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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now, two tanker trucks crash on 95 southbound at columbus boulevard. it is snarling traffic there. nbc 10 first alert reporter jessica boyington will show you how to get around it. a 17-year-old is in extremely critical condition after being shot at least seven times this morning. the shooter is still on the run. and a man is accused of throwing gasoline on his girlfriend while she was smoking a cigarette and police say he confessed to it and now he is facing charges in her death. you'll feel it when you step outside this morning. we are near record low
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temperatures to start the week. i think we have broken some records in some parts of our area. 45 degrees right now, 6:00 a.m., good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we have a system headed this way. right now i think it's in the plains states, i think it's going to get to the ohio valley. let's get the timing of when it will arrive with meteorologist bill henley with the neighborhood forecast. >> new jersey, 33 degrees, mt. holly, bright sunshine, lehigh valley, started to warm up to 39 degrees. 51 degrees at 9:00. lunch time, 56 degrees. now 45 in philadelphia. that's above the record low temperature. didn't get quite as close in philadelphia. 55 degrees by 11:00 this morning. cold start. that sunshine will have a positive effect. we would be warmer than the 60s today. the wind will be blowing. windy for each of our locations,
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as gusty winds as high as 30 miles an hour this afternoon. that's what's going on right now and what you'd expectç for tod. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. yes, there is wet weather ahead as vai suggested, i'll take a look at that when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. we are watching the scene of this tanker crash from skyforce 10, that's live over top of the scene on 95 right around columbus boulevard, headed southbound. we are seeing delays because of this right now, you can see two tanker trucks involved right here. there's another vehicle in front of the first tanker truck there that was involved as well. a few police officers on scene. we have a lot of emergency crews, including penndot, even an ambulance and fire truck as well. you can see delay behind the scene right now. all traffic is being forced down to one lane. lanes are still getting by. this is another view of that scene. you can see it is only one lane
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as cars trickle through. 95 southbound around columbus boulevard, see something delays approaching that scene for sure because of that accident scene. we'll keep you updated for the rest of the morning. we want to update you on septa. the route 101 trolley is shuttling passengers ree s righ. this is between providence road and orange station. >> 6:03 right now. new this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a shooter after a 17-year-old was found shot at least seven times. >> police tell us that teenager is in extremely critical condition at the hospital right now. nbc 10's matt delucia live for us in university city at this moment. matt, police are telling us this is a drive-by. what else have you learned? >> that's right, vai and tracy. police right now only have this to go on, that tip, a person in
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an suv, a man fired shots at this teen overnight. other than that they're hoping somebody out there knows something else. take a look at video from the scene here. this happened just before midnight. the 17-year-old, police tell us was shot at least seven times, including shots to his chest. this was near morris street and hollywood in south philadelphia. police are telling us that the teen was walking home when he was shot. police have not yet found a weapon, nor have they been able to figure out a motive. police believe the shooter was in an suv and fled after the shots were fired. now, it's a residential area, a lot of homes. not much many the way of businesses. it's unlikely investigators will be able to pick up surveillance. in the meantime, the 17-year-old remains in extremely critical condition at presbyterian hospital. live in university city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new this morning, fire
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damages a home in center city. it started around 4:00 a.m.ç a 10th and locust. police say a philadelphia man doused his girlfriend with gas, set her on fire and left her for dead in a bucks county motel. >> at his preliminary hearing he briefly talked to our cameras. take a listen. >> can you tell us what happened? >> i lost it. >> if you didn't hear what he said, he said he lost it. police charged him with setting the fire that killed melissa bacon smith. police say he threw gas on smith while she was smoking. it also caused an evacuation at the hotel. >> everybody was get out, get out, there's fire, get out. >> we believe she reached out to him and yelled his name and he left her in there to die. police say surveillance video from the wawa across the street shows small putting gas into a coffee cup before the fire. small's family says he called them and confessed to the crime.
