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probably more ugly women in america than attractive women. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. ed rendell made those comments while criticizing donald trump's words about women, but rendell caused a controversy of his own. nbc 10's brandon hudson is live now in studio with the details. brandon? >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, governor rendell says he's sorry. he wasn't trying to offend anyone but by the time the article was published, his comments spread like wildfire. moments after he stepped off the train at 30th street station, former governor ed rendell wasted little time owning up to his comment in a "washington post" article. >> what i said was incredibly stupid and insensitive and when i read it in the article, i said did i say that? >> reporter: in the article rendell, who supports hillary clinton, was quoted saying, "there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women." it was in reference to presumptive donald trump's comments on women voters and his
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appeal to democrats. rendell added context to his comment that has since gone viral. >> by attacking someone's looks he was attacking an awful lot of people, more than people who are necessarily satisfied with how they look. >> reporter: philadelphia republican chairman jody feliz made this statement in response to what rendell said. "two wrongs don't make a right. it's not excusable he feels entitled to sound off on women's appearances even as he critiques donald trump for doing just that. without even a sense of intense hypocrisy he embodies." >> the way he put that is unfortunate because it's using the same ammunition to make an opposite point. >> i don't think looks should ever come into politics so i don't know why he's commenting on it. >> reporter: governor rendell even made fun of himself this evening saying he started losing his hair in his 20s so he's sensitive about not having a great head of hair. live in studio, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news.
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speaking of donald trump, he's heading to our area tomorrow as a favor to new jersey governor chris christie. the presumptive republican nominee will appear with christie at the lawrenceville guard armory, a fund-raiser to help christie pay off debt from his own presidential run. trump will attend a separate fund-raiser for new jersey's republican party. tonight trump is putting a pennsylvania judge on his short list of possible supreme court nominees. thomas hardiman is based in pittsburgh and sits on the u.s. court of appeals for the 3rd circuit. hardiman is on a list of 11 conservative judges trump would vet if elected president to fill the seat of the late justice antonin scalia. with this move trump is hoping to unite the divided republican party. and the democrats are also divided as leading members of the party grow less and less comfortable with bernie sanders staying in the presidential race. on tuesday, sanders picked up more delegates than clinton but she keeps the overall lead. still, sanders says he will keep fighting until the convention
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here in philadelphia in july. and sanders is ramping up his criticism of the democratic party saying party leaders are making the election process benefit clinton. here at home, three students gone, but not forgotten tonight by their south jersey community. the young lives ended in two separate crashes. the latest following a prom in cumberland county this weekend. >> tonight nbc 10's drew smith was at a memorial gathering at bridgeton high school. >> reporter: so many people came to pay respects for three bridgeton high students. the crowd spilled from the bleachers out onto the track. the mood was somber. >> sad, angry, quiet, like it was depressed. >> reporter: friends and family comforted each other, tears falling from their eyes. >> our days are not going well. >> reporter: the sorrow stands in contrast to the start of the weekend. >> prom night, we had a fun night. >> reporter: dasha and michaela had gone to ocean city after prom and return to cumberland
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county their car wrecked into a tree. state police told us tonight they still haven't ruled on a cause. >> it's just, like, a piece of you's gone away. like, it's just still unbelievable. >> reporter: moseley's family sat in the front row. her cousin broke down as she told us she was at prom that night, too. >> i was just looking at her that night, you know. and who would have knew that would have been my last time. i don't -- i can't. >> reporter: this month has been marked by tragedy. the third photo on display is of delacruz antonio, another student who died in a separate car wreck. >> something like this is devastating to the entire community. we have to be there for each other. >> it meant a lot to us to see everybody come out for each and every family. it just meant a lot. >> reporter: two other students hurt seriously in the crash remain at the hospital. the school district says it's working with all of the families through this difficult time. in bridgeton, drew smith, nbc 10 news. a reading police officer is due in court tomorrow after he was caught on camera allegedly
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assaulting a woman following a traffic stop. this is video of that incident. officer jesus santiago dejesus pulled off marcelina cintron and her boyfriend last month. cintron started recording on her cell phone when things escalated. surveillance video shows officer dejesus smashing cintron's phone and punching her. >> really, really hard with me. >> we firmly believe it was necessary and was excessive. >> according to prosecutors dejesus destroyed and falsified evidence. he's been placed on administrative leave and faces charges of official oppression. your nbc 10 investigators exposed philly schools failing to do enough fire drills. >> we're going to hold people
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accountable to this. >> before we told them, school officials had no idea, but city records reveal someone did. >> you know they're not doing ten drills in every school. >> yes. we know they're not doing ten grills in every school. >> now why one of philly's safety agencies didn't raise the red flag. >> that's what makes it even worse when something is known and then still not handled properly. >> so our investigation continues into why philly schools aren't following the fire code. >> the nbc 10 investigators found city building inspectors documented the problem time after time. but the problem wasn't fixed. here's investigative reporter mitch blacher. >> reporter: it's 3:00 outside goppers elementary school. >> should be out playing. >> reporter: brandy holloway waits for her niece. she has no idea the school only reported doing two fire drills last year. >> definitely not enough. we need to do more. >> reporter: the nbc 10 investigators uncovered less than 15% of all philly schools followed the fire code and reported doing ten fire drills.
