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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the armory, but as we spin around, we'll show you the protest. these folks are not paying anything to get in. they are here to spread the message that they don't like donald trump or the governor who will be here as well. >> vote trump, baby, build the wall. >> reporter: supporters turned out early today, this time with a ticket and red hats and trump t-shirts. >> here early this morning to be up front and close to trump. >> reporter: the fundraisers help governor christie erase debt from the failed campaign of the nomination, and the presumptive nominee is helping state republican party that spent a lot on legal bills pfr the scandal. >> good he's trying to help out christie to raise money. >> reporter: as people pinned support on jackets, they said seeing trump is worth the price of admission. >> i'm willing to pay an extra little on taxes to build the wall. that'll be the first tax i would love to pay for.
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>> reporter: police lined up and down the street ready for any protests. supporters say that won't attract from the event. >> i love him. i think he's great. he's going to be great. >> reporter: and you will hear from the protesters coming up at 6:00. we also asked the trump supporters who are lining up, just opening up the doors, so they are headed into the event. we asked what they thought about chris christie and his campaign debt, which is what they for to get into this event. hear those answers at 6:00 as well. >> thanks, drew. right now at f5:00, a woman recovers after fighting off app attacker this morning on heavily wooded trails of berlin park. the 30-year-old victim approached from behind and thrown to the ground and the man attempted to sexual assault her. she ran free and ran to the car and another jogger dialled 911 for help. today, police from neighboring towns joined in the search for the attacker who e remains at
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large. the incident now has visitors to the park on edge. >> all they told me was an attempted assault in the woods and as long as we were in the in the woods we would be okay. >> reporter: police do not have a good description of the man. they are asking those who visit the park to jog or exercise in groups and be vigilant about the surroundings. elsewhere, new information now in the search for an egyptair jetliner that may have been brought down by terrorists over the med trainian sea. late this afternoon, authorities confirmed that debris found in the water does not belong to the missing plane. nbc 10 is joining us now live from the digital operations center with more. jim? >> reporter: keith, as you mentioned this afternoon, investigators raised the possibility the plane was brought down by a terrorist attack, nothing official at this point. in fact, egyptian officials say, though, that's more likely than any mechanical problems. the egyptair flight disappeared last night on the way from paris to cairo. debris found in the sea off the greek island, but, again,
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authorities revealed this afternoon that the debris is not from the missing plane. egyptair flight 804 vanished from radar after what authorities call a mysterious series of extremely abrupt turns with 66 people on board that flight, and family members of passengers have been gathering at the airport in paris where the plane departed. the white house, meantime, saying president obama is getting multiple updates about the crash. >> it's too early to definitively say what caused this disaster. the investigation is underway. investigators will consider all of the potential factors that could have contributed to the crash. >> no americans on board that flight. the u.s. navy is among those assisting in the search for the plane in the mediterranean at this hour. nbc 10 news, back to you. all right, thanks, for that, jim. it's happened again. right now at 5:00, a black bear on the move in newcastle county,
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and officials warn residents to stay away if spotted. this is video of the bear taken by a member of the delaware public works department in newark taeds. the bear was first seen in the pike creek of northern newcastle county. from the looks of things, this guy is active. officials with fish wildlife says it appears the same bear is making its way south. pedestrians use caution in the ar area. after what felt like weeks of rain, we have an await ed sunshine. >> here today, but gone too soon. you know that's coming. that's the deal with the sunny weather. sheena has more. fill us in. >> reporter: beautiful, perfect day tomorrow, and even better, so, yes, we have rain on the way, but it's coming in time for the weekend with another day with sun that you can enjoy. this is a live view out in wilewood along the board walk
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here, sun and thin clouds, but it is still very comfortable outside. cooler at the shore, though, with the onwind, and now most of the area's in thes, about the mid to low 70s, 72 in philadelphia, but then you have the joan shore wind along the shore, but that really giving us cooler temperatures, so upper township and cape may county, 63 degrees. look at woodbine at 73 degrees. quite a difference the further you go. cape may at 62, and atlantic city in the upper 50s, but inland just a little bit, and mays landing, close to 70 degrees. quiet a difference along the shore, but we're all still seeing nice, dry conditions. the planner tonight, stays nice and clear, temperatures dropping into the 50s by tomorrow morning for the rae, and sunny and cool to start the day, but sunny and warm throughout the afternoon, by lunchtime, 70 degrees tomorrow, and sunny, and by the afternoon, we're back in about
