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tv   Today  NBC  May 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! hope you had a gre weekend this funday monday. it's may 16 already. >> that is -- well, that's our music. oh, there. >> "something more". >> by sugar land. wasn't she great this morning? >> we have jennifer nettles with us this morning. >> we won't let her leave the studio without giving us a song as well. >> we had so much fun. plus you know what else we have? the fabulous, the amazing -- >> she gets more flawless every
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time we see her. >> jada pinkett smith. >> talking about her family and all the exciting projects she's bringing back. she's bringing back fish mooney. >> i'm glad. she has a great take on that character. and today is the nbc universal up front. >> what are those you ask? >> that means the new tv show lineup is announced to advertisers and that means right south side our doors lots of stars are walking the red carpet. >> it's cool. you walk out the window, we just saw j. lo out there. john crenna was out there. apparently he had a message for us. >> there's two enormous things missing at the nbc up fronts. two wonderful presence, kathie lee and hoda. everybody is having a good time but i need red wine is i wish hoda is here and i need somebody to liven up the part yey becaus
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kathie lee isn't here. get down here because we need you. this is an all points bulletin. >> we will be down there in just a few minutes. >> thank you, john. i had a nice quiet weekend. >> what did you do? >> i had a party at my house on friday night for about 26 or so of the 40 people that went with us on our last trip to israel. >> how great. >> so we had a little reunion. >> was it fun? >> just wonderful. the trip meant so much individually and collectively to everybody and they've stayed very, very close. it's called an insalah, it's the group of family -- they're now family. and the rest of the week both of my kids were home so i had a ball. >> people are still talking about that trip. i know a bunch of people that went on it. it's one of those recurring conversation. >> your friend mary was there, our friend now. and hoda woman was the commencement speaker at tulane university in new orleans and i hear you crushed it. >> no, i don't know about crushing it. the audience was easy, you know what i'm saying?
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because they were a little hung over. >> well, it was a lot of celebrating. >> no one does a graduation that i've been to like tulane because they have second lines, they have jazz bands singing. i was taking pictures from up on top. it's like one big party. >> hoda, that's not good for your aarp! >> it's unlike anything you will see at a graduation. that's karen, we hung out by the lake afterwards. tulane has a great a cappella group. wait, let's get to this guy. his name is derek edwards. we'll be doing a story on him later in the week. he is a tulane grad and he was part of my graduation speech because i have never known anyone like this guy. he was there with his mom. >> talk about an inspiration. >> right? >> then you got a big old fat standing o from everybody, hoda. i'm so proud of you. >> they had some really cool, cool people. there was this a cappella group. can we have a tiny snippet? we were backstage before the
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graduation. ♪ we raise our light to our alma matta ♪ we go so faithfully ♪ fill the merry cup from sea to sea ♪ >> the best part of what you told me is you asked how tough it is to get a job in this world. tell everybody what happened. >> well, yeah, i said who has a job? and a bunch of kids raised their hand, i thought most kids would nlts. >> right. >> but it turned out their parents up there were like we have jobs. of course you have jobs. your kids go to tulane. but i did give them ten lessons. i squeezed ten lessons into a 15-minute speech. here's just a couple of them. >> do not forget the people who helped you. never, ever, ever, forget the people who helped you. [ applause ] life can change in an instant.
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in an instant. the best advice you may get in your life may come from a complete stranger. if you survive anything in your life, who cares what it is, an illness, a loss, your parents split up, it doesn't matter, whatever your cross to bear is, if you are still stand, even if you're teetering, you get four words, you get -- you can't scare me. those four words are so powerful, you guys. for the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with. choose your friends wisely. the class of 2016, go get 'em! >> that's our hody! and you live by all those things, too. you meet your friends they're awesome. >> i have good friends. >> look at me! >> i have great friends! excellent friends. and flo rida made an appearance really quick. he wasn't what you thought. >> it's not thursday.
