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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  May 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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no problems or big delays yet. this is typically where we see the delays first for the morning drive. the work zone, this drive time, woodhaven road to the vine hasn't moved yet. still at 13 minutes, speeds into the 60s as well. here's 95 again. through delaware, you can see no problems or delays there either. a ten-minute trip from 95 to 295. the tractor-trailer accident tieing things up in warminster between bristol road and meyer way. take old york road to get by. more updates in the next ten minutes. vai and tracy? this morning, grief counselors will be at a high school in new castle county after a student was shot and killed. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at howard high school of technology in wilmington. katy, this is another tragedy that students and staff will be dealing with today. >> another tragedy, vai, to strike this school community in less than a month. yesterday we've learned that a ninth grade boy was shot and
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killed just blocks away from where we're standing, blocks away from the school where he attend. this did happen yesterday around 3:15 in downtown wilmington on clifford brown walkway. here's cell phone video someone inside a nearby state office building took police arriving to that scene. the student has not yet been named. we do know that he was shot in the head. he is the second howard high school of technology student to be killed in less than a month. in april, 16-year-old amy joyner-francis died after a fight with classmates in a school bathroom. three students have so far been charged in her death. the principal posted a statement on the school's website yesterday saying the boy was taken to christiana hospital after the shooting where he was pronounced dead. today, counselors will be at the school to speak with students and staff who are so affected by, again, this second student death in less than a month. this morning, i've reached out
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to wilmington police to find out more details about this shooting. we don't know yet if the shooter has been caught. i also want to knowç what circumstances led up to the shooting. as soon as we get more information we'll pass it on to you. reporting live in wilmington, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. this morning, a man who attacked a jogger in camden county is still on the loose. police say a woman was jogging in berlin park in berlin borough yesterday morning when a man grabbed her from behind and tried to sexually assault her. she managed to break free and ran to lock herself in her car. she alerted another jogger who dialed 911 for help. she was not able to get a good description of her attacker and he got away. despite the attempted assault, the sixth annual sue cardamone schoolership fund went on as plan. this is cell phone video of 500 walkers and runners that participated in that event. berlin officials say they wopt live in fear.
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today, temple university will celebrate the life of its seventh president, william liacouras. he was president of the college from 1982 to 2000. when he retired, the liacouras center, the university's main arena was renamed in his honor. postal officials want your help to prevent dog attacks on letter carriers after there were 44 attacks in philadelphia last year alone. >> the city ranks seventh in the country when it comes to dogs biting postal workers. as part of national dog bite prevention week, philadelphia postmasters are talking about the related risks. dogs can be protective and may view letter carriers handing mail to their owner as a threat. >> we want to educate cuffs on how they can help keep our employees safe. a couple of things is keeping them on leashes, making sure they're not running loose, that
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type of thing. >> and to keep your mail carrier safe, the postal service suggests put your dog in another room and close the door before opening the front door to accept the mail. also reminded children not to take mail from letter carriers while the dog is around because the dogs may perceive thats is a threat to the child. >> right. understandable. we're very excited about this. the final plans are coming together for the wawa welcome america fourth of july celebrations. >> that's the world's biggest free concert and it's happening right here in philadelphia. later this afternoon, the mayor will be joining comcast leaders and our friends over at wawa to unveil details about the celebration. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for thus morning. give us an idea of what we can expect. >> vai, we're in for a really big treat. i'm going to be putting a lot of emphasis on the word free this morning. so many of the events happening around the fourth of july celebration will not cost you or your family a single thing.
