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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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and that breaking news, a new developments we're following in the crash of an egyptair flight from paris to cairo. officials say the crash may have been caused by a terror attack. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. a total of 66 passengers and crew were onboard the plane. here's the latest. egypt's aviation minister said the crash was more likely caused by a terror attack than technical problems. these are photos in the search zone in the mediterranean sea. an egyptian search plane appears to have found a metallic object and an orange life vest. the greek military has also said its radar shows flight 804
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making abrupt turns and dropping rapidly before it vanished. civilian radar doesn't show that. it just shows the jet stopping at 37,000 feet. flight 804 disappeared around 2:45 egypt time. that's last night for those of us on east coast. about 20 minutes from landing in cairo and just entered egyptian air space. it took off from charles de gualle airport with no reported problems. more than a dozen french passengers, many egyptian passengers and other nationalities onboard. also children. no americans were on that plane. french president francois hollande says no hypothesis about the crash is ruled out or preferred. prosecutor's office in paris is opening an investigation into the incident. meanwhile, other officials in the city are making sure the families of the victims are getting support. >> and this is another blow for paris. just this morning, france's
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lower house of parliament approved an extension to the state of emergency declared for the deadly terror attacks back in november. it will now last another two months. terrorist attacks several targets last fall, killing 130 people and injuring hundreds. aviation correspondent tom costello talked about the possibility of whether the plane crash could have been a terrorist attack. >> i think at the moment, as we have seen the military responding to the scene now on the ground, the navy responding to the scene on the ground, terror experts closely watching this. they're very concerned something catastrophic happened at 37 thrown feet and the question was was it caused by some explosive device. we don't have answers now. the black baoxes will hopefully tell that story. they have to find them. >> president obama will be updated about the crash throughout the day. the president has advised his administration to reach out to their international counterparts to offer support and assistance. >> right now, families of some
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of the passengers are gathered at cairo international airport waiting for word on their loved ones. we have yet to learn the fate of all 66 people onboard the jet. and of course, stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for live updates on the crash of egyptair flight 804. switching gears, mayor jim kenny's soda tax proposal has sparked outrage and support. blondell reynolds brown is presenting what she believes is a good alternative to the tax. a container tax and it's already raising eyebrows even from soda tax supporters. pamela osborne is live in center city to explain. pam, lay this out for us. >> vai, it's worth mentioning that all of this is happening as more than 10,000 signatures of people opposing any beverage tax arrived to counsel today. prior to this point, there haven't been too many details
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about the proposed container tax. we tracked down someone who had information about the councilwoman's plan ahead of the meeting. he tells me the councilwoman's container tax proposal would add a 15 cent tax on all beverages over seven ounces. that includes bottled water, soda, teas, and even 100% fruit juice. it's their understanding that the only beverages not included would be baby formula, alcohol, and milk. keep in mind, feely and the coalition he represents are pro-soda tax. they like the mayor's plan to add a 3 cent an ounce tax on sugary drinks but they feel the container tax won't raise enough money and will hurt low-income moneys. and they are concerns about the amount of money a container tax would raise. to note, a similar container tax was in baltimore. that one included alcoholic beverages. but it only generated about $10
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million within a year's time. and that's pretty far off from the numbers that we have seen floating around with this container tax, somewhere in the $sgif $50 million to $60 million mark. we'll have much more on later editions of nbc10 news. >> and we are enjoying the warmer weather today. look at that. temperatures finally getting into the 70s. the sun is back. we take a live look at frawley stadium, home of the wilmington blue rock wheres they're paying baseball tonight. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. whatever rain we had is probably pushed out to shore by now. >> we have a couple great days, but enjoy them because it's just a couple. then things are going to change again. we're up to 65 degrees right now in philadelphia. just fair weather, cumulus clouds. more clouds in parts of south jersey and in southern delaware.
