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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tribute to philly music legend with a special focus on the city of brotherly love. plus this. >> this plane was blown out of the sky. if anybody doesn't think this was blown out of the sky your 100% wrong. >> donald trump blames terrorism for an air crash. a burglary verging on disaster when a suspect cuts a gas line and nearly causes a home to explode. good evening. >> police say the suspect is lucky he didn't blow up the entire block when he broke into a home this morning. as brandon hudson found out police say this was not the only home he targeted. >> that's where the drains were over here. >> reporter: the homeowner showed us where someone broke into his home a few days ago and
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stole his waterline made of copper. he bought the home last week and now can't stay there. >> no water and no electric so i have contractors coming out to do that for me. >> reporter: the homeowner said the suspect broke through this window. he cut through this wire and pipe. police believe this guy did the crime. officers arrested him today after the 22-year-old broke into another house on north reid avenue this morning and cut the gas line. >> it appears that he mistakenly thought it was a waterline and it was the gas line and the gas line was live. >> reporter: neighbors told us they smelled natural gas outside. >> i was concerned. >> reporter: she says she saw police and firefighters outside her neighbor's home. they opened the doors and windows to air the odors out. >> if the heater would have sparked, we would have
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definitely lost that house and probably the two or three houses next to that house. >> it's definitely relieving knowing that he's not going to be in the neighborhood anymore. >> reporter: police say he broke into another home on the same street looking for copper. he faces charges including burglary and creating widespread disaster and destruction. in new jersey i'm brandon hudson. with this just in, nbc 10 has learned a delaware high school student has been shot and killed. >> he attend a school where a student died following a shooting last month. there was a message on the school's website saying a ninth grade student was shot this afternoon in the 900 block. he was taken to the hospital where he died. counselors will be available at the school tomorrow. to guns in school. police arrested a middle school student today after they found a
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gun inside the student's locker. that weapon was found inside penwood middle school. the gun was never visible and no one was threatened. firefighters on the scene of this house fire tonight. it broke out before 6:00 at the intersection of 26th and kramer street. three squatters were taken to the hospital. investigators say a firefighter suffered minor burns. everyone is expected to be okay. a philadelphia man is accused of impersonating a police officer a year after he recorded himself pretending to a fire marshal. police sources say he got into an argument outside his house last night and told neighbors he was a police officer. they responded by getting another neighbor an off duty philadelphia police officer. when that officer came to help he allege lee threatened him with a gun. this youtube video of him went viral last year.
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he flashed a badge and id claiming to a be fire marshal which turned out to be false. he did not face criminal charges in that incident. ships and planes are searching an area where it is believed an egyptair jet has crushed. data suggests there was some sort of explosion on board the plane. the airbus with 66 people aboard including three security agents vanished from radar on a flight from paris to cairo yesterday. egyptian authorities are suggesting it was an acts of terror. so far there's no claim of responsibility. donald trump says there's no doubt terrorists are to blame for the egyptair crash. the presumptive gop nominee held rallies tonight.
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nbc's 10 takes us inside one fund raiser. >> reporter: this wasn't like the massive trump rallies we've seen so far this season that's because people had to pay to get in. people with big smiles on their faces was chris christie. >> we never make a mistake by standing with your friend and donald trump is my friend. >> reporter: governor christie welcomed donald trump to the stage with a handshake and hug of thanks. >> chris paid off his entire campaign debt tonight, right? his entire debt. chris you can't even give them a table with a seat, that's terrible. >> reporter: trump could not resist make ag joke at his former primary's opponents expense but he went on to call christie a great governor and ticked off several accomplishments. trump found plenty of support inside. >> i love him. i love everything about him. he's honest. he talks like us. >> reporter: but earlier when
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his chopper came in to land dozens of protesters pushed back the barricades. >> i am representing the disenfranchisement of women through his speech and actions. >> reporter: back inside trump addressed the news of the day saying he would be stronger on national security than hillary clinton. >> a plane got blown out of the sky. if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong folks. >> reporter: trump asked his supporters to make sure they vote in the june 7th primary. the governor said it should be new jersey that helps trump officially clench the nomination. the victims of the gay bashing attack nearly two years ago are suing the three people who were criminally charged in that case. the lawsuit against the three suspects is seeking compensation for the victims' medical expenses. two men were left with facial cuts and broken bones. after the attack back in september of 2014.
