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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, nbc10 first alert weather radar is tracking lingering showers moving through our area this morning. will we see more rain this afternoon? $64,000 question. fans at citizens bank park hope it will dry out. it's also weather education day at the ballpark. we'll have more on that in a moment. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we have seen so much rain lately. when will we get an extended break? michelle grossman is here now with our forecast. >> hi, there. we're not going to get an extended break, but a two-day break, before rain returns on
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saturday. right now, we're dealing with a few lingering showers, light showers, and also plenty of cloud cover. we'll see more clouds and sunshine throughout the afternoon. seeing a little green showing up here, and that's the lingering showers. back to the west, we may see additional showers in the next couple hours. otherwise, a rather cloudy day, a cool day. temperatures in the 60s right now. 61, mostly cloudy, skies in new jersey. lehigh valley, 61. delaware, 60 degrees. 50s still in philadelphia. a cool start. we're going to have a cool finish as well. 60 degrees by 2:00, and 5:00, 64 degrees. later on, we may see a few breaks of sunshine in some spots, but we'll keep it cool. today's high, around 64 in lehigh valley, back to the west in philadelphia, 59, 57 in the p.a. suburbs. throughout the afternoon, about 8 degrees cooler than what's typical for this time of year, and by tomorrow, finally warming up, even warmer as we go towards
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your friday. >> thank you, michelle. >> a teenager is in critical condition after he was shot several times through the front door of his home in philadelphia's overbrook section. now police are looking for the gunman. the gunman started a fire on a home in lebanon avenue, when the family went outside to investigate the fire, they were met with a 19-year-old with a gun. the family raced back inside and tried to shut the door, but he shot several times hitting a 19-year-old man on the other side. the fire marshal already determined the fire was arson because a broken glass and accelerant were found on the front porch. >> they said it was some sort of incendiary device that was thrown on the porch that caused this chair to catch on fire. we believe that was to get the attention of the occupants of the property. when they came out, they were confronted by the shooter. >> the victim's family told police the two teens were involved in an ongoing feud.
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>> in strawberry mansion, police are investigating after a man was found dead on the sidewalk. authorities say the 38-year-old was shot several times on clifford street early this morning. officers found shell casings from two different weapons, so they're trying to figure out if the victim exchanged gunfire with his killer or if there were two shooters. so far, no arrests. time now for a check on the roads with jessica boyington. what are you seeing out there now? >> for the most part, a lot of majors are pretty quiet. we're watching construction still through center city on the vine street expressway. it's westbound where we're losing the lane, the right lane. a slow go if you're headed towards the schuylkill expressway. also an accident in abington on cedar road and gibson avenue, and more construction, 33rd street between south street and market, an active scene until about 4:00 this afternoon. we're also still paying attention to septa for that route 101 trolley. they're replacing the trolleys with buses until friday, june
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17th, between providence street and orange street station. that's due to a construction project on state street in media. >> thank you. and today, prosecutors will continue to make their case against congressman chaka fattah. yesterday, the man who served as his campaign manager during his failed bid for mayor in 2007 took the stand in fattah's federal corruption trial. the judge called the campaign disorganized. prosecutes claim congressman fattah took an illegal $1 million loan to fund his mayoral campaign, but the defense is blaming two political consultants who have pleaded guilty in the case. >> officials will now be able to avoid budget cuts in the brandy wine school district. voters approved a referendum that will increase taxes. with that decision, the district won't have to cut about $8 million from its budget. teaching jobs will be saved as will school sports and activities that were on the chopping block.
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now, a story you'll see only on nbc10. a delaware county mom is worried for her daughter's safety when she gets draopped off as a daycare by the school bus. >> i see the driver get out. >> this is video michelle gonzalez shot on her cell phone monday. she claimed a school bus driver isn't following safety procedures when dropping off her 7-year-old daughter who is hearing empaired. she said her daughter is supposed to have an adult aide onboard with the driver, and that after the bus stopped, there were no flashing lights, no stop sign, or stop arm. the hazard lights are the only ones in use. >> as a parent, how do you see this? >> i see it as a possibility of my child is going to get hit and killed one day. >> a supervisor with the southeast delaware school, delaware county school district says he believes the driver is following the correct procedure. district administrators will look into the complaint.