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melissa bacon smith leaves behind four kids and seven grandchildren. opening statements begin this morning in the chaka fattah federal corruption trial. >> the once prominent philadelphia politician recently lost his re-election bid for the first time in decades. now he faces jail time. the jury was selected from a pool of more than 200 men and women earlier this month. the 11-term congressman is accused of taking bribes and misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money, charitable funds and federal grants in order to pay off personal debt. he's denied the accusations against him. fattah lost the primary for another term in congress. the trail is expected to take several weeks. nbc 10 will have you covered from start to finish. check the nbc 10 app for daily developments. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the sun has been up for 20 minutes now. we're seeing bright sunshine at cape may. there's still a chill in the air and a little bit of a breeze
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here. look closely, you can see the flag going along beach avenue. that's a view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. sunshine through the day, leave the umbrella at home. grab the jacket, though, it is cold this morning. temperatures climb into the upper 50s in philadelphia. by 1:00, 65 degrees at 5:00. chills to start with in the suburbs will disappear. readings in the 30s, 47 degrees at 9:00. then into the 60s this afternoon. bright sunshine for the lehigh valley. 47 degrees, that's up by 10 degrees after the morning low of 37 in allentown. 57 at 1:00. into the 60s as we go into the afternoon hours. look at the bright sunshine for delaware, new jersey and the jersey shore. 50s for much of day. topping out in the low 60s at the jersey shore while new jersey and delaware will warm into the middle to possibly upper 60s for a few spots this afternoon. satellite and radar, we are in the clear right now. no sign of any wet weather. there have been a few scattered
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thin clouds blowing through the area. that won't be an issue during the day çtoday. they'll keep on going. it's tomorrow that sees wet weather ahead. those are the showers that are moving into the st. louis area. those will be here tomorrow. an a possibility into wednesday, too. you may have noticed that for the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. i'll go through the futurecast hour by hour to show you when that rain moves in. i'm back with the ten-day outlook in just ten minutes. tracy, vai? >> thank you, bill. 6:08 and skyforce 10 is in west philadelphia at 34 and market and a water main break. >> we done the have exact details on what is going under way with this water main break, meaning if there are big road closures in the area because of it. it is on 43rd and market street. definitely easy to get around the block through detours as well. you can see water coming out on
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to the roadways there. it looks like we're not seeing any traffic moving through the area on 43rd and market street right now. going around the block will be your best bet and following the detours, we're not having -- because of this water main break, traffic is not moving through the area. we're still watching 95 around columbus boulevard. as you can see, the accident scene still active. one vehicle involved and two tanker trucks as well. one lane getting by on 95. we're seeing big delays headed southbound around columbus boulevard. two tanker trucks, another vehicle and we have a lot of emergency crew on the scene there as well, trying to get that scene under control. there's an accident in cheltenham on cheltenham avenue and washington lane. more updates on these scenes when i'm back in the next ten. bad blood between two baseball teams leads to a bench-clearing brawl last night. >> we'll show you how it started and ended and how the two teams
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might be punished today. plus, this -- >> he taught me more about me than i taught him. >> helping henry. how one little girl drew inspiration from her friend to win a contest and wait until you hear what she did with the money.
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools.