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two pleaded guilty and one was convicted after taking her case to trial. now at 11:00 forced to work and prevented from leaving. it's modern day slavery. tonight the investigators ask who is protecting those hiding in plain sight. six years ago philadelphia was the epicenter of an international labor trafficking bust. >> records indicate the problem persists but investigators discov discover top prosecutors have not taken a case to trial since then. >> i didn't have a place to stay
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so i slept on that box. >> reporter: even homelessness, sleeping on a park bench was a step up from the terror she escaped, terror that lingers. >> it is in my mind. it will not go away. >> reporter: she came to the united states from indonesia in 2001 to work as a hotel waitress. but starting the day she arrived she says a different reality took shape. forced sex work and forced labor mostly cleaning homes. she still hears her traffickers commands. >> clean, do that, do this, clean it, clean it. >> reporter: clean it, clean it. >> work, work, work. >> reporter: cases like this are likely happening right before our eyes right now. in this home in the early 2000s these brothers housed young victims recruited with promises of a chance to live near the liberty bell.
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these guys were known there. >> yes. >> reporter: prosecutors say when victims arrived they slept on old dirty mattresses and were rarely paid and ate out of a common pot sitting on the floor. >> you could hear a opinipin dr when they described what happened to them. >> reporter: they worked as janitors in major chain stores like walmart and target seen by many of us and hidden by the routine nature of their work. >> trafficking hides in plain sight but the facts happen in secret. >> reporter: those secrets make it difficult to track. since 2012 advocates identified 78 cases of labor trafficking in pennsylvania and 61 cases in new jersey and four in delaware. many of the victims worked in domestic services or hospital talty like house keepers at hote hotels, in construction, restaurants and in agricultural ranging from lawn service to
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farm work. but philadelphia has seen no labor trafficking prosecutions since then. >> we have black hole enforcements. >> reporter: colleen has studied labor trafficking and interviewed victims including some from our region. so the nbc 10 investigators took her claim directly to the top. >> we haven't had as much success as i oo would like. >> reporter: the manager is the eastern attorney for pennsylvania. he acknowledges every one of us has encountered a victim somewhere in the philadelphia region but most victims stay quiet because of language barriers, mistrust of law enforcement and fear of their trafficke traffickers. >> we have a dedicated group of agents working hard to investigate and prosecute these cases. >> why has it been so hard to bring them to trial then.
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>> i think the reality is it comes back to you have to identify the victims. >> reporter: based on the interviews he believes many victims are willing to testify than prosecutors claim but she says it's up to the public to ask who is serving our food and working at our hotels or cleaning our homes. >> the more you point to the perpetrator, the more you're sort of pointing back to yourself because you're a part of this. >> reporter: so her escape came at this brooklyn home climbing through a screwed shut window. her nightmare has become her mission as she now advocates for other victims. >> this issue is our problem. whether you know, you don't know, this is our responsibility. >> reporter: four of the five brothers are in federal prison serving terms up to 20 years and what can you do? keep an eye out for people who have no contact with friends or
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family, homes with inhuh main living conditions and any worker with excessive or unusual hours. the fbi says all could be indications of trafficking. for the investigators george spencer nbc 10 news. now, they say they won't be controlled by fear. how some south jersey kids are proving that tonight after a jogger was attacked in their favorite park this morning. plus an nbc 10 exclusive. >> we're breaking news about this summer's wawa festival. if you liked today you're going to love tomorrow. the weekend not exactly like we'll see tomorrow. different forecast for saturday and sunday. i'll show you that coming up.
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south jersey jogger is
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recovering after she fought after an attacker. she was jogging in the park when a man attacked her from behind and tried to sexually assault her. she wasn't able to get a good description of her attacker who is still on the loose tonight. despite today's attempted assault there, the sixth annual scholarship run to fight cancer went on as planned at the park. this is video where people say they will not live in fear. nearly 500 runners and walkers turned out tonight. exclusive details tonight about the summer's wawa welcome america festival present by comcast. the eight day event will be focussed on philly with features that make it family friendly and free. we get a sneak peek of what to expect. >> reporter: this promises to be fun for the whole family like
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you've never seen before. picture this, right now i'm standing on the main stage and this entire ben franklin park way is your free playground during the festival. for the first time the blueprints unveiled for the biggest concert in america and what better place to celebrate the fourth from the park way across our city of brotherly love to independence hall. >> this building and philadelphia have been the global headliners of what we have brought to the world. >> reporter: the president and ceo says here it's all about philly's rich history. there will be free admission to city museums and free movie screenings and the free independence day parade. ready for the icing on the cake, sound of philadelphia, a huge announcement expect five hours of nonstop music starting at
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5:00 on july 4th. every performer this year with ties to philly. >> eight days of fun. you're going to find something that you're going to love. >> reporter: including a broadway break out star. the musical hamilton's will perform and serve as mc. they will be contributes with performances by a handful of performe performers, a total of 350. that's about 100 hours of free fun for the whole family. can't get here? no problem. nbc 10 and telemundo are about you and we're going to bring you every moment of theest festival whether you're at home or the picnic in the palm of your hand with the nbc 10 app and for the first time it will be broadcast in spanish. of course, three nights of jaw dropping fire works with a grand finale at 10:00 p.m. presented
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by comcast. that's an hour earlier than ever before. it's all family fun and all eight days are free and more accessible than ever. i'm keith jones. a charter school in philadelphia honored vice president david cohen tonight. the award recognizes his efforts to close the digital divide through comcast's program. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. the man responsible for breaking baseballs color barrier. signed contracts will be on display at the national constitution center. robinson played ten seasons for the brooklyn dodgers was elected to the hall of fame in 1962. the exhibit runs until june 5th. to our weather and it is finally feeling like spring.
