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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 20, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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degrees. up 16 degrees in just three hours time. we're headed for the 70s this afternoon. and looks like it will be upper 70s for much of the area. philadelphia, warming to 78 degrees. 75 for the suburbs and up to 77 degrees in new jersey. interior new jersey, even at the shore, into the low 70s today. look at the lehigh valley and delaware. plenty of sunshine. there are cloudless skies this morning. but this is going to get a big change over the weekend. satellite and radar tracking some wet weather for saturday and into sunday. but you don't have to worry about it today. temperatures will be climbing. right now 57 degrees at the airport but look at the 40s in interior new jersey. there's a little bit of a chill in the air. we'll fix that this afternoon. go through the futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. give you a better idea of when the rain will move in tomorrow. jessica boyington has you covered with the roads. >> we're watchingç 95 right no. this is approaching the
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philadelphia international airport. you can see it over in the distance here. no big problems or delays. construction projects that may tie you up, if you have a catch a flight later on this morning. everything is looking great on 95. we're also watching out in warminster, that tractor-trailer accident route 263, that's york road, is closed between bristol road and meyer way. not a lot of big delays in the area right now. traffic is being diverted around the scene. you can take those alternates or take old york road that runs parallel next to the scene. that's one of the closest roadways that will get you by. over in newark, delaware, on 95, the construction is closing the ramp from 95 southbound to 896, exit 1. the schuylkill expressway watching construction here as well. expect lane closures. all week we've had the right lane closed. now the left lane is closed no problems into center city eastbound from the blue route to the vine. today will be an emotional day for students and staff at a high school in wilmington.
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a ninth grader was shot and killed last night. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the howard high school of technology in wilmington to explain why this is not the first tragedy for that school community. katy? >> this is the second tragedy in less than a month, tracy, to hit the students and the faculty here. a ninth grade boy was shot and killed yesterday just blocks away from the school from where i'm standing. this happened in downtown wilmington. we do have cell phone video of police responding to the scene on the 900 block of clifford brown walk. the student has not yet been named. we learned he was shot in the head. he's the second howard high school technology student to be killed in less than a month. you'll remember last month in late april, 16-year-old amy joyner-francis died after a fight with classmates in a bathroom inside the school. the principal posted a statement on the school's website yesterday saying the boy was taken to nearby christiana hospital after the shooting where he was pronounced dead.
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today, we have learned that in just a few hours, grief counselors will be here at the school to speak with students as the school day begins. we're also trying to learn from police when some of the detectives get in later this morning, if the shooter has been caught and what the circumstances are that led up to yesterday's deadly shooting. we'll keep you posted. reporting live in wilmington, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. it's 4:33. police in delaware county arrested a middle school student after they found a gun inside the student's locker. authorities found the weapon inside penn wood middle school in darby. officials conducted a locker search after rumors circulated after a fight outside the school the day before. that's when the weapon was found. police in camden county arrested a burglar after they said his mistake could have blown up a house and neighboring houses as well. investigators in runnemede say the burglary suspect has broken into several homes looking for
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copper water pipes. he pulled a gas line in his latest burglary. after he left, neighbors smelled natural gas. they called police and fire crews to air out the home because they say theç homeowne was out of town. the chief says if police got there later, it could have been a disaster. >> the sump pump would have kicked on again or if the heater would have sparked we would have lost that house and probably two or three houses next to that house. >> they say he's also link to two other home break-ins on the same street. this morning, a man who attacked a jogger in camden county is still on the loose. police say the woman was jogging in berlin park in berlin borough yesterday morning when a man grabbed her from behind and tried to sexually assault her. she managed to break free. she ran and locked herself in her car. she alerted another jogger who dialed 911 for help. unfortunately she wasn't able to
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get a good description of her attacker and he got away. despite the attempted assault, the sixth annual scholarship run to fight cancer went on as planned in the park last night. this is cell phone video of the nearly 500 runners and walkers who participated in the event. berlin borough officials say they won't live in fear. today temple university will celebrate the life of its 7th president, peter leacoras. he passed away at the age of 85. he was president of the college from 1982 to 2000. when he retired, the leacoras center was renamed in his honor. for philadelphia city council, the question on the table is exactly which items they should tax to raise much needed options. ahead, we take a closer look at the proposed container tax and