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it's 6:13. good morning. chilly one out there. a little bit of breeze, too. it's going to be sunny today, though. first alert meteorologist bill henley back in a couple minutes with his first alert forecast. a teenager in burlington county is single handedly making this summer brighter for kids with a rare genetic disorder. >> it's called usher syndrome, and it leaves people death and blind. a big win is spreading awearnesç
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of the disease while helping kids who have it feel normal. katy zachry is live with us to explain. >> good morning, vai and tracy. a lot of people in this community especially know henry, a young boy who lives in this area who suffers from hearing and vision loss. but few are as affected by him as a student at this middle school. she is 8th grader gabrielle turgeon. she's known henry norton for several years. they're family friends. henry has usher's syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that leaves people deaf and baseline. he can barely see out of either eye and has cochlear implants to help with the hearing loss. he has a lot going against him but recently got great news. gabrielle wrote an essay about him to the home shopping network for a charity fund-raiser they did and she won. $1,000 was awarded to henry's charity which means he and several friends can attend a normal summer camp for free with their interpreters. >> what are some of the things
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you do at the camp? >> i swim, play a little bit. >> the way i'm passionate about it, it wasn't even like a hard topic. i just sat at the computer and just started typing. >> reporter: good for her. those of us here at channel 10 have known henry and the struggles his family have gone through for several years. he is the son of our skyforce 10 pilot phil norton. the camp that henry and several of his friends will ab tending is a normal summer cam. the typical activities for kids which helps henry and his friends feel normal. reporting live in mt. laurel, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. good friendship, henry and gabrielle. very nice. happening today, people who take septa's media/elwyn line, learn more about service changes that come later next month. the crum creek viaduct project
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will continue through the summer. septa officials will discuss the project and answer questions at the elwyn rain station. speaking of disruptions, there's disruptions for commuters traveling southbound at 95 at columbus boulevard. >> jessica, you're watching it. tell us what you're seeing. >> we're seeing big delays, that's for sure, vai and tracy. this is around 95 and columbus boulevard. if you're headed southbound right now you will run into these delays. again, what we're looking at is two tractor-trailers, two tanker trucks actually involved in this accident scene. you can see another vehicle up here that was involved as well. we're only having one lane getting through, headed southbound. there are emergency crews. there is an ambulance and several police officers there as well. a big slowdown with one lane getting through the area. we're not having delays headed northbound by the çscene. it's just southbound right around columbus boulevard is
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where we're seeing the biggest delays right now approaching that accident scene. another accident in abington at susquehanna road and meeting house road. that water main break at west philadelphia at 43rd street and market street. more updates when i'm back in the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. let's check the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather which is a forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> allows big bill s bill to f you need to know. >> cold temperatures this morning, in fact, record cold in a couple of spots. allentown had dropped down to 37 degrees, now warming up at 39. that's 37 tied the record for this date setback in 1939. and trenton broke the record. it was down to 40 now up to 41. not a huge warmup. the temperatures will be warming under bright, sunny skies. that record from 1987. and the chill, we can see it for the rest of the area, vineland, 33 degrees right now.
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gusty winds during the day today are going to help to keep us cool. temperatures will be climbing into the 60s this afternoon when we'd normally warm into the 70s. still in the 30s for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, right at 40 degrees in delaware. philadelphia is at 45. the jersey shore in the low 40s. look at south jersey. 33 degrees right now. these numbers are starting to climb in some spots, 38 in medford. swedesboro 40, 39 in pemberton. princeton at 32 degrees right now. it is a cold start. we do have sunshine and it's going to be a bright, sunny day. look at the recovery, the temperatures into the 60s this afternoon. kutztown and the lehigh valley. gusty winds. you'll feel them in west chester and phoenixville. 60s later today with bright, sunny skies. a few thin clouds blowing through parts of the area. mainly sunny. mt. airy, 65 degrees this afternoon for mt. area. new jersey those 30s will
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disappear. the 40s will also disappear, blow past the 50s into the 60s this afternoon. trenton, high of 66 and haddonfield warms to 64. at the shore, gusty winds today, 63 degrees in galloway township. avalon, bright, sunny skies. for delaware, plenty of sunshine. look at these afternoon temperatures. 65 degrees for today. rehoboth beach, up to 64 in wilmington. just a few, thin clouds in wilmington. enjoy the sunshine today, because this is in store for us tomorrow. look at the rain, kansas city into the st. louis area. it's got a ways to go. watch the futurecast, take it right into the area for tomorrow. later tomorrow morning after a nice sunny day today. this rain is making progress. at this time tomorrow morning, it's in the ohio valley, for the few showers in western pennsylvania and coming right into the area atç 11:00 tomorr morning. continuing into the afternoon for trenton, philadelphia,