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but look at that. 67 in much of new jersey. lehigh valley and delaware. barely got up to 69 yesterday. and as we go into the lehigh valley, we see some numbers already getting close to 70. easton at 69 degrees. bethlehem, 67. whitehall, 68. 66 degrees in reading as we go into berks county. so the temperature continues to climb. we have mostly sunny skies. the only clouds down in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. as we go through the afternoon, just partly sunny skies. temperatures at or above 70 for the high. and then it doesn't cool off a whole lot tonight. new jersey, close to 70. jersey shore won't get there because of the wind coming in off the ocean. even warmer tomorrow, and then the big changes come. details on that coming up. >> we'll see you then, glenn. time for a check on the roads this late morning with jessica
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boyington. let's see what the roads are looking like. >> we're watching a little delay, and that's just in the schuylkill expressway. around south street. we're seeing more of an eastbound delay. towards the king of prussia area. right nower we're losing the left lane up ahead due to construction. that's what most of the slowdown is about from south street moving forward. of course, heading eastbound. there's also construction in west olney avenue. there will be lane restrictions there until about 3:00 p.m. route 47 over in franklinville, new jersey, a utility pole down blocking both directions around little mill road. you can take the detours or sgro 55 looks nice and green. 422 back to normal. earlier, seeing really big delays heading east bound, now only an 8-minute trip. speeds back to the 60s. vai. >> jessica, thank you. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is afallogizing for a
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comment about women he made in the "washington post" that appeared in the paper that went viral. he said there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women. the philadelphia dalea news is weighing in on the comments with today's headline, beware of dogs. he made the statement in reference to presumptive gop presidential nominee donald tru trump's comments on women voters. we caught up with rendell at 30th street station yesterday. the former philadelphia mayor owned up to what he said. >> what i said was incredibly stupid and insensitive. and when i read it in the article, i said, did i say that? >> i think the way he put that is unfortunate because it's almost using the same ammunition to make an opposite point. >> i don't think that looks should ever come into politics. >> philadelphia republican chairman joe difelice issued this statement on the comments. quote, two wrongs don't make a right. it's not excusable that he feels entitled to sound off on women's
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appearances even as he critiques donald trump for doing just that. >> well, today, new jersey lawmakers will consider a bill to raise the state's minimum wage. an assembly committee will take up a measure to bump the rate to $10.10 an hour next year. it would then increase annually for four years. a state senate panel approved the bill on monday. lawmakers say if the governor refuses to sign the bill, they'll ask voters to approve a minimum wage hike. >> right now, new jersey's minimum wage is $8.38. delaware is next at $8.25, and in pennsylvania, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. pennsylvania governor tom wolfe is expected to sign a bill that could require first-time dui offenders to use ignition interlock systems. yesterday, the senate unanimously passed the measure. it requires first-time dui offenders with a blood alcohol of 1.0 or higher to use a breath
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monitoring system for a year instead of losing their license. the device will not allow a vehicle to start if the driver has been drinking. under the current law, repeat dui offenders must use the ignition interlock system. meantime, in atlantic city, leaders have postponed a vote to allow people to carry open containers of alcohol on the boardwalk. they tabled the issue for more discussion. the bill requires that people who openly carry alcohol buy it from a licensed beverage business adjacent to the boardwalk. container must also display the name of the business. in delaware county, family, friends, and colleagues are pushing for the sainthood of a priest. they spoke to students at mont senior high school in drexel hill about father bill atkinson. he broke his spine in 1965 and spend his life as a quadriplegic. he was ordained in the 1970s and taught at bonner for 30 years.
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he died in 2006 at the age of 60. >> something about him that he was able to reach people in ways that i have never seen the like of, you know what i mean? if he knew a student needed something or he thought he could help a student, he was there. >> the u.s. conference of catholic bishops has endorsed his cause for sainthood. breaking news involving professional golfer phil mickelson. why the government filed a complaint against him this morning. >> plus, incredible images of a fiery plane crash. i'll tell you what's more incredible about the story. >> enjoy the sunny and warmer weather because i'm tracking big changes for the weekend. i'll let you know what to expect and when just ahead.
