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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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tracking the showers for us. glen? >> cloudy everywhere, but not raining everywhere, and as you can see over the last few hours, we've seen general movement west to east so it's drying out in philadelphia. the edge of the rain near baltimore, but there's a little bit more rain back here, so it could sneak back up into the philadelphia area a little bit later this evening. we're not 100% done, by, obviously, southern delaware and south jersey are the areas getting the steadiest rain right now, and it's going to rain for more hours tonight, but we have more rain back to the west, and it's not heavy, but just enough to put moisture in the rare for ÷ clouds and rain keeping the t g temperatures down, 55 in new jersey, and lehigh valley, virtually no rain, up to 60,
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while in delaware, it's 54 degrees. throughout the night tonight, mostly cloudy in pennsylvania, as you see, and lehigh valley, just cloudy, and we see rain in new jersey, and jersey shore, and parts of delaware. there's a lot more rain in the rest of the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, glen. now to the lehigh valley where a substitute teacher is charged with having sex with a student in the middle of the cemetery. investigators say a police officer actually caught them in the act in the eastern cemetery in north hampton county earlier this month. randy gyllenhaal has more on why the owner says it's part of a larger problem. >> reporter: well, police on patrol found the 49-year-old teacher having sex with a 17-year-old student in the middle of the afternoon in a place that's meant for respect and remembrance. buried beneath the headstones is
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two centuries of local history. >> we have a signer of the declaration of independence here. >> reporter: it's supposed to be a quiet place for families to grieve. >> for us to be able to remember and memorialize our loved ones. >> reporter: but a local substitute teacher desecrated the say credit grounds by having sex with one of her own underage students in broad daylight. the police found kelly inside the cemetery, she's a substitute teacher at easton area high school, and police say she long had a relationship with a 17-year-old victim. >> the relationship started approximately a year and a half ago, and at the juvenile victim was a student at one time. >> reporter: the cemetery here struggled in the past with vandalism and drug crimes. >> we have prostitutes that come in here because it's secluded and out of the way. >> reporter: they say this case
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is remarkably disturbing. >> disrespecting the family and people buried here. >> reporter: that a teacher would do that to a student here of all places, and she's facing felony sex assault charges. at this point, they have not identified any other victims. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. we were overhead ever a dramatic rescue, crews pull a man from the rubble of a west philadelphia home. viewers watched live as we followed the rescue start to finish on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m., and monique braxton arrived at the scene in fact middle of the accident and is live now with a play by play for us. monique? >> reporter: jim, right now, you can see over the shoulder the home that collapsed is boarded up, the door is boarded up as well as the basement to keep people outside it. it was an incredible scene, though, when we arrived. firefighters attempted to rescue a man trapped in the basement of
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the row home under piles of debris. we had special operations to release the civil crawling through the front and the rear. >> this man was brought out by paramedics. he was trapped in the basement under debris for one hour. he's alert and conscious. going to the hospital for inspection. >> we learned the city agency had been working with the owner to stabilize and sure up the spouse. >> they were doing more to work on the roof and on the rafters and back wall. >> a lot of rain and snow going in the house, no roof, so that's not surprising to me. >> reporter: neighbors on both sides of the clapts say police asked them to leave their homes
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until the foundations could be checked. we saw them watching in awe, wondering if their own homes were deemed safe. >> hopefully we don't lose anything. we have a lot of years of a lot of things in here. i have little ones. >> reporter: back out live, showing you both homes on each side of the collapsed home. 106 and 110 have been inspected, and the residents of the houses have been allowed to go back inside as they have been deemed safe. in the next hour, we go behind the scenes and exclusive pictures to show you taken by the firefighters inside the collapsed basement. live for you, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. twin brothers from chester county are accused of setting off several bombs while on winter break from college. the da says daniel and caleb were on a two-week crime spree
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last december. they are charged with blowing up five mailboxes, this is a look at some of the damage caused by the blast. no one hurt in the explosions, but that's only because no one was nearby. they have been investigating for five months and found surveillance of the brothers stealing materials from stores in the area and matched finger prints to one of the brothers at one of the scenes. from distraction to disaster in a matter of seconds. that's how the national transportation safety board describes the deadly amtrak derailment in the final report today. the ntsb says several factors krib contributed to the crash. they include a distracted engineer, lack of speed control system and inadequate passenger protection. mitch blacher is in washington, d.c. where they released the findings today.
