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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  May 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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cars on the road yet. there is construction on passyunk avenue east and westbound between 61st street and 28th street. that's reduced to two lanes. route 309 around the pa turnpike, not a lot of cars on the roads here at all. no problems or delays in either direction. more updates when i come back in the next ten. vai? >> jessie, thank you. breaking news in philadelphia. that's where crews are on the scene of a house fire. this is in center city. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the scene for us this morning. what can you tell us? >> vai and tracy, what i can tell you, the biggest impact seems to be on the roads around this area. there are closures. just behind me, the 200 block of 10th street. fire crews are still out here. the fire is out. i'll have my photographer, trevor go back here. this is behind 10th street. there's a back alley here. there's a lot of damage to the
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back of this building. some of the back porch, the back deck and at this point we've been told there is no injuries that have been reported. at this point, the fire department really making sure this fire is completely out. they're starting to wrap up the hoses and try to get this area cleared out before people need to start heading in and around center city. no injuries reported. that's the latest, live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, a teenager is in extremely critical condition at someone shot him at least seven times near moore and south hollywood streets in south philadelphia. the victim is 17. police are looking for the shooter. in southwest philadelphia, it took firefighters just minutes to knock down flames on millic street. no one was hurt. a philadelphia man doused his girlfriend with gas, set her on fire and left her for dead while in a bucks county motel, officials say. >> can you tell us what happened? >> i lost it. >> that was kevin small after
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his preliminary hearing yesterday. he told us he lost it. police charged him with setting fire at the lincoln motel in bensalem that killed melissa bacon smith. investigators say small threw gas on her while she was smoking. it also caused an evacuation at the motel. >> people were running down the hallway screaming. everybody was like get out, get out, get out. >> we believe she reached out to him and yelée his name and he left her in there to die. >> surveillance video from the wawa across the street shows small putting gas into a coffee cup before the fire. small's family says he called them and confessed to the crime. melissa bacon smith leaves himmed four kids and seven grandchildren. 5:02. this morning, new leaders are ready to take command in the army. >> at widener university, 16 cadets from five local universities were commissioned as second lieutenant in the u.s. army. parents of the cadets were there
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to pin the newly earned ranks on the shoulders of their uniform. new this morning, a teenager in new jersey has single handedly made the summer a little brighter for students who suffer from vision and hearing loss. the disorder is called usher syndrome. and this local teen is not just spreading awearness about it but raising big money as well. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in mt. laurel to explain how it happened. katy? this is such a great story. it's about an eighth grader here at harrington middle school who says she's always been passionate about helping others. and now she caught the attention of the national tv network in a big way. well, that girl is mt. laurel 8th grader gabrielle turgeon. she recently wrote an essay for the home shopping network about family friend henry norton, an 8-year-old boy who suffers from usher syndrome. it's a rare genetic disorder that leaves people deaf and ballooned. as part of a fund-raiser put on by the network and gabrielle
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won. now $1,000 will be spend on henry and five others like him to attend a summer camp with their interpreters at no cost to the families. gabrielle will be there, too, as a counselor in training. >> what are some of the things you do at the camp? >> i swim, play a little bit. >> it's amazing because throughout the summer, i could see them all. and it makes me especially beam and proud. >> and henry norton is the son of phil norton, nbc 10's skyforce 10 helicopter pilot. also the money that gabrielle raised goes towards henry's family charity, help henry see and hear. coming up in mt. laurel, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> skies are starting to brighten a little bit. we're getting closer to sunrise but we're also getting colder by
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the minute. the temperatures have been falling overnight. we have some record cold readings this morning. wilmington has dropped down, too. there are a few clouds, too. temperatures are still falling. some of the coldest temperatures will be first thing this morning, just after sunrise. there's a little bit of a breeze. the winds actually help to mix the atmosphere, keep the coldest temperatures from reaching the ground. 8 mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. dover is at 6 miles an hour. allentown where we've already seen a record temperature tied this morning at 37 degrees is at 6 miles an hour. those winds will get stronger during the day. the temperatures will be climbing. right now look at south jersey at 35 degrees. suburbs in the 30s, also the lehigh valley. not exactly warm in delaware. 41 degrees in hockessin. most of the rest of the area is in the 30s. newark 32, tallyville 39 degrees and greenville, 37 degrees right