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how it would impact you. also, next -- ♪ a night to remember. may is prom season but ahead we'll explain why this is far from your ordinary evening spring event.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking on your first alert traffic. we're watching mt. laurel, new jersey right now. this is route 73 around 295. not a lot of cars in the area. roads are dry. everything looks good. no big backups or construction projects in place there. we're moving over to warminster. still watching that tractor-trailer accident. it's closing york road, 263 between bristol road and meyer way. the alternate is to take old york road or follow the detour through the area. not a lot of traffic out there. the stotesbury regatta is
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closing kelly drive betwe. here's 78 over in the lehigh valley. this is right around lehigh street. no big problems in either direction. traffic moving along. a little more cars out there, though. we'll check in with more of your majors when i'm back in the next ten. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. clear skies and cooling down in the 40s for delaware. you'll see lots of sunshine, a beautiful day. this is a live view from frawley stadium. completely dry today. but that is going to change over the weekend. look at the temperatures. the airport is the warm spot. that's really an aberration, 50 degrees in trenton, 40s for vineland and monday.holly. coatesville at 55 degrees this morning. the temperatures, some areas are running cooler, allentown and wilmington, down by 6 degrees. it's 2 degrees warmer in philadelphia compared to yesterday. this is the difference you get
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without the clouds. cloud cover will keep us warmer. it's completely clear in new jersey. vineland, 10 degrees cooler this morning. the wind has calmed down. clear skies, light to little or no wind or very dry air, which we have this morning, that's when the temperatures really get cool. 44 degrees in vineland. there are chilly spots around. we will see plenty of sunshine today and a nice warmup, too. satellite and the radar shows no activity just yet. but there's rain for the weekend and the heaviest i'm expecting to be in delaware and south jersey. though philadelphia and the suburbs will get their share as well. sunshine today, 57 degrees to start çwith. look at those sunny skies. an a big warmup, in spite of a northerly wind which tends to be a cooling wind, a light wind at noontime, 5 mile-an-hour breeze, into the middle 70s by 2:00 this afternoon. bright, sunny skies also for the suburbs. the sunshine will be warming things into the 70s by lunch
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time. and then well into the 70s, just a very light breeze in the suburbs. we have the lehigh valley warms into the 70s by also noontime. right now it's chilly at 47 degrees. you see that northerly wind there. it will be light in the lehigh valley as well. a few thin clouds yesterday around. sunny skies today. 57 degrees by 8:00. that's a quick warmup from 46 degrees right now. 71 degrees at noontime. into the middle 70s by 4:00 this afternoon. just a light breeze in new jersey. at the shore, nothing but sunshine today. and this tends to stay a little bit cooler as you know, the ocean water is still on the cool side. we'll see a quick warmup, 67 degrees at lunch time and then i expect it to hit 70 degrees on the boardwalk this afternoon. and still be warming by late this afternoon. that's 4:00 today. delaware, yes, you'll get sunshine, too. 48 degrees now, 66 at 10:00. by noontime, 71 degrees. and into the middle 70s this
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afternoon. that's today. the seven-day forecast, though, shows it is changing for the weekend. i'll show you how long the rain is going to last when i'm back with the extended futurecast. tracy? >> 4:42. progress after decades of complaints. people living here along north 50th street in west philadelphia have hated this crumbling boarded up eye sore. ahead, hear why it's now finally being torn down.
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philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett can add another honor to his list of tributes. the latest one is from city council. >> it's very nice to be recognized an we greatly appreciate it. i thank you very much, city council. >> the council honored hartnett yesterday. he's still recovering from being shot three times while sitting in his patrol car. over the past few months we've watched hartnett undergo surgeries, threw out the first pitch at a phillies game and propose to his fiance.
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he was shot at point blank range. three bullets went through his arm edward archer is accused of ambushing the officer. the noifl is returning more than $700,000 that was paid for teams for what are being called military tributes. the funds came out of the armed forces budget. the public tributes were men the to serve as recruitment advertising for the military. critics cause the practice paid patriotism. oklahoma could become the first state in the country to effectively ban abortions. the oklahoma senate passed a bill yesterday criminalizing abortion. it would take away the medical license of any doctor who performs one. the bill sponsor says the ultimate goal is to challenge and perhaps overturn the 1973 row v. wade decision that legalized abortion.
