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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news. in the past half hour, the egyptian army announced it found plane debris and passengers' personal belongings from the egyptair plane that crashed in the mediterranean sea. right now on "nbc 10 news today," sadness at a high school in wilmington after a student was shot and killed yesterday. he's the second student at the school to be killed in a month. and fiery crash, drivers past a flaming car on i-95 last night. new this morning, what caused that car to catch on fire. finally friday. it's going to be a nice one. soak up the sun today, because rain will be back tomorrow. let's focus on the sun, though.ç good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson.
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>> you're wearing a ining yello. >> let's focus on the sun. if i were governor of the three states in our area, i'd declare an emergency day off. 55 degrees in philadelphia. we're already enjoying sunshine. the sunshine will warm temperatures from the 40s and 50s into the 70s. there are chilly spots. look at the lehigh valley, a few thin clouds there. those will not last. the sun is coming up over easton. climbing into the upper 70s for philadelphia, 78 degrees. look at new jersey, interior new jersey 77. while at the shore, a little bit cooler, bright sunshine and 71 degrees. that's today. enjoy the sunglasses. this weekend you'll need your umbrella. i'll show you when the rain will first move in with the futurecast when i'm back in ten
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minutes. jessica boyington up. looks like sun glare may be an issue. >> may be in some parts, bill. we're looking at the schuylkill expressway around the conshohocken curve starting to see problems. typically heading around the conshohocken curve. you will get parts with sun glare. no big problems or delays right now because of any of that eastbound from the blue route to the schuylkill expressway. in warminster, this tractor-trailer accident closing the road. and the stotesbury regatta will be this week. kelly drive is closed between strawberry mansion drive. jessie, thank you, breaking news from overseas right know, nbc news confirms the egyptian army today found debris and passengers' personal belongs
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from egyptair flight 804. an army spokesman said that search crews in the mediterranean sea made the discovery today about 190 miles north of alexandria, egypt. the plane wa 66 people aboard was headed from paris to cairo when it vanished from radar early yesterday morning. u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news that data suggests there was some kind of explosion aboard flight 804. egypt is calling it possible terrorism. so far there's no credible claim of responsibility. coming up this morning at 7:00, the "today" show has continuing coverage of egyptair flight 804. matt, savannah and the team will bring you live reports and analysis. that's today right after nbc 10 news. 6:03 and 55 degrees outside. happening today, counselors will be at howard high school of technology to help students cope with the loss of another classmate. >> a ninth grader was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in wilmington. last month, 16-year-old amy joyner-francis died after a fight inside the school.
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three students were charged in connection with her death. one of them is charged with homicide. nbc 10's katy zachry is live this morning outsile of howard high school of technology where students will be showing up for class in a couple hours. katy? >> that's right, vai and tracy. students here at howard high school of technology have been through quite a lot in just the last few weeks. grief counselors will be at the school in just a little bit for when students arrive later this morning. we've learned this ninth grade boy was shot in the head yesterday afternoon a little after 3:00. here's cell phone video of police showing up to the scene on clifford brown walkway. he was killed just a few blocks away from school. the student has not been identified yet. but we do know that he was shot in the head. he is the second howard high school of technology student to be killed in less than a month. in april, 16-year-old amy joyner-francis died after a fight with classmates in a school bathroom here.
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three classmates have been charged in her death. the principal wrote a statement on the school's website yesterday saying, i'm sorry to have to inform you that a ninth grade howard student was shot. he was transported to christiana hospital and died of his injuries. counselors and support staff will be available at the school today. now, i have contacted wilmington police this morning to find out what more investigators know, specifically is the shooter in custody? do they know who they're looking for and what are the circumstances that led to yesterday's deadly shooting involving a ninth grade student from howard high school of technology. as soon as we get that information, we'll pass it on to you. reporting live in wilmington, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, an nbc 10 viewer sent us this video of a car fire on 95 in south philadelphia. the car was driving southbound when it collided with another car and hit a guardrail around 11:30 last night. medics took the person to the hospital, one person to the
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hospital with minor injuries. five minutes past 6:00 right now. repaying the favor. donald trump was a standup guy for new jersey governor chris christie in mercer county last night. the presumptive republican nominee joined christie on stage in lawrenceville. christie started supporting trump after ending his own presidential bid. >> he's a great guy and he's a great governor. he's been my friend a long time. he's done a great job. >> american needs strong leadership again here at home and around the world. i am confident that leadership can be provided by just one man, donald trump. >> hundreds of anti-trump protesters push past the police barricade as the candidate arrived for the event. no one was hurt. oklahoma could become the first state in the nation to effectively ban abortions. the bill would make performing an abortion a felony and would take away the medical license of any doctor who performs one.
