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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that breaking news, a construction worker is trapped in a house collapsed. sky force 10 is live over the scene. you're looking at this in real time. as they are working to free him. this is along north southferred street near 59th and arch street in west philadelphia. you can see the crews on the scene, as i just said. they're trying to free this trapped worker. we're told the building was under construction at the time. we have a crew on the way there, on the ground. sky force 10 is in the air. and when our crew gets there, we'll bring you information, and when our reporter arrives as well. >> more breaking news now.
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from distraction to disaster. those are the words from an ntsb investigator as the board is meeting right now to detail the likely cause of last year's deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. the ntsb is expected to vote on the probable cause of the crash that killed eight people a little over a year ago. this is a live look right now at the ntsb hearing which is now under way in washington. a panel is discussing the cause of that crash. this is actually in philadelphia city council. nbc10's pamela osborne spoke to attorneys of the victims and their families ahead of the briefing. she joins us live from center city. what did they have to say? >> they're saying this is want just a matter of distraction. they noted the man sped the train up and suddenly tried to slow it down. because of that, they say it was
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a conscious act of recklessness, one they tell me they hope the ntsb takeinize to consideration. >> the families and the victims are looking for the answer to the question, why did this accident occur. unfortunately, that answer is very difficult to reach because brandon baastion has changed his testimony. >> more than a year after the fatal crash, the ntsb is releasing their findings. and a broadcast tuesday, the ntsb said engineer brian bostian was distracted by radio traffic. >> the finding of quote distraction, we don't believe there was distraction. we believe that the conduct was reckless. we believe that mr. bostian was operating the train in a fashion that recklessly endangered all of the passengers. >> bostian, they found, lost situational awareness, meaning he thought he was farther along the tracks when he accelerated
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the train, causing the derailment. >> his testimony is incredible. it's implausible, and it's unbelievable. and i fear that today is going to end with the same questions. >> while they wait to learn exactly what comes out of the report, they already know what could have happened. that would have saved lives. >> because of that conscious decision that amtrak made not to install automatic train control, eight people lost their lives. >> and those attorneys are gathered around the tv right now watching a report. we'll check back in with them throughout the day and have another live report in the next half hour. reporting live in center city, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> pamela, thank you. stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of today's ntsb report. mitch will be reporting live today from the nation's capital. you can see those reports on air later this afternoon and on the nbc10 app.
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meanwhile, big delays on route 42 north at i-295 because of this truck fire. sky force 10 over the scene this morning where this tractor trailer caught fire. it happened in camden county. luckily, no one was hurt. >> a philadelphia police officer is recovering in the hospital after his cruiser collided with a delivery truck this morning. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. the officer was responding to an assault. she's listed in stable condition. the driver of the truck was not hurt. cool and cloudy weather across our area, and some of us dealing with rain. let's look at the jersey shore, our camera at the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may new jersey. a live look at the radar showing a large area of rain moving in, that glob of green there. most of it on the light side,
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however. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. glenn. >> yeah, vai, as if we haven't had enough rain this month. there's more that is coming in. not all of this is reaching the ground, but especially where it's darker, that is reaching the ground. maryland and delaware and parts of south jersey. and there is more to come. you can see some of the heavier rain right around wilmington area. and then this little strip that goes right down toward the shore. so more and more places are going to be seeing this over the next several hours as this whole system moves in. now, this is one part. we have another one back here in illinois and indiana. that may be affecting us tomorrow morning. so these are two separate systems. here's the one for this afternoon. farther north you are, the lower
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the chance of rain. the nicer the day, not exactly a beautiful day, but here by 4:30, we're still getting rain at the shore. southern delaware, most the rest of the area is just cloudy for the afternoon rush. then we clear out as we go into the evening hours before that second batch starts to come in. now, as we take a look at the temperatures, they're held down by the clouds, only 59 degrees in the p.a. suburbs. 57 degrees in delaware, where the rain has already started. so it's going to be kind of a nasty day, especially from philadelphia southward. and more of that coming this evening. philadelphia not getting much above the 60 degree mark, as we go through the afternoon. the p.a. suburbs, if anything, the temperatures going down. lehigh valley, generally dry, but cloudy and the heaviest rain, the steadiest rain in new jersey and at the jersey shore.
