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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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state police say drunk driving may be a factor here. the westbound lanes of route 30 will be shut down for several hours. he was pretty low then we got a report that a blimp was down. >> a crash landing in philadelphia. a blimp goes down with two people on board. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. this is what the result looked like from skyforce 10, and enormous blimp losing air near i-95, a crazy sight for driverses during the evening rush. >> nbc 10's brandon hudson is live at the crash site in fishdofis fishtown, you're not far at all from sugarhouse casino. >> reporter: that's right. they just re-opened traffic. the cars are coming down this way. the blimp crash landed in this construction yard behind any. crews are picking it up. they've been doing this for the last half hour. i want to bring your attention to the metal structure where the passenger and pilot set. police say if that crashed into
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the utility pole over there, this would have been much worse. it's certainly not something you see every day. a witness shared this cell phone video with nbc 10 of a blimp crash landing near his fishtown neighborhood. he was up close and personal as the blimp went down in a construction yard near i-95. >> blimp straight ahead about to crash. >> reporter: other witness also shared video with us. the sight made for an interesting drive for people in the neighborhood. and on the interstate around 5:30 this afternoon. >> this is definitely a first. >> reporter: philadelphia police say the pilot and passenger were not hurt. we saw them waiting for the faa and ntsb to investigate the crash. their blimp had deflated by the time our crew arrived. >> the blimp had a hard landing. had engine problems. it was overheating. >> blimp is down. he is down behind 95. >> reporter: police tell us the blimp belonged to an advertising agency. it traveled from center city and tried to land nearby but couldn't make it into the
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landing area. the police inspector says as the blimp crashed, it blew into delaware avenue. fortunately, it didn't hit the utility pole in the construction yard. >> and the substructure of the blimp is made out of metal, hit those wires, we'd have a lot different incident. >> reporter: as you may have seen on our video on air and online, the blimp on the side of it said bosic which is an adhesive company. this blimp didn't damage any cars or hurt any drivers. live in fishtown, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> all right, brandon. thank wyou for that update an incredible video. >> unforgettable. >> many viewers sent pictures of the blimp. check them out on and the nbc 10 app. to our weather now. and a clear night at the philadelphia art museum tonight. just a beautiful shot there. we found people enjoying these mild temperatures on the rocky steps. beautiful start to the weekend. don't get too used to it. we are in for a soaking. >> take a look at nbc 10 first
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alert radar. all that rain is heading our way. let's bring in meteorologist sheena parveen with our nbc 10 first alert weather. sheena, exactly when will that rain arrive? >> well, it's going to arrive early tomorrow mostly after 8:00 a.m. very different tomorrow than what we had today. already the clouds are increasing. the rain is approaching. it's getting closer to washington now. so there you see it across parts of west virginia. but we've seen the clouds increasing tonight. it's starting to approach parts of washington so they'll see it a little bit earlier. but take a look at what's going to happen overnight. the rain gets even closer by 9:00 tomorrow morning. overcast skies. wouldn't be surprised if we already had some showers around at 9:00 p.m. then through the afternoon, more rain tries to move in and the heaviest rain, windiest conditions will be along the shore and delaware beaches. now we have a lot of things going on tomorrow across the area. lot of events. rittenhouse row spring festival, for example. if you're going to this, temperatures will be cool right around the low 60s. make sure you have your umbrella rain or shine.