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>>. >> reporter: the ntsb says he was distrabcted by the radio traffic. it involved a train near his location that was hit by a rock. >> the engineer lost track where he was before accelerating to a high rate of speed. >> reporter: amtrak 188 was going 106 miles per hour around a corner built to handle a train going 50. they concluded windows separated from passenger cars and four died being thrown from the train. he was aboard the train. >> nobody knows what it's like to be in a train wreck until -- a literal train wreck. >> reporter: he was in the last car and here today. >> i don't think of it as closure, but another step in the process. >> reporter: the amtrak ceo was here as the crash was blamed on human error on an engineer.
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>> we immediately said we were responsible, taking responsibility. >> reporter: from here in the washington headquarters, the ntsb recommended for the 30th time that positive train control be installed, they repeatedly called amtrak 188 a positive train control a preventable accident. we're in washington tonight, nbc sos news. >> new information about a construction worker killed on the job along i-95 in delaware, identified as 36-year-old alexander of wilmington. we were over the scene on the brandy wine river bridge. the construction worker was stepping out of the car to set up signs. the driver stopped and no charges have been filed. a philadelphia police officer is out of the hospital this afternoon after her cruiser was hit while responding to a call. a bread truck hit her cruiser overnight. as the officer responded to an assault call, the driver of the truck stayed at the scene and
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was not hurt. intense truck fire on route 42 north at i-295 in new jersey this morning. cell phone video sent in by a viewer shows the cab engulfed in flames there. the cab of the truck continued to smolder as crews attacked it with foam. we captured what little remained of the front of the truck. fortunately, nobody was hurt. to decision 2016 now, just a month away from the end of primary season with two more faceoffs taking place today. both parties are voting in oregon while democrats are casting ballots in kentucky. bernie sanders needs 65% of all the remaining delegates to catch hillary clinton, and the latest nbc 10 news survey monkey poll shows if hillary clinton is the democratic nominee, the contest would be close. clinton leading presumptive republican nominee, trump, by three points, 7% undecided. if sanders is the democratic
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nominee, he beats trump by a wider margin, 53-41%, 7% undecided in those two men as well. today, by the way, the last chance to register for the primary in new jersey, garden state holding the primary on june 7 as the end of the april more than 5.5 million people in the state were registered to vote. for complete decision 2016 coverage including the latest counts and candidate poll to help you see what candidate you agree with the most, just tap the nbc 10 app. prosecutors are building their case against fattah in the second day of the congressman's corruption trial. on stand today was one who served for him, calling the campaign disorganized. in opening statements monday, prosecutors said he took an illegal $1 million loan to fund the campaign. the defense put the blame on two political consultants who pled
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guilty in the case. nbc 10 is in the courtroom and will have a complete wrap up on nbc 10 news at 5:00. another delay involving bridge gate. today, a court again postponed releasing a list of people involved in the scandal who were not charged. that list includes the names of public employees and officials involved in a plot to close lanes of the george washington bridge three years ago. prosecutors were set to release it last week, but a judge push the deadline back to noon today, but this morning, an appeals court scheduled a june 6 hearing to decide whether to release the list at all. governor christie says he does not expect to be on that list. philadelphia's new fire commissioner is spending his first full day on the job today. nbc 10's lauren mayk spoke to xy his vision n mayk spoke to for the department and problems he'll have to tackle. >> a ride on a fire truck, and i was hooked. >> reporter: the 20th fire commissioner's second day on the job. >> looking forward to getting
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the uniforms today and picking them up. >> reporter: we talked both challenges ahead after a low key swearing in out of the public eye. >> the goal was to visit fire houses, so day one, i have able to visit one fire house, had a medic unite there as well. >> reporter: getting to know the department is key after reports of pushback at the appointment of an outsider and departure of a long time firefighter as acting commissioner. how do you deal with that and win them over? >> i'm a firefighter too, started out in the business, and i understand that perspective and talked to the labor groups. >> reporter: meetings, he says, routine on his watch, protecting residents and firefighters themselves making sure they have the tools they need, and while in a city this large, he's not at every fire, the community will see him. >> i'll be out and about, not just on incidents, but out there at fairs and festivals and
