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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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glenside, and sheena has the neighborhood forecast. the rain is not lasting the entire weekend either, right? >> no, not the entire weekend, so, yes, rain is moving in. your weekend is not going to be like today, unfortunately, but at least it's not memorial weekend. i have that forecast soon, but the rain is not a washout all weekend, however, it is this area of moisture you see such a big difference between what we have locally and a lot of dry air and clouds just on the doorstep followed by the rain. going into the weekend, we are looking at heavy rain moving in, especially in new jersey and delaware. don't forget the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen for you with our new neighborhood weather. tomorrow, cloudsy in the morning for philadelphia, sk7:00 a.m., d rain by noon and through the afternoon. temperatures will be cool to around 60 for a high. and suburbs dry early and showers try to move in through the afternoon. better chance of rain, if you're in the lehigh valley, you have
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the lowest chance of showers, but we do expect showers to move in tomorrow, and delaware, you're going to see the heaviest rain through the afternoon hours, especially along the shore, and new jersey as well, but along the jersey shore, expect high winds with heavy rain. temperatures in the upper 50s for the areas. coming up, a closer look at the weekend forecast. a lot of events too. >> a lot of people looking forward to that, thank you. breaking news from skyforce10, mitch blacher is live over cherry hill. there's a brush fire. what do you see, mitch in. >> reporter: keith, we are just over route 70 in the new jersey turnpike in cherry hill. there's flames, a growing brush fire along the new jersey turnpike. we zoom out, you can just start to see the scope of this thing. must be at least a mile long, goes between route 70 and crystal road where cherry hill
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water tower is. we've seen fire crews arrive in the last couple minutes, seemed this brush fire was condolencing to smolder, thick white smoke from the trees, and you can see the fire crew there responding to this. the traffic seems to be continuing to move and unaffected at this point, but a very long stretch of the new jersey turnpike has a brush fire going right now and we'll watch it for you live from skyforce10. >> not only close to traffic, but close to those buildings. we'll watch it. nbc 10 is following breaking news now from washington. the secret service has lifted a lockdown at the white house after a man was shot near t grounds. witnesses saw a man with a gun approaching there despite commands to stop and drop the weapon, the man reportedly did not listen, did not follow instruction, and that's when an agent shot him. president obama was not in the white house at the time, but vice president biden was.
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he's fine. the suspect is now in critical condition. and we are following another developing story. tonight, nbc 10 learned what camille cosby told investigators this year. that deposition released this afternoon. investigative reporter harry hairston following the story for a decade now, going through d p deposition since released. what did you find? >> this is a copy of the deposition, just went through it. it details what seems to be contentious moments between the attorneys deposing her. this whole thing started back on february 22nd when a deposition started at 10:00 in the morning. now, it was conducted between joe, the attorney representing seven women who are suing cosby for deformation. camille and her attorneys according to the deposition, times when both threatened to go to the judge with complaints. the document reveals she left the room at one point and
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answered at one point questions by saying, i'm done. she was read sections of her husband's 2005 deposition where he said he had sex and we had dinners and sex and rendezvous in the 1970s. bill cosby is scheduled to appear in a montgomery county courtroom next week for preliminary examination in the criminal trial. you may member the former temple employee accused cosby of sexually assaulting her in his home back in 2004. live from the digital operations center, harry hairston, back to you guys. >> thank you. rights now at 5:00, students at howard high school return to class with heavy hearts forget second time in weeks, a classmate was killed. today, we learned the latest victim was brandon who died last night after being shot in wilmington. >> nbc 10's delaware reporter
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joining us now, and what have you heard from people in the community? they are just sick of the violence. so many good people in the neighborhood, but terrorized for the bad ones. a kid of the walking down the street in the middle of the crowded block, and somebody shot him in the face. >> came around the corner yesterday, the little boy was laying down on the ground, and that's all i seen after i heard a gunshot. >> reporter: she heard the shot and ran, and her sister did too, so sad to see she knew the victim. >> seen who he was, and that's when they said, it was brandon. >> reporter: this is a picture of 15-year-old brandon from howard technical high school's website, shot in the face walking down the street after school let out thursday. candles mark the spot where he fell. we have video of police searching frg the gunman, and last night, the school put out a message to family confirming another student was murdered just under one month ago amy was beaten in the restroom, and she