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the bill's sponsor says the ultimate goal is to challenge and perhaps overturn the 1973 roe versus wade decision that legalized abortion. the republican governor who opposes abortion won't comment on whether she'll sign the bill until her staff hasç time to review it. the victims of the center city gay bashing attack nearly two years ago are suing the three people who were criminally charged in the case. the lawsuit is seeking compensation for the victims' medical expenses. two men were left with facial cuts and broken bones after the attack in september of 2004. williams and harrigan both pleaded guilty. kathryn knott was convicted after taking her case to trial. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> sunny start this morning. a live view from the banks of the schuylkill, the sight of the stotesbury regatta. it's a cool start this morning.
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skies are mostly clear, just a few thin clouds in the area. we'll see bright sunshine, a spring beauty. we were in the 70s yesterday. looks like we'll be closer to 80 degrees this afternoon. a mild evening but high clouds start to move in during the evening hours. it stays dry today and this evening. this school start won't last for long. 46 right now in the suburbs. delaware 46 degrees. 43 in south jersey and philadelphia, that 51 is at northeast philadelphia airport. 56 in society hill while chestnut hill has upper 40s right now and 40s -- upper 40s along the banks of the schuylkill river. satellite radar, no sign of any wet weather for us today. but you can see the clouds that are building to the west. these are the clouds that eventually will produce some rain. we go farther west, you can see the rain moving into kentucky, tennessee and southern illinois that's due in for our area tomorrow morning. so enjoy this while it's here today. sunny skies, a big warmup, the lehigh valley into the middle
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70s. see a light northerly breeze. usually tends to cool things down. not today. phoenixville and west chester, 76 the high temperature. the few thin clouds over philadelphia will be out of here. the temperatures take off. 78 for fairmount and a nice warm day, too. in new jersey, this is where we're seeing chillier numbers this morning. that doesn't last long. trenton, glassboro, 77 degrees this afternoon. and it's been cool at the shore. but today into the 70s for atlantic city, galloway township, 74 the high temperature and look at delaware after a cool morning in the 40s and 50s, low 70s in rehoboth. middle 70s for wilmington and for dover. the weekend, though, that changes. here comes the rain. that's really going to drop the temperatures for saturday. still a chance of some showers into sunday. ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. all right, bill, 6:09 this friday morning. i'm glancing at jessica's camera
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and i'm seeing sun glare. >> something we haven't seen in a while. >> we may be happy for it. but it may cause you a little bit of a problem if you're heading out the door. it's very difficult to see as you can see here on our cameras on 295. watch out for that. it may be a possibly dangerous situation there. causes a little bit of delay, either direction. construction also on the betsy ross bridge heading westbound between the up side in new jersey to theç ramp to 295 southbound, two lanes are closed there. we'll see small delays at least through the morning rush. heading into delaware out in newark. there's construction closing a ramp from 95 southbound to route 896. that's exit 1. the ramp is closed. here's route 202. a different sight here. everyone is moving along just fine. beware of bears in new castle county. >> we'll it tell you where this
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guy was spotted yesterday and plus, what you should do if u see a bear. i'm matt delucia along the schuylkill river with another tough assignment. the boats are on the river for the world's biggest high school regatta.