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boy, check out this photo from the crash of a u.s. air force b-52 bomber on the south pacific island of guam. the plane aborted on takeoff, crashed and caught fire this morning. all seven crew members made it out safely. no one else was hurt. the air force is investigating and taking steps to keep the plane's fuel from contaminating the ground. >> and we have breaking news about one of the world's most famous golfers. the securities and exchange commission named phil mickelson in a complaint involving alleged insider trading. he owed money to a man who
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received tips and business information about a food company. that man urged mikkelson to trade stock in the food company. the s.e.c. said he made a profit of more than $900,000 the next day. the associated press says attempts to reach him for comment were unsuccessful. >> to decision 2016. donald trump will visit mercer county later today as a favor to chris christie. the presumptive republican presidential nominee will appear with christie at the lawrenceville national guard armory. the event will raise money to help christie pay off debt for his own presidential run. trump also will attend a separate fund-raiser for new jersey's republican party. meantime, trump used the word rape regarding a decades-old allegation against bill clinton. he made the comment in a fox news interview. he was referring to a controversial claim in the '90s by a woman saying she was
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assaulted. clinton denied the allegations. he was never charged. the clinton administration cl m claims he is attacking. >> and bernie sanders is vowing to stay in the presidential race despite the fact that hillary clinton is very close to securing the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. in tuesday's contest, sanders picked up more delegates than clinton, but she kept her overall lead. still, sanders says he'll keep fighting to the convention here in philadelphia in july. and sanders is ramping up his criticism of the democratic party. he said party leaders are making the election process benefit clinton. we've a lot of cloudy, cool days this month, and last few days of april as well. today is an exception. we have a lot of sunshine, temperatures on the rise. 67 degrees in the lehigh valley. and also down in at least parts
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of delaware. generally the northern parts. and we even have a couple spots reporting over 70 already. marsha marshallton and glasgow. as we head to the south, there have been clouds, a northeast wind coming off delaware pbay ad the ocean. rehoboth beach at 58. dewey beach is 59. even back to the west, georgetown, 63. wouldn't normally be that cool, but there's some clouds down there, as you can see on the satellite picture. the darker areas are totally clear. and you can see some patches of clouds in southern delaware. not that there's going to be any kind of rain other than an isolated shower and a couple clouds up north of williamsport that could lead to an isolated shower in some areas this afternoon. but we're warming back up, at least for now, for a couple days. 62 tuesday, 69 wednesday, 72
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today, 76 on friday. and actually get above average, and then things go down as we go into saturday. well, we're dry right now. that's for sure. but things are going to change as we look back to our west. we find a lot of dry air, but not down here. see this area in texas? this is headed right in our direction, and it's going to be moving in here in time for the weekend. this is some of the latest computer guidance just in, and it holds the rain off until at least after day break on saturday. but this is a large area of rain. they're having a preakness on saturday. and that looks pretty wet. and the wettest weather in southern portions of our area. but it does look like just about the entire region gets rain. multiple hours of rain. the temperatures stay down as a
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result of that. and so not a pretty picture for saturday. for today, it is a pretty picture. it's lansdale at 71, allentown, 71 degrees. not expecting any kind of significant rain. just an isolated shower at best. avalon, places to the shore cooler with the northeast wind. rehoboth beach at 65 degrees. here's the weekend. and you can see how nice friday is. and then how much the temperature drops for saturday. it's the clouds, the rain, it's the northeast wind. delaware, from 76 tomorrow to 55 on saturday. sunday, not quite as bad. and that is the case in other areas, too. new jersey, 58 degrees on saturday. after 76 tomorrow. so you have your chance on friday. see what's happening next week with the ten-day later. >> all right, thank you very
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much. every second matters in a medical emergency. we'll tell you about an app that could help save your life and get you help even before medics arrive. but first, move over, rocky balboa. there's a new boxer in town. we'll have a sneak peek of a brand-new film premiering tonight at xfinity live. the stars of back in the day are live in our studios and i'll talk to them next.
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everything you've been through in your life comes down to these final three minutes. >> yeah, when you think philadelphia, you think liberty bell, cheesesteaks and of course, rocky. but our next guests are bringing the story of another struggling boxer to the silver screen. back in the day is a new independent film being released in theaters tomorrow, and it has a big premiere tonight in south philadelphia. here this morning, william, who wrote, produced, and stars in the movie along with a couple of his co-stars, lito is here and greg, who produced and also stars, appears in the film. this film premieres tonight. we thank you all for being here. let me start with you. this film is set in brooklyn, but it's shot, a lot of it is shot here in philadelphia. >> parts of it in the suburbs of philly. when the character has to leave the neighborhood for a little while, and he goes to kind of get his head, you know, figured out, and he needs to get away,
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we shot it like right outside in bucks county. >> for the locals who live here, there will be sights they will recognize in the film? >> possibly, it's more of kind of the country setting, possibly, but they might recognize some stuff. >> this is pretty amazing. you got alec baldwin, danny glover, shannon dough rtddohert mike tyson. what was that experience like? >> amazing to have such a great cast, from like you said, alec baldwin, who plays the main gangster in the movie, and then michael madison is his captain. and those two together were amazing. and danny glover playing my trainer was just -- he's so amazing, and then my corner guy. and shannon doherty, she plays kind of like the love interest. mike tyson does ant appearance, which is amazing. and to work with leo and joseph denauf rio, a great cast. >> let me turn to you.