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died later, and now this, more grief counselors ready as kids arrived today. brandy's grade school principal said he was a good, hard working kid, and doesn't know why his kid ended this way. >> we're in wilmington, and i think everyone is just praying for, you know, peace in wilmington, unfortunately, it is impossible to escape your environment completely, and i think that, you know, that could be the case here. >> reporter: we understand the gunman took off on foot. police do not have anyone in custody at this point, no possible motive, and there's a $10,000 reward in this case if you have information, go ahead and do it and you can do it anonymously. live in howard high, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. also, today, protesters clashed with officers over a deadly police shooting that did not amount to criminal charges. supporters of jeremy said they
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came together today to march for justice, frustrated and upset that last week the state attorney general's office cleared four wilmington police officers involved in the shootings that killed mcdole. cell phone video taken prior to the shooting last year shows police repeatedly telling him to put up his hand. when police say he reached into the waistband, four officers shot and killed him in the wheelchair. according to the investigators, evidence shows he was armed. the local leaders called for a federal investigation. at 5:00, egyptian crews say they found floating human remains, luggage, that crashed into the sea. the item reportedly found 180 miles north of the egyptian city alexandria. authorities questioning anyone who had contact with the plane from the day before from maintenance crews to caterers. it landed in five airports in
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final 24 hours, and they tell early data suggests some sort of explosion occurred. back in our area in delaware coupe, police are searching for a suspect wanted for driving into a police cruiser. we were over the state park where officers searched for the man. authorities say the suspect stole a car and hit a police cruiser near westchester pike, and the driver then took off, crashed, and got away. the officer was not hurt. >> today, skyforce10 was at a fire at the philadelphia energy solutions refining complex in south philly. the smoke seen for several miles. it started at noon. the company said one of the furnaces caught fire and took 30 minutes to put out the flames. nobody here was hurt. finding teachers for philadelphia schools has proven to be a real challenge. starting this fall, kelly education staffing will be in charge of hiring and managing
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substitutes for the district. the teacher's union said a contract with another company did not work out last year and forced teachers to cover for absent coworkers. the philadelphia federation of teachers sent a statement about the deal saying the district's actions are made more outrageous boy the fact we've already seen how this ends. it's a proverbial definition of insanity, spending millions to repeat the failed experiment, but hoping for different results. switching gears now, big changes for this year's wawa welcome america festival on the 4th of july, including a week of free family activities. watch it all here on nbc 10 and 62ment breaking it down by the numbers now. it all starts with eight days of fun, beginning monday, june 27th and ending with a birthday celebration on the 4th of july. the entire festival offers something for the entire family across our city from the parkway to independence hall. we're talking the philly pops,
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free admission to city museums, free movie screenings, and free independence day parade, and then i want you to remember this, it's all about five, five hours of nonstop music starts earlier this year at 5:00 p.m. listen to this. every performer this year has ties to philly including a broadway breakout star, leslie odom, jr. is performing and serving as m.c. and remember the number ten, when the celebration starts the finale at 10:00 p.m., one hour earlier this year. >> it does a couple things, it's a work night, people want to go home, two, it's dark for an hour, making for a safer event, and saved the city $40,000 in city services, and residents are happy they don't hear fireworks at mid. >> all the family fun, all eight days free and even more accessible. count on us for everything you
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want to know about the wawa welcome america fun. look for stories and schedules and maps on the nbc 10 app and >> will be a great time. more money fun to report on this afternoon. add these performers to this year's atlantic city beach concert series. august 13, jimmy buffet takes the stage in september, zac brown and florida georgia line will perform. rascal flatts brought thousands to the beach last year, and this year's tickets do on sale may 27th, june 3, and june 10th. a massive recall, and big news from the campaign trail, the group that just endorsed trump. plus this -- >> it's just hard as a parent to have to make that decision to not allow your child to come home when they are hurting so badly. >> watched her daughter struggle to beat heroin, and now local leaders want to help other families fieging that same
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battle. the new push to stop the epidemic coming up at 5:00.