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wilmington in through delaware and south jersey. the lehigh valley stays dry to begin with but late in the day, another line of showers will come through. not a lot of rain but allentown, berks county, you'll get showers out of that one, too. so that's tomorrow. that's not the only chance of some rain. the ten-day outlook has sunshine for today up to 67 this afternoon. then the showers develop tomorrow. mostly cloudy day, 60 degrees the high temperature. come wednesday, we're up to 63. morning showers are possible wednesday, then we get a break from the rain. thursday and friday into the 70s. that's where we should be this time of year on friday. cooler on saturday. rain comes through, 69 the high, a break from the rain on sunday only to see it return on monday. by tuesday, though, we're clearing out and warming up. wednesday afternoon, feels more like summer with the high of 82. tracy? >> thanks, bill. check out these pictures, a great rainbow picture. they were sent to us by nbc 10
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viewers. the double rainbows appeared saturday after storms moved through our area. beautiful sight after a rainy, windy afternoon. if you see something like this, send it to us. send us photos and videos of breaking news and weather wherever you are. it's really easy with the nbc 10 app. click on see it, share it. 6:21 right now. 45 degrees outside. we have new information this morning on the verizon strike. the unions representing striking workers and the negotiators for the company have agreed to return to the bargaining table tomorrow. u.s. secretary -- labor secretary thomas perez met with both sides yesterday in washington. the striking verizon workers have been on the picket lines for a month. the unions accuse verizon of outsourcing jobs and cutting benefits. well, nbc 10 responds when a man hires a contractor on craigslist and doesn't get what he wants. >> it's horrible. it's absolutely horrible. >> but when he tried getting his money back, the contractor never
6:22 am
responded until harry hairston got involved. plus, the base brawl everyone is talking about this morning. we'll tell you what set these players off and what consequences they could now be facing.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on your first alert traffic. right now we're live from skyforce 10 over top of a scene on 95, headed southbound around columbus boulevard. two tanker trucks involved here. another vehicle involved as well. you can see, only one lane getting by headed southbound past the scene. they are seeing big delays there. more updatesç on the scene whei come back around 6:30. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> chilly this morning, jessie. 45 degrees at 6:25.
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thankfully the sun is up. we'll see a lot of that today. neighborhood forecast just ahead. happening this morning, congressman chaka fattah will be in court for the start of his corruption trial. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live at the courthouse covering the trial this morning. morning, pam. >> good morning, vai. we spoke to a criminal defense attorney about what he expects to take place in that courtroom as the trial begins. we'll have much more on the other side of the break. and forget strikeouts. knockouts were part of last night's bluejays/rangers game. we'll tell you what led to this bench-clearing brawl.
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nbc 10 news starts now. opening statements begin this morning in the federal corruption trial of long-time congressman chaka fattah.
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we're live in center city. >> didn't get back to you? >> no. left me hanging. >> nbc 10 responds when a hired contractor never finished the work he was paid for. and a cold morning this start out the week. grab those sunglasses with your coat this morning as you head out the door. it will be a sunny day. looks nice already. >> yes. >> good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. sunny but chilly, 45 degrees. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning, bill. >> that 45 you mention, that's in philadelphia. that's one of the warm spots. this is what's going on, these are live cameras across our area. plenty of blue sky here. the temperatures have dropped into the low 30s in parts of new jersey. that's mt. holly, lehigh valley, 39 degrees. we set a record low, tied the record low. that's easton. 51 degrees at 9:00. by lunch time, 56 degrees. yes, you'll see bright sunshine for each of these locations
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through the day. you don't have to worry about the umbrella, not today anyway. 60s this afternoon. it will be windy. philadelphia, the suburbs, new jersey, the lehigh valley, 66 degrees in interior new jersey and about the same at the shore. bright sunshine for wildwood and temperatures, well, they'd go warmer if it want for the wind. a closer look at the wind when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> we are watching this tanker crash involved two trucks, skyforce 10 over top of 95 headed southbound around columbus boulevard. you can see a big slowdown by this scene, a lot of people out and about trying to get this situation under way. there was anotherç vehicle involved in this scene as well. with one lane getting by, we are seeing big delays on 95 southbound approaching this scene. we have the fire department present on the scene, a few police officers as well. and a big delay. ed that. you can see all traffic really
6:32 am
trying to merge together into one lane creating a big problem here on 95. this is headed southbound around columbus boulevard. so big, big delays there, as you can see. we have another view of this, another angle of this from one of our cameras on 95 right around columbus. approaching that scene, this is where the other vehicle that was involved in. it's right underneath the overpass. that's why it's difficult to see some our cameras in skyforce 10. one lane only getting by. no big delays headed northbound because of that scene. we're also watching a water main break on 43rd street and market street tieing things up. follow detours around the scene and you'll be fine. the corruption trail of congressman chaka fattah begins this morning. >> fattah is accused of taking out an illegal $1 million campaign loan when he was running for mayor in 2007. he's also accused of misusing federal funds to pay back that loan. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live from center city this morning.
