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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  May 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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be a few scattered clouds and a chance of seeing a shower. we're seeing a few light showers. you can see a line of them streaming through new jersey and into delaware. not everybody is getting the rain. we saw a few sprinkles really in philadelphia, but now those showers are to the south. vineland is getting a little bit of that activity. it's now pushing towards the atlantic city area. they're brief showers. they won't last long. we'll deal with them first thing this morning. there's a chance we'll see a few more this afternoon. i'll go through the futurecast in ten minutes when i'm back. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're watching 95 right now. right around the blue route area. you can see no problems, but people are starting to make their way out the door. a 14-minute drive time headed southbound from center city to this point around the blue route. speeds are well up there into the 60s. we're not seeing any major delays there. we are watching construction on the p.a. turnpike eastbound between bensalem and the connector bridge.
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no delays there, though, in either direction. as for the area bridges, we are on the way back down from that scheduled opening on the burlington-brist burlington-bristol. but now we have a taconi-palmyra opening. we're following breaking news overseas. that's why an egyptair flight has gone missing on a flight heading from paris to kentucky r -- cairo. we know 66 passengers and crew members were on board at the time. take a look at this map. officials say the plane disappeared just ten miles into egyptian air space. nbc 10's katy zachry is monitoring the latest from overseas in the digital operations center. >> vai, there are a few things we absolutely do know. we do know that weather conditions in the flight's path were clear at the time that the plane disappeared. we also know that the plane disappeared from radar within seconds of entering egyptian air
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space. now, egyptair flight 804 had taken off from paris and was headed to cairo when it vanished from radar around 2:30 a.m. egypt time, which was 8:45 p.m. here on the east coast. 66 passengers and crew members were on board. no americans on that plane, we're told. egyptian authorities have told nbc news that search operations are right now under way over the mediterranean sea. there are two main theories here being considered at this point. the first, that there was a catastrophic breakup that took place at altitude of about 37,000 feet, which is highly unlikely, according to aviation experts. the second theory, and this is a leading theory at this point, terrorism. we did just receive minutes ago a statement from airbus, which is the maker of the aircraft. airbus regrets to confirm that an a-320 operated by egyptair was lost at around 2:30 a.m. today over the mediterranean sea. our concerns go to those affected. airbus will make further factual
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information available as soon as the details have been confirmed and are cleared by authorities for release. now, we've also just learned that the french prime minister is expected to address the situation. he'll have remarks coming up just minutes from now. he will be in paris with those comments. when i see you at 5:30, i'll break down for you what he said. reporting live in the digital operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thank you. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell sl apologizing for a comment about women in "the washington post" that went viral. >> here's what he said. there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women. "philadelphia daily news" is weighing in with today's headline "beware of dogs." here's the context. rendell made the statement in reference to presumptive gop presidential nominee donald trump's comments on women voters. nbc 10 caught up with rendell at 30th street station yesterday. the ex-dnc chairman and former philadelphia mayor owned up to what he said. >> what i said was incredibly
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stupid and insensitive. when i read it in the article, i said, did i say that? >> i think the way he put that just is unfortunate. it's almost using the same ammunition to make an opposite point. >> i don't think that looks should ever come into politics. >> philadelphia republican chair issued a statement on rendell's comments, saying, two wrongs don't make a right, it's not excusable he feels entitled to sound off on women's appearances, even as he critiques donald trump for doing just that. in cumberland county, the community came together to remember three high school students who died in two separate car crashes. people packed bridgeton high school's football stadium last night. they paid tribute to the students. mosley and sutton died after a post-prom celebration. de la cruz died in a crash last month. >> it meant a lot to us to see everybody come out for each and every family. it just meant a lot.
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>> two other students who suffered injuries in last weekend's crash remain in the hospital. state police are still investigating the cause of that wreck. it's 5:05, 54 degrees outside. happening today in newcastle county, one of the teen girls charged in the death of a classmate after a fight in a bathroom at a school is scheduled to appear in court. authorities charged the teen with conspiracy. police say she and two other girls beat up amy joyner francis at howard high school of technology last month. joyner francis later died. a philadelphia elementary school maintenance worker has died from injuries four months after a boiler explosion injury. the school superintendent released a statement saying he is deeply saddened. he was a 25-year employee with the district. a redding police officer will face a judge today after a traffic stop sent a woman to the hospital and left her cell phone shattered.
