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why police say it's so important to get him off the streets. but first at 11:00, a deadly distraction. investigators say the engineer in the amtrak derailment did not have his full attention on the controls. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. tomorrow, federal investigators will vote on their final report and nbc news has already learned some key details. >> the report will say the engineer was distracted by radio communications as the speeding train jumped the tracks. tonight, experts tell nbc 10 the crash was avoidable. nbc 10's brandon hudson is live in port richmond. brandon? >> reporter: jacqueline and jim, as soon as we heard about this theo theory, we reached out to a rail safety analyst. they told us if a second person had been in the locomotive helping out the engineer, it would have not crashed on the tracks behind me. tonight, a report from nbc news cites a source who says radio dispatchers distracted amtrak
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188 engineer brandon bostian moments before last year's tragic crash in port richmond. train experts we spoke to said radio interference has always been a problem. >> certainly it could have contributed to this accident. but nevertheless, it could have been preventable. >> reporter: but washington, d.c., rail safety expert larry mann says two things could have saved eight lives and kept hundreds of others unharmed. a second person helping in the locomotive to monitor the dispatch radio and positive train control. >> had there been positive train control along that route, this accident would have never occurred. >> reporter: mann says positive train control would stop the train if it was exceeding the speed limit. amtrak 188 was going 106 miles per hour when it hit the curb at frankford junction more than twice the limit. former ntsb chairman james hall says no matter the cause, he
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hopes amtrak takes steps to become safer. >> unfortunately just provides interference and a distraction from the major cause of the accident which was human error. >> the bottom line is that this particular accident was totally preventab preventable. >> reporter: keep in mind the engineer barely remembers the moments leading up to that crash. i asked about that radio theory and how it would play into tomorrow's ntsb hearing. i'm told that it will be factored in as all causes are. live in port richmond, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. and we've also learned some other findings from the report. investigators believe there were problems with the train's emergency windows and several people died after being thrown through them. nbc 10 investigator mitch blacher will be in washington tomorrow for the needing of the
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national transportation safety board. watch for his report on nbc 10 news and the app. a construction worker is dead after he was hit by a car on i-95 near wilmington. police say it happened around 7:30 in the northbound lanes na near the brandywine river bridge. the two right lanes are still shut down causing a massive backup as you can see here. the driver remained on the scene. no word yet on what caused the crash. caught in the act. a man taking pictures up a woman's skirt while she stood at a food counter. he got away but not before the victim fought back and a camera got his picture as well. >> nbc 10's denise nakano is live in upper darby where it happened. denise, police say this woman stalked his victim. >> reporter: that's right, jim and jacqueline. the suspect followed the victim for several blocks into the philly pretzel factory. she walked up to the counter, he was right behind her. what happened neblxt was caughtn camera including a confrontation that sent him running off. it doesn't get much more brazen
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than this. a man caught on video getting shots up a woman's skirt while she's at the counter of the philly pretzel factory in upper darby. >> oh, god, are you serious? >> reporter: he tried four times before she felt a brush against her leg, turned around to face him then went after him. >> you can see her actually take a swing at the guy. it's a shame she didn't knock him out. >> reporter: the man bolted out the front door but not before a camera caught video of his face. >> thing that bothers me about these dirt balls is the fact that if they have that much guts to do something like that, what can they do beyond that? >> reporter: the may 10th incident shocked regulars on 69th street. >> disrespectful, could have been your mom, cysisters, grand mom. >> i would be irate if i found out that happened to one of them. it's a violation. it's a violation. >> reporter: police hope these close-ups of the man bring them another step closer to catching him. but they need your help. >> these kind of guys that would do this type of thing, they're dangerous.
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they're sick. it's broad daylight and he's got a camera taking a picture up a woman's skirt. >> reporter: the suspect was last seen running down 69th street toward walnut street the same area where police believe he started stalking the victim. if you recognize the man in the video, call upper darby police. reporting live in upper darby, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. a bucks county couple behind bars tonight accused of beating their infant twin daughters. melle mellessa and michael shales. authorities say both babies had beg injuries. one of the girls is still in the hospital with a throat injury. a neighbor saw the baby and insisted the parents call 911. >> i said to her, she jumped out of her bed, she says to her husband, what do i say? i said, you need to tell them the truth, what happened. and he said that the baby had cotton in her throat so he put a pair of pliers down her throat tocotton out.
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>> the other twin and 3-year-old are you in protective custody. the federal corruption case against congressman chaka fattah wrapped up its first day in court. today strategies were laid out to the jury. prosecutors say fatah took an l illegal loan to fund his failing mayoral bid in 2007. as for fatah, he kept a smile on his face through opening statements and first witness on the stand. >> i want to say thank you to the voters and the citizens who supported me and for their prayer the over these many, many years. >> four associates are on trial with the congressman. the case is expected to last about six weeks. a woman's casino winnings have been recovered after a man followed her home and stole her money. police say the woman won nearly $7,000 at harris philadelphia
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casino in chester yesterday. a man followed the victim to her upper darby home, pushed her and stole her purse. police later caught the suspect. they say he was also wanted for a parole violation. to the weather now and a nice night to walk the dog here in center city. nbc 10 on market street where some people bundled up but others were wearing short sleeves. >> a dry night. we are in for a change. take a look at nbc 10 first alert radar. rain is on the way again. meteorologist sheena parveen has our nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. sheena, will this rain impact the morning commute? >> no. it will be getting closer during the morning hours but most likely going to be impacting the evening commute for part of the area. we don't have the rain anywhere close at the moment but it is still off to our west moving in this direction. so it hasn't even really entered parts of western pennsylvania. we'll see it move closer overnight and the clouds will be increasing as it does so. so in philadelphia, your morning
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planner, 7:00 a.m. around the low 50s and cloudy. the rain will be here in the afternoon with highs only around 60 degrees. pennsylvania suburbs in the upper 40s tomorrow morning. cloudy. rain by the afternoon. 57 degrees by 4:00 p.m. so a cool day. lehigh valley, cloudy skies. highs in the upper 50s. and the rain may move into the lehigh valley. that's going to be a lower chance. delaware, new jersey and along the shore, expect that rain in the afternoon. highs only around 60 degrees. we'll talk about another rain chance for wednesday. and even going into your weekend coming up. in decision 2016, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off onces again tomorrow in the kentucky and oregon primaries. clinton is looking to clinch the democratic nomination for president. but the democratic front-runner is also looking ahead to the fight next against donald trump. and she's not alone. senior trump aides say the presumptive republican nominee will go beyond his previous shots at clinton. he'll target character issues,
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clinton's e-mail controversy and her response to her husband's infidelities. clinton aides say she'll ignore trump's personal jabs while trying to capitalize on his negatives especially with women. today clinton even envisioned their first debate. >> so let's suppose here's the question, so what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is, i'm going to create them. they're going to be great. i know how to do it. but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do. >> clinton also defined her husband's role in her administration today. he'd be in charge of revitalizing the economy. clinton's daughter will hit the campaign trail for her mother in new jersey. chelsea clinton scheduled to attend two events in monmouth county. just last week she campaigned in essex and middlesex counties. new jersey's primary coming up on june 7th. trump will also visit the garden state this week. on thursday he will join new jersey governor chris christie for a fund-raiser in mercer
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county. all proceeds from that event will go toward christie's presidential campaign debt. trump will also appear at another fund-raiser that day for new jersey's republican party. today president obama recognized a fallen philadelphia police officer for making the ultimate sacrifice. sergeant robert wilson iii was 1 of 13 law enforcement officers awarded the medal of valor at the white house today. he was the only one to receive the honor posthumously. constance wilson proudly accepted the award on behalf of the grandson she raised. >> a big hole was put in my heart when he lost his life but he loved his job and kid what he was trained to do and i miss him a lot. >> wilson was ambushed inside a gamestop in march of 2015. prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty against the two suspects charged with his murder. it was a day of grieving at bridgeton high school. grief counselors were at the school today to help students
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deal with the death of two classmates. dasia and mckale ichaela were k when their car veered off the road and crashed into a tree early saturday morning, an after-prom celebration in ocean city. today students returned to school without their friends and with heavy hearts. >> school kind of had this dark, somber, gray aura to it, rather than its colorful, cheerful, vibrant feeling that it had. >> state police investigators are examining the car involved in the crash to determine if there was a mechanical failure. it's now official, there's a new chief at the top of the philadelphia fire department. he took the oet ath of office today. he becomes the 20th fire commissioner in the department's history and comes to philadelphia after sevening in the office of homeland security in virginia. tonight, dozens of local high school seniors were honored
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for their decision to serve in the military after graduation. the second annual our community salutes banquet was held in norristown. more than 100 students from bucks and montgomery counties were recognized and each enlistee was presented with a specially designed military challenge coin. are they driving business or are they selling out? coming up next, i'm keith jones, i talk to fans about what they think the sixers adding this on their jerseys next season is a good idea or a bad one. also, booze on the boardwalk. the proposal that could change the way you drink at a popular shoretown. and is your dog afraid of loud noises? the first of its kind treatment that could help calm your pets' nerves.
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♪ that voice, "the way we
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were" "you don't bring me flowers anymore" babbs is back, barbra streisand will launch a nine-city tour this summer and includes a city in philadelphia. the legendary singer will perform songs from her six-decade career when she visits the wells fargo center august 20th. tickets two on sale next wednesday. booze on the boardwalk? atlantic city could soon become the first jersey shore town to allow alcohol on the boardwalk. on wednesday city council will consider a policy that would allow people 21 and older to carry one alcoholic drink in an open plastic container. that drink would need to have the name of logo of the business where it was from and if approved the policy would be on a trial basis coming up this summer. tonight, the sixers poised to make sports history. not because of their performance on the court, it's because of what they're wearing. >> their jerseys will have a logo for something other than the 76ers or the nba. it is a first of its kind advertising agreement. and as nbc 10's keith jones reports, not everyone is sold on the idea.
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>> reporter: imagine this, the stubhub logo is going to be here just before the phila on the left side. in fact the sixers are going to start selling these at home games by 2017. fans think it's a clever business move, others think it's a slippery slope. the shoes squeak. the crowd roars. their jerseys advertised? >> to me it makes a lot of sense. >> reporter: sports economist at drexel likes the sixers' jersey sponsorship with stubhub. >> timefinally at a place where and american sports said this is a revenue stream we can tap into. >> reporter: $15 million over three years. logo 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches. still not as large as soccer jerseys. and definitely not like nascar. yet still -- >> i don't like it. i really think it just takes away from the team jersey. think it's too much advertising. >> reporter: philly fans like
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teresa thomas says it's a slippery slope. >> if sixers do if other teams around the nba will do it. >> it's disappointing. you want to root for your team, not for a logo. >> reporter: the sixers coming off a league worst 10-72 season had the third worst attendance. >> got to try new things in life. can't keep going the old way. just like a lot of players on the team, keep on building and building some new parts. >> reporter: this is part of a pilot program that lasts three years. so if the jersey sponsorships don't go well, the nba has the option of doing away with it and fans in philly, we got the option of wearing whatever logo we want. in south philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. from changes in the nba to changes coming to twitter. >> the social media giant is giving users more room to express themselves. bloomberg news says twitter will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its 140 character limit. a person familiar with the matter said users could see the changes as soon as two weeks from now. word earlier this word that
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twitter execs were looking for ways to give users more flexibility. now to a fix for fido. if your dog is afraid of loud noises, yours doesn't like the thunder, right? >> huh-uh. >> help on the way. >> first prescription veterinary medicine for treating anxieties of loud noises will be available. it will be available at vet offices within a week. an estimated third of all dogs in this country have a fear of loud noises. right now dogs are treated with medicines designed for humans. ahh, look at that face. >> looks so sad. >> those medicines for humans aren't as effective we're sheena, how does your dog like loud noises? >> hopefully no thunder. >> she runs toward loud noises. she doesn't mind it at all. she's very brave. tomorrow, though, we're not going to hear any thunder or anything like that. you don't have to worry about your dogs getting scared tomorrow. we only have just some light to maybe moderate rain in the forecast.
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live look at the radar. we are clear. the rain is still pretty far back off to our west. all the green that you see here, this is all head in our direction from st. louis through cincinnati and areas really approaching pennsylvania now. that's the rain we're going to be watching going into tomorrow. so the rain is returning after today. and yesterday being dry. but cooler and windy. clouds will be increasing overnight tonight. by 8:30 in the morning, cloudy skies. but the rain is still going to be pretty far away. it won't really be until midday tomorrow we see the showers move in. this is between lunchtime and 2:00 p.m. light rain around the area. we could see embedded heavier rain. then we go into 5:30 in the afternoon, evening commute most likely still in south jersey and delaware then it tapers off a bit but hangs around for wednesday morning. not everybody, but this is wednesday, 7:30. we could still see rain lingering south of philadelphia and gradual clearing as we go throughout the afternoon on wednesday. not looking too bad for the middle of the week.
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thursday and friday actually are going to look even better p. tomorrow, hammonton, 62. cool with the rain. wildwood, 59 degrees. atlantic city 59 with showers. if you're in trenton tomorrow, 63 degrees with afternoon showers. norristown, 62. afternoon showers. philadelphia, cloudy, afternoon rain. 62 degrees there. delaware cool, too, around the low 60s. 67 wilmington. grab the umbrella before you go out. by the afternoon, you'll see the rain move in. not so much when you leave the house. if you're in the philadelphia nabl neighborhood, pennsylvania suburbs like westchester, lansdale, 62. lehigh valley. 63, allentown. 63 in easton. that's where we'll have the lowest chance for showers. as we go over the next five days, look at philadelphia and the jersey shore, quite a difference in temperatures. by wednesday 65 degrees. early morning showers. wednesday 58 for the jersey shore. early morning showers there. thursday and friday look really
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good. cooler along the shore. still in the 60s. philadelphia area will get into the 70s. we go into the weekend and have rain moving in for saturday, even sunday. take a look at the entire area's weekend forecast. so far, it does look like we'll have quite a bit of rain moving in across both weekend days and look how cool the temperatures are going to get, too. not a good weekend forecast. temperatures will be in about the mid 60s. rainy saturday. that rain looks to hang on until sunday. again, we'll be updating this throughout the week. we, of course, could see changes with this but as of now if you're making plans keep in mind we are tracking rain. also don't forget your seven-day forecast always at the bottom of the screen for you. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. phillies opening a series with the marlins tonight. phillies need to help out pit pitcher. freddy galvis hits a foul ball headed right first lady's face. her man comes to the rescue. he is winning points tonight. in the sixth, gives it up. takes him deep. look at that. marlins up 3-1. a first in the sixth. tommy joseph, his second start at first base. his first major league hit. and his family is loving it. got to save that baseball for him. phillies down 5-2 in the ninth. franco hits one deep. two on. just short. phillies lose. 5-3. they have lost two in a row. nobody has more losses in baseball. the phils have the number
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one pick in the draft next month. and tonight at campbells field in camden, the two best high school pitchers in new jersey both expected to be drafted went head to head to help strike out cancer. it was a sellout. over 6,000 fans and some scouts. proceeds going to c.h.o.p. and others battling cancer. jason groom from barnegat, one unearned run over six innings. 14 strikeouts including the last eight he faced. gloucester catholic's tyler mondow pitched real well. strikes out ten. gloucester catholic wins 1-0. groom could be one of the top picks in the draft. mondile in one of the top rounds. nba draft lottery tomorrow night, sixers hoping for two lottery picks hoping to get lucky. joel embiid working out with coaches. looking good. seems to be doing more and more every time we see him. coach brett brown believes he will be ready for the season. sixers worked out big five players today.
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villanova's josh hart still undecided about entering the draft or staying at nova. temple's jay len bond were there. josh, what would it take for you to leave nova? >> tell me i'm going to be the number one pick, i think that'd be it. obviously everyone wants, you know, a first time guarantee. to get that. so many different variables that can happen in that month. >> you got to think he's coming back to villanova but we will see. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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well, tomorrow we have rain and it's going to be cool. wednesday, very early showers then clearing thursday and friday look good. back in the 70s. just ignore the weekend and go straight to the following wednesday. we have some rain saturday and
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sunday. and we're going to be in the 60s. so far the weekend doesn't look great but we have 8 os in the forecast in your ten day. >> all right, sheena. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. for sheena, all of us here, thanks for watching. have a great night. see you tomorrow. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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