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of the screen. that's your chance to check out what's ahead for each part of our viewing area. we've broke tonight down neighborhood by neighborhood. time to check out traffic. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. that's right, bill, we're watching 295 in new jersey right now. this is right over in west deptford around route 130. no problems in either direction right now. you can see not a lot of cars out on the roads. southbound around the 42 freeway to the delaware memorial bridge, still a 23-minute trip. average speeds are into the 60s. this is route 202 also. we are still in the green there. no problems or delays with our drive times. you can see at the most, southbound, it will take you from the schuylkill to route 30. over in allentown, watching construction as well. south 8th street is closed between union street and lehigh street. area bridges are doing okay. no scheduled openings for the burlington bristol or the tacony palmyra.
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heading over the ben or the walt whitman into philadelphia, nice and clear trip this morning. tracy? >> it is 4:30. 43 degrees outside. happening today, opening statements begin in the chaka fattah federal corruption trial the once prominent philadelphia politician recently lost his re-election bid for the first time in decades and now faces jail time. the trial is expected to take several weeks starting with those opening arguments this morning. the jury was selected from a pool of more than 200 men and women earlier this month. the 11-term congressman is accused of taking bribs and misusing hundreds of thousands in campaign money. he denied the accusations against him. fattah lost the primary for another term in congress. today new jersey lawmakers will consider a bill to raise the minimum wage. the measure would bump the rate to $10.10 an hour next year. it would then increase annually for four years. lawmakers say if the governor refuses to sign the bill,
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they'll push for a constitutional amendment. right now the minimum wage is 8.38. delaware is 8.25 and in pennsylvania, it's 7.25 an hour. with just six weeks to iron out differences for this coming year's spending plan. current budget wasn't settled until last month, you'll remember. the process looks to be rocky again this time. governor tom wolf still wants a broad tax increase to fund schools and close the deficit. republican lawmakers want to cut costs and are opposed to a tax increase. happening today in washington, president obama will honor a philadelphia police officer who was killed in the line of duty. the president will posthumously award sergeant robert wilson iii with the medal of valor. wilson died during a shootout with robbers at a gamestop store in north philadelphia last year. wilson's family is expected to attend today's white house sayre
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money. president obama spent part of the weekend in new jersey but this wasn't a political visit. the president addressed graduates at rutgers commencement. learn why this was an historic visit and learn what he said about decision 2016. and a helping hand. this montgomery county store clerk survived a brush with death. hear what happened to him and how the community is rallying behind him. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families,
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and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching the schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive. no big problems or delays in either direction. eastbound drive time, if you're heading into center city, still doing okay with a 12-minute trip there eastbound from the vine street expressway. speeds are into the 60s as well.
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here's 95 headed through delaware. should have no problems heading out the door there. ten-minute trip north or southbound from 495 to 295 with speeds in the 60s. the betsy ross bridge eastbound ramp to rich monday street still closed. it should open at this point in may, but we're closed now. no big or major reported delays for septa, new jersey transit, d.a.r.t., or amtrak. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clear skies and it is dry this morning. you don't need your umbrella. you will need your sunglasses and you may need the winter coat this morning. it's cold outside with clear skies. the temperatures have been falling. just a few scattered clouds moving through some of the western suburbs. we will stay dry today. look at the chill, 43 degrees in
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philadelphia. the record low temperature is 40 in philadelphia. we will see bright sunshine. look at the winds out of the west. that's lunch time, nearly 20 mile-an-hour winds as the winds continue in the afternoon. we won't reach the middle 70s like we normally do this time of year. 60s today. in the suburbs, thin clouds will disappear, the temperatures climb under bright, sunny skies. by 10:00, 50 degrees. it stays in the 50s at 2:00 and into the 60s at 4:00 this afternoon. for the lehigh valley, that's a record low temperature tieing it for allentown. the temperatures will climb, 50s this afternoon and then the low 60s. but look at those winds coming out of northwest at lunch time today, 54 degrees with a near 20 mile-an-hour wind and the wind will be gusting to near 30 miles an hour this afternoon in the lehigh valley. in new jersey, sunshine will be bright, any clouds this morning will disappear quickly. they will get blown out of here during the day. 46 degrees at 8:00.
