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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the scene at the height of the search. on the ground, police in a military humvee scoured the area looking for anything he left behind. >> we had k-9s tracking as well as helicopters. >> reporter: police sent out alerts to residents to four towns. the police all canvassing the woods. >> the only description we have is just a white male. nothing further yet. >> reporter: nothing on clothing on descriptive? >> not at this time. >> reporter: for runners, it's chilling. >> be safe. never go by myself. i don't anyway, but, still, you never know what could happen. you don't think anything would happen. >> hopefully they'll catch him and that's the end of it. >> reporter: the attack happened about 200 yards deep into the woods. police say they were able to find the woman's cell phone. they also found a knife and a tent in the woods near the area
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of the attack, but they don't know yet at this time whether any or either of those items could be related to the suspect who remains on the run. we're live in berlin, nbc 10 news. new developments now in the search for a missing jet liner in the mediterranean sea that may have. taken down by terrorists. egyptair crashed into the sea on its way from paris to cay row with 66 people aboard. we just learned that life jackets and plastic found near the suspected crash site do not belong to an aircraft after all. nbc 10 is joining us live in the digital operations center with new information about what may have happened. rosemary, what have you found out? >> reporter: investigators are raising a possibility that it may have been a terrorist attack that brought down this plane. in fact, egyptian officials are going a little bit further in saying that that's a more likely cause than any mechanical
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failure. families of the 66 passengers and crew on flight 804 may be hoping for the best, but at this point fearing the worst. earlier today, relatives in paris boarded egyptair and departed the airport on the way to cairo in search of answers. >> been getting updates throughout the day. we do not know now know what happened. we'll withhold judgments until we have the facts. >> reporter: while no americans on board, u.s. leaders are closely watching the developments. >> i want to express my condolences to egypt and other countries impacted by the disappearance this morning of the egyptair flight over the mediterranean. >> reporter: intense search for the plane is now underway in the southern mediterranean. the flight took off yesterday evening and went missing before reaching its final destination of cairo, vanishing from radar at 8:45, 30 minutes before it was expected to land. >> reporter: nbc news is
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learning from senior u.s. intelligence officials that data suggests an explosion may have happened on board the flight. if that is the case, the question remains, what caused it? was it something related to security or something related to technology? we'll stay on top of it this afternoon and bring you any updatings right here on nbc 10. reporting live in the digital operations center, i'm rosemary connors, back to you. ♪ two more pleasant subjects here. this is more like it. nbc 10 outside reading market today, a sea of people enjoying sidewalk music along with that sun back and 70 degree temperatures. perfect weather for a walk. live look here at the river trail where things are looking up after a long stretch of damp and dreary days. it's a lot better at the beach too. a live look in cape may with a
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mix of sun and clouds out there. looks like mostly sun and a couple people in the sand. we have the first alert forecast. >> all it takes to make people smile, no rain and sun, glen. >> and the temperature up above 70 degrees, and we have a lot of that. we have a few clouds around, but there's no rain. 70 in lehigh valley, 72 in philadelphia, and 66 in south jersey. the philadelphia temperatures at the airport, 72. we've only got to 72 one day out of the last 22 days. 76 degrees, 73 in andora, and 74 in society hill. it is mild. we have fair weather clouds through the area, but there are changes. there's a whole lot of moisture in texas that's racing to the east, and it will be affecting us over the weekend. end joy the next 24 hours. it's going to be a rather cool
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night. 52 in philadelphia, and 48 in the pa suburbs. 48 in lehigh valley by tomorrow morning, and we're going to be seeing some temperatures going way up as we go into next week, but we have to get through the weekend first. to decision 2016 coverage now, governor chris christie support for donald trump is paying off, literally. >> the presumetiptive no, ma'am helping him pay off debts for has run to the white house. these are supporters who are already lined up waiting to get in when doors open in less than an hour. protesters plan to be outside the event when it's underway at 7:00. money from tonight's event will pay off debts from the george washington bridge scandal. christie endorsed trump weeks after suspending his campaign for president.