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6:14. a live look at boathouse row this morning. it will be a beautiful day. expect a wet weekend, though. first alert meteorologist bill henley back in a couple of minutes with your neighborhood forecast. happening today, the world's largest high school regatta, speaking of boathouse row. >> that means detours on kelly drive. that's where nbc 10's matt delucia is this morning. matt, there's also rain in the
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forecast for the weekend and will that have any impact on the race? >> not unless there's lightning. we had the same situation last week with the regatta. it looks beautiful out here. take a look at the schuylkill river. some of the guys are trapractic under the time trials beginning at 8:00 this morning. the stotesbury regatta has been going on for 90 years. take a look at video from last year. this is a tradition here, started in 1927. 5,000 competitors and about 10,000 spectators are estimated to be coming for the event. it will happen today and tomorrow. we have a number of high schools in our area that compete in this. they've won races in the past. a little rain is expected tomorrow. it should be a good day today to be on the water. as we take another live look out here on boathouse row, the schuylkill river, kelly drive,
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looking gorgeous this morning. you can see some of the runners out here, not too many cars. only those who have the permits to park here, the rowers are ready to go and there are a lot of tents out here. there a this is a nice event out here on the water. we're getting ready for the races to begin, a little under two hours from now. for now we're live along the schuylkill river on a bougeauti friday morning. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> very nice. 6:16 right now. a popular sport takes center stage in wilmington today. >> this is a great program. volunteers and tennis pros will turn a portion of the downtown the annual event brings hundreds of kids from local schools for free tennis lessons. >> we end up setting up about
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ten portable nets on north market street in wilmington, delaware right at rodney square in front of the hotel due upon the -- hotel dupont. 70 volunteers, including 30 tennis pros will participate. >> that could follow them for a lifetime, what happens today. let's check your ride to work, including 95. >> jessica is looking into that. >> we're watching 95, a little bit of a delay into center city. this is around girard avenue. the southbound lanes aren't dealing with sun glare. it's headed northbound where you can see approaching that, they will see a little bit of sun glare approaching their ride. it might tie them up a little bit. southbound drive time hasn't really budged yet. maybe adding three minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. speeds into the 50s and maybe adding about three minutes. an accident, though, there is one out in towamencin on adams
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road. watch out for that. kelly drive will be closed, already starting today between fountain green drive and stray b -- strawberry mansion drive. here's route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey around king's highway. sun glare here as well. traffic moving along nicely. watch out for some of those sunny spots. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> at 6:18. let's check your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather which is a forecast that's specific and you won't get it anywhere else. >> we focused on where you live and what you need to know. bill will give you that information. >> when we say we, we mean bill. >> that's my job. chilly this morning, bright sunshine. it will be a nice warmup. 70s yesterday afternoon, today, closer to 80 degrees. that's what rain will do to temperatures over the weekend. we have a rainy weekend in
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store. the rain won't be here today. overnight tonight, the clouds move in. look at tomorrow afternoon. we'll see heavier downpours in the area. sunny skies along the schuylkill, 75 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon. tomorrow may get a dry start in the morning. the rain develops in the morning and then heavy rainfall in the afternoon. more of those races they can get in earlier, the better for tomorrow. for today, 40s to start with. 50s in philadelphia. some of the cool spots are already starting to warm up in the lehigh valley. new tripoli is at 51 degrees. look at bath at 50 and 41 degrees in landon. and we'll see the warm continue into the afternoon, the warming trend, 73 degrees by 1:00 in philadelphia. bright, sunny skies for the suburbs. look at the lehigh valley, no shortage of sunshine. a few, thin clouds at 1:00. no sign of wet weather for today. so the south, delaware, south jersey, the jersey shore, we'll start with sunny skies and