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really want to get into some of the faith-based organizations. this is a partnership amongst us all. >> reporter: inside the department, teal is taking stock. >> my goal is to look at things, ask a lot of questions, and identify where we need to do work and where we can strengthen our things we're good at. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. the eagles now and present and future quarterbacks taking to the field for the first time together today. veteran sam bradford and rookie carson wentz worked out with the rest of the birds at the bradford skipped workouts this month after requesting a trade that never happened. bradford upset they took wentz in the draft, and today, he understood why his behavior may not be sitting well with the birds' faithful. i get it. fy they have every right to be frustrated. you know, i think the only thing i can do going forward is to continue to get better, you know, to go out there on sunday, start in september, play good
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football, win football games, you know, hopefully win them back. >> eagles' fans are forking over green today for a chance to see the birds battle here in lincoln financial field. a live look at the field right now. single game tickets went on sale at 10:00 this morning, and nbc 10 is the official tv station of the philadelphia eagles. a jersey shore destination's set to go country this summer. >> today, organizers announced a major name will perform on the beach for a fourth of july bash. ted greenberg says what it means for the community and the fans. ♪ >> reporter: country star, tim mcgraw, set to help celebrate america's independence on the sand in wildwood. >> i think this is fabulous for the city. it's fabulous. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: today, promoters revealed mcgraw will be the headliner of a big concert july
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4th. >> it's a weekend worth of activity. >> reporter: on the final evening of a four-day sell brake america's festival on the city's massive beach. >> the beach is so big, it's -- there's so much room. it's -- it's really out of this world. >> it's a shot in the arm for wildwood, shot in the arm for cape may county. ♪ >> reporter: it includes a concert by the philly pops on july 2. organizers expect to sell at least 40,000 tickets to the tim mcgraw show. business owners say it will be an added bonus to one of the summer's busiest weekends. >> boosts business as a whole. the hotels profit from it, local stores profit from it. >> reporter: organizers say the concert honors u.s. veterans and 10% of organizations are given profit, including the vietnam memorial wall. >> it's a half size replica of
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the one in washington. it's not free. there's a lot to pay for. this is a big support and helps us out for the year. >> reporter: tickets for the concert go on sale starting tomorrow. for a spot on wildwood's normally free beaches, you'll have to shell out between $25-$150. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. if you don't want to go to the shore for the holiday weekend, there's another option. the welcome america festival is fun for the family too. >> nbc 10 and comcast nbc universal are the new home for the nation's biggest birthday party. a live look right here. that parkway will be host to the big july 4th concert and fireworks, and you you can watch it all right here live on nbc 10 and telemundo or iphone and other device. count on us for everything you want to know about the wawa welcome america fun, story and event schedules on the app and
4:17 pm now your first alert weather with glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah. we sure hope the 4th of july weekend weather is not like this. well, we continue to see steady rain in delaware and south jersey. we had a bit of a break in parts of pennsylvania and chester county. lancaster county, but it's filled in now. it's still dry, and it's going to stray dry in the lehigh valley, burkes, lehigh, and north hampton counties. problem is, there's moisture back to the west, and some of that is moving our way later on tonight and into tomorrow. i can't promise you dry weather tomorrow. although, it's not likely to be heavy, but what the temperatures are doing -- the rain is really knocked it down except, again, lehigh valley, it's just cloudy. 54 in delaware, 56 in philadelphia. warm spots, bethlehem at 60, in
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mid may, that's the warm spot. reading is 55. i'll show you later just how cool it is in other parts of the area. a lot of 50s around now. yet another wet and chilly day. the high temperature officially so far, 62 degrees after 66 yesterday. guess what the high is tomorrow? 62 degrees. you can take a look at the seven-day forecast below me for any part of the area at any time during the weather. it's not just for philadelphia anymore. this is the philadelphia forecast for the next few days. tomorrow, not so pretty, but not as ugly as today. a less ugh day, and thursday is nice andg the pa suburbs, just 62 degrees tomorrow, but 70s for thursday and friday. lehigh valley is dry tomorrow, and moisture stays south.