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>> montgomery county police department is warning people to stay away from a webear that wa spotted yesterday. here's a picture, estimated to be about 2 years old. someone saw him, the game commission tried to tranquilize it but was unsuccessful. the bear was last seen by a high school. police say if you see the bear, call 911. there have been no new sightings of a black bear near the creek in philadelphia. it was last seen in that area last friday. a bear was spotted over the weekend at penn oaks golf club in chester county. the p.a. game commission says they're not sure if it's the same bear or multiple bears. well, sixers fans have reason to be optimistic this morning. the team won the number one overall draft pick for the first time since getting allen iverson in 1996. take a look at the daily news. we won. that says it all right there. the sixers hit the lottery
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jackpot by getting the top pick in the entire draft. >> number one pick in the 2016 nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. [ cheers and applause ] >> and there's your reaction from sixers fans at xfinity live when they got the news of the sixers getting the top pick. the sixers have had the worst record in the nba the last twost seasons. 10-12 the past year. >> so excited. can't believe we finally did it. >> to say i'm speechless, we have been sitting here for the past five minutes not saying a word. we could not be happier. trusting the process for three years has been like, it's been hell, but i'm glad it's finally starting to pay off. >> celebration galore. our coverage does not end here.
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coming up in a few minutes, i'll sit down with sixers ceo to talk more about the number one overall pick. >> let's pivot to talk about weather because it's the focus of a special event happening right now. a different team is taking the field at citizens bank park. our first alert weather team is hosting our second annual weather education day where we teach kids about how the weather works. matt delucia is live for us at the ballpark with more on that. matt, how is the turnout? >> the turnout is great. i'll show you the crowd in a second. first, though, the weather out here, you have clouds in the sky, and a little raindrops here and there, so a great environment for these kids to learn a little bit about weather today. take a look behind me. we have the first alert weather will, glenn, bill, sheena, violeta yas, showing off their weather knowledge and all of our weather gear. take a look, we have storm force 10 is out here, and take a look at the crowd. we have 11,000 kids from around the area, elementary school
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students. 400 buses drove up here this morning. what a nice field trip. the kids are also going to be looking at some experiments as well. they also just watched an experiment from phillies player cameron rupp and blanco. they're also going to learn how clouds are made, how winds affects the movement of a baseball, and take a look. sky force 10 is in the air as well. you can really get a look at this crowd from the air. they're taking up the entire side behind home plate here. we have a nice crowd here. all of them wearing their phillies gear, waving the towels in the air, and they're also going to be looking forward to the phillies game later on this afternoon. they're taking on the marlins at 1:00. we're also streaming all of this weather education day life on so you can watch at i'll be back at 11:30. hopefully the kids will learn a we're live at citizens bank park. >> all right, good job, matt. new this morning,
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construction professionals are helping to renovate the rec center on north 26th street in north philadelphia. they're tackling projects from the lobby and kitchen. this is part of an event called aec cares. it's held before the architects national convention. two people at the center of a very public feud sit down together on national tv. donald trump and megyn kelly come face-to-face finally. see what happened when she confronted him about the things he said about her. we'll have that coming up. >> if you like potatoes, there's something you should know. a new study is tying them to a greater risk for a certain medical condition. >> michelle. >> gray skies today, also tracking a few showers, but finally sunshine is in our forecast. i'll have your ten day in a few minutes.