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pam, fattah claims he was unfairly targeted by the fbi. walk us through what happens today. >> the first thing that's going to happen, vai, this morning, is that the prosecution is going to lay out their case to jurors. they're going to say exactly what their case is. they're going to say what they intend on proving throughout that trial as it take place, kicks off here today. 59-year-old fattah is accused of accepting bribes, misusing campaign funds and federal grants to benefit his family and friends. some of those friends are on trial with him. for former aides are part of this federal case as well. two others have already pleaded guilty. we spoke to a criminal defense attorney. he's not involved in this case. he did weigh in and give us an idea about what he expects to happen during this trial. >> in the end, both sides spent a lot of time vetting the jurors to make sure the jurors would be
6:34 am
impartial and nonbiased in this case. this case will have to come down to prosecutors trying to prove mental state. it's not just proving that something happened, that you gave me something, i did something for you, that's not enough. they have to prove a direct correlation. >> fattah denied the charges against him. he claims the fbi unfairly targeted him. one more thing i should mention, chaka fattah's son is already serving a five-year sentence on related charges. again, we'll be here inside of the courtroom when that trial begins today. reporting live outside of federal court, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. stay with nbc 10 for updates on the fattah corruption çtria. we'll file the case from beginning to end and bring you continuing coverage on air and online on our nbc 10 mobile app. 6:34. happening today in cumberland county, grief counselors will be at bridgeton high school to help students cope with the death of two classmates who died in a crash after the prom. >> the school district will
6:35 am
collect donations for the family of the two. the girls died on their way home from a post-prom celebration in ocean city early saturday morning. two other teens were also hurt in the crash. state police are investigating. 6:35. 45 degrees outside. president obama will honor a philadelphia police officer who was killed in the line of duty. >> the president will posthumously award robert wilson iii with the medal of volumer. president obama made history at rutgers by becoming the first sitting president to deliver the commencement address at that university. he took several swipes at donald trump although he never mentioned him by name. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before. and it's becoming more connected every day. bulling walls won't change that.
6:36 am
politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> president obama was given an honorary law degree by rutgers during the commencement. donald trump and joe biden cheered on their loved ones at the wharton school of business graduation sayre money yesterday. trump was there for his daughter tiffany while vice president biden watched his granddaughter naomi get her diploma. neither of them spoke, keeping the focus on the graduates. lawmakers return to harrisburg today with just six weeks before the deadline to iron out differences for the coming year's spending plan. governor tom wolf still wants a broad tax increase to fund schools and close the deficit while republican lawmakers want to cut costs and are opposed to a tax increase. meantime, new jersey lawmakers will consider a bill to raise the minimum wage. the measure would bump up the rate to $10.10 an hour next year. it would then increase annually for four years. governor christie is against the
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bill. a major league baseball diamond looked more like a boxing ring yesterday. the fists started flying and this morning, some players could be facing suspensions. the trouble took place in arlington, texas. it started when a rangers pitcher plunked bluejays slugger jose bautista. then moments later, while running the bases bayh tooe teese to slit hard into second baseman odor. that's when things got a bit out of hand. odor, watch this, overhand right, right in the kisser. both benches çemptied. umpires ejected multiple players. that's a pretty good punch, actually. >> okay. we're not supposed to be analyzing the punch. >> i'm just saying. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> that's your boxing background, right?