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you appeared in the bronx tale and the sopranos. you are also recently released from prison. this is your first role since the release. tell us about that and how you turned your life around. >> well, first of all, i want to say thank you to will and paul. they gave me an opportunity when many people wouldn't. which i am forever grateful for. um, you know, i'm proud to say that i'm clean and sober now, nine and a half years, and i used my time and spent a lot giving back, and teaching kids in high school and college students the dangers of drug addiction and not to make the same mistakes that i once made. because it can potentially be really harmful, and you know, it could kill you. >> good for you. greg, you're a philly guy, and we have seen each other around town. >> sure. >> you're also a member of the comcast family, so tell me how you got involved and your participation in this film. >> well, i have been in business ever since comcast, as you know,
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for the past eight or nine years, but i met will through my brother. mutual friend that we had, and i met will in philadelphia. he came down, and we instantly became friends. >> i'm seeing here, looking at your scene. your big opportunity. you guys became friends. >> we became friends and it went on from there. but will's a fantastic writer, great producer. people flock. the actors flock to him to try to be in his projects. so he's a great friend, great writer, great actor. >> and that's probably how you got alec baldwin, all these great stars to star in this film. so a great experience for you? >> wonderful. it was great. i can't wait for our next adventure. >> so the philadelphia red carpet world premiere of "back in the day" is happening tonight at xfinity live. great location. south philadelphia. the stars will align after 6:00
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tonight, and the screening at 9:00. head to our website at or check out the nbc10 app. you look great. thank you very much. good luck on the film. >> thank you. well, we continue to follow breaking developments in the crash of an egyptair flight this morning. what some security officials say is the likely cause of the crash and what investigators have already uncovered this morning.
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this morning we continue to follow breaking developments in the crash of egyptair flight 804 in the mediterranean sea. the plane was flying from paris to cairo with 66 people aboard. some officials are saying a terror attack could have brought down this plane. here's the latest. there are no immediate signs of any survivors. the search is still ongoing.
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no americans were on the flight. egypt's aviation minister said a terror attack is more likely than a mechanical problem. russia's security chief also says it was likely an act of terrorism. kier seir simmons is following developments from paris this morning including a discovery made in the mediterranean sea. >> good morning. we're now hearing from greek officials that they do believe they have found some debris in the mediterranean. obviously, we don't know what the debris is, but it's been discovered as part of the search for this flight that took off from paris here last night. disappeared just 30 minutes out of cairo. meanwhile, u.s. defense officials telling our correspondent at the pentagon that they did not see on their defense radar any kind of explosion that might have indicated that there may have been some terrorist involvement in what happened. officials here in paris and in cairo say they are looking at all possible causes of this.
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meanwhile, the relatives of some of those who were onboard this aircraft have been gathering in cairo. we have been watching french officials arrive to go and meet them, to tell them in person every detail that is emerging before it is put out publicly to make sure that they don't feel as if they are outside the loop. the crucial news in the past hour is that greek officials say some sort of debris may have been found in the mediterranean. that suggests they're making pretty quick progress with this search for the plane. and inquiry into what exactly caused its disappearance. >> that was keir simmons reporting. and of course, stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for live updates throughout the day on the crash of egyptair flight 804. it is finally starting to feel like the middle of may outside. we have nice warm sunny day as we take a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia.