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♪ >> you're assuming everybody loves that. >> all you need are earbuds and a microphone wherever you go. >> we love our flo. is that the proper music? i guess. >> it was. >> you're in my house? ♪ welcome to my house >> i said this is your house, you're always going to be home in new orleans. >> i guess it was a good choice. let's check in, we've got martin short and maya rudolph. >> we have martin short and maya rudolph promoting their new show for nbc "maya and marty." i said it backwards earlier. >> oh, that can get her going. "read the contract." that's what she says. >> that's what i sound like when i wake up. >> kind of "here's lucy" voice. >> i'm so excited for this show. it's a variety show. what can we expect? >> a variety of things. >> yes, i think it's sketch and music and loose and i think -- >> he's loose i'm very uptight.
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>> that's not true. and a lot of pre-tapes and live stuff and great gets. >> we wanted to do something with all these great people that we already know but some people that we just love and get the chance to just perform and have fun. >> now, did it work that both your names start with an m? >> well, my real name is rebecca. no, it's not. it's maya. >> donald trump's wife is going to be in the show for a while. >> really? instead of he? so it was going to be marty and melania? >> uh-huh. >> that's a different flow. >> couldn't do reveal. >> it wasn't marty and mavis staples. >> i love that. >> so we have these bright orange cards, they're fun question. would you like to ask each other a question? >> yes, we like to ask each other questions all the time. >> maya? >> yes. >> hi, it's marty short. big, big, big, big, big, fan. >> thank you. >> if you had one free day to do anything you wanted, what would
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you do? >> other than go to your house? >> yeah! >> i would -- >> it's only a two-hour show. >> i would stay in bed and order room service even in my own home. >> wow. >> that's pretty cool, i know. >> i'm always going to remember this question. you take one. >> would you like to ask marty a question? >> would i? >> marty? what's at the top of your bucket list? >> truthfully, doing a variety show with a brilliant, brilliant chameleon and genius like yourself. >> so you're going to be doing it with chris catan? >> no. [ as robert kennedy ] this is the top of my bucket list. >> what was thatting a tent? >> i went into a kennedy voice. >> because you're not wearing a
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jacket. >> i'm very much like jfk who didn't wear a jacket on inaugural day. >> i feel like i was transported in time. >> thank you so much, good luck. >> thank you. >> i'll send it back to you guys. >> give them our love. we love those two. >> by the way, meghan trainor, i wasn't here friday and everybody said she was amazing, i was in physical therapy for my neck. she left me a note "dear kathie lee, thank you for letting me use your dressing room, we missed you but i killed in your honor." and that's what everybody said she did. >> and she signed it "m train." >> you know who's so call, jen and lane, the couple we met on the plaza and they got married in our studio on thursday. so after that, they -- you and i had plans but they said we're going to have our reception, we're going to go to buffalo wild wings." >> so they went. they sent us pictures.
10:10 am
why didn't we get to go to buffalo wild wings. >> well, they asked us to. >> oh, wow, they're on the top of the world there. top of the rock. that's them going on the carriage ride [ laughter ] >> it's hard to imagine two people more in love we got so caught up in their love for one another. >> they were one of the few couples -- often when you have couples on tv for televised weddings they're very aware of the camera situation. those two were the only two in the room. >> only two people in the room. >> we wish them all the best. >> and we're all congrats to -- >> and you could not go. >> i know, desk still, he's the father of leah still, got married this weekend. i was going to try to go on friday. the timing didn't work out but it was a beautiful wedding, everyone was talking about it, leah gave the most beautiful toast, she's cancer free. this is a little bit of her speech.
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>> thank you for supporting me. i love my new family. [ applause [ applause ] now let's party! >> and then they danced! so much to be happy about. >> a beautiful, beautiful family. congrats to devon and his new family. >> "uptown funk." your favorite. >> we're going to go across the street to rockefeller center. >> if there's anybody effort. >> to rangel them up, we'll find them. >> and we'll chat with the always-entertaining jada pinkett smith right after this.
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she's been brought back to life and don't you ever forget her na name. >> do you remember your name? anything? you are a war goddess. your name is -- >> no. >> no? >> my name is fish moony. >> ooh! >> ooh! we won't get it wrong again. >> did you know you were going to be back? >> no. >> because you kept that very close to the vest. >> yeah. no. yeah, because i mean, you know, it was the end of the year and we knew that fish would be one of the ones that was going to be gone. >> how does it feel to be back? >> i love it. i just love fish moony, she one of my favorites.