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last week, trump named christytie to head the team if trump wins in november. for complete coverage including social media updates from the candidates on the campaign trail and current tracker, tap the nbc 10 app. reading police officer surrendered today after authorities say he was caught on camera hitting a woman and smashing her cell phone. this was a story we first told you about yesterday on nbc 10 news at 4:00. the officer faces several charges now. investigators says the video shows him punching the woman and throwing her phone on the ground after a traffic stop last month. they placed him on leave, and the lawyer says the video clip does not tell the whole story. two of the three teenagers charged after the death of a delaware high school student are now scheduled for trial next month. both waived arraignments this morning. they are charged with conspiracy in the death of amy joiner
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frances who died after a fight in a bathroom at howard high school of technology last month. a third girl is charged with criminally negligent homicide. right now, a key witness for the prosecution is telling a jury how he brokered an illegal campaign loan for congressman fattah. he's facing a maximum 20 year sentence behind bars for his role in the scheme. he says he spent months trying to get the congressman to settle up bills with the political consulting firm after fattah lost his bid for mayor in 2007. the attorneys say he is a convicted felon and will get a better deal for testifying against the congressman. nbc 10 is inside the courtroom right now listening to the testimony. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. philadelphia's soda tax debate takes a new turn. a member proposed an alternative plan to that. it takes the focus off soda and
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puts it on a wider range of drinks, the so-called container tax could affect your wallet and child's education. we are live to explain the new proposal, and, lauren, is this going to cost consumers the same amount of money? people are wondering about this. >> reporter: you know, it won't, and let me show you why this right here, this is a 20 ounce soda. under that proposed soda tax, it'll be 3 cents an ounce, extra 60 cents here under the new container tax, just 15 cents. it is cheaper, but raises less money. another thing consumers need to know, this new idea includes this too. grab a soda. grab a water. either way, it'll cost you an extra 15 cents under a new proposal in philadelphia. >> tacking the water means it's shared sacrifice by so many more. >> the proposal comes from brown
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as an alternative to the sugary drink or soda tax pitched by the mayor to get more children into pre-k. >> for us to target one industry, for us as a legislative body to target one product and the view of the staff and i seemed unreasonable. >> reporter: it was based on a tax in baltimore. in philly it's 15 cents for nonreusable cop taners over 7 ounces like juices and water. while there's now things including in the proposal, one thing that's out? fountain sodas. some tax opponents think the container tax is worth a look. >> looking for alternatives, and this may be a partial alternative. >> reporter: the mayor says it's not enough money to pay for the programs. he sticking to his plan. >> we'll talk, but in the end, it's got to be the sugar tax at that number or we can't pay for. >> reporter: that number? we talked before, you were willing to negotiate. >> i'm willing to negotiate, but right now, publicly, we're at 3
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cents. >> reporter: and, you know, the councilwoman today says this proposal opens up the table for more discussion, for maybe another idea, but you can see the mayor there showing visible frustration, and he's not budging on the amount of money he wants to raise. live in center city, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. he spent his life covering the biggest stories in the world, and today, he died just days after stepping away from the job he loved. >> i find it very odd, but i really don't like being on television. it makes me uneasy. >> you couldn't tell. the 84-year-old's death comes day after "60 minutes" aired a tribute him for his days on the air. he announced retirement just last week. his career captured several
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awards including 12 emmy's. new information on a serious crash that shut down a busy south jersey road for five hour last night. two of the people hurt are now out of the hospital. skyforce10 over the scene at route 70 in medford after three cars collided. look at the mess there. two others are in serious, but stable condition right now, and another man's in critical condition, and police are still investigating what caused this crash? our budget cuts to blame for death of a school mechanic who died months after a boiler explosion? that's what the worker's union says today. chris was badly burned when a boiler exploded at the elementary school back in january. he died from the injuries yesterday morning, and his union said in a statement today, his death is a horrifying reminder that budget cuts cost loves. the mayor says every functioning boiler in city schools have been
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inspected since the accident. today, a push to regulate ride sharing services like uber and lyft in the city of philadelphia. it comes in the form of a bill introduced at city hall this morning. that bill would require ride sharing services and drivers to buy licenses from the city. the issue has been the subject of protests throughout the city. right now, uber and lyft drivers pay nothing to work in philadelphia. others claim ride sharing services are unfairly taking businesses from them. when trenton police officers responded to the call, one of the first things they do starting next month is turn on a body camera. the police department explained the plan last night, and starting june 1st, the cameras record the entire response. supervisors regularly review footage and commanders audit reviews. the gun at the center of the