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the mid to low 70s. the nice dry weather pattern continues for now, but we go into the weekend, and what you see right around houston, texas, that's going to organize and give us weekend rain, some of which could be heavy. looking at that forecast coming up. now to breaking news. skyforce10 live over the scene in philadelphia's holmesburg neighborhood, the scene of a house fire. crews on the roof breaking through the roof, possibly to make sure there's no hot spots. one person was rescued from inside the home. this is on ditman street in the holmesburg section of philadelphia. no word on the condition of the person rescued. we'll continue to monitor this. as soon as we have the update, we'll pass it along. in the city at 5:00, philadelphia city council honored police officers hartnet today. >> nice to be recognized and greatly appreciate it, and i thank you very much, city
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council. >> he's recovering after being shot three times in the patrol car. he had surgeries throughout the first pitch of the phillies game, opening day, of course, and propose to his fiance moments later. here from us here at the desk, we congratulate jesse on continued improvements. you might remember he was shot at point-blank range in january while patrolling near 60th and spruce streets. three bullets through the arm, and investigators say he was ambushed by a 30-year-old edward archers who allegedly pled allegiance to isis. state senate approved a bill to strengthen rules for reporting sexual assaults on college campuses, requiring university employees to report assaults to police if the victim agrees. school employees would be required to inform victims about their rights and access to confidential medical and coup
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counselling services. a bill passed last month, and now it's up to the governor to sign it. getting the mail can be painful, literally, dogs biting postal workers, philadelphia is ranked 7th in the country. last year, 44 ray tacks. as part of the week, they talk about related risks. she says dogs can be protective and may view letter carriers handling mail and handle mail to the owner as a threat. >> you want to educate the customers on how they can help keep our employees safe, and a couple things is keeping them on leashes, making sure that they not running loose, that type of thing. >> to keep your mail carrier safe, put the dog in another room and close the door before opening the door to accept the mail. remind children not to take mail directly from the letter carrier's while the dog is around. dogs may perceive that as a threat to the child.
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in montgomery county, a church took a large step to recovery nearly five years after a fire. a crane lifted a bell to what will be grace lutheran church in hatfield. the bell is more than 150 years old. it was atop the church in 2011 when it caught fire. a large portion of the church was destroyed that day. a delaware county school community learns more about a beloved priest on the road to sainthood. he was the first quadriplegic preacher to be ordained. he taught for 30 years before passing away in 2006 p. this morning, father atkinson was the subject of a presentation in the school. here's currently a candidate for saint hood so friends, family, and colleagues wanted to ensure the student here know the significance of the honor. >> something about him that he
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was able to reach people in ways that i've never seep the leeks of, you know what i mean? if he knew a student needed something or he thought he could help the student, he was there. >> the u.s. conference catholic bishops endorsed his cause for sainthood this past november as the first step in the process of becoming a saint. >> also a father atkinson award presented by the office of disability services. very neat there they are sharing that honor. tonight, tough talk from hillary clinton. her choice words for both trump and bernie sanders next at 5:00. plus, demolition day was a long time coming for neighborhoods near the vacant house. how birds helped bring down the dismal property. the mayor of philadelphia wants a tax on soda, but another leader says that's not enough. how her proposal could affect your wallet and your child's education. you might encounter them in
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a hotel, where you shop, or your home. the nbc 10 investigators show how modern day slavery is happening all around us, and why vim ticks don't get.
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. right now at 5:00, this demolition is a dream come true for neighbors in west
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philadelphia. people calmed it an eyesore. this vacant home sat empty for years attracting rats and co raccoo raccoons. >> when buzzards moved in, that was the time straw. we are live at the home on north 50th street, and for many in the neighborhood, demolition can't come soon enough. >> could not wait. look at the home, a two-man crew was here this afternoon with an ax and chain saw taking down the house piece by piece. beginning to do so because there are homes on either side, and as you said, the residents said it could not come soon enough. >> well, i'm really glad that it's finally coming down. it's been time. >> reporter: ask around and neighbors say that 465 north 60th street has been an eyesore for decades. >> we've seen possums. we've seen raccoons, rats, whatever running in and out.