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largest recalls in history, food that could be in your freezer right now, bags of frozen fruits and vegetables packaged by crf frozen foods may
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be contaminated with listeria. two have died from the disease, and eight others sick. for a complete list of recalled products, go to number of pregnant women in the u.s. infected with the zika virus is tripling because of a change in the way the government is counting cases. here's the deal, preachesly, officials reported how many had symptoms and positive blood tests. in a change announced today, the center for disease control and prevention counts all women who test positive regardless of symptoms. federal officials announced they are following 279 nant women who tested positive for the virus and follow babies for three years to check for ab normalities. this information comes as the president and public health officials press congress to fight the virus for funding. congress has to get moving warning researches need time to
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develop a vaccine and states need time for mosquito programs. for many women, the virus is a concern. we spoke to one pregnant woman in new orleans who says avoiding zika is top of mind for her. that's on "nightly news" tonight at 6:30. and to the decision 2016 now. a show of support for donald trump. today, the national rifle association officially endorsed the presumptive nominee. he spoke at the convention in kentucky branding the front runner, hillary clinton, as the most appty gun candidate in american history. he said guns are not the problem, but the solution to crimes like a terrorist attack in san bernardino, and support important for trump as he tries to win over conservatives. >> i'm going to put criminals behind bars and guarantee that law-abiding americans have the
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right to self-defense. 100%. >> this weekend, clinton answer back to trump, holing a rally for mothers of trayvon martin and shooting victims. when the dnc is here in philadelphia, more than 40,000 protesters expected as well, almost all voicing opinion for bernie sanders. we are live outside the wells fargo center, speaking with one of the groups supporting sanders, and heard their message for delegates at the convention. >> reporter: well, keith, when delegates come to the wells fargo center, they cannot ignore the tens of thousands of protesters that are supposed to be across the street fdr park. other protests will be near city hall. now, people coming from all over the country, and that's not strange. what is a little bit different is that they are coming in hopes of making bernie sanders the
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democratic presidential nominee. >> hi, guys, how you all doing? >> reporter: canvassing in camden, rallying for sanders' long shot bid for the white house. >> political revolution, that's what we mean. it's bernie or bust. >> reporter: their passion runs deep after years of feeling disenfrn chiezed and ignore eig. >> you can't put band-aids on and expect problems to go away. >> reporter: planning to take the message all the way to the democratic convention in july. >> we want folks to come, you know, and argue their positions, but at the end, understand that we come for our president. >> reporter: black men for bernie one of four organizes expecting big crowds supporting sanders in the convention. we checked, and in between the groups they expect 40,000 protesters. >> we believe in allowing people to have their say about whatever
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the issues are that concern them. >> reporter: the convention ceo says the dnc will accommodate and welcome protests. >> if we're going to be who we say we are, which is a democratic party that allows diversity of opinions, then we have to be willing to hear and understand what folks say, even if we don't agree with them. >> reporter: now, black men for bernie says if sanders does not secure the nominations, they hope he runs as a third party candidate. coming up at 6:00, another group we talked to with their message, again, at 6:00, reporting live outside the wells fargo center, nbc 10 news. with your new neighborhood weather, we're going to have that seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen, so don't miss that if you're in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware. we update that every single day for you. temperatures are very comfortable today, it is a perfect spring day.