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this is still going to go on. they'll be setting up ternts fo it inwondering. the white house went into lock du lockdown this afternoon. a pennsylvania man approached a checkpoint with a gun and refused to drop it. a secret service agent shot that suspect sending him to the hospital in critical condition. he has been identified as jesse oliveri of ashland schuylkill county. president obama was not in the white house when the shooting happened. vice president biden was but is fine. some new information on breaking news we first brought you on nbc 10 news at 6:00 tonight, a barricade situation ended and ended peacefully in north philadelphia. skyforce 10 was above the scene near 16th and allegheny. police say it began when officers followed a man driving a stolen suv. they tell us the driver ran off and police then followed. they thought he had a gun and fired several shots misses him. later the suspect barricaded
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himself in an apartment building. a s.w.a.t. team arrived and the man eventuallysurrendered. police say it turns out he had a fake gun. a philadelphia man is wanted on attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to run over a police officer in chester county while driving a stolen vehicle. a manhunt is on tonight for tyrell winchester. authorities say she should be considered very dangerous. the incident happened yesterday afternoon in willistown township. winchester was last seen near ridley creek state park in delaware county. skyforce 10 was over the park as officers searched for him this afternoon. new at 11:00, an uber driving is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a university of delaware student. campus police say yolanda mcallister choked and struck the student several times after they got into an argument, happened inside the parking lot of a residere residence hall tuesday night. the student was treated at the hospital. mcallister is now charged with
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assault. and new jersey may soon force uber drivers to be fingerprinted. according to our partners at newsworks, a bill to regulate rye-sharing services like uber and lyft is moving forward in the state assembly. the measure makes the use of fin fingerprints the basis for criminal background checks on drivers. both have resisted this idea in other states. in decision 2016, a key endorsement for donald trump today. the national rifle association threw its support behind the presumptive republican nominee. trump spoke at the convention in louisville, kentucky, he promised the crowd he would not let them down. trump spent most of his time attacking democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> crooked hillary clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment candidate ever to run for office and as i said before, she wants to abolish the 2nd amendment. she wants to take your guns away. she wants to abolish. just remember that.
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>> this weekend, clinton is scheduled to take part in a gun control event with the mothers of shooting victims including trayvon martin. if clinton clinches the nomination, expect thousands of bernie sanders supporters to protest the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. black men for bernie is one of four groups supporting sanders that plans to rally at the convention. people can demonstrate at city hall, thomas payne plaza and across from the wells fargo center at fdr park. tonight, there are reports that sensors detected smoke in a laboratory aboard the crashed egyptair plane. it could mean there was a fire aboard. search crews meantime still looking for black box recorders. today they discovered human remains and wreckage from the flight. there's still no clear explanation for what brought the plane down. late wednesday night, our time, with 66 people on board. egyptian authorities believe terrorism is likely, but no terror group has claimed responsibility. a newly released transcript shows bill cosby's wife refused
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to answer dozens of questions during a combative deposition. according to a transcript, at one point mrs. cosby left the room. another time she said i'm done. she also invoked spousal privilege when asked if her husband has been truthful with her. the questioning came as part of a defamation lawsuit by seven women who claimed he sexually assaulted them and called them liars. tonight a wil mington high school is mourning the loss of another student one month after a girl was beaten to death inside a school bathroom. howard high school freshman brandon wingo was shot in the face and killed a few blocks from school after dismissal thursday. the shooter ran away. neighbors tell us gang activity is on the rise in the area and gang members keep getting younger. but police have not confirmed a gang connection here. yesterday's shooting comes after 16-year-old amy joyner-frances
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died after a fight inside howard high in april. three girls are charged in the case, one with negligent homicide. new at 11:00 the debate over gentrification can get heated in philadelphia's neighborhoods but new research suggests tonight it's not as widespread as you may think. >> nbc 10's drew smith explores the new study on changing neighborhoods and the alarming statistic of what really is going on in many parts of the city. >> gentrification to any really means a change. >> reporter: a new 50-page report from the pew charitable trust uses changing income levels over a decade and a half to measure which places have really gentrified in philadelphia. and it turns out only 4% of the city qualifies. >> the yuppies have invaded. it's a good thing. >> reporter: at the top of the list is the area known as graduate hospital where incomes skyrocketed. but many older residents have now left. >> their houses are worth more now but can't ain order to stay. >> reporter: the study found the most dramatic impact on race
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happened here in graduate hospital with the number of blacks cut in half and the number of whites tripled. >> there's been a lot of transition in the look of the neighborhood and also the people in the neighborhood. >> reporter: larry spent more than a year poring over data for this project using census tracks, he says areas of growing poverty were way higher than gentrified areas. >> i think we were also surprised by the gap between 15 tracks of gentrified, 164 where income went down. >> reporter: families we spoke with say it's all about striking a balances between old and new. >> i definitely want to raise my family in a diverse neighborhood. >> reporter: and on this block, they think they've found it. in graduate hospital, drew smith, nbc 10 news. tonight temple university hosted a celebration of black arts. ♪ >> nbc 10 at the black arts
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legacy awardser is hone er ice. part of the 32nd annual black arts festival. grammy award winning artist and philadelphia native was among the honorees. the man who spoke to his horse in the 1960s "mr. ed" has died what kind of name is ed for horse? >> what kind of a name is wilbur for a man? >> alan young died yesterday according to a spokeswoman for the motion picture and television home. he was 96. he played wilbur post, the owner of mr. ed and the only person the horse spoke to. young was also a well known radio and tv comedian. a man's vacation heads to a lawsuit. why he's heading to court after trying to find a place to stay in philadelphia. food for thought? the major changes coming to food you buy in the grocery store.