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right now it's 43. we'll be in the upper 50s at lunch time and into the 60s this afternoon. what about the shore? well, it will be windy there, too, nice and sunny. a high temperature climbs only into the middle 60s this afternoon, after a school start. 48 degrees right now at the shore. 56 degrees at lunch tkm and for delaware, nothing but sunshine with clear skies now, it's 40 degrees in delaware. look at the temperatures climbing by lunch time, 56 degrees and then it's into the 60s this afternoon. as you may have seen at the bottom of your screen, there's some warmer weather ahead. also the opportunity for more wet weather, too. i'll show you when to expect the rain when i'm back in ten minutes. 4:38. history is made on the campus of rutgers university. president obama addressed the class of 2016. hear the president talk about some of the candidates vying for his job. also next, base brawl. one player punches another right in the face before things completely unravel on the field.
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phone out what led to this fight.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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now to breaking news, philadelphia firefighters are battling a fire in center city philadelphia. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on scene. matt, tell us where you are and what you know about the fire. >> well, tracy, we're on theç 0 block of south 10th street. we just pulled up a few minutes ago after the fire was reported, just before 4:00. there's a lot of fire department activity on 10th street. there are road closures in this area. you can see just over here to the left, you can see some of the ladders up there on this building here, on the 200 block. but there's a lot more activity, we're told by fire crews here on the scene that most of the fire happened on the backside of this building. you might even be able to see every now and then flashes from the flashlight that are back there and a lot of the firefighters have been moving to the back of the building. if we come back around to the front here, you can't really see the backside. you can see the front side of
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the building. there's not a whole lot of damage. they do have the ladders going from one particular to the other to the windows here. we do have no injuries reported at this time, according to the fire department. but this fire is under control. i don't even see smoke out here. it does appear the fire is out. now it's just a cleanup operation. we want to get better visuals. for now, live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 4:42. an 89-year-old war veteran is hiding his harley-davidson coast to coast to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. bruce heilman served in the marines during world war ii. last month he set off from california on his way to washington, d.c. he should get there by memorial day. he says his 6,000-mile ride is a way to remember the true meaning of memorial day. >> memorial day is more than hot dogs and marshmallows.
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we should recognize that our freedom comes from our military. >> heilman survived an airplane accident over iwo jima and has been awarded many medals for his service. these young ones enjoyed free bike lessons from police officers in harrisburg. they held a bicycle rodeo where children spent the day learning everything they need to know about mastering the art of bike riding. today is the main graduation sayre money for students at the university of pennsylvania. students are still buzzing about donald trump and joe biden both attending a graduation ceremony there yesterday. they were at penn for the wharton school of business there. not as politicians but as loved ones of grads. trump cheered on his daughter tiffany. vice president biden watched his granddaughter naomi get her diploma. neither of them spoke, keeping the focus on the graduates. some in the audience thought the politicians brought a distraction to the event while others were thrilled to see such
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high-profile guests. >> i think it says something to students everywhere that education is very important, for these people to take their time and come out and see what's going on with some of the best. because some of the best students go here. >> today's commencement for penn begins at 10:00ç at franklin field with the creator and star of the musical "hamilton" as the commercement speaker. trump is scheduled to visit the garden state later this week for a fund-raiser. trump will join chris christie at the armory in mercer county. all proceeds will go towards christie's presidential campaign debt. now to the democrats who are looking ahead to their next primary tomorrow in kentucky. at a rally in louisville yesterday, hillary clinton took on trump as well as democratic rival, bernie sanders.