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here's what happened. authorities say officer jesus santiago dejesus pulled over a young couple as they were headed to a barbershop last month. the woman recorded the traffic stop on her phone. video shows the officer grabbing and smashing the phone on the ground, then hitting the woman in the head. >> i put my phone like this. he put his hand like here and throw on the floor. >> there was a punch, but then she was thrown on the ground. in fact, her head hit a pipe. >> at first, the victim's in this cased charges, but yesterday the district attorney announced the officer would be charged. clouds are moving through the area, and we're spotting a few showers. they've been avoiding cape may. it's dry now on beach avenue. as we're getting closer to sunrise, still about a half an hour away, you can see some breaks of light in the clouds.
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there go the showers. this is cape may. it's dry. you see the showers streaming through new jersey, cumberland county, atlantic county, just to the north of atlantic city. these are really very light showers. they are moving at a pretty good clip, so they're not going to last long. we've seen a couple rounds move through dover. a few sprinkles are moving back into kent county. this is how we're going to start the day. there's still a chance we'll see some of these showers pop up this afternoon. most of the day it's going to be dry. and like yesterday, we'll get some sunshine. in fact, we'll probably see more sunshine than we saw yesterday. right now, temperatures are in the 50s. 54 degrees in philadelphia. low 50s for lehigh valley. really, nobody is cold. low 50s for most of the area. at 54 degrees right now at busselton. fox chase is 54. chestnut hill is 51 degrees. starting in the 50s, we'll warm into the 70s this afternoon. we'll need some sunshine for that to happen, and we'll get
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it, especially in the lehigh valley. what a beautiful day for bethlehem. 71 degrees this afternoon. easton also up to 71 degrees. plenty of sunshine for the suburbs. a few scattered clouds. an isolated shower is possible this afternoon. mainly it's going to be dry. low 70s for west chester, phoenixville, and newtown. for philadelphia, yes, some clouds to start with, but we'll see more and more sunshine. look at those temperatures responding. 73 degrees this afternoon. we're seeing a few showers this morning in new jersey. as we go through the day, you'll see sunshine. glassboro starting off with clouds. sunshine this afternoon and 71 degrees. a little cooler at the shore. 60s today. sunshine will breakthrough for avalon. 62 degrees in atlantic city. for delaware, a few showers this morning. the skies turning partly sunny with more sunshine and temperatures into the low 70s for wilmington and warming to 69 degrees in dover. a look at the weekend forecast and beyond. i've got the ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes.
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>> thank you, bill. about 5:09. i had to use my windshield wipers for a short stretch on route 73 this morning. we want to get a check further south at 42. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. >> yeah, 42 freeway looking okay right now. this is around route 41. no big problems or delays. maybe a windshield wiper or two. otherwise, everybody is moving along just fine. five-minute drive times headed northbound toward philadelphia from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. the burlington-bristol back in business from that earlier scheduled opening from around 4:35 this morning. we're on stand by for the taconi-palmyra. that's scheduled to open around 5:20 this morning. you can take the betsy ross bridge for now. here's route 22 around route 309. no problems in either direction. also watching more construction, back to the bridges.
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commodore barry bridge. no big delays. we are still in the green. we'll check in with this throughout the rest of the morning when rush hour begins to get heavier. trey? >> jessica, thanks. a possible cancer treatment breakthrough. doctors say they're having success with this drug for treating a certain kind of cancer. we'll tell you all about it. plus, every second matters during a medical emergency. we'll tell you about an app that could help save your life and get you help even before medics arrive.
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new this morning, more than 350,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest every year. yet, less than half are helped with cpr from a bystander. the south jersey county is trying to improve those numbers and survival rates with the help of your smartphone. nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us to explain how the te technology in your pocket could save a life. >> reporter: good morning. the problem is not enough people know how to correctly perform cpr. in fact, by the time this story is over, someone somewhere in the u.s. will die from sudden cardiac arrest. but now help can be on the way with the help of a smartphone app. sudden cardiac arrest claims a life every two minutes. and nearly all of them die because treatment doesn't start fast enough. >> are you okay? are you okay? >> reporter: that is why the person sitting next to you can be your best hope.