10:16 am
>> well, you said "i've got to do more of this." because it made it fun and interesting. >> absolutely. >> you had gotten bored? >> i'd gotten kind of bored. in hollywood it's very difficult for -- it's a lot of ladies and it's difficult for the dope -- for fulfilling roles to get spread out. so the fact that i was able to grab a character like fish moony is a real blessing. >> you're also playing another character, you are a very good mom, we know that, but you play a different kind of mom -- >> i play a mean mom. >> a mean one. that's out of character for you. >> well, you know, hey, mean girls are always fun. >> who do you hang with? who's your posse in this movie? >> it was christina and miss annie right there and, of course, we terrorize mila for the whole movie. which was fun, too. >> where did you shoot that? >> we shot that in new orleans. >> that's the best place to shoot, isn't it? don't you love that spot? speaking of your kids, saw pictures of them at the met
10:17 am
ball. >> yeah! >> wow. they've kind of found their place. >> they found their way. >> how come you weren't there with them? >> it's funny, this was the first year i got invited by anna. you know, we get invited by different houses all the time but -- >> anna wintour. >> this would be the year i would have gone! anna invited us but what i realized was that, you know, being in the same room with the kids during an event like that makes it a completely different event for them and that's really their sandbox so i had to fall back this year. >> so they didn't big you go-to-go? >> oh, indeed not. they were like "what?" i was like "trust me, i'm not going, it's your night." it's like prom for them. >> does will like those kinds of events or would he rather stay home, turn on the telly and have a beer? >> he'd rather stay home anyway. >> if you are home cozied up and there's a television show, which one do you both agree that you like to watch.
10:18 am
>> what do we both agree on that we like to watch? >> well, what do you like and you convince him it's a good one? >> well, right now i'm watching "vikings." i wish i could get into "game of thrones." >> it as a little late. >> i know! right? i want to. because i love that era i love that story telling but i couldn't get into it so "vikings" is my thing right now. >> you look younger. >> whatever she's doing we want it. i have to tell you, i hadn't seen will in "concussion" and i saw it recently and it was an oscar-worthy performance. >> thank you, thank you. >> >> please tell him that. i had no idea. such a timely, timely situation. >> thank you. >> jada, thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you for having me, always. >> you'll be back again. >> i will. >> stay out of trouble! >> you know i will. >> "gotham" airs monday nights on zblox grammy winner jennifer nettles is playing with fire, get ready to feel the heat right after this. ♪
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we've just left the studio. we are outside on this fancy red carpet we were telling you about at the nbc up fronts and look who's here. james spader. >> looking very danner. >> you're so lively at this hour. >> that's how we do. are you ready for a new season of "the blacklist"? >> no. >> you'll be ready when you have to be. >> i'll be ready when they drag me back to new york. >> and will we see different hats? is that part of the rundown? >> he has sort of the same hats. >> he does? >> as a matter of fact, they've stopped making his hats and so we're sort of -- we had to do a search to find those hats. >> you did? >> yeah, so there's -- there's about two or three of those hats and they better last us so the show will be over. >> we love you and we love the show. >> you started a whole new thing on nbc, it's called hits! >> it's been a long time, we're on a roll. thank you so much, see you on the red carpet. bye, honey.
10:23 am
see you later! thank you. >> also, a whole bunch of celebrities were on the red carpet just before james. >> when we were still inside. >> let's hear what they had to say. >> hey, kathie lee and hoda, sorry you didn't make it up this morning. having a little siesta? sleeping in? we miss you and look forward to seeing you later. >> kathie lee and hoda, stop drinking and get your booty down here because you are very missed. >> have you seen kathie lee and hoda? >> hey, kathie lee and hoda, where are you? are you coming down here? it's freezing. hurry up. not the same without you. >> where's the booze, you guys? this is a dry house. >> we're wondering where the heck kathie lee and hoda are. if we can get up this early, certainly you ladies can, too. >> coffee. >> yeah. >> hi, kathie lee, hi, hoda. miss you. >> you are both wonderful and good morning. >> hi, kathie lee, hi, hoda.