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trayvon martin shootings sold at auction for $120,000. the auction side says zimmerman is still verifying the winning bid after fake bidders interf e interfered last week. zimmerman claims it is the same gun he used to kill martin in florida four years ago. his acquittal sparks protests and national debate about race relations. another day, another mayor sighting in delaware. a bear on the trail in newark at 1:00 this afternoon. a worker with the city took this video of the animal right there. skyforce10 over the scene shortly after the sighting. police and wildlife officials in the area, but they were not able to track down the bear. this is latest in a slew of recent bear sightings in our area. less than a month to go until delaware's fire fly music festival, and fans now know when their favorites take the stage. they unveiled the schedule that
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starts thursday, june 16. kings of leon play 90 minutes friday night, and mumford and sons have the two hour performance sunday night, partially overlapping with major laser. the michael nutter theater's coming to philadelphia. the pennsylvania convention center's naming its new theater after the former mayor. nutter completed eight years of service as philadelphia's mayor back in january. of course, he once served as chairman of the convention sent's board of drengt irectors. rutgers is giving a special on who no a woman who gave so much to the philadelphia area. sister mary received an honorary degree at the commencement this afternoon. she is the cofounder of project home, an organization that provides everything from housing and health care services for the less fortunate. nearly 2,000 other graduates at
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the university also received degrees. so grab your sunglasses, big old cup of coffee, and prepare to hit the highway, 2016 is shaping up to be the summer of the road trip. a live look at the expressway near 676ment the unofficial start of summer kicks off a week from tomorrow for memorial day weekend. a lot of cars there now, but this is the afternoon commute. they predict 38 million people travel for the holiday, the most since 2005, and 89% of those vacationers will be on the roads. it's all thanks to cheaper summer time gas expected to be the lowest in 13 years. and, today, we're getting a much await taste of summer, finally, sun and 70s. >> just a taste because i think -- >> yeah. >> it's going away as well as our appetite. weather has people heading outside after dodging rain drops. randy gyllenhaal talked to families soaking it in in
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delaware county. >> reporter: in the face of a cold, wet, and lousy spring, chance to clear gardens in delaware county still in full boom. >> go ahead, run. >> reporter: taking advantage of the rare sunny day. >> they have a lot of energy and need to be outside all the time. >> reporter: this family releasing some pent up steam cooped up indoors for far doong too long. >> too rainy. >> reporter: it's been a weird spring, this is one of the few times this month temperatures were above 72 degrees. >> worst day ever, i feel like, no spring at all. >> reporter: along the river trail, the sun peeks out. >> look how sweet you are. >> reporter: as donna mason, a dog walker in the spare time soaks up a stroll without the smell of wet fur. >> this spring has been so horribly cold and wet. >> glad it's sunny out? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: the weekend is looking leek another wet one, and soon enough, you'll be wishing for 72 and sunny. >> this is perfect weather. it's going to be summer too soon
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and we complain it's 95 degrees. >> reporter: randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> you know that happens. it just -- a little while, people complain, oh, glen, it's hot, make a point not to do that. >> i have a couple temperatures in the ten-day forecast that start with an 8, okay? >> that's what we want. >> that's going to feel good. >> after getting some of the days of 60 degrees, mid-80s will feel like 100, and that's too warm and humid. >> can't wait, can you? >> it's hard to win in this business, let me tell you. it's nice everybody day, you're in the desert. somebody's unhappy. there's a live shot of philadelphia, and there's sun gleaming off the buildings for a change, and that is help pushing temperatures up. it's not up everywhere, but let me show you, the -- looks like -- similar temperatures across the area, and let's take a look at delaware specifically. you see the differences. 73 in wilmington, an 72 in
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newark, and 72 in middletown. that's uniform. heading in the southern portions of the state, 62 in georgetown, but over here, in the east, with the wind coming in over the ocean and bay, only 58 degrees in the beach, and this is the time of year you get huge temperature contrasts from the beaches to just a few miles inland. well, everybody's going to be warming back up. as we go into tomorrow, we warmed up some today. about 72. tomorrow, 76, and then there we go again. the rain keeping things down. saturday and into sunday. it's not going to be chilly all the way through next week. here are the neighborhoods. tomorrow, this is nice. a lot of people are going to be happy with the weather tomorrow. lands down at 76. reading 76 degrees.