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>> reporter: it was the vultures that arrived over the last couple weeks. >> they sit on that roof, that roof. >> reporter: swooping on porches was the last straw for long time residents. >> almost had a heart attack. >> reporter: the property been abandon for years, we checked, and property taxes have not been paid on the home since 1997. it also has outstanding violations from 2013 for a collapsed roof, porch, and shed, but back to the vultures. >> you walk in the house, you hear them. you can hear the noise and scratching. >> reporter: they hope demolition chases them and other critters away. >> i've been waiting for this. >> reporter: this lifelong resident says it's part of a much bigger problem. >> shows me how much the city is derating. this used to be a beautiful block. >> reporter: you may wonder why it's not happening in your neighborhood. well, according to crews, they are demolishing eight to 12
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homes a week, but they don't have enough licensed contractors to meet the growing needs, and contrary to popular belief, this home does not belong to the city. it still belongs to the homeowner. the city can only intervene when they deem a home a hazard. reporting live, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. hillary clinton takes aim at trump again saying the nominee is not qualified to be president. in an interview on cnn, she was questioned about trump's ability to handle complex foreign challenges. looking ahead, she asserted she will be the democratic nominee and that she's committed to party unity, but argued her challenger, bernie sanders, has to play a role to bring democrats together. a new poll finds that either candidate would likely beat republican don trump in new jersey. according to the poll, sanders
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runs better against trump in the general election, but clinton tops 54% to 40% of voters in new jersey's democratic primary. only 6% of democrats are undecided. new jersey voters go to the polls on june 7. a chaotic scene on house floor after an amendment to protect gay rights failed by just one vote. democrats shouting shame, shame, and seven switched votes at the last minute to ensure the measure would not pass. it would have prevented government to give contracts to companies that discriminate against the lgbt community. he spent life traveling the world reporting on some of the most important stories of our lifetime, and, today, he dies days after retiring from the job
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he loved. >> i'm mike wallace. i'm morley. >> the death comes day after 60 minutes aired a tribute for his decades on air. he joined the broadcast in 1970 and announced retirement last week. his 61-year career captured several awards including 12 emmys. frustration is growing over tsa wait times at airports across the country. >> but officials say that you can help move lines along by following basic tsa rules, so the tsa held a demonstration in midway airport showing ten people going through the screening line. then show the same ten people going through the same line with prohibited items. the difference? additional six minutes. this is on the heels of massive backups from chicago's other airport, o'hare, earlier this week, forcing several to miss flights. there was a rapid response team
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to get things moving. officials warn it could get worse with a busy summer travel season approaching. 2016 is the year of the road trip. aaa predicts 38 million people traveling this season, the most since 2005. 89% of the vacationers will be on the road. it's thanks to cheaper summer time gas expected to be the lowest in 13 years. >> travel every year, but it helps my pocket, so i don't have any arguments there. >> since the gas prices are affordable, going to have a larger size car, i think i'm going to hit the road this year. >> not everybody likes driving, and even with the threats of long lines at tsa. air travel is up domestic. flights are 26% cheaper than a year ago. the weather now. finally, a break from the dreary springtime. temperatures and conditions we've been having -- seems like every day looking back at this
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shot, it's cloudy and gray and today it was 70. >> you can see the tops of the building. families took advantage while they can. >> go ahead, run. >> kids burned off pent up steam after days stuck indoors. despite the wet and cold spring, the flowers are blooming. big crowds came out, but it might not last long. this week's looking like a wet one. i hate to be the bearer of bad news there. >> people probably have saturday plans, have to be indoors. let's get an update. >> you said it, keith, not me. i'm just talking about sun for tomorrow, but, no, we have rain in the forecast for the weekend, unfortunately. right now, though, still really nice weather, and tomorrow, we have fantastic weather too. it's the weekend we are watching closely. the neighborhood weather scrolling on the bottom of the screen for you for new jersey,
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delaware, and pennsylvania. 70s and 60s in parts of south jersey, and that is where we start to find that shore wind starting to affect temperatures. so closer look at the new jersey neighborhoods, piney hallow at 68 degrees, vineland 69 with the onshore wind allowing areas cooler. if you go inland, it's 7 degrees, and closer to philadelphia you are, the more likely to be in the low 70s. medford at 73 degrees. that onshore wind moves in at least far enough inland to affect some temperatures, so that's what we're looking quite a bit a difference there. weather headlines, tomorrow is going to be a perfect day, and actually it's going to be better than today. we're going to have plenty of sun in the forecast, ands will be in the mid-70s.