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now. we will see plenty of sunshine today. these numbers will be climbing into the 60s this afternoon with bright sunshine. a few thin clouds blowing through the area. we saw that on the live picture from wilmington. to the west, that's where we'll be watching for the next round of rain. that's going to wait until tomorrow. nice and clear to the west. we're in for sunshine today. though you'll feel the winds blowing this afternoon, we will warm into the upper 60s for somerton and university city. in the suburbs, sunny skies. a few clouds will blow through lansdale and thneshaminy. the lehigh valley, plenty of sunshine with a few scattered clouds in bethlehem and easton. kutztown at 65 degrees this afternoon. new jersey, completely dry during the day today. vineland, 65 degrees. you'll feel the winds blowing at the shore. linwood, 63 degrees. atlantic city will warm to 64 and into the 60s also for delaware. wilmington up to 66 degrees,
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bright sunshine for dover and lewes. that's today, 60s. tomorrow, seven-day forecast shows a chance of rain returning to the area. that's not the only possibility of rain. i'll take you through the next ten days when i'm back with the ten-day outlook in ten minutes. all right, bill, 5:07. if you're starting the workweek, heading out the door, probably ought to turn your heat on in your car. kind of cool out there. >> i know, right? >> let's start with jessica boyington. >> you may know a lot of times on the vine street expressway we are closed for construction. in between broad street and the schuylkill. this morning, we don't have construction going on or active right now you can see from our cameras around 24th street all traffic is moving eastbound or westbound. you have full access to the schuylkill and 95 this morning. at least on the vine street expressway. the pa turnpike is doing okay as
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well. as you can see, we're still in the green. westbound or eastbound, 23-minute trip from valley forge up to route 1. no big delays there. the same thing goes for berlin, new jersey. we're also checking with mass transit. no reported delays or everything pretty much running on or close to schedule for septa, patco,ç new jersey transit, amtrak or d.a.r.t. everything running on time. watch for emergency construction over the delaware memorial bridge, the left lane closed heading into delaware from new jersey. no big backups on the turnpike or 295. tracy in. 5:08 and 45 degrees outside. from one to another. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in our area next week. we'll tell you how his appearance is helping out governor chris christie. pennsylvania lawmakers heading back to harrisburg with another potential budget battle on the horizon. we'll tell you why.
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lawmakers return to harrisburg with just six weeks before the deadline to iron out differences for the coming year's spending plan. the process looks to be rocky again this time. governor tom wolf wants a broad tax increase to fund schools and close the deficit. republican lawmakers want to cut costs and are opposed to a tax increase. new jersey lawmakers will
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consider a bill to raise the minimum wage. the measure would bump the rate to $10.10 an hour. it would increase annually for four years. governor christie is against the bill. lawmakers say if he refuses to sign it, they'll push for a constitutional amendment. the minimum wage is $8.38 an hour. delaware is at $8.25 and pennsylvania has a minimum wage of $7.25. the suspect who allegedly shot two new hampshire police officers is expected in court. manchester police say ian mcpherson shot two police officers friday after they spotted him and noticed he matched the description of a man wanted for an armed robbery earlier in the week. both officers are expected to survive. the attorney general's says mcpherson faces two counts of attempted capital murder and resisting arrest. emergency workers found the body of a pilot in a wreckage that went down in california. the wreckage was fond in the
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angeles national forest late that same day. the cause of the crash not yet known. two soccer teams in england are scheduled to play their match tomorrow after a bomb scare forced an evacuation yesterday. >> it happened at manchester united stadium. officials made tens of thousands of fans leave the match. investigators say a suspicious device was actually fake. a private company left it behind after a training exercise. the bomb squad and sniffer dogs moved in to sweep the stadium. >> they ushered us away from the stadium. they didn't want us being there. keep everyone safe, that's the main thing. about to show you a mild moment. a new jersey couple has amazing wedding photos thanks to mother nature. take a look at this. storms rolled in just in time for their saturday wedding in hillsboro township.