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>> there is a big difference in this primary campaign between me and my opponent, bernie sanders. i voted to bail out the auto industry and he voted against it. because i wanted to save those millions of jobs. >> sanders is lagging behind clinton in the race for delegates but the vermont senator told a crowd in kentucky he's better equipped to beat trump because he does well with both democrats and independent voters. >> what we are going to tell those super delegates, if they want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump, bernie sanders is that candidate. >> oregon holds its primary tomorrow. the democrats are still vying for votes ahead of new jersey's primary on june 7th. check out the full primary calendar on the nbc 10 app. president obama made history at rutgers by becoming the first sitting president to deliver the
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commercement address there. more than 200 students from rutgers camden boarded a special train bown for new brunswick yesterday. the students got to be part of history. during his address, the president took several swipes at donald trump, although he never mentioned him by name. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before. and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> rutgers bestowed the president with an honorary law degree. a florida beachgoer is out of the hospital this morning after suffering an unusual kind of shark attack. fire rescue workers in boca raton say the victim was bitten by a small two-foot nurse shark and walked out of the water with a shark still attached to her arm. by the time the emergency crews
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arrived, the animal died but was still stuck to her arm. marine experts say it's not unheard of for nurse sharks to bite their victims and not let go. >> tiny teeth. it actually gets a really good bite by sucking it in into its mouth. usually they don't let çgo. >> that shark expert says he's heard about a dozen cases of nurse sharks accompanying their victims to the hop. to the baseball diamond where tensions erupted during a major league game between the texas rangers and the visiting toronto bluejays. first, a rangers pitcher plunked jose bautista. moments later, he slid hard into second baseman odor.
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bad blood has existed between the rangers and batista since last year's postseason. the rangers won that game, 7-6. 4:47. let's get you out the door. jessica boyington has what you need to know about 95 to start with. >> that's right, tracy. we're watching 95 and we're still doing okay for the most part, no big problems or delays. this is 95 around girard avenue. all traffic moving along nicely. right here southbound into center city. that's typically where we see volume first. not for another two hours or so. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway is only a 13-minute trip. speeds into the 60s as well. over in philadelphia, watching construction also, walnut lane is still closed. this will be ongoing project until september between park lane drive and henry avenue. here's route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey. no big problems or delays in either direction. the rest of the area bridges are okay. no problems on the ben or the walt and no scheduled openings
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on the burlington bristol or the tacony palmyra. we'll keep checking in with the bridges and the rest of your roads and have an update when i'm back in the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 4:49 and it is chilly outside. feels like early spring this morning. that's a live view of center city which is clear. no sign of any fog. no clouds and the temperatures are still falling. right now, 43 degrees in philadelphia. that's just 3 degrees above the record low temperature. 43 is where we'll be at 6:00. by 9:00, 50 degrees. and sunshine will warm up each of our areas today. but it is certainly a chilly start. south jersey at 38 degrees. the suburbs in the lehigh valley, in the 30s right now. you'll even find the cold at the shore, just inland, may's landing 36. not exactly warm in upper township. 40 degrees and 45 degrees right now in wholegate. the numbers are still falling.
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the wind is back. won't be as strong as yesterday. 20 mile-an-hour winds will occasionally blow thin clouds through the area. you can see scattered clouds in the western suburbs. then there is that. moving into missouri and southern illinois. that's the rain that is due in here later tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. and it's going to come with plenty of clouds, too. the futurecastç shows those ra clouds on the move. we'll stay drive during the day today. this is 6:00 this evening, overnight tonight this cloud starts to move in. this time tomorrow morning, showers in western pennsylvania arriving here later in the morning. that's noontime tomorrow. look at the rain across new jersey, delaware and into philadelphia. some of the suburbs as well, that rain will push out, late in the day by 7:00 in the evening. but you can see another line of showers, not quite as impressive. more wet weather for the lehigh valley at 7:00 in the evening for tomorrow. there are chances of rain ahead.
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today will not be one of them. sunny skies, a windy one. 67 degrees this afternoon. nowhere near 74 which is our normal high temperature. the rain will keep us cooler tomorrow. mostly cloudy day tomorrow. then showers in the morning on wednesday are possible. should be clearing out in the afternoon. another cool one at 63 degrees. then it's into the 70s for thursday and friday and next weekend, a chance of some showers on saturday. we could get a break on sunday, 73 degrees. more rain due in on monday. then drying out and really warming up, tuesday and look at wednesday afternoon. up to 81 degrees. tracy? thanks for that. nine minutes before 5:00. the fairies have landed in montgomery county. this is at highlands mansion and gardens in ft. washington where the first ever fairy festival took place. we continue to follow breaking news. philadelphia firefighters on the
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scene of a fire on south 10th street in center city. next at 5:00, we'll take you back to the scene for an update from nbc 10's matt delucia. opening statements begin today in federal corruption trial of chaka fattah. we'll take a closer look at the charges against him. lending a helping hand. this montgomery county court clerk was shot inside his store. see how the community is rallying behind him as he recovers.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking on your first alert traffic. we're watching the lehigh valley. this is 78 right around lehigh street. no big problems or delays in either direction. already moving along nicely. over on route 38, this is over in new jersey right around haddonfield road over in cherry hill. no problems or delays there as well. more updates for you on the rest of our roads when i come back in
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the 5:00 hour. all right, jessica, thanks. six minutes before 5:00 this monday morning. happening today, philadelphia officials will announce a new homeless outreach strategy for center city. mayor jim kenney and city leaders will name four center city locations as hot spots they'll deploy street outreach teams to these hot spots to help the homeless with housing and social services. the nbc 10 digital team spent months profiling the faces of homeless youth. watch their in-depth reports right now on this morning, a teenage girl is out of the hospital after a group of other girls jumped her at a montgomery county carnival. it happened saturday night at a boys and girls club carnival in willow grove. police believe two girls got into a fight and several other girls got involved. they beat the victim. investigators say all the girls are under 18. they're still trying to identify everyone involved. a player on the philadelphia eagles joined others to take a stand against pediatric cancer by sporting a new look.