10:24 am
every time we're in new york we have to see you guys so hi. >> we don't have to, we want to and we want to drink some wine with you guys. we love you, ladies. >> we're here already! >> we made it. thank you very much, everybody. >> look at the red carpet. if you've never been down -- >> this is a blue one, hoda. >> look at the paparazzi. >> hi, everybody. nobody cares. come on! >> it's just kathie lee and hoda. >> you're live on nbc, show our paparazzi. >> we're going to put you on for a change. can you shoot them? get with james, kath. >> oh, my gosh. i went right in front of you. >> this is what it feels like. >> to the left, to the left. >> james! >> you love this, don't you? thanks, james. >> coming up, country music superstar jennifer nettles will sing with us. say hello, you're on tv. i color every four weeks. like clockwork. my hair showed it.
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what? (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice. this one is, like, it goes the extra step. it gets it all clean. how does being clean feel? kind of sassy. uh, breezy. hands up. weeeeeee. my bum is saying, "thank you very much." cleanripple texture is designed to clean better. go cottonelle, go commando. "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm katy zachry. it is 10:26 on your monday. let's get your forecast with "nbc 10" meteorologist bill henley. a lot of sun out there, right, bill?
10:27 am
>> plenty of sunshine. look at the winds out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour in philadelphia. those winds are already gusting to 30 miles an hour. going to allow us only to warm into the 60s this afternoon where we would normally head for the 70s. sunshine, yes. gusty winds for everyone. 65 degrees in new jersey and about the same at the shore. wild wood seeing sunny skies. seeing clouds blowing through the lehigh valley. katie? >> bill, thank you. jessica boyington keeping her eyes on the road. what are you seeing, jess? >> 95 some updates here. we had the earlier accident scene completely cleared out of the way. maybe some rescitsit -- residua traffic. a lot of police activity as well. vineland, accident investigation with an earlier vehicle fire. the right lane is closed, katie. >> jessica, thank you. today president obama will
10:28 am
honor a philadelphia police officer who was killed in the line of duty. the president will posthumously award sergeant robert wilson iii the medal of valor. he died in a shootout at a game stop store in north philadelphia. the 11-term congressman is accused of taking bribes. he's also accused of misusing campaign money, charitable funds and federal grants. he has denied the accusations against him. i'm katy zachry. a full hour of news coming up in just 30 minutes. morning noon or night
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it's funday monday and what makes it more fun is we have one of the biggest names in country music and great actress as well, jennifer nettles. >> a singer, a songwriter, one half of the grammy winning duo sugarland. >> and her second album "playing with fire" debuted at number one. she'll be performing for us but first we wanted to say hey. >> hi! good morning. >> life is good, isn't it? >> life is good. life is rich and full and busy and broad and good. >> we had christian on thursday. >> yes! >> he played "forever now." >> yes. i heard. >> all these new avenues opening up for you. the acting thing and you were so great in the movie that sam haskell produced. >> "coat of many colors."
10:31 am
and there's going to be a sequel. "christmas of many colors" coming out this holiday season. >> and we love reading about your son. >> magnus. >> magnus. >> so sweet. >> great name. what's the hash something that. >> oh, my god, hulk smash. he's into dinosaur and superheroes and hulk and animals. >> is that the opposite of you? >> totally opposite. well, i'm not a girly girl but i tweeted that that i think the lord gave me a son to show me how much of a girl i am. i'm not super frilly but i'm not always well kept and he is so much of a boy i'm just like, okay, rough housing, i don't understand this. and this is really -- i'm going to try my best. >> back to your music, i love when you collaborate. you've collaborated with so many different people. was j. lo a collaboration with you? >> yes. it was so fun. >> how did that come to be? >> the way i love for it to come about which is organic. >> naturally? >> yes. i had an idea for a song that i
10:32 am
wanted to pitch to her about unity and how we are more alike than different and i had the opportunity thankfully to speak with her and she said "i'm in" and we wrote it a couple weeks later. >> is that what we're listening to? >> yeah, "my house." >> see, other people have houses too, hoda. >> yes, that's right! but it's about how at the end of the day it can spice different, the accent is different, but the things that keep us up in the middle of the night that we worry about, the crimes we have for our kids. >> is is there anybody else you want to collaborate with? >> all of them. i'm such a music fan as well as an artist, there are so many people i would be blown away to collaborate with. >> so you're still the little girl who pinches herself? >> all the time. i think "who gets to have this life?" i mean somebody has to have their dream, i volunteer, but i'm super grateful and humble. >> and you're still on tour? >> till the middle of june and i'm hoping the record does so
10:33 am
well that i look at myself and i say "okay, i would be foolish if i don't go out for another couple month." >> how is the cd different? >> in comparison to the last album, sonically this is much richer and lusher and contextually it's really all about the bravery that resulted from the vulnerability of becoming a parent for the first time. >> love it. >> it's not for the faint of heart. >> it ain't for sisis, baby. >> don't move, jennifer is going to sing her new hit "hey, heart break" coming up after this. >> and we'll give you tips on how to keep your skin looking like hers except over 40 which she's not. >> yes, i what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks.