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>> it's the foundation for any chance of a person surviving a cardiac arrest. >> reporter: dr. joseph hummel says nationally, the survival rate is less than 10%. last year, burlington county's survival rate shot up to 39%. >> put your arm here and push down like that. >> our goal here is to get as many people as possible trained in cpr. >> reporter: a class -- >> it brings up right on the map. >> reporter: -- defined with a map. >> sudden cardiac arrest happens all the time. now everyone can participate. >> reporter: pulse point was launched late last year. when someone calls 911 to report an unconscious person, dispatchers push an alert to cpr trained app users. >> the phone starts to vibrate and alerts a tone and shows on a map the location of the incident. it says cpr is needed. >> reporter: the idea is to get cpr started as fast as possible,
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even before ems shows up. more than 900 people in burlington county have downloaded the app, and it's already been used several times. community cpr programs have been used in other cities, like seattle, where survival rates skyrocketed. >> you got to be able to help. you can't just walk past them. >> reporter: a free cpr class is held in westampton every month. all these people didn't know cpr before. now they do. >> every second of life counts. if you don't, you know, take advantage of what you can do, you know, you'll lose those seconds and the person will expire. >> reporter: good advice there. there's another free cpr class saturday morning right here at the burlington county emergency services training center in westampton. i just tweeted a link on my twitter account. we'll also post it on they're also in discussion with camden county. they're hoping to launch the app
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there as soon as possible. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that. 16 minutes past 5:00. today, family, friends, and colleagues of a priest and teacher will push the cause for his sainthood. they'll speak today about father bill atkinson. he broke his spine in 1965 and spent his life as a quadriplegic. atkinson was ordained in the '70s and taught at bonner for 30 years. he died in 2006. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops has endorsed his cause for sainthood. it hides in plain sight and can be all around us. tonight at 11:00, the nbc 10 investigators look into modern day slavery. investigative reporter george spencer has a preview for us. >> you might encounter them at a hotel or where you shop or even at your home. >> cleaning, cleaning, work, work, work. >> people forced to work,
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prevented from leaving, some living in substandard conditions. >> trafficking takes place in secret. it hides in plain sight, but the facts happen in secret. >> there are hundreds of victims in our area, but very few cases end up in court. >> we really have what i would call a black hole of enforcement around labor trafficking in our country rip. >> modern day slavery tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. for the investigators, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> look forward to seeing george's piece on dvr because we'll be asleep. >> that's how it works. >> time to check in and find out what's happening on the roads. >> let's check 202 with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're still looking okay for the most part. still a little early and ahead of the curve of where we start seeing a lot of morning rush hour volume. here's route 202. if you're headed to the schuylkill expressway, we typically see more delays that way. northbound from this point at route 29 to the schuylkill
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expressway, a seven-minute trip. average speeds into the 60s still. no big problems there. some construction to watch for on passyunk avenue. here's route 73 in maple shade, new jersey, around route 38. you can see no problems in either direction there. again, a lot of our majors look like this. pretty much the same all across the board. that scheduled opening from earlier on the burlington-bristol is good to go. we're cleared there. but we are in the process of an opening or at least on stand by for the taconi-palmyra. scheduled for 5:20. no problems getting over into philadelphia on the ben. a little more than 20 minutes away from sunrise. the skies are starting to brighten up, giving us a better view of the clouds that are moving through. wilmington and most of the rest of the area. we've seen scattered showers in delaware and south jersey. really hasn't cooled it down. we're starting off in the 50s. the lehigh valley right now 52
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degrees. a cool but not a cold start. not terribly rainy. just scattered showers across delaware and into south jersey. these showers moving through this morning will get a dry period. we'll see sunshine. there is a slight chance of an afternoon shower. most of the rain is going to wait for the weekend. we'll get sunshine today and a beautiful day tomorrow. look at that rain moving through texas. that is on the move. that's going to be coming our way for your saturday. for today, an isolated shower. showers coming through this evening will be out of here by later in the evening. we'll see enough sunshine today to warm into the low 70s. most of the day will be completely dry. 6:00 tomorrow morning, nice and dry too with lots of sunshine for friday. as we go into the weekend, we'll be watching to the southwest. here come the clouds. that is saturday morning at 6:00. the rain moving in for parts of the area. this computer model showing the
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rain most likely in the lehigh valley and into delaware and south jersey. but there could be some pockets where it's just cloudy in philadelphia. that's at 6:00 saturday evening. but showers will be around, and there's even a possibility we'll see some scattered showers on sunday too. so your ten-day outlook has some changes. today, an isolated shower, but otherwise we'll see more and more sunshine. 72 degrees this afternoon. we fell just short of the 70s yesterday. tomorrow, brilliant sunshine. a beautiful day. it doesn't last for saturday. that rain moving in, 63 degrees the high temperature. sunday, mostly cloudy. we'll see some breaks of sunshine and a few scattered showers are possible on sunday. the rain is more likely to be back on monday with a high of 69 degrees. then look at the warmup. tuesday, 70. 80s for wednesday, thursday, friday. come saturday, a little cooler but still pretty mild with a chance of a shower at 77 degrees. vai? >> thank you, bill. it's about 20 minutes past 5:00 a.m.