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more on more rain plus some nice weather in just a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. >> day two of chaka fattah's corruption trial is under way. an fbi agent is set to continue his testimony in this case. during opening statements yesterday, prosecutors said fattah took an illegal $1 million loan in order to fund his failed mayoral bid in 2007. the defense put the blame on two political consultants who have pleaded guilty in the case. >> and this just in, a new development in the jersey jam scandal. a federal appeals court has delayed the release of a list of unindicted coconspirators in the case. one of the people on the list has challenged the release, saying he would be branded a criminal if the list is published. two former allies of governor chris christie are facing trial this fall in connection with the 2013 lane closures on the george washington bridge. meanwhile, police in delaware county are looking for
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a man who took pictures up a woman's skirt as she stood at a food counter. this incident happened may 10th at the philly pretzel factory on 69th street. police say the suspect took pictures with his cell phone four times before the victim caught on. >> thing that bothers me about these dirt balls is the fact that if they have that much guts to do something like that, what can they do beyond that? >> the victim took a swing at him, and he ran out the front door. if you happen to recognize him, you're asked to call the upper darby police. happening now, philadelphia budget hearings are focusing on the issue of school funding. school superintendent william height is among those testifying before the philadelphia city council about next year's budget. this is a live look inside council chambers. doctor height on the right. the school district does not plan to ask for an increase in funding. but height says a long-term
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picture includes a significant deficit. philly schools have a $2.8 billion spending plan for next year that depends on more state funding. well, for the first time, the eagles present and future quarterbacks are meeting on the field. veteran sam bradford and rookie carson wentz are expected to work out with the rest of the birds at the novacare training complex. bradford missed a part of voluntary practice this month while trying to work a trade that never materialized. wentz, the eagles top draft pick from north dakota state signed a four year, $26 million contract last week. also today, single game tickets for the eagles 2016 home games are now on sale. general prices start at $37 a seat. standing room tickets are $27.50 and go up from there. tap the nbc10 app or logon to our website at for a link to where you can purchase those tickets.
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nbc10, of course, is the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. also today, drivers in the nascar xfinity series will be celebrating a first for pennsylvania. here's a live look right now at city hall in philadelphia where some of the fun will be happening. nascar and comcast are teaming up to hold the first xfinity racing event at pocono raceway next month. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. you're looking at the xfinity 200 mile race on dover on saturday. the newest race debuts at pocono on saturday, june 4th. it will include nascar drivers taking a noontime parade lap, and appearing at tonight's phillies game. >> we're following breaking news that could affect the future of some olympians set to complete in rio. the ioc revealed the number of athletes who have tested
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positive after their doping samples were retested. rainy day for many parts of the area. we'll let you know when we'll see a break from the wet weather and if the break is going to last into the weekend. that's just ahead.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. we're following breaking news this morning. a construction worker is trapped in a house collapse, and sky force 10 is hovering over the
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scene. this is along north southford street near 59th and arch streets in west philadelphia. see those firefighters there, and we don't have a lot of information on the situation, but we're watching this in real time with you and we'll talk along with you as we see the pictures here. looks like they're pushing a stretcher into that hole there, and they may have, certainly it appears they have located the worker. and they're probably working on getting him or her onto that stretcher and then extracting that person from that collapsed building. as we pull back, you can see some of the damage to that building. at the bottom of the windows, it appears. looks like they have a device there that they're working on, that firefighter on the right,
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working on something that they're going to help them perhaps expand that hole or help them in some way to pull this construction worker out of that home where he or she is trapped. maybe ten people, maybe a dozen firefighters there on the scene. and emt there on the right in the shorts, looks like an emt, perhaps a bicycle cop. just on the scene. this is in west philadelphia. this is along north southford street near 59th and arch streets. sky force 10 has been over this
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scene here for four to five minutes, perhaps. we're going to stay with this picture here. i have a feeling they're going to be pulling this picture out, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that he or she is okay. you can see, there's a uniform inside that hole. so one of those firefighters is inside there, it appears. let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that any moment that person is extracted. this building was apparently under construction when this collapse occurred this morning. and you can't see firefighters that are moving around in there, so it appears it is safe enough at least for those professionals, those firefighters to be in there.
