger. we noticed a handful of dates like january 12th, 2016, coming up again and again. that is the day her pothole was reportedly closed out, but they listed 298 other potholes from the northeast, and south philly, as closed that very same day. sometimes as many at nine different potholes closed in the same minute. michael carroll even had not
9:55 am
noticed the discrepancy in the report. >> we didn't do that volume of potholes all over the city in one day. >> they can't say how a year of data has been so corrupted. they're supposed to close out the requests the day it is done. it leaves the city with no accurate record of how quickly or how slowly crews repaired the requests. >> there is no real tracking. >> those potholes are the 311 requests which is one subset of the potholes that -- >> the ones that citizens have called in, so it is something on their radar. >> it is important, yes. >> they say the failure leaves leaders unable to monitor
9:56 am
progress. for sandusky, the frustration lingers. she can't recall when her street was repaired, and she is wondering how the city is managing problems even bigger than her pothole. >> we complain and we don't see anyone come do anything. >> the story is having an exact. acting commissioner carroll has promised meetings that emphasize city rules and their responsibility to track road repairs every day at the end of every shift. he say it's is their responsibility to the city and to all of us who drive philly's streets. for the investigators, nbc 10 news. an eagle scout is tapping into his creative side. nbc 10 was at westminster cemetery where a memorial service was held for an army
9:57 am
veteran that passed away. when alex pierce learned there was no easy way to put in an american flag, he invented a small plastic flag holder for granite memorials. >> it squeezes in really 2008, and it's good. >> he has made more than two dozen so far, he hopes that he can use them at memorials across the country. >> doesn't it feel like a very weekend. we have windy conditions and we
9:58 am
can't rule out an isolated shower later today. >> that will do it for us, have a good one. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to make a home you love. i'm so happy that everybody could come today... i have a big family- and it's still growing! so my home equity line of credit helped me upgrade my kitchen and make room for everyone. call 1-855-422-4742 to learn more. and i love helping others with their own home equity line of credit. you can use it to renovate your home, do repairs or just have it on hand for whenever you need it. it's there for you. and i am too. if you have a question about how a home equity line of credit can work for you, ask me.
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sincerely, karen peterson fellow home owner and fellow citizen. citizen's bank home equity line of credit. call 1-855-422-4742 to apply now.
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united states of america. welcome to championship sunday. the finale of this epic premier league season. we're hoping that matches are available to you simultaneously with all 20 clubs in action across ten different networks of nbc universal, right here on nbc and nbcsn we have manchester city's trip to swansea. it will mean a fourth-place finish and crucially champions league qualification. a quick note for yoi. if you are joining the coverage for the first time today the kickoff at old trafford between manchester united scheduled for nbcsn has been delayed for 45 minutes. th


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