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controversial claims. donald trump's latest attack on the hillary clinton campaign involves her husband bill. we'll tell you the allegation trump brought up involving an alleged incident back in the 1990s. ♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground.
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♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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we have new information tonight on a lawsuit against exxonmobil in new jersey. a state official says the state won't collect the $225 million settlement any time soon. the money is tied up in escrow while environmental groups pursue even more money from the
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company. the court will hear their arguments in the fall. the state sued exxonmobil in 2004 for pollution dating back decades and sought close to $9 billion in damages but settled for much less to avoid a long legal fight. it's 5:24. today, new jersey lawmakers will consider a bill to raise the state's minimum wage. an assembly committee will take up the bill. a state senate panel approved the bill on monday. the governor is against the idea and lawmakers say if the governor refuses to sign the bill, they'll ask voters to approve a minimum wage hike. right now new jersey's minimum wage is $8.38. delaware is at $8.25 an hour. in pennsylvania, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. we have new information about amazon facilities that will bring more than 2,000 jobs to new jersey. amazon now says the two locations will open in the fall. the company is building one in florence, burlington county.
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that facility will employ more than 500 workers. the second facility is in middlesex county and will create about 1500 new jobs. amazon calls them fulfillment centers. the online retail giant already has three of them in new jersey, including this one that opened in mercer county last june. 54 degrees. we've got a cloudy start and a few scattered, really light showers this morning. but there's sunshine in the future. in fact, starting to brighten up the skies around the comcast center in center city. that's a live view. right mow it's 54 degrees. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic at 5:25. >> that's right, bill. we were under way for our scheduled opening for the taconi-palmyra at 5:20. we're in the process of that right now. you can see no big backups there. but it is happening. you can take the betsy ross bridge as your alternate for right now. more updates when i come back at
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5:30. to the streets of philadelphia. the democratic national convention is months away, but we'll tell you what thousands of activists are already planning on the day before the dnc. plus, no repeat offenders. that's what a new bill hopes to do in pennsylvania when it comes to drunk driving. we'll tell you how the penalties could be getting harsher for nose who get duis.
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we're following breaking news this morning on "nbc 10 news today." an egyptair flight is now missing after it vanished from radar and lost contact over the mediterranean sea. we'll give you an update. trump in new jersey. the presumptive republican presidential nominee is in our area today, but hear why he's facing backlash for his latest attack on the clinton campaign. another hearing and more commotion at philadelphia city hall over the proposed soda tax in philadelphia. now another tax proposal that goes beyond just sugary drinks could soon be on the table. it is just about 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're going to have scattered sprinkles and clouds, but otherwise a good day. let's start with meteorologist
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bill henley, who has the neighborhood weather forecast. >> we're starting off with those clouds and sprinkles. just scattered light showers moving through delaware and new jersey. philadelphia saw some of that activity. right now it is just delaware and south jersey. most of it is very light and it's on the move too. it's really not going to last long. you can see those showers in the atlantic city area to start with. we're starting off in the 50s. mostly cloudy. just a little bit of a breeze. you see the clouds over new jersey. the suburbs seeing those clouds. lehigh valley and delaware as well. philadelphia, those clouds over center city are starting to thin out. we'll see some breaks of sunshine as we go into the morning hours. 63 degrees at 10:00. then warming nicely into the 70s. even though we're starting off with clouds, we'll see more and more sunshine during the day with afternoon temperatures across the board warming into the low 70s. i'll go through the futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes to show you when you might see a


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