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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. >> the people in the car weren't doing anything wrong and the surveillance camera helped the district attorney file charges against the redding police officer. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal spoke with the couple detained for taking video of what happened. >> well, the charges against that young couple have been dropped, it's now the police officer facing charges, thanks to some surveillance and crucial cell phone video. >> this couple went to the barber shop last month but were pulled over by a redding city cop for not using a turn signal. she quickly hit record on her cell phone. >> the officer, he lies. he slapped my phone. >> reporter: that's when it escalated, authorities say the officer dejesus smashes the phone, punches her in the face. >> i put my phone like this and he pulled his hand here and throw on the floor. >> he punched her here on the
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forehead, when he slammed her on the floor. >> pushed me to the floor. he really, really hard with me. >> reporter: she fell down, hit her head on a pipe, and was hospitalized. then, charged with assault. but today, the district attorney turned the tables, charging the officer instead. >> we firmly believe the force was unnecessary and excessive. >> reporter: authorities say the officers destroyed falsified evidence and his initial traffic stop was a lie. the couple clearly using the turn signal. >> you get no satisfaction in filing charges against a fellow law enforcement officer but we will not permit the integrity of the criminal justice system to be compromised. >> reporter: the officer, now on administrative leave, will face a judge tomorrow. >> the officers, they got the right to record, you know, when they stop you. as citizens we got the same right to record. >> reporter: authorities tell me, this same officer has faced
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these kinds of problems in the past. a few months ago he smashed the cell phone of another person in a separate arrest. he's facing charges of official oppression. skyforce 10, serious crash in fmedford, three vehicles collided at main street. at least two people are trapped, five others injured. live pictures from skyforce 10 with those medical crews on the scene. route 70 is shut down right now. avoid that area if you can. again, three-car crash shutting down route 70 in medford burlington county. we'll continue to monitor the breaking news and bring you the latest as it continues to develop. to this -- first responders saved a man's life in south philadelphia. >> firefighters showed up to a burning home on ninth street and wharton and found an elderly man on the third floor. he's in critical condition at the hospital. >> the soda tax battle bubbles
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up in front of city council today with supporters of the measure making their voices heard. >> say no to big soda. >> the loud but peaceful group was asked to leave council chambers during the hearing. they wanted to show support for mayor kenney's tax, which would charge 3 cents per ounce to distributors of sugary drinks. kenney says money would be used to help fund education, rehab recreation centers and police and fire departments. >> people who make the product, they are wealthy people who can afford to eat this, eat this three cents an ounce. >> those against the tax say it would hurt their businesses and could cost jobs. council will vote on the measure next month. they've opposed similar taxes twice before under former mayor nutter. >> it's all about the money trail in chaka fattah's corruption trial. the star witness for the
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prosecution testified this afternoon and said congressman not only knew about illegal million dollar campaign loan, he brokered the deal. deanna durante live from center city with more on the testimony. >> reporter: tom lyndonfield a campaign consultant. he says the congressman knew about the $1 million loan that prosecutors say was illegal loan to his campaign and says the congressman's words that that money would be paid back. he was part of congressman chaka fattah's attempted run for mayor. in the early days, he warned fattah there wasn't enough money to make a successful run. he says fattah didn't listen and campaign bank accounts started running dry. it was fattah, he says, put liddenfield in touch with the form or ceo of sallie mae. he met with lord more than once and agreed to take $1 million moan for campaign expenses,
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money used to buy political ads. he put his own company on the line in a promissory note for the lean. he didn't worry about the funds being paid back because he was assured fattah or the campaign would repay it. months after the election, when the money hadn't been paid back, he called fattah and told him the money needed to be repaid. he says fattah told him, quote, i'll take care of it. lynd lyndonfield was contacted by the co-defendant who offered to wire him $600,000. that's the same amount on the outstanding loan. he wired the money back to lord in january 2008, the same day he got it from brand. again, lyndonfield plead guilty, testifying against fattah. he said on the stand, fattah was the person ahead of the race at the very beginning of the campaign. at the time the money exchange apparently happened he told the congressman he didn't think it would matter to the outcome of the race.
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congressman fattah finished fourth in that race. live outside the federal courthouse, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. expert witness testified that the murder trial of former wrestling star jimmy super fly snuka should not be stopped. the psychiatrist on the stand for the prosecution said there's little evidence snuka has significant brain trauma. snuka's accused of murdering his girlfriend. defense argues the wrestler has early onset dementia and his trial should be halted. it's unclear when the judge might rule. decision 2016, donald trump refising to reveal his tax returns but personal financial documents public. income of more than $557 million, his businesses grew by 190 million in the past year and a half. most profitable one, golf course in florida. he scored 132 million from the
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doral golf resort. donald trump revealed a list of 11 potential supreme court justices, one a judge from pittsburgh. donald trump says, if he wins the white house, he plans to vet them to fill the seat of late justice scalia. hillary clinton needs 90 delegates to clinch the democratic nomination. bernie sanders had the bigger day tuesday, scoring 61 delegates compared to 52 for clinton. sanders vowing to stay in the race and continuing his criticism of the democratic party. leading democrats are concerned about sanders' continuing his campaign and whether his supporters will ever support clinton. >> now, nbc 10 first alert weather. >> you know, it's hard to believe with the weather we've had, it's a week and a half until memorial day, but it doesn't look too bad out there at our camera cape may county, a couple of souls on the beach.
