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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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searching for a missing plane that vanished from radar. right now, the associated press is reporting that an egyptair plane has crashed into the mediterranean sea. it was flying from paris to cairo. 66 people on board. we'll get you updated. six flags sued. man wants the ocean county amusement park to pay tens of thousands of dollars because of a cell phone mishap on a roller coaster. and rising from the ashes. fire gutted this montgomery county church five years ago today. the congregation takes a big step towards becoming whole. it's 4:30. good morning. a lot going on today. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast, a look at conditions where you live because, again, as always, they can be different. >> and they are this morning. we have some clouds moving
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through. we're spotting some showers too right now in delaware and south jersey. you can see the rain that's coming down. you see the showers headed across delaware bay from delaware. dover has seen a few rain drops. only light showers we're talking about here. most of the area is dry. and cooling. we're in the 50s right now in philadelphia. we will get breaks in the clouds. look at the temperatures. 55 degrees at 6:00. we're heading for the 70s this afternoon. that being said, there are some cool spots. 50 degrees now in cochranville. into the low 50s right now in bucks county for ft. washington. a cool start but a nice warmup. we saw some sunshine yesterday. that's happening again today. go through the futurecast and show you when you might see more scattered showers this afternoon when i'm back in ten minutes.
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jessica boyington right now following first alert traffic. >> we are watching a lot of construction, as we usually do right before the 5:00 hour every morning. we're also watching it on 95 headed northbound between columbus boulevard and gerrard avenue. two right lanes are closed. may see backups or delays there. right now, we don't see anything affecting our drive times. route 309 around the p.a. turnpike looks great. not a lot of cars on the roads. both directions looking okay. a scheduled opening on the burlington-bristol in the next couple minutes for 4:35. no other problems on the walt whitman or the ben. we continue to follow breaking news about a missing egyptair plane that the associated press says crashed in the mediterranean ocean. the plane vanished late last night as it was approaching egyptian air space. the jet was headed from paris to
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cairo. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in the digital operations center following late breaking developments. >> tracy, we're told there will be a press conference later this morning at the cairo airport, where this plane was headed. that is scheduled for 6:30 our time. now, we also know that family members of people who were on board the plane have been showing up at the airport in paris as well as cairo, looking for information about their loved ones. egyptair flight 840 had taken off from paris and was headed to cairo when it vanished from radar around 2:45 a.m. egypt time. 66 passengers and crew members were on board. we are being told no americans were on the flight. egyptian authorities have told nbc news that search operations are under way over the mediterranean sea. here is one of the reasons why investigators are considering terrorism to be behind this.
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>> planes just simply don't fall out of the sky at 37,000 feet. this is the safest portion of your traveling day or your journey, i should say. it's takeoff and landing where the vast majority of accidents occur. >> and radar shows that weather conditions in the plane's flight path were cleared a the time it disappeared, so that's one more piece of evidence that investigators are working with. just in the last few minutes, we've also obtained a statement from airbus, the maker of the aircraft that disappeared. when i see you again at 5:00 a.m., i'll have that for you. reporting live in the digital operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thanks. today, new jersey lawmakers will consider a bill to raise the state's minimum wage. an assembly committee will take up the measure to bump the rate to $10.10 next year. it would then increase annually for four years. lawmakers say if the governor refuses to sign the bill,
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because he said he's against that bill, they will ask the voters to approve the minimum wage hike. right now new jersey's minimum wage is $8 .38 an hour. delaware is at $8.25 an hour. pennsylvania, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. a man who says he was hurt by a flying cell phone on a roller coaster at six flags great adventure is now suing the ocean county amusement park. the man says he was on the el toro coaster when another rider dropped a phone and it hit him in the face. the man says he lost sight in one eye. he filed a federal lawsuit seeking more than $75,000 in damages. we reached out to six flags. the company told us it does not comment on pending litigation. happening today, a montgomery county church takes another step in its reconstruction nearly five years after a devastating fire. this is video from new year's eve morning in 2011 when a large portion of the grace lutheran church in hatfield was destroyed.
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a crane will finally this morning lift the refurbished church bell back into the newly built tower. the church says this is the first step in the completion of a new building. attacks on sugary drinks or something else? a new proposal to raise much-needed money will be up for discussion at city hall. ahead, why some people will say it will cost you more money every time you shop. also, ahead on donald trump's short list, we'll introduce you to a pennsylvania judge who could be trump's nominee for the united states supreme court.