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75 in haddonfield. cooler at the shore, 66 in atlantic city with the sea breeze coming in, but 73 degrees in dover. everybody's got sun shine tomorrow. going to be nice. nothing on the radar right now despite some of the clouds that are out there. you can see your own forecast, by the way on the seven-day right at the bottom of the screen all the time. and this area in texas, this is some of the system that's moving to the east that is going to be affecting us as we go into the weekend. here's the futurecast. 5:00 a.m. saturday, this is one computer model, one of the wetter ones, but there are others that have a general idea. the general idea is the further south you are, the heavier and more hours of rain. the further north you are, lighter the rain, the fewer the showers. saturday afternoon, they are trying to run saturday, that'll be fun. yeah, bet on the mudders. now, saturday night, we still
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have some rain, but there's sunday morning. we get a break, but this system is wrapped up and coming back, and you can see some of the clouds and the showers as we go into sunday. so here's the weekend forecast. what a huge difference between friday and saturday. look at delaware. the clouds and rain, okay, make the plans on that. ten-day is coming up later. >> thanks, glen. >> thanks, glen. question here, how clean are the pools your kids jump into this summer? >> hoping they are clean, but the results of a study makes you wonder, also, what researchers found and quick check parents can do to make sure it's safe before kids dive in. >> plus, brewery buzz, additions that have craft beer flowing into south jersey giving neighbors in several towns something new to try this spring. extra challenge for
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triathletes coming across a dangerous and unexpected hurdle on the journey. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street. on this thursday. down all around.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator.
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i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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breaking news right now from oklahoma. look at the live pictures in oklahoma city, part of a bridge collapse on to the highway after a semitruck that was hauling a forklift ran into that bridge. now, no one's been reported hurt
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here, but definitely a scary scene for drivers who saw it happen. again, the pictures from oklahoma city, and a bridge collapse there on may avenue. running a triathlon is hard enough, but the competitors in alaska did it while dodging wild bears. it a mother bear and two cubs on the running path. one of the cubs takes a detour towards a calm runner, eventually, the bear trio and the triathloners go the separate ways and it all ends peacefully. >> that was close. >> i don't know that i would have been so calm. >> they were calm. they did not run. you walk backwards slowly. remember that. >> i will and thank you if i need it. >> you're welcome. this next woman is a tough mama. >> the 76-year-old store owner from hawaii is nope as mama san, working hours after robbers put her in a choke hold.
4:26 pm
video caught it all. you see the suspect wrap his arm around the neck and the other pulled off the robbery. oh, that poor woman. not long after being release the from the hospital, though, she was back behind the counter waiting on customers. she's overwhelmed by the support from the whole neighborhood. >> some man come inside and only buy two candies, he give me $100, and he said, no change, you keep it for me. >> mama san and the family have owned this convenience store for more than 20 years. a few years ago, they tried to sell it because of more trouble in the neighborhood. >> a tough cookie. glad she's all right. >> definitely. all right, driving through tolls cost enough as it is, but a woman says she was charged for someone else's trip through them. >> happened after turning in the leased car. after getting nowhere herself, she called nbc 10 responds. harry hairston did for her and
4:27 pm
the lesson all drivers will want to hear. then, all new at 5:00 -- this demolition is a dream come true. neighbors complained about a vacant home for decades. how it took a bunch of birds to finally bring it down.