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the second pick will be made by the los angeles lakers. and that means that the number one pick in the 2016 nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> that is a look at the 126 employees reacting to the news the team had won the first overall pick in next month's nba draft. it's just a third time ever that they will pick number one overall. here's to talk more about the team's planning, the sixers ceo,
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scott o'neal. welcome. >> thank you, vai. >> did you see the video of what happened at xfinity live? >> amazing. >> the place was packed and they went nuts. none of that, i don't think, measures up to what happened in your home. because you tweeted it out. i think we have the video. can we cue up the video of the o'neal daughters? >> that's the best one. >> bouncing around. they are going nuts. >> that is a normal day in the o'neal house. that's it. that catches it pretty good. >> dad coming home or leaving? >> yeah, that's how we go. pretty funny. the reaction, i was in new york, of course, and a pretty small set, maybe 500 people or so in the audience. you have the players about to get drafted on one side and the agents in the middle and teams on the left side. it's a pretty staid group. they might as well put the applause meters up. when the lakers got that, i jumped otof my seat and
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screamed. literally, everybody was like -- one of those deals. it was wonderful. >> let's break some news. >> by the way, hold on. 20 years ago, allen iverson, transformational player. it feels like a fit, right? >> that's what happens. you get the number one pick, and it can transform the entire organization. speaking of the number one pick, i want to make news with you. i want you to give me an exclusive to keep my job. you're the ceo, who are we going to get? >> way too early for that. >> come on. >> way too early. listen, those are the two guys everybody talks about. our guys think it's much wider, but we'll see. our group, bryan colangelo has a incredible draft record, very collaborative in his approach, a great eye for talent. we'll get the right guy. >> we heard one of the fans repeating something we have heard over and over, trust the
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process. trust the process. is this where we are with the process? that we got the number one pick. >> and now let's move to progress. so the process to progress. yeah, i think we're ready to go. i think sam did a great job of putting us in a position to have new talent like okafor and we have cap space, now a number one pick. now we have bryan, who has a history, a tradition of great relationships with agents and general managers and putting this to actual use. it is time to go and build. time is now. >> and the team has made some news on another front earlier this week, really groundbreaking with the corporate logo on your uniforms. tell us how that process came about. >> adam silver is our commissioner, and tremendous and a visionary leader. i have spent a lot of time in europe, watching football matches and basketball games and hockey games. and in europe, it's very natural. here, it's not.
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there's been much more sanctity of the jersey. the ownership group voted to put a 2 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch patch on a jersey, kind of looks like this here. >> we're going to come back and show that. >> you got stubhub, beautiful lining. >> kind of a tasteful look. and stubhub is a terrific partner. >> i don't see a problem with it. you see it on nascar, everywhere else. >> stubhub is part of the fabric of the experience. you go there and buy a ticked. we think it's good. >> let's talk about the new building. you gave me a tour a couple weeks ago. just an amazing, phenomenal campus. >> state of the art, i think it goes with the lift of the organization. you see us moving to progress. we're going to move into this beautiful training complex, ready to go by training camp this season, number one pick, bryan colangelo, it seems like there's an updraft and we're moving in the right direction. >> you keep calling it a campus,
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and i tease you. you said, you need to call it a campus because they don't spend a lot of time on campus. >> i love that. >> well, the sixers will be celebrating the draft lottery victory at a special event today at the philadelphia museum of art at noon today. sixers flight squad will perform a full dunk show on the rocky steps. the dance team will also be there with world b. free, my man. never met a shot he didn't like. >> he's open. >> always open. the team will also unveil a massive version of the new sixers jersey. so be sure to go check it out. thank you very much. >> you're the best. >> well, it's another gray day. lots of clouds. a little more sunshine later on, but right now, a dreary looking day once again. that changes on thursday when sunshine returns. a live look outside. we're looking along boathouse row, also seeing sprinkles in some spots.
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heading out, looking at more clouds, a few showers, not a washout this afternoon, but can't rule out the chance of a few showers. tonight, drying out this evening, a little more sunshine in spots. cooling down to partly cloudy skies. we're going to see a warmer day on thursday and actually going to see sunshine on thursday, and friday looks to be really nice. today is one of our last gray days before we have sunshine thursday, friday, and more raining on saturday. so this is what radar looks like right now. looking pretty good. we have showers back to the west. a few sprinkles around philadelphia. that is about it. still plenty of clouds in spots, don't be surprised if you need to use the windshield wipers every once in a while. we're looking at temperatures right around 50 degrees in some spots. we're looking at winds from 5 to 14 miles per hour in wildwood, up to 10 in dover. it's a little breezy as well. temperatures, i mentioned the 50s. some 60s also. 58 degrees right now in philadelphia.