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this really is an tune for family, friends and strangers to come together and celebrate our nation's birth place. there really is going to be something for everyone. admission to city museums, free. there will be free movie screenings and a parade. there will be five hours of nonstop music on the fourth beginning at 5:00. we're talking 350 performers. we'veç also learned that lesli odom jr., breakout star of "hamilton" will perform and serve as emcee. that totals 100 hours, rather of free fun for the family. >> more importantly, it will show the world, especially before the dnc that what happened here in philadelphia, all men are created equal. the freedom, the promise, that's what we're about. that's what this country is about and philadelphia will -- >> fourth of july falls on a monday this year. there will be three hours of fireworks with a grand finale
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event. believe it or not, there are even more announcements to come later on this afternoon, we'll have you covered there, too as well. reporting live this morning, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. 5:36 and 55 degrees outside. we are following breaking news from overseas. the egyptian army says it has found debris and passengers belongings from egyptair flight 804. an army spokesperson posted that on his facebook page. search crews in the mediterranean sea made the discovery about 180 miles north of alexandria egypt. the plane with 66 people on board was headed from paris to cairo when it vanished from radar early yesterday morning. u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news that data suggests there was some sort of explosion aboard flight 804. egypt is calling it possible terrorism. so far, there's no credible claim of responsibility. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if you're on the ground,
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standing on the ground as most of us are, you'll have to wait another five minutes to see the sun. we have skyforce 10 in the air, get a higher view. you can see the first rays of sunshine coming up over the horizon this morning. mostly clear, just a few thin, high clouds in the area. if you're heading out, it's a cool start this morning. the clear skies are going to persist. what a beautiful day ahead, a spring beauty and a big warmup this afternoon into the upper 70s today. the sunshine won't last into the weekend. the first of the clouds just some high clouds arrive this evening. but it will be dry during the evening hours. right now, cool in the suburbs, the lehigh valley, delaware, south jersey. temperatures have dropped down into the 40s. some areas cooler than others. west bradford 42 degrees, west chester 46 this morning. it's dropped down to 40 degrees in north wales, ft. washington while newtown is at 50 degrees to start with. we'll see the temperatures climb into the 70s this afternoon. nothing but sunshine today.
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satellite and radar shows it as nice and clear. rain is on the way. it will be moving up from the southwest and a steady rain expected into the weekend. the first of the showers in delaware will spread into new jersey and then the suburbs will be getting their share of rain during the day tomorrow. for today, it's sunshine. look at these temperatures. responding nicely. for the suburbs, into the 70s this afternoon. bright sunshine an a light c cfo northerly wind in philadelphia will not stand in the way of afternoon temperatures near 80 degrees today. a few high clouds to start with in new jersey. mainly sunny skies for haddonfield, up to 74 this afternoon at the shore, temperatures will also make it to the 70s. the low 70s for avalon and atlantic city. galloway township will warm to 74 this afternoon. and sunny skies for delaware, too. wilmington 76. 74 in dover and a little bit
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cooler for rehoboth beach at 71 degrees. sunshine for today, but the clouds will be building for tomorrow. what a difference it will make on the schuylkill river. look at the forecast for the stotesbury today. nothing but sunshine. 75 degrees along the river at 5:00. tomorrow, the rain arrives during the morning and tens into the afternoon and into the evening hours. ten-day outlook to show you when that rain will finally move out and the temperatures will really be moving up. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. all right, bill, 20 minutes before 6:00. i heard someone say -- jessica say in the last report that friday is the lightest day. i think just to be safe, get out now. >> yes. usually it's lighter the earlier you go. let's check with jessica. you're starting on the boulevard. >> sometimes it surprises us, though. something could happen at any moment. typically, yes, we see less
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volume on a friday morning. right now it's showing a little bit true. we're still alittle bit ahead of the curve there. this is the boulevard around 17th street. no big problems in either direction right now north or southbound. southbound towards the schuylkill expressway, from the boulevard you'll be fine. if you're heading out on kelly drive this weekend, you might not be able to. the stotesbury regatta is there and it will be closing kelly drive between fountain green and strawberry mansion drive. here's 295 over in west deptford in new jersey. route 130, looking great in both directions. not a lot of cars out here either. if you're headed to delaware over the delaware memorial bridge headed southbound from 42 to that point over the bridge, a 23-minute trip. speeds into the mid-60s. vai? >> thank you, jessica. 55 degrees right now in philadelphia at 5:40. the last straw, an abandoned home in west philadelphia is finally demolished. we'll tell you what neighbors
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saw there. and they've had enough. plus, hear about the special event happening in philadelphia and why you could be seeing hundreds more on their bikes today.