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they are a little warmer at 64 degrees. and new jersey, big difference, 62 tomorrow, up to 76 degrees on friday. and delaware, another not so nice day the the further south you go, the worse the weather has been, and that's going to be the case for the weekend as well. in the lehigh valley tomorrow, a few sprinkles. reading, 65, but mostly just clouds and below normal temperatures in bethlehem and easton, and when i come back, aisle show you the weekend forecast and you may be longing >> that's not saying much, is ?r it? all right. breaking news in west philadelphia. skyforce10 still looking at this mess here along the side of the eastbound lanes of gerard
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avenue. it's been a couple hours since a trailer toppled and spilled a load of boxes on the expressway. look at that. the mess is still out this. the lanes are still closed. as skyforce10 pulls out now, look at this backup right here. ouch. yeah. couple hours since this has been forming. the good news here is no one was hurt in the accident. if you know anybody using this expressway, eastbound, they're going to need a lot of patience. crews are still working to clean the mess up. we'll keep an eye on it for you. a popular hollywood host moves to the big apple. >> a face joining the nbc "today" show team, and, plus, bad babysitars, why police said she pulled off a heist with another family's kids in tow. >> concern about sunscreen ahead of the summer season, a report shows it's not protecting your family the way you might think. later, no field necessary for these rugby players.
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why they brought the game to an unusual location in our area today. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street today. as dreary as our weather.
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take a look at this tornado churning over oklahoma. this video was taken monday. thankfully, the twister fizzled out before causing damage on the
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ground. and watch what one police officer capture while looking out for speeders in maine this morning. that's a fire ball streaking through the sky. several people in several states, i should say, including pennsylvania and new jersey saw the same thing, but this dash cam video gives you the best view. the fire ball was the result of a meteor burning up as it passed ÷ meteor burning up as it passed you could watch that forever. watch the brave beach goers saving a shark in hawaii. it swallowed two fishing hooks. several people got the hooks out and after that, the rescuers released the shark back into the water. billy bush soon to be trading in the views of palm trees out west for 30 rock in new york. he's joining nbc "today" for the 9:00 a.m. hour in august when coverage of the olympics
4:26 pm
begin. natalie morales takes his place on "access hollywood" becoming the west coast anchor. colorado babysitter accused of staging a holdup. how police say she used the kid she was watching as props to rob a bank. plus, a consumer complaint solved next, getting involved with a battle to get the refund check he was owed. plus, just when do you call 911? it sounds like a pretty simple question, but philadelphia police say a lot of people are getting it wrong. how it's hurtling people who need ambulances the most. chp
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. right now, following breaking news in philadelphia. this is a live look, a tractor trailer topple and spilled its load of boxes. you can see the boxes just lying in the road, so many of them, and that has resulted in serious backups. this all started around 2:00. it's been two and a half hours since the backup has been taking place. just take a look from our shot from skyforce10 how far the backup is, how extensive it goes. it's going to takei]ñr awhile, imagine, to clean up the boxes and get it off the expressway. an overturned trailer on 76 in west philadelphia. avoid the road if you can. to our weather now after a few days in the umbrellas, light rain fell at market, see the wet
4:31 pm
sidewalks there. a live look in wilmingtowilming traffic okay under gray skies there. glen schwartz here now with the first alert forecast, wondering how long the bout of wet weather lasts, glen? >> at least patchy light rain into tomorrow, and them we've got really nice weather for a couple days. then downhill just in time for the week. we showed you the radar, most of the rain in delaware and south jersey, and that it was clearing in pennsylvania, but look at this one area, this is going into chester county, it was dry, and now all the sudden, that's actually some moderate rain there. let's show you where we have some moderate rain. there we go. this is the area along route 30 in chester county. we have some other heavier rain near bridgeton, another area near atlantic city where it's moderate to heavy.
