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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  WCAU  May 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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philadelphia there, and lelie from hamilton, and a local a cappella group called brotherly love. we are the new home as well for the nation's biggest birthday bash. >> so excited about this. randy gyllenhaal is live. >> reporter: a whole slate of new music, most with some sort of philly connection happening on july 4th, but there's a week of family free events happening leading up to the 4th of july. >> philadelphia should own july 4th. we should own independence day. >> reporter: announcing big changes to philadelphia's 4th of july, wawa welcome america with a brand new concert featuring leslie odom, jr., fresh off "hamilton," and three nights of fireworks. >> i like to watch the fireworks and spend time with my family.
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>> reporter: this year, everything kicks off hours earlier at 5:00 p.m., fireworks at 10:00. >> it does a couple things, it's a work night, people want to go home. two, it's dark for an hour, making it a safer events. >> reporter: expect eight full days of free family fun around town, including free admission to seven philadelphia museums including right here at the national constitution center. >> that will be fun. >> awesome. >> reporter: and free movie screenings from here at the art museum steps xfinity live and other neighborhoods, and, plus, a city wide book reading at 54 public libraries giving 10,000 books to local kids. >> i think that sounds great. i think free events are always good for families. >> reporter: the festival honors veterans, local police and fire giving thousands of dollars in grants to local groups celebrating america's birthday in the place it all.
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>> to honor the great and often unrecognized individuals and organizations in our city that are everyday heros. >> reporter: don't forget the big parade here at independence hall. you can watch all of this live on bc 10 and telemundo 62. by the way, first time it's being broadcast in both english and spanish. if you're at the beach, watch it on nbc 10 app. nbc 10 news. >> no excuses. so manies to see it. as we approach the july 4th holiday, download the nbc 10 app if you do not have it alreadimealready me, and find all the information and list of events right on the app. >> now your first alert neighborhood weather. >> and get weather on the app, too. a lot of people taking the warm day, taking it in , on the boar walk today, and yes, enjoy the sun there on the beach as well. rain's on the way. you'll likely not want to be in the sand tomorrow.
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>> it's a good day for a water race, right? >> perfect day. >> water. nbc 10 is tracking the timing of this rain. we can't get away from it. >> never know what's coming with today's weather, but there's clouds about to move in later tonight, and we have rain back off to the west and southwest. very different picture when you just look across a couple states here, and that is moving in our direction, moving in into tomorrow, and also don't forget the seven day forecast on the screen. this is future weather now. now we're going overnight into early saturday morning. this is 9:00 a.m. i think when you wake up tomorrow morning, waking up at 8:00 or 9:00, wake up to overcast skies, and most of the rain in washington and down through richmond. it moves in around noon and through the afternoon. now, the heaviest rain tomorrow is going to be along the shore and the delaware baemeaches whe we expect winds.
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windy and rainy on the coast. further inland i think we'll continue to see rain chances in the forecast throughout the afternoon. heading out, a lot of the events going on, take umbrellas with you. we keep the showers in the forecast saturday, not so much sunday. we have rain, but it's definitely not a wash all weekend. i'll show you that forecast with your neighborhood weather and those events going on some 80 degree temperatures returning just in time for your memorial decade weekend. that's straight ahead. >> we continue to follow breaking news now in cherry hill. we are in skyforce10 with the update on the brush fire. how is it looks, mitch? >> reporter: it's pretty much under control just a couple wisps of smoke at this point, but the big problem is the traffic. it's down to one lane on the northbound lanes on the new jersey turnpike, a backup for miles. cherry hill, route 70 and new jersey turnpike if you can avoid the area. latest from skyforce10, back to you in the studio.
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>> now to decision 2016, a bernie sanders delegate says there's a distinct possibility there's a lot of screaming and shouting from the sanders' camp at the democratic national convention. the convention in philadelphia is just two months away, 43,000 protesters have city permission to voice concerns. most of the groups marching for bernie sanders. the democratic national convention is july 25-28 in the wells fargo center in south philly. we spoke to two of the five groups planning to protest. we are live, andrea? >> reporter: we spoke to the ceo of the dnc and she expects protesters and welcomes them saying it's also aty for the protesters to be seen and heard by the delegates. in the birthplace of freedom -- >> philadelphia is where the american revolution started. >> reporter: it's only fitting
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that people take a stand. >> we want to declare an independence from fossil fuels. >> reporter: food and water watch, one of five groups granted permits to march and protest in the democratic national convention in july. >> we're not concerned about hillary clinton winning, but raising the numbers so our voices are heard at the dnc. >> reporter: other groups are organizations supporting sanders including black men for bernie. >> we come not only to argue for the position of senator sanders and where we believe the momentum shifted for sanders, but, you know, also for the things that continue to plague us in our urban communities. >> reporter: holding out open despite increasingly steep climb to the democratic presidential nominati nomination. >> we always at every convention have a demonstration area within sight and sound of the delegates. >> reporter: the protesters can want be norred, ga -- cannot be ignored and will be gathering in fdr park. >> everyone has a voice that
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deserves to be heard. >> reporter: so far they onlied one permit because the space the group wanted to use was already booked. they said that group wanted to march down south broad street in the middle of rush hour. reporting live, nbc 10 news. on the republican side, the nra officially endorsed trump. trump received the nod moments before his speech to gun right supporters in kentucky. trump called the endorsement a fantastic honor. a womenilmington high schoo mourns the loss of a second student in weeks. brandon died thursday afternoon after being shot in the face. police are not releasing many details, but we know the gunman ran away after shooting the high school freshman. howard high's principal not commenting, but the grade school principal says brandon was a great, hard working kid. >> everyone is just praying for, you know, peace in wilmington.