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tomorrow, 76 degrees, sunny, and bethlehem at 76 tomorrow and sunny. 75 inville, and new jersey, tomorrow, glassboro at 74 degrees. along the shore, it's a little bit cooler, but galloway township at 72, and avlon in the mid 60s with sun, and dover 73 degrees tomorrow, and in wilmington, 74. nice way to end out the week, but going into the week, we have rain in the forecast, some of the rain is going to be heavy. take a look at future weather. we go into noon on saturday. you see rain in new jersey and delaware by 3:00 p.m. a lot of rain could be fairly heavy. we expect it through philadelphia and even further north and west. we'll watch that very closely for the first half of the weekend. sunday, we have showers around, and some sun in the forecast. those showers are going to linger.
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as we go into the weekend, we have rain. right now, we are dry. the rain we're watching, though, to move in through the weekend, that's around texas. that's this area right here around houston. that's going to bring us rain for saturday and sunday. a closer look at that weekend forecast coming up. prom is one of the milestones every high schooler should enjoy even if they have to be in the hospital. how patients get a prom to remember. >> a hundred years of age. >> can't forget the four months. a celebration for centenarians. coming up, the philadelphians who are proud members of the 100 years and up club.
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less than a month until delaware's fire fly music festival. today,ers unveiled the schedule for the four day event, kicks off thursday, june 16, headlines, kings of leon playing 90 minutes friday night, and mumford and sons begin the largest slot, two hours on sunday night, partially overlapping with major laser. >> you and john clark going? >> every single year, yeah. >> who are you looking forward to? >> mumford and sons. >> that'll be the best. >> no question. so this is amazing. when i heard this statistic, i could not believe it. in philadelphia, there's plrn
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500 people who are at least 100 years old. >> oh, the stories they could tell. we met a few of them. the olest woman to attend is 109 years old, and the eldest man is 103. of the seniors born in 1916, many go to work every day or some of them, rather, there's gardeners, avid readers, and map collectors, one is a navy man, says it was the best experience of his life. >> in the navy, it's wonderful. educational, and it's a life you'll never forget. >> the mayor also served cake. >> they looked great on the feet, moving around.
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>> now another leader in philadelphia wants a container tax. what it means and how it affects your wallet.
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both opponents and supporters have been make iing a lot of no over the proposed soda tax in philadelphia, and tonight, there's a new idea on the table, a city councilwoman says rather than taxing only soda, consumers should pay up on more drinks. >> nbc 10 lauren mayk is live in city hall. lauren, what's the reaction to this idea now? >> reporter: well, guys, as you might expect, it is mixed. i'll tell you one reason why this is happening, and that is in part of fairness factor. you know, some opponent of the soda tax, they say that this would primarily or more so affect low income residents so the idea of charging on more items is that it spreads out the pain, more people would pay no matter what you're buying, and it spreads that out. it also would raise less money. the mayor meets with soda tax supporters in the office thanking them for their help.
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there is a sign the debate over how to raise the money for pre-k is far from fizzing out. there's an idea of replacing the 3 cents tax on sugar ri drink and suggest a 15 cents container tax on beverages including water and juice and containers at least 7 ounces. >> casting the net wider means that it's shared sacrifice by so many more. >> reporter: so far, it's not won over the mayor who says his proposal gives people the choice of buying water or diet soda and not paying the tax. >> talking about defying logic, one hand it's a tax affecting poor people, and another is a container tax affecting poor people. >> reporter: the bottle tax was controversial. a store closed doors putting the
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blame on the bottle tax, a claim the mayor disputed. in philadelphia, the container tax would not include alcohol, milk, baby products, or fountain drinks burks targets more than the sugary stuff. >> what do you see to people who don't want to pay anything more at all? >> nothing is free in america, everything comes with a price. >> reporter: it's important to point out here that the idea of universal pre-k it's not up for daetd here. people do agree with that. the issue is how to pay for it. i reached out to the city baltimore to see what their experience with this has been, and they tell me that it raises $10.4 million every year, but they have smaller tax of 5 cents, and it has other differences now, the councilwoman proposing this estimates in philadelphia it would raise $64 million. the mayor, though, says it is not enough.