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right now at 4:30, breaking news in philadelphia's grays ferry section. police investigating a deadly shooting here. you see the crime scene tape there at the bottom of your screen. there's a live picture from the scene along dickinson street. a man was shot and killed here in a car shortly after 3:00 this
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afternoon. as you see, police officers still on scene there. several cars also. we have no word right now on any suspect's or a motive. if we get more information on the deadly shooting in grays ferry, we'll pass it along. a woman's lease up, turning in the car, but what happened next left her frustrated and looking for help from the nbc 10 responds team. >> the story could be a lesson for anyone who leases a car. nbc 10 responds reporter is here. harry? >> listen to this, imagine this, four months after dropping off the lease car, you get charged for something you didn't do. she's been riding the bus since turning in the lease car in august. in december, she started getting toll violation notices in the mail. >> first on delaware. >> reporter: next one? >> from delaware. then another from merlin and
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another one. >> reporter: five violations dated after she turned the car in, including this from pennsylvania. in all, she owed $191.65 for unpaid tolls and add fees. davis says a closer look at the tickets caused concern. >> i looked at the license plate, and it was my license plate, which i no longer have the car. >> reporter: different cars popped up too, none were the r organizatirav-4 she leased. she tried to relieve the situation, but no one got back to her, so she contacted us. >> i want tickets clear and i want my name clear, see who have the tags. and just get the tags. >> reporter: after we got involved, delaware and maryland voided all charges. pennsylvania voided the administrative fees, but still charged davis $11 for the toll since she e did not reach out within the required 30 daytime
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frame. >> once that 30 daytime frame lapsed, you can no longer successfully appeal them. >> reporter: she'll pay $11, and overall, happy with the outcome. >> i'm very grateful for all what you've done, thank you. >> reporter: thank you for that nbc 10 responds cam. the turn pike commission stresses if you get a notice and you don't think you should have to pay, reach out right away. that way it can work with you to help you avoid paying extra fines or late fees. this 30 day rule is something we just found out when we worked on the story. we didn't know anything about that. if you don't get it done, do not let the tickets just sit idle. >> don't put in a pile of bills you have to get to at some point. >> right. getting a toll notice, i've gotten one. and my easy pass was working, but it did not read properly. reach out. >> sure about that? >> yes, positive. i checked. [ laughter ] >> you have to pay attention.
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>> hey, that's my story, i'm sticking to it. >> let's go through the running total. >> here's the total recovered for you, stands now at $15,845 for almost three weeks of nbc responds responding for you p. if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, go to, click on the nbc10 responds page, fill out the f m form, or call us the old fashioned way. that's 60-668-responds. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, your consumer questions answered. yeah, taking questions, whether you're wondering about a possible new scam or need consumer advice, ask away. your questions could be featured here on nbc 10 news at 4:00. this just in to nbc 10, police say a south jersey man burglarized a neighbor's house this morning and nearly blew up the entire block doing it.
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officers responded to the house on north reed avenue when people roberted a natural gas odor. someone ransacked the house and cut the gas lines from the basement. police arrested a neighbor, 22-year-old william, and they believe he also cut gas lines from two other houses just last week. police in the jersey shore need help to find the burglars who broke into buildings belonging to a pair of charitable organizations. >> thieves did not get much, if anything, but they managed to cause hundreds of dollars of damage in a food bank and pile center. ted greenberg has the story. >> reporter: a man hurled a cinder block smashing a glass door, a pair of shadowy figures ransack iing the office. two break-ins just hours apart targeting nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping the community. >> it's behind comprehension
4:36 pm
why. >> threw it through, and we got here with the chair and glass everywhere. >> reporter: the first happened at 11:30, and two people were captured on video inside. a group of four was spotted going to and from the front door earlier in the night. the burglars caused a couple hundreds dollars in damage, but took nothing. >> the time that we're spending on this ver sis doing positive stuff is what's hurting us. >> less than two hours after the break-in, cameras recorded this guy shattering the front door of the community food bank of new jersey. he stole a small amount of cash from the donation bin and then ran off. >> it's really disappointing. that was the overwhelming feeling that i had when i found out about this. if you're stealing from the community, the people that provide back to the community and others and our youth, you know you're at rock bottom. >> reporter: they suspect people
4:37 pm
who caused the crimes did it to feed addiction to heroin and other drugs. >> we're asking the public if they know who did it or somebody talks, let us know. >> reporter: as a result of the particularly at the powell building, locks have been replaced, and the cameras here are set to be upgraded in the coming days. it adds up to thousands of dollars that the organization hadn't planned on spending. in egg harbor township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. hundreds of thousands of jeeps are being recalled today. >> coming up next, a safety concern that could be dangerous for drivers. plus, pool problems, what parents should check for before kids jump in this summer. all new at 5:00, you might see them in a hotel where you shop or at your home. the nbc 10 investigators show us how modern day slavery is happening all around us and why victims do not get justice.