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nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. hey, glenn. >> yeah, it's been a rare day that we can say that it's going to be nice. may has been chilly. it's been cloudy. it's been fairly wet. not today. 65 degrees already in philadelphia. and pretty close to that or even warmer than that in parts of south jersey, southern portions of south jersey, and southern portions of delaware have some clouds. see, that's a live picture of rehoboth beach where we have at least some more clouds than other parts of the area. there's nothing on radar anywhere nearby. it looks like it's going to be basically dry today. not going to stay that way. this area in texas is going to be moving in our direction and affecting us over the weekend. so enjoy this afternoon. partly sunny skies, temperatures up near 70 or into the low 70s for the high. the suburbs, chester, montgomery, bucks, delaware county, all getting to or above
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70 degrees. lehigh valley getting close to 70 degrees. and as we go into south jersey, it's not likely to happen at the jersey shore with the northeast wind, but in other parts of new jersey and delaware, temperatures getting, again, near 70 today. now, this is not going to last into the weekend. one day, though, is going to be better than the other. i'll get into that with the ten-day in a few minutes. >> all right, thank you, glenn. >> this morning, the u.s. postal service is helping people learn how to prevent dog bites. last year, 44 postal carriers were attacked by dogs in philadelphia. that puts the city seventh on a postal service's national ranking. this morning, the germantown post office officials talked about that risk. they say dogs can be protective and may view letter carriers handing mail to their owner as a threat. >> want to educate the customers on how they can help keep our
11:35 am
employees safe. a couple things is keeping them on leashes, making sure they're not running loose, that kind of thing. >> the postal service also offered these suggestions. place your dog in a separate room and close that door before opening the front door to a letter carrier. dogs have been known to burst through screen doors to get to a stranger, and remind children not to take mail directly from letter carriers while a dog is around. they may perceive that as a threat to a child. >> more than 350,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest every year. less than half are helped by cpr from a bystander. they're hoping to improve survival rates with your smartphone. matt delucia explains how the technology in your pocket could save a life. >> part of the problem is not enough people know how to properly perform cpr. by the time this story is over, at least one person in the u.s.
11:36 am
somewhere will die from sudden cardiac arrest. but now, with the help of an app and an alert, help could be on the way. sudden cardiac arrest claims a life every two minutes. and nearly all of them die because treatment doesn't start fast enough. >> are you okay? are you okay? >> that is why the person sitting next to you can be your best hope. >> the foundation for any chance of a person surviving a cardiac arrest. >> this doctor says nationally, the survival rate is less than 10%. last year, burlington county survival rate shot up to 39%. >> put your arm here and push down like that. >> our goal here is to get as many people as possible trained in cpr. >> a class -- >> it brings up right on the map. >> combined with an app. >> sudden cardiac arrest happens all the time outside the hospital. and now everyone can participate. >> pulse points launched in the
11:37 am
county last year when someone calls 911 to report an unconscious person, dispatchers push an alert to cpr trained app users within a quarter mile of the incident. >> the phone starts to vibate and alerts a tone and shows on the map the location of the incident and says cpr is needed. >> the idea is to get cpr started as fast as possible. even before ems shows up. more than 900 people in burlington county have downloaded the app and it's already been used several times. communities cpr programs have been used in other cities like seattle, where survival rates skyrocketed. >> you have to be able to help. you can't just walk past them. >> if a person isn't responding -- >> a free cpr class is held every month. all these people didn't know cpr before. now, they do. >> every second of life counts. if you don't take advantage of what you can do, you know, you lose those seconds and the
11:38 am
person will expire. >> there's another free cpr class on saturday here at the burlington county emergency services training center in westhampton. we have a link on, and it's also discussions with camden county hoping to launch the app there as soon as possible. in westhampton, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. running a triathlon is hard enough. now imagine doing it while dodging wild bears. racers were competing in a triathlon in anchorage, alaska, when a black bear and two cubs suddenly crossed the running course. the race president said the encounter ended peacefully, but she says organizers might look for new ways to discourage bears in the area in the future such as playing more music along the route. may and june mark the season of wildlife births and animals could be encounters nearly everywhere in alaska on a daily basis. >> well, need some relief from stress at work? uber and the pennsylvania spca
11:39 am
can help you out. more than a does adorable puppies like these guys here, drew and maddox, are available for puppy play dates. this is the second year the pspca has teamed up with uber for the fund-raiser. for $30, you can schedule 15 minutes of fun for you and your coworkers. >> number one, of course, we will provide a little stress relief to offices across philadelphia, but then also, of course, we're getting out there and letting people know that we have so many adoptable animals looking for homes. you know, puppies included. >> well, the puppy play dates ared through the uber app. this year, it's available to offices in philadelphia and king of prussia. >> nbc10 is helping to clear the shelters. tune in every saturday morning to see an adoptable dog or cat you can make a forever friend. >> it's the leading cause of disability in the united states, but if you're having a streak, every second counts.