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>> we'll follow the developments, thank you. in the meantime, are budget cuts the blame to a school mechanic after a boiler exploded? that's what the union 15 saying today. chris was badly burned when a boiler exploded in january. he died from the injuries yesterday morning. his union, 32 bjseiu said in the statement today his death is, quote, a horrifying reminder that budget cuts cost lives, end quote. every boiler in public schools in the city have been inspected. two of the three students charged in the death of a high school student due to go to trial next month, charged with conspiracy. she died in a fight in the bathroom of howard high school of technology last month. a third girl is charged with criminally negligent homicide. >> we are inside the courtroom
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for the corruption trial of congressman fattah. today, a witness laid out how he used his power and paid his campaign debts. we are live now from outside the federal in philadelphia. >> reporter: yeah, that witness spoke for most of the day. testimony wrapped up. the latest witness to take the zand before the break, a man from quickbooks, the computer software company for the prosecution saying to the jury he believed that certain invoices' dates changed to reflect they were done months before than they actually were. earlier, a political operative, a man who says he mitts he took an illegal loan on behalf of the congressman. he says from the start, he knew he was breaking the law, and he says he was doing it for congressman fattah. he admits he took an illegal loan and used it to pay campaign
5:36 pm
related bills for the run for mayor, but told a mayor, fattah did not pay all campaign related bills, and said he never paid him for work he did on the campaign and pestered the congressman for the $95,000 he was owed. >> only after the campaign ended, he said he dbt have the money, and they created a plan for a nonprofit and sere millions and scored a project call the blue guardian. he says he started to go through with the plan, and eventually backed out, and, again, pushed the congressman to repay the debt. now, defense attorneys asked him multiple times if flrp any texts, e-mails, letters, anything to link this nonprofit or the loan to the congressman, and he repeatedly said all the conversations with the congressman were verbal. to shield the conman from all of
5:37 pm
this, he also said that he did take notes of some of the meetings. those were presented late today. live outside the federal courthouse, nbc 10 news. new jersey governor's joining the fight against addiction in the garden state. christie took part in the addiction forum this morning at jersey shore university medical center. christie said it's time to treat addiction like every other major disease and give patients the help they need. scientists at rutgers university playing a part in the search for a cure for the zika virus and asking for the public's help. researchers screen current drugs and millions of drug-like compounds against models of zika protein structures. the results will be shared with the public, and those with the most results will be tested, and more than 500 cases have been
5:38 pm
linked. and, finally, more sunshine today, even more sunshine tomorrow before a rainy weekend. the timing of that coming up. and it's the country's oldest ice cream brand with deep roots in philly, but who is buying the most of the summer time treat? it might surprise you. details ahead.
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tired of the waiting game going to the energy room? well, local health system is giving you the opportunity to know what the wait is before you go. partners at the philadelphia business journal says virtua health allows you to go online and check the wait time. the wait time remits average amount of time from registration to the examination by a medical profession professional. >> video of princeton
5:41 pm
university's dr. simon levin, one of 17 honored by president obama at the white house today. he and his peers awarded the national medal of science and technology. >> particular honor to receive this from president obama because of all he's done to deal with global environmental problems. >> he was recognized for work in environmental science, ecology, and applied mathematics. next at 5:00, the nbc 10 investigators look at modern day slavery, why it could be happening near you and why so few cases end up in court.