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temperatures in the 60s. warming up into the low 70s at the jersey sho+e. 1:00, 69 degrees and then hitting into the low 70s before 5:00. look at the 70s for delaware and for new jersey. that's today. satellite nice and clear. no sign of any wet weather during the day or in the evening hours, though this evening will start to see the high clouds move into delaware and south jersey. you can see there to the west. there is the rain. that's our saturday rainmaker and still a possibility on showers on sunday. futurecast showing that wet weather stays to our west. that's 4:00 this afternoon. overnight tonight, the clouds start moving in. that's just after midnight tonight. look at the rain. tomorrow morning, that rain starts to move into the area. during the day, heavy downpours, 6:00 in the evening. parts of the area will be getting more than 2 inches of rain. 78 this afternoon, the rain arrives in the morning, the
6:21 am
heavier arrives in the afternoon and evening. we'll be warmer on send, monday, close to 70 degrees. you might see a hint of sunshine breaking through. it's tuesday we'll see sunshine coming back in full force. then the temperatures soar into the 80s starting on wednesday. we'll see 80s right on through next weekend. tracy, vai? >> thank you, bill. 6:21. new at 6:00, new jersey continues to be the top spot for zombie homes. according to the real estate information company realty track, zombie homes are houses that were in foreclosure and the homeowner moved out. the vacant properties are susceptible to vandalism. the garden state has more than 4,000 zombie homes. today you'll get the answer to the question you've been wondering. who will be playing at the wawa welcome america festival? we'll tell you what time you'll find out today. plus, what all the performers have in common this year. contaminated water near a closed military base in
6:22 am
montgomery county. how people living nearby are getting help today.
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right now, firefighters are at an apartment complex in byberry road. this is in the somerton section of philadelphia. firefighters on the road. the fire marshal is inside awaiting on him to come out of that building so we can hear and get more information from them. two medics were on the scene treating residents there. we're trying to get more information on that. firefighters got a call about this fire about 5:30 this morning. when we get new information on this situation, we'll bring it to you. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. right now we're watching the blue route. this is right around germantown pike. no big problems or delays. more cars heading out the door.
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we're fighting sun glare in certain spots. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> sun glare, was that a complaint? >> never. >> i didn't think so. enjoy the sunshine today. look at this beautiful view from ocean city, new jersey. sunshine nice and bright there. into the 70s this afternoon, a few, thin, high clouds. enjoy it today because there are changes ahead for theç weekend. 6:26 right now. students at howard high school of technology in wilmington will be remembering a student shot and killed after school yesterday. he's the second student from the that school to die within the past month. this morning, we're live outside the school with what school leaders are doing to help students cope. plus, police say some camden county neighbors are lucky to be alive. we'll tell you what one man is accused of doing that could have blown up a whole block.
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nbc 10 breaking news. we have breaking news at 6:30. debris found. crews are still searching in the mediterranean sea. about an hour ago we learned passengers' personal belongs from the egyptair plane that crashed have been found. >> this morning, students in wilmington will be meeting with grief counselors at a ninth grader was shot and killed after school yesterday. >> it was just a miracle that the sump pump did not kick on again. we would have had a major disaster, probably injured or killed a decent amount of people. >> a catastrophe avoided in a quiet camden county neighborhood after someone ripped out a gas line inside someone's home. and warm temperatures and sunshine, what else could you ask for for a friday? first alert meteorologist bill henley says enjoy today because it will be gone tomorrow. we're focused on the sunshine for today. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson.