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and a puppy parade?
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a philadelphia police officer who survived an ambush back in january was honored tonight. officer jesse hartnett received law enforcement purple heart award at tabernacle baptist church. one of six honors handed out. he was ambushed january 7th in west philadelphia. he was shot three times. his arm shattered. the alleged shooter edward archer is charged with attempted murder. a virginia man feels he got the cold shoulder when he tried to find a nice place to stay on a visit to philadelphia. he tried to use the popular website airbnb. tonight he filed a class action lawsuit alleging discrimination. >> feel at home anywhere. >> reporter: the company's website advertisement spoke to 25-year-old gregory. >> a lot cheaper alternative than to using a hotel.
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>> reporter: when seldon searched last year to find a place to feel at home in philadelphia, he found an option he liked and contacted the property owner. >> when i went to request it, he got back to me next morning, saying the space was unavailable. >> reporter: hours later seldon says he saw the same ad still visible for other travelers to book. >> normally when a place is filled, it won't show up, you know, as available on there. >> reporter: keep in mind your airbnb kprofile shows your face. seldon got creative and created two fake profiles using the faces of a younger, older white man. >> subsequently he accepted both of them. >> reporter: he believes he was denied because of his race. he reached out to airbnb as soon as it happened but didn't get a response until months later after his story went viral online. >> people would say, can't you do whatever you want with your private home? the fact is he opened it up to the public and the law is once you do that, you're not allowed to discriminate. >> reporter: when seldon confronted the property owner he
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got this response. "it's a disappointment people like you always victimize yourselves solely on the basis of skin color." >> not sure what he meant by you people. it didn't sit too well with me. not looking for sympathy. i want to see a hachange in the policy. >> on their website, airbnb says u.s. law prohibits housing discrimination. we were told, "we strongly believe racial discrimination is unacceptable and flies in the face of our mission to bring people together." heroes and sheroes honored tonight with a new mural in north philadelphia. the support community outreach program unveiled this new artwork as the mural arts program. students from the program, girls track character enhancement helped create it. the information that lets you know how healthy your food is is about to get bigger and bolder. nutrition labels are getting a
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makeover. the new versions willis call aries in large entyr type and ie how much sugar has been added and serving sizes will be realistic. a small bag of chips will no longer count as multiple servings. the new labels will hit years within two years. ♪ you know what that music means. we're 76 days from the start of the 2016 lumbsummer olympics in. >> love that music. a local town came out to cheer on one of their own who will be competing at the games. quite a scene in wildwood crest to honor olympian joe malloy. the 30-year-old recently earned a trip to rio, considered america's top triathlete. this will be malloy's first trip to the olympics. nbc 10 is your official olympics station. join me as i head to reyio for e summer olympics games. opening ceremony friday august 5th and can only watch it hear
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on nbc 10. tonight we have more buzz to fill you in on about the summer's wawa welcome america festival. >> it's free and more family friendly this year. the ojs are the headliners this year. other performers, yaz the greatest from the show "empire". and local au capella group brotherly love. nbc 10 and our parent company comcast nbc universal are the new home for the nation's biggest birthday party. new this year, eight full days of free family events leading up to the 4th and it will include free admission to seven museums and free movie screenings at the art museum steps so it's going to be great out there. we're hoping for great weather, too. >> i know. unlike tomorrow i guess. >> exactly. sheena? yeah, we definitely don't want tomorrow's weather for that. tomorrow, though, we're looking at big changes. right now we're already starting to see some changes across the area. in the form of increasing