11:40 am
and if you or someone you love is having one, doctors say this is the one thing you should do immediately to limit the damage a stroke can cause. hey, we're finally seeing some sunshine, and it's also warming up. so enjoy it while it lasts because i'm tracking big changes coming for the weekend. i'll let you know what you can expect and when just ahead.
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sky force 10 over breaking news in camden county.
11:43 am
police are investigating an assault on a woman in berlin borough. a source tells nbc10 news the woman was jogging in the woods this morning when a man attacked her. the source says she managed to fight him off. the camdeny sheriff's office is using canine officers to search for the suspect. a state police chopper is searching by air. we have a crew on the way to the scene right now and we'll bring you details when they arrive and as they gather that information. well, it hides in plain sight and can be all around us. tonight at 11:00, the nbc10 investigators look into modern day slavery. george spencer has a preview for us. >> you might encounter them at a hotel or where you shop. or even at your home. >> cleaning, cleaning. work, work, work. >> people forced to work, prevented from leaving. some living in substandard conditions. >> trafficking takes place in secret. it hides in plain sight, but the
11:44 am
facts happen in secret. >> there are hundreds of victims in our area, but very few cases end up in court. >> we really have what i would call a black hole of enforcement around labor trafficking in our country. >> modern-day slavery tonight on nbc10 news at 11:00. george spencer, nbc10 news. >> well, a new study shows motorcycle deaths rose 10% in the last year. more than 5,000 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2015. the governor's highway safety association attributes the increase to increased travel nationwide, and the number of americans with visions is expected to double over the next 15 years and more than 8 million people will be affected by eye disease or blindness by the year 2050. ucla researchers project another 16.5 million will have less serious problems that can be corrected with glasses, contacts, or surgery. eye problems will become more common as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement
11:45 am
age. may is stroke awareness month, and this morning, a new study is looking at the effects of taking aspirin after a mini stroke. british researchers found taking aspirin within minutes of a mini stroke can decrease the risk of a more serious episode. the study found aspirin treatment can reduce the odds of a fatal or disabling stroke by 70% to 80% over the first few days and weeks. experts say anyone who has stroke symptoms should take one 300 milligram dose of aspirin while waiting for emergency care. >> the art sanctuary has been celebrating black artists and literary contributors for decades, and the celebration of black arts festival is under way with a big event tomorrow night. here to tell us more is valerie, executive director of art sanctuary, and she's here with philadelphia native and grammy award winner bilal, who will be honored tomorrow. thank you for being here. let me start with you, tell us about this year's festival and
11:46 am
how the festival has grown and changed and evolved over the years. >> sure, thank you, vai. we're so excited to be here. i can tell you that we started out being the festival, the celebration of black writing. over the year, we have been really stretching the concept of what literature or writing is, to be more inclusive and to better signify that we believe art is integrated into all of our lives. so we're really excited that tomorrow, we get to have the pinnacle of this year's festival, the legacy awards. we will be honoring bilal with the gamble and hustle award for excellent in song writing. kenny gamble will be onhand to give out the award. we'll also honor bernice mcfadden for excellence in literature and bob bogle of the philadelphia tribune for excellent in journalism, and finally, dr. debra willis, who is also a philadelphia native, is over at nyu, and she is being
11:47 am
honored for the award for excellence in visual literacy. >> let me ask you one more question. tell me why you chose to honor bi. >> we chose to honor bilal because his work, his words, have inspired a whole generation, actually multiple generations as we're finding out now. the fact that one can use art to speak to one's truth and to speak life into other people, to tell the truth through words and through music can really impact the community. and the body of his work, how he has been growing, and really impacting communities through his music, and so that was one of many reasons why we chose, and you know, we really think he's super cool and love his music. >> you grew up in west oaklane. we were doak a mike check before
11:48 am
you came on. you sang a little bit. whoa, whoa. tell me why this award is so important to you, so meaningful. >> it's very meaningful because it'sing from my city, number one. and for the other people that they have honored before me. you know, incredible poets and it's really the way i view my work. it's -- i put a lot of effort and time into writing lyrics and trying to be meaningful for the present and the community and how it can inspire people. you know, just like the people before me. so i always say that we live in an era where people don't even really take lyrics into mind. >> yet yours inspires and we don't need to look any further than this year's grammy awards. you won with kendrick lamar. youed with some outstanding
11:49 am
artists. is it meaningful to you when people recognize you as a philadelphian? someone from philly? >> absolutely. absolutely. you know, philadelphia is so important in the history of not only black music, but american music. so it's an honor for me, you know. i feel like i'm really continuing that legacy of the city's reputation. >> and part of that legacy is the presentation tonight. what a great honor for you. the celebration of black arts legacy awards is happening toormg night from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the temple of performing arts center on north broad street. for more information, head to our website at or check out the nbc10 app. thank you for being here. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, vai.