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>> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to bill henley who has the first alert forecast in your neighborhood. >> i'm seeing sunshine, look at this beautiful view from the banks of the schuylkill river this morning. stotesbury regatta is in town. they'll see a great day for rowing. the race will have no problems to start with the first thing tomorrow morning. tomorrow, the rain will be moving in. enjoy this while it's here. the temperatures warm in philadelphia compared to the rest of the area. 55 degrees. look at the 40s for the suburbs. clear skies, sunshine is breaking through, a few thin clouds in the lehigh valley. that sunshine won't last. look at the 60s and 70s by lunch time. you'll see that in delaware, too, frawley stadium seeing sunny skies. a school start, 46 degrees. by 9:00, 63 degrees and sunny skies at lunch time today. the entire area will get a nice warmup today, upper 70s for philadelphia. 75 in the suburbs. look at new jersey, 77 even at the shore it's going to be a warm one. totally dry today. if you've been watching the
6:32 am
seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, it shows that rain is due in tomorrow. i'll show you when to expect it to move into your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching 422 right now. this is right around oaks, seeing delays. traffic at a crawl. the westbound side, we're not seeing the same delay. of course, seeing the typical eastbound delays on 422 and watching an accident in towamencin. we're seeing is a lot of sun glare today as well. not really complaining about it. we haven't seen the sun in quite some time. cherry hill, new jersey, route 38 around cuthbert boulevard. we'll see small delays and potentially dangerous situations because of that. just be careful. ç6:32 right now. we have breaking news on the crash of egyptair flight 804. >> nbc news confirms that the egyptian army today found debris and passengers' personal belongings from the downed
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jetliner. a spokesperson for the egyptian army said search crews made the discovery about 190 miles north of alexandria, egypt. the plane was headed from paris to cairo when it vanished from radar early yesterday morning. u.s. intelligence officials tells nbc news that data suggests there was some sort of explosion aboard flight 804. egypt is calling it possible terrorism. so far, there's no credible claim of responsibility. coming up this morning at 7:00, the "today" show is has continuing coverage of egyptair flight 804. matt, savannah and team will bring you live reports and analysis. a hard day for some students at howard high school of technology in wilmington. one of their class mates was shot and killed after school yesterday. >> this is the second student from the this high school to be killed in a month. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in wilmington at the high school. katy, what's the school doing for students and teachers mourning the death of these students?
6:34 am
>> well, in light of this ninth grade boy being shot and killed blocks away from school yesterday afternoon, grief counselors and support staff will be here in just a few hours to help grieving students and faculty cope with the death. this deadly shooting happened yesterday afternoon around 3:15 on clifford brown walkway. here's cell phone video someone took yesterday. he was shot in the head. he is the second howard high school of technology student to be killed in less than a month. in late april, 16-year-old amy joyner-francis died after a fight with classmates inside the school in a bathroom. three students have been charged in her death. the principal yesterday posted this statement on the school's website saying that the boy was taken to christiana high school after the shooting where he was
6:35 am
pronounced dead and also alerting the community that today counselors will be at the school to speak with students. additionally i've reached out this wilmington police to find out more about this deadly shooting involving this young victim, a ninth grade boy was killed. we want with tto know, has the r been caught? and what were the circumstances that led up to yesterday's deadly shooting. as soon as we have the details, we'll pass them on to you. 6:35. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. we're about two months from the start of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. i sat down with the ceo of the convention to talk about a variety of topics including how they're preparing for protests. nine groups have already submitted requests with the city to protest during the convention. one of those has been approved and this past weekend, there were reports of rowdiness and unrest at the nevada state democratic convention between supporters of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. ceo leahç daughtry told me it'
6:36 am
important to allow all voices to be heard. always at every convention have a demonstration area within sight and sound of the delegates, so the delegates can see and hear the folks voicing their opinions. >> today, the state chairs from around the country will be in philadelphia to take their final walk-through as head of the convention. they're here to prepare and get the information they need to take back and provide to their delegation. >> you prepared long and hard for this interview as you do for every interview. you covered a range of topics. >> we really did. she's fascinating and lovely to speak with us for so long. you'll hear more of my exclusive interview next week on "nbc 10 news today." >> people living near a closed military base are getting new help to deal with contaminated drinking water.
6:37 am
tests last year revealed harmful compounds in public and private wells near the former willow grove naval air station in horsham. the state department of environmental protection will supply bottled drinking water on an interim basis. residents of horsham, warrenton and warminster with confirmed levels of certain chemicals in their water can pick up the bottled water at the horsham community center today and tomorrow. they can get up to two cases of water today. public meetings about the contamination are scheduled for next week. police in camden county arrest a burglar after they say his mistake could have blown up a house and neighboring houses as well. investigators in runnemede say the burglary suspect has broken into several homes looking for copper water pipes. he pulled a gas line in his latest burglary. neighbors smelled gas and called police to air out the home because they said the homeowner was out of town at the time.