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61 in the lehigh valley. 62 at the jersey shore. 61 in south jersey, and 60 in delaware. a cool start, but a cool finish as well. temperatures about 10 degrees below what is typical this time of year. we're used to that, closer to normal by friday. 58 degrees in society hill, 59 in winchester park. 59 in fox chase, and 59 in somerton. so plan on another cool day, another rather gray day. more clouds and sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon. here's the good news. we're going to wake up to cool temperatures on thursday. look what happens by the afternoon. 3:00, 71 degrees in philadelphia. 64 degrees in egg harbor. a sea breeze that's going to set up. back to the west, near 70 degrees tomorrow, by thursday afternoon, and 64 in pottstown. that's looking good. and friday, even warmer than that. so your ten-day outlook today, 67, 74 is normal for this time of year so we're still below normal. looking at plenty of cloud cover, can't rule ought a sprinkle or shower. tomorrow, we're going to be
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closer to normal, 72 degrees. friday, that's your pick day, maybe a lot of people calling in sick. 76 degrees, lots of sunshine. saturday, i know it's a big time of year, graduations, lots of things going on, we're looking at a dreary day, a damp day, lots of rain. 59 degrees. a few showers still on sunday. we're going to see that on monday also and finally drying it out once again on tuesday and wednesday and 80s by wednesday. >> thank you, michelle. >> we have a possible medical breakthrough to tell you about. could something in certain mushrooms help treat certain mental health problems? see what researchers are saying coming up. and a new poll shows governor chris christie's approval rating is at its lowest point ever. we'll show you what garden state voters are saying about him in the new survey.
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if you eat a lot of potatoes, you could have a greater risk of developing high blood pressure. researchers say the starchy vegetable can trigger a sharp rise in blood sugar. they found people who eat four or more servings of potatoes or fries are more likely to have hypertension than those who eat them once a month. replacing one serving a day could reduce your risk of high blood pressure. it didn't find a link between potato chips and hypertension. >> a hallucinogenic compound
11:25 am
found in some mushrooms could be used to treat depression. they tried it with therapy on a dozen people. the compound targets serotonin receptors in the brain but much faster. after three months, half of the patients showed improvement in symptoms with no serious side effects. >> the nation's capital retains its title as fittest city in the country. washington, d.c. at the top of the list. the capital has more people who walk and use public transportation along with parks and open areas to exercise in. people there also had fewer cardiovascular and diabetes issues as well as a lower rate of smoking. the minneapolis area came in second. denver was third, and portland, oregon, came in fourth. philadelphia ranked 24th on our ci 50 cities on that list. >> a new study is out this morning about genetically modified organisms. researchers are analyzed decades
11:26 am
of data, but not everyone agree with the results. plus, what to do when you have an unused gift card for a store that's going out of business. we'll hear advice from an expert about this dilemma straight ahead.
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checking out our nbc10 headlines this morning. philadelphia police say a gunman started a fire on a home's porch in overbrook to get the attention of a teenager and then he shot the 19-year-old. the victim is in critical condition. police are still looking for the 19-year-old gunman. and police are investigating after a man was found dead on the sidewalk in strawberry mansion early this morning. officers found shell casings from two different weapons so they're trying to figure out if the victim exchanged gunfire with his killer or if there were two shooters. so far, no arrests. and today, prosecutors will continue to make their case against congressman chaka
11:30 am
fattah. they claim the congressman took an illegal $1 million loan to fund his mayoral campaign, but the defense is blaming two political consultants who have pleaded guilty in the case. fans at citizens bank park hope things will dry out today. not only a gale scheduled between the phillies and marlins. also nbc10 weather education day at the ballpark. >> first, though, let's get more on the forecast with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. >> hi, there. i think they're going to luck out this afternoon. we're drying out. we have a few sprinkles out there, maybe a few showers. that would be out. cloudy skies, a rather cloudy day once again. a live look along boathouse row. satellite radar showing us we're mainly dry. just a few speckles showing up. don't be surprised if grow see some drizzle, but still plenty of cloud cover, and that will be
11:31 am
the case throughout the day. it is cool right now. temperatures mainly in the 50s. 58 in philadelphia. 61 degrees right now in lehigh valley. 60 in the suburbs. 60 in delaware. 61 with a little sunshine in south jersey, and 62 degrees at the jersey shore. we're going to be well below normal for this time of year once again. typically, right around 74. i think we'll end up in the 60s in most spots. as we go into south jersey, we're looking at 58 degrees in voorhees, 57 in pemberton. mainly in the upper 50s in these areas. 59 in cinnaminson. you want to dress with a few layers as you head out today, and by this afternoon, we'll top out at 66. warmer on thursday, even warmer on friday. 59 degrees in coralfield. our weather story today, another gray day, another cool day. temperatures in the 60s. typically, we're at 74. philadelphia, 61 by 2:00. by 6:00, 63.