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hides in plain site and
5:44 pm
could be around us. >> we look into modern day slavery with george spencer. >> reporter: might encounter them at a hotel or where you shop or at your home. >> cleaning, cleaning, work, work, work. >> reporter: people forced to work, prevented from leaving, some living in sub standard conditions. >> trafficking takes place in secret, hides in plain sight, but facts happen in secret. >> reporter: hundreds of victims in our area, but very few cases end up in court. >> we really have what we call black home of enforcement of labor trafficking in the country. >> george spencer's with us now. tough to listen to that trafficking victims. what it's like to interview her? >> you guys know nothing like a firsthand account, and firsthand act in tonight's piece is powerful, speaking to a survivor brought to the united states from indonesia originally, told she would be a hotel waitress. when she came to the u.s., she
5:45 pm
trafficked up and down the i-95 corridor, really living her life as a prisoner. her account is very powerful. >> george, we hear about sex trafficking. this investigation focusing on labor trafficking, but there's been a big bomb shell case. >> one big case in the philadelphia area. the botsvana brother, a set of five brothers recruiting victims in the home country with promises the victims would live and work near the liberty bell. when the victims arrived here, it was another story. they ended up working as j janitors, rarely paid, enslaved by the traffickers. that is one example here locally. it's really an eye opening story tonight, compelling firsthand accountings, compelling major questions that people want to know about tonight at 11:00. >> george, thank you so much. right now at 5:00, effort to raise awareness about organ
5:46 pm
donations. michael oh brian joined by transplant recipients and donors today at gift of life headquarters in philadelphia. someone dies every 18 hours while waiting, and everyone can join the fight to help those in need. >> we could end the wait and take a moment and at the station on online to fill out a donor's cord. this month's representative will be at the at&t station at the broad street line signing people up. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with sheena parvine. >> this is the weather many of us have been waiting for, especially that person on the jet ski, enjoying the warm weather on water and sailing on the delaware river as well as jet skiing, a great day for that
5:47 pm
with the lighter winds around, and tomorrow will be evener. if you like today's weather, get ready tomorrow. right now, we're looking at all the cameras from delaware, lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs, and philadelphia. there's more sun than we've seen lately. warming temperatures in the low 70s. that's what we have currently. 66, though, in new jersey with an onshore wind. pennsylvania suburbs have some 60s in there too, and some may be due to just a change in elevation in some spots, we have exton at 71, degrees, and phoenixville at 71 degrees. collegeville at 75 degrees. we have some warmer spots on the map in montgomery and bucks county, but we have cooler sections like st. davids at 68 degrees. we look at fort washington, newhope township all coming in in the low 70s. comfortable today with all the
5:48 pm
sunshine. it's going to stay even better tomorrow. also with the new neighborhood weather, seven-day forecast is scrolling on the bottom of the screen for you. nice and dry in the area. this is a look at the radar. no rain headed our way tomorrow, but come the weekend, this is the area that we're watching. it's down around texas and right now, it's starting to organize. it's going to be pulling in a lot of gulf moisture, a developing area of low pressure, and eventually saturday morning it makes its way across the country bringing us rain for the start of the weekend. future weather looking at friday afternoon. 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sun, temperatures in the mid-70s, perfect spring day, cloudy when you wake up, saturday morning, rain to the south, that moves in through the morning saturday, and now we're looking at saturday afternoon, and especially if you're in new jersey and delaware, expect heavy rain. also, windy conditions, and we're going to see rain last through the afternoon hours and even into the evening. by sunday, we'll see things
5:49 pm
gradually improve. breaks of sun, but we expect showers to come back later in the day sunday as realm. we'll watch for that. tomorrow, though, looking really good, so here's the nice sunny spring forecast before the rainy weekend. 75 for friday in hammonton. by the shore, cooler like today. in trenton, 74 the high tomorrow as well as norristown, and philadelphia coming in at 76 degrees, and we look at delaware, mid to low 70s, harr,ington at 73 degrees, and lansdale at 73 and easton in the mid-70s. everyone sees sunshine for your friday. at least that'll set us up for the week, but the weekend is going to come with rain. here's a close look at that forecast. saturday, for pennsylvania suburbs, philadelphia, lehigh valley, south jersey, along the
5:50 pm
shore and delaware, temperatures will be a lot cooler than tomorrow. we will see rain, heaviest in and delaware and by sunday, the rain stays in the forecast. >> thank you. lester holt joining us now from new york. >> what's coming up on "nightly news"? >> our team in place from paris to cairo for coverage of the egyptian air disaster and why focus on possibility of a bomb and why that could be a frightening game changer. hillary clinton's singing rebuke of trump, we have that, and richard's interview with an american who joined sis. that's at 6:30 on nightly news. back to you. >> thanks, see you then. it's one of the milestones, attending your high school prom, and whether you had ha good or not, you liked your dress, your tux, it's something you don't forget. >> certainly. tonight, the patience and families in the hospital have that experience, the 10th annual
5:51 pm
patient prom. stylists came in to help with makeup and hair, and then the walk down the red carpet. >> tonight's about a night that you forget where you are. you forget that you're in a children's hospital. you smile. >> the actual dance starts at. we wish them all the best. it's the country's oldest ice cream brand, bassetts, starting here in philadelphia. >> don't talk about ice cream now, i'm starving. some flavors are green tea, mango, and where they can't scoop enough of it after the break. coming up at 6:00, a huge economic blow, employees across the country about to get laid off. the details ahead.