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>> incredible. >> rainbow after the storm. it's like a movie. >> incredible. >> the photographer snapped these photos after the ceremony. to view all the photos and read the interview with the photographer, tap the nbc 10 app. amazing. cincinnati reds first baseman joey votto taking heat today after messing with phillies fans during yesterday's game. >> he says it was all in good ç fun. here's what happened. during a break in the action, votto appears as if he's going to throw a ball into the stands. he's like, nah, tosses it into the dugout. he just says i was messing with the fan who was hassling him all afternoon. >> really, it's just me playing around. i have no problems with any of the philly fans except for the kids. i can't stand the kids here, so -- [ laughter ] >> he keeps it up. phillies fans enjoyed this votto
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strikeout. you want to hear the interview, tap the nbc 10 app. tell us what you think on twitter. the reds beat the phils, 9-4. 5:15. 45 degrees outside. happening today, septa starts a series of informational sessions on service changes because of a project that will impact commuters. time lapsed video shows the work already on the way on the crum creek viaduct known as the tressel. some service will be disrupted throughout the summer, starting next month. septa officials will discussion the project and answer questions at the elwyn station. speaking of rails, speaking of travel, speaking of roads. >> speaking of getting to work, we check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica? >> that's right, vai and tracy, we'll get you to work this morning. if you're heading out the door in the next couple of minutes, you'll be just fine. this is route 202 at route 29.
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this is a 7-minute trip, average speeds into the 60s. headed northbound or southbound, no problems in either direction right there. for the most part on 202. we're also watching construction over in new jersey. there's a new construction layout. this has been an active work zone for quite some time. this is route 73 in mt. laurel, new jersey around 295. no problems or delays through the intersection in either direction. the blue route looks okay. we'll head back into pennsylvania right now. a 15-minute drive time southbound from the schuylkill to 95. average speeds are into the 60s. more updates for you on your morning drive when i come back in the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 16 minutes after 5:00. it is cold this morning. in fact, we're seeing a record cold temperature in parts of the area this morning.
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allentown, trenton, both seeing record lows this morning. the record low is 41 -- or was 41 degrees. just broke that. allentown has tied the record that's been on the books since 1939. we're getting a cold start and gusty winds during the day. that's going to keep us cool. the winds blowing a little bit right now. look what goes on this afternoon. allentown, 21 mile-an-hour wind&!ñ 21 mile-an-hour winds i atlantic city and 20 miles an hour in philadelphia. those are the steady winds. we'll see a few clouds blowing through the area, but mostly it will be sunshine today. 62 degrees in the lehigh valley for bethlehem and easton. a few scattered clouds blowing through, not quite as much cloud cover as we saw yesterday in the suburbs. west chester, 64, newtown will warm to 65 degrees with bright sunny skies. plenty of sunshine but also those gusty winds blowing through philadelphia, mt. airy,
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65. for new jersey, the winds will be blowing there, too. a few scattered clouds but mostly sunshine. 66 in trenton. glassboro up to 66 degrees. chilly at the shore, we're seeing 30s and 40s warm into the low 60s with those gusty winds. look at the sunshine, avalon, galloway and atlantic city. delaware, a nice warmup after a cold start this morning. 65 degrees. you'll need your sun glasses in wilmington, 64, a few passing clouds. no sign of any rainfall, not today. the satellite and the radar show a few scattered clouds that are blowing through the area. they'll keep on going. we'll get our sunshine in today. look to the west, rain in missouri, kansas, nebraska and into south dakota. that's the system that will be streaming our way. you can see the clouds ahead of it. they're already moving into portions of can't ken and southern indiana. those clouds are due in tomorrow. we'll see the clouds first and
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the rain later in the morning and into the afternoon tomorrow. you can see it on the futurecast. we stay nice and dry. no sign of any wet weather at all for today. barely a cloud in the sky. look at the progress that rain makes. by this time tomorrow morning, those showers will be moving into western pennsylvania. ohio valley getting the bulk of the rain at that time. later in the morning, that rain is due into the philadelphia area at 10:00 in the morning. you can see scattered showers into delaware and those showers will continue into the afternoon hours. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, look at the rain falling in new jersey, zell dell, into philadelphia and some of the suburbs. allentown may get out of the rain first thing in the morning. watch what happens later on. another line of showers moves in. just light scattered showers with that one while the rest of the airy is drying out at that hour. that's tomorrow, a chance of rain. that's not the only chance of rain. your ten-day outlook as