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oklahoma's republican governor who opposes abortion won't comment on whether she will sign the bill until her staff has time to review it. morley safer died yesterday just a week after stepping away from the job he loved. >> i find it very odd but i really don't like being on television. it makes any uneasy. >> the 84-year-old's death comes just days after "60 minutes" aired a tribute to him for his decades on the air. safer joined the broadcast in 1970 and announced his retirement just last week. his career captured several awards including 12 emmys. wildlife officials in one part of new castle county will be on the lookout for another bear sighting. the bear was spotted along the pomeroy trail in newark around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a worker with the city took video of the animal. skyforce 10 was over the scene shortly after the sighting. police and wildlife officials
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were in the area but weren't able to track down the bear. it's the latest in a slew of recent bear sightings in ourç area. imagine coming face to face with a bear when rung a triathl triathlon. they encountered mother bear and her two cubs. one of the cubs takes a detour toward a surprisingly calm runner. the trio and athletes go their separate ways. the encounter ended peacefully. pool season is coming up fast. a new report is focusing on the health and safety risks of swimming. thousands of public pools and hot tubs are shut down each year because of violations that could make people sick. its report shows 80% of inspections found at least one violation. one out of every eight inspections resulted in immediate closure. the worst offenders, kiddie and wading pools where one in every five were closed. the cdc recommends using a
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test strip to check ph and chlorine levels. also check drain covers and confirm a lifeguard is always on duty. 4:48 right know. let's check your ride to work including conditions along 422 where first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington begins her report. jessica? >> that's right, tracy. 422 around trooper road. no big problems really in either direction. we're taking a look at this drive time. a two-minute delay. not really a delay headed eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. this is typically a seven-minute trip or so. no big backups on to trooper road. westbound we usually don't see much of a delay in the morning. moving over into delaware, newark actually. there's construction, a ramp closure, 95 southbound to route 896 around exit 1 and not too far away, another ramp closure in delaware, route 13 the on ramp to 295 southbound is also closed.
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we're moving over into new jersey. the white house pike around berlin cross keys road. no problems around or through the intersection or delays. i'll be back in the next ten with more updates on your morning drive. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> live view from along the banks of the schuylkill river. getting ready for the stotesbury. there always seems to be rain around. unfortunately it's in time for the weekend. the rain will be moving in, especially rainy on saturday. this morning, clear, look at the 40s for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, delaware, the jersey shore, interior new jersey while there's 50s in philadelphia. you can see some in chester county as well, west bradford township is 53 degrees. middle 40s for many other spots. kennett square, 45 degrees. collegeville down to 42 right now. 41 in ft. washington, warrenton and newtown in the low 50s.
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some cool spots to start with. lots of sunshine today to warm us into the upper 70s this afternoon. a bought fill day today with nothing but sunshine. the rain that's coming in, we'll see good rainfall especially with delaware and south jersey. it has a ways to go. making progress. yesterday this rain was over texas. it's part ofç the system that will be bringing us the showers as we go for the weekend. futurecast showing, well, at 2:30 this afternoon, you can see that rain falling into the area or pushing towards our area. that's 11:00 tonight. still outside of our region but the clouds will start moving in during the late evening hours and then here comes the rain tomorrow morning. may get a dry start on saturday. but that changes in a big way. by late morning, the rain will be falling in south jersey. steadier rainfall, possibly moderate to heavy rainfall in delaware. as we go into the afternoon hours, look at that rain coming down in the area. the interior conditions on saturday but the heaviest due in
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the afternoon will start to clear to the northeast by 9:30 saturday night. and then even farther to the north by early sunday morning, we'll start to see breaks in the precipitation. but there's still a chance of showers on sunday. but also a chance of a few breaks of sunshine. but it's not going to be a great weekend for outdoor activity. so today take advantage of it. lots of sunshine. 78 degrees this afternoon. here comes the rain for tomorrow, saturday, may get a dry start. the steadier rain during the afternoon and into the evening hours. by sunday there's still a chance of showers. might see a break or two of sunshine and will be warmer on sunday. it's in the low 60s on saturday, 71 degrees on sunday and a rainy monday. by tuesday, we're getting a dry spell and a much warmer spell next week, wednesday, thursday, friday into next weekend. the temperatures into the 80s. tracy? >> look at those temperatures, bill. thanks. may means prom season and