11:32 am
not a bad day, but even better on thursday, and even better on friday. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thank you, michelle. weather is the focus of a special event happening right now. a different team taking the field at citizens bank park. our first alert weather team is hosting our second annual weather education day where we're teaching kids about how the weather works. nbc10's matt delucia is live with more on that. you got sky force 10 in the air, storm force 10 on the ground. you're all there. michelle and i are the only ones here. >> we're having fun. even seeing just a little bit of sunshine here. peaking through the clouds. we had drizzle out here a little earlier this morning. take a look at this crowd. 11,000 kids from area elementary schools. they're waving their phillies rally towels, getting ready for the game that starts at 1:00 today. you see all of these kids that are out here right now, they're not in the classroom, but they are learning, folks. trust that. they are learning. take a look at some video we shot just a few minutes ago, where they were doing
11:33 am
experiments here, and glenn "hurricane" schwartz, he made a nice little cloud demonstration. you can see just how much fun they were having out here. things you don't really get to see too often in the classroom. they also learned how wind affects the speed and movement of a baseball. we also saw a couple of the phillies players out here as well, showing off a little bit of weather knowledge for these guys. i hear we have glenn, sheena, bill henley, violeta yas from telemundo 62, all teaching the kids what a perfect way to learn about weather here at citizens bank park. let's take another live look. we can see, boy, we even have fans. take a look at these guys right here. they brought their own batters. talking about the weather team and the first alert weather. i think they were even in the studio at one point. you can see a picture there. these people are dedicated. they have the banners and the towels saying weather. these guys are really having fun. they're learning a lot. out of the classroom for a
11:34 am
couple of empties, a couple of hours here, just enjoying all the fun and festivities. we also even learned how the grounds crew manages the weather as well. how they maintain and groom the field because the weather, anytime it rains, they have to put the tarp out on the field, so we talked with them about how they handle all of that as well. they monitor the weather forecast all the time. they come in at about 7:30 every morning and start looking at the forecast, seeing if there needs to be a rain delay or if a game needs to be rained out. right now the conditions are looking pretty good. actually even feels like it's warming up. let's hope that the good luck stretches out and the phillies beat the marlins later on today. game time at 1:00. these guys, they are ready for it. one more time, guys. come on. there we go. a lot of excitement. live at citizens bank park, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> you grew up in the area, also wishing you could make the jumbotron, finally made it today, just not as a player.
11:35 am
thank you. >> also a great day for baseball all across our area. live look right now at frawley stadium, home of the wilmington blue rocks a little further south from where matt was. where the team now has been playing for about an hour or so. they already started this morning for a school kids special game. >> and a split decision for the democratic candidates for president in primaries in kentucky and the state of oregon. a neck and neck race in kentucky, but hillary clinton squeaked out a win over senator bernie sanders. only a few thousand votes separated the two democratic candidates. clinton took a night off from the campaign trail to watch the returns from her home in new york. meanwhile, bernie sanders won the primary in oregon. he promised to take delegate rich california. he also vowed to take the nomination battle all the way to the democratic convention here in philadelphia this summer despite the nearly impossible odds of overcoming the delegate gap. and here's where things stand right now in the delegate count this morning.