6:38 am
>> exactly right. >> absolutely. talking from experience. play by play there. here's your play by play weatherwise. we're slowly warming up, a cold start this morning, parts of the area record low temperatures. but as you can see by this live view from here at the nbc 10 studios, plenty of sunshine. hold on to your hat. gusty winds today. maybe not as strong as yesterday. the winds could gust as high as 30 miles an hour this afternoon. sunshine today an a chilly evening. with just a few clouds in the area. won't be as cold as it is this morning. we're still seeing cold temperatures, new jersey 33 degrees in interior new jersey. at the shore, 41. look at the suburbs at 36 degrees and slowly climbing. there are some cool spots, collegeville, malvern at 35, west kallen township. montgomery and bucks county, upper 30s from north wales, warrenton, newtown is at 41 and bensalem, also at 41 degrees.
6:39 am
we are seeing them start to climb. we'll see bright sunshine through the day. just a few thinning clouds are blowing through the area right now. the winds will be increasing, though, this afternoon. you might see a few more scattered clouds moving through. winds at 16 miles an hour at 10:00. bright sunshine at lunch time. 45 in philadelphia. the suburbs, 50 degrees at 10:00. by lunch time, 54 degrees and in the lehigh valley, into the middle 50s by lunch time. a few scattered clouds. right now it is completely clear in the lehigh valley. that's the view from easton this morning. looks very nice. that sunshine. you'll see a few scattered clouds to start with. mainly sunny for new jersey. look at the winds, near 20 miles an hour at 2:00 this afternoon. we will see higher gusts and you'll fell them at the shore as well. bright sunshine, yes, 59 degrees. that's by 2:00 this afternoon. after starting off in the low 40s right now in atlantic city. delaware, bright sunny skies. 40 degrees now.
6:40 am
56 degrees by lunch time and then it's into the 60s this afternoon. we do have warmer days ahead but also cooler ones. you can see -- and rainier ones, too. you can see the seven day at the bottom of the screen. within i come back, your ten-day outlook. tracy, vai? 20 minutes before 7:00. skyforce 10 giving us a better look at that problem on 95 southbound at columbus. >> correct. let's check with jessica boyington. jessica, what are you seeing? >> we're still seeing the same thing we've been seeing all morning, no big updates at least in a good way. we're just seeing more delays andç volume around the scene. two tanker trucks are involved. 95 southbound right around columbus boulevard. there's another vehicle involved as well. you can see this really is tieing things up on 95. if you're headed southbound, if you typically take 95 you'll be in big delays. if you have to catch a flight or head southbound towards the airport, big delays here. this is going to impact your morning drive. you can see a big slowdown by
6:41 am
the scene with the fire department on scene. police officers on the scene as well. penndot crews were there earlier also. only one lane getting through the area. no big delays headed northbound by the scene but huge delays, almost traffic at a standstill actually if you are approaching that scene as well. an accident out in abington in montgomery county, susquehanna road and meeting house road. also a water main break in west philadelphia, 43rd street and market street. watch out for that as well. friday, june 17th, they'll be seeing shuttle busing for the route 101 trolleys. that's pren providence road and orange street station due to a construction project on state street near providence road over in media. shuttle busing passengers. that will be until friday, june 17th. more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes. 6:41 right now. a camden county couple hired a contractor to fix up their new
6:42 am
home. >> after paying up front, the contractor never finished the job. that couple contacted nbc 10 responds. harry hairston contacted the contractor. we'll show you what happened next, plus, what you should do before hiring a contractor.
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heads up if you take i-95 southbound near columbus boulevard to get to work. two tanker trucks crashed and it is causing a big backup. one lane is getting by and fire crews are on the scene. no one is hurt. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will have more on this crash. she's coming up in just a couple of minutes. and now to nbc 10 responds. a couple gets engaged and they buy a home in camden county
6:46 am
together. they run into cost did i trouble when they hire an unlicensed contractor to help with the renovations. >> they reached out to nbc 10 responds. reporter harry hairston has their story. >> come here. >>. >> reporter: they say getting their dogs to do what they want is no problem. getting the contractor they hired to finish repairs on their house is a different story. >> told us three days to get the job done. which turnedç into -- we had se bad weather be , i'll give you but it took over a month. >> what do you think of the work. >> it's horrible, absolutely horrible. >> reporter: how much does he charge you? >> $1,650. >> reporter: the total cost for everything? >> for everything. >> reporter: he hired him after seeing his ad on craigslist.