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we have breaking news in
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northeast philadelphia this morning. that's where skyforce 10 is live over this scene of an apartment complex fire in the city's somerton neighborhood. this is happening at the forest glenn condominiums on byberry road. medics are on the scene, they're treating neighbors. you see them going in and out of that apartment building. we're working to find out how many people are hurt in this fire. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. we're about two months from the start of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. and i sat down with the ceo of the event to talk about a variety of topics including how they are preparing for protests. nine groups have already submitted requests with the city to protest during the convention. one of those has been approved. this past weekend, there were reports of rowdiness and unrest at the nevada state democratic convention between supporters of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. ceo leah daughtry told me it'&o important to allow all voices to be heard.
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>> always at every convention have a demonstration area within sight and sound of the delegates so the delegates can see and hear the folks who are voicing their opinions. >> i also spoke to daughtry about the goals of the dnc, the push to get the community involved plus her unique role as the only person to be ceo of the convention twice. hear more of my exclusive interview coming up next week on "nbc 10 news today." and today president obama will meet with top public health officials to get a briefing on the zika virus. health experts will update the president on the response to the disease along with ongoing work on vaccine research and kits to diagnose zika. the world health organization says the zika virus is linked to severe birth defects, neurological disorders and brain and spinal cord infections. scientists at rutgers are involved in the search for the cure for the zika virus. part of the computer project that screens current drugs and
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millions of drug-like compounds. the compounds that show the most promise will be tested in lab settings. rutgers will share results of the computer analysis with the research community and the public. vultures lurking in a west philadelphia neighborhood could soon be flying elsewhere thanks to a demolition project. neighbors blame the buzzards on this dilapidated home on 50th street. after people complained about vultures dexrextendin extenscen and trash, crews showed up to start demolition. >> you can hear the debris falling from the house from standing on it because they're so heavy. >> property records show taxes have not been paid on the property in nearly 20 years. police in delaware county arrested a middle school student after they found a gun inside the student's locker. authorities found the weapon
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inside pennwood middle school in darby. school officials conducted a locker search yesterday after rumors circulated related to a fight outside the school that happened the day before. that's when the weapon was found. >> police in camden county arrest a burglar after they say his mistake could have blown up a house and probably some neighboring houses as well. investigators in runnemede say the burglary suspect has broke noon several homes looking for copper water pipes. but in his latest alleged burglary, he pulled a gas line instead. after he left, neighbors smelled natural gas. they called police and fire crews to air out the home because they say the homeowner was out of town. the chief says the police got there later, it could have been a disaster. >> if the sump pump would have kicked on again or if the heater or something would have sparked, we would have lost that house and probably the two or three houses next to that house. >> police arrested william ganette and say he's linked to
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two other break-ins on the same street last week. starting next month, when trenton police officers respwz % to a call, one of the first things they'll do is turn on a body camera. they will capture the entire response. supervisors will review the footage and commanders will audit the reviews. valley forge military college will hold commencement exercises and mike stack will speak to the 101 graduates. valley forge military college is the only private junior military college in the united states where the entire student body is made up of military cadets from the u.s. and international cadets. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:48. 55 degrees. the sun is up. we're on our way to a beautiful day today. it was warm yesterday. into the 70s. we'll be closer to 80 degrees this afternoon. look what happens over the
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weekend. cooler because of rain that's moving in. it's going to be a rainy weekend. that rain will not be anywhere near us today. tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon and even tomorrow evening, considerable rainfall will be headed for our area. this morning, though, we're dry and cool. 40s for most of the area. 56 degrees in philadelphia. in new jersey, that's when we're seeing some of the cooler numbers, 43 degrees right now. it's going reported in lumberton. 46 in turners 'ville, robinsville is at 50 degrees along with florence in the low 50s. cinnaminson, 47 to start with. cool start, bright sunshine. nothing but sunshine during the day today. we'll see sunny skies and a big warmup for the entire area. even at the shore the temperatures will be warming into the low 70s this afternoon. but this is what's coming in for the weekend. look at the rain moving into the midwest. big storms will stay to our south. we'll see heavy downpours in our area, especially tomorrow afternoon. today, sunny skies.