11:36 am
clinton has almost reached the 2300 mark, and 83 needed to clinch the nomination. and sanders is still trailing her by more than 7 h00 delegate. voters in new jersey get their say on june 7th. they'll head to the polls along with voters in california, montana, north and south dakota, and also new mexico. and donald trump and megyn kelly declared a truce on tv last night. the presumptive republican nominee sat down with the fox news anchor months after their feud began. you'll recall trump accused kelly of asking him unfair questions in a debate last august and launched a series of as against her on twitter. >> bimbo? >> well, that was a retweet. did i say that? >> many times. >> ooh. okay. excuse me. >> what do you -- >> not the most horrible thing, not the most -- over your life, you have been called a lot
11:37 am
worse, is that right, wouldn't you say? trump also made headlines last night for saying that he's open to speaking with north korea's leader to try to stop the country's nuclear program. and a new survey gist out this morning about one of trump's most prominent supporters, a quinnipiac university poll says 64 of voters in new jersey disapprove of governor chris christie's job performance. only 29% approve. that's his lowest rating ever. 72% of the voters say trump should not christie as his vice presidential candidate. >> and happening now in washington, congress takes up a bill that could cut free school lunches for millions. nearly 200,000 students in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware could lose access to school meals if the plan is passed. it's part of a bill that would reauthorize the school lunch and child new acts. right now, schools can offer free lunches to all students, if at least 40% of the students
11:38 am
automatically qualify for assistance. this bill raises the threshold to 60%. have you ever gotten a gift card own lee to find out the store is in trouble or it's closing? for example, pacsun, which has locations in south jersey, they filed for chapter 11. and sports chalet in allentown is closing down. bob hansen looks at what you can do. >> it's not easy being a traditional brick and mortar store these days. stores like authority, pacsun, and aeropostale, have all filed for chapter 11, while sports chalet announced they're closing down all their locations. what does that mean for people with gift cards to those stores? >> they might restructure and come out of that, and that's great, but they might be sold, they might be sold in parts. they might be sold entirely or they might have to close the store. when that happens, the gift card becomes in jeopardy. >> shelly hunter follows gift card trends. today, the trend is use it or
11:39 am
lose it. >> if you have a gift card to a store in any kind of financial problems, especially chapter 11, you need to use the gift card as soon as you possibly can. >> but what happens if you find a gift card after the store has gone under? is there any hope to get money back? >> well, you might get your money back for the gift card. you're also going to be standing in line behind all the other businesses that are owed money by the store. >> in the case of aeropostale, they said they would be closing 113 stores in the u.s. and looking for a possible buyer. that gives shoppers some time to use gift cards, but shelly says no matter what cards you have, don't wait too long to spend them. >> you know, my advice always is to use your gift cards quickly. the longer you hold on to a gift card, the higher the probability that you'll lose it or forget to use it. >> bob hansen reporting. now, some retailers also deduct a dollar amount from the gift card's balance each year that it goes unused. just another reason not to wait too long to use it.
11:40 am
>> well, a piece of space history is on the move this morning. the last of its kind object is sailing to a new home. we'll show you where it's headed. we'll have that coming up. >> the temperatures are headed up, but not today. we're going to stay put in the 60s, also gray throughout the day, maybe a few showers. we'll talk more about that, but tracking some sunshine and 80s in the exed forecast. we'll have that coming up.