4:32 pm
this is certainly not the kind of rain that produces flooding. we have more back to the west. a lot of clouds, everything's moving west to east. we can't clear out. the futurecast shows that the bulk of the rain moves out for the bulk of the night, but then there's another area that's coming in from the west that could be affecting us during the day tomorrow. the temperatures as warm as 60 degrees in the lehigh valley, and as low as 52 in some of the pennsylvania suburbs like in chester county. some of the numbers and tell you more about the weekend in just a few minutes. turning to nbc 10 responds, a viewer reaches out after seeing a story of a woman having an issue with the same utility company he's battling. >> he hoped we could get him the same help that we got her, and so harry hairston is in the studio with the outcome, and i'm guessing, if you're here to tell us about it, it was a good one.
4:33 pm
>> you know, it was not bad. >> okay. >> listen, folks, a south jersey man tells us for months he's been trying to get his refund checks from the gas company, but all he got were excuses. >> this is the time bill i got from my old address. >> robert elliot moved into this new house in sewell, new jersey. after cancelling gas services in the old home, he had a create of $508 coming to him from south jersey gas. elliot says the gas company promised the check would arrive in six to eight weeks. >> i waited six weeks. i started calling. and between six weeks and now, i've called them four times, and i've gotten four stories. >> reporter: it was 11 weeks without a check. >> very frustrating. >> reporter: he saw our story helping a woman get a gas refund check she waited months for. >> showed her with her check saying, thank you, harry, i got my check in two days. so i said, you know what, let me
4:34 pm
try it. >> reporter: we got to work reaching out to south jersey gas and getting back his money. >> 500 bucks is a lot, especially in a brand new house, trying to buy things, finish the house off, every penny counts. >> reporter: this responds cam shows elliot is satisfied with the outcome. >> you did a great job. you were here yesterday. i got my money today. thanks a lot. >> reporter: all right. that's the way we like it to work out. listen, south jersey gas tells nbc 0 responds they have nearly 375,000 customers and acknowledges that not every instance of service will be perfect. it maintains that customer service is the best resource for customers to get questions, answer, and resolve issues. all right. well, listen, we're going to check on what we did with the money here. >> what's the grand total on how much you help people? >> we've been getting in a few extra buck, look at that. to the money right now, $14,114
4:35 pm
so far, and it's only been a few weeks, or just under three weeks since we worked on nbc 10 responds. now, if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, go to, click on the nbc 10 responds page and fill out the form or call us at 610-668-7377. that's 610-668-responds, and, of course, we'll respond to you. and coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, this couple splurges on a mattress, but has problems later. how what we uncovered could help you tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. all right, looking forward to it, harry, thank you. >> now to our south jersey bureau where police want to find the driver of the pickup truck that followed a boy on his bike riding home from school. police tell us the after school scare happened yesterday afternoon along fairview road in
4:36 pm
medford after the 11-year-old left cranberry pines elementary. the middle-aged man slowly followed the style in what they describe as a beatup black truck. a group of firefighters in pennsylvania in trouble for calling in false alarms for fun. the fire department from altoona suspended now, they called in five false alarms because they just enjoyed the thrill of riding in fire trucks. a colorado babysitter behind bars. >> accused of watching kids she was watching to help her rob a bank. kids about 60 miles north of denver arrested 28-year-old rachel, saying she pulled up to the drive-through in a bank and demanded money saying a man was in her car who was going to hurt her and the kids. the teller gave her $500 and later was arrested and told police she was going to use the money as part of a plea deal in
4:37 pm
a separate theft case. pregnant women are supposed to drink a lot of water, but new research shows how they do it could be dangerous. >> up next, the new study that could spark a change. plus, missing the mark, doctors say sunscreen is not doing what their spf promises. what experts say what to look for when buying the summer supply.