6:38 am
the chief says if police got there later, it could have been a disaster. >> the sump pump would have kicked on again or if the heater or something would have sparked, we would have definitely lost that house and probably two or three houses next to that house. >> police arrested william ganette and says he is related to other break-ins over the past week on the same street. he faces burglary and other charges. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> heading out the door, don't forget sunglasses. look at this beautiful view looking at the schuylkill river. sunny skies, a cool morning. the temperatures are already starting their climb towards the upper 70s in philadelphia today. a beautiful day, spring beauty. it was warm yesterday in the low 70s but that sunshine will really have a nice positive effect. the winds will stay light out of the north below 10 miles an hour today. high clouds, they start to move in this evening.
6:39 am
if they're heading out in the evening, it will be dry. that changes tomorrow morning. 44 degrees in the lehigh valley. suburbs at 46 degrees. cooler in south jersey. each of these locations is seeing some sunshine. the temperatures that are in the 40s won't last for very long. currently it's 40 in north wales. warrenton is 48 and newtown is 51. you have a range of temperatures when the skies are clear and the winds are light. with clear skies, we're due for a nice warmup in each of these locations during the day today. satellite and radar shows we are completely clear. look to the south and west. enjoy this while it's here today. look at the beautiful sunshine for the lehigh valley. a big warmup in the suburbs. 76 degrees for west chester. and upper 70s in philadelphia with nothing but sunshine during the day today. you feel that northerly wind in new jersey, too.
6:40 am
just a light breeze. 77 for trenton and for glassboro. even at the shore the temperatures will be climbing up into the low 70s for atlantic city and avalon. in delaware, bright, sunny skies, look at the warmup for wilmington and dover. just a little bit cooler. still into the 70s for rehoboth. the weekend, different story. the forecast shows the rain will be moving in tomorrow morning after a dry day today. the first of the showers will be first thing tomorrow morning to our southwest. this is the futurecast. it shows even into the early morning hours it will be dry. look at noontime tomorrow. a third of an inch on the ground in wilmington. it's just getting started at that time in philadelphia. so stand by for a rainy saturday, especially after sunshine today. a cooler day on saturday. the temperatures rebound. we won't see an all-day rainfall on sunday. there's still a chance of showers in the area. i'll show you when the temperatures will be more summer-like when i come back with the ten-day outlook.
6:41 am
all right, bill, 20 minutes before 7:00. clear skies. i say we double down and see if we can get clear roads. >> let's check with jessica boyington. >> definitely can't do anything about it but we aren't seeing a ton of big delays on the schuylki schuylkill, on 95 just a little bit through the center city area, right around cottman avenue, disabled vehicle into the right lane headed southbound. other than that we're doing okay. the schuylkill is doing okay also. the vine street expressway also doing great, no problems around 8th street if you're headed east or westbound. 6:41. what do you call a bear roaming around delaware? >> a dela-bear? thank you very much. we're here all week. we'll tell you where this bear was spotted. can it be in bear delaware possibly? we'll tell you what police are saying about it. and are you ready for the best birthday party in america?
6:42 am
>> you bet. >> we'll get you pumped up with a major announcement and a live report from the parkway, up next.