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11:43 am
the only remaining external fuel tank from nasa's space shuttle program arrived in marina del rey, california, for the final leg of the journey to the california science center. it will stay there until saturday when it's scheduled to travel 12 miles through city streets to the science center. the tank will be restored and then it join the retired "endeavor" space shuttle on display. >> a new study aims to ease concern about the risks of genetically modified foods. they analyzed twnt years of data. the researchers found gmo foods are safe for consumers, posing no additional risks to health or the environment when they're compared to traditional groups. >> if there really was a real effect increase in cancer rates or causing some kind of acute problem, it would have been found in the data. >> more than 90% of corn, soybeans and cotton grown in the
11:44 am
u.s. is genetically modified, usually to make the crops resistant to herbicide or to deter insects. critics have long expressed the need for labeling and says the new report does little to change their minds. >> people want to know everything about their food. they want to know what's in it, where it grown, how it was grown, who made it, and the demand for greater gmo transparency is really part of the larger trend. >> despite that criticism, the nas hopes their stamp of approval leads to additional modifications in the future such as food with higher vitamin content. well, this week's wednesday's child is a young man who loves basketball, bowling, and legos. he's looking for a forever family. morning, i would like to introduce you to ramere. >> the thud, thud, thud of a basketball bouncing on a wooden floor or clinking off a rim and backboard would be annoying to some. but for ramere, it's music to
11:45 am
his ears. >> loves to play basketball. bowling is okay. but most times, banl is his favorite thing to do, every time he comes to school. >> he has downs syndrome and everyone at his school called him mere mere. he's outgoing, and besides hoops, he loves to bowl. oh! ramere has simple tastes. his other great love -- going to the library with a box of legos. he loves legos. even if it's not creating masterpieces, it's simply stacking legos blocks one on top of the other. >> what color is this one? >> blue. >> blue. >> nothing brings this kid down. >> never, never seen him in a bad mood. happiness, always being happy. always helping whenever you need something. whenever you feel down, he'll make you feel happy. >> his forever family would need to be patient, understanding,
11:46 am
and loving, as ramere transitions into a new home and school environment. he would bring endless amounts of love and smiles and joy into anyone's home. >> ramere is very adorable. loves to be around people, loves to help with anything, clean up, whatever you need him to do, he always is helpful. >> ramere is this week's wednesday's child. >> a great kid. if you would like to open your mind and heart and home to ramore or any wednesday's child, go to our website at and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center directly. >> stroke is the nation's number five killer, but most americans don't even know the warning signs. in an effort to change that, the american heart association and the american stroke association have named may stroke awareness month. one man well known to philadelphia sports fans recently became a stroke victim.
11:47 am
he joins us to tell us what we should all be looking for. brian played for the flyers from 1979 to 1990. we call him proper. suffered a stroke in the fall. he's joined by stroke expert dr. hannah cho, a neurologist. welcome to you both. let me start with you, brian. i didn't know this had happened to you. tell me your story and when you realized you were having a stroke and how you're doing? >> i was on vacation with my wife and family in annapolis. so i suffered the stroke on september 3rd. i stayed in annapolis and was there for a couple days. and i had a really bad headache. and as a result, i fell out of bed. and my side didn't work that well, and i lost a couple teeth by falling off, but fortunately, my family was there, and they
11:48 am
called 911 quickly. >> i think people would be amazed because you're a professional athlete, played at the highest level. let me turn to you, dr. cho. what are some of the key things people should be looking for and should know about a stroke? >> well, of the patients we treat with stroke, about 20% end up having something calledate rofibulation as a cause of the stroke. it can be something that people know about and cause a stroke or they can get diagnosed at the time of the stroke. so about 2.7 million americans have afib, and the problem is afib can increase the risk of having a stroke about at least five fold. so if there's some things we can look about in terms of whether we have afib, there are some symptoms we can look for. dizziness,ness of breath, palpitations, racing heartbeat, probably more urgent though is recognizing the signs of a stroke, so we can remember an acronym using f.a.s.t.