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it's day two of our two-part series with our sponsor olay. we've shown you how to change your skin routine in your 20s and 30s to become an ageless beauty but how does moving into your 40s and beyond change the game? >> yeah, we took to the streets of new york to hear what 40-something women had to say about their morning routine and their biggest worries about skin scare. >> i'm 40 years old. >> 41. >> 43. >> 49. >> i turn 40 next month. >> my morning skin care routine
10:39 am
would be getting up, splashing a little bit of cold water on. >> scrubbing my face and then using a lot of different lotions. >> and i have a little foam cleanser. >> foam cleanser that purifies pores and removes makeup. >> wash it off with warm water. >> exfoliate three times a week. >> moisturizing is important afterwards. always including, like an spf. >> i make sure i buy makeup that has spf. >> i use sunscreen every morning. >> one of my concerns is definitely signs of aging. >> i'm getting these wrinkles on the top of my forehead. >> acne. >> probably dryness. >> wrinkles. >> i would probably ask a skin care expert what to do about my fine lines and wrinkles. >> dr. elizabeth hala is a board certified spokesperson and with us are those wonderful 40-something women. catherine is with us and antoinette is with us. >> who likes to be called q, right? >> q. >> so help us out. that first question which every woman would like to answer to, the fine lines and wrinkles.
10:40 am
is there something you can do for those? >> definitely. the crow's feet around the eyes is definitely a very common concern that i hear. it's often one of the first wrinkles to form because the eyelid skin is so delicate. so first prevention. wearing sunglasses every single day even when it's raining just to prevent that repentive the squinting. sunscreen every single day then you can look for eye creams with hyaluronic acid and it may be time to talk about non-invasive procedures that can help. >> such as? >> such as laser resurfacing and injections. >> okay. >> so catherine had -- one of the things she was talking about is acne black heads and stuff that you can get in your 40s. what's the answer? >> it can be very frustrating because people think they shouldn't be breaking out anymore once they pass the teenage years. >> you're not in puberty. >> it's very common. often times the acne is hormonal and it tends to occur along the jaw line. exfoliating can be very helpful. there are some ingredients like
10:41 am
salicylic acid that can help to exfoliate your skin to keep the pores clean. >> is it okay to exfoliate gently everyday? >> so as long as you don't overdo it. i find women in their 40s and above tend to be so obsessed with anti-ageing that they multitask and they're exfoliating and using a sonic cleanser and usiing retinoids. >> do you have a question? >> i'm interested in serums but because my skin is so oily i'm wary to adding to the moisture. >> it's a great question. serums are concentrated and they can pack powerful ingredients but consider a serum with retinol, that can help even out pigmentation and smooth out the complexi complexion. >> let's move over to q. >> q has been waiting patiently. >> so you had an issue you talked about moisturizing your skin, right? >> dryness in areas i never had it before. >> you have beautiful skin.
10:42 am
>> thank you. >> i was going to say. >> what are the issues? >> dryness is a common concern as our skin ages because it dehydrates and doesn't hold on to moisture as well so it's great to use a moisturizing product. also with spf 30. this is common because patients with darker skin don't think they need a daily sun screen but it's helpful as a means to prevent premature skin aging and minimize the mpigmentation because black heads can leave dark spots so a moisturizing product with broad spectrum spf 30. >> any other questions? >> my concerns, i'm getting a lot of dark spots and blemishes particularly along here. >> so hormonal acne is a real concern in women in their 40s so try to prevent them with a retinol type product, broad spectrum sunscreen and other ingredientss like glycolic acid that can help as well. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me.