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and it appears, it looks like they're going to try to bring this person out right through that hole that you see them kneeling over. an ambulance on the scene and medical personnel who are probably standing by waiting to get this person into the hospit hospital. we're going to stay with this picture because we expect that the victim in this house collapse will be pulled out. if you're just tuning in, they just pushed a stretcher inside through that hole there, just a few minutes ago.
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and there's at least one firefighter inside there, and it looks like they're moving around. there may be two. so i'm sure they're placing the victim on that stretcher. and then we expect that they should be pulling that person out once he or she is secured. onto that stretcher. >> street, north southford at 59th and arch are closed off, as you could imagine. if you're near or around the vicinity in the area, you most
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certainly will not be able to drive up upon this scene. looks like they're bringing out -- it looks like debris they're pushing out and trying to clear a passageway so they can extract this construction worker who was inside this building when this home collapsed. although there's people standing there on those steps. it doesn't look like a complete collapse. and whoever was there working was likely working in a basement. looks like a basement area where the person was working. just looking at the doorway there, there's a lot of dirt there. doesn't appear that those firefighters that are standing the there on top of those steps,
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don't appear to create any problems for the extraction process. we'll keep an eye on this, and if something new develops here, we'll come back to it. in the meantime, we'll move on. keep our fingers crossed. looks like the stretcher there, the head of it, i think they're about to pull the person out. maybe we'll hang on for another second. i think they're just trying to clear a safe passageway through the hole. looks awfully tight. maybe a couple feet at the most from top to bottom. and that person, i would assume, is probably on that stretcher at this point. and they were pushing out some 2 x 4s, 2 x 6s, it looks like, and
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they had a bucket they were using to fill with debris. that bucket is on the far right-hand side there. some of those firefighters are standing on debris. you see the fellow at the bottom in shorts. he's throwing stuff out of the way. just trying to clear the way, i believe. it looks like they have the victim on that stretcher. he's strapped in. likely injured since he's on that stretcher. they're pulling up another stretcher in which they'll transport him, i suppose, and get him on an ambulance. but they needed that hard stretcher to be able to slide it
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through there, that hole, and put him on it. keep him stable. and now they're transporting him. we'll keep our eye on this and get information. we have a reporter, monique, who is on her way to the scene. we'll get a live report from her when she arrives. in the meantime, we're going to take a break and we'll be right back. stay with us.
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we have breaking news this morning. construction worker trapped in a house collapse. sky force 10 is live over the scene. they just placed that construction worker in that ambulance just moment ago along north southford street near 59th and arch in west philadelphia. nbc10's monique braxton just arrived on the scene. monique, if you're there, tell us what you see and what's happened so far. >> hey, vai. i am here at the corner of the 100 block of southford street, and firefighters tell us they were called here about 10:20 this morning, and just moments ago, we sua person who had been trapped in the basement under the collapsed debris, freed. he was brought out by a paramedic and taken about a block down the street to an ambulance awaiting his arrival to take him on to be treated at a local hospital. let me take you back now to the scene here that is still in the 100 block of southford street. you see that there are dozens of
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firefighters on the scene. police have been here outside the tape, trying to keep this entire neighborhood away. this is what we know. we were told that the house was under construction. the first floor collapsed. and a contractor was trapped in the basement. still very sketchy details. investigation still under way. but for about an hour, at least, that person remained down under the debris, and he was just freed in the past five to seven minutes. taken to an ambulance on his way to a hospital to be checked out. we also saw that his neck was in support. they had him strapped eon the stretcher, but he appeared to be conscious. we're going to stay on the scene, find out exactly what happened and update you as well on the condition of that contractor. live for now from west philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc10 news.