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>> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us with his neighborhood weather. warmer weather on the way? >> yes, eventually. it is actually going to get into the 80s, maybe we'll see some of that by memorial day weekend, too. we do have some rain on the radar now. but it's tracking mostly just to the north of the philadelphia area and heaviest headed toward lehigh valley. the farther south, less likely to see rain. that's why it was sunny looking at the shore. a couple of tiny showers, one headed toward hatfield, others toward allentown in the next couple of hours because we had this other large area west of harrisburg, again, moving to the east. and so we have to keep those showers in the forecast, at least for the next couple of hours. 66 degrees at the airport. it got up to 69. and temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday and that will continue to go up. we'll see how much and what's ahead for the weekend in a few
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minutes. special tributes to the life of fallen sergeant robert wilson continued again today. his fellow officers honoring him during a law enforcement luncheon. lauren mayk spoke with wilson's family about keeping his memory alive. >> reporter: the tribute among colleagues today honor sergeant robert wilson, and it makes good on a promise important to his family. >> when they said they would never forget him, they're showing they are proving that. >> reporter: wilson has been gone more than a year. >> it was a fast year. >> reporter: last spring wilson walked into a game stop to buy a gift for his son. he was shot and killed while police say he quickly acted to protect others in the store. his sister tells me, she's not surprised at what he did. >> what he did was so much an example of how he lived. >> yes, yes, from even when we were children, just giving his
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all. >> reporter: the honors for him have come not just here, but also in washington, d.c., this week. constance will sanders says her grandson would have been all smiles at the visit to the white house. the award from the president. that's how she remembers him. >> come to the door, you know, that's him. we miss that. >> reporter: the family, now telling wilson's son, who is 11 years old, special things about his father. >> let him know the smile he saw was always genuine. it wasn't ever displeasure. just knowing him he's a stand-up man. that's who his dad was. >> reporter: lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> if you work more than 40 hours a week you should be paid more money. vice president joe biden announced new changes to the overtime law. more than 4 million workers will now be eligible, this applies to salaried employs who make less
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than 47,000 a year. this means more money for 185,000 workers in pennsylvania, more than 131,000 in new jersey, and 15,000 in delaware. new era begins in hatfield. five years since the fire destroyed most of the grace lutheran church. tomorrow the ur charge. bell lifted back into the newly built tower. the bell was refurbished to go along with the new building. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," millions in upgrades, fancier restaurants. new makeover at the airport to make those long lines maybe easier to handle. plus, meet the local woman getting a special honor today.
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as we and nbc news have been report, travelers are waiting in lines for hours to get through security at airports. we found out it's smoother sailing at philadelphia international airport at this point, and at one terminal there's a makeover under way. monique braxton reports. >> oh, man, the longest line i've ever seen in portland. >> reporter: passengers flying out of international airport share their travel woes when we
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stopped by thl. but, this is what they found here -- lunchtime lines at checkpoint moving smoothly. a spokesperson says, right now, they're suggesting passengers arrive two hours early for domestic, three hours for international travel. but she admits, that could change when the summer travel season begins memorial day weekend. between april and july of 2015, there was a 15% increase in domestic air travel here. they say air passengers have already increased by 3% this year, so they expect a busy summer. >> the airlines have brought an additional staff to walk along the lines at the most busy times and let people know exactly from this point on, it will be 15 minutes or 30 minutes. >> certainly peak time are early in morning, starting 5:30 in the morning and late afternoon and into the early evening. >> reporter: when the jam-ups occur, thl says it shifts tsa
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workers to some of the busier terminals to help ease summertime travel anxiety, airport entertainment is in the work. >> singers and character drawers. >> reporter: also see additions at american airlines terminal b, launching two-year transformation project. we were on hand for the preview of the new restaurants and ipads available to pass the time. don't worry about construction delays. for passengers trying to make flights. >> occurring overnight. we won't have gates closed, we won't have operations disrupted. >> reporter: that's music to ears of those hoping to fly friendly skies. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> will those help two-hour long security lines having all entertainment and great restaurants? >> yeah. i like to eat a nice meal if i have to wait, why not. celebrating some of the longest living residents today.