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temperatures clip into the upper 60s this afternoon. clouds keep us cool with a chance of rain. it won't be as windy as today. chillier and you'll need the umbrella tomorrow and possibly into wednesday morning. but wednesday afternoon will likely be drying up, 63 degrees and then here comes the warmup for thursday and friday into the 70s. bright sunny skies on friday but this weekend, there's a chance we'll run into!bain on saturday. can't completely rule out a few showers on sunday but it looks mostly sunny right now, 73 agrees and steadier rain coming into play on monday. then stand by for a warmup by next tuesday and wednesday, the temperatures take off, wednesday afternoon, up to 81 degrees. well, wednesday afternoon, actually in the morning, it's the second annual weather education day that will be a great deal of fun. look at all the fun we had last year. all the first alert meteorologies will be there at
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citizens bank park. and you can join in the excitement again this year. join me, sheena parveen, violeta yas, glenn schwartz, we'll all be there. good news is, there's still time to sign up. more information at >> you have the phillies uniform. very nice. helping students cope. we'll tell you what a local school is doing after two students died after the program. also how it's helping out other families. new information this morning on the verizon strike involving tens of thousands of employees. hear what company and union officials are now planning.
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we have new information on the verizon strike and unions representing striking workers and negotiators for the company have agreed to return to the bargaining table tomorrow. u.s. labor secretary thomas perez met with both sides yesterday in washington, d.c. the striking verizon workers have been on the picket lines for a month now. the unions accuse verizon of outsourcing jobs and cutting benefits. people could soon be wearing projectors on their wrists. if one tech giant's plan work out. landon dowdy is here to explain that with this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there, tracy, if samsung has its way you won't need a
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magnifying glass to read your smart watch. it's just a concept for now and samsung may not actually go through with the idea of projecting what's on your watch. the markets are coming off of a negative week on the back of disappointing retail earnings, higher oil prices and the stronger dollar. the dow posting three straight weeks of losses while the nasdaq is down for four straight weeks. data on housing and also on friday, the dow falling 185 points to 17,535. the nasdaq losing 19 to 4,717. back over to you, tracy. >> land dodd dowdy with cnbc, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 45 degrees and we're before 20 minutes away from sunrise this morning. some thin clouds are blowing
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through the area. they won't say. neither will the cold this morning. you'll need your thick jacket this morning. some of the areas seeing record cold temperatures. that's your neighborhood forecast just ahead. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. how's monday morning looking? >> so far, so good. we're watching the boulevard around broad street. no problems in either directions. i'm getting updatesç on an accident scene on 95. we have a live shot. i'll show it to you when i come back at 5:30 and tell you the details, coming up. president obama makes history at the podium. we'll tell you about his commencement speech and the one person he took swipes at. and the effort to help the city's homeless population coming to philadelphia.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator.
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i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. this is nbc 10 news. right now on "nbc 10 news today," accepting bribz and misusing campaign funds. that's what congressman chaka fattah is being accused of as his corruption trial begins today. two local high school students are dead in a crash following prom celebrations. we'll tell you what school officials are now planning for the families and other students zblns and record lows this morning in our area. here's a live look at center city philadelphia.
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right now temperatures across the region are in the 30s and 40s. and we're seeing record numbers in parts of the area. it's 5:30. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it is monday, may 16th. mid-may and it's usually chilly out there. >> yes. >> let's go to meteorologist bill henley with who has the neighborhood weather forecast. >> feels like an early spring morning. clear skies, a few passing clouds in a couple spots. look at the numbers. down to 36 degrees right now in the suburbs, new jersey 35 degrees, in the lehigh valley, 37. that's a record low, tied the record low in allentown. we'll see bright sunshine. look at the warmup, 54 degrees by 11:00 this morning. philadelphia, 44 degrees. the entire area will warm into the 60s this afternoon. you get a view of the studio, let's toss it over to jessica boyington who has your first alert traffic. jessie? >> that's right, bill.


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