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>> thank you, monique. we'll have an update on the worker's condition when we come back. plus, baby blunder. an example of good intentions gone wrong and a warning yellowstone park has for its visit visitors. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year,
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and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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the ntsb is expected to vote today on the probable cause of the deadly derailment that killed eight people a little over a year ago. this is a live look right now at the ntsb hearing which is now under way in washington, d.c. a panel is discussing the cause of the crash. nbc10's pamela osborne had a chance to watch the ntsb hearing with attorneys who represent crash victims and she joins us live from center city with more on the findings. good morning, pam. >> good morning. one of the things that came up
11:31 am
today is this issue of distraction, but the attorneys who are representing the victims say there's a lot more to it than that. they note that the engineer sped the train up then tried to slow it down very suddenly. that, to them, says there was a conscious recklessness to his actions. they tell me they hope that's something the ntsb takes into consideration. >> the families and the victims are looking for the answer to the question, why did this accident occur. unfortunately, that answer is very difficult to reach because brandon bostian has changed his testimony. >> more than a year after the fatal crash, the ntsb is releasing their findings. in a broadcast tuesday, the ntsb said engineer brandon bostian was distracted by radio traffic. >> a finding of, quote, distraction. we don't believe there was distraction. we believe that the conduct was reckless.
11:32 am
we believe that mr. bostian was operating the train in a fashion that recklessly endangered all of the passengers. >> bostian, they found, lost situational awareness, meaning he thought he was farther along the tracks when he accelerated the train, causing the derailment. >> his testimony is incredible. it's implausible, and it's unbelievable. and i fear that today is going to end with the same questions. >> while they wait to learn exactly what comes out of the report, they already know what could have happened that would have saved lives. >> because of that conscious decision that amtrak made not to install automatic train control northbound, eight people lost their lives. >> and those attorneys are gathered around the tv right now. they're continuing to watch this ntsb report. we'll be checking in with them throughout the day. look out for much more on later
11:33 am
editions of nbc10 news. i'm pamela osborne reporting live in center city for nbc10 news. >> thank you, pam. stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of toon's ntsb report. mitch blocker will be reporting live from the nation's capital. you can see those reports on-air and on the nbc10 app. >> and the wet weather is here. many of us are in for a rainy day as we take a live look now at market street in center city, philadelphia. see that flag whipping there. here's a live look at the radar right now. you can see a large area of rain moving in. most of it on the light side. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. you saw in pam's live shot in center city, not raining where she is, but it doesn't mean it's not raining in other places. >> most of the rain is just south of philadelphia right now. the radar echoes is showing it's raining aloft, but the lower levels of the atmosphere are dry enough to evaporate that rain
11:34 am
before it hits the ground. so far. it's not going to stay that way. 61 degrees and cloudy in philadelphia. but in places that it's raining like in some of the northern and western suburbs. it's 59 degrees. 57 in delaware, where it's been raining for the last hour or so. you can see the darker greens are more likely the areas that are seeing the rain hit the ground, most of delaware and south jersey now. these lighter echoes up toward allentown, that's probably not reaching the ground. the atmosphere is drier farther to the north. and we have some rain in southern chester county, parts of delaware county, just to the south of philadelphia right now. but that's a fairly significant area of rain, and so once it does start, it would be steady for at least a few hours. that's what the futurecast shows as we go through the afternoon, especially delaware, south jersey, with the rain. the wetness keeps the
11:35 am
temperature down. lehigh valley, less likely to see any rain, and maybe even see some breaks of sunshine during the afternoon. there we go toward the afternoon rush. and there's still that rain around. but it's not raining everywhere. and that trend is going to be for it to end from northwest to southeast as we go through the night. today, look at the lehigh valley here. just predicting cloudy skies, not predicting rain. reading at 60. bethlehem, 64 degrees. now, farther south, some rain. west chester, phoenixville, 62 degrees. newtown at 61. and in philadelphia area, fairmount, 62. but some light rain falling. now, as we go farther south, we expect the rain to be a little more significant in hadden field, glassboro, periods of heavier rain, hours of rain, and
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a nasty day at the shore with temperatures in the upper 50s. in delaware, again, a nasty day. dover only 60 degrees with rain. we'll see when the next batch of rain is coming, and it's going to be for part of the weekend in just a few minutes. all right, thank you, glenn. a new poll shows we could be headed for a very close presidential race this fall. the latest nbc news/survey monkey poll shows if hillary clinton is the democratic nominee, the contest would be very, very close. clinton leads presumptive republican nominee donald trump by just three points. 7% are undecided. if vermont senator bernie sanders is the democratic nominee, he would beat trump by a wider margin, 53 to 41. 7% are undecided between those two men as well. the same survey found more republicans trust trump to lead the republican party than house speaker paul ryan. majority of republican and republican leaners side with trump. 58% to 39%.