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those cheers are for brent celek who got his head shaved at the one mission buzzoff at lincoln financial field. he took a turn as barber, shaving the heads of some very brave kids. >> i like shaving other people's heads. my mom has been aç hairdresser her whole life. i never got to cut people's hair. >> i was anxious. >> the money raised will help kids fight cancer. thousands laced up their sneaker yesterday for the anti-defamation league's walk against hate. nbc 10 at the philadelphia navy yard where the two-mile walk was held. the goal, celebrate diversity and equal rights for all. mayor kenney was the grand
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marshal. a popular 7-eleven clerk. >> thousands came out to glenside's vfw post for a fund-raiser for charlie miller. he was shot at a 7-eleven during his overnight shift. the gunman's third attempt to shoot mill other failed when the gun jammed. >> never expected anything like this. >> now police arrested lamar kev kevin sowell, saying he robbed the same store four months earlier. we certainly wish charlie miller well. you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> nbc 10 breaking news.
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>> that breaking news on nbc 10, fire crews are on the scene in center city philadelphia after a home goes up in flames. we are live on the scene. shot multiple times. this morning, a teenager is in the hospital after being shot at least seven times in philadelphia. and the gunman is still on the loose. and near record lows as we give you a live look this morning at i-95, the girard point bridge in south philadelphia. we're dealing with temperatures in the 30s and 40s across our area. i was a little surprised when i got up. >> you'll have to rummage around for the coat. it's may, what coat do i put on? >> some of those we already put away. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. two before 5:00 right now. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? show us the temperatures. >> they're still falling right now. you'll need a coat this morning. 36 in the suburbs. south jersey at 35, delaware is at 41. even in philadelphia, chestnut hill, parkside both at 39
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degrees and somerton in just the last hour has dropped two degrees. now 38 degrees while at northeast philadelphia airport, it's 42. 41 in delaware. that's a live view from frawley stadium where the temperatures will slowly climb into the 50s but the wind will also be blowing, in fact, each area is going to feel those gusty winds today. that will keep our temperatures in the 60s this afternoon where they'dç normally warm well int the 70s. we'll take a look at the next chance of rain. not that far away. within i come back with the futurecast in ten minutes. jessica boyington, though, watching your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're watching the 42 freeway in runnemede, new jersey around creek road. no big problems or delays yet. look at this drive time. we're still in the green. if you're heading into philadelphia from new jersey, this is the time to go, northbound from 55 up toward the walt whitman bridge. still a five--minute trip. average speeds into the high 50s. the northbound lanes moving along just fine, not a lot of
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cars on the road yet. there is construction on passyunk avenue east and westbound between 61st street and 28th street. that's reduced to two lanes. route 309 around the pa turnpike, not a lot of cars on the roads here at all. no problems or delays in either direction. more updates when i come back in the next ten. vai? >> jessie, thank you. breaking news in philadelphia. that's where crews are on the scene of a house fire. this is in center city. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the scene for us this morning. what can you tell us? >> vai and tracy, what i can tell you, the biggest impact seems to be on the roads around this area. there are closures. just behind me, the 200 block of 10th street. fire crews are still out here. the fire is out. i'll have my photographer, trevor go back here. this is behind 10th street. there's a back alley here. er


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