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we have plenty of sunshine outside. we are in the mid-70s in philadelphia, 74 in delaware and wilmington there. 71 in the suburbs in south jersey, but if you're along the shore, it is a little bit cooler with more of an onshore wind here at 66 degrees, cape may courthouse, and 63 in cape may point, but it's warmer than yesterday in the shore spots. 62 in at lan tick city, warmer than yesterday, and 71, though, inland just a little bit to woodbind, and the shore this weekend will be the spot to see the heaviest rain and wind. we do have rain and wind moving into the area. so for your saturday, we have rain mainly after 8:00 in the morning. some of the rain will be heavy, and again, that's in new jersey and delaware, and by sunday, we're going to see a drier day. it's not an entire washout for the weekend. sunday, more breaks, and i think we'll see more in the way of sun, but there's a round of afternoon showers trying to move back in. the good news is 80 degree temperatures return next week, and, yes, this actually goes
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into your memorial day weekend. i'll show you that in a second. now, we have nice conditions outside. this is the center city from the adventure aquarium in the river in camden, beautiful sun and locally, we're nice and dry, but look what's headed our way, all this rain, all this moisture that we're watching. it's in ohio, stretching down to the carolinas, and this organizes more, and moves into the areas starting tomorrow morning, but, again, it's not going to be until after 8:00 a.m., and tonight, headed out for the friday night plans, we stay dry. looking at tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., fairly dry, and there's the rain starts to move in after 8:00, and now we're looking at noon tomorrow. we expect the rain to move into philadelphia by then, and new jersey and delaware maybe even some of the suburbs north and west, and through the afternoon, now we've zoomed into new jersey and delaware because that's where we expect heaviest rain. rainfall totals by 3:30, could be a quarter inch, and then just going up from there because
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that's where we expect the rain to be lingering the longest, and so we could see a little over a half inch in some spots. take a look at winds as we go into tomorrow. it's going to be windy day, too, but the highest winds close to the shore, gusts at 2:30 in the afternoon, 20 miles per hour along the show, and over 30 miles an hour as that rain starts to head out of here, but, still, the with the wind. your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow afternoon, the philadelphia area, 59 degrees, and strawberry mansion at 60 degrees, and we have the regatta tomorrow. early morning dry, but by noon and afternoon, it's cool, only 60 degree, and the rain will be around. allentown at 62 degrees. that's a lower chance of rain, but still expect the rain there. galloway town 62, and take a look at we go through the weekend, sunday is the best, 71 philadelphia, 61 on the shore,
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cooler, but we go into next week, and look at that, 83 degrees on wednesday. look at the rest of the area's weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. next at 5:00, caught on tape, a couple discovers something creepy as they put it on their home surveillance camera. >> he's, obviously, very energetic and playful. never a dull moment with him. >> sounds like a typical dog, right? well, this k-9 in camden has an important job. how he and his handler are making history.
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police need help finding a burglar caught in the act. look at this. surveillance video. police say it shows a man breaking into a home in penn valley yesterday morning. once inside the master bedroom, he searched through the dressers and stole jewelry along with electronics. if you recognize this suspect, lower marion police want to hear from you. do you recognize the valuables? they could belong to you. police said they recovered items after catching a man wanted for a burglary spree. the crime began in march in bucks county. police say the suspect targeted homes in bucks county and whitemarsh township montgomery county. william dalton iii faces criminal and trespass charges
5:27 pm
and what he stole is worth $150-$200,000. victims can claim items wednesday, may 25 at 6:30. all right, still ahead at 5:00, a mother's struggle. >> it's not my daughter anymore. >> she watched her daughter battle addiction to heroin, and now she's trying to help other families with the same pain. her story is coming up all new @ 5:00. plus, the power of purple. how a sick classmate inspires students to create this massive message.