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>> no, i did not know that. >> reporter: superintendent william hite only found out when we crunched the numbers and told him, but building inspection records show someone besides the nbc 10 investigators knew schools failed to follow the fire code. checking school fire drill logs is on the department of licenses and inspections' school inspection checklist. >> what we found time and time again in inspection reports is they passed schools that didn't do enough fire drills. >> unfortunately, i'm not surprised, but, you know, something has to be done. >> reporter: lni deputy commissioner looked through dozens of his office's school inspection reports with us. they show lni documents some schools needing additional emergency evacuation drills and schools that lack a fire safety and evacuation plan. in the records we surveyed, each school passed lni's inspection. the deputy commissioner wouldn't answer questions on camera. instead lni communications director karen gus who has never
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inspected a school spoke for him. how does a school get a passing grade when they're not doing enough fire drills? >> fire drills are one of the requirements that the schools are expected to meet. however, there is a long list of requirements. >> reporter: gus told us lni may be the city watchdog for building safety, but it's not the city agencagency's swrojob the state-run schools do fire drills. >> we are not able to instruct the school district what to do at that level. >> reporter: you can't tell them to do ten fire drills. >> we can tell them -- of course, we can tell them the statutory requirement is ten. you need to make sure there's ten. >> reporter: she said l initiation leaders will bring it up the next time they meet with school officials. >> this issue will be very high on the agenda when we meet with the department. i don't want to have to sit here with you and have this conversation again next year. >> reporter: she may not have
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to. sinces our investigation, the superintendent sense principals this memo reminding them you are responsible for holding the required drills and for making sure your fire drill log is up to date. the principal here told us he got the memo. >> how was your day? >> reporter: holloway wants her niece to do all ten drills and for the district and lni to make sure that happens. >> i hope they do what they're supposed to do. >> reporter: a philly school spokesman says the district sees small fires in schools at least once a week. last year, benjamin franklin high school had to be evacuated twice because of fire. the national fire protection association says schools that do fire drills have a higher safety record. to see an interactive map of how many fire drills philadelphia schools did over the last three years, tgo to for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. we're followsing breaking news overseas. egypt air reporting a flight from paris to cairo, quote, has
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disappeared from radar. we don't have in details just yet but know the jet is a boeing 737. and we understand it was carrying 59 passengers and 10 crew members. once again, that egypt air flight from paris to cairo, has, quote, disappeared from radar. we're gathering more details and bring you more information as it becomes available. a philadelphia elementary school maintenance worker has died from burn injuries four months after a boiler exploded inside a school. school superintendent dr. william hite released a statement tonight saying he's deeply saddened to learn of the death of christopher thomas. back in january, thomas was working on a heating system at franklin s. edmonds elementary school when the boiler exploded and burnt him. tonight, riders around our region are biking in silence to push their message about the rights of bicyclists on the rode. hundreds rode eight miles tonight through philadelphia for the 2016 ride of silence. it's to honor the eight cyclists killed in the delaware valley in
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the last nine months and also raise awareness about the importance of sharing the road. and in new jersey tonight the annual ride of silence passed through burlington county. cyclists pedalled seven miles in silence through downtown medford, honored a mom of two hit and killed on her wedding anniversary back in july. members of a local fire department are recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty. the lower merion township board of commissioners h erers handed official unit citations tonight. members of the fire department were awarded for their service during a papal visit and auto rescue in delaware county. these are pictures of the rescue in halverford in september. crews worked more than 80 minutes to free a driver who went off the road at mill creek and grays lane. the driveer recovered after ten weeks in hospital. got a question for you, how do you feel about philadelphia's
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proposed sugary drink tax? okay with it? what about a tax on everything you see here? i'm keith jones. coming up next at 11:00, how that alternative plan could be a reality. also six flags great adventure facing a lawsuit. why one man says a ride on a roller coaster made him lose part of his eyesight. and the medical breakthrough giving new hope to cancer patients whose diagnosis used to be a death sentence. and we have a few light sprinkles around now, but as we go into tomorrow, a lot more in the way of sunshine. however, we are looking at rain for part of the weekend. i'll show you the timing on that coming up next.