6:47 am
>> did you do research on him before you hired him. >> that i didn't. >> reporter: turns out these text messages from late march would be the last time they would communicate. >> i said are you going to finish the job or not? >> he didn't get back to you. >> no, left me hanging. >> reporter: he says that's why he reached out to nbc 10 responds. he didn't answer our phone calls but he did return our text messages. he first told us he would finish the job. later he decided to return $200 so he could hire someone else. that satisfied the couple and they sent us this nbc 10 responds cam message. >> thank you harry hairston and nbc 10 responds. >> we got our money! >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> he says next time he'll ask
6:48 am
for references. as for the ladder left at the house, the contractor says they can keep it. click on the nbc 10 responds page and fill out a complaint form that's there or call 610-668-7377 and we will respond to you. time to go to new york and look at what's ahead on the "today" show this morning. >> good to see you both. >> hi, happy monday to you both. coming up on the show, new questions facing donald trump about his treatment of women, while president obama takes a few veiled shots at the republican's presumptive nominee. more communities push for police to wear body cameras, can you believe what you see in the footage on rossen reports, an eye opening demonstration. then jason sudeikis talks family and getting ready in his new movie. and bobby flay shares his secret recipe for what he calls the best burger ever.
6:49 am
that's later on "today." >> best burger ever. >> like we weren't already hungry, we have to get teased with that. >> ever. >> thank you, matt and savannah. >> thanks. >> all right. take care. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's check the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather, which is a forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> the focus is where you live and what you need to know. >> parts ofç the area, record cold temperatures. allentown and trenton both set record lows, down to 37 degrees in allentown and 40 in trenton. that broke the record in trenton and tied it in allentown. the temperatures are cold to start with. bright sunshine but dusty winds will keep things cool. those winds near 20 miles an hour this afternoon in philadelphia. stronger in the lehigh valley and at the shore, atlantic city will see 21 mile-an-hour winds with higher gusts. low 30s in parts of interior new jersey. 40 degrees in delaware. 36 in the suburbs.
6:50 am
parts of philadelphia dropped down into the 30s this morning. look at andorra and chestnut hill. somerton is also 39. society hill warmed up to 44 degrees. these conditions are continually updating as they come into our first alert computer. bright sunshine, the high temperatures in the 60s for the lehigh valley. the winds will be blowing. you see a few scattered clouds for phoenixville. bright, sunny skies for newtown this afternoon. for philadelphia, a nice rebound from the 30s and 40s this morning. into the upper 60s today. the winds will be blowing. they'll feel them in new jersey as well. 66 degrees for trenton, haddon feel, the high of 64. nothing but a few scattered clouds. no sign of any rain for any of the locales this morning. at the shore, sunny skies, avalon, 62 degrees, atlantic city 65 degrees this afternoon. and a chill, we're starting to ease in delaware, too, bright, sunny skies, dover, 64, 65 this afternoon for wilmington. sunshine today. satellite and the radar show a
6:51 am
few clouds blowing through the area this morning. mainly it will be sunny today. look what's on the way for tomorrow. it's got a long way to go. it's in st. louis and kansas and nebraska, into south dakota. that is the system that's going to come in here and you'll see the rain falling later tomorrow morning and steadier rain tomorrow afternoon. the futurecast shows we'll stay clear today. look at the clouds, slowly increasing. we'll see some of those by first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00 tomorrow morning, that rain in the ohio valley and moving our way by later in the morning. that rain is here and at lunch time, some light rain falling in trenton, philadelphia and wilmington. the steadiest rain in delaware and south jersey. even to the north, though it stays dry for most of the day, allentown could see showers sweep through late in the afternoon. the ten-day outlook has a sunny day today. rain returns for tomorrow and into wednesday morning. then it dries up and warms up for thursday and friday.