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hey, everyone. good morning. jessica boyington with a check on your first alert traffic. if you take the vine street expressway, you're good to go this morning. we typically have ongoing construction that closes it eastbound and westbound in between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. you can see right now we're open
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and have been all morning. these are our cameras around 24th street. you will have access this morning over to 95 or to the schuylkill expressway. we're also still paying attention to a road obstruction being reported out in norristown on aster street and west marshall street. also some construction over the commodore barry bridge. back into new jersey, the right lane subpoeis closed. we're also awaiting that scheduled opening on the burlington-bristol. i'll keep you updated for the rest of the morning. 4:39, keeping an eye on south jersey. there are a few scattered showers moving through. you can see it is dry right now in wildwood. not too cool, 52 degrees at the jersey shore. philadelphia is 55. it's dropped into the 40s for the suburbs. inland, a little cooler. atlantic city is at 54 degrees.
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everybody is kind of in the same territory this morning. but here's the differences. showers moving through dover. they're on the way to cape may. maybe just staying to the north of cape may. a little later on, about an hour away, we could see some of those showers stream through cape may. right now it's cumberland and burlington counties seeing those light rain drops. these are on the move, so they won't last very long. even if you're leaving the house right now, you won't have to wait long. even the rain is coming down. it'll be done in just a few minutes' time. then we get sunshine today, like we saw yesterday. still a chance of an isolated shower this afternoon, but probably no heavier than what we're seeing now. your neighborhood forecast, hour by hour, 50s to start with, with clouds. 70s this afternoon. you'll see the clouds break in the pennsylvania suburbs and for the lehigh valley. 63 degrees at 11:00. near 70 in the afternoon. to the south, delaware will
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start off with clouds along with new jersey and the shore. the clouds will break. we'll get sunshine. 60s for the jersey shore. near 70 degrees in interior new jersey and delaware. we'll see that nice warmup too. the futurecast shows at 9:00 this morning, clouds will be scattered. some nice breaks of sunshine. look what happens as we go into the afternoon. still some scattered clouds blowing through the area, even an isolated shower is possible. this is 2:00 this afternoon. most areas will stay dry, but even if you do get one of those showers, it won't last for very long. they'll be on the move like the showers we'll seeing this morning. then we're clearing out into the evening hours, which means we're on our way to a beautiful day for tomorrow. today will be pretty nice. into the 70s. tomorrow will warm up into the middle 70s. you can see big changes ahead for the weekend. saturday is going to be a rainy one with high temperatures near 60 in the afternoon. low 60s in the suburbs and lehigh valley. the jersey shore will stay in
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the 50s along with delaware and interior new jersey as well. sunday, breaks of sunshine are possible, but i can't rule out an isolated shower on sunday. temperatures will be warmer sunday afternoon. that's the weekend forecast. the seven day at the bottom of the screen. when i'm back, the ten-day outlook. >> bill, thanks. 4:42. we continue to follow breaking news out of cairo. according to associated press reports, an egyptair plane has crashed into the mediterranean sea during a flight from paris to cairo. 66 passengers and crew on board. next, we'll share the newest information. also, converging on center city. next, it won't be just delegates coming to philadelphia for the democratic convention. find out what protesters are planning.
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we continue to follow breaking news from overseas, where crews are searching for a missing plane. egyptair flight 804 from paris to cairo vanished overnight with 66 people on board. there's no official confirmation
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of what happened to the jet just yet, but the associated press is quoting an unnamed egyptian authority as saying the plane had crashed. minutes ago, representatives from airbus, the maker of the jet, released a statement saying their concerns go out to everyone affected and will release more information as new details are confirmed. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump is making a move that many political observers say is designed to unite the republican party and shore up support among conservatives. nbc 10's vai sikahema joins us with more. >> this is most unusual for a presidential candidate to release names of potential supreme court nominees, but that's what donald trump has been, it's been unusual. so he's released 11 names he would choose from to replace the late justice antonin scalia. trump put a pennsylvania judge on that short list, by the way. thomas hardiman is based in pittsburgh. he sits on the u.s. court of appeals, third circuit.