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seven of philadelphia's finest honored tonight. the 24th police district handed out its officers of the year awards. the officers were recognized at this ceremony inside romano's catering in frankford. the awards were presented by the district's advisory council. well, you've heard of the
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proposed tax on sugar ay drinks perhaps but what about a tax on the drink containers? >> it's a new proposal that hits city hall tomorrow. some people with worried this could hit you in the wallet every time you go to the grocery store. nbc 10's keith jones explains. >> reporter: here's what's at stake, a tax on sugary drinks like soda here or a tax on things like water, everything you see here in this case, including possibly milk. beverage battle bubbling over. protesters in favor of mayor jim kenney's sugary drink tax kicked out of today's council hearing. word tonight of an alternative, a on tancontainer tax expected proposed by councilwoman brown. we received no specifics. we learned it could be similar to a tax in baltimore which is 5 cents levied on products ranging from alcohol to bottled water but in philly it's unclear whether milk could be added to that list. it's an alternative tax mayor
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kenney hopes will fizzle l out. >> this measure adds pain and removes the gain. there's not enough revenue generated between $19 million and $25 million to pay for a water of what we're talking about. >> reporter: h he says the city needs is $95 million which would fund education, and others. >> i support the entire plan that the mayor's proposing. i just believe there are other ways to get to his goals. >> reporter: including the container tax. she's the chair of the appropriations committee. opponents of the mayor's sugary drink tax 3 cents per ounce could hurt businesses and cost jobs. >> doesn't make a lot of sense in my opinion. definitely going to be something where somebody's used to spending so much money every time they go grocery shopping and they're going to have a whole extra amount added to it. >> if you like to drink sodas, it adds up in the long run. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 10 news. pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to keep first-time drunk
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drivers from doing it again. today the senate unanimously passed a bill already approved by the house. it requires first-time convicted drunk drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of .10 or higher to use ignition interlocks for a year. the device won't let a car engine turn on if the driver is drunk. governor tom wolf is expected to sign the bill. atlantic city leaders will wait a while before deciding whether to allow booze on the boardwalk. the city council was supposed to vote tonight but the ordinance was tabled for further discussion because of concern from businesses. those in fave of the bill thank it would bring more millennials to town and increase pedestrian traffic. new at 11:00 a man is suing six flags great adventure because a flying cell phone hit him on a roller coaster. he says he was on the el torro coaster when another rider dropped the phone and it hit him in the face. the man says he was lost sight in one eye. he's filed a federal lawsuit
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seeking more than $75,000 in damages. we reached out to six flags but the company told us it doesn't comment on pending litigation. now to some news of a medical breakthrough. a new drug that's giving patients life after skin cancer. new study finds 40% of patients with advanced mel noanoma were alive three years after treatment with the drug keytruda, the drug given to former president jimmy carter. it allows immune cells to find tumor cells and destroy them. promising news. >> it really is. hopeful. let's go over to sheena parveen with a look at our weather and good news i guess for the next couple of days, sheena. >> yeah, good news for the next couple of days aside from the sprinkles right now. we have sunshine in the forecast. the radar showing very light showers falling. these are northeamostly sprinkl atlantic county, into parts of ocean county, parts of burlington county. it's really not much.