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right now, keep your eyes on the sky. look at the green there. the first alert weather team tracking rain, but it's not a total washout. in fact, today was perfect. >> yeah. perfect way to spend this picture-perfect day. this guy gone fishing at haddon lake, and there was a mother enjoying the warm weather with lit ones. everything is better in this kind of weather, even waiting for the bus. it's the worse when it's raining and you're standing there, like come on. even pets soak up the sun too. >> we love the sun as well. you know, when we get the chance to get outside and enjoy the
5:31 pm
sunshine. we'll have to dodge rain along the way this weekend. >> keep the umbrellas handy. you know the drill. the latest in the forecast with sheena. >> have the umbrellas with you. so many events in the area this weekend. unfortunatelily, the weather's not going to be like it is today, but, yeah, just keep in mind the rain is on the way, so have your umbrella handy. here's the area that we're watching. all this moisture right now, we're still sunny, but the clouds are just on our doorstep. we'll see the clouds increasing tonight, rain gets here tomorrow morning, mostly after 8:00 a.m. look at future weather. there's the moisture. it continues moving up through much of the mid atlantic, and by 9:00 in the morning, just down to the south and east, and then we go through noon into the afternoon, the heaviest rain in new jersey and delaware along with the highest winds. windy and rainy at the shore and delaware beaches. further inland, we expect showers, but not nearly as windy as if you were at the shore or
5:32 pm
anywhere in delaware. we have a lot of things happening this weekend, one of which the rittenhouse row spring festival is tomorrow, people go rain or shine, the event will happen, and tempts will be out here too, so even though there's rain in the forecast, temperatures around 60 degrees with the rain. grab the umbrella heading out there. more events in the area for this weekend and timing on the rain, it's not going to last all weekend. that's coming up. >> all right, thank you. also tonight, philadelphia takes on the heroin epidemic. >> that's rights. today, law enforcement and medical experts and journalists joined together to find new ways to fight the crisis. nbc 10 reports. >> it's claiming our kids right now. >> reporter: traveling to philadelphia city hall to hear testimony from experts on the heroin epidemic and came to share her family's struggle with addiction. >> i have pictures from recently, and it's not my
5:33 pm
daughter anymore. >> reporter: this is a photo of her daughter before heroin took its toll. heroin abuse is widespread across the. >> even though we're just a few percent of the world's population in the united states, we are con consumering 80% of the opiods on on the planet. >> the regional source of heroin -- >> new ways to save generation addi addicted. >> reporter: city council started the meeting with generation addicted. nearly 30 experts in the field testifies. >> there's a feeder system to it that the other two epidemics did not have, which is the misuse abuse. >> reporter: they declared 2016 the year to combat heroin epidemic. the councilman spearheaded seven community meetings about the crisis culminating into today's meeting chaired by councilwoman
5:34 pm
bass. topics were support after treatment, and supplying every officer with a life saving drug. >> it's in every family, in every profession, addiction treatment is the answer. >> reporter: as heard from panelists across the board, the worst of the epidemic is not over, and it's going to take the entire community fight it. at city hall, nbc 10 news. >> at today's hearing, the council honored denise and the nbc 10 digital team for research and hard work into the heroin epidemic. >> presenting them with a resolution thanking them for their generation addicted coverage. our digital reporters spent five months on the streets talking with victims, their families, and the people trying to change the stigma heroin addiction. see their stories on the generation addicted section of the nbc 10 apps. meanwhile, defense attorneys for former prowrestler say he's
5:35 pm
unfit to stand in his murder trial. a hearing's underway now to determine if that's true. this is the third day a lehigh county judge heard testimony in the case. a psychologist testified he suffers from dementia, and some say he's faking symptoms. the 73-year-old is accused of killing his girlfriend in 1983. >> kraft will reimburse pennsylvania $200,000. the route is set to close this summer. the deal was the state provides the money if the plant stays open for seven years. they announced in november, though, it was leaving. 350 people have been employed at that plant. earlier today, nbc 10 in camden where volunteers of america delaware valley hosted a resource fair for military personnel, veterans, and others in the community. tents were set up in washington street park from 10:00 to 2:00,
5:36 pm
and vendors offered services like job training and housing and financial assistance. today's south jersey, 410 elementary school students wearing purple formed that giant human ribbon in honor of pediatric stroke awareness month. kits kids are showing support for a classmate who is a stroke survivor. a 9-year-old chase is recovering, and say it's a miracle. they talk to him and the friends about the recovery coming up at 6:00. we were just talking about your love for puppy that's turning 1 in june. >> right. >> who wouldn't want to work with their best friend, a pet dog every day. >> everyone would love charlie running around the cubicles. of course, a young woman from camden gets to do that. the newest k-9 officer, breaking barriers, we'll have her story coming up. plus, you'll notice
5:37 pm
something new on the nutrition labels, and why it could help consumers make healthier choices. a question for you, when did you get your first tablet or cell phone? you might be surprised how young children get them now. coming up monday on "today," earning a college degree, but a mountain of debt. talk to the experts about the big and small steps you can take right now to chip away at the amount you owe. >> cutting back at starbucks or eating lunch at your desk instead of going out can only get you so far. >> just a week until memorial day, your holiday weekend forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. >> and your monday morning commute. count on us to alert you of trouble spots. >> join us at 4:00 a.m.