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clouds. the rain is not here just yet. it is just off to our west. and it's going to be moving into washington early in the morning and through our area mostly after 8:00 a.m. but we could see showers before that. so tomorrow, for your saturday, rain mainly after 8:00 a.m. through the afternoon. some of it will be heavy especially new jersey and delaware with windy conditions. sunday, we're going to see a much drier day. this rain is going to move away. we'll have breaks in the cloud cover. then we'll still have the chances of afternoon showers. sunday just not nearly as much as saturday. next week, though, we have good news. 80 degree temperatures return going into your memorial day weekend. so that looks pretty good as well. also don't forget your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. you'll always be able to see that, too, with our new neighborhood weather. here's future weather. tomorrow, dry. the morning tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. now, there you see steady rain moving in through the middle of the day tomorrow. the rain continues. if you're heading out, make sure you have your umbrella through
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the afternoon. heaviest rain, into the evening we'll with in south jersey and delaware where the strongest winds will be gusting possibly near 30 miles an hour then you see on sunday, all that rain really moves away. sunday is going to be a much better day. some breaks in the cloud cover. i think we'll see some sunshine. warmer temperatures. by the afternoon, some showers start to develop again. so we're not going to be completely in the clear but going to be much better than we'll be on saturday. tomorrow, take a look at this. philadelphia area, 59. 63 degrees strawberry mansion. 7:00 a.m. will be the driest time for the stotesbury regatta. 60 degrees by 5:00 p.m. with the rain. lansdale, 61 with the rain. allentown 62 with showers around. new jersey, delaware, along the shore you're going to see the heaviest rain. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 50s because of the rain and the strong onshore wind. 5 5 in avalon. 54 in dover. 62 robbinsville. for the entire area for the
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weekend, yes, it will be a rainy saturday. the most rain in south jersey and delaware like i mentioned and i think it will be clearing out of the lehigh valley first. sunday we'll see more breaks in the cloud cover. temperatures back up around 70 degrees for some areas. so sunday does look like the better half of the weekend. going into next week, we get back in the 70s then later in the week the 80s in time for your memorial day weekend. jim? okay, sheena. tonight a great night for a parade of pups at citizens bank park. fans brought along their four-legg eged friends for phils bark at the park. there were dogs available for adoption and a collection area for pets in need. after the parade wrapped up the pups got to stick around and watch the game. see if the final score gave them "paws" next in sports.
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey i'm john clark from do comcast sportsnet. the braves came in here at 10-30. take a look at the phanatic getting into bark at the park night. kind of a dog game for the phillies. in the third 1-0 phils. aaron nola hadn't given up a home run in five weeks. gives it up to freddie freeman. freddie freeman just kills the phillies lose 7-1. maikel franco with three errors. j.p. crawford promoted to aaa lehigh valley. making his iron pigs debut. he's 21. second youngest in the international league. went 0 for 3. flies out to center there in his first at-bat. odd finish against three doledo.
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we're going to extras. but it is dropped. the iron pigs win 4-3 and the sportscaster cliche book tells me to say holy toledo. villanova's ryan. sixers worked out six players today including former st. joes forward isaiah miles auditioning for many teams so a lot of miles around the country. the sixers, of course, have the number one pick. >> this is a massive decision. it comes with a lot of responsibility. you have the just multiple people. you will interview and talk to from high school coaches to managers to teammates. it's extensive. >> union would get there. nice cross here finds martez.
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union win 1-nil. let's go steelers workout, huh? watch out who you call dumbie. they're robots. they cannot catch. look mom, no hands. i am john clark. enjoy your weekend. we're right back.
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what a beautiful friday we had. >> yes, today was just gorgeous. if we could just keep this day tomorrow and sunday, it would be the perfect weekend. >> but -- >> yes, there's always a but. and tomorrow, it comes with rain. so, as we go through the afternoon, we're only going to be around 60 degrees for most of the area. many spots especially new jersey and delaware only in the 50s with the rain and wind close to the shore. it will be a windy day at the shore tomorrow. sunday, drier. breaks of sunshine and maybe some afternoon showers coming back. sunday definitely the better
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day. lot of events going on this weekend outside. if you're heading out, grab the umbrella. >> all right, sheena. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. for sheena, all of us here, thanks so much for watching. have a great weekend. good night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- billy crystal, beanie feldstein, music guests flatbush zombies,


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