6:52 am
afternoon temperatures into the 70s. a chance of showers on saturday. looks most likely for saturday, then it dries up send morning. we'll see sunshine in the afternoon, just 69 degrees on sunday. by monday, we're back into the 70s. look at wednesday, a high of 82 degrees. eight minutes before 7:00 right now. we continue to watch the backup from that tanker crash on 95 southbound near columbus boulevard. >> jessica,ç show us what you have. we don't have improvements which is unfortunate for drivers heading out the door. again, this is 95 southbound around columbus boulevard. it hasn't been closed at all. we only have one lane getting by. if you're headed southbound maybe toward the airport, if you have acatch a flight this morning, you'll face major delays because of this. with two tanker trucks involved in this crash. another vehicle there as well. fire department on the scene, several police officers on scene as well. creating a big, big traffic jam up here by the scene. as you can see, one lane is
6:53 am
getting by. we done the have delays headed northbound by the scene. just headed southbound past the accident scene around columbus boulevard. you can see massive delays, traffic looks like it's almost at a standstill because of that scene right now. if you're headed southbound on 95, you will see big delays. more updates for you, one last update when i'm back in the next five minutes or so. >> coming up, a check much the day's headlines and the stories you need to know as you head out the door. breaking news in west philadelphia where a water main break is affecting a firehouse and a dialysis center. matt delucia just pulled up. a live report, coming up next. and we'll also tell you what you can expect as the corruption trial of chaka fattah begins in just a few hours.
6:54 am
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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at three before 7:00, breaking news out of west philadelphia. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live on 43rd and market street. no one has been evacuated. it's impacting a firehouse and dialysis center there, matt? >> that is right, vai and tracy. we're here at the scene of 43rd and market in west philadelphia. if you can show the water department in the middle of the street. this happened around 4:00 this morning. you see the dialysis center out there in the distance. we're told that has flooding damage as well. we found quite a bit of flooding damage here at this firehouse, engine five, ladder six. take a look at this video. we were just inside. you can see the end result of that flood, a muddy basement there. their workout room. they have a subbasement as well that was impacted as well, that is where they had generator and boilers and what not. they're operating on emergency
6:58 am
power. you can see out here, 43rd and market still blocked off for the time being. live in west philly, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. if you're just tuning in to the end of that, we are watching a water main break out in west philadelphia on 43rd andç mark street. being directed around the scene will be your best bet. not a lot of delay past that scene right now besides that. we're watching vine street. this is our camera from the vine street expressway around 8th street facing north franklin street. you can see it even though we're looking towards sun glare. police activity on the scene as well. a big story on 95. we're watching this tanker crash, 95 southbound big delays past columbus boulevard. one lane is getting by. i'm pamela osborne outside of federal court where in just a couple of houshz we'll hear
6:59 am
openiopen ing remarks in the case against chaka fattah. it's a chance for the prosecution to lay out its case before chaka fattah. fattah is accused of bribery, misusing campaign funds and farrallon grats. he claims the fbi unfairly targeted him. two of his former aides have pleaded guilty. we'll be inside for the start of this trial. reporting live outside of federal court, i'm pamela osbor osborne, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> the good news is we have nine. the bad news, it's chilly outside. we'll see the temperatures warm into the 60s this afternoon, but gusty winds will blow a few clouds through. not as many clouds as we saw yesterday. 60s today and enjoy the sunshine today because rain is on tap for tomorrow. no sign of any of that for today. all right. tracy and i are headed to the green tree school for deaf and autistic kids. it's going to be a good time.
7:00 am
we'll do that this morning. it's going to be fun. >> have a great trip. >> thanks for watching. >> will we see you tomorrow? >> yes. >> we'll be back. >> fantastic. good morning. oh, the places you'll go. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> president obama takes a not so veiled shot at donald trump in a commencement address, as the republican's presumptive nominee fires off a surprising new tweet this morning. encouraging bernie sande to run as an independent. round two. 28 million people in the flood-weary south, bracing for more heavy rains today. how bad will it get this time? search suspended. the coast guard calling off its three-day effort to find a young mother who fell overboard on a cruise. why her family is still holding out hope. and cover up. a los angeles meteorologist handed a sweater during a live


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