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at longhorn, if you want steak... lucky you. if you don't want steak... lucky you. its longhorn favorites. the outlaw ribeye. the longhorn salmon. and the parmesan crusted chicken. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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pool season is approaching, and we highlight health and safety risks with swimming. 80% of public pool inspections found one violation, one in eight resulted in immediate closure, and one in five kitty and wading pools were closed. as for what you can do to protect yourself, the cdc recommends using a test strip to check ph and chlorine levels available at pool supply stores. check the drain covers to ensure they are in good shape and secure and also confirm that a life guard is always on duty. there was a worldwide recall involving jeep wrangler suvs. chrysler says the driver's air bags may not inflate in a crash. the recall involves wranglers from 2007-2010 including 392,000 in the u.s. owners will be notified. how about this? several local offices got cuddly
4:42 pm
visits today. next, puppies that brighten spirits and make stops across the city today. glen? if you didn't see the puppies there, this might make up for it, the sun's back, but enjoy it while it lasts because i'm tracking the rain's return next in the first alert forecast. all new tonight at 5:00, protect your postal worker. tonight, the people who deliver your mail have a request for you and your pet.
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how about this for stress relief on the job? a puppy play date is way you need, and more than a dozen adorable puppies like this, drew and maddox, are available to come to the job. this is the second year the pspca teamed up with uber for the fundraiser, $30, schedule 15 minutes of fun for you and your
4:46 pm
coworkers. >> number one, of course, we provide a little stress relief to offices across philadelphia, but then, also, you know, of course, we'ring out there letting people know that we have so many adoptable animals looking for homes, you know, puppies included. >> puppy play dates and scheduled through the uber app, available in several offices. what happens at the end of the 15 minutes when you don't want to give them up? >> i know. look at the faces. how can country give that up? >> we are trying to clear the shelters, too, jackie, saturday morning, to see an adoptable pet to make a forever friend. now your first alert weather with glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, we've seen nasty weather during this month, cool, cloudy, and wet weather. not so much today. places in the 70s. the numbers look like south jersey just in the 60s, but that's when you're just looking
4:47 pm
at individual places. we can see the temperatures going up the 70s. 74, lumberton, i love reading off the temperatures in the 70s. it's been so long. robinsville 75. hamilton 74 degrees. yeah. the sup shine and 70s have returned to the area. 72 today, and 76 tomorrow yeah, and things start to change. 59 for the high saturday, 68 sun. the average high this teem of the year is 75, and, of course, the weekend is going downhill with those kinds of temperatures. you can see as we go in through saturday, there's going to be a good bit of rain, especially from philadelphia southward to further north you go, lower the chance of rain, the less amount of rain, the fewer hours of
4:48 pm
rain, and so it's not going to be equally miserable, but there is going to be rain just about everywhere, and by sunday morning, we may see a bit of a break, but this whole system's spinning offshore, and it's going to bring some of that moisture back, and you can see some of these showers coming in by afternoon. sunday is not a washout, but it does look like it'll be at least having some rain in the day. you can see that in the seven day forecast for just about the entire area. lehigh valley has the best chance to be dry on saturday, though. right now, there's nothing on the radar close, and nothing back to the west, but you got to go far west, in texas, until you find some rain that is going to be moving in. it's not going to affect us tomorrow. tomorrow, nicest day of the week or maybe month so far. reading 76 degrees, bethlehem 76, and further south, it's just as sunny, phoenixville at 75. newtown at 76.