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pregnant women may want to avoid water bottles and canned foods. researchers say chemicals in the items could cause children to become obese if they were exp e exposed before being born. the study found bpa used in plastic production changes the body's ability to regulate ma tab lichl leading to increase in body fat.
4:41 pm
avoiding cans and containers with the numbers 3 or 7 reduces that risk. huh. you count on your sunscreen to protect you from skin cancer. >> may be disappointed to learn the level of protection promised on the label is not what you get. nbc 10 is filling us in now in the digital operations center. denise, it's about the spf, right? >> reporter: that's right. spf, sun protection factor number on bottles of sunscreen indicates how well it stops uvb rays causing sunburn and contributes to skin cancer. according to the consumer reports, many do not live up to the claim on the label. now, consumer reports tested 60 sprays and lotions with 30 or higher, and nearly half the products in the test group had a lower spf than claimed. researchers also found that many sunscreens referred to as natural did far worse than lotions with chemical based protection. >> we know that sunscreens can under protect, but the real
4:42 pm
reason sunscreens underprotects is people under apply them. >> reporter: consumer reports acknowledged many screens on the market live up to the spf claims. this melt in sunscreen melt and banana boat scored pretty well. doctors tell us whatever sun block you decide to choose, apply it as thick as you can as often as possible. live in the digital operations center, nbc 0 news. glen? yeah. sun? what's that? sun and warm weather are distant memories today. rain's falling in parts of the area, and it's chilly all over the area. tracking today's shower and when it's going to start feeling like may.
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nascar and comcast come together to make a first for pennsylvania, nbc 10 was in center city today where several
4:46 pm
nascar drivers spoke to students. the event is part of the celebration thrown by nascar and comcast. today, the two announced they are bringing the first ever xfiniy series race to pocono raceway. this is the second year they are sponsoring the series, and comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. we help local children learn about the weather in a fun way. >> the first alert weather team shows thousands of students how it all works. tomorrow, at citizens bank park during nbc 10 ease second annual weather education day -- >> who was that? >> glen "hurricane" schwartz, there's sheena, bill, all showing off weather experiments to the kids at the ballpark, and you can be a part of it all, even if you're not at the park because we stream the activities live on the app and nrgs, and no pressure, glen,
4:47 pm
but hope you have a good experiment. >> and good weather. >> i get to control the weather. always wanted to do that. >> that'd be something. >> not as much as i wanted to. i want to turn the rain off. we wish somebody could do that. look look at the gloomy picture outside there. it's a ben franklin bridge. we've seen a lot of pictures like that lately, and we've got more to come. speaking of glimmy pictures, look at this radar, and we continue to see it covered up from philadelphia down through delaware, and south jersey and we also see this area in this chester county that just comes out of nowhere, and now it's getting heavier near the pennsylvania turnpike, and it's moving straight to the east into philadelphia itself, and some of the towns, right over downing town right now, headed into wagner. what else do we have? plenty of it. it's just not going to end any
4:48 pm
time soon. delaware and south jersey, and some little bands of heavier showers go through some of the shore points, but it's not enough to cause flooding. it's just enough to be a nuance. we definitely call these kinds of storms nuance storms. it's been, of course, unseasonably chilly. the high temperature before the rain started today was 62. tomorrow's high, about the same, and the average high, 64. cool, wet weekend. take a look at these forecasts. philadelphia, high saturday of 59 with potentially heavy rain. heavy rain in the pa suburbs, especially in south jersey. jersey shore and delaware, the least amount of rain in the valley, and that's the warm spot on saturday. on sunday, a lot of clouds left over, and a little bit of light rain, so i think sunday is not as bad as saturday.