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unfortunately, it is impossible to escape your environment completely, and i think that, you know, that could be the case here. >> neighbors tell us gang activity has increased in the area, but so far police not made that link in this shooting. new at 6:00 tonight, we have the 911 call placed by a man who encountered a frightened jogger in a camden county park. >> there's a lady here, she was attacked woods. police here now, please. >> attacked by who? >> i have no idea, i don't know the woman. she's in the car crying, and she's got dirt all over and the clothes are ripped. >> as we reported yesterday, the woman later told police a man hid in the woods in berlin park, threw her to the ground, and tried to assault her. she fought him off yesterday morning and police are trying to see if there's any dna evidence to help lead to thelatest on thh
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this evening. smoke detected in a bathroom near the pit before the signal was lost for that aircraft. nbc 10's keith jones has new developments tonight. >> jim, the report from the aviation herald suggests a fire broke out minutes before falling after radar screens. search teams suspended operations for the night, but earlier today, they found human remains, luggage, and seats from the plane that went down in the mediterranean. items reportedly found 180 miles north of the egyptian city of alexandria. it's a race against time to find the plane's black boxes. they question anyone who had contact with the plane the day before its crash, and no one's off the hook. the plane landed at five different locations, five different airports, in the final 24 hours. everyone from maintenance workers to caterers face intense interrogation. again, flight data shows smoke in a bathroom near the cockpit
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just before the plane went off radar. look for the latest developments coming up at 6:30 on nightly news. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> all right, keith. a girl in critical condition after being trapped in her parent's bed. police in egg harbor township say the 6-year-old girl last consciousness last night after becoming trapped in between a mechanical bed base. her father managed to pry that base open just a little so could breathe. police officers showed up, and then helped to get her out. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, children dress in purple to show support for a classmate. >> looked up in the sky, and it felt like something was happening to me, like i'm happy and all that stuff. >> skyforce10 there to capture the surprise. plus, behind the scenes of a new multimedia light and sound show on the board walk.
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sheena? going into the weekend, we have rain, very different than the weather today. i'll show you when it moves in and how long it lasts. that's coming up next.
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the boss coming to philly not once, but twice, another show at citizens bank park minutes after the first show sold out today. the band plays wednesday september 7 and now another show friday, 9. feast your eyes on a light show to atlantic city's board walk coming this summer. ♪ >> tropicana launching a light and sound show. tonight, we got a sneak peek of the there's five different five-minute shows designed to be watched multiple times from multiple angles. >> there's always something else you wouldn't pick up, the sides of the buildings are long and there's many screens to work with. >> the show is free at dusk, and it's a big improvement from last
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year's show according to tropicana. >> a boy who had a devastating paid pediatric stroke. >> classmates shouting their support high into the sky. this is 9-year-old chase. >> reporter: you could never tell by his smile that this 9-year-old has been through such a devastating ordeal. >> unresponsive, not able to talk or move. >> reporter: playing soccer with, it happened two years ago yesterday. chase, then 7, fell to the ground. he had suffered a pediatric stroke. how do you describe him? what's he mean to you? >> he's amazing. he's a very good friend. >> he's amazing. he's a fighter. he's awesome. >> reporter: those same best friends from soccer and 00 more classmates at this elementary
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school wore purple to school to form a giant ribbon to raise awareness about pediatric strokes. skyforce10 was above and chase didn't miss it. >> i looked up in the sky, and i felt like something's happening to me, like, i'm happy. >> reporter: the special moment was bittersweet. >> happy and sad. >> reporter: why? >> sad because i had a stroke and happy because i made the recovery so far. >> reporter: after an entire summer, swelling to the brain and four surgeries -- >> i want other families to know that stroke can happen in children. >> reporter: his mom, wendy, says the acronym for warning signs of stroke is fast. >> face drooping. arm difficulty, speech difficulty, and time. >> reporter: time back on chase's side. >> meaningful. two years ago yesterday, we didn't know if chase was going to survive. he's here. >> it's awesome. >> reporter: he's grateful for the big ribbon of support. >> group hug. >> reporter: and his tight little knot of friendship too.