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6:45 am
a live look right now at the schuylkill river. the world's largest high school regatta starts this morning. kids from all over the country. look at those guys. how strong do theyç look? >> very strong. >> first alert meteorologist bill henley says rain will move in around noon tomorrow during the race. >> i'm tired already. they look so smooth. >> yes, they are. a pager announcement is happening today ahead of wawa welcome america. >> today we'll find out who is performing this year and every performer has some tie to philadelphia. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live outside the art museum with more. pam? >> good morning. we are in for a really big treat. i have to tell you, i'm going to
6:46 am
be putting a lot of emfa siz on the word froo he this morning. so many events that are take is place around the fourth of july holiday won't cost you a thing at all. this is a tame forren froms and famili -- friends and family to come together. get ready for five hours of nonstop music on the fourth beginning at 5:00. we're talking 350 performers. we've already learned that leslie odom jr. breakout star of the broadway play "hamilton" will perform and serve as emcee. that totals 100 hours of free fun for the entire family. >> wawa helps us make it free. the city of philadelphia, this is their gift to the residents to make it free. we have a free museum open every
6:47 am
single day of the festival. we want everyone to have a great time. and a cheese steak. >> that certainly does sound like a good idea. the fourth of july falls on a monday this year. there will be three nights of fireworks with the grand finale event presented monday night at 10:00. by comcast nbc universal, the parent company of nbc 10. believe it or not, even more announcements to come later today. we'll have you covered there as well. reporting live this morning, in philadelphia, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. all right, thank you, pamela. wildlife officials will be on the lookout after another bear sighting. >> the bear was spotted along the pomeroy trail in newark around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. skyforce 10 was over the scene shortly after the sighting. police and wildlife officials were in the area but weren't able to track down the bear. it's the latest in a slew of
6:48 am
recent bear sightings across our area. >> now our nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's check out the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> the focus is where you live and what you need to know with information we will give you. >> look at ocean city. doesn't this make you want to go to the shore. beautiful view. blue sky. sunshine will be bright on through the day. 70s this afternoon for ocean city. 46 degrees in delaware. at the jersey çshore, temperatures have been running cooler in the low to upper 40s. 48 degrees in summers point. cape may courthouse is 52 degrees. may's landing is 10 degrees cooler at 42 degrees. clear skies, very light wind. you'll get a range of temperatures like what we're seeing this morning. you also get a big warmup.
6:49 am
look at the hour by hour forecast. by 1:00 this afternoon, 73 degrees in philadelphia. plenty of sunshine for the suburbs and a big warmup in the lehigh valley. 70s this afternoon. delaware, new jersey, the shore, all will see sunny skies through the day. a few high clouds late this afternoon and in delaware. those will be on the increase tonight. the jersey shore, 66 at 5:00. closer to 70 degrees at 1:00 and in between the 1:00 and 5:00 hour i think we'll make it into the low 70s at the shore. but there is a big change for the weekend. as clear as it is right now, we'll see rain arriving for wilmington, philadelphia and trenton tomorrow. and heavy rainfall tomorrow afternoon. that's a system that is moving into the midwest. it's got a long ways to go before it gets to us. clouds will be increasing tonight after a sunny day today, look at this, by just after midnight, 1:00 tomorrow morning within the rain in southwestern pennsylvania and into virginia and then it moves into our area first thing tomorrow morning and
6:50 am
st stays through the afternoon. heavy downpours as we go into the afternoon and evening hours, showing on the futurecast which means some area will get more than two inches of rainfall. some parts of delaware could even see three inches of rainfall. that's tomorrow. today, 78 degrees, plenty of sunshine. the wet weather moves into the morning and stays through the afternoon and evening and tapers off as we go into sunday and monday. there's still a chance of scattered showers, much lighter rainfall for sunday and monday. a chance you'll see some breaks of sunshine. the temperatures come back up sunday and monday. then a dry day tuesday, 72 degrees. if it's 72 that's not warm enough for you, check this out. starting on wednesday, 80s. a summer preview, starting on wednesday through thursday, friday and next weekend, the temperatures will be in the 80s, a real summer preview is on the way. tracy, vai? >> that will good. ten minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work on this
6:51 am
friday morning. >> jessica boyington has an access to a bank of cameras at her disposal. >> we are seeing sun glare out there, vai and tracy. a lot in pars of cherry hill, new jersey as well. we're also watching an accident in towamencin. sun glare here on the boulevard as well. right around 9th street. no big problems headed northbound right here. you can see headed southbound, we're seeing a little bit more of that delay as well. the stotesbury regatta is this weekend. kelly drive closed because of that between fountain green drive and strawberry mansion drive. for your alternate, take the schuylkill expressway. not right now i wouldn't suggest that. we are seeing delays headed westbound or mlk drive as well. that will be closed until tomorrow around 8:00 p.m. coming up, a check of the day's headlines and the stories you need to know. this morningç we're at howd school of technology after another student is killed.