11:50 am
well, finally, a couple nice days out there. a lot of sunshine at the moment. temperatures going up through the 60, close to 70 degrees in parts of the area. i think we can even find a couple of our neighborhood weather observers getting to 70. voorhees at 70 degrees. hopewell township, millville, 70 degrees right now. so we're getting there. 68 degrees in hamilton. and you can see the future, seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen at any time during the weathercast. you don't have to wait to the end. it's not just for philadelphia either. the sunshine and the 70s returning to just about the entire area, except for the shore region. 62 on tuesday, 69 yesterday, today we get into the 70s. tomorrow, higher up in the 70s. but that trend is not going to continue because the weekend,
11:51 am
it's all going downhill. take a look at the futurecast here. as we go into saturday morning, i showed you one model. a half hour ago. this is another one. just in to the weather center. showing some of the rain getting in as early as 6:00 a.m. saturday. and then look at this. the yellows and the oranges and the reds. heavier, heavier, and heaviest. right in the middle of the preakness, they're going to be dealing with this rain. so you have to bet on the mudders. as we go through the afternoon, we're talking about hours worth of rain. chilly weather, nasty day on saturday. and then that system moves out. and hey, look, sunday is looking pretty nice to start off with, but look what happens. that system out over the ocean starts wrapping moisture back like we have during wintertime storms, and so showers start
11:52 am
breaking sunday afternoon. now, not necessarily everywhere, but there will be showers around on sunday. won't be as bad as saturday, though. there's the live radar, and you don't see anything close by. now, in texas, that's the stuff that's moving our way as we go into the weekend. so just want to remind you, what a difference we're going to be seeing from tomorrow to saturday there's philadelphia dropping 13 degrees. suburbs, montgomery, bucks, chester county, dropping 14 degrees. and a rainy day saturday. lehigh valley dropping 13 degrees from tomorrow to saturday. in new jersey, even more. 76 tomorrow, down to 58. and delaware, the worst. 21 degrees colder in much of delaware. so enjoy today and tomorrow. things are going to change.
11:53 am
there's the saturday forecast, kind of a rainy day. colder, may not even get this warm. sunday, a lot of clouds. some rain during the day, but not an all-day rain. monday, similar story. a lot of clouds, some showers, not an all-day thing. then we start improving. by wednesday, once the sun comes back out, temperatures going up to 80-plus. and that goes all the way toward the beginning of the memorial day weekend. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all new ellen with kanye west, and this afternoon at 4:00, a woman keeping getting toll violation notices after she turned in her leased car. see what happened when nbc10 responds stepped in to help and what you need to know if you get a toll violation notice. that's today at 4:00. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with an afternoon look at the weather. >> we had a lot of cool days this may. but today and tomorrow, temperatures are climbing into the 70s. tomorrow may actually be about an average day for may. then it goes downhill for the weekend, especially saturday. >> we'thanks for watching nbc10
11:57 am
news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow.
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[hospital monitor beeping] >> marlena: how's he doing? >> john: ah. [laughs] >> marlena: that's great. >> paul: hey. >> john: hey. you made it, kid. >> paul: you didn't think i was gonna let you coach the pirates all by yourself. i want those kids to win. [laughs] >> john: oh. [laughs] >> jj: hey. >> gabi: hey. shh, she's sleeping. [sighs]


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