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people enjoying the warm and dry night. no umbrellas and no rain gear in sight but we are tracking the possibility of some heavy rain for the weekend. >> let's go to the meteorologist for the forecast. that's right. but first we have more sunshine tomorrow and more dry conditions so you don't need your umbrella for this friday coming up tomorrow. it's going to be a perfect spring day. if you liked today, you will really love tomorrow so let's go ahead and look at your friday forecast in the afternoon tomorrow. sunny skies, look at these high temperatures. 76 in reading. it's going to be a perfect day tomorrow. pennsylvania suburbs is 76. clear skies in the afternoon in philadelphia. 75 degrees and if you're in new jersey the suburbs there glasgow
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74 and trenton 74 and along the sure a little cooler. avlon still along the shore you're going to be in the 60s but still a beautiful day. in delaware 75. 74 in wilmington. at the bottom of the screen is your seven day forecast is always going to be skrolg there for you. once we get past tomorrow we have rain in the forecast for the weekend. it is going to be heavy at times. look at future weather. now we're looking at saturday. you will be waking up to overcast skies and the further south you are you could be waking up so rain. heavy rain around washington by saturday morning and then we go through the early afternoon. it's an area of low pressure moving offshore and that's going to bring in heavy rainfall. especially in new jersey and delaware you have the best chance of seeing heavy rain and windy conditions. the rain will be through the philadelphia area too. we're still going to keep the rain in the forecast there.
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now we're looking at saturday evening, 8:00 p.m. that rain is still around. by sunday we'll start to see it taper off a little bit more. by the end of your weekend we'll have showers around. i think we could see some redevelop sunday afternoon but we will see a break in sunshine for sunday. so definitely the better day out of the weekend. right now nice and dry but if you look around texas and this is what we're watching to develop into that area of low pressure to give us rain through the weekend i was talking about. that's going to gain a lot of gulf moisture before it gets here and that's going to give us that rainy weekend forecast. here is a look at your weekend forecast. philadelphia, 59 degrees and rain if you're in pennsylvania subur subur suburbs. the heaviest rain in new jersey and delaware. sunday afternoon the heavy showers could come back in.
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i'm john clark. the phillys are a game back in the division. they opened the series with one of the worst baseball teams of all time. the braves lost tonight. they are 10 in 30. the foundation helps kids through free baseball camps and clinic. the phillys have been red hot. the team's success can be attributed to their chemistry. >> i think it has everything to do with it. it shows the makeup of our players. we consider that we we acquire players within we want people
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that have a good strong work ethic. these guys love to play and they cheer for each other and it's a pleasure to manage them. >> pete's done a great job. the number one pick they're going to choose between ben simmons and brett i think gram. he says he sees a little lebron james and magic johnson in ben. he does not like the perception that ben didn't give it his all in his freshman season. i think he's leaning towards ben sim mons here. >> i think to look at him in a vacuum and assess that seven months at college is not fair i don't think that's accurate. i've known the family for many years and ben since he was born. it's very unusual you couldn't make this story up. to have him end up possibly the first player chosen and us being in a position to select that. >> that says it all.
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ben simmons would like this. bennie logan and former lsu pitcher could ben simmons be next. you heard of the social media sensations they've set a world record. this is a shot from the top of a tower in oklahoma city. that's an elevation of 533 feet, nothing but net. athe previous record was 117 feet. a lot of time for the summer to try to beat that record. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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such a beautiful day tomorrow. everyone is going to call out sick for work. >> probably. it is the day to do it because tomorrow is beautiful and perfect. the weekend not so much. look at the forecast. our ten day outlook 76 degrees
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tomorrow and sunny. i would call that a perfect spring day. saturday and sunday rain across the weekend but next week we're back in the 80s. >> i feel a cough coming on. >> i'm going to be late. >> me too. good night.
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