4:49 pm
especially later on saturday, and into saturday night. on monday, it's slight improvement, but not a whole lot. now, we have shown you some of the coldest weather was in the northern and western suburbs like chester county and getting hit by the rain and cochranville, west bradford, all 52 degrees. malvern 51 degrees at this time of the day. it's all the way up to 55 in gladwood. 54 in newhope, 55 in newtown. many, many parts of the area are really seeing nasty weather, and tomorrow, it's not going to be beautiful, but it's going to be better than today. not quite as chilly for most of the day, not quite as wet, especially in some of the northern suburbs and into the lehigh valley. temperatures are in the low 60s,
4:50 pm
and cloudy skies, couple sprinkles. not a real wet day like today. especially in southern sections. here's the ten-day outlook, interesting outlook. thursday and friday are beautiful. okay. we know that. saturday is ugly. we know that. sunday, not so great. monday, still some rain. tuesday, more rain comes back. everything's stalled for a while. and them look what happens. how about upper 80s by the end of next week? a pier on the delaware transed for a special purpose today. >> reporter: last year, visitors bunked on board to be closer to pope francis, and now army and navy rugby teams show off their guns, muscle strength that is, ahead of a major competition. that's next.
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muscle and determination on display today in on unusual spot on the delaware river. >> we have a look at what's happening next to the battleship new jersey. >> reporter: it takes grit and determination. >> not as rough as it looks because we make tackles as safe as we can. >> reporter: a backdrop of power and steal in the uss rugby army and navy, show off their skills. >> feet are nice and close. >> reporter: the test is june 4 and 5 at chester's energy stadium for the largest collegiate contest in the world. >> it's a great game, come out, play army, brothers in arms, a lot of respect. >> reporter: army player andrew
4:55 pm
irwin's final match. he graduates west point this weekend before starting army ranger school in july. >> being here with the teams, this is incredible, best guys i know, best group of guys. >> reporter: the head coach, mike flanigan, is excited it's in the spotlight in our area, nationally, and in the biggest stage of the world. >> just the sport, get out in people's mind and hearts, and we're seeing it again, it's on tv. thank god for nbc puts it out there for us. a great time to be a part of american rugby. >> they will be in rio. >> i'll watch. >> reporter: it's been nearly a century since the rugby sevens has been played in any games, but this year, the rugged sport returns to the olympics in rio seen right here on nbc 10. from the battleship new jersey, nbc 10 news. >> someone can see it in person, right? >> yes, it's coming quickly. >> it is get ready.
4:56 pm
nbc 10 news at 5:00 is coming quickly. >> next at 5:00, trapped in the basement after part of the home collapsed. >> an nbc 10 was there as his rescue unfolded. next at 5:00, firefighters give an inside look at how they pulled the man to safety. and the rain is still with us. coming up, when it'll clear out and finally some sunshine later this week. sheena, bringing booze to the board walk, a moneymaker or mess waiting to happen? new details on the proposal and we asked locals what they think next at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
all right. first alert forecast. nbc 10 issing rain. the radar showing it's starting to move out of the region. >> let's look at this right now. conditions in philadelphia, there on the left side, that's south philadelphia, and on the right side, that's cape may two dreary looking cameras, a lot of the rain we've been dealing with, and to make it worse, still chilly out there. >> dreary looking behind us too. >> we are breaking down what's happening in your neighborhood. sheena? >> almost everyone seeing the rain other than the lehigh valley. a look at the radar, green shows steady, lighter rain falling,
5:00 pm
but another area, ramping up, it's through parts of chester county and montgomery county and the philadelphia area, now another round of rain moving in. for south jersey and delaware, you're still seeing lighter rain, but that's really around westchester and 76 near where we are starting to see some of the rainfall, getting heavier, but steady, and it's developing across the sections. tomorrow, though, this is what we're going to be watching for early in the morning. now, tomorrow's going to be a day where the clouds are hanging around, and we still have rain chance, but we're keeping the eye on a small system near st. louis for early showers, and possibly a few sprinkles lingering through the day. right now, though, philadelphia, a live look at the ben frank lip bridge, cloudy and rainy in the philadelphia area right now. 54 degrees, a calm wind, but it's chilly and rainy, and we're going to keep it in the forecast for most of the area. through the next several hours, temperatures mostly in the 50s,


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