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nbc 10 news. >> oh. >> oh, group hug, right. >> freeze that shot right there. that's beautiful. >> so young to suffer a stroke. never heard of that. >> i know. >> great they had clear weather to get that shot from skyforce today. >> it was fantastic. we are very happy they had great weather for that today. you know, it's not going to last for the weekend, though, enjoy today and tonight if you're headed out tonight, it may be in the philadelphia area, the art museum, a live look. the sun is shining, clear skies, that continues for a while. tonight is nice and dry. great evening for friday night plans. tomorrow, though, very different. temperatures in the 70s in the area, 75 in philadelphia, but some of the south jersey neighbors are quite a bit different depending on where you are. 70 degrees in piney hollow, and if you get a little bit closer to the shore, if you start heading off to the east, that's where you start to encounter cooler, 72 in medford, and then
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76 further inland. we have some areas close to 80 degrees. look at mercer county, hamilton at 78 degrees. quite a difference with our neighborhood temperatures not too much in lumberton, 71 degree the tomorrow, though, a very different weather pattern moves in. rain headed our way. live look at center city, mostly clear skies now, sun is out there, the rain off to the west, and southwest, and so we have all this moisture that's going to be organizing and moving through the area tomorrow. that will be giving us rain going into the start of your weekend. here's a look at future rainfallals as we go through time, now we're looking at noon tomorrow for your saturday. rain expected through the philadelphia area, parts of northern delaware, and then we see more moving in, mostly new jersey and delaware, but we cannot rule out afternoon rain in the philadelphia area. rain totals, a quarter inch by early into tomorrow afternoon along the shore in the delaware
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beaches, and then as we go into tomorrow night, we could see over half an inch in these spots. t it is rainy along the shore and delaware. highest winds will be in the afternoon, along the delaware beaches and jersey shore and breezy in the philadelphia area, but not like we'll see along the shore, about a 30 miles per hour gust expected in avalon tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. watching that rain as well. neighborhood weather tomorrow, 60 in strawberry mansion. you're headed into the raddnor, tempts are expected, but cooler temperatures at 60 for a high. lehigh valley with the lowest rain chance. the heaviest, though, along the shore in. 57 degrees in atlantic city, heavy rain, win, and in delaware, 54 degrees in dover. your entire weekend forecast tomorrow is going to be rainy and temperatures holding at 60 degrees going into sunday,
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though, a lot more breaks, maybe even sun and drier weather and afternoon showers. more breaking news right now. this out of north philadelphia, nbc 10 in skyforce10. what do you have? >> reporter: north philly where police responded to a call of shots fire, requested support from the swat team. we've seen what looks like more than a dozen individual police officers and at least seven to eight police cars are the officers out in some cases in bullet proof vests and with what appears to be semiautomatic weapons out. we saw them put one man into a squad car. we'll told they have the situation under control. continue to follow this from skyforce10 and more news after the break.
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eight of 11, starting the series with the absolute worst team in banaseball, the braves tonight, they are ten and 30, and ryan howard will play first base tonight even though he is just two for the 26. he's really struggling. tommy joseph is not in the lineup although he's hitting 400 since being called up. he tweeted, this has been one of the best weeks of his life. >> the reception i've gotten from the fans here has been a aweso awesome. they waited years for me to show up, and now that i'm here, i
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mean, i couldn't be happier with where i'm at. and, i mean, they treated me great. >> the young players keep coming, the top prospect, crawford, promoted to aaa lehigh valley, debuting tonight. he could be up with the phils before september. >> he finished last year in aa, started back there there year, working on things, he's done that. he's answered the bell, and now it's time to get him moving on to aaa and hope that his development continues and, you know, he forces his way to philadelphia. >> more good times ahead. sixers with the number one pick in the nba next month and said they have not decide the who they will take yet. take a look. 76ers working six players today, including isiah miles with a bunch of workouts with nba teams, a lot of miles around the country. >> it's a big deal to take care of your body, you know, icing, eating right, and, you know,
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it's a job, and it's a business and investment. take care your body the best you can. >> villanova star, ryan, working out for a few nba teams, started with the pacers this week, and experts have him selected in the second round, and some don't have him taken at all. >> i don't pay attention to it. if it happens, it happens, if not, oh well, i will give it a shot, takes one person to like you to make it in the league, and that's how i try to think every day when i work out. i'm not doing anything different than i did in college, play the same game, and if it's enough, it's good enough. >> great attitude. i hope it works out. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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back to breaking news before we go, update on situation in north philadelphia 16th, the suts pekt is wanted for firing a shot at a police officer. heavy police presence there. watching that, and the latest at
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11:00. >> the news continues now with nbc's nightly news with lester holt. we'll see you back here at 11:00. developing news tonight. emergency at the white house. the secret service opens fire. a man with a gun, the mansion on lockdown and the vice president inside the complex. terrifying final moments of the doomed egyptair jetliner. alert messages from the plane, then a cascade of ctical warnings, maybe happening all too fast. was it a carefully placed bomb. what mrs. cosby said behind closed doors. her sworn deposition unsealed. the questions she refused to answer about her husband. major changes coming to the way millions of americans count calories. cut the fat, salt and sugar. what you'll notice coming soon to just about everything we eat. "nightly news" begins right now.


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