10:43 am
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we are back with the fabulous grammy award winner jennifer nettles. >> and she's going to perform her new hit for us "hey, heart break" off her new album "playing with fire." >> okay, doll, all yours. >> take it away. ♪ hey, sleepless, my eyes are red ♪ why don't you get out of my bed ♪ i don't want to watch the fan no more
10:49 am
♪ hey, crazy, that's enough, i'm sick of ♪ tripping on all your stuff scattered across ♪ my bedroom floor, hey, heart break, give me your keynote note it's you, it's not me ♪ oh, you only bring me down, down, down ♪ hey, heart break, don't come back ♪ i swept up your shattered glass ♪ what goes around it comes back around, round, round ♪ heart break, i'm breaking, breaking up with you ♪ heartbreak, i'm break, breaking up with you ♪ heartbreak, i'm breaking, breaking up with you ♪ ♪ hey, laughter, where's your smile ♪ haven't seen in the a while ♪ and i miss the drunken nigh s,
10:50 am
hey, lonely ♪ leave me alone, if you call me ain't nobody home ♪ find somebody else because i'm going out tonight ♪ hey, heartbreak give me your keynote note it's you, it's not me ♪ oh, you only bring me down, down, down, down ♪ hey, heartbreak don't come back, i swept up ♪ your shattered glass, what goes around is coming back ♪ around, round, round ♪ heartbreak, i'm breaking, breaking up with you ♪ heartbreak, i'm breaking, breaking up with you ♪ yeah, heartbreak, i'm breaking up with you, heartbreak, i'm ♪ breaking, breaking up with you ♪ every little thought that i needed turns out that i had
10:51 am
♪ every little thing i thought i wanted ♪ i'm getting back ♪ starting to mend, that's beating again ♪ everything i thought i needed, turns out i had ♪ everything i thought that i wanted i'm getting back ♪ starting to mend, beating again ♪ ♪ hey, heartbreak, give you your keyno ♪ it's not you, it's me, what goes around ♪ is coming back around ♪ coming back around, heartbreak, i'm breaking up with you ♪ heartbreak, i'm breaking up with you ♪ shop britop bringing me down
10:52 am
♪ heartbreak, i'm breaking up with you, you ♪ heartbreak, i'm breaking up with you ♪ i'm breaking, breaking, heartbreak, i'm breaking, breaking up with you ♪ >> oh, my gosh! >> yes! >> that's how the pros do it, god darn it! >> thank you so much! >> oh, my god! we feel like we already know the words to that song, it's one of those. our favorite things up next.
10:53 am
10:54 am
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if you don't want fake eyelashes but you don't want long eyelashes, this is called eye booster instant lash extension kit by physician's formula. you'll freak. you put mascara on first, then you take this little guy, it has
10:56 am
fibers in it, and you put it on top of that mascara and then you apply another coat of mascara. i'm not kidding -- >> it looks incredible. >> your lashes will be twice as long. 15 bucks at drug stores. >> okay. this book is by a gentleman i don't know very well but what i know of him i adore. he's pastor ar bernard, this book is called "four things women want from a man." i'm telling you, if you're having trouble with your relationship, it's because you think you know what you want but perhaps you don't know. what if you don't know and it leads to heartache? this will save you so much experimentation you -- it's really -- and it's not just for people that aren't married, it can help a marriage as well. >> that sounds like a great book. >> he's a lovely, lovely man. >> we'd like to say hello to nancy and betty who are auction winners who are here. hey. >> from down in washington, d.c. area. thanks for seeing us. that does it for us this funday monday. >> tomorrow we have andy samberg and he's gotten a hilarious group he's going to come with.
10:57 am
>> lonely island. >> and the always charming ryan egg l from "the blast list. " >> plus
10:58 am
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"nbc 10 news" starts now. right now at 11:00 congressman on trial. opening statements are underway in the federal corruption trial of u.s. representative chaka fattah. he's accused of misusing millions of dollars and lying about it. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. the once prominent philadelphia politician recently lost his re-election bid for the first time in decades and now he faces jail time. "nbc 10" pamela osborne just stepped outside of the courtroom and, pam, give us an idea of what's going on. walk us through the proceedings. >> reporter: well, vai, right now the prosecution is laying out its case to jurors. it is a prosecution's claim that congressman fattah and the four other defendts


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