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches
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on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. what does philadelphia have to offer china? more than you think. right now, small businesses in the region are selling their products. >> as learn this week, one local is already proving that going global can mean success. ♪ >> bassetts ice cream founded in 1861, making us america's oldest ice cream brand. >> reporter: a tradition alive and well, and it was mike's
5:55 pm
great, great grandfather, louis basett, who started the business and set up shop at the terminal market. >> we're the last remaining original market, and this marble counter was here when it opened. >> reporter: the counter the same, but the reach has grown, globally. developing flavors like macadamia nut, mango, specifically for the china market, but they are popular here as well. >> try that. >> okay, thanks. >> reporter: eight years ago when bassetts beginning to export the frozen treat to a distributor in china, the sales accounting for 20% of the business. >> it's all about economic growth and jobs. >> reporter: linda, the world trade center of greater philadelphia considers them a success story for the non-profit membership based organization. the world trade center helped bassetts as well as other
5:56 pm
businesses navigate the waters of global exporting through experienced trade counselors. >> they can analyze their business, find the right markets, the right strategy, and the resources, whether it's financial support orring thing or legal or tax information that is helpful to them. >> reporter: how much of this do you eat? >> i hate the green tea, i'm a butter scotch vanilla. >> tough assignment there. >> his favorite was the butter scotch. what do you think is the best in the u.s.? >> the vanilla. >> it is. green tea overseas, they get a lot of people who order green tea here, but vanilla, tried and true. >> i hope there's bassetts in the news room, you brought it back? yeah. ate it all? i can't believe it. >> you know, nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here we go. >> thanks for those samples.
5:57 pm
>> i loved iced tea. >> grabs a bite and a drink in old city is easier. new details on the parking plan close to the ben franklin bridge. join the sun while it lasts. outdoor plans this weekend, yeah, you want to hear the neighborhood weather forecast. hashtag is spreading, g money strong, uplifting messages for a boy seriously injured next at 6:00.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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right now at 6:00, a jogger attacked by a man who jumped out of the woods. he tossed her to the ground, but she fought back, and tonight, the search for the park preda r predator. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rose rosenfield. a woman went for a jog around 9:00 in camden county. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter was first on the scene. i know there was a huge police response. the attacker still managed to get away, though. >> reporter: that's right. he did. he's not yet been caught. i can tell you his description is vague. that's because the victim did not get a good look at him, and police say because her cell phone was knocked out of her hands into the woods, she had no way of immediately dialing for
6:00 pm
help. >> i have my grandchildren riding their bikes through there, and worries me. >> reporter: residents are shaken. after a 30-year-old woman manages to break free from a horrifying ordeal. police say she never saw the attacker approach, coming out of the woods from behind her. >> an unknown male graped her, attempted to sexual assault her, threw her to the ground. she fought him off. >> reporter: fought hard and rap to the car, frightened and alone without a cell phone and without an immediate call to 911, the suspect got a head start. >> he's gone. they didn't get him. by the time she got here, calmed down enough to find someone to call us, there was between a ten and 40 minute delay. >> reporter: dozens of police from five downs, dogs, and a police chopper responded immediately. it was carefully canvassed. >> it's thick woods, he could be hiding under a log there.


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