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dozens turned out for the 85-plus birthday party. happy birthday to all. guest of honor, myrtle snider, 100 years young today. happy birthday, myrtle, and to all. how great. >> looks great. >> i know. hopefully she'll have a good day. >> you had a great day at ballpark. >> did we ever. maybe my phillies bow tie helped bring some luck. . fanatic give you a big smooch. >> the weather a focus today. nbc 10's weather education day, second annual first alert weather team on hand to teach kids. more than 11,000 of them, about how weather works. under fairly cloudy skies this afternoon. special thank-you to phillies, national weather service in mt. holly and franklin institute
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helping to put it altogether. no, i did not injure anybody, even with the liquid nitrogen at 320 degrees below zero. yeah. i scare everybody every year, but so far no injuries. we still have showers in the p.a. suburbs, 63 degrees. some sunshine in new jersey. and delaware especially in southern parts of the states. temperatures, well, toward the shore, not exactly warm. 55 atlantic city, ocean the a55. inland, 63 in mays landing. 66 in wood bin. lots of 60s in the rest of the area. few little showers around, again, north of the philadelphia area. some of them moving through quickly, you'll need the umbrella, especially north of the city, over the next few hours. there's that other patch that's coming eastward. but there's nothing much behind it. we've got really nice weather ahead once we get through this mess. and as you can see, this one particular computer model gives
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some scattered showers across the area, during evening, and then, as we go into tomorrow, we have improving conditions. and we have been warming back up, at least for a while, 62 yesterday, 69 today. 72 tomorrow. 76 friday. and we can't keep that up for the weekend. sorry, especially saturday. not going to be so nice. here goes the futurecast. go through thursday, looking good. temperatures in the 70s. we showed you. on friday, looking even better. up to 76 degrees. and then a storm starts coming in from the west. just in time for the weekend to start. there's saturday morning, just getting started, and there's fairly heavy stuff coming in by midday, they happen to have the preakness that day, bet on the mudders, because it's going to be raining down there. and we've got 70 degrees in millville. 72 in hammondton. 62 wildwood.
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62 atlantic city. as we go through the weekend, we're going to see better weather on friday, sunday's going to be better than saturday. so saturday is the nastiest, chilliest day for every part of the area. parts of new jersey, delaware, not getting out of the mid-50s on saturday. philadelphia itself everybody 59. then sunday, mostly cloudy, a few showers around. not as bad as saturday. monday a few showers, too. as we go into next week, look at temperatures going up. back into the 80s. >> hurricane, you like to hear this, can you say your first place phillies. we'll show you how they got there, plus brett brown on hitting the jackpot, next.
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this is sportsdesk, brought to you by xfinity, x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. ful phillies won their 24th game of the season. phillies didn't win 24 games last year until five weeks later in june. you never steal the phantic's ride. he arrests him. phillies down 2-1, cameron ru about. p in the lineup, singles home two runs. phillies take 3-2 lead. in the eighth, tyler goodell, the commission, his first major league home run. 4-2, phillies. in the ninth, getting jeohn
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carlos swinging. that bat gets beaten up. phillies win the series. they've won 8 of 11. pete mcconditiccanackinin tied place. >> why not? we're playing well. we're pitching well. playing good defense. getting just enough runs to win. i'll take it every time. >> fun to watch. sixers leaning towards taking ben simmons with the number one overall pick in the draft, according to reports. last night, from xfinity live, sixers get the top pick in the draft. coach joined us. he said this was validation for philly and all of the pain we've gone through. >> the fans of our city, and it's a basketball rich city, everybody understands history of philadelphia, to go through what we have all been through, the organization for sure, you know,
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some players for sure, coaching staff for sure, but really, i think it's remarkable what our city has let us do. i feel like we now are in a far better position to move our program forward. >> eagles helped build another playground in philly. some team bonding. they've been bonding with sam bradford and peter wentz. his teammates have his back. >> like a player can get cut before his contract is up, teams have no loyalty to that play. when players make moves, it's all business. we don't ask how or why they cut somebody. i won't ask why they held out. all i can express is we wanted him in the building. he came back, good to go. >> it's all business.
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that's our news at 6:00.
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i'm jim rosenfield. >> the news continues with nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. hope to see you back here at 11:00. developing news tonight. cancer break-through. stunning new results about the treatment that saved jimmy carter's life. a common form of cancer once a death sentence, doctors say patients are living a lot longer than they ever expected. supreme surprise. donald trump's appeal to w over conservatives doing something no other candidate has done in modern times. inferno on the tracks. a fireball crippling one of the nation's busiest rail lines triggering commuter chaos. late word on what caused it. pay raise, the controversial new move which means millions of americans are about to get more money. and run for the ages. a stumble, a fall, and an amazing 100-year-old woman who got back up to


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