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you know information letting you know how healthy your food
5:40 pm
is will be bigger and boller. >> the first lady announced a food nutrition label makeover listing calories in larger, easier to read type, and receivering sizes will be more realistic. for example, a small bag of chips will no longer count as multiple servings. >> very soon you will no longer need a microscope, calculator, or degree in nutrition to figure out whether the food you're buying is actually good for our kids. >> well said. food manufacturers have to comply to this by may 20th of 2018. parents are not the only ones attached to the smart phones, not surprisingly, kids are too. >> yes. and they are getting younger and younger. about you, but my first cell phone of college. >> yes. if i was lucky, right? >> exactly. look at this. according to the new study, 2016 digital trend study, kids get the first phone at the age of 10 now on average. it also found that nearly a third of all parents said their
5:41 pm
kids have texted them even when they are in the same house. that's the generation we live in now. lastly, 15% of parents use gps on smart phones to track the kids, that's useful, more than double the number in 2012. all right, something new to the taste buds if you enjoy a treat, soda. >> there's a new flavor. the lehigh company has an orange cream soda. they asked fans to choose the flavor last summer, and cans are expected to be in stores this summer. last year after 100 years in business, the allentown company closed. a new buyer, though, reopen the doors, putting the bottling company back in business. well, today, absolutely perfect, and tomorrow, though, we have this rain headed our way for part of the weekend, when it moves in, which area's see the heaviest rain, and your entire weekend forecast coming up with your neighborhood weather. that's next.
5:42 pm
pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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face painting, a bounce house, and live music, what more could you want? big plans in store for the historic farmer's market in columbus county. a grand opening set for tomorrow between 12:00 and 4:00, and in 2014, you may remember the market was destroyed by fire. ten businesses forced to close. the cause of the fire believed to be electrical, but because of the of damage, investigators never were able to determine a cause. the bike lanes got a lot of wear across philadelphia today. today was national bike to workday. plenty of people there
5:45 pm
participated. what a wonderful day to get outside at that. see that guy there in pants and long sleeves. not a good idea. the live picture, though, that's along the river, and fans cheering on rowers and racers. that guy's in shorts. he has a t-shirt on. that's the right idea. that's the oldest and largest high school rowing competition in the country. >> i was there myself this afternoon checking out the action. the racing continues tomorrow as well. even if mother nature has other plans. >> it's great to be back. >> reporter: back at the old stomping grounds. >> grew up in northeast philly, and went to st. joe's prep prep, on the crew team there. spent many hours here on the water. >> reporter: mcgovern, now of washington, d.c., pleased the conditions are cooperating for the rowers and their parents tasked with feeding the crews.