11:37 am
ryan is the highest ranking elected republican in washington. and said he has said he's still not ready to endorse donald trump. voters are heading to the polls in two more contests today. democrats vote in kentucky and both parties vote in oregon. tracie potts has a look at what we can expect today. >> it could be a tight race in kentucky today. hillary clinton won coal country eight years ago, but today, miners fear shale rr take their jobs. >> i'm not going to let them be left behind. whether she's hoping to hold on to a five-point lead in kentucky, but that was two months ago. there's no recent polling there. bernie sanders is expected to win oregon. today, he's back in california. >> i know that we've got an uphill battle. >> but there's already a battle shaping up between clinton and donald trump. senior aides tell nbc this fall he'll go after clinton's
11:38 am
character, e-mails, and her husband's infidelities. she's already hammering his lack of detail on creating jobs. >> republicans, democrats, independents. a lot of folks are going to think what is he talking about. >> trump this morning tweeting about today's oregon primary where he's the last man standing. now, trump hired a new veteran republican pollster to work with his campaign, and the super pac that supports hillary clinton is rolling out a $6.5 million anti-trump ad by this week. those are supposed to run in battleground states tomorrow. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> and today, hillary clinton's daughter will hit the campaign trail in new jersey. chelsea clinton is scheduled to attend two events in monmouth county. the first at noon, about 20 minutes from now. polls show that hillary clinton leading bernie sanders in new jersey. >> so the june 7th primary in new jersey is also the last time
11:39 am
voters can switch their political party affiliations. >> we're getting a look this morning at coalition air strikes on isis targets in iraq and syria that happened last month. the u.s. defense department released this videos showing strikes on a tactical unit near falluj fallujah, iraq, and a defensive fighting position in syria. isis has not gaining significant ground since it took the iraqi city of ramadi a year ago. isis lost control of that city in december. and happening today, u.s. senate and house lawmakers are moving closer to passing bills to fund the fight against the zika virus. the dollar amount is far short of what president obama had asked for. house republicans unveiled a measure that would spend more than $620 million to fight the mosquito borne illness, but that's less than a third of what the president requested. the money would help fund the research for vaccine and help control the mosquitoes that spread zika. the bill is paid in part using
11:40 am
unspent money that was set aside in 2014 to fight ebola. the senate is scheduled to vote on these competing plans to fight zika. and here in our area, pennsylvania has reported 18 zika cases. 12 in new jersey and delaware has reported three cases. well, at least parts of the area are dealing with more rain today. how long is this going to last? well, that's just ahead.