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he's among trump's list of 11 conservatives. trump released the list yesterday, fulfilling a promise he made back in march. on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders is vowing to stay in the presidential race despite the fact former secretary of state hillary clinton is very close to securing the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. in tuesday's contest, sanders picked up more delegates than clinton, but she kept her overall lead. sanders says he'll keep fighting until the convention here in philadelphia in july. and sanders is ramping up his criticism of the democratic party. he says party leaders are making the election process benefit clinton. and thousands of activists are trying to get permits to march in philadelphia during this summer's democratic national convention. 5,000 demonstrators plan to march on market street from city hall to independence mall on july 24th, the day before the convention begins. that group of activists will be
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marching for clean energy. they're the first group to get approval from the city to march during dnc week. the mayor's office says seven other requests are pending. one was given a preliminary denial. nbc 10 will give you a front row seat to the dnc in philly this summer. be sure to have the free nbc 10 app so you're up to date with the candidates and any breaking news as it happens along the campaign trail. by the way, back to trump for a moment. one of the potential supreme court nominees on his list is don willett, who has repeatly used his twitter account to mock trump. >> all right, vai. thanks. happening today, facing criticism about long lines, tsa officials will address the media later thr morning to talk about the upcoming summer travel season. the tsa will provide travel tips and show people how bringing prohibitive items slow down the screening process and increase wait times. the tsa has recently come under fire for long lines and extended wait times caused by staffing issues. people are missing their flights
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the lines are so long. the agency has responded by adding additional agents to some of the hardest hit airports but could face a record-breaking number of travelers this year. we wanted to see if tsa problems are playing out at philadelphia international. we saw lunchtime lines moving smoothly with no delays. a spokesperson suggested passengers arrive two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international travel. she says the airport is ready for the busy summer travel season. >> there's a call early each morning between the airlines and tsa staff and the airport to learn about flight loads so that the tsa can move its staff. >> some travelers we spoke to say they got precertified by the tsa in anticipation of the long lines at some airports. 4:48 right now. 55 degrees outside. let's check your ride to work, including conditions along route 422. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> tracy, we're doing okay so far on 422. this is right around trooper
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road. no big problems or delays. you can see with our drive time right here, an eastbound drive time of eight minutes. no increase yet from 29 headed to the schuylkill expressway. no backups on to trooper road here as well. also, the bridges. we're still in the process of an opening that was scheduled for 4:35 this morning on the burlington-bristol. no scheduled opens right now for the taconi-palmyra. now, the schuylkill expressway is dealing with some construction as well headed eastbound around the blue route. the right lane is closed there. you can see not affecting our drive times. this is the white horse pike in berlin, new jersey. no problems or delays. one car on the road right now moving through the intersection. more updates for you when i come back in the next ten. starting off with some clouds in the area, but it is
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dry in easton. this is the view this morning. the temperatures have cooled into the 40s and 50s in the area. allentown is 53. wilmington, 54. vineland is 54 degrees. these temperatures are running just a little warmer than yesterday. up 3 degrees in philadelphia. 4 degrees warmer in vineland compared to yesterday. there are a few showers in delaware and south jersey. these are very light showers moving through the dover area, right through ken county. light showers are on the move and have been streaming into new jersey too. this will be first thing this morning and a possibility again early in the afternoon. most of the day, it's going to be dry. we'll get some sunshine too. look at these temperatures. 55 now in philadelphia. by 8:00, 58 degrees. at lunchtime, 67. into the 70s this afternoon. for the suburbs, looks like a nice day. 52 to start with. 65 degrees at lunchtime. upper 60s, possibly in the low 70s later on. in the lehigh valley, the clouds will break for some sunshine.
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at 10:00, very low 60s. by lunchtime, 65 degrees. still climbing at that hour. new jersey, those scattered showers this morning not going to last all day. can't rule out a shower as we go into the afternoon. you can see clouds are back at 2:00. 69 degrees. we'll see breaks of sunshine and 66 at lunchtime. at the shore, a few showers there are possible, but you get some sunshine. 62 degrees at lunchtime. mid-60s this afternoon. winds will be light out of the southeast at 6 miles an hour during the afternoon hours. starting off with clouds and scattered showers in delaware this morning. 66 degrees at lunchtime. the clouds will be in and out. you'll still see temperatures climbing into the upper 60s. that's by 2:00 this afternoon. that's today. the seven day right at the bottom of the screen. in fact, one seven day for each part of our area. when i come back, we'll go beyond the seven day with the ten-day forecast. tracy? >> all right, bill. thanks. nine minutes before 5:00 right now. philadelphia mayor jim kenny helped rededicate baldwin park in philadelphia's spring garden
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neighborhood. the ceremony featured the unveiling of plans for the museum tower's two project. the new tower is scheduled to open later this year. right now we continue to follow breaking news about a missing jetliner. the egyptair plane vanished from radar late last night. the a.p. is reporting it crashed with 66 people on board. next at five, we'll update you on what we're learning, new information coming in constantly this morning. also, tax sugary drinks or just about everything? next, here about a new tax proposal up for debate in philadelphia that could mean you pay more for everything from soda to alcohol to bottled water.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on your first alert traffic. we're watching the lehigh valley right now. no big problems or delays. some folks making their way out the door. this is 78 around lehigh street. no big problems or delays.