5:46 pm
>> we're giving it our best. >> would you like one? >> days like this do not come around often. great day to get rowing in. >> reporter: this tracks nearly 200 teams near and far, rain or shine. >> good to see the competition, set the standards for next year. >> kids from dallas, florida, and everyone in between. it's wonderful. >> tomorrow we prepare for rain with boots and rain gear. >> reporter: for now, though, the warm weather means out of town families try to get the most out of their stay. >> we do the restaurants, the bars, we, you know, that kind of seeing philly. >> oh, yeah. this is a great event, great event. >> reporter: an event that for tom mcgovern is a tradition. >> best thing now my daughters, two daughters, one is a freshman, the other a junior, and they are rowing on the same river i did. >> very competitive, but really just great atmosphere. people enjoying themselves, having fun, and the high
5:47 pm
schoolers so excited. >> perfect weather too, not too hot, not too cold, a little breeze. >> finally, spring. and once we feel like spring, back into the spring-like groove, people head out on the trails in the region. one popular trail is getting more convenient. >> that's right, installing public water stations along kelly drive so you can fill up on the go. if you run out of water enjoying the drive, now you don't have to wait to get a drink. there's four stations in all with the hope to encourage people to use refillble bottles, but there's one at the grand stands of the museum, one near the boat houses, and one by south ferry road. >> sure a lot of the rowers out there for the regatta are taking advantage today. hey, it's one of the city's most anticipated festivals of the year happening tomorrow. talking about the rittenhouse spring row festival. this is from last year event.
5:48 pm
tomorrow's events will be soggierment check it out yourself, though, tomorrow noon to 5:00 along walnut street. bring the umbrella. it's showcasing the finest food and fashion in the area. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> well, a perfect day to shop today if you had to or go outside. that's the way to do it. this is a live look at the outlets earliy ieier today, bre out the shorts. a nice day today. tomorrow, not so much. now we're going to focus on memorial day weekend because it looks better than this weekend. temperatures in the mid-70s now pennsylvania suburbs, sunny, 74 degrees in the suburb locations. lehigh valley in the mid-70s, delaware and wilmington, sunny, 74 degrees with the neighborhoods weather. beautiful look everywhere. 75 in philadelphia.
5:49 pm
with the seven day forecast, it's at the bottom of the screen for you. never miss that. today, perfect. tomorrow, big changes. at least for now, enjoy the temperatures. we'll stay dry for tonight. your philadelphia neighborhood temperatures now, chestnut hill 75 degrees. we do have some warm spots, an urban heat effect. 79 degrees in fox chase, 76 in bustleton, and 76 in society hill, and 76 in somerton. a comfortable day today. tomorrow, overcast skies. the rain will mostly be here after 8:00 in the morning. some of the rain will be heavy. heaviest along the shore in new jersey and delaware beaches, and philadelphia tomorrow by noon, 62 degrees with showers around, and by 4:00 p.m., 59 degrees and rain in the forecast. pennsylvania suburbs, you may not see so much in the beginning of rain, but by noon, we expect showers, even by 4:00 p.m. in the lehigh valley, the lowest rain chances, but you'll see
5:50 pm
rain around, 56 degrees by 4:00 p.m. with scattered showers. delaware, you'll see the heaviest rain by noon and even through the afternoon. 57 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in new jersey, the best chance of rain as realm. even along the shore. that's heavy rain along the shore, and windy conditions tomorrow. not a good beach day by any means, but next weekend looks better. sunday, though, a drier day, see more breaks with sun, but we have a chance for afternoon showers to come back sunday, but definitely not seeing rain the whole weekend by any means. next week, though, 80 degrees returning in the forecast just in time for memorial day weekend. that's great news there. locally, we're nice and dry, and as we go into tomorrow, see things changing. the clouds are just off to the west and the rain is going to follow so that rain will be here as we go into tomorrow. here's a look at future weather. tonight, it's dry. heading out, don't worry about the umbrella. tomorrow, 930 in the morning,
5:51 pm