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upper 70s for philadelphia and well into the 70s for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. and to the south, here they come. new jersey, vineland, 75. sunshine and plenty of sunshine, even at the shore, into the 70s and delaware, partly to mostly sunny skies today, middle 70s just a little bit cooler at lewes. the rainfall, there it is. pushing our way overnight tonight. the clouds will move in and at midnight tonight, you'll see some high clouds in the area, dry evening this evening. this is the wet weather that will start moving in during the morning hours. that's 11:00 in the morning. heavier downpours at that hour pushing towards wilmington. take a look. this is how it will go tomorrow morning. 7:00, some clouds to start with. the rain will develop during the morning hours. by lunch time, more than about a third inch in wilmington, just a light rain is falling in philadelphia. as we go into the afternoon, topping an inch of rain by 5:00, two-thirds inch in philadelphia and look at the rainfall in the
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lehigh valley for allentown. really will be piling on saturday night, possibly more than two inches of rain and wilmington could be closing in on three inches of rain by late saturday. enjoy the sunshine while it's here and get ready for a dreary part of the çweekend. most of saturday will be a rainy day. we could see some breaks of sunshine but finally we'll get sunshine on tuesday. look at the warmup, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. the temperatures next week will sore in-- soar into the 80s. nine minutes before 6:00. let's get you to work. check the boulevard to start with. >> jessica boyington has her eyes on that. hi, jessica. >> we're starting on the blue route. that doesn't matter. >> sorry about that. >> either way, a lot of the majors look the same. this is baltimore pike on the
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blue route, no problems in either direction. average speeds into the 60s right now. also watching out in warminster, one of the big problems in the morning, this tractor-trailer accident tieing things up on route 263 which is york road closed between bristol road and meyer way. your alternate is to take old york road. also, construction, watch out for that on the betsy ross bridge. i checked in with the rest of the area bridges, no big problems or delays over the ben or the walt and no scheduled openings at least for right now, on the tacony palmyra. >> thank you, jessie. the boss is coming back to town. ♪ bruce springsteen is performing at citizens bank park this summer. find out how you can get your tickets today.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a quick check on your first alert traffic. we're looking at the boulevard right now. live right around ridge avenue. not a lot of cars out there. it's looking like it's a typical light friday morning.
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we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. i'll check in with more of our majors when i'm back in the 6:00 hour. the nfl will repay more than $700,000 of taxpayers money that teams received for what are being called paid patriotism. teams got the money for sponsored military tributes such as on-field flag ceremonies, color guards and events welcoming home veterans between 2012 and 2015. the funds came out of the armed forces budget and was being paid to the nfl for various measures of public recognition men to the serve as recruitment advertising for the military. meanwhile, music fans know when their favorite acts will take the stith at the delaware firefly music festival. organizers have unveiled the schedule for the four-day festival that begins on june 16th.
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among the highlights, the headliner, kings of leon will play friday night and mumford & sons will take the stage for two hours sunday night. starting today, you can get your hands on tickets to bruce springsteen's concert on september 7th. ♪ >> tickets for the show go on sale at 10:00 this morning. we have a link on our website and our nbc 10 app. and get on your two wheels and ride. today's philadelphia's annual bike to workday. organizers expect hundreds of people to participate and at city hall later this morning, the bicycle coalition of greateç philadelphia will present two bike friendly business awards to organizes that make bicycling a priority. have you ever heard of a zombie home in all new at 6:00, we'll explain what it is and which state in our area has the most zombie homes in the
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country. plus, drivers on i-95 slow down after seeing a ball of fire on the side of the road. we'll tell you what led to this fiery crash.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news. in the past half hour, the egyptian army announced it found plane debris and passengers' personal belongings from the egyptair plane that crashed in the mediterranean sea. right now on "nbc 10 news today," sadness at a high school in wilmington after a student was shot and killed yesterday. he's the second student at the school to be killed in a month. and fiery crash, drivers past a flaming car on i-95 last night. new this morning, what caused that car to catch on fire. finally friday. it's going to be a nice one. soak up the sun today, because rain will be back tomorrow. let's focus on the sun, though.ç good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today."


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