4:49 pm
fairmount 76, and headed into new jersey, still going to be warm. at least away from the ocean. 74 degrees in glassboro. closer to the ocean, it's not as warm, 66 in atlantic city, and 66 in avlon. in delaware, a little bit cooler. it's going at the beach than in wilmington or dover. the ten-day forecast, yeah, chilly saturday, for philadelphia and december delaware, delaware could be in the mid-50s saturday. sunday, a lot of clouds. little rain. not an all day thing. not as bad as saturday. monday similar to sunday. tuesday, we break out of this thing. now look. the second five days. i've got temperatures around 80 or above the whole period, and someplace could hit 90, and now we talk memorial day weekend, a
4:50 pm
little warmer than this coming weekend, yep. >> well, near 90, that'll make you parched, right? >> 80s, finally. >> maybe you want a beer with the warm temperatures. it's a crafty summer in south jersey. >> there is a brewery boom underway right now. next, what is fuelling all the new additions, and where they are popping up. all new tonight at 5:00, they've been serving ice cream in philly for decades, but did you know bassett's biggest customer is china how they boost business going overseas. >> yum. >> that looks good. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah.
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several south jersey towns are buzzing with excitement about beer. >> one brewery with a grand opening today and another set for saturday. we have all the buzz on this brewery boom. >> reporter: it's about the diverse flavors, chemistry, and the atmosphere. >> this is really exciting. i think that there will be tons of people coming out. >> reporter: south jersey embarking on a new era. >> there has not been this many breweries since preprohibition years. >> reporter: complete with hops, yeast, malt, and whatever else you throw into craft beer. >> last week, we used watermelon, fresh line, pushed beer through it. >> reporter: the assistant brew master celebrates the grand opening today. >> i'm beyond excited. it's beyond the pale. >> reporter: a family affair, a reality she and her son, a firefighter, and daughter-in-law have been brewing since 2013.
4:55 pm
>> the beers we offer are healthy, wealthy, and wise. >> reporter: new jersey's righteous pine barren history draws enthusiast to devil's creek brewery to open doors officially saturday. >> i'm not really sure how they get around the dry town thing, but i'm happy about it. >> reporter: because they brew beer here on site, there is an exemption to new jersey's law. it allows patrons to carry a growler of beer to the favorite dining spot. it pass the in 2012. they don't need a liquor license, and some bring your own food, all a recipe to strengthen local economies. >> they stop in, they have a couple drinks, and be, like, oh, there's cool stores around, let's walk around, have dinner, whatever. >> good for the economy. it's authentic because they make it right there, and you drink it, and more importantly, brings people together. >> reporter: from south jersey,
4:56 pm
nbc 10 news. >> it seems to be doing very well. >> a growler of beer you can carry with you. >> how about that. >> there's a word for ya. all now at 5:00, neighbors called it an eyesore for kids. >> the veigh captain home is coaling down thanks it a bunch of buzzards. we'll explain next. and a beautiful day today and to out the week, but we do have rain on the way for the weekend. all that with your neighborhood forecast coming up. >> willing to pay extra on taxes to build the wall. >> supporters and protesters show up to see trump in new jersey. taking you live to his visit in then state. that's coming up next at 5:00
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
. happening now, a political protest growing in new jersey where dozens of people are speaking out against trump and chris christie for holing a fundraiser in the next few hours. >> drew smith is live in lawrenceville, mercer county with more, drew? >> reporter: rosemary, keith, those here to see trump have to pay to see him, one the first time this campaign season because it is a fundraiser. supporters are lined up against
5:00 pm
the armory, but as we spin around, we'll show you the protest. these folks are not paying anything to get in. they are here to spread the message that they don't like donald trump or the governor who will be here as well. >> vote trump, baby, build the wall. >> reporter: supporters turned out early today, this time with a ticket and red hats and trump t-shirts. >> here early this morning to be up front and close to trump. >> reporter: the fundraisers help governor christie erase debt from the failed campaign of the nomination, and the presumptive nominee is helping state republican party that spent a lot on legal bills pfr the scandal. >> good he's trying to help out christie to raise money. >> reporter: as people pinned support on jackets, they said seeing trump is worth the price of admission. >> i'm willing to pay an extra little on taxes to build the wall. that'll be the first tax i would love to


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