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for the kids at children's hospital of philadelphia, it's a time to dress up and strut their stuff down the red carpet. ♪ and to let loose on the dance floor. the hospital held its tenth annual prom last night. the kids were joined by family members and hospital staff. the day began early for the kids. they picked out the perfect dress and tux and stylists came to help with make-up and hair. >> you forget where you are. you forget you're in a children's hospital and you smile. >> we hope all the kids had a great time. certainly looks like they did. crumbling bricks, rotted wood and decades of complaints. neighbors on one west philadelphia street have fought to have this eye sore demolished. next, hear the wild reason it's now being knocked down. student rowers from high schools across the country converge on the schuylkill. next in a live report, we
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preview this week's stotesbury regatta.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. we're watching route 309 right now. this is right around the pa turnpike. this is what a lot of our majors look like this morning with no big problems in either direction. fridays are typically one of our lighter days of travel. it doesn't mean it will stay this way. updates when i'm back in the 5:00 hour. happening today, a philadelphia city council committee will hold a public hearing on the heroin epidemic. members will discuss the effects of heroin abuse and develop strategies to address the problem. nbc 10's denise nakano and web team members vince lattanzio will testify. city council will present them with a resolution thanking them for their coverage of the issue. our team will also show a portion of the generation
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addicted series to the committee members. you can see it right now on and on the nbc 10 app. meantime, new jersey governor chris christie is joining the fight against opioid addiction in his state. he participated in the scientific american opioid addiction forum at new jersey medical center yesterday. christie says it's time to start treating addiction like every other major disease and give patients the help they need. vultures lurk in a west philadelphia neighborhood could soon be flying elsewhere thanks to a demolition project. here's the story. neighbors blame the buzzards on this dilapidated home on north 50th street. crews finally arrived yesterday to begin demolition. >> you walk in theç house, you could hear the vultures, the noise, you could hear them scratching and after they're in there for a while, you can hear the debris falling from the house from them standing on it.
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>> taxes have not been paid on that property in nearly 20 years. this morning, we have more details about an alternative to philadelphia's proposed soda tax. the so-called container tax was introduced by a counselman yesterday. it would add a 15 cent tax to beverage containers no matter what's inside. the container tax would not include alcohol, milk, baby products or fountain drinks. mayor jim kenney opposes the idea saying it won't raise enough money to fund universal pre-k and other city improvements that his soda tax will. happening today, a big day for the city of philadelphia and nbc 10. wawa welcome america will officially announce details about this summer's festival. >> june 27th through july 4th there will be 350 performers in for the entire family. we got a sneak peek from the
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president and ceo. he tells us there will be five hours of nonstop music starting earlier at 5:00 on july 4th. there will be a high energy celebration that day. every performer will have ties to philadelphia this year. there will be tributes to kenny gamble and leon huff. they're legendary and leslie odom jr. from the musical "hamilton" will perform and serve as emcee. >> eight days of absolute fun. if you're a millennial to a baby boomer you'll find something that you're going to love. >> of course there will be three nights of jaw-dropping fireworks. you can't get downtown that day? >> no problem. we have you covered. >> that's what i'm talking about. nbc 10, telemundo 62 will bring you every moment of the festival whether you're at home or a picnic. see it all with the nbc 10 app. >> we are all so very excited about that entire week as you're saying. >> it will be a big, big deal. you're watching nbc 10 news.
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"nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now an "nbc 10 news today," a high school student shot and killed in new castle county. we'll tell you the connection between that killing and another teenager's death in wilmington. the search continues. crews are back over the mediterranean sea, looking for that egyptair plane that crashed into the water. here's a live look this morning along kelly drive. the second weekend in a row, the schuylkill river will play host to a popular regatta. hear how the weekend weather may impact that. don't want to think about that right now. sounds ominous. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center and let's think about today. >> good idea. >> okay, good. >> it will be beautiful.
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chilly start, look atç the 40s for much of the area, the suburbs, new jersey, down to 43 degrees in interior new jersey. 45 degrees in the lehigh valley. just in the upper 40s in delaware. this is a live view from wilmington. you can see a few, thin clouds moving through. we're getting closer to sunrise. we'll see bright sunshine today. look at the warmup. 49 now. 58 degrees at 7:00. 69 degrees and still climbing at 10:00. we'll be well into the 70s this afternoon. a big warmup and a beautiful day today with temperatures climbing into the middle 70s for the lehigh valley for delaware. interior new jersey, 77 degrees this afternoon. even the low 70s along the coast. and for philadelphia, 78 degrees with sunny skies. sunshine today but there is some wet weather ahead for tomorrow. i've got your extended futurecast to show you when the rain starts moving in when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. we're watching route 202 for some delays. we're not finding any.


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