11:49 am
f for face drooping. a for arm weakness, s for speech difficulty, and t is time. time to call 911. >> are there things people can do before they even get there to help prevent a stroke? is there something in their diet? what can we do to help prevent it? >> right, one, you have to be proactive. routine checkups, see your primary doctors, stay informed. and just be proactive with your own health because as brian will attest to, probably the best defense a strong offense. >> nobody knows that better than you. you look great. i'm glad you feel good. >> thanks, vai. >> i'm glad you guys came in to share this information and your insight and your experiences with this. we appreciate it. for more information on stroke awareness month, check out our nbc10 app. we posted a link there for more information. >> all right, we're tracking another gray day. lots of clouds out there. we'll see more clouds and
11:50 am
sunshine, but we're going to see few breaks of sunshine through the next couple hours. some spots a little brighter than others right now. here's a live look, looking around boathouse row. more clouds and showers tonight, and then tonight, everyone is going to dry out, clear out to partly cloudy skies. we're going to have a cooler overnight, cool temperatures on thursday, but by thursday afternoon, the sunshine returns and temperatures pop back into the 70s. not quite normal, but pretty close to normal compared to today. even warmer on friday. outside, we're looking at easton, starting to look brighter, but plenty of clouds out there. don't be surprised if you step out. gray skies today with a few breaks of sunshine. satellite radar looking much better than even an hour ago. not looking at showers,ing at thinning clouds as well. our forecast is changing as we head throughout the afternoon. we started out with showers and clouds and improving throughout the afternoon. wind speeds are pretty breezy to the south. 15 miles per hour in wildwood, 12 miles per hour in millville,
11:51 am
not quite as breezy to the north and west. neighborhood by neighborhood in terms of temperatures, cool right now, cool later on this afternoon. 61 degrees in south jersey, 58 in philadelphia. 62 at the jersey shore. same story as we look to the north and west. 61 in the lehighy. 60 in p.a. suburbs. we're going to stay put in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. right now, west chester, 62 degrees. phoenixville, 62. collegeville, 64. st. david's coming in at 57. and montgomery county, temperatures in the 60s. 61 degrees in warrington, and newtown coming in at 62. cool as we have been the past few days. that will improve the next couple days before we bring back cool and damp weather on saturday. future weather as we go throughout time, chilly temperatures thursday afternoon, by the afternoon, up to 73 degrees. 3:00 in the afternoon, the kids are getting af the bus, and you're wrapping up work. 71 in philadelphia. 69 in doilstown, west chester,
11:52 am
69. the temperatures close to what's typical for this time of year. as we head to the afternoon, upper 60s to low 70s. so the next five days, a cool one today. we could see a few showers, but we'll dry it out. 67 by tomorrow. 72. look at friday, that's really nice to kick off the weekend, 76. by saturday, all those plans you have for your saturday, we're looking at a cool day, a damp day, dreary day, 59, and by sunday, a chance of showers as well at 72.
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a record number of travelers are expected to fly the friendly skies this summer. industry trade group airlines for america predicts more than 231 million passengers will fly between june and august. that's up 4% from last year. the group is calling on the tsa to hire and train more staffers to alleviate screening delays. recently launched a website called i hate the where travelers can tweet complaints to the tsa and share photos of their waits and security lines. >> formerals tackle and new jersey congressman jon runyan has a new job, he's named the nfl's vice president of policy and rules administration. runnion will serve as commissioner roger goodell's dez
11:56 am
igny for onple field issues. he's thrilled to once again be part of the nfl family. and coming up this afternoon at 3:00, an all new ellen with drake, and then nbc10 news at 4:00, and this afternoon, a new air travel report says a record number of americans plan to fly the friendly skies this summer. the tsa warns wait times could be long. at 4:00, we're checking with philadelphia international airport to see what traflers can expect for their summer vacations. final check of the weather. >> do you know what 4:00 means in my household? nap time. that's a good time for my 3-year-old. we're looking better. we had showers earlier today. clouds still in place. so we're going to see more clouds than sunshine throughout the day, but a little more sunshine than we saw this morning. 67 this afternoon. tomorrow looking good, and friday, 76, lots of sunshine. >> thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for michelle and all of us here, have a great
11:57 am
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[soft music] [line trills] [phone rings] >> hope: rafe? >> rafe: hey. glad you picked up. i've got good news. >> hope: is it about gabi and ari? are they okay? >> rafe: yup. they're keeping them in the hospital overnight for observation, but i think it's just a precaution. they're coming home tomorrow. >> hope: oh, my gosh. rafe, that is woerful. that's such great news. i know how worried you were-- actually, how worried we all were. >> rafe: yeah. so how are you holding up? you want me to come over? >> hope: i'm okay. made it through the day. but i'm pretty wiped out. >> rafe: oh, yeah? pretty wiped out too. think we could both use a good night's sleep. >> hope: amen to that. >> rafe: i'll miss you, though.


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