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we will check in with the area bridges. a bunch of things going on, including construction and some openings. i'll tell you the times when i come back. >> all right, jessica. five minutes before 5:00. happening today in philadelphia, lawmakers will try to get to the bottom of lead concerns in pennsylvania and health effects it has on the public. children's hospital of philadelphia will host a senate round table on lead exposure. leaders are expected to discuss the size of the problem and how to minimize and prevent exposure to lead. the nbc 10 investigators have been looking into the dangers surrounding lead exposure in our area. you can find that series "living with lead" at or on the nbc 10 app. investigators break down what every family should know, including where lead can be lurking in your home. in atlantic county, police in egg harbor township are trying to find the person who broke into the community food bank. you can see a smashed front door in this picture. a surveillance picture shows the suspect inside the building. it happened overnight on tuesday. the burglar made off with money from the donation bin.
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a philadelphia lawmaker today will unveil an alternative to the proposed tax on sugary drinks, but some people are worried the new plan could hit you in the wallet every time you go to the grocery store. councilwoman brown is expected to propose a container tax. we've learned it could be similar to a tax in baltimore, which is 5 cents leveed on products from alcohol to bottled water. it's unclear whether milk could be added to that list. we reached out to the councilwoman's office and received no specifics. mayor kenny hopes the alternative tax is an idea that will fizzle out. >> this measure just adds pain and removes the gain. there's not enough revenue generated to pay for even a quarter of what we're talking about. >> the container tax would replace the mayor's sugary drinks tax, which is designed to help fund universal pre-k, rehab rec centers, and police and fire departments would get a portion of that money as well.
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sugary drinks tax would be 3 cents per ounce and would be paid by beverage distributors who say it will hurt businesses and could cost jobs. members of a fire department in montgomery county get recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty. the lower marion township board of commissioners awarded fire department members for their service during the papal visit. they were also praised for their response to a car rescue in delaware county. these are pictures of that rescue in haverford last september. crews worked for close to an hour and a half to free the driver who went off the road at mill creek and gray's lane. the driver recovered after ten weeks in the hospital. well, need some stress relief today at work maybe? >> yeah, uber and the pennsylvania spca can help you out. more than a dozen adorable puppies like these guys, drew
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and maddox, are available for puppy play dates. this is the second year the pspca has teamed up for uber with the fundraiser. for 30 bucks, you can schedule 15 minutes of fun for you and your co-workers. >> we'll provide a little stress relief to offices across philadelphia. also, you know, we're getting out there and letting people know we have so many adoptable animals that are looking for homes. puppies included. >> well, the puppy play dates are scheduled through the uber app. this year it's available to offices in philadelphia, cherry hill, conshohocken, and the king of prussia. nbc 10 is helping to clear the shelters. tune in every saturday morning to see an adoptable dog or cat that you can make a forever friend with. i may be the last person on the planet to get uber, but maybe the first time i use it will be to get drew and maddox over.
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>> that would be fun. >> "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right no uh. now breaking news on nbc 10. officials zwroefr seas are trying to figure out what happened to a plane that went missing over the mediterranean sea. we are tracking the latest developments. on the wrong side of the law. we'll show you why a local police officer is now facing charges after this traffic stop was caught on camera. controversial comments from pennsylvania governor ed rendell. we'll tell you what he said about women in america and their looks. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 p.m. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley. >> this is what's happening right now. these are live pictures from around our area. we're seeing some clouds and temperatures that will be climbing into the 70s this afternoon.
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but with those 70s, there will be a few scattered clouds and a chance of seeing a shower. we're seeing a few light showers. you can see a line of them streaming through new jersey and into delaware. not everybody is getting the rain. we saw a few sprinkles really in philadelphia, but now those showers are to the south. vineland is getting a little bit of that activity. it's now pushing towards the atlantic city area. they're brief showers. they won't last long. we'll deal with them first thing this morning. there's a chance we'll see a few more this afternoon. i'll go through the futurecast in ten minutes when i'm back. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're watching 95 right now. right around the blue route area. you can see no problems, but people are starting to make their way out the door. a 14-minute drive time headed southbound from center city to this point around the blue route. speeds are well up there into the 60s. we're not seeing any major delays there. we are watching construction on the p.a. turnpike eastbound between bensalem and the


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