6:52 am
and debris found from the egyptair jetliner that crashed into the mediterranean sea.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
good five minutes before 7:00 a.m. breaking news this morning, search crews today found debris and passengers' personal belongings from egyptair flight 804. crews made the discovery in the mediterranean sea about 190 miles north of alexandria, egypt. the plane with 66 people aboard was headed from paris to cairo when it vanished from radar early yesterday morning. some u.s. officials said it's likely an explosion happened on board and terrorism is a possibility. students at a high school in
6:56 am
wilmington are mourning the death of another student killed. >> nbc 10's katy zachry is live outside howard high school of technology. >> very soon grief counselors and support staff will be here at this school to help students and the faculty cope with the untimely and shocking death of a ninth grade boy. he attended howard high school of technology and yesterday afternoon, soon after school ended, he was shot in the head. we have cell phone video of police arriving to the scene in downtown wilmington. this is the second student death in less than a month for the howard community. the unnamed student was shot several blocks away from school. his sudden death follows the beating death of a 16-year-old student killed in the school bathroom last month by several of her classmates. three classmates in that case have been charged in the death. we are still trying to find out more information about yesterday's shooting death. as soon as we have it, we'll pass it on to you. live in wilmington, katy zachry, nbc 10 news.
6:57 am
happening today, temple university will celebrate the life of its seventh president, peter liacouras. the public memorial begins at 1:00 at the temple performing arts center. he passed away at the age of 85. it's bike to workday in philadelphia. organizers expect hundreds of peop people. also happening today, the stotesbury regatta on the schuylkill river about to get under way in just about an hour from now, the largest high school regatta in the world all happening right here in philadelphia. it's been going on for 90 years. started in 1927. 5,000 competitors, 10,000 spectators estimated to be coming for the event. beautiful morning on the schuylkill river. we have a number of high schools in our area that will keep in this and have won races in the past. one thing to keep in mind, kelly drive shut down between fountain
6:58 am
green and strawberry mansion. along the schuylkill, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. it's bike to work today. the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia will present awards to two businesses that make bicycling a priority.ç good morning. jessica boyington with one last check on your morning drive. we're watching 95 right now. on the northbound side, this is approaching -- at least around the area of the girard point bridge. this is over an accident scene into the left-hand lane. two lanes getting by. a little bit of delay and backup behind that. there's an accident in cheltenham, washington lane and cheltenham avenue. 295 looks great. we're watching sun glare on parts of new jersey roads, especially around the cherry hill area. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> bright, sunny skies. the temperature is still cool outside.
6:59 am
we'll see a big warmup during the day today. that's a sunny view from center city. 70s this afternoon. right now 56 degrees. there are cooler numbers around. the suburbs are in the 40s. 48 degrees currently, in some of the suburbs. and a little bit cooler in new jersey. the temperatures are starting to come back. 50 degrees now and sunshine will warm temperatures into the 70s this afternoon, a nice, sunny day today for the stotesbury. tomorrow could see a dry start to the races but the rain moves in during the morning and the heavy rain is due in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. this morning, no sign of either. satellite and radar shows we are in the clear. the first of the clouds will move in this evening. just high clouds and then the rainfall will be heading in first thing tomorrow morning. >> we'll enjoy the sunshine
7:00 am
today. >> download the nbc 10 app for the latest information on egyptair 804. >> "today" show is up next. thanks for watching. >> have a good weekend. good morning. breaking news. egyptian officials say they found wreckage and personal belongings from egyptair flight 804 just this morning. the search now on for the plane's black boxes. will they hold the key to what brought it down? politics and the plane crash. >> if anydy thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, folks. okay? >> donald trump doubles down on labeling the egyptair crash an act of terrorism. this after hillary clinton slams him for his rhetoric and questions his fitness for the white house. >> i have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: million dollar mistake? golf superstar phil mickelson accused o


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