showers moving in lancaster county and pennsylvania and new jersey in the afternoon, heaviest rain on the shore and delaware. some of that is around the philadelphia area too. lehigh valley, obviously, furthest away from the rain. the driest. 10:00 in the morning sunday, breaks in the cloud cover, heavy rain already is going to be moved away by 10:00 a.m. sunday. we'll see a nicer day sunday with afternoon showers returning in the forecast. so for tomorrow, temperatures 62 degrees, bethlehem, 60 in reading. 60 in phoenixville with showers around. and south jersey coming in at about the upper 50s to around 60 degrees, but cooler in the shore. rainy, windy, even in delaware. a closer look at the rest of the forecast coming up. >> thank you. we check in now with lester holt from the nbc studios in new york. >> what's coming up on "nightly
5:52 pm
news"? >> late details over the shooting that forced a lockdown at the white house this afternoon. what may be a major new clue in the loss of an egyptian airliner. automated messages that may point to a fire or bomb before the crash. details of what bill cosby's wife said in deposition regarding her husband's behavior at 6:30. have a great weekend. >> thank you so much, you too, lester. up next at 5:00, an exciting opportunity for one of camden's finest. >> completely excited. just, like, yes, sign me up, tomorrow, a today, right now. >> this police officer and her canine make history. her story coming up next.
5:53 pm
great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business.
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5:55 pm
k-9 offers, extra eyes and ears to keep people safe. >> this city handlers have been men, but that's now changed. >> welcoming the first female k-9 hand ler. we are introduced to the new team. >> reporter: for this 23-year-old camden officer -- >> completely excited, yes, sign me up tomorrow, today, right now. >> reporter: jumped at the opportunity to become camden's first k-9 female handler.
5:56 pm
they just acquired peyton. >> very playful, never really a dull moment with him. >> reporter: now the new team is finishing out the second academy, peyton's first. >> for us, rescue for reducing crime is through community building. >> reporter: the chief says with more females on the force at 46 more than ever before, it was the right fit and right time. officer peyton brings the number of canines in the department to eight. it sends a message to the criminals helping cops deescalate a dangerous situation without the use of force. >> many times we can have a bark can get people to come out of locations. the officer will say, if you come out, we don't have to send the dog in. >> reporter: he's not trained in patro patrols. >> so cool, spending your shift with a dog as a partner. just amazing. >> reporter: just strictly nargts. >> the time she's not used for narcotic investigations, she's used in community outreach,
5:57 pm
going to schools. >> reporter: followed her father's footsteps to be a camden police officer. >> he's proud. at least i hope so. >> reporter: now she's carving her own path forward. >> really hasn't hit me. everyone says it, but it's not settled in, but it's an honor nonetheless. >> reporter: with a protective and eager partner. from camden, nbc 10 news. up next at 6:00, the 911 call made moments after a jogger attacked. >> evidence hope police lead to the woman attacker. a young boy nearly lost his life to a paediatric stroke, an he's an inspiration. today, those peers show support in a very big way. i'll explain next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, big changes for the july 4th wawa welcome america festivities. we have new details about eight days of free fun next month. good evening. >> first up at 6:00, call it a brand new fourth, not only are there three nights of fireworks, but earlier in the evening, and the music, more family friendly. >> as for the lineup, the ojs are the headliners, the greatest from the show "empire" from west
6:00 pm
philadelphia there, and lelie from hamilton, and a local a cappella group called brotherly love. we are the new home as well for the nation's biggest birthday bash. >> so excited about this. randy gyllenhaal is live. >> reporter: a whole slate of new music, most with some sort of philly connection happening on july 4th, but there's a week of family free events happening leading up to the 4th of july. >> philadelphia should own july 4th. we should own independence day. >> reporter: announcing big changes to philadelphia's 4th of july, wawa welcome america with a brand new concert featuring leslie odom, jr., fresh off "hamilton," and three nights of fireworks. >> i like to watch the


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