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we have a few spotty areas of very light sprinkles passing through parts of berks county, upper montgomery, upper bucks, lehigh valley. that's really about it as we two through tonight. tomorrow, though, will be a much better day. take a look if you're in manayunk, looks good. 9:00 a.m., 60 degrees. through the afternoon, more sunshine in the forecast. periods of the day we'll see kind of a mix of sun and clouds, around 70 degrees in manayunk tomorrow. we look to stay mainly dry. can't rule out afternoon sprinkles but overall looking a lot better. here's future weather picking up on the showers we have now. tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m., we could still see a few spotty showers lingering. very light, though. then through the afternoon we'll see big improvements. one small weather system trying to move through. you see the clouds here. maybe a couple sprinkles. really not going to be a big issue. then we see more sunshine through the day and here's friday at noon. friday is looking really good. mid 70s. nice and sunny. great way to end the week. one of the best days we've seen in a long time. then we go into the weekend. that rainy pattern comes back.
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11:30 in the morning saturday, here's what it looks like. cloudy with rain just down to our south and west. then through the day, we'll see some of that rain moving in. some of which could be heavy. that's saturday evening for withdrew. the weekend is going to stay and kind of a rainy/cloudy/cooler pattern. that's going to come back after the next couple days of sunshine. for tomorrow, we're looking at temperatures mostly in the low 70s. if you're in new jersey, 62 atlantic city. more sunshine. 62 wildwood. norristown 71 degrees. as well as trenton. philadelphia, low 70s tomorrow with more sun. again, that period of a mix of sun and clouds in the middle of the day likely. 71 degrees wilmingtowilmington. 71 harrington. if you're in the pennsylvania suburbs, lansdale, 71. east falls, low 70s. through the lehigh valley mostly the low 70s tomorrow with more sunshine. then we go into friday. friday looks really good. look at that. mid 70s. sun. and then we go into saturday. not looking so good.
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especially if you're in new jersey and delaware where we expect some of the heaviest rain. take a look at sunday. that's the day where we still expect rain. temperatures will be in the 60s. cooler across the weekend. sunday is the day where we could see at least not as much rain as saturday. we'll show you the ten-day forecast coming up in a bit. >> all right, sheena. baseball by day, bowlers by night. carlos ruiz heads to the get in the game bowling fund-raiser to benefit philadelphia high schools. the filphillie phanatic was on d and csn's john clark. i wanted to see how he did. got in on the action to show off his bowling skills. john, how'd you do? strikes or gutter balls for you? >> gutter. >> come on. >> really? tennis is your game. we know this. >> yeah, well, i don't have good form as you can see. that hurt watching actually. phillies were tied for first place before going bowling. are they still atop the division tonight? we will show you. we'll show you how the
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phillies won another series today and their pitching is frustrating some of the game's biggest sluggers. that is next.
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. phillies won their 24th game of the season. only the cubs have more wins in baseball. the phillies didn't win 24 games last year until five weeks later in late june. take a look. you never steal the phanatics's ride. you know that. usually jose hernandez handcuffs batters. today the phanatic arrested him. phillies down 2-1. cameron rupp back in the lineup. two-run single there. phillies take a 3-2 lead.
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in the eighth tyler goodell, the rookie, call him the commiss. none bigger than his first major league home run, 4-2 phillies. in the ninth, gomez gets john giancarlo stanton swinging. stanton, 0 for 10 in the series with nine ks. phillies beat the marlins 4-2. phils won 8 of 11 and were tied for first place heading into tonight. >> it's crazy, but hey, why not? you know, we're playing well. we're pitching well. playing good defense. getting just enough runs to win. like i said if this is the way it's going it be the rest of the year, my hair's going to start turning gray but that's fine with me. >> it already is gray. nationals facing the mets tonight. willie mays style catch. this is amazing. nats win 7-1. they are up on the phillies by a half game for first place. the sixers are leaning toward taking ben simmons over brandon ingram with the number one overall pick in next month's
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nba draft. that is according to reports. the sixers have taken mostly big men with their lottery picks in the three drafts under sam hinkie. sixers coach brett brown says they're now concentrating on not just acquiring talent but positions they need. he joined us on comcast sportsnet's "philly sports talk." >> we're at a stage now where we are most definitely looking for a positionally balanced team. and, you know, you want to be able to anoint a starting point guard. you want to be able to look at the end of game situation. i mean, you can have a constant group that can walk down a game and you can really better clarify roles. >> brett brown is one happy man right now. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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so this happened today. weather education day.
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citizens bank park. it was nbc 10 and the phillies. they really helped us out here. special thanks to the phillies. national weather service in mt. holly. the franklin institute. it was fantastic. >> good, sheena. have a great night. >> good night. >> looks fun.
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