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it's an event that you can really sink your teeth into, literally. the fourth annual guac off featured the best philadelphia chefs and restaurants competing for the title of guac master. best of all, it's for a great cause. laura is here with chef jim burke from morgan's pier. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> matt provides nourishment for a lot of people in need. tell me why you're so excited about this guac off. >> manna prepares and delivers meals, to people with life threatening illnesses. all of the proceeds go to our programming. we're really excited to be back at morgan's pier. they're so great to us, and brings out a new crowd and an opportunity to have some somewhat healthy guacamole and a fun night out. >> you had success with the ship
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all over the world and you brought this little delectable bowl here, and i tried some of it. it's absolutely out of this world. tell me why you're passionate about this event. >> i mean, just like laura said, it's such an important cause. and anything you can do to support it is really necessary. you know, you need to think about these things when you're in business. it's a big part of doing things the right way. so we're happy to be onboard. >> i think you have a winner here. >> all right. >> are you going to come judge? >> i'm not a judge. you should sign me up next year. i love it. the fourth annual guac off is happening next thursday, may 26th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. guests will sample 12 varieties of unlimited guacamole and chips. and help crown guac master 2016. proceeds from the event benefits manna's clients battling life
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threatening illnesses. for information, head to our website at or check out our nbc10 app. >> thank you for having us. >> i think you have a winner. >> i was going to make tweaks, but i'll leave it as it is. been unseasonably cool this month, and today is going to be another one of those days. we also had our fair share of rain. raining in much of delaware now, south jersey, jersey shore, farther north you are, the less likely there is to be any rain in the day today. you can see that on the radar here, a big blob. some of it is not reaching the ground yet, and there is some clearing back the west, or at least rain ending back to the west. the darker greens indicating where it's most likely to be raining, especially northern delaware, parts of chester county, delaware county, and parts of south jersey as well.
11:46 am
there's more back to the west. some of this could be affecting us later tonight and into the morning. tomorrow. so we have another chilly, wet day out there. here's the futurecast. by 1:30, we're certainly clearing out from the lehigh valley, northern and western suburbs, p.a. suburbs, but delaware, south jersey stays wet. stays wet through the afternoon rush. stays wet even into the evening hours, so it's not exactly the nicest day. but take a look at this. we have wet weather coming this weekend, too. and the forecast is for chilly weather and wet weather, especially later on saturday and saturday night. philadelphia, p.a. suburbs, temperatures into the mid-60s. jersey shore, only mid-50s with rain. both saturday and sunday. so it's not exactly a picture
11:47 am
perfect weekend that we're seeing. it has been chilly, obviously. 59 for the high sunday. 66 yesterday. 62 today. 67 tomorrow. so we do not have very much warm weather, at least in the next couple days. but eventually, it's going to warm up. you can see that in your own seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. thursday and friday, beautiful. there's saturday, not so beautiful. sunday, not so beautiful. we stay cool until we finally get out of the stuck system in the middle of next week. yeah, now tomorrow, that's our second annual weather education day. all the nbc10 first alert meteorologists are going to show off weather experiments to the kids at citizens bank park. join me and bill henley, sheena parveen, and violeta, and there's still time to sign up. you can get more information at
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vai. >> all right, thank you, glenn. >> get decked out and support a great cause all at the same time, and oh, by the way, watch a little horse racing while you're at it. hundreds of people will gather in northern liberty this saturday to watch the preakness stakes. no t-shirts and sneakers at this event. jeff gross is the founder and cochair of preakness at the piazza, and he's here with tarnay, the co-chair of the event. this is the fourth annual event. >> the fourth year. >> what keeps people coming back? >> every year, we try to generate more buzz. this year, our 35 committee members and us made a music video titled a world treated of ms. we're trying to raise a lot of money and end ms. >> this is a big fund-raiser for the ms society. >> huge. all of the net proceeds of the event go to the ms society. and what that happens -- what happens with that is we go, we do research for curing a
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disease. we do services for local people who are afflicted with the disease. it's a really great event. >> does it help the people here locally? >> yes, there are about 14,000 people in the area who are afflicted with s. we provide services, cleaning out weeds in the fall to installing ramps in homes. >> jeff, no t-shirts, no tennis shoes. i wouldn't be able to come because i have tennis shoes. >> one in the video is big hats for the fashionistas, big bows for the style kings. the attire is the theme. >> and people love to come get dressed up. an event, there's not a lot of events where you can get dressed up, but this is one of those. >> that's fun part, everybody gets decked out. every year, people sort of step up their game. this year, we're having a fashion contest. we give out prizes for attire, shoes, hats, everything. >> weather is a big component. hurricane told me it was going to be raining on saturday. is this a rain or shine event? do you have tents? >> we have tents and from one
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bow tie guy to another, please ask hurricane to not only attend the event, but we need the sunshine. >> i don't know if he can do sunshine thing, but we'll see. a great event. >> the show will go on either way. rain or shine. >> there you go. that's what i needed to hear. a great event. great area, too. beautiful. i'm sure you guys will dress it up and make it look spectacular. >> it's going to be great. we have new things going on, we have a dj, but this year we're having a band as well. >> wow. how about that? preakness at the piazza is happening this saturday, may 31st from 5:00 p.m. to 9:at the piazza in north liberties. great location. check out the nbc10 app. thank you so much for coming in and good luck to you. appreciate it. and let me get a bow tie next time. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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now to an update on breaking news this morning. fire rescue crews pulled a worker out of a west philadelphia home an he came trapped in a partial collapse. this was maybe 15, 20 minutes ago. sky force 10 was over the scene along north southafford street near 59th and arch in west
11:54 am
philadelphia. you watched it unfold live in the last hour. crews used airbags to lift up the debris and then free the victim. fire officials just wrapped up a news conference about the rescue. >> it was a lengthy operation, but it wasn't special operation units. they were pretty good and got them out. >> officials say the man was alert and was conscious and being taken to the hospital for evaluation. fire department says the building was on a demolition when the first floor collapsed. booze on the boardwalk. atlantic city could soon become the first jersey shore town to allow alcohol on the boardwalk. the city council will consider a policy to allow people 21 and older to carry one alcoholic drink in an open plastic container. the drink would need to have the name or the logo of the business that it was bought from. if approved, the policy would be on a trial basis this summer.
11:55 am
the major country star with local ties is coming to the jersey shore this summer. concert promoters made it official today. tim mcgraw is coming to the wildwoods for a huge beach concert on the fourth of. it is part of wildwoods celebrate america weekend. fireworks will follow the concert. a portion of money raised by the event will go toward help veterans. tickets are now going on sale. of course, son of tug mcgraw, the local phillies pitcher. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with a look at the afternoon weather. looks gloomy. and cloudy. >> but the clouds are not all that low. the lower portion of the atmosphere is fairly dry. there's rain up there trying to fall down, but it's evaporating before it hits the grown, at least from philadelphia northward. as we go to delaware and south jersey, is reaching the ground. as it continues, more and more of the atmosphere is going to be
11:56 am
saturated. so that's why we generally have the raindrop during the day today. tomorrow, we're gradually drying out as we go through the day. thursday and friday look beautiful. and then as we go into the weekend, that's a different story. i don't really see very nice weather. as a matter of fact, we could see some heavy rain later on saturday and into saturday night. and then that whole system is fairly slow moving. so we may not much clearing by sunday. or even monday. that's the wide view of the radar now. and as we zoom in you can see the edge is right near philadelphia. and that's where it's not reaching the ground, at least from philly northward. back to the west in chester county, the radar echo is thicker so some of the rain is moving in for much of the area. >> thank you, glenn. thanks for watching nbc10 news
11:57 am
at 11:00 a.m. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
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[dramatic music] >> belle: wonder if we could smuggle some food in for mom and dad? >> brady: i don't think clam chowder is worth breaking quarantine, belle. >> belle: i know, i just wish there was something we could do. i'm still really worried about paul. >> brady: well, listen. i spoke to fynn. now that everyone is on the antiviral medication, he's optimistic. everyone should be okay. >> belle: [sighs] thank god. you know, it wasn't that long ago we were roaming the hospital woying about you. and now look at you. >> brady: now look at me. yeah. >> belle: i've been, uh, checking the mail every day, waiting for my wedding invitation. you and theresa pick a date yet? >> brady: no. no, we've just been busy with the launch of dj wear so we haven't had time to plan it. >> belle: mmm, theresa strikes me as the type that would make the time, no